Name?When is your Birthday? (Month and date, not year!)What is your favorite color?What is your favorite drink?What is your favorite scent?What is your favorite restaurant?What is your favorite dessert/candy/treat?What is your favorite animal?What is your favorite sport/team??What is your favorite flower?What is your favorite gift card?What is your favorite hobby?What is your favorite way to relax?If you have a classroom Amazon or Scholastic wishlist, what is the link?
Abeyta, Debbie 4/11YellowFlavored Sparking Waters - love to try new onesVanillaGrubHub these days :)Reeces P-Butter Cup, raspberries, BBQ chips Dogs, sloths, finches, donkeysSeahawksAll Starbucks Trying a new recipes on the weekend Going for a walks
Aljumaah, Halah 4/10Purple FantaFlowers Pizza Hut Anything with chocolate CatsWalking All flowers Amazon Art craft Sleeping
Allen, Kaitlyn
3/24greentea vanillachipotle reese's peanut butter cups elephantn/a poppies/rosestargetreadingreading, spending time with my dogs
Aster, Bethel 6/12IndigoCoffeeCitrusThe Thirsty LionDark Chocolate with NutsWolfQuidditchTulipsStarbucksCrochetA Warm Bath
Barker, Jazmin 6/13BlueDr. PepperLavenderOlive GardenDark chocolateOrcas 49ersSunflowerBarnes and NobleFreediving Reading, video games
Berg, Kaiden 2/4
sunset orange. and purple
Arizona iced tea because they are only 99 cents
flower scents like candles/plants
Taco del sol.
Vanilla or cookies and cream ice cream
i have 3. a fox. and deer/Elk
Basketball. Portland trail blazers
blue flowers are so pretty
Guitar and skateboarding
skateboarding or outside activities with music
Brewer, Cleann10/15Red and Plum Purple12 oz 4 shot van lattefruity not nuttyanything thai, vietnamese, mexican (I heart enchilladas!)red velvet cake with cream cheese icingweiner dogs!no ideadahliasanycreating glass mosaics, stain glass, glass blowing, etcsleep
Brooke Morrison6/18Green
Shaken iced blacktea lemonade from Starbucks with 4 stevia
Jefe or Juan Colorado or Helvetia Tavern
ice cream
Cats or Yorkshire Terrier
Oregon DucksPeonyAmazon or TargetTole Painting or gardeningWalk the dog I need to still set this up
Charboneau, Jill12/20seafoam greenflavored waters, diet cokePine Tree or CitrusMcCormick and SchmicksPeanut Butter or Mint CandyHorseGonzaga Bulldogs & OSU BeaversTulipsTargetDog Walks, Puzzles, Reading Bubble Baths
Colman, Hailey5/5Pink or blueCoffee or sparkling waterAnything floralChipotle Sour candy or cookiesTurtlesI like snowboarding and surfing; I don't really have any favorite teamsAll flowers!Ulta or Nordstrom RackRight now it's rollerskating!Going for walks, journaling, and reading
Davidson, Karen6/30BlueDiet cokeVanilla, then Christmas treesOlive GardenHershey's with almondsBasketball- Go Trailblazers! DahliasHome Depot or Fred MeyerGardening, reading, dancing Reading or watching a movie, planting flowers
Duncan, Amber10/28BlueWhite Chocolate MochaChocolateDolphinTimbers & ThornsDahliasAmazonRunning & half marathonsMovies
Eagles, Sarah8/14LavenderCoffee - all kindsseasonal scentsAnything MexicanChocolate caramels - anything chocolateFrogs and TurtlesOregon Ducks, Seahawks and MarinersI love Gerbera Daisies - such a happy flower :) Amazon / Starbucks / TargetCooking and playing family games, walking my dogsRead a book or watch a movie, happy hour
Elmehdawi , Raja 1/23black ,Red & purpleI like sparkling water and coffee and lavender chamomile teaJasmine , Musk , Oud Olive Garden , Oasis, Panera BreadIce cream ,Creme brulee,Cinnamon cack ,Lindet chocolate,Bananas bread especially my mom recipe (:CatsSwimming , Tennis , Ping-PongI like all the flowers especially Jasmine gardeniaAmazon & HomeGoodsCamping ,Reading ,Traveling Sleeping, Bathtub warm with Lavender oil & listen to Quran
Emerson, Nikole 4/2Blue, rainbowDecaf mochaCitrusThai DeliciousDark chocolate, cookies, baked goodsCats and dogsRoses and tulipsPrimo Espresso, Starbucks, Crumbl CookieReading, walkingPlaying games with my familyAMAZON: Mrs. Emerson's Kindergarten Wish List
Esparza, Errin7/15Teal or TurquoiseAlmond milk lattes Citrus, or eucalyptus/peppermintAny, I love food :-)Dark chocolate or almondsOSU