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Use this list if you're *offering* a room. Use CTRL+Enter to get a new line within a cell. Please maintain your entry so that others know if you have anything available.
threadAvailableCourtyard Austin - University Area7/4/20147/8/2014AnyOpen Queen BedNegotiableRT Message for now22 Male from Florida currently then only one in my room with 2 queen beds so if someone needs somewhere to stay let me know. The hotel is about 5 miles north because I only booked it yesterday but if you don't mind that you're more than welcome to share the room. I got a deal on it so I won't be too stingy with how much so feel free to ask if you're unsure.
switemadnessAvailableOther (Please explain in Notes)7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FUTON] - Avail.
[Couch] - Avail
Bed - $350 Total Futon/Couch - $300 Totalacrumb1414@gmail.com26 Male from Michigan. Booked a modern studio apartment from AirBnb on 6th Street, 13 minute walk to the Convention Center. The two beds are taken, but an couch or futon (whichver you prefer) is available. Looking to enjoy the nightlife of downtown Austin and all the RTX madness that is about to ensue. Non-smokers, no bed time. Copy email address/RT accounts if you have questions
07GhostAvailableSheraton Austin at the Capitol7/3/20147/7/2014AnyBED1] - 1/2 King size
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - NegotiableFloor - $150 totalRT or scg812@gmail.com18+ only please. I'm a 29 year old male from San Francisco and I don't mind sharing space with others. The hotel is 6 blocks away from the convention center (0.7 miles) so it's not too far. It's non-smoking room and only thing I request is keep clutter to a minimum. There's a king size bed that I'll be taking but if someone doesn't mind sharing then that's open for discussion. Check-in will be around midnight as I have finals the same day and won't be arriving in Austin until 11:45PM.
81monkeysAvailableHoliday inn town lake7/3/20147/7/2014Any(Floor/bed?) - available$100/nt$50/nt OboThrough RTLooking for some one that can help with the cost of vacation. I know this post is a bit short notice but I need to try. I'm a chef and money is always tight so every bit helps. I plan on enjoying the night life of 6th st as much as my liver will allow as long as its safe. Non-smoking room, but don't mind if you are.
capWOOPYpantAvailableHilton Downtown Austin7/1/20147/8/2014Any[Floor] Available 7/1-2 $75 night all other nights $50/nightRT or mjhayes94@gmail.comWe have two people in the room currently (two guys under 20)
EvelinAvailableQuality Inns & Suites7/2/20147/7/2014Any[Bed 1] - Taken
[Bed 2] - Taken
[Floor 1] - Taken
[Floor 2] - Available
All Spots - $90All Spots - $90RT or evalong24@hotmail.comOver 21 y/o female (plus 3 friends) looking for one last person to take floor space of hotel room. One spot opened up last minute and need to see if anyone is seriously interested.
I've placed everyone's price fairly by doing a flat rate of $90 for all days. This is to maximize our fun as RTX fans, and because we are paying individually as well. Room capacity is up to 6, but we want to be courteous by keeping it at 5. Hope everyone enjoys RTX.
We are a bit by the airport, but please let us know ASAP if you are interested. Thanks.

AvailableW Austin7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Available
[FLOOR2] - Available
$222$111Message on RT Site or email, example (at) gmail.comNo partying, no smoking, no poultry
FenixKnightsAvailableSheraton Austin at the Capitol7/2/20147/7/2014AnyBed 1 - [taken]
Bed 2 - [taken]
Floor - [available]
$225 for the 5 nights or 50 per night$200 for the 5 nights or 45/nightRT website. or P.Knights@gmail.comI am looking to get 2 maybe 3 people to this room with me. I think a total of 3 might be nice, otherwise it can be crowded and difficult for people to sleep.

