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Content by: Springpad Springboard community on Google+
Sponsored by: The Idea Pump - http://www.theideapump.com
TimestampName of the service?URLDescription of the serviceSupport for web clipping?Support for free form notes?Support for images?Support for bookmarksAbility to create templates?Can notebooks or equivalent of content be created?Can content be tagged?How many years has the service been around?What is the service's current statusInterface platformsImport methods?Export methods?Usability?Other notes and observations about the serviceRevenue model
5/27/2014 11:58:01Zimilatewww.zimilate.comSave information and research about important topics in one place, so you can find what you need fast. Invite friends, family, or colleagues to collaborate, or just share a link to let anyone view your collections. Don’t feel like sharing? You can make any collection or individual content private. Our webpage clipper is the best in the business, and lets you save pixel-perfect copies to the cloud. Organize your collections hierarchically or with tags, and email any type of content into a collection. If you email a link to a webpage from a mobile app or browser, Zimilate will even save the entire page for you, not just the link. Zimilate lets you stop searching through bookmarks, file sharing, documents on your computer, scribbled notes, and links you’ve emailed to yourself. All your knowledge is just a click away and accessible on your desktop, phone, and tablet. YesYesYesYesNoYesYes1Public BetaWeb, html5 responsive site for mobile/tablet/desktop5Companies pay to create collections they can distribute to customers and prospects
5/27/2014 12:10:23Pocketwww.getpocket.comWebby Award for Best Productivity App 2014

Pocket saves the links you want to view later, all to one place – perfect for storing all the videos, recipes, and articles you’ve collected in Springpad.

Everything in Pocket is synced across your phone, tablet and computer so you can read articles and watch videos in a beautiful easy-to-view layout that improves the viewing experience of any page.

We’ve made it super easy to import the web content you’ve saved to Springpad and put it into Pocket: http://getpocket.com/import/springpad.

Blog Post Here: http://getpocket.com/blog/2014/05/springpad-into-pocket/
NoNoNoYesNoNoYes6OpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Webhttp://getpocket.com/import/springpadhttps://getpocket.com/export5Freemium
5/27/2014 12:57:32Workflowyhttps://workflowy.comExtremely capable outliner service. You have an outline which you can infinitely deep add items to. You can bookmark/star a segment of the outline for quick navigation. Their tagline is "Make Lists. Not war" and summary from their blog is:

"WorkFlowy is a zoomable document that provides unprecedented flexibility in organizing your ideas."
NoYesNoYesYesYesYesAbout 4 yearsOpeniOS, Android, WebManual pastingFormatted, plain text, OPML4An adjustment from a 'notebook' format to a list format may take getting used to. However since lists are infinitely deep, you can easily use Workflowy for multiple projects and sub-projects.Freemium
5/27/2014 13:07:48Keeebhttp://keeeb.com/YesYesYesYesNoYesNoOpeniOS, Android, Web3Free
5/27/2014 13:55:25Google keephttp://keep.google.com A syncing notepad that connects to Google Drive via your web browser, mobile app, and chrome packaged app. It also supports photo notes, voice notes, and checklists. It's ideal for quick note-taking on the go, and even supports Google Apps accounts, so you can use it with your own domain or a business account.NoYesYesNoNoNoNo1 yearOpenAndroid, Android Tablet, Web, Chrome Packaged App4Very convenient for brain dumps, quick reminders, and grocery/errands checklist.Free
5/27/2014 14:24:41MAMMOTHhttps://mammothhq.comCuration + Collaboration in one easy-to-use package.
Activation Code: SPRINGPAD.
5GB in free storage on sign up. More available via referral.
Pro features and enterprise customers are sources of revenue.
YesYesYesYesNoYesYes1Public BetaiOS, iPad, Web, Android in development4CEO: karan@mammothhq.comFreemium, Enterprise teams
5/27/2014 14:33:07Dropmarkwww,dropmark.comColloborative sharing toolYesNo2OpenWeb, MacI think this can be quite good, but lots of feature are hidden behind a paywall, so I have not tried it first hand, but a blogpost from february says:

