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LMVIETHD101N/AMILITARY COMPILATIONVietnam- Multiple, EditedCompilation reel which shows Artillery explosions in hills in distance. Soldiers marching up hills. US artillery team loading shells and firing from top of hill.0:06:50
LMVIETHD102N/AMILITARY COMPILATIONVietnam- Multiple, EditedCompilation reel which showsUS soldiers strategizing and planning with maps. soldiers marching up hill supported by tanks. tanks firing and soldiers heading up hill with machine guns.0:02:09
LMVIETHD103N/AMILITARY COMPILATIONVietnam- Multiple, EditedCompilation reel which includes helicopters, radios, villagers, Vietnamese civilians, machine gunners and prisoners being interrogated.0:06:17
LMVIETHD10410/15/1965(AIRMOBILE) SEARCH AND DESTROY OPERATION1ST Cavalry DivisonAmerican soldiers of the 1st Cavalry conduct the missions. Soldiers search through abandoned village. Footage of civilians in village. CU civilian women and children. CU US soldiers marching and questioning villagers. Medic treatstreating wounded soldiers. Soldiers continue operation and march across stream. Women and children walk in village. Old man with wounded leg and CU of his face. Footage of village and its activities. ARVN soldier questioning villagers. Soldiers continue advance. Medic gives pills to villagers. Soldiers continue advance through rice paddies UH-1D helicopter flies over and lands in field. Soldiers load what appears to be rice into helicopter. Troops on the ground and countryside. Shot from helicopter taking off. Troops on the ground and countryside. SHot of pilot inside helicopter. Officers questions soldiers after operations.0:10:10NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD10505/18/1965 - 05/19/1965173D AIRBORNE BRIGADE LAUNCHES ITS FIRST OPERATION IN VIETNAM173Rd Airborne BrigadeMembers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade launch the attack with Air cavalry support. Soldiers do not make contact with the enemy. Soldiers with Howitzer gun in the field. Vietnamese, soldiers of the 173d Abn being served food. Vietnamese soldiers eat food on the ground. Flatbed truck arrives with guns and artillery. Vietnamese, M-56s drive off the trucks. Vietnamese soldiers march past helicopters on airfield.Long shot of helicopters in field. Vietnamese soldiers get into helicopters. Aerial view of helcopters in flight. Shot of pilot in Helicopter. Helicopters arrive at assault area. Soldiers run across field as helicopters take off. Vietnamese soldiers carrying weapons march through thick foliage and grassy area. Soldiers speaks through radio as officer looks at map. Soldiers fire from mortar.Soldiers wade through stram and walk through heavy grass.0:09:03NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD10605/05/1965 - 05/08/1965173D AIRBORNE BRIGADE COMBAT OPERATION; ETC173Rd Airborne BrigadeInfantry companies of the 173rd conduct this exercise. Helicopters unload the men as US soldiers cover the road. Soldiers check equipment before heading out. Various shots of soldiers in the field preparing their equipment . Soldiers load into trucks for moving out into airfield. Soldiers put chrcoal on faces. Officer talks to soldier. Soldiers run across field. Soldiers set up amachine gun in the brush. Officers instruct positioning of soldier via hand signals.Shot of soldier with M-16 rifle by tree. Soldier loads grande launcher on the ground. Soldiers take position as helicopters land and take off. Officer and ARVN soldier interrogate prisoner. Excellent coverage0:06:43NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD10708/25/1965 - 08/26/1965101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION2d Bn, 5O2d Inf, 101st Airrborne Division Deo Mang Pass, Camranh Bay, QuinhonHelicopters land on road at Deo Mang Pass.Soldiers rush out of helicopter and take position as helicopter take off. Sergeant speaks into field phone radio. Soldiers in various positions with rifles Soldiers search through a Vietnamese bus as interpreter speaks to bus driver. Bus drives off. Soldiers load into LST. soldiers and trucks aboard LST. Soldiers unload from LST. Helicopters land. Shot of soldiers onloading at rice paddies as helicopters fly overShot of helicopters in flight with hills and clouds in background. soldiers move off road up hill to take defensive positions. Helcopters bring trucks onto roads. Soldiers reach top of hill and take defensive position. US officer smokes pipe.0:09:27NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1087/12/19651ST INFANTRY DIVISION ARRIVES IN VIETNAM2d Plt, B Co, 1st Bn, 18th Inf, Camranh BayShot of Engineer directing LST onto beach. US soldiers arrive in Vietnam. Soldiers unload from LST with equipment. Greeted with signs by US engineers. Soldiers unwrap grenades from casing. Various shots of US soldiers unloading from LST. Shot from LST arrive back at the troop ship off the coast.0:09:42NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD10911/8/1965EVACUATION OF CASUALTIES OF THE 173rd AIRBORNE BRIGADE TO THE 93rd SURGICAL FIELD HOSPITAL; ETC173Rd Airborne Brigade, 93Rd Surgical Field HospitalVarious shots of US soldiers wounded. Medics treating the wounded. Some of the wounds are severe, indicating they came from a recent battle. Evacuation of wounded soldiers by helicopter. Wounded soldiers on stretchers carried into field hosptial. Shot of US officers with interpreter speaking at Red Cross station to Vietnamese civilians. Civilians receiveing pamphlets. US medics treating injured children. Shot of Vietnamese in a group talking.0:08:22NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11001/10/1966 - 01/13/19661st CAVALRY DIVISION (AIRMOBILE) : OPN METADOR1St Cavalry DivisionVietnam soldiers on field. Helicopters land and the Soldiers get onboard.Aerial footage of helicopters flying over jungle.Various shots of pilots at controls and machine gunner. Shot from Jeep of US soldiers driving down road. Various shots of