nothing too hardcore in partying. If you need to smoke (tobacco or "medicinals") do it outside of the room please.
GarettLefebvFull Holiday Inn Austin Town Lake7/3/20147/8/2014AnyBed - Taken
Floor - Taken
Bed - $65 per NightFloor - $45 Per NightMessage on Rooster Teeth Site or email @ pdl59@hotmail.comThe room is non-smoking, I don't mind a little partying just be courteous of everyone else. Message if you have any questions.
KrispyAvailableHyatt Place Austin Downtown7/2/20147/7/2014Any1 Spot OpenBed-$348RT Message or krisfox1@hotmail.comWe are all splitting the rooms cost evenely. We were able to fit 4 of us in this room last year, 2 on a the sofa and 2 on 2 seperate beds. Hughtee, myself and freepain roomed last year and our fourth guy dropped out, he is just had a child. This will make it my third RTX trip. If you have any questions feel free to contact me ASAP. Also, you must have paypal ready, we need to book the room ASAP.
LennipooAvailableOrangewood Suites7/3/20147/7/2014any[BED1]-1 taken/1 taken
[BED2]-2 spaces available
Approx $150/person after taxes and feesFloor space may be availablemhensley1983@gmail.com30 y/o male from phoenix, az. Room has 1 king, 1 queen, and 1 couch. Stayed here last year. 2 people on each bed and one on the couch. So if you don't mind sharing a bed, this will work out great. I suppose floor space is available if you really wanted it. Kitchen available if you want to cook. Room comes with free hot breakfast. Would prefer fairly chill/laid back roommates who like to have fun. I don't care how old you are, but please be mature. Also renting a car so can provide a ride to and from convention. Sharing in rental car expense appreciated. Also attending all SideQuest events, so let me know if you are too. If you are from Phoenix, definitely hit me up.
MaiuAvailableDays Inn Austin Crossroads (6 miles from con, will share taxi)7/3/20147/7/2014female, trans[bed]-1/2 king$110 totalRTI'm a 26 year old lady looking to spend as little time as humany possible in my room. I'd love to split a cab to and fro as needed.
RancePreaseAvailableOther (Please explain in Notes)7/3/20147/9/2014Any[Bed1] - Taken
[Bed2] - Taken
[Floor1] - Available
[Floor2] - Available
Floor - $120 totalRT message or at Gregory.Taylor88@gmail.com25 and 24 yr old males driving down from Alberta.
Staying a bit away from center at the Super 8 downtown to save cash but will have a vehicle to drive around. Must be 21, not looking to be liable for under age drinking, as there will be drinking.

Will be going out some nights. Welcome to join us, but if not should be aware some nights we will arrive back to room late.
tubachris85xAvailableHilton Garden Inn7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1]- Taken [BED2]-Available [FLOOR 1]-Available [FLOOR 2]-AvailableIf two people: $276per W/ 3: $185 per w/ 4:$138 per
Will work out a discounted rate RT or direct: chris.h.williams85@gmail.comOnly 18+ but preferably 21 as I may have alcohol. I only request that you are trust worthy and can handle yourself if you decide to drink! Also, NO DRUGS, that includes pot! I may have two friends from North Texas come down for saturday night only but that's not set in stone. I'm here to have fun otherwise! Email is my quickest form of contact. Thanks!
AvailableHilton Downtown Austin7/4/20147/6/2014Any[Bed1]- Taken
[Floor1]- Taken
[Floor2]- Available
$300 Total (2 nights)$150 Total (2 nights)nickclark231@gmail.comSteps away from Conv.Center. Skyview room with 2 queen beds. I (20 year old-male) am taking one bed. Please contact me for details
trueblueovalFullHilton downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2012any[BED1]-Taken
Bed - $260Floor - 100RT or trueblueovalracing@gmail.com 18+ only, it's a non smoking room. don't mine a little parting just be mindful of everyone else. I'm 25 male, it's directly across from the convention center so short walk and easy access.
RedAngelFullHilton Downtown Austin7/1/02017/8/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
$60 per night
$420 full
negoatiableRT pleaselooking to fill the second queen bed (shared with JohnSnow) If you want the floor you can have it and I'll knock off a few dollars, but you will want a bed if you are going to be partying all week :)

