-While some of these suggestions may be kid-friendly, "Indoor Kids" is meant as a slang term for adults who stay inside (aka... everyone now)
-Each column may be sorted using the pull-down filters. (e.g. sort by "Puzzles" only.)
-Got a suggestion to add? Comment at the bottom and I'll update!! (Be nice, people)
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Puzzles / NarrativeClub Drosselmeyer for our holiday adventures and for all-the-time adventures!
Puzzles / NarrativeThe for our holiday adventures and for all-the-time adventures!
ActivitySkyguidePer Dana M: If you enjoy stargazing ... download Skyguide to your phone or iPad, point it up, and learn all about the stars, constellations, planets and even satellites and space junk in your view.
ARGSubtextPer Michael A. "Subtext - Single player text based ARG/narrative escape room w/ free demo"
ARGBlack WatchmenPer Michael A. "single player ARG framed around dozens of missions"
ARGSmilebotPer Michael A. "ARG/Video Game - SmileBot - A cute Discord bot you can install on your server where people play alone together, until they don't. Takes 2-3 days to run through on average. Think Universal Paperclips, but multiplayer."
Audio Escape RoomHerbert's LaboratoryPer Trapped Manager St. Paul: You receive a letter in the mail, asking for your help with a new scientific discovery that could change the very course of history. When you arrive, the laboratory looks old, unused, and abandoned. With your curiosity piqued, why has Herbert, the mysterious letter writer, asked for your help?
Audiobooks Audible for Kids (FREE)Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Explore the collection, select a title and start listening.

It's that easy.
Digital Escape Room/Puzzle HuntThe ASPMC, The American Society for the Protection of Magical CreaturesDigital Escape Room/Puzzle Hunt The ASPMC, The American Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures. Discover the origin of the Mysterious Moodus Markings or finish the research of Dr. T Mandrakeseeker to add to the canon of Magical Creature conservation, preservation and research. Online any time, can play with groups up to 5.
Escape RoomValiant EscapesValiant Escapes have just launched, offering story-driven online escape rooms (all feature the company cat). First game is the Curse of King Sarcophagus, available here:
Escape RoomTime Games Escape RoomTime Games Escape room is now an online digital game, recreating the look and feel of the original real-life game. Themed on a zombie outbreak, but age 10+. It's €19.99 per team
Escape RoomTEG Remote AdventuresCurrently offering The Heist, Gold Rush, and Prison Escape as livestreamed avatar-based rooms. Lots of fun. Great web interface!
Escape RoomThe Escape Game: Unlocked: The Heist - Vol. 1 & 2TEG Unlocked is an all digital escape room experience that you can play on any device. Use evidence in your digital dossier and on the web to solve the mysteries! Have Questions? Visit
Escape RoomYouEscapeAn Online Live Escape Room. Collaborative, play with a team of friends remotely.
Escape RoomEscape Room LA: The Lost PyramidNote to previous participants: If you’ve played THE PYRAMID at Escape Room LA, this is a completely new and different game!

This live-hosted game features both audio and visual clues. You’re trapped inside a mysterious lost pyramid, deep in the Mayan jungle. Your host will verbally describe your surroundings while showing you a series of images and puzzles, letting you know how you can interact with everything you see. As you explore The Lost Pyramid, it will be up to you to work together to solve the fun clues and tricky challenges! Can you escape in one hour or less?
The Lost Pyramid

