Vampire Ball Auction Items
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for purchaseNamePhysical descriptionPowersYour name! For credit and thanks :)
oAmulet of EfreetA small golden feather charm on a silver chainAllows the user to shape small amounts of metal with their bare handsEmily
oCharm of the Capitalist SunlessA pocketwatch with a face as black as nightDimly lights a small area of the user's choosing by only moonlight for 60 minutes. The effect can be dispelled early by paying money to the charm holder.Emily
oLou's Incredible BoxJust a normal brown box. Taped together. Looks like it's falling apart.A LOT bigger on the inside. Like an entire house big. But it's still just a box. Prone to leaking.Crimson
oOaken HeartA gnarled knot of wood in the vague shape of a human heartThe holder can shift forms to and from a tree at will while holding the knot. The knot cannot be taken while they are a tree.Emily
oRepair KitA small jewelry box, almost large enough to fit a full hand inDestroys and recreates whatever is placed inside it. The recreation has no flaws, regardless of the initial object's condition. (1 use)Emily
oProbably Haunted DollA small old-timey doll. Black dress. Creepy eyes.Got this off of Ebay. Something about healing orbs? It just radiates ghost energy though so it's probably haunted.Crimson
oThe old coot's gold tooth. A single, golden incisor.While this is in your mouth, implanted or otherwise, you just seem more agreeable to folks! Pretty gross tho. Chris
oCapricious CompassA small but heavy, rusted iron compass. The glass lid is cracked.This artifact allows its bearer to locate things they have lost the past week. Very good for misplaced socks. Don't lose it!Setsu
oGem of SoulsA regular emeraldPurportedly has the souls of the wicked trapped within. Only hearsay. Does nothing(?)Emily
oCenser of IndolenceA miniature, pewter censer. You know, a censer! c'mon. While the censer is lit, all who breathe its smoke are compelled to sloth and indulgence. This is what wizards used before they figured out weed.Chris
oMarket BagA medium sized woolen sackWhatever is placed in the sack will appear, unbidden, on street vendor tables wherever various goods are being sold. When the object is sold, the money used will appear in the market bag. The vendor will not remember the sale, and the buyer will keep the object.Emily
oRecursive ChainsawA chainsaw that takes no fuel and has no pull cord, with a small infinity symbol on the handle. Has an 'on/off' switch.Upon examination, each chain in the chainsaw is another smaller chain that spins independently while the chainsaw is on. There is no observed 'smallest chain', as successive attempts have found only more chainsaw.Emily
othe twin whispersA pair of empty, leatherbound journals. anything written in the pages of one journal will appear in the other, written in a cipher consisting of letters, numbers & symbols. Key not provided. Assumed fae in origin. Chris
oDemon TearsA glass vial with a red, bubbly liquid inside.Melts anything it touches except for specially prepared magical containers. Do not ingest, it will either kill you or infuse you with weird demon magic, and neither is a good thing.Crimson
oBundle of Flowering WolfsbaneA sheaf of flowering wolfsbane (Purple flower)A werewolf ingesting flowering wolfsbane will revert a transformation to their wolf form, regardless of time of day or moon condition. The effect lasts only one night.Emily
oMark of the ShadowA pale off-white ring with a strange skull-like symbol inset. Feels like it's made of metal, but glows in the dark like reactive plastic.The wearer of this ring can add the following option to their list when Letting it Out: "Become invisible to those who are not trained in mystic arts"Yako
oOpposite DenimA pair of straw-colored denim pants. They're very ugly.Just holding onto them is enough to magically make you say and act the reverse of what you actually want to do. Surprisingly powerful but dubiously useful. Setsu
oLiftetime Supply of BloodA lot of fancy jars filled with blood. Gross.Donated willingly! Just a whole lotta blood! Don't know why you'd want it if you're not a vampire but it's there!Crimson
oThe anti-keylooks just like a regular key. it's even got a little pink fob! cute!place the key in any lock, turn to lock and presto! No key will ever work in this lock again. Irreversible.Chris
oPants on FireA pair of parachute pants with flame decals.While wearing, any lie you tell becomes a lot easier to believe unless heavily scrutinized or completely implausible. Extremely fashionable(?)Crimson
oBlack Cat of WightmanAn antique, beat-up cat doll. Age has made it exceptionally creepy. It belonged to a woman who died alone and was discovered much later, partially eaten by her 14 cats.Can be used to call the ghost of the woman, as well at least some of her cats, to carry out one task. They will do it to the best of their ability. She will not help again, and the doll is useless until passed to someone else.Yako