2013 was a fun year for Dropmark. We introduced the Dashboard view with new privacy settings, quick upload, and collection merging. We added commenting, geo-location, and metadata support to Dropmark items. Then we doubled your storage just because. 2014 is shaping up to be another great year and we just wanted to give you a little sneak peek at a few of the things coming soon to Dropmark.
Freemium, Pay
5/27/2014 14:37:15Memitwww.memit.comContent Curation with focus on social sharing.YesYesYesYesNoYesNoNot sureOpeniOS, Webworking on ut3The web clipper works exellent, something that is great for recipe hoarders and the settings can be set as private, the interface is clunky, but they are working on it, the new one will be cleaner looking. Excellent service from the team already.Free
5/27/2014 14:48:38Icebergshttps://icebergs.com/Icebergs was born aiming to solve a specific problem for creative people (Designers, Bloggers, Journalist, Authors, Filmmakers, Students, Fashion Designers, Architects, Photographers, Illustrators), and those who are into visual organizing. When compared to other major services Icebergs has been called 'Evernote for Creative People' 'Pinterest for actual work', and 'A Visual Dropbox' (which has as an export function automatically built in for dropbox.) A private space in the cloud to save content from the web (images, videos, text, websites), upload files and write notes all together. Icebergs is the perfect tool to manage and organize your projects and collaborate with your team.

You have the ability to share collections (icebergs), or individual content pieces (icedrops) with the public via twitter, facebook, email, or a generated link.
YesYesYesYesNoYesNo2 yearsOpeniOS, Web, Android app coming soonemail them and ask.dropbox5Freemium
5/27/2014 15:04:39Trellohttps://trello.com/Developed by 14 year old software company, Fog Creek Software in NYC, Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Trello is great alone, but even better with others. More than just a to-do list or a task manager, Trello is anything you want it to be—a lesson planner, a community bulletin, editorial calendar, novel planner, home renovation organizer, customer service board. Think outside the box. Trello supports the way you think, not the other way around.NoNoYesYesYesNoNo3 yearsOpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Android Tablet, Web, Kindle5You are able to create multiple Tasks/To Do list on the back of each card. You are able to label, comment, vote up/down, move cards around, upload attachments ( of any kind) from computer, dropbox, google drive, onedrive, add links, email the cards, add notes in the back of cards. Android app, is great! Freemium
5/27/2014 15:37:26Pearltreeshttp://pearltrees.comThey have a free + 3 Premium offerings (if you want privacy you are going to want to upgrade from free). I just purchased the $3.99 per month option.
It provides extremely similar options as Springpad, except for the corkboard option. They have both an apple & android app plus a web clipper. Their notebooks are called collections, and you can customize the look of them. Good enough replacement for collecting, curating, bookmarking,and sharing. You are able to clip and upload, files (except google docs), videos, images, and create notes in collections. The automatic default is public. Ironically they updated their interface the same day Springpad shutting down was leaked.
YesYesYesYesNoYesNo4 yearsOpeniOS, Android, Web3They really emphasize the social aspect of content curating. You are also able to create sub-collections within your collections. Aesthetics aren't as beautiful and sleek as Springpad, but Pealtrees is functional. No tasks/to do list. Freemium
5/27/2014 17:45:22FoodPlannerhttp://www.foodplannerapp.com/Collect and create recipes, plan meals, keep track of groceries and pantry items, make grocery lists and to-do lists. Mobile app on Android works well, with widgets included. Can easily take items from grocery list to put them into your recipes, and can then use the recipes as meals in meal planning.YesNoNoNoYesOpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, Web3Freemium
5/27/2014 19:21:48Wunderlisthttps://www.wunderlist.com/en/Wunderlist is the easiest way to manage and share your to-do lists whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one or running your very own business. You are able to make sub-task within a major tasks, upload files, collaborate with multiple people. NoNoYesNoNoNoNo3+ YearsOpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, Web, Kindle, Chrome Packaged App5You are able to add attachments, notes, add the chrome extension and you are able to add email's from gmail to your to-do list. Freemium
5/27/2014 19:31:39Clipixhttps://www.clipix.com/**Currently working on a Springpad Importer** You can make clipboards for anything, whether it’s articles you want to read, gadgets you’re thinking of buying, gift ideas for family members, or recipes you can't wait to try. Clipix also gives you great organizational tools like the ability to group multiple clipboards into a multiboard and rearrange your clipboards.YesNoYesYesNoYesYes1+ yearsOpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, WebDeveloping Springpad Importer4Recipes and groceries friendly. Free
5/27/2014 19:51:28Channelkithttp://www.channelkit.com/Channelkit is a tool that lets you save and organize links from the web: sites, articles, videos, quotes and lots more. You group these into channels and add notes and tags to make them easy to find and share. very link you add is displayed in form of a card – just like a library card. Each card automatically gets a title, an image, and a short note. Depending on your needs you can leave it like this or add more details to organize your library properly.YesNoNoYesNoYesNoAt least 1Public BetaWeb, mobile coming soon4Organize by Title & Note, Image, Format, Channels, Tags, and Category. Also has a collaborating feature.
5/28/2014 0:22:08TickTickwww.ticktick.comAn extremely feature rich todo manager. Can have nested list, can add notes, can add attachementsNoYesYesNoNoYesOpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, WebImport from Springpad5Freemium
5/28/2014 9:37:39Yummlyhttp://www.yummly.comYummly was launched in 2010 by foodies on a mission to invent the ultimate kitchen tool. Whether it’s finding a recipe or going to the store, Yummly wants to make it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat, and share!