2 to 6 players
Difficulty: moderate
Duration: 70 minutes (60 minute game / 10 minute intro)
$13.50 per person download Zoom to play
Escape RoomThe Truth About EdithMad Genius Escapes (Portland). Zoom-based escape experience with live actor. Very fun. Comedic. Bring a team of friends who aren't shy!
Escape RoomMARVO Marvo Mysteries. Autonomous escape room. Control a robot avatar in real time and solve puzzles on a website. Super cute!
Escape RoomThe Cult ExperienceOnline Escape Room Book/Video Game The Cult Experience - Interactive Online Escape Game. Solve puzzles, unlock secrets and investigate a sinister cult "The Enlightened" in this interactive online escape room hybrid.www.thecultexperience.com20% off Using Promo Code: GAMER
Escape RoomEscape Room in a Box:
The Werewolf Experiment
Two versions. Both HIGHLY enjoyable! <3
Escape RoomEscape Room in a Box:
Two versions. Both HIGHLY enjoyable! <3
Escape RoomUnlock!Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles. versions to play. Typically 2+ players
Escape RoomTrap Door Escape StreamPer Michael A. "remote play sessions through physical escape rooms (free room Friday 3/20 @ 8pm)"
Escape RoomTick-Tock: A Tale for Two
(Video Game / Mobile App - Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Switch)
Per Brett K. "Two-player escape/puzzle game. No network needed, but you do need two separate devices and a way to talk to each other (even a phone call is fine). Good story, play at your own pace (takes a couple of hours of gameplay)"
Escape RoomParuzal - Live audio-only remote escapePer Brett K. "Another live remote escape"
$15/per player
Escape RoomSo You Wanna Save the World - Online (not live) escape roomPer Brett K. "Online (not live) escape room"
Escape RoomSleuth KingsPer Brett K. Free printable tabletop escape.
Escape RoomCSI: GroundedPer Alex S: CSI:Grounded is a web based escape game experience, 60 minutes of gameplay including video, audio and visual content.
No printing required, one single login works for the whole team and it can be played multiple times.
Pre-orders are available now at Early Bird prices for £15, the game will launch on Friday April 3rd. are available now at Early Bird prices for £15, the game will launch on Friday April 3rd.
Escape RoomPotter's EscapePer Omer A: Free to play game with escape room style puzzles
A FREE At-Home-Escape-Game with 5-10 min puzzles for you all to enjoy together.
We’ll put out new puzzles every few days until we finish the story (or someone comes knocking at our door). Our first theme, voted on by the fans, will be puzzles inspired by Harry Potter. IP vigilantes can ignore this. Have fun everyone! We hope you enjoy it and remember to #StayAtHome!
Escape RoomReady Mayor OnePer Rob F: First: thank you so much!! Second: we have launched It’s a real escape room. The GM is in the room with a camera and two-way audio. Plus there are two ceiling mounted cameras that you get full pan/tilt/zoom access to. We also have a companion website that shows your inventory as you find items so you can easily view them. You can have friends join in from multiple locations. Flat fee $49.95 for everyone.http://readymayorone.comFlat fee $49.95 for everyone.
Escape RoomSearch Of SasquatchPer Amy P: Free! Just for fun-we hope you enjoy!! We were supposed to open our on site Sasquatch game 2 weeks ago so we created a prequel to it. - Fun puzzle hunt. Beginner/Intermediate level. -CM
Escape RoomCryptic EventsPer Phil H: This is an Easter freebie we’ve put on the website. More to
Escape RoomEscape the CratePer Chris B: Escape the Crate. We are an escape room subscription box and we ship a new box every other month to your house to play at home around your table. Our games are historically themed with family-friendly content. We have been an established stay at home business for 3+ years with tens of thousands of monthly players. We have older boxes that ship out within 48 hours of ordering right now and there are online puzzle hunts posted periodically on the website.
Escape RoomThe Escape Game: Field TripsTEG Field Trips are free, online games designed to take students on engaging and educational journeys through famous museums and historic landmarks, and even back to major moments in time. Much like our escape rooms, players progress through games by uncovering clues and solving puzzles.
To be successful, players must exercise their critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.
Our first TEG Field Trip takes us to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. (Family Friendly)
Escape RoomLive Video Escape RoomsList of live video escape rooms
Escape RoomQuarantine Quest by Escape Room RVAPer Bobby S: Quarantine Quest by Escape Room RVA, for a base price of $15 we send you a puzzle a day to your inbox for the next month! Not only does it help keep us afloat, but we also donate 10% to a fund that helps Richmond, VA restaurant workers who are out of work during the crisis. We've had a great response thus far.
Escape RoomEscape Room Arlington and the adventures of Jed the GnomePer Josh C: Escape Room Arlington and the adventures of Jed the Gnome. Free play for all!!! Enjoy in format to Puzzled Pint!