oDiscerning MonocleA gold-rimmed monocle with a small chain. Will keep itself in place on its wearer's head until removed.Allows the wearer to see faint auras around magical objects. The user cannot blink until removing the monocle, and forcing past this to blink will cause it to fall off.Emily
oGrim ForcepsA pair of mundane forceps, save for the dried blood flecked upon the prongs.on a 10+ Unleash An Attack roll, add this to the list of benefits; Remove a bone. (1/ day)Chris
oTyrannical TowelLooks identical to an ordinary Terrible Towel. Definitely not to cause a problem.While being spun around, causes all non-Steelers football players in an area about the size of one stadium to become weak and lethargic, and all Steelers to become monstruously strong. Towel must be spun continuously to maintain the effect.Yako
oHero's GauntletA white glove with green trimmings. Crackles with electricity when 'active'While 'active' at the wearer's discretion, they can punch with significantly more force than usual. They are no more durable than usual while doing so.Emily
oDragon's MightA blood-red liquid drug, prepared in a syringe for self-administration.The user can use this drug to take the Tainted's Demon Form, with 2 advantages of their choosing, for one scene. After the scene, they suffer 2-harm (ap).Yako
oMatryoshka ManacleA metal manacle, painted red with an intricate design, with a small smiling face.When clamped around someone's wrist, there is a puff of smoke, what is left behind is a small matryoshka doll, with the manacled person trapped inside. Opening the doll releases them, and turns the manacle back to its previous state.Esspee
oDisc HoardA tiny, golden bell.When ringed, allows the user to send a message or sound to all people in a mile radius but notifies them all of your location.Setsu
oProtection of the HiveAn amulet made of rose quartz and shaped like a moth, sitting on top of a silver hexagon.Activating the amulet summons a hexagon-lattice energy shield, granting +1 armor to allies in its area for a scene. It requires at least 24 hours between uses.Yako
oAnonymous CoatA long brown coat with a hood. Frustratingly no pockets.When the hood is up, a magical concealing darkness covers the wearers face. They can still see fine but nobody can tell who they are. A special incantation allows one's eyes, but only one's eyes to show for expression's sake.Crimson
oSphere of the traitorA black, fist-sized orb, irridescent & teeming with malice. Supposedly acted as the heart of a creature that betrayed its creator. When you successfully Escape A Situation, you may throw any number of nearby allies far enough to escape the situation. Mark corruption for each ally thrown this way. Chris
oSunwalker's RingA golden ring with a dark gem on itIf the wearer touches another person, they will be able to sense that person's deepest, darkest desire. What they do with that knowledge is up to them.Naem
oBastard BeaconAn old antique lantern. If you're listening very closely, you can hear very quiet, muted yelling.After lighting that lantern, putting it in a room smaller than 300 square feet and leaving that room, it completely condems all entrances and exits and fills the room with concrete. Setsu
oRing of RecoilA golden ring with a large sapphire encrusted in it.Any damage that is dealt to you is dealt back to the attacker. The ring breaks if the damage becomes too severe.Esspee
oDivine RebukeAn intricate, ivory dagger with a golden cross design on the pommel.Stabbing the heart of an "unholy" creature with this dagger causes the holder to die, but returns the target to being a human.Esspee
oMemento MoriA vaguely sword shaped hunk made of an unidentified, cold dark metal. Sharp enough to harm.Living creatures harmed by the sword are momentarily mortal. Magical means that protect the target from death and harm are dispelled.Setsu
oAmulet of FuryA dull gray string with a small onyx stone hanging from it.You can invoke this amulet to gain temporary, incredible strength, but you also become inconsolably angry for the duration of the effect.Esspee
oOrb of ScreamingA small glass ball, about the size of a grapefruit.Shattering this orb causes piecing screams to issue forth from where it broke. The volume of the screams is directly related to the amount of force used to break the orb. Screams range from mildly annoying to loud enough to cause permanent deafness.Esspee
oSoothing StoneA soft, round stone.Massaging your body with it soothes aches and eases stiffness, but it does not heal injuries.Can remove Faint damage Naem
oBusiness WalletA black leather wallet. Simple, yet dignified.Placing a business card inside the wallet allows you to create and take a copy of that card from the wallet at any time. Can hold up to 5 business card designs.Crimson