soldiers in truck in jungle. Jeeps stop in grassy area. US officer on radio. Vehicles drive off road and into wooded area. Shot of Jeep driving down jungle road, soldiers marching. Soldiers take position in grassy area. Various shots of soldiers with machine guns, M-16, grenade launchers. US soldier on Jeep with heavy machine gun attached. Aerial shot of helicopter taking off. Shot of helicopters flying over jungle0:08:03NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11111/05/1965 - 11/06/1965OPERATION LONG REACH,1st Cavalry Div (Airmobile)1St Cavalry DivisionUS soldiers with large collection of captured enemy weapons. Includes heavy machine guns, rifles, and artillery shells.Shot of wounded soldier evacuated via stretcher. Soldiers in field next to small fire, preparing canned food. Soldiers jumping over small creek. Officer on radio. Soldier on stretcher being evacuated. Shot of helicopter landing as soldiers rush out. Soldier giving cigarette to wounded soldier on stretcher. Medical helicopter landing in field, wounded being evacuated. Dead US soldiers being evacuated. Shot of offiers in field talking in group. Us soldiers with prisoner. VIetnamese soldier interrogating prisoner on ground. Prisoner is layin on ground in shade, perhaps wounded or exhausted Long shot of dead US soldiers in fiel. Dead soldiers being evacuated by helicopter0:10:20NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11212/27/1965 - 12/30/19651ST CAVALRY DIVISION (AIRMOBILE) AIR ASSAULT OPERATION1St Cavalry Divisionshot of helicopter flying overhead with mountains in background. Helicopters land. Shot of young women in field, one smiles at the camera. Shot of helicopter with supplies hanging from bottom of helicopter. US soldiers taking defensive positions in brush on farmland. Shot of helicopters in air. Soldiers waving down helicopters and evacuating wounded. Soldiers in field looking at maps and strategizing. Soldiers lighting fire in hay. Soldiers finding enemy weapons and rounds. Soldiers arresting enemy soldier. Aerial of helicopters flying low over dense jungle. US soldiers in field marchign over stream and through rice paddy field. Soldiers with seated civilians in field. Soldiers hand out small paper to them. Soldiers wading through stream. Smoke grenade goes off as helcopter lands. Soldier on phone in foreground. Soldiers in village seated and resting. Aerial of helicopter flying over fields0:05:58NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11304/07/1966 - 04/10/1966OPERATION ABILENE (1ST INF DIV)1st Bn, 7th Arty Ap An PhuSgt briefing soldiers in field. Various shots of artileery team loading and firing 105 MM Howitizer. Major General and Colonel of 1st Inf Division look at map inside tent. Officers brief soldiers. Soldiers enter village and search huts. Truck drives through the village. Vietcong prisoners are blindfolded and seated in the back of the truck. US officers interrogate the prisoners. Truck drives on dusty road. Helicopter lands.0:07:49NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11404/21/1966 - 04/24/1966OPERATION MOSBY, PHASE II(1St Cavalry Division), Pleiku, South VietnamSoldiers board Helicopters, load gear, Aerial shot of terrain from helicopter. Helicopters land as soldiers diesmbark. Mortar being sighted. Soldier on phone. Soldiers with patrol dog. Helicopters land. Soldiers aim, load and fire artillery guns on field. Supplies and jeep are unloaded from helicopter. Soldiers interrogate prisoner, US officers stand over map and strategize. Soldiers march into straw hut village in the jungle, begin burning down hut..PAtrol moves to edge of village. long shot of straw hut village People are assembled in area and Vietcong suspects are picked out. Line of Vietcong suspects. Soldiers leave village and into jungle. Various shots of officers talking and looking at maps. Aerial view of Mountainous terrain and supply area.0:12:55NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1154/11/1966Operation Mosby2Nd Battalion, 8Th Airborne Cavalry, 1St Cavalry Division (Airmobile)Operation Mosby. Helicopters taking off in field. Shot of soldier in field aiming mortar. Various shots of US soldiers in high grass area marching and speaking on radio. US soldiers eat food in jungle and set up positions near river bank in jungle. Helicopters arrive at river bank and soldiers load into them. Helicopters arrive n field and soldiers take defensive positions. Jeep and suppplies are unloaded from helicopter. Various shots of interior of helicopters flying over river and airstrip.0:11:45NOCOlOR
LMVIETHD11611/14/1965 - 11/15/1965Operation Long Reach, 1st Air Cavalry Division1St Air Cavalry DivisionOperation Long Reach. US soldiers in field talking. Medic treating many wounded soldiers in the field. Very gory footage. Wounded are helped to the helicopters. Officers speak into radios. Dead American soldiers are covered in ponchos and carried to other area. Surgeon performs emergency operation on badly wounded soldier's throat in order to save his life. Soldiers watch. Dead soldiers in ponchos are carried to helicopters. Scene possible during or right after battle. Excellents scenes.0:08:24NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11710/27/1965 - 10/28/1965Combat Operations1St Battalion, 12Th Cavalry, 1St Air Cavalry DivisionLong shot of helicopters spread over field. Soldiers bard helicopters. Soldiers march through thick grass and examine punji stakes smeared with feces. Soldiers rest in the field. Officers on radio and check maps. Helicopter lands in field. Soldiers are alert and in defensive positions in jungle.0:08:41NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11810/04/1966 - 10/06/1966OPERATION IRVING1St Air CavalrySoldiers marching and patrolling through fields and jungles. Soldier in front of hut speaking onto radion. Soldiers interrogating arious civilians with Vietnamese interpreter. Soldiers begin crossing on open field. Supplies are given out to soldiers. Soldier