Escape RoomTALES [Thrilling Audio Live Escaperoom Stories]Per William E: We just launched our TALES [Thrilling Audio Live Escaperoom Stories] line of at home offerings.
Our first is Morton-Bonwick Mountain Top Lodge:
After two weeks of planning your gang decides to take a trip up Eagle View Mountain for a little bit of skiing. After all signs of cell service are gone, you of course find yourself a little off course. Seeking refuge in Morton-Bonwick Mountain Top Lodge, can you get home? Can you even survive in this seemingly abandoned shelter?
You and your friends and family in the comfort of your own home attempt to navigate an escape room like experience with puzzles and clues narrated by a game master, but the actions you take and decisions you make are up to you.
Escape RoomThe Conundrum BoxPer Daniel V: The Conundrum Box. We are an established escape room-in-a-box company with a subscription plan and a back catalog for sale immediately. Each adventure is themed around an in-depth story, some stories interconnect between boxes. All games have a defined beginning and end and do not need other boxes to play unless they are in one of our larger series. (Which is clearly denoted on the website.) We aim to create an immersive game night with in-theme puzzles, recipes, suggested playlists, and other extras per box. Games created by escape room designers for the whole family. www.theconundrumbox.comPromo Code:
Escape RoomFort Escape GamesPer Judy F: Fort Escape Games - While we normally make props, we also have a couple of online games. One of these games released this week is online only and free (with option to donate if you’d like). This games is part puzzle, part choose your own adventure.
Escape RoomReality Break Escapes (Play at Home)Per Brenda L: Reality Break Escapes our Play at Home page is here. Mystery of the Missing Mare is a 1 hour family puzzle.
Infiltration - Can you break your way into the secret lair! will be publishing next week along with our play at home Passover Escape Experience!
Thanks so much for putting this list together 👍😁 this in 12 minutes. Fun for beginner puzzlers.
Escape Room11th Hour Escapes (UK)Per Tim J H: We at @11thhourescaperooms in th UK are doing a live stream virtual play through of our Victoria's Last Challenge Room - you control and direct an avatar (me) in the room and play it as normal. Live stream through WhatsApp £20 per household / game. Book on our website booking a 2 player game and the code LIVESTREAM which discounts the game from the usual £50. You can play from anywhere in the world - we had a family play with us yesterday from Massachusetts USA. Full details pinned at the top of our FB page. Contact us with any
Escape RoomPuzzle Break LILong Island escape room virtual version.$25 per player
Escape Room3x Audio EscapesPer Scott W: I have three audio escape room experiences I’ve written that I’d love to share. Best with 2, family-friendly. I run them live over Skype or Google Hangouts. You can pay what you want to me or to charity, or just do a good deed for your community. Check out for details
Escape RoomWndrboxPer TJ B: Wndrbox is hosting online live versions of our escape room boxes, and we will be coming out with a virtual avatar run game solution at a few of our friends rooms in the near future.
Escape RoomRoom Escape South End (UK)Per Wayne B: Virtual room based around Zombie virus. £30 for up to 6 people from multiple location'
Escape RoomEscape The Boredom
Episode One: The Pub
Per David B: Escape The Boredom with Escape One Algarve.
Episode One: The Pub
What's more, 10% of the proceeds are being donated to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
This is our first attempt at this sort of game, so it's a fairly simple one (don't go expecting fancy illustrations/animation! 😅), but should keep you entertained for a while, and we are already working on a more adventurous episode 2.
*This game requires the ClueKeeper app to be downloaded to your phone or tablet. It's compatible with Android and iOs. You can play alone, or invite other people (they will also need the app) to join your team and play together online.
Keep safe, and #stayathome!
Katie & David
Escape RoomWacky Wheels Mystery GamesPer Johan K: There you can find an escape room you can do at home. You only need internet connection, creativity, and good brains :D. Just EUR 4,50. And it also contains a global scoreboard to see how well you ranked.
Escape RoomEscape AnywherePer Ethan R: Escape.Anywhere is now launched at Also submitted through the Airtable -- I did one for the entire platform, but if it's better for me to do one per game (we are offering 3) please let me know :-)https://anywhere.escapenewhaven.comBy appointment
Escape RoomTime GamesPer Toby J: is a Live Video Escape Room - people can play a real-life escape room though a Zoom conference call. Suitable for 2-6 players, age 10+. It's in the Netherlands but run in English
Escape RoomLock Box Escape RoomPer Charles O: Hello, We just added a brand new online interactive experience. You can play one of our escape rooms from the comfort and safety of your own home with anyone from around the world.