Yummly’s mission is to be the world’s largest, most powerful, and most helpful food site in the world.
YesOpeniOS, iPad, WebJust an idea I've seen before. Great for foodies and with iOS devices.Free
5/28/2014 10:52:08TiddlyWikihttp://tiddlywiki.com/Online and offline wiki and reusable databaseYesYesYesYesYesYesYes5+Public BetaiOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, WebPlugins JSON, htmlPlugins JSON, html5Free
5/28/2014 13:18:17Fetchnoteswww.fetchnotes.comSuper simple mobile and web app for keeping track of notes, to do lists, things to check out, or anything else. It uses Twitter-style tags to organize and share what you save, and previews links and certain products just like on Springpad. Not to mention a lot more (reminders, photo attachments, etc.) coming out very soon, backed by a team of 6 in Boston!

- Fetchnotes co-founder/CEO :)
YesYesYesYesNoNoYes3OpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, WebBuilding one for Springpad!JSON, txt, csv5Free, affiliate-based
5/28/2014 15:23:54Todo.lyhttp://todo.ly/"Create todo lists and manage them online from anywhere. We designed Todo.ly for intensive everyday work.

Todo.ly helps you to organize your tasks into projects and sub projects. Select icons for your projects to highlight them even more."
NoYesNoNoNoNoNo4+?OpeniOS, iPad, Web3Some limitations to editing tasks; good for categorizing tasksFreemium
5/28/2014 16:05:09Diigohttps://www.diigo.com/Diigo is a vary powerful multi-tool for knowledge management.YesYesYesYesNoYesYes9OpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web, https://www.diigo.com/toolshttps://www.diigo.com/tools/import_allhttps://www.diigo.com/tools/export4The web interface is not so pretty, but it's very complete.
Unlimited Bookmarks.
Ad Supported
5/28/2014 16:30:22Plan to Eathttp://www.plantoeat.comPlan to Eat allows you to collect and organize your recipes, drag them onto a calendar on the days that you would like to eat them, then it automatically makes your grocery list.

• Export your recipes from Springpad and import all of them into your Plan to Eat account: http://feedback.plantoeat.com/knowledgebase/articles/371073-import-recipes-from-springpad

• Recipes can be organized to your preferences and Plan to Eat’s advanced search features make them easy to find: http://www.plantoeat.com/blog/2014/05/enhanced-feature-ability-search-recipes/

• Clip recipes from all over the web using Plan to Eat’s browser bookmark tool: http://feedback.plantoeat.com/knowledgebase/articles/294716-use-the-bookmark-tool-to-import-recipes-from-the-w

Hope this helps. For questions please email me at support@plantoeat.com

We’re sorry to hear about this news and we wish all the best to the folks at Springpad.
YesNoNoNoNoNoYes7OpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, WebBrowser Installed BookmarkletCSV File5Export your recipes from Springpad and import all of them into your Plan to Eat account: http://feedback.plantoeat.com/knowledgebase/articles/371073-import-recipes-from-springpad

Recipes can be organized to your preferences and Plan to Eat’s advanced search features make them easy to find: http://www.plantoeat.com/blog/2014/05/enhanced-feature-ability-search-recipes/

Clip recipes from all over the web using Plan to Eat’s browser bookmark tool: http://feedback.plantoeat.com/knowledgebase/articles/294716-use-the-bookmark-tool-to-import-recipes-from-the-w
5/28/2014 16:44:02Nimbushttp://nimbus.everhelper.me/Feature rich evernote like note taking app.YesYesYesYesOpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web4The interface isn't as nice as springpad, but It has a wysiwyg editor that works well.Freemium
5/28/2014 22:51:05Wunderlistwww.Wunderlist.comA list based application. You are able to attach documents, media, set due dates and reminders. A paid service for more advanced features. YesYesYesYes5?OpeniOS, Android, Desktop, Android Tablet, Web3Free, Freemium
5/29/2014 8:46:53Crowdbasewww.crowdbase.comAllows you to share links, posts, files and questions with your team. You can also connect RSS and Twitter feeds. You can have mutilple groups in which you can share, and groups can be public, private or secret so you have more control over confidentiality.