cleans socks over open fire. Various shots of soldiers daily activities off the front line.0:10:10NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD11901/10/1967 - 01/12/1967OPERATION CEDAR FALLS(25Th Infantry Division)Operation Cedar Falls. Summary: Soldiers firing M-16 rifles and an M-79 grenade launcher at enemy positions in brush. Soldiers with their weapons at the ready walk along path. MS, soldier firing M-60 machine gun from his hip. VS, medics attending three soldiers who were wounded when a booby-trapped grenade exploded. Severely wounded soldier is carried from jungle on litter. Two medics working on the wounded soldier. One inserts a plasma tube into his arm while the other medic holds his tongue. Soldier atop M-113 APC looks through binoculars. Soldier prepares TNT charges to destroy Vietcong bunker. Two soldiers run from charge as it explodes in bunker in background. VS, M-113 bogged down in large ditch. Soldiers hook tow cable to M-113. Another APC pulls the disabled M-113 out of the ditch. LS, explosion from TNT charge. Two soldiers prepare charge to destroy a booby-trapped Chinese Communist mine. LS, explosion. Sgt. speaking into radio of an M- 113 under way. M-113s move across field and into jungle. Note: Changes in density throughout reel but action is authentic.0:06:25NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1203/1/1967OPERATION JUNCTION CITY(2D Battalion, 27Th Infantry, 2D Brigade, 25Th Infantry Division), War Zone C, Tay Ninh Province, South Vietnam -Operation Junction City. Soldiers destroy captured enemy equipment and set it on fire. Soldiers searching enemy tunnels and bunkers.Long shot of a burning hut. Soldiers find a Vietcong trench network.Entrance is set on fire.Soldiers smoke and relax. Soldiers march through thick jungle. Medic treats wounded soldier. Soldiers resting in jungle. Soldiers make their way thru bamboo jungle. Officer speaks over radio. Soldier lying prone holding a grenade launcher at the ready. Wounded soldier is rushed out of the area. Soldiers looking at caputured Vietcong supplies0:06:49NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1215/11/1967OPERATION BAKER3Rd Bde, 25Th Infantry DivisionOperation Baker. Footage of beach and coastline . Soldiers lay prone in sand mound waiting for helicopters. Soldiers conduct search and destroy missions supported by tanks ad armored vehicles. Soldiers make contact with villagers and are interrogated, straw huts are burned doewn as soldiers stand in front smilin. Footage of wounded US soldiers as well as dead Vietcong with captured equipment. Great footage of scared villagers0:13:55NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12204/07/1967 - 04/09/1967TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION JUNCTION CITY II(2D Battalion, 173D Airborne Brigade) War Zone C, South VietnamOperation Junction City. Tactical bombing operations. Wounded US soldiers in field being treated. Soldiers in field are attacked and commence firing into wooded area. Soldiers lay in prone position. Wounded soldier are evacuated. Soldiers get into helicopter and arrive at other field. Soldiers rest in field and observe maps. Soldiers engage with the enemy. Great combat footage. Soldier's rifle jams during combat. Wounded soldiers are evacuated.0:20:38NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12302/04/1967 - 02/06/1967OPERATION BIG SPRING(2D Battalion, 503D Infantry, 173D Airborne Brigade) 14 Miles North Of Bien Hoa, South VietnamOperation Big Spring. Soldiers rest in jungle before moving out. Footage of soldiers marching through jungle and thick grass beofre arriving at field where helicopters arrive to take them away. Soldiers land and disembark from planes and begin digging defensive positions. Soldiers with sentry dog patrol jungle. Food is cooked and served to the soldier in the field. Helicopter lands and supplies are unloaded.0:22:09NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12405/21/1967 - 06/07/1967OPERATION FRANCIS MARION(4Th Infantry Division), North Of Pleiku, South VietnamOperation Francis Marion, US Ambassador lands at 4th INF headquarters and is briefed. Special Forces soldiers get into helicopter. Great aerial footage from helicopterSoldiers jump from helicopter and are greeted by fellow soldiers. Soldiers at attention in Field. Cut to helicopters landing in field and soldiers are directed onto helicopters. Footage of artillery guns and armored vehicles. Footage of special forces soldiers preparing equipment on base for mission. Arored vehicles drive down road. Helicopter alnd and supplies are unloaded. Dead soldiers are loading onto helcopter before taking off. Soldier patrol village.0:22:36NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12506/05/1966 - 06/07/1966OPERATION HAWTHORNE(101St Airborne Division) Dak To, South VietnamUS soldiers sighting and firing 105 mm howitzer. Trucks and vehicles crossing bridge. Soldiers in combat firing weapons and grenade launchers. Soldier jumping into trench0:08:38NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12611/01/1967 - 11/06/1967OPERATION MACARTHUR(2D Battalion, 8Th Infantry, 4Th Infantry Division) Bao Duc Province, Central Highlands, South VietnamFootage of soldiers conducting search and destroy missions. Footage includes soldiers marching in jungle and high grass areas. Footage of soldiers on top of armored vehicles driving through the jungle0:18:12NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12711/2/1967 - 11/5/1967OPERATION MACARTHURKon Tum Province, Central Highlands, VietnamSoldiers rsting in Jungle. Reels includes soldiers marching and conducting search and destroy missions in dense jungle and high grass area. Soldiers eventually walk into a cleared area and step over barbed wire as they enter camp.0:16:23NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12810/25/1967 - 10/26/1967SEARCH AND DESTROY MISSION(4Th Infantry Division) Duc Pho, South VietnamSoldiers on