oDrowning DiceA pair of red colored dice. If separated, they lose their magical abilities.On a 10+ Unleash An Attack, you can choose the following optionĀ : the target cannot breathe for a minute.Setsu
oA Jar Of AshesAn enchanted glass jar filled with ashes. It is wormkyle
oThe JuiceA blender filled with a strange purple-brown liquidThe last thing left over after a wizard experiment went wrong. No one knows what it does and we're all scared to find out.Crimson
oSanguine CapeA red hooded cloak. Very large; trails behind most wearers.Has a hypnotic effect on werewolves. When it is worn, NPC werewolves must Cash a Debt on the wearer to attack them, and PC werewolves must Keep Their Cool before moving against the wearer, physically or mentally.Yako
oInfinite Travel GuideA small book detailing the best restraunts and activities for a tourist. Changes to fit any possible location, and can get oddly specific.When Investigating a Place of Power, ask this question even on a miss: What makes this place an attractive tourist destination?Crimson
oMask of the Young HeroA domino mask, black on one half and white on the other.When you take damage of up to two Harm, you may negate the Harm. If you do, you are filled with overwhelming anger, terror, guilt, hopelessness, or insecurity (GM's choice)Staghorn
oClockwork CicadaA metal replica of a cicada. Material unknown, but it is purple-back and slightly iridescent. It is about the size of a pet rodent, and moves of its own accord. It can fit comfortably on your shoulder.When you roll a miss in a life-threatening situation, the cicada will show you the greatest fear of someone in the scene that is a tangible thing (i.e, clowns, as opposed to loneliness). Mark corruption to manifest that fear right now. Mark a second corruption to control what that manifestation does.Yako
oBanana BombA bunch of ripe bananas that look and feel like the real thing, but smell off...Upon being thrown or otherwise violently jostled, the bunch forcibly seperates itself into individual bananas, which explode one to five seconds later. Each of these explosions would be enough to vaporize a car. There's six of them in the bundle. Use with caution.Staghorn
oUnicorn HornYou know, your basic unicorn horn. It's sparkly and shit.It can cure all ills up to and including curses! Which makes it very valuable! Only for the use of the innocent. If you are not innocent and try to use it, well, good luck!Jovian
oUrn of Unspeakable WorthA greenish urn of some nice ceramic. Probably worth a whole lot.The Urn is indestructible while in its owner's possession, but incredibly prone to breaking when near anybody else. If anyone besides its owner breaks it, they immediately owe its owner four Debts.Staghorn
oYou're Eternal RewardA long, ornate dagger with distinctive oriental designs, a wooden handle, and a curved golden hilt.Killing someone with this dagger causes you to instantaneously assume their likeness and their corpse quicky fades away into nothingness.Esspee
oLast SurpriseAn iron cannonball, about four inches in diameterWhen tossed directly into the air, this object does not come back down and quickly vanishes from view. When anyone in the vicinity is exactly 1 Harm away from being taken out, it comes back down directly on their head, dealing 1 Harm.Staghorn
oUrgent BequestA sealed envelope with a handwritten letter inside.When opened, the letter contains a message to its reader informing them of a terribly urgent matter that they will need to attend to immediately. This matter is always an actual tragedy or request (though often one caused by the magic of the letter itself)Staghorn
oPlastic Vampire TeethA pair of white, cheap, plastic fake vampire teethWearing the Plastic Vampire Teeth causes them to bond with your teeth and look like actual vampire fangs, until removed by the wearer. A vampire wearing the teeth has the opposite effect, making their teeth look normal. No other visual effects of vampirism/mortality are given, just the teeth.Crimson
oResonant CoinsThree US Quarters, Washington 1972 DWhen thrown atop a map of the area you're in, they'll hop up and roll in the direction of someone or something you want, as long as that thing has or is close to others quarters. The size of the map is inversely proportional to the results: if you use a map of the US, the coins will lead you to the county your target is in. If you use the blueprints of a studio apartment, the coins will lead you to the target's feet.Coffeedog14
oRusty KitchenwareA spoon, a knife, a fork, a plate. All metal, all rusty.Cut something away with the utensils and put it on the plate. It will be replaced by something ethereal or magical. Want magic bread? Put a slice of bread on the plate. Want a magic eye? Cut out your eye and place it on there. Many uses. Many painful uses.Coffeedog14
