Ginner's Mage Gear List
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To edit this spreadsheet, click File -> Make a copy, and then you're able to personalize it for yourself.Change log:
Green fields on FrontPage, Buffs and Gear, are meant to be changed by the user.2019-08-16: Added possibility to remove Evocation from calculations.
FrontPage contains overall statistics of the character, the amount of damage done on a boss, the dps done. 2019-08-19: Updated wand stat values; Added Blessing of Blackfathom; Added Arcane Power to dmg calculations and chart.
The Buffs tab contains buffs, consumables and similar options of toggling on and off.2019-08-22: Updated gear drop according to news from Blizzard
Gear contains the gear selection of your character, only gear available to the chosen phase is able to be chosen, chosen gear will impact the values of stats.
2019-09-07: Added Hypnotic Blade, Cyclopean Band to the gear list. Updated Boreal Mantle to 1.12 stats.
GearList will show all gear available except horribly outdated items, available to the chosen phase.2019-09-29: Added Spritecaster Cape.
SpiritGear is meant for Evocation calculations, as weapons can be swapped during Evocation.2019-10-07: Corrected trinkets with sp against undeads to only count against undeads.
NatureGear and FrostGear is meant for fight where those resistances apply, to show how much resistance is provided by the chosen gear.2019-10-10: Added a Phase 1.5 for Dire Maul.
When you've understand how this spreadsheet works, hide this tab.2019-10-18: Corrected calculations regarding Frost and Fire spell power, which means it will be added correctly from Frost and Fire gear.
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