radio. Soldiers in field with hills in the distance. Helicoters land. Helicopters in flight. Aerials. Soldiers look at map. Soldiers march up hill. Soldier signals for helicopter to land.0:09:01NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD12911/15/1967BATTLE OF DAKTO A COMPANY1St Battalion, 503Rd Infantry, 173Rd Airborne Infantry BrigadeBATTLE OF DAKTO A COMPANY, 1ST BATTALION, 503RD INFANTRY, 173RD AIRORNE INFANTRY BRIGADE, 11/15/1967. Dak To airstrip destroyed. Fires at night. Fighting in jungle. Wounded in Jungle.0:21:01NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD13011/11/1967OPERATION MACARTHUR (BATTLE OF DAKTO)SW Dak ToAvailable as 2 parts. US soldiers on top of Hill in Dak To province taking defensive postions. Soldiers march though heavily wooded area. Soldiers set up defensive position on hill and engage the enemy. Wounded and dead soldiers are taken care of before they are evacuated via helicopter0:11:08YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD13110/15/1967 - 10/17/196OPERATION MACARTHUR(4Th Inf Div)Summary: A 260-man force, C & B Companies, 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, sweeps an area about 5 miles NW of Dakto. No contact made with the enemy. MCU, out and into focus, two soldiers come thru jungle, twd C. RV, soldiers on trail, dense jungle. American soldier in pants and T-shirt, uses a machete on the small trees. A soldier digs a hole w/entrenching tool. Dense area of trees & underbrush. Soldiers pause for a moment. MS, going thru the high vegetation-almost impenetrable. MS (RV) soldier, crouched, going thru the heavy growth. Soldier seated on the ground speaks into radio. Var. tight shots, men of B Co trudge thru the jungle growth. HS, B Co cross a bombed area. (Note bomb crater in first shot.) The men come up hill out of the trees. Tight shot, men walk twd C. Some soldiers smile. VS, B Company starts to move out on patrol. Soldiers wade across jungle stream and up on the opposite side. Soldier gives a hand to a man coming up embankment.0:10:02NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1322/15/1968COMBAT OPERATIONS1St Battalion, 6Th Infantry, 198Th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division - Hoi An, South VietnamSoldiers resting at base camp on side of hill. Soldiers do daily acitivites, clean weapons, and eat food. Soldiers load into helicopters. Soldiers do patrol mission in village. Vietcong suspects are rounded up and interrogated. Soldiers search huts and find enemy weapons and supplies. Villagers are scared. Aerial of burning village0:20:16NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1331/31/1968 - 2/02/1968VIETCONG ATTACKS DURING TET (LUNAR NEW YEAR)1St Infantry Division, 25Th Infantry Division, Saigon, South VietnamUS soldiers in Saigon during the Tet offensive. Great footage of soldiers in combat conducting urban warfare tactics. Soldiers in cemetery marching through. Destroyed vehicles and wounded soldiers are treated. Vehichles and troops on road moving towards the front in Saigon.0:16:21NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD13401/31/1968 - 02/02/1968VIETCONG ATTACKS DURING TET (LUNAR NEW YEAR)Saigon, South Vietnam1st Division soldiers search through a cemetery in Saigon. Great footage of daily life in Saigon. Dead and wounded soldiers on the street. Civilians running away from the activity. Vietnamese soldiers firing weapons at weapons. Great footage of soldiers engaging in combat. Helicopter flies over the soldiers Short shot of soldiers and US government workers observing the damage to the US embassy.0:15:32NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD13501/31/1968 - 02/02/1968VIETCONG ATTACKS DURING TET (LUNAR NEW YEAR)Saigon, South VietnamAftermanth of battle on road in Saigon. Destroyed houses, warehouses, and vehicles litter the road. Soldiers in vehicles inspect and drive through the damage. Soldiers begin fighting and firing weapons behind wall. US ambassador observes the damage done at the US embassy. Dead bodies litter the lawn0:10:46NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD13603/1968ACTIVITIES OF THE 1ST INFANTRY DIVISIONSouth VietnamUS 1st Infantry division soldiers conduct patrol missions in South Vietnam supported by armored vehicles. Soldiers engage with the enemy. Tanks fire back at Vietcong positions. Fighter Jets drop bombs in the distance. Soldiers continue patrol mission in field and come across a Vietcong underground tunnel. US soldier throws grenade into the tunnel. Helicopters arrive, aerial footage of burnt out fields and villages. US wounded soldier is being treated at base camp.0:20:25NO
LMVIETHD13703/1968ACTIVITIES OF THE 1ST INFANTRY DIVISIONSouth VietnamSoldiers inspect village and find booby traps. Women are questioned. Soldiers begin digging foxholes on side of hill. A howitzer artillery gun is dropped from helicopter, sighted, and fired. Patrol mission through village. Villagers are rounded up, some are questione. Soldiers march through jungle, thick terrain at some points. Soldiers come across straw hut village in jungle. Soldier begin treating and helping sick and injured villagers. Soldiers give out supplies to villager. Prayer service oon side of hill0:19:24NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD13803/16/1968 - 03/17/1968UH-1B HELICOPTER GUNSHIPS(120Th Aviation Company, 210Th Combat Aviation Battalion, 1St Aviation Brigade), Tan Son Nhut Air Base, South Vietnam ; Combat Operations (2D Bn, 35Th Inf, 3D Bde, 4Th Inf Div), Antennae Valley, Lz Ryer, South VietnamFootage inside helicopter, Machine gunner firing at enemy positions from helicopter. Soldiers on ground patrol village, question, and treat wounded villagers. Continue patrol through jungle, find dead body0:16:42NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD13904/27/1968 - 05/01/1968OPERATION DELAWARE101St Airborne Division, 1St Air Cavalry Division / A Shau Valley, South VietnamGeneral Westmoreland at firebase for 101st