The home feed and digests are great to keep you in the know, the site is fully responsive, there is a browser extension to ease link sharing while you are surfing the web and there's an iOS app.
YesYesYesYesNoYesYes2OpeniOS, iPad, Web, Android through the responsive web appAPIYes530-day free trial. You can get free months be completing challenges during trial.

Discounts for non-profit available.
5/29/2014 9:00:34gnotes.megnotes.meNote taking app. Web/Android/iOSYesNoYesNoNoYesNo2OpeniOS, Android, WebNoNo5Free
5/29/2014 11:48:27Yum Boxhttp://yumbox.itA recipe box for the 21st centuryYesYesYesYesNoNoNo0Private BetaWeb, mobile website5Focus is on recipes and cookingFreemium
5/29/2014 14:30:26Wepwarehttp://www.wepware.com/Live Capture Tool
- Save to personal online folder
- Share by email and Social networks
YesYesYesNoNoYesNoPublic BetaiOS, Android, Desktop, Android Tablet, Web3The idea is to grab: the clip is a "live link" (with live changes) from the page. There is sharing/cooperative tools too. No tags, no bookmarks.Free
5/29/2014 14:30:33Framabaghttp://framabag.org/Framabag is a free service by Framasoft network.

You have an application which allows you to not miss any content anymore. Click, save, read it when you want. It extracts content so that you can read it when you have time.

This a wallabag instance.

How it works

It's very simple:

Create an account compte, check your inbox (maybe in your spams folder), then confirm your subscription
Add some articles to save
Read the saved articles

Is that so simple?

Sorry, yes! By the way, you can do cool stuff (read the wallabag FAQ for more informations) :

Add some tags
Share your links
Read your links with your e-reader
YesNoYesYesNoNoYes< 1 yearOpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Android Tablet, WebPocket, Readability, Instapaper, Wallabag or any data in appropriate json or html formatjson5Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
Bookmarked/saved web pages can be transferred on e-readers through a Calibre recipe
5/29/2014 15:12:19https://thinkery.me/ThinkeryGet Your Brain Together.
Your notes, bookmarks, todo lists, thoughts and things.
NoYesNoYesNoNoYesOpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Webhttps://thinkery.me/tools/import.phphttps://thinkery.me/tools/import.php4Instantly find your notes with powerful as-you-type search.Free
5/29/2014 15:40:54Zoho notebookhttp://notebook.zoho.com/Create different types of content
Aggregate your information in one place
Fine grained collaboration
Version control
YesYesYesNoNoYesYes4+Public BetaWeb3Somewhat confusing, old interface.Free
5/29/2014 16:01:57OneNotehttp://www.onenote.com/
OneNote for Mac is available for the first time and for free. With this, OneNote is now available on all the platforms you care about: PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and the Web. And they’re always in sync.
OneNote is now free everywhere including the Windows PC desktop and Mac version because we want everyone to be able to use it. Premium features are available to paid customers.
The OneNote service now provides a cloud API enabling any application to connect to it. This makes it easier than ever to capture ideas, information and inspirations from more applications and more places straight into OneNote, including:

OneNote Clipper for saving web pages to OneNote
me@onenote.com for emailing notes to OneNote
Office Lens for capturing documents and whiteboards with your Windows Phone
Sending blog and news articles to OneNote from Feedly, News360 and Weave
Easy document scanning to OneNote with Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, and Neat
Writing notes with pen and paper and sending them to OneNote with Livescribe
Mobile document scanning to OneNote with Genius Scan and JotNot
Having your physical notebooks scanned into OneNote with Mod Notebooks
Connecting your world to OneNote with IFTTT