o"Vinny's Rug"A Garish persian print, painful to look at, always rolled up.When you unroll the carpet, there is a body in there. It is always the same body: Vincent Zaccaro, age 48, dissapeared from his loving family in 2002. You can roll and unroll the carpet as many times as you want for as many bodies as you want.Coffeedog14
oOpen InvitationA small card resembling a wedding invitation, but completely blank inside.Once a day, the holder of the card may enter any location as if they had been invited in. Access to the location is rescinded after leaving. Recharges at sunrise.Lily
oString of False Sphinx PearlsSeventeen pearls threaded on a purified silver chain, with a clasp on each end and a jump ring where an accent piece may be attached. The luster on these pearls is reminiscent of dancing wraiths.Each pearl contains a trapped soul - either crush each vessel in turn, releasing a weak spirit which will aid you with a simple task before dissipating; or use the entire string as a protective rosary. Individuals susceptible to possession should not wear the pearls as a necklace.Schazer
oRed CardiganA red cardigan that zips in the front, with cabled detailing near the zipper. Iconic.This cardigan was once worn by Fred McFeely Rogers in his classic show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Members of the Mortality and Power factions consider it precious and valuable, and it can be used to Cash in a debt on them, if given away. If you wear it, replace your intimacy move with the following:
When you share a moment of emotional intimacy with someone, ask what troubles them. If they respond honestly, they may erase one box of corruption. If you respond with empathy and reveal an emotional vulnerability to them, you may also erase one box of corruption. When you share a moment of physical intimacy, use your archetype's specific move.
Duel DiskAn armband with a weird awkwardly shaped disk on it. Like from Yugioh.Placing a card inside the disk creates an illusory version of whatever is on the card. Works with any kind of card. Comes with 3 Yugioh booster packsCrimson
Vermillion RegentA small glass plate with an imprint of an angry male faceActivated by the holder ignoring something negative that's about to occur to them. The world will attempt to accomodate them so this event does not occur, through luck or coincidence. If the holder does not continue to ignore whatever they're looking to avoid until it's no longer a threat, it will still come to pass.Emily
Lawbender's EarringsA pair of small cold iron earrings. Shaped like snakes.While wearing one earring, making a magically binding contract transfers the rules and rewards to the other wearer. Wearing both earrings or one earring remaning unworn does nothing.Crimson
Observant PaintingA beautiful portrait of a middle aged womanThe eyes will actually follow you as you walk around a room. In the event multiple people are in the room, it will pick one person to follow at random.Emily
Buff BandsA pair of two cloth wristbands, striped red, white, and blue.Wearing these wristbands triples the gains of any workout. Taking off the wristbands quadruples and reverses the effects of any workout performed in the last week.Crimson
Gauntlet of BalanceAn enormous golden gauntlet. Has space for something on the knuckles, but nothing is there.Punching something with the gauntlet has a 50% chance of instantly killing the target, and a 50% chance of instantly killing the wearer.Crimson
Wondrous WandA pristine black wand shaft, no marks on it. Ancient and repeatedly used.Used to have more power, but now when waved it can only 'Return' a fight to its initial state. All combatants will return to their pre-combat state, and will remember everything that occurred. Requires time before it can be used again.Emily
Play of the Day RecorderA tiny crystal sphere. Looks like a tiger's eye marble.Automatically records any extremely awesome or sick events within a 100 meter radius, from the perspective of the one who did it, for later viewing. Can only hold one video at a time, and is automatically overwritten by anything even more awesome happening within the radius.Crimson
Ancient MaskA mask made of stone. There is a strange indentation at the top.Able to unlock the totally true 90% hidden potential of the wearer's brain, but makes them vulnerable to sunlight.Naem
Arrowhead of MightIt's just a golden arrowhead.When it pierces anybody's flesh, it may grant them an amazing power or painfully kill them. It's russian roulette, but better!Naem
Patriotic flagIt... It's just the flag of the United States of America??When used like a magician's cape or handkerchief, it allows the user to peer into a parallel dimension where something is slightly different.Naem
Terrapin PoliticianIt's a turtle with a cool gem in it's shell.