Let me know if you need a space, the other bed is taken by me and another female fan.
AerodynamixxFullHyatt Place Austin Downtown7/3/20147/6/2014Any4 Spots taken $115RT Message (preferred) or email: aerodynamixx@gmail.comFree Wi-Fi AND Breakfast! No smoking in the room. Room has 2 Queen size beds, bed sharing is an option. Hotel is about 2 blocks from the Convention Center. This is my second year going to RTX so I can help guide any first timers
ems4iFullSuper 8 Downtown Austin/Capitol Area7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED 1] - Taken
[BED 2] - Taken
Bed - $93.00 total per personNegotiableRT or ems4i@mtmail.mtsu.edu18+ preferred. 22 y/o female rooming with 22 y/o male & another 22 y/o male. Looking to fill last bed spot. Floor areas available, though I'm not 100% sure how large the rooms are & if that would be convenient. Approx 1 mile (20-25 min walk) from convention center. Free breakfast, wi-fi, & parking. Laundry available. SuperShuttle service. Outdoor pool.
Alex51905FullOther (Please explain in Notes)7/3/20147/7/2014Any2 Beds available1130 (I'Contact @ alex.bradford417@gmail.com (subject line: RTX Room)2 Queen Bed room at Super 8 (Austin University/Downtown Area). 1.3 miles from Convention Center. Non-smoking (hotel rules). Myself and friends will be in a different room so we will not be sharing. That means partying is fine and no set rules other than to please respect the care of the room since it is in my name. Please contact with any questions.
AndyHawkFullHilton Garden Inn Downtown Austin7/2/20147/9/2014any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - $507.03Floor - $338.02RT, or ACAhlgren@gmail.comMale, 26 YO, looking for people to share hotel costs with. i want to spend time hanging out in austin and the places they mention on the podcast, 6th st, alamo drafthouse etc. would profer people who would want to hang out and go to those places as well. i dont mind either sharing a bed or doing a bed rotation, if everyone is ok with that as well, price will be $422.52 per person.
BowlmasterFullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20147/6/2014AnyOne more spot$180 total$180 totalRT messageStill looking for one person to fill the room reservation. Planning on switching off bed/floor spots so plan accordingly.Currently two 18 year old males and one 24 year old male. $60 a night for thursday, friday, and saturday night so $180 total, but if you are planning to stay sunday night you may need to find somewhere else. Please message me if you are interested, it's sure to be a fun time!
bystandersFullOther (Please explain in Notes)7/3/20147/7/2014AnyAir Matress: Taken
Air Matress: Taken
Couch?: Taken
$200 totalRT Message or email michelledanielczok@gmail.comI'm renting a condo across the street from the convention center on Airbnb. Theres plenty of room so there might even be space to take 3rd person on the couch which would bring the cost down for everyone.
CaptainOSSIMfullOmni Austin Hotel7/2/20147/8/2014any0 open spot$345 totalRT messageHotel is just a few blocks from the convention center.
It will be a late check-in on the 2nd.
2 people currently in the room (myself and a friend).
Sleeping arrangements will be decided by games of
Willing to negotiate price...within reason.
cdnl33tFullHilton Downtown Austin7/2/20142/8/2014Anyall Spots Takenroom is 169 per night, split evenly among all in room. For the days that you are in the room. Price is negotiableroom is 169 per night, split evenly among all in room, for the days that you are in the room. Price is negotiableRT Message, I'm almost always onlineI'm a 25 year old single male, flying in from Manitoba, Canada.  First year being able to afford to go to RTX.  Don't care if you smoke but room is non smoking.  Looking forward to exploring the city a bit and seeing some of the places mentioned by RT staff, including The Fort if possible.  I'm cool with drinking, but I have no intention of babysitting you, know your own limits.  2 queen bed in the room, so I'm okay with some bed sharing.  Hoping for roommate to chill and explore austin with as well as split costs.  If you're not in Austin the whole time that I am that's fine just pay for when you are.  Message for more info.
CsquaredFullOther (Please explain in Notes)7/2/20147/8/2014AnyAll Spots Taken$180 totalTotal: 220$ RT Message We are staying in a condo on Sixth Street, just two blocks from the convention center. Sleeps 10 people. $180 per person for the week (July 2nd to July 8th). I don't plan on babysitting so you must be 18 or older before the check in date. Note: The condo is on the second floor and below us is a club. So I wouldn't recommend light sleepers. Contact me on the RT site for any questions and if you are interested in staying. I usually post weekly on updates or reminders so information will always be up to date.
CybebefullEmbassy Suites Hotel Austin Downtown/Town Lake7/3/20147/7/2014F[Bed 1] - Taken
[SOFA BED] - Taken
Sofa -$54 per Night