YesYesYesNoYesYesNo2 ?OpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web4Hand-drawing notes
To clip a web page, one select a portion of the page (image capture) and in a second step enter the choses URL of the page (more flexibility but 2 operations needed)
An API exists
A Microsoft Hotmail account is needed and probably OneDrive as well
5/29/2014 17:34:18diigohttps://www.diigo.comBookmarking, web annotation, collaborative research services. Diigo V5.0 has added additional data types (screenshots, pictures, notes, etc) and platform support such as Chrome, Android, iPad, iPhoneYesYesYesYesNoYesYes8OpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, WebBrowser bookmark fileBrowser bookmarks, CSV, RSS4Chrome extension and browser bookmarklet for selecting web content.
Can markup web content with highlights, add notes, screen captures, share to social sites.
Can create Lists (collections). Items can be in multiple lists. Can add sections to lists to separate items visually.
Interface is minimalist and clean.
Good search capabilities.
Free, Pay
5/29/2014 19:41:08Microsoft OneNoteonenote.comSimilar to Evernote but seems to also have some of the features of Springpad. If I was not already vested in Evernote for work I would probably migrate over to Onenote.

I am not a fan of Microsoft products as I run Linux as a rule. This is one product that they have got right.
YesYesYesYesYesYesYesI believe for about 7-8 years in one version or another primarily as part of office.OpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web1Free
5/29/2014 20:35:16SomNote/SomCloudhttp://somcloud.com/about/somnoteFrom SomNote: "Anything, whenever, wherever
Record and save important information, brilliant ideas, and moments of everyday life easily and securely with SomNote."
NoYesYesYesYesYes2+OpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, WebCan Import Catch notes, Springpad Support is in development.5Allows **OFFLINE SYNC AND STORAGE**

Basically, this is why I liked Catch better than springpad, but made due because springpad worked well. Pending an import feature this will be my new go-to. I'm thankful to stay out of the 'cult of evernote' for now.
Free, Ad Supported, Freemium
5/29/2014 23:13:01Simplenotehttp://simplenote.com/The simplest way to keep notes. Light, clean, and free. Simplenote is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, and the web.NoYesNoNoNoNoYes??OpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, WebPlain Text CSV JSON XML YAML Evernote Google Notes (Atom)4Free
5/30/2014 0:54:24SomNotehttp://somcloud.com/about/somnoteRecord and save important information, brilliant ideas, and moments of everyday life easily and securely with SomNote. Synchronize important files and essential data to SomCloud. Synchronized contents are stored securely in SomCloud and easy to recover,even if your device malfunctions or is lost. Attach various forms of photos and document files. Draw sketches, graphs on photos and attach them. Meet special somnote, picking up themes designed in various ways.YesYesOpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web5Freemium
5/30/2014 2:46:46OneNoteonenote.comPart of MS Office but can be used for personal (free for 500 notes) on oneDrive or business (via Sharepoint)
+ offline/free/relatively complete/rich desktop and web apps
- Microsoft/missing Springpad checklist/book/URL/recipe types/mobile apps are not as complete as desktop/web
NoYesYesNoNoYesNomanyOpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web4- audio recording is not done in parallel to the writing (it is one or the other).Freemium
5/30/2014 12:57:22SomNote/SomCloudhttp://somcloud.com/about/somnoteFrom SomNote: "Anything, whenever, wherever
Record and save important information, brilliant ideas, and moments of everyday life easily and securely with SomNote."
NoYesYesYesYesYes2+OpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, WebCan Import Catch notes, Springpad Support is in development.5Allows **OFFLINE SYNC AND STORAGE**

Basically, this is why I liked Catch better than springpad, but made due because springpad worked well. Pending an import feature this will be my new go-to. I'm thankful to stay out of the 'cult of evernote' for now.
Free, Ad Supported, Freemium
5/30/2014 14:20:52Listlyhttp://list.ly/Listly makes list social, collaborative, rankable, embeddable and crowdsourced.

Create lists and let people vote and suggest omissions.

Let people share items or lists and let them embed them on blogs

Listly is slideshare for lists. Beyond bookmarkling Listly turns what you find into reusable collaborative content.

It's a social curation platform.
YesYesYesYesNoYesYes3OpeniOS, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, WebMultiple5It's great to help you find great content, it also helps you get found.

Lists are optimally indexed for SEO and lists keep changing over time, helping your content get more valuable over time.