Power-up OutfitA karate gi that faintly glows in darknessWhile the user is wearing this gi, even under other clothing, they can create a glowing aura around themselves by flexing their arms outward and yelling. This will briefly augment their physical strength but will leave them exhausted after the effect expires.Emily
Incognito CrumpetA small pastry, but it never spoils, and you never feel the desire to eat it.Holding this on your person makes you incredibly good at parlor games, but makes your tastes in food incredibly bland. Good at cards, but you eat boiled chicken.Esspee
Mask of DisguiseA simple black domino maskWearing the mask allows you to create an illusion over yourself to look like someone different. However, the disguise must include a mask of some form. Removing this mask dispells the disguise.Crimson
Amulet of GunA simple iron chain necklace. Comes with a pure iron replica of an actual handgun.Wearing the amulet allows you to summon any firearm within the container the iron handgun is also placed in. Guns can also be transported into the container this way as long as there is physical space.Crimson
Havel's RingA small golden ring with several onyx stones.Maximum equip load: +50%Esspee
Zero SpectaclesCircular glasses with deep red lenses and a gold frame.Wearing the glasses allows you to see possible versions of the future in your current location. Time does not slow down as you do this, however.Crimson
Leif's Signet RingAn unassuming iron ring with a star engraved on it.Wearing this ring causes you to be incredibly lucky, but it's easy to find someone wearing it.Esspee
"Yep, it's Me!"A completely blank manequin. While unactivated, is in a different pose every time you look at it.Giving the manequin a drop of your blood allows it to assume your form. It will act like you basically, and holds up under basic interaction and questioning, but anything too complex will cause its magical programming to break. Useful for making it seem like you're somewhere you're meant to be. Won't try and replace you and take over your life, we fixed that bug.Crimson
SylalnoreA glass bottle, with what seems to be an intricate model of a city inside of it.Purportedly a lost city, shrunken and sealed by some magical incident. Supposedly, the city and the people within it still live.Esspee
Devoted ToteA high quality leather tote bag. Putting a drop of blood into the tote causes the blood to sizzle and disappear, and you then become the "owner" of the bag. At will, you can summon the bag to you, with its contents. It does not move instantaneously, and must physically travel to you. During this process, it is impervious to most types of damage.Esspee
Platinum Library CardA normal library card, but lined with real platinum. The name on the card is in an ancient, forgotten tongue.You can check out infinite books with this card, and borrowed books do not have a return date. However, if a book is ever permenantly lost or destroyed, a lost book fee will still be applied to your normal account.Crimson
niceniceyou're nice nownice
Soul EvokerA pistol of an unknown caliber that doesn't seem to need ammo. It used to have some sort of writing on the side, but it's long since faded.When the wielder places the gun to their head and fires, they roll + Spirit. On a hit, they summon a powerful spirit that will follow any commands it is given. On a 7-9, it only lasts for one action of the user's part before disappearing again. On a miss, the Evoker misfires, discharging all of its energies directly into the wielder's skull.Staghorn
Smiler's KnifeAn ordinary kitchen knife, by the looks if it.While on its owner's body, the Knife suppresses all of its owner's negative emotions and allows them to only show the emotion they want to show at the time. It also suppresses any compunctions its wielder may have about stabbing someone with the knife.Staghorn
You know, the thing!It's like... it's like really cool. It's like blackish but only sometimes? Sometimes it's green. It's like conveniently sized, not a fridge, so that's good.Anyone who touches The Thing is instantly enamoured by it and is compelled to bring up to every friend of theirs in at least one conversation, but can never describe what it's actually like or why it's so cool. They'll explain they're just not doing it justice, you've gotta see it yourself to understand.Crimson
Choker of Crawling ThoughtsA choker made from an unknown chitinous material.When the Choker's command word is invoked while it is worn, the wearer's head seperates from its shoulders and sprouts spindly spider-like legs. The wearer can pilot their head while the body lays lifeless until the head reattaches itself. Staghorn