Pullout - $54 per Night
negotiableRT or earthcybebe@gmail.comLooking to fill both sofa bed and pullout bed. If only one can be filled, may need to discuss change in pricing. Hotel is only about half mile from convention so easy to travel. 1st bed taken by 23yo female
Free breakfast
Drinking fine
No smoking
DeadMansGameFullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20127/7/2012Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - $260Floor 1 - $100 Floor 2- $100RT or deadmansg@gmail.com18+ only. I'm 28 male. Friend has to cancel due to family issues. Prices are for the entire stay.
hernanda3AvailableInterContinental Stephen F Austin7/4/20147/7/2014any1 open spotsWill rotate between beds and floor, $100 for the entirety of stay$80 if you don't feel like having to rotate who sleeps on a bed.RT, or hernanda3@yahoo.com26 yo male and my 23 yo friend. Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Internet access (unfortunately not free). As I already mentioned, both myself and my friend are willing to rotate who sleeps on the beds. We are both looking forward to explore the places mentioned in the podcast, both during the day and at night, so it'd be cool if people want to tag along.
KaisonicFullHyatt Place Austin Downtown7/1/20147/7/2014Any[QUEENBED1] - Taken
[QUEENBED2] - Available July 1st and 2nd
[BED3] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
$460 total$250 totalMessage on RT siteNo smoking, no drugs, some drinking, just nothing too crazy. A little expensive, but it's literally across the street from the convention center. If you'd rather share a bed instead of sleeping on the floor, I will adjust cost accordingly. Full pre-payment was required to get the rate I did, so I need full pre-payment to secure your spot. If you don't need all 6 nights, that's fine, your price will be adjusted accordingly.
KateraterFullLaQuinta Inn and Suites7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
55$/night (4 nights)

Per person on bed
4 people total on beds

Total: 220$ per person
40$/night (4 nights)

Per person on floor
2 people total on floor

Total: 160$ per person
Message on RT site (Katerater username) or email at copper_42@hotmail.comBoth I (age23) and my Boyfriend (age27) are taking one bed to share. We are coming from Canada. Arrivng on Thursday July 3rd n the evening (ranging from 4pm-8pm Austin time). The beds are DOUBLE BEDS (54 in × 75 in), 6 in x 5 in smaller than a queen sized bed. To make it cheaper we are asking for TWO people to take the only other available bed. And 2 floor guests who will have a discounted hotel price because they are taking the floor.(making it 6 people total in our hotel room, including bf and I). The hotel is an estimate 17 minute walk from the Convention Area. We are NON-smokers. We don't drink but you are welcome to it. Not really party people. We will be using the hotel to sleep/relax and will use the local pubs/areas to entertain ourselves. No bedtime but to be respecteful to surrounding neighbours, no extreme sounds past 2am. Please contanct me via RT or email. I check both daily. EDIT:FULL ONCE AGAIN
KelshawkeFullExtended Stay America Hotel Austin7/3/20147/7/2014FemaleBed1- taken Bed2- taken150$ total RT or kelshawke@gmail.comOnly 18+ people please! I'm a 20 year old girl whose friend bailed on her and wouldn't mind lending a place to stay.
kittysmuseFullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2014Female[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - $300 Total Floor - $250 totalRT or kittykat1001001@gmail.com20 year old female flying in from Oregon. Prefer no drinking and no smoking in the room (due to just quite not being legal age), but certainly no set bedtimes. Will most likely be cosplaying (hopefully from RvB if time permits) so both cosplayers and non-cosplayers will be welcome (and I will try to keep extra supplies on hand in case of wardrobe malfunctions and extra gear out of the way). Hotel is only a block away so it should be a short walk, and if people wish to share beds price may change.
MacGregor07FullOther (Please explain in Notes)7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1]-Taken
[Floor1 and 2]-Taken
45$/night15$/nightRT messageStaying at the Rodeway hotel, 2 miles from the
Convention center, but it is on the bus line for 2$, cab is 8-10$, I'm fine
with walking too. Microwave, fridge and pool are available. Fine with drinking, but no smoking. I will be at the convention center and streets for most of the time. I prefer Paypal, but if you can't, I will trust you.
FullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2014AnyBED1] - Taken
[BED2] - taken
[FLOOR1] - taken
[FLOOR2] - Available
Bed - $250 TotalFloor - $200 totalMessage @ elementalmana2013@outlook.com or RT Prefer email18 yr old male flying from reno Nv. Looking for people to share with and make the trip less expensive. Rooms are no smoking. No bevs if underage. Party if you want but no loud music. Don't want trouble. I will be mostly at convention and wondering around Austin. Internet and breakfast is on me.
FullHilton downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - taken
[FLOOR3] - taken
[FLOOR4] - Available
$250$200Message @ elementalmana2013@outlook.com or RT Prefer email18 yr old male flying from reno Nv. Looking for people to share with and make the trip less expensive. Rooms are no smoking. No bevs if underage. Party if you want but no loud music. Don't want trouble. I will be mostly at convention and wondering around Austin. Internet and breakfast is on me.
mclementsjrFullHilton Downtown Austin7/1/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
$72.50 a night, $435 total$48.33 a night, $290 totalRT or email mail@mattclementsjr.comNot opposed to partying, but no smoking. Thinking of bringing my PS4 down for hotel entertainment, but hoping to have mates to explore the town with too. Don't have to stick together the whole time obviously. And just a heads up, this is the Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown. This Google Doc didn't like me typing the full name. According to the map, it's within walking distance of RTX.
mclrj93FullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - $300 Total RT or mcclurej93@yahoo.com20yr old male flying in from NE. Prices are subject to change to cheaper if anyone needs help paying id be willing to help out more. I'm willing to party, dont care if you smoke but room is no smoking. No set bed times, Gonna be out after covention to socialze with others. message with any questions
Polarfrost19fullHyatt Place Austin Downtown7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[Sofabed] - Free

$250 Total
RT message21 year old male college student, flying in from Massachusetts on the 3rd. Willing to share the bed, they're both queen so should be plenty of room. Unless you want the floor then I could knock some money off. Hotel says it has free wifi and breakfast, just so you know and should be only a few blocks from both 6th street and the convention center. Ok with partiers and drinkers, since I will probably be getting bevs a few of the nights as well. Just shoot me a message if you want more information.
QT314FullLaQuinta Inn7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed- $350 totalFloor- $250 totalRT or uponyesterdayiswear@gmail.comCouple traveling in from WI, both going to be 20 at time of the event. Plan on arriving a day early day before event to check out Austin and leaving later in the day after the event to continue to sight see. We currently have a room with one bed, but if someone wants to share we can re-work the reservation to get a room with two beds so an additional bedspot would be available. The prices we listed are priliminary, as they are based off of what we expect the reworked price will be when we add people to the room. In fairness, pretty sure we overestimated by $30 or more.
randalberzerFullRadisson Hotel & Suites Austin Downtown7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR] - Taken
Bed-$200Floor-$100RT or randalberzerker@gmail.com28 Male. GF couldn't go, I booked a twin beforehand in case that happened. No smoking, plenty of bevving, I also have a spare pass if interested. Prefer 21 and up. Late nights are okay by me. About a block or so away
FullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1]-Taken
[BED2]- Taken
[FLOOR1]- Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken


message on RT site, or email shatobyteme@aol.comWill be driving from Oklahoma city area, so will have car. Partying ok, as long as it doesn't get too crazy. NO SMOKING. Drinking ok prefer 21+, hygene is a must. internet is $15/day in room if needed. Hotel is at convention center. Parking is $26/day
FullHilton Downtown Austin7/2/20147/9/2014any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - N/AFloor - $400 totalShenson on RT2 males flying from ct. Plan to spend the extra days meeting other members and visiting all the great food places we hear about on the podcast. The $400 cost covers, hotel/parking/car rental/gas. If you dont want to use the rental, contact me and ill try to work out a better price.
Sydney229FullHilton Downtown Austin7/2/20147/9/2014Any[BED1] - Taken*
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
$68.67 a night, $480.58 total$45.77 a night, $320.39 totalMessage on RT Site or
email sydnysimpson@yahoo.com
*I'm willing to share a bed, room is smoke free(hotels rule, not mine), partying fine, no set bed time (can be negotiated between everyone), parking is $30 a night, prices will change if someone decides to share a bed as well as if able to get special rate room. Willing to split cost to rent a car.
Tainted_MetaFullHilton Downtown Austin7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken/Taken [BED2] - Taken/Taken [FLOOR1] - Taken$220 total per person$180 totalMessage on RT site (Tainted_Meta), or at jcookie062@hotmail.comI'm 23 years old, and it's just me coming in. My flight won't be coming in until like 6 or 7 so it may be until then before you could check in on Thursday. Otherwise I'm hoping to find people who may want to hang out together during the con, but I'm fine going solo as well if you just want a place to stay. I welcome anyone to join so long as they pay their share, are mature enough for sharing beds (they're queen size so there's plenty of space), and are considerate of others in the adjacent rooms (so basically no super loud noises late at night etc.). If you are a smoker I ask you do it elsewhere though. One last side note I hope to be cosplaying as Jaune/maybe Ozpin, so just a heads up for that. Would prefer to be payed via paypal before the con to ensure the room but I'll trust people with cash on arrival. Drop me a message if you're interested or have questions.
tboxMDFullOther (Please explain in Notes)7/3/20147/6/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[COUCH] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
Floor - $285 TotalContact me at tboxmd@gmail.comCan provide transportation to and from event if you live in San Antonio. Contact me whenever, I work nights. Hotel is Hyatt Place (Downtown Austin). Great hotel, block away from the convention center.
The VGRFullHampton Inn & Suites Austin-Downtown/Convention Center7/3/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR] - Taken
Bed - $300 Total Floor - $250 totalRT or
2 males flying in from PA we're both going to be 20 at the time of the event. So no getting bevved; however we do plan on going around Austin after convention times and no hard bedtimes. We will be sharing a bed so the second bed is open The hotel is only a block away from the convention center so easy walk to and from.
Full7/2/20147/7/2014Any[BED1] - Taken
[BED2] - Taken
[FLOOR1] - Taken
[FLOOR2] - Taken
Bed - $301 TotalFloor - $235 TotalRTPrefer 21+. No smoking. Internet is $15 / day if needed.
FullMarriott Austin Downtown/Convention Center7/3/20147/7/2014AnyKing Bed: Taken
Couch (pullout?): Taken
Cot (Floor if hotel can't provide): Taken
Floor: TBD
$400/person for 3 people

$300/person for 4 people
RT Message initially.18+ Only. Hotel is across the street from convention center. King bed, a couch, and I requested a rollout bed (we'll see if we actually get it considering the demand). Last year they had a pullout couch, unsure if that was a special room. Tired of crowded rooms so I ideally want 3 people. After I get two people we'll discuss adding a fourth. Spots are more than likely subject to change. Your share will be paid on day one. I have no issue kicking someone out and taking the hit. There will be an "interview" process.
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