Listly can be used for personal utility or for collaboration and crowdsourcing.
Free, Freemium
5/31/2014 2:02:17Pintaskhttps://pintask.me/A more advanced Trello alternative: Kanban board + Custom extensions to speedup the workflow.NoYesYesNoNoYesNo1OpeniPad, Android Tablet, WebFrom TrelloCSV, JSON4Freemium
6/1/2014 22:53:25Clibuwww.clibu.com- Create, collect and find information quicker and easier than ever before with Clibu.

- The Clibu Browser Extension makes clipping web content a snap.

- Share your content and collaborate with other users, with everyone seeing updates as they occur.

- Organize content with Hierarchical Tags and use Full Text Search and Tags Filtering to get it again.

- And you can access your content from any PC using any Operating System anywhere in the World.

Clibu, a better way to collect, use, manage and share information. From the Developers of Surfulater, A Desktop Knowledge Base and Web Clipper.

YesYesYesYesYesYesYesIn Beta. Clibu's predecessor Surfulater has been around for 6+ years.Public BetaWebJSONJSON4Clibu builds on our Desktop Application Surfulater, moving to the Web so it can be used on any PC and Platform. Clibu's design and implementation comes from our broad experience developing Surfulater and from the feedback we've obtained from the Surfulater customer base.

You can read more about Clibu and Surfulater on our Blog: http://blog.surfulater.com and sign up for Clibu Beta access at http://www.clibu.com

Neville Franks, Author of Clibu and Surfulater.
6/2/2014 9:19:03My CookBookhttp://www.mycookbook-online.net/Manage your favorite recipes online and on your mobile device.

Build your private cookbook by gathering recipes on the web and using the import features.
We have a website and an android app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.cookbook

Main features : Create, search, import recipes, plan meals, generate shopping lists, share recipe with friends

You can contact me for any question at support@mycookbook-online.net

I am sorry for that news.

Best Regards
YesYesYesYesNoNoYes4OpenAndroid, Desktop, Android Tablet, Webhttp://www.mycookbook-online.net/recipes/import/html, .mcb, .xml, .mmf : http://www.mycookbook-online.net/recipes/export/ Ad Supported, Freemium
6/3/2014 15:56:09Qollectorhttp://qollector.comWe’ve designed Qollector for the professional. Curating everything is simple. See my items everywhere, share with anyone, and find it anytime. Design and catalog details of my recipes, travel logs, diary, antiques, projects, contacts, and more. Share my catalogs on the web. Discover and learn from the Qollector community. It’s easy to be organized with Qollector.NoYesYesYesYesYesYes1OpeniPad, Webcsvn/a currently5Key Features:
• Unlimited content stored on my iPad
• Organize my database with collections and sub-collections
• Access 40+ layouts: fashion, jewelry, wine, coins, trading cards, stamps, geocaching, service logs, journal, work orders, inventory
• Design my own layout using 14 Elements
• Collect images, audio, video, and store all file-formats with the universal media element
• Search and sort everything
• Browse and learn from a community of Qollectors
• Favorite content
• Use member designed layouts
• View Qollector public content: https://qollector.com/public/cards
• My account is available across multiple ipads & the web
• Share by email, Facebook, Twitter, web (Pinterest) and more
• Everything is automatically private, I control who sees what
• Flexible reminders with custom email and app notification
• Print QR labels for everything
• Add QR or UPC codes to my inventory
• Qollector keeps my content (256MB free) safely off-site
6/3/2014 16:19:39Spundgehttps://www.spundge.com/springpad/Spundge just released a page tailored for Springpad users as an alternative to migrate their Notebooks into Spundge Notebooks, including "unfiled" items. Now, Spundge is not an exact replacement for Springpad but Notebooks can be imported, they can continue to be curated and then shared and published. Check it out here: https://www.spundge.com/springpad/YesNoYesYesNoYesYes3OpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, WebUploading the .json file directly into Spundge5Free, Pay
6/3/2014 17:58:40DayOnehttp://dayoneapp.com/Minimalist with few bells and whistles. But with little to stand in the way of adding content. YesYesYesYesYesNoYes3OpeniOS, iPad5With Evernote, Springpad and other iterations I've tried, there are too many decisions to make in just writing a simple note. DayOne removes all that, while still maintaining tagger and easy search. Pay
6/4/2014 2:15:17RecipeTin appwww.recipetinapp.comSpringpad - but for recipes. Built in browser to find and save recipes from online, save email attachments, photos of printed recipes, documents from your computer and other apps (supported file types: Word, Pages, PDF, text files, images), create your own. Recipes stored offline on device as well as backed up and synced with iCloud or Dropbox (both free up to a limit). $0.99 in the App Store, for iPhone and iPad, Mac and Windows coming soon (and Android later this year).YesYesYesYesNoYesYes4 monthsOpeniOS, iPadFrom browser, emails, iTunes transfer, from other apps, from within appEmail, from Dropbox/iCloud (just copy/paste files to desired location)5Pay
6/4/2014 2:30:13Logbeehttp://www.logbee.com/Simple to use service that allows one to store, share and rate links. It's rather aimed at real estate properties (including holiday rentals, and other small ads. It's highly recommended to install their bookmarklet (they call it logmarklet) in order to store the desired pages/ads more easily. It's free, with non-intrusive ads. An iOS companion app is available, Android not yet.YesNoYesYesNoYesNo1OpeniOS, Webn/an/a4relatively new service, swiss-basedAd Supported
6/4/2014 14:57:10Todoisthttp://todoist.comTrusted by over 2 million people, Todoist is the best task management app and online to-do list. It's available on 13 different platforms including Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, Chrome, Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail + more.