Division, talks to officers. Damaged vehicles and helicopters are tried to be repaired. More damaged helicopters are unloade. Soldiers load into Helicopters0:18:43NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD14004/19/1968 - 04/29/1968OPERATION DELAWARE1St Air Cavalry Division, I Corps Area, A Shau Valley, South VietnamHelicopter lands and unloads supplies and vehicles. Helicopters fly away. US soldiers sweep area for mines with mine detector. Soldiers march through valley. Jeep drives on road as soldiers walk by. SOldiers fire machine gun from Jeep. C-130 plane flies over before crashing/ Soldiers move out to find survivors of crashed plane.0:17:29NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD14106/01/1968 - 06/02/1968OPERATION MACARTHUR(101St Airborne Division) Dak Pek, South VietnamVarious shots of soldiers cooking and eating rations. SOldiers dig in on side of mountain and lay wire around defensive perimeter. Soldiers walking in mud. Soldiers prepare to be air lifted from area. Soldiers fold flag of Georgia. Helicopter picks up supplies. Soldiers clean muddy boots. Soldiers pass mortar rounds and place them in sling net.0:15:58NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD14211/22/1967ASSAULT OF HILL 875Sw Of Dakto, South VietnamUS chaplin holding thanksgiving service in field. Soldiers are at the sermon.Soldiers move up trail for assault. Officers speak to soldiers. Battle scenes on side of mountain. SOldiers take cover behind trees. Confusion amongst soldiers. Wounded US soldiers lying on ground. Charred corpses. Soldiers being treated for wounds before being evacuated. Mortar team fires mortars on side of hill.0:17:01NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1439/30/1968DASPO FIELD SOUND TEAM4Th Bn, 9Th Inf, 25Th Inf DivTwo army motion picture cameramen prepare to film soldiers near mortar.Cameramen film soldiers playing cards and talking.0:16:23NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1442/18/1967OPERATION LONGHORN221st Sig Co HQ221st Signal Co. Headquarters. Supply yard in Vietnam. Various shots of activities at supply yard. Footage of trucks and armored vehicles moving down road. Shot of soldiers inside tower at supply headquarters. Footage of asphalt plant in Vietnam.0:25:36YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD14503/23/1969 - 03/24/1969DIVISION ARTILLERY82D Arty, Americal Div, Lz LizVarious shots from the 82nd Artillery firebase. Soldiers aim and fire 155 mm howitzers. Interior shots of soldiers workng with field artillery digital computer. Soldiers cleaning artillery gun.0:22:21NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD14604/27/1969 - 04/28/1969DUSTOFFS (MEDICAL COPTERS)82nd Med Det. Helo Ambulance Can ThoEvacuation of ARVN soldiers into helicopters. Medic treats wounded in helicopters. Various shots of helicopter landing and footage of airstrip. Soldier throws signal grenade to to direct helicopter as to where to land. Wounded are evacuated. Civilian ambulances assist in the help. Wounded civilians are helped and evauated.0:27:31YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD14712/29/1967PRESIDENT THIEU VISITS 9TH INFANTRY DIVISION; ETC9th Inf HQ. Ft. Campbell. SaigonVietnames preisdent exits helicopter and is greet by 9th infantry General. 101st Airborne leaves for Vietnam. Footage of combat in Saigon during Tet offensive. US and Vietnamese soldier fire rifles and take cover from enemy fire0:18:42NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1484/28/1967GENERAL WM C. WESTMORELAND RECEIVES BOY SCOUT AWARDCJCS Office.Hodrai River Valley.Westmoreland receives Boy Scout award. US soldiers build firebase on hill, cut down trees and fortify defensive perimeter Supplies are unloaded via helicopter. Soldiers in line waiting to be evacuated by helicopter. Patrols through jungle.0:18:39NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1494/28/1967GENERAL WM C. WESTMORELAND RECEIVES BOY SCOUT AWARD4Th Inf Div 8Th Inf, 4Th Inf DivWestmoreland receives Boy Scout award. US soldiers build firebase on hill, cut down trees and fortify defensive perimeter Supplies are unloaded via helicopter. Soldiers in line waiting to be evacuated by helicopter. Patrols through jungle.0:18:43NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD15011/19/1967OPERATION KIEN GIANG(5Th Bn, 60Th Inf, 9Th Inf Div)US soldiers marching and wading through water. Conduct patrol missions in heavily wooded jungle. Soldiers build defensive position and firebase for helicopter to land. Chaplin gives church sermon to soldiers in field. Westmoreland inspects soldiers at base camp.0:19:36NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1512/11/1968DEFENSE OF MACV COMPOUND(716Th Mp Bn And 187Th Inf, 101St Airborne Div)US soldiers take defensive position around MACV compound. Various search and destroy missions by the 1st Infantry Division. Patrol is supported by tanks. Wounded soldier is treated and evacuated by helicopter0:22:17NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD15201/19/1968 - 1/23/1968OPERATION MUSCATINE198Th Lt Inf Bde, Americal DivSoldiers watch as helicopters launch rockets towards Vietcong positions. Soldiers patrol villages and inspect Vietcong tunnels. Soldiers find weapons and beign rounding up and interrogating villagers. Soldiers then get into combat with enemy near village. Good combat footage0:19:18NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD15303/03/1968 - 03/07/1968RECON BY FORCE AND TREATING WOUNDED1St Bn, 26Th Inf, 1St Inf DivisionMarch 3, 1968: Wounded soldiers being treated at first aid station. Close up of US solder with slight burn wound on right leg. Soldiers being treated and evacuated by UH-1D helicopter. Close up of propellor of UH-1D helicopter. US soldiers being harnessed into helicopter for evacuation. Shot from helicopter as it takes off. Close up soldier of the 1st Infantry Division washing and drying his head. Soldiers at base camp sitting and resting. Flight