We function via zoom and a live gamemaster. Price is $49.99 for unlimited participants (although max recommended is 6-8).

The link to check it out is:

Thank you. is $49.99 for unlimited participants (although max recommended is 6-8).
Escape RoomEpic Escape GameWe have three boredom-crushing self-isolation activities you've been looking for. You can transform gloomy quarantine into a magical moment you'll remember forever, all without ever stepping foot outside of your front door! Check them out at purchase
Escape RoomVirtual EscapePer Nick P: Just launched my online escape room called Virtual Escape. You'll played with 2-6 friends over WhatsApp and have 60 minutes to save the city. Includes hacking a real website, social media, a bomb to disarm and much more... (
Escape RoomFantasy Escape Gamesblends role-play and interactive character moments with traditional puzzle-solving escape room experiences! They're all online, and I just opened our first room, The Dark Tower!

Players join in over Zoom, and a Game Master facilitates their experience through art and narration. Puzzles have only one answer, but there are many ways players may solve creative challenges or get what they need from characters.

Here's a short description of The Dark Tower:
You and your group of fellow wizards must stop a dark sorcerer from completing his foul ritual in an hour's time, dooming the land. Gather new spells, overcome magical creatures, and battle a dark wizard before it's too late.

You can learn more at and I'm happy to answer questions at

Thanks for sharing this!

Jack, Game Designer/Director
fantasyescapegames.comGames are $14-15/person, and recommended for 2-6 people.
Escape Room / Streaming ExperienceProject Avatar LiveA livestream audio/video experience based out of the Ukraine that is akin to being part of a real world video game. Takes place with a live Avatar host your team controls with verbal commands over Zoom. Incredibly fun!!
Escape Room in a BoxExit: The GameExit: The Game Series by Kosmos. Available on Amazon or their website:[0]=3539[0]=3539
Escape Room/ARGThe Traveler's Guide to Little SodaburgCan you unravel the secrets of this quaint seaside town...and save the world!? The Traveler's Guide to Little Sodaburg is a 70-minute online puzzle adventure game for 2-6 players - Must use computer (no tablets/phones)
FitnessDancing Alone TogetherIn this unprecedented time of isolation, Dancing Alone Together aims to be a central resource for the digital dance world that is beginning to bloom.
MOVE — Dance-Based Online Classes
CREATE — Dance-Making Prompts & Communities
WATCH — Streamed Dance Performances
FitnessBlogilatesCassie Ho created a 14 day self-isolation workout calendar. We are not worthy. website is great:

So are her YouTube workouts:
FitnessZombies, Run!Per Caitlin W: The iOS and Android app Zombies,Run! has been putting out weekly at home workouts themed around being in lock down during a zombie apocalypse. The app as a whole is great, but these weekly workouts are being written and recorded in response to the COVID-19 outbreak
GamesQuarantine Game ListList of games to play by Nia. twitter & instagram: @ihartnia
GamesSpaceteam (App)Per Rachel D.: "Spaceteam (app) - 2-8 players (same room, different devices), navigate the dangers of space through the power of communication! Each person gets instuctions, but someone else has the means to carry them out. Quickly devolves into lots of frenzied shouting :)"
GamesMini Metro📣 Inspired by our friends around the world who are coming together to support those working from home, under quarantine, and in social isolation, we're making Mini Metro available for free on the App Store this week! 🦕❤️We'll also be threading a list of other free games below!
GamesLords of Waterdeep (Mobile App)Per Lauren C. "For the board gamers, lords of water deep, ascension, and splendor all have very good app versions!"
GamesAscension (Mobile App)Per Lauren C. "For the board gamers, lords of water deep, ascension, and splendor all have very good app versions!"
GamesSplendor (Mobile App)Per Lauren C. "For the board gamers, lords of water deep, ascension, and splendor all have very good app versions!"
GamesTicket to Ride (Mobile App)Per Kathryn Y. "I’ve been playing this great board game on my iPad a lot right now! Ticket to Ride is available for web, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, with multiple and solo (against AI) modes, as well as a bunch of expansion packs. You can play with someone in the same room as you or with remote friends."
GamesStar RealmsPer Kristie B: "I love this deckbuilding card game and the online/device game is just as fun!"
GamesCatan UniversePer Brittany B.: "Catan Universe is online Catan for those board game lovers who want to pretend they're having a game night. The app is the best. Free 3 player games - $4 to be able to play with more than 3 players. Exactly like the board game!"
GamesTabletopiaWebsite with lots of online options of table top games
GamesCodenamesOnline implementation of Codenames
Interactive BookHouse of LeavesThe format and structure of House of Leaves is unconventional, with unusual page layout and style, making it a prime example of ergodic literature.
Interactive Puzzle BookJournal 29A physical book with puzzles to solve and a narrative throughout. Upon solving each page, scan the QR code to enter your solution.
Interactive Puzzle BookJournal 29: RevelationA physical book with puzzles to solve and a narrative throughout. Upon solving each page, scan the QR code to enter your solution. (Sequel to Journal 29)
Interactive Puzzle BookEscapages (Puzzle Books)Multiple options available. is also a book with two versions for collaborative team play. Escape The Compound: The Cooperative Puzzle Escape Book - (Heads Edition or Tails Edition). You and a friend each get one and play together!!
Interactive Puzzle BookThe Librarian's Almanaq The Librarian's Almanaq and The Conjurers Almanaq by Roy Leban
Interactive Puzzle BookThe Conjurers AlmanaqThe Librarian's Almanaq and The Conjurers Almanaq by Roy Leban
Live Interactive LARPsSinking Ship CreationsPer Brett K. "Live interactive LARPs by phone"
Online CourseImagineering in a BoxImagineering in a Box is designed to pull back the curtain to show you how artists, designers and engineers work together to create theme parks. Go behind the scenes with Disney Imagineers and complete project-based exercises to design a theme park of your very own.
Online CourseHarvard CS50: Introduction to Computer ScienceAn introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.
Online Course450 Ivy League CoursesThe 8 Ivy League schools that pepper the country—Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University—are offering 450 free online courses that are just the right amount of challenging to take our minds off the current state of affairs.
Online CourseThe Science of WellbeingIn this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life.
Print & Play Puzzle Hunt / Escape RoomTrue ClueTrue Clue has just launched with a few print and play games. They are somewhere between online puzzlehunts and escape rooms. The games are linear (presenting one puzzle at a time) and not timed, there is a story presented in an online system that also checks answers and provides hints if needed.
ProgrammingPython ChallengePer Lukas: "Python challenge, a combination of puzzling and programming, good for people who want to learn Python (but also for Python experts)"
Puzzle BookCain's JawboneExtremely Challenging Puzzle Book: Cain's Jawbone by Torquemada (Edward Powys Mathers). Almost 100 years old. Challenging/100yrs old
PuzzlesTofuA mindless yet addictive game of solving how to navigate a piece of tofu around a precarious gameboard. If this sounds silly, you're right. And yet, it's also extremely fun and somehow meditative!
PuzzlesMyst: RivenFollow up to Myst. Per Blake H., "The graphics and controls are comically dated, but the game still has that magic world building and ambiance. It's like an escape room on steroids that takes days upon days to complete. Highly recommend."
PuzzlesPuzzled PintPuzzled Pint posts all the puzzle sets on their website after the fact! Great for puzzle enthusiasts or fans of brainteasers in general. civilation returns, you can join for a Puzzled Pint event at a city near you on the 2nd Tuesday of each month! Check their locations page for more info:
PuzzlesWe Were HerePer Rob B. "If you have steam or an xbox one, the We Were Here series is basically an online cooperative escape room for two. You're stuck in different parts of a building and have to solve puzzles together by talking with each other."
PuzzlesCube Escape Games by Rusty Lake (Mobile App)If David Lynch and Escape Rooms had a baby in app form, this would be that. Don't question this description. It is 100% accurate.'ve played every single one of them (some several times). They're great! Hit me up if you want my suggestions for best ones.
PuzzlesThe Room (1,2,3,Old Sins)
(Mobile App)
EXCELLENT puzzle/escape room-esque app. one I've played through multiple times.
PuzzlesThe House of Davinci
(Mobile App)
Similar fornat to The Room. Point and click puzzles/escape room-esque.
PuzzlesGorogoa by Annapurna Interactive (Mobile App)Incredible design, beautiful mechanics, visually stunning. And the puzzles are rather hard! played this through twice. Love this!
PuzzlesCluekeeperMake your own puzzle hunt right inside your home! Or play someone else's!
PuzzlesMonument Valley 2 (Mobile App)Beautiful puzzle game with lovely narrative. Based on M.C. Escher-style designs.
PuzzlesThe Enigma Emporium (Puzzle PDF)Per The Enigma Emporium: "We put together a PDF copy of our whole first game 'Wish You Were Here' free for everyone to download and play. Feel free to share the download link or print and share the game itself. Hopefully this helps some of you stuck in self-isolation to pass the time. Stay safe, friends."
PuzzlesWhere Cards FallPer Kathryn Y. "I also must plug Where Cards Fall (mobile puzzle game) as the spiritual successor to Monument Valley.... and a USC Games project. 🙂"
PuzzlesFran Bow (Mobile App)Per Hannah M.
PuzzlesForever Lost (Mobile App)Per Hannah M.