Managing tasks, sub-tasks, projects using labels (for task status or context), recurring due dates, reminders, color-coding or project templates has never been easier and makes Todoist the most complete GTD solution on the market.
YesYesYesYesYesYesYes7OpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web, Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail (13 platforms)5Freemium
6/4/2014 15:22:12Pepperplatehttp://www.pepperplate.com/Create and edit your own recipes or import from popular recipe sites by pasting a URL.
Create unlimited categories to organize your recipe library.
Plan menus for special events or regular meals.
Take your device into the kitchen and cook your menu with multiple cooking timers.
Cook Mode prevents screen from dimming on your device.
Organize your week by adding recipes to the schedule.
Share your favorite recipes with friends and family via Email, Facebook and Twitter.
Scale recipes to make the right amount.
Add recipes, menus and other items to your shopping list.
Automatically arrange your shopping list the way you shop in the store.
YesYesYesYesYesOpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web, Nook4This works very similar to Springpad for saving recipes. It is the only service I have found that does everything I need it to do for recipes. If you used Springpad for recipes like me, this should be a solid replacement.
6/5/2014 13:28:04LifeTopixhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lifetopix-all-in-one-organizer/id399076264?mt=8Organize work and life in this complete calendar and planner app. 100,000+ users already do! It's simple for daily agenda, tasks, appointments, reminders, lists, chores - and powerful for home and work projects, GTD, notes, PDF files, inboxes, notes, contacts, passwords, lockers, assets, services, bookmarks, shopping, finances, events, education, online documents, and more. Stop jumping between apps - LifeTopix has everything in one app, replaces many apps.

- Best calendar app w/ comprehensive calendar views
- Agenda view w/ unified list view of todos and schedule
- Works w/ iOS calendars, reminders, contacts, notifications
- Context tags
- Reusable todo lists & checklists
- GTD® inbox for consuming and converting things into actionable items
- Hot List (favorites)
- Near Me - Scheduled items map view and places near you
- Launch apps
- Lockers - Secure private text, photos and audio clips w/ PIN (AES 256-bit encryption)
- Securely manage online passwords (AES 256-bit encryption)
- Passcode lock
- Metrics - Charts and graphs for goals, health and other logged metrics
- Social media sharing - works with Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS
- Backup your data on Dropbox, Box or via email from any device
- Access online notes, files and tasks
- Notes and Journals - Hand write, record and draw
- Manage media files - audio/photos/video
- Device-to-device sync
- Evernote, Toodledo, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Asana Integration
- Search, Help
NoYesYesYesNoYesYes4OpeniOS, iPad, Mac in developmentCSVCSV5Pay
6/6/2014 5:37:46Symphonicalwww.symphonical.comSymphonical is a digital board with sticky notes - where you collaborate in real time.

Tasks (sticky notes) can be assigned to others and it's progress can be tracked. The structure of the project can be easily changed to match your preferences and evolve over time.