The Anti-punnerA small dispenser filled with a seemingly infinite number of stickers labeled "NO PUNS ALLOWED"Placing a sticker on an item, magical or otherwise, immediately strips it of all associated powers or uses and makes it completely worthless, as long as the name of the item is or includes a pun. Removing the sticker causes the item to start working again, but it's really thin and sticky.Crimson
Reverse Monkey's PawThe body of a very small monkey, with its hands and feet removed.When touched, the monkey vanishes. The one who touched it will soon find that either a lifetime wish of theirs has been dashed forever, or something that they absolutely wished would not happen has come to pass. However, the surrounding circumstances will be incredibly beneficial to its user.Staghorn
The All-TomeA black, leatherbound book with a drawing of another book in gold on the coverA book that's just a list of every single book the current holder has ever read. Pointing to one of the titles transforms the All-Tome into an exact replica of that book. Pointing to the final page in the book reverts it. Although the All-Tome can copy the apperance and contents of any book, it cannot replicate any innate magical ability.Crimson
Furby FoeA furby shell: no wires, stuffing, or eyes inside, only the furry exterior.Place something of your foe foe inside the shell, and the furby will speak as them for ten minutes. they are not required to answer, but the shock of suddenly finding oneself stuck in the dark inside the body of a furby can do wonders sometimes.Coffeedog14
LappyWhatever your preffered laptop brand, model, and year isLappy is a laptop. Lappy is also sentient, and possibly sapient. Lappy wants to be your friend, but Lappy doesn't quite understand you or anybody that isn't a Laptop. Lappy will do their best anyway. It's jealousy of other laptops and computers that you use may become annoying and dangerous at times.Coffeedog14
Universal CodeA Blank IBM PunchcardWrite somebodies name on the Punchcard. If the Punchcard hears them speak for long enough, it will fill with holes. Blow over these holes immediately after the conversation while the person can still hear. They will be under your control for a time. This will only work once.Coffeedog14
Torch of the JazztronautA plastic pink flashlight that projects an image of a drawing of a bus when you shine it on a wall.Shining this on a wall for five seconds will cause a bus laden with otherdimensional hooligans to crash through it. They will spend the next ten minute stealing everything in the area that isn't nailed down and loading them onto the bus. After that, the bus departs, crashing through the nearest opposite wall, leaving behind nothing more than two questionable holes in reality.Staghorn
Salvation's ArrowA shining silver motorcycle of an unknown make and model. Shiny as hell, that's for sureAnyone who rides Salvation's Arrow as fast as it can go will soon see a glimmering silver portal appear in front of them. Anyone who rides through it will find themselves traveling through time and space, emerging exactly when and where they'd be able to save an ally from a terrible fate.Staghorn
William the Soul-CarA sleek new-looking silver car. Extremely comfortable leather seats, never gets too hot or too cold, and the highest quality music player you've ever seen. Reasonable fuel milage.William is an extremely good car that also happens to have an artifical soul bound to it. This means that in addition to just being good, William is also a self-driving car. Since William is 100% car, he's very good at driving, and can do so much quicker and with greater precision than non-cars. William was bound to his car-vessel immediately after creation, so he's never known any other life and is honestly okay with just driving people. While William's soul-binding does run on a magical battery, the car itself is electric.Crimson
Shot Through The HeartA paper heart to be placed in a coat's breast pocket, or the approximate area on whatever article of clothing you prefer. The sort of thing where you watch a movie and somebody gets shot in the chest but they have a bible or chunk of wood or something blocking the bullet.The first time you take Critical Harm, the paper heart is destroyed and somebody you know will take Critical Harm instead. You will never know who was hurt or how and the target will never know that you're to blame. It's best not to think about it.Lily
Jar of LegsTwo-thirds full dusty jar with a handwritten label. Acid-green contents form limb-like shapes when gently shaken/swirled.Pouring the jar's contents on a flat surface and leaving an inanimate object sitting in the resulting puddle will result in the inanimate object sprouting 1d100 legs over a twenty-minute period. The inanimate object will proceed to follow its owner around of its own accord.Schazer
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