Ginner's Mage Gear List
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Click the link here to make a copyChange log:
Fire Ignite update is here, click the make a copy link above, to get to the new sheet.2020-10-11: Added several more Frost Resistance items to the FrostGear tab.
This sheet won't be updated anymore, go to the Fire Update.
Green fields on FrontPage, Buffs and Gear, are meant to be changed by the user.
FrontPage contains overall statistics of the character, the amount of damage done on a boss, the dps done. 2020-08-03: Fixed error with hit value on Zanzil's rings when not equipped.
The Buffs tab contains buffs, consumables and similar options of toggling on and off.2020-07-28: Added several AQ20/AQ40 items.
Gear contains the gear selection of your character, only gear available to the chosen phase is able to be chosen, chosen gear will impact the values of stats.
2020-07-17: Fixed error in regards to Blessing of Wisdom. Fixed spell pen value of T2.5 shoulders.
GearList will show all gear available except horribly outdated items, available to the chosen phase.2020-06-04: Fixed a bug where +20 frost/fire spellpower enchant on gloves didn't get added correctly.
SpiritGear is meant for Evocation calculations, as weapons can be swapped during Evocation.2020-05-14: Pyric Caduceus (wand) added to item list.
FireGear, NatureGear and FrostGear is meant for fight where those resistances apply, to show how much resistance is provided by the chosen gear.2020-05-10: Added Band of Rumination. Zanzil's ring set bonus split out on the individual rings, instead of the quickfix way I did it before.
When you've understand how this spreadsheet works, hide this tab.2020-05-07: Fixed a mistake in Arcane Power calculations, which made weird stuff happen if 8/8 T2 was equipped. Added Crystalline Threaded Cape.
I've made a Discord server, if you got any questions, feedback or bug reports, feel free to join at Fixed typo in base mana from 993 to 933.
If you like the spreadsheet that I have made and want to provide a contribution, feel free to donate to me using
2020-05-05: Added MH/OH vs. 2H comparison in Gear tab. Fixed MQG numbers to correct amount of haste.
14 Added hit value to already equipped items, when at 99% hit. Mana pool affecting dps/damage values in case of being OOM, has been moved to Advanced options in FrontPage F35, as a lot of people not noticing lower dps due to being out of mana, and setting long fights.
Even if it's a low amount, anything helps and is appreciated.2020-04-29: Added Fang of Venoxis.