of US UH-1D helicopter come in for landing at base camp. Soldiers get off helicopter and begin running across the field, explosions from enemy mortars seen in background. Soldiers carry wounded on stretcher to field hospital/camp area. Two soldiers help another wounded soldier get to camp area. Soldiers advance behind US M-43 and M-113 half track vehicle. Two armored vehicles begin firing into jungle as soldiers kneel. Soldier gets up and advances with M16 rifle at hand. Soldier begins firing rifle into jungle. M-48 tank begins firing machine gun. Soldier on radio. Armored vehicles continue to advance. Soldiers kneel again, on radio. Close up of machine gunner on tank. Soldiers blow up enemy bunker. Armored vehicle continues advance, smoke grenade is thrown in background expelling purple smoke. Soldier drinks from canteen. Soldiers begin to take cover in brush. Soldiers fire M16 and grenade launcher. M-113 can be seen firing machine gun in the background. M-132 flame thrower vehicle shoots firing in distance. SOldiers get up from behind brush.0:10:20NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD15408/18/1969 - 08/19/1969US ARMY PHOTO TEAM IN ACTIONUs ArmyUS Army photographers camera on truck and record various scenes of daily life in Saigon0:14:24NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1551/31/1968VIETCONG ATTACK ON 2D FIELD FORCES POST AND TAN HIT AREASVietcong, Tan Hit, During TetVarious shots of US soldiers in combat defending command post during the Tet offensive. Various shots of soldiers engaging the enemy in combat, helicopters launching rockets, and dead Vietcong0:18:40NO
LMVIETHD15612/24/1969 - 01/03/1970187TH ASSAULT HELICOPTER CO ACTIVITIES187Th Helicopter CoChristmas display near orphanage in Vietnam. Soldiers interact with children. Shot of soldiers in helicopter in the air. Soldiers disembark helicopters.and move out in field.0:27:19NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD156b12/24/1969 - 01/03/1970187TH ASSAULT HELICOPTER CO ACTIVITIES187Th Helicopter CoChristmas display near orphanage in Vietnam. Soldiers interact with children. Shot of soldiers in helicopter in the air. Soldiers disembark helicopters.and move out in field.0:27:19NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD15701/04/1970 - 01/10/1970COMBAT ASSAULT ON NUI BA DEN MOUNTAINNui Ba Den Mountain / 2D Bn, 22D Inf, 25Th Inf DivSoldiers get of Helicopter and begin climbing rocky slope of mountain. Soldiers reach top and do daily activities and rest. Big explosion in distance. Soldiers begin firing weapons. Special forces in Heliocopter. Various shots of airstrip. Soldiers at Nui Ba Den firebase. Jets drop bombs and soldiers climb down mountain.0:24:12NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD15801/04/1970 - 01/10/1970COMBAT ASSAULT ON NUI BA DEN MOUNTAINNui Ba Den Mountain / 2D Bn, 22D Inf, 25Th Inf DivSoldiers in dense growth on mountainside. Soldier make their way down rocky hill. Helicopters leave airstrip. Various shots of life on the fire base. Soldiers patrolling in jungle. Wounded soldier evacuated by helicopter. Soldiers inspect side of mountain for caves or emeny posts. Helicopter begins firing rockets in distance. Wounded soldiers are treated.0:15:02NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1592/24/1970AIR ROCKET ARTILLERY BATTERY4/77Th at Camp EagleVarious aerial shots of Helicopters in the air and footage of Vietnam by air. Reel contains soldiers loading rockets into helicopter0:14:28NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD16003/14/1970 - 03/29/1970COMBAT ASSAULT HELICOPTERS191st Asslt Helo Co. 235TH AVN Co. Can ThoVarious shots of airstrip and helicopters leaving. Daily work on airstrip. Soldiers patrolling mountainous area. Various shots of helicopters in air. Helicopters unload US Soldiers in field.0:22:57NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1615/5/1970ADVANCE INTO CAMBODIA(101St Abn Div, 4Th Inf Div)Various shots of activities on airstrip. Helicopters and and take off. US soldiers gathered and observing map. Aerial footage of airstrip.0:19:18NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD16205/08/1970 - 05/14/19709TH INF DIV IN CAMBODIA9Th Infantry DivisionSoldiers atop armored vehicles in jungle during patrol. Vehicles drive past villages. Footage of soldiers with artillery shells in jungle. Footage becomes very underexposed.0:28:45NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1638/22/1970AERO RIFLE PLATOON ASSAULTHill 400 To Double For Hill 724Interior shots inside helicopter. Vietcong prisoner is treated for wounds inside the helicopter. Helicopter lands and prisoner is evacuated to hosppital. Various shots of patrols in field with armored vehicles and tanks. Shots of soldiers on vehicles on road. Sentry dog is seen in the patrol.0:13:11NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1648/22/1970AERO RIFLE PLATOON ASSAULTHill 400 To Double For Hill 724US artillery crews loading and firing Howitzer at enemy positions0:02:51NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD16501/09/1971 - 01/15/19711ST AIR CAV DIV ON PATROL FIRE SUPPORT BASE MACECompany, 1/5 Cav, 1St Air Cav DivUS soldiers in jungle patroling for enemy. Soldiers come across enemy tunnel. Soldiers prepare claymore ines to be used in the Jungle. Various shots of soldiers marching. Soldiers load into helicopters. Helicopters land in field. Soldiers wash hair. Various shots of helicopters in air.0:28:46YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD16603/18/1971 - 03/23/1971ROUTE NINE AND SAPPER ATTACKl/23d Cav Americal Div. Khe Sanh. Long VeiUS tank crews resting on side of road drink beer, relaxing. Tanks and vehicles driving down a road. Dead Vietcong on runway at Khe Sanh. Wrecked elicopters in various locations. Pilots looking at destroyed helicopters. Close up of dead Vietcong around defensive positions. Soldiers in trucks and armored vehicles preparing equipment and moving out. Tired soldiers in foxholes. Close up of damaged runway. Another shot of dead Vietcong on runway. Smoldering bunker. Damaged munitions storage0:31:02NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1677/22/1970101ST ABN DIVISION RETURNS TO A SHAU VALLEY; ETCA Shau Valley, 327th Infantry Airborne RegHelicopters landing at fire support base. American soldiers unload equipment and helicopters move out. American soldiers marching in dense jungle. PAtrols in jungle. Soldiers rest in jungle. Helicopter evacuates soldiers. Helicopters landing at firebase. Soldiers unload supplies from helicopter. Sldiers setting up defensive positions in jungle. Troops moving through high grass and search for enemy. Helicopter takes off.0:22:26YES
LMVIETHD1681971DRILL SERGEANTThe Big Picturenumber: 662 Tv ShowArmy film depicts the training of US soldiers for combat. Film emphasizes importance of the drill sergeant in training these recruits.0:27:49NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD169N/ATHE UNIQUE WARThe Big Picturenumber: 680 Tv ShowFilm show the differences between the War in Vietnam with previous wars.Shows the difficulties in fighting a guerrilla enemy, and how the war was to win over the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people.0:28:10YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD1701966YOUR ARMY REPORTS,NUMBER FOURThe Big Picture' -Tv ShowFilm shows the Activities of the US Army in 1966. Stories include aircraft sustainability, high altitude parachute jumping, and the difficulties fighting on the terrain in Vietnam0:27:33YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD171N/AMARINES CALL IN AIR SUPPORTUSMC. Helicopters fly overhead. Air strike explosions in the distance. Soldiers run during combat. Soldier on patrol with dog. Soldier lies in grass as airstrike happens in distance. Soldier on radio. Soldier with binoculars. Soldier in grass with rifle.0:11:26NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1727/19/1966MARINES NEAR DMZOPERATION HASTINGS 2/4USMC. Abandoned NVA foxholes. Soldiers fire mortars in the field. Soldiers walk through hills. Wounded soldier is helped up hill. Soldiers get into helicopter. Dead NVA soldier. Soldiers carry boxes of supplies. Air strikes in hills.0:12:20NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1734/8/1966"ORANG"PEOPLE PATROLS3Rd Marine Division 1/3USMC. Soldiers on patrol in villages. Mortars explode in distance. Soldiers look at map and strategize. Soldiers sit on hill. Soldiers on radio. Church service in the field. Injured soldier on stretcher. Aerials of farm land.0:10:46NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1747/28/1966VIPS IN CAM LOCam LoUSMC. Helicopter takes off. General Westmoreland at base meeting with troops being interviewed by reporter. Mortars being fired on base. Soldier on radio. Soldiers march up hill. Dead bodies. Airstrikes. Soldiers fire machine guns.0:10:31NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1756/25/19663RD MARINE DIVISION OPERATION "JAY"2/4 Magnificent Bastards - North Of HueUSMC 25 June 1966 operation "Jay" 3rd MarDiv "G" Co - 2/4 Fox Co 2/4 : Helicopter transport lands in rice paddies, Marines walk through paddies. Air strike across paddies, explosions in distance. Officers meet in field, General transported out by helo. Marines rest on patrol. Mortarmen fire into field. Close air support, Marines wait on patrol. Mortarmen fire arose field, structure ablaze in distance. 34 takes off from cover. Large plumes of smoke from explosion in distance. 34 evac's Marines in field. Explosion, flames from air strike. Jet flyby drops napalm.0:11:14NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1762/4/19673RD MARINE DIVISION SEARCH AND DESTROY ROYAL TOMBS IN HUE2/9 Hell in A Helmet In Phu BaiUSMC. Sikorsky S-56 offloads supplies in field. 14 December 1966: Marines patrol through rice paddies, cross rivers, patrol surrounding jungle. 4 February 1967: Phu Bai Echo Co. 2/9 Search and Destroy mission to royal tombs in Hue. Marines board helicopters for transport to jungle. In flight view of helicopter formation. Helo's offload, navigator uses compass to direct troop movement. 34's land with more Marines. Marines patrol dense hillside. Marines assist wounded through rice paddies. Marine fires rocket. Machine gunner fires into thick brush. Officer and radio operator discuss troop movement. Marines eat rations.0:11:15NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1772/4/1967 - 2/5/19673RD MARINE DIVISION SEARCH AND DESTROY ROYAL TOMBS IN HUE2/9 Hell In A Helmet in Phu BaiUSMC. 4 February 1967: Phu Bai Echo Co. 2/9 Search and Destroy mission to royal tombs in Hue. Marines cross footbridge, march up hillside. 5 February 1967: Marines take photos of villagers. Patrol through village. Marines patrol area. Marines give children cigarettes.0:10:49NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD17810/19663RD MARINE DIVISION OPERATIONS NEAR KHE SAHN1/3 Lava Dogs In Khe SahnUSMC. 3RD MARINE DIVISION 1/3 OCTOBER 1966 KHE SAHN. MARINES GRILL STEAK, eat hot chow. Elephants graze as Marines patrol through field. troop movement meeting. Marines patrol through elephant grass. 16 October 1966. Marine fills canteens from stream in thick brush. Marines patrol through elephant grass, map location. Marine washes face from stream in brush.0:10:50NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1794/23/19673RD MARINE DIVISION OPERATION SHAWNEE2/4 Magnificent BastardsUSMC. 3rd Marine Division Echo Co. 2/4 23 April 1967 Operation Shawnee. Chinook LZ 445150. Staff plan troop movement. Chinooks offload Marines. Marines march uphill. Chinook lands opposite large red dirt crater. Marines wait on patrol entering heavy brush. Machine gunner digs foxhole. Marines patrol through thick brush. Marines wash in stream.0:10:56NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1807/13/19671ST MARINE DIVISION TUNNEL RATS1St MardivUSMC. Marines detonate VC tunnel. Marines shoot flamethrowers into thick brush. 1st Marine Division 13 July 1967: Dead Vietnamese man with open skull and flies on brain matter funeral. Children look on. Villager pan.0:09:39NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1812/21/1968MARINES PATROL HUE1/5 Charlie Company in Hue CemeteryUSMC. Marines fighting in urban areas including Hue Cemetery. Tank rolls down street. Explosion from building. Aerials from helicopter. Soldier on stretcher. Soldiers with gas masks. Wounded soldier dragged and tended to. Tanks. Dead bodies. Soldiers shooting machine guns. Soldiers marching through streets.0:10:03NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1823/9/1968MARINES SET UP FIREBASE, HELICOPTER MAINTENANCE1ST MAW QUANG TRIUSMC. Marines set up bunker and dig in at firebase. EOD arm munitions. Marines leave wire for patrol around perimeter. Marines discuss movement, Navigator directs movement. Marinespatrol hillside. Marines return to firebase, are greeted by officer. Marines follow metal detector on patrol. Trucks transport Marines through rainy weather. Marines patrol rice paddies. Marine shoots M79 from prone position. Marine raises kevlar on M16 barrel. Corpsman treats wounded Marines. 1st Marine Air Wing, Quang Tri. 3/9/68.VMO 6 Marines perform help maintenance.0:11:38NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD18312/28/1968 AND 4/16/19683RD MARINE DIVISION OPERATION SCOTLAND II1/4 DELTA COMPANY KHE SAHNUSMC. 3RD Marine Division suffers casualties. Corpsman treat wounded. Firebase attacked and bunkers on fire. 12/28/1968 Scottland II 1/4 Delta Company. Patrol in jungle. Stream crossing. Firebase with wounded and dead. Radio Operator calls in medevac helo. Marines inspect heavy artillery. Firebase after attack. Dead bodies. Pan of destruction. Firebase ceremony with Lt.Gen Walt.0:11:29NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1841967CHOPPER PILOT"The Big Picture" Tv SeriesTraining of helicopter pilots: training of officers in Fort Wolters, Texas; and advanced training in Alabama0:33:42YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD1851966THE ARMY AND VIETNAMEdited ProductionThis film is an edited documentary that discusses the mobilization of the US Army in South Vietnam.0:21:19YES
LMVIETHD1861/1966 - 2/1966STAFF FILM REPORT 66-10AEdited ProductionVietnam combat and etc. January and February 1966 - US units of the 1st Infantry Division, 101st Airborne Brigade, 1st Air Cavalry Division, and creation of new Special Forces are mentioned0:32:35YES
LMVIETHD1871966STAFF FILM REPORT 66-12AEdited ProductionVietnam combat, etc. January, February, March, 1966 - Shows footage of Various US Army units in action in Vietnam.0:20:49YES
LMVIETHD188APRIL 1966US SOLDIERS IN HOLEEdited ProductionVietnam combat, etc, April 1966 - Shows footage of Various US Army units in action in Vietnam. US soldiers in hole0:28:09
LMVIETHD1894/1966STAFF FILM REPORT 66-21AEdited ProductionVietnam - April 1966 - Shows footage of Various US Army units in action in Vietnam; Reels includes footage of US Army in Europe0:34:53YES
LMVIETHD1901966STAFF FILM REPORT 66-43AEdited ProductionActivity in Vietnam - September and October 1966 - Shows footage of Various US Army units in action in Vietnam including south Vietnamese soldiers0:23:46YES
LMVIETHD19110/1966 - 11/1966STAFF FILM REPORT 66-49AEdited ProductionActivity in Vietnam - October November 1966 - Edited footage on various US Army units in Vietnam. victims of flooded delta. Thanksgiving in the field.0:28:28YES
LMVIETHD1921969THE AMERICAL DIVISIONThe Big Picture' -Tv ShowHistory of the Americal Division in the Pacific theater in WWII and its reactivitation for the War in Vietnam0:28:46YESCOLOR
LMVIETHD19312/12/1966CAPTURED VIET CONG FILM DURING OPERATION JUNCTION CITYEdited Production - captured Viet Cong footage.Vietcong Activities shot by amateur cameramen. Vietcong in the field, with villagers. Vietcong build booby traps and defenses in the Jungle. Stage Vietcong axercises marching, patrolling and setting up defenses. Vietcong in the cjungle listening to political lectures. Vietcong digging tunnels, cleaning an repairing weapons, and planting mines. Vietcong in the field, cultivating crops and making explosives with locals. Vietcong listening to male and female speakers.0:18:55NOB&W
LMVIETHD19412/1966LUCKY BOY (BACKSEAT FAC), REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM, 12/196625 MILES NORTH OF SAIGONAerial coverage of the terrain in Vietnam. Aerial views of bombing of targets in distance. Aerial view of heavy bombers dropping bombs. A burnt out hilltop0:26:35NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1957/20/1967 - 11/20/1967AIR STRIKE MISSIONSMultiple, Tan Son Nhut Air BaseAerial footage of US fighter jets dropping General purpose bombs on select targets in Vietnam. Aerial view of terrain in Vietnam. Shots of tank convoys from air and aerial footage of airstrip. Aerial footage of US soldiers in rice paddies during patrol mission0:25:11NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1967/20/1967 - 11/20/1967AIR STRIKE MISSIONSDak To, Chu LaiAerial footage of US fighter Jets dropping general purpose bombs on select targets in a mountainous region of Vietnam. Great footage of bombings. Ground footage of Helicopters landing in field and unloading howitzer from helicopter0:19:24NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD1977/20/1967 - 11/20/1967AIR STRIKE MISSIONSDak To, Chu LaiAerial footage of Heavy US bomber dropping bombs on targets from high altitude. Great footage of bombs dropping on targets. Shows aerial footage of destroyed region with numerous crater on the land0:02:30NOCOLOR
LMVIETHD19812/23/1967PRESIDENT JOHNSON VISITS CAM RANH BAY ABCam Ranh Bay Ab VietnamCoverage of Preisdent Johnson with General Westmoreland in Vietnam at US Air force base. Air Force One lands at the base. Johnson exits the plane. Johnson gives speech to soldiers and awards purple heart medal to numerous soldiers0:21:12NOCOLOR