A migration tool has been set up for Springpad users:

Also we share a few tips to get you started:
NoYesYesYesYesYesYes3OpeniOS, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Android Tablet, Webpdf/html/api5Migration tool:

Each Notebook will become a Wall in Symphonical.
Sticky notes will be created for each Springpad object holding text and other metadata like tags, comments etc.
6/6/2014 7:29:31Quiphttps://quip.com/https://quip.com/about/featuresNoYesYesYesNoYesNo2OpeniOS, Android, iPad, Android Tablet, Web????3Free, Pay
6/7/2014 14:15:02Dragdiswww.dragdis.comVisual drag&drop bookmarking tool. Can bookmark links, images, videos or even text. Also add notes and tags!
YesYesYesYesNoYesYes1OpenDesktopin the worksin the works5Free
6/9/2014 22:16:55
6/12/2014 15:47:00Padlethttp://padlet.comPadlet is the easiest way of creating and collaborating online.YesYesYesYesNoYesNo6OpenDesktop, Web, Mobile webSpringpadPDF,PNG,XLS5It is the easiest service to use.Freemium
6/14/2014 4:11:49Argonotehttps://www.argonote.net/Described as the hidden son of Sprinpad and Excel, Argonote is a real-time collaborative organizer and note app. It uses editable templates and views so that each notebook can be configured to match your project's requirements.
NoYesYesYesYesYesNo1Public BetaWebSpringpadIn progress5Freemium
6/14/2014 4:12:12Argonotehttps://www.argonote.net/Described as the hidden son of Sprinpad and Excel, Argonote is a real-time collaborative organizer and note app. It uses editable templates and views so that each notebook can be configured to match your project's requirements.
NoYesYesYesYesYesNo1Public BetaWebSpringpadIn progress5Freemium
6/17/2014 18:04:54Asanahttps://asana.com/productA project/task/team/email management tool that was internally used by Facebook is now public and open to others for use. It follows the philosophy of David Allen's Getting Things Done by capturing your problem and solving it.NoYesYesNoYesNoYes2008OpeniOS, Androidn/an/a5Free, Pay
6/21/2014 14:11:28
6/21/2014 14:51:50StormBoardhttps://stormboard.com"Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime sticky note whiteboard. GENERATE & CAPTURE IDEAS Quickly add sticky notes, photos and videos to a shared wall. Generate more high quality ideas as everyone can contribute with their own authentic voice on their own device. TEMPLATES Stormboard models your existing business processes using templates. Templates are great for capturing, organizing, prioritizing and reporting on your processes. We have a library of great templates and can customize both the templates and reports to your specifications."NoYesYesNoNoYesNo1OpenWeb.txt .csv, .xls and .xlsx files4Storms' are boards that are formatted to receive information. Multiple template types for boards - ex: calendar, project management, event planning etc - very business oriented but can also be blank or just gridded. Templates can be changed at any time. Many features require premium. Designed for collaboration.Freemium
6/26/2014 4:48:38YesYesYesYesYesYesShut DownAndroid, Desktop3Free
7/4/2014 0:42:04YesYesYesYesNoYesYesiOS, iPadFree
7/10/2014 21:53:19
7/15/2014 13:23:30
7/23/2014 12:24:43Centaskhttp://www.centask.comProductivity dashboard that allows you to organically organize your data into flexible hierarchies. It puts email, files, links and to do lists on the equal level, letting you bridge the gap of inconsistent formats.

Entire workflow covered in a single app.
YesYesYesYesNoNoYes1Private BetaWebNot available stillAlpha Stage5Free, Freemium
7/31/2014 5:01:02YesYesYesYesiOS, AndroidFree, Freemium
8/1/2014 22:58:40
8/3/2014 11:06:51flashbackrhttp://flashbackr.com"flashbackr is the simplest way to capture and organise content from the websites, apps and devices you use. Whether it's a bookmark, those new trainers you badly want or something for your next big project, any piece of your (digital) life fits into flashbackr. Access your content on the flashbackr website, and use our native apps to capture content from any device more easily than ever before. flashbackr's Tag Maps© and Smart Tagging Engine© help you organise captured content in an intuitive and scalable way superseding clunky folder structures."YesYesYesYesNoYesYes1OpeniOS, Android, Desktop, iPad, Android Tablet, Web, OS X3Free
9/1/2014 18:10:31
9/27/2014 4:38:59iOS, Android, iPad
3/9/2015 2:54:44Keeppy.comhttps://keeppy.com/Publish & Archive TextYesYesYesYesYesYesOpenDesktop, Web3Free
2/2/2016 20:42:35
7/10/2016 23:50:40
7/18/2016 6:52:25
8/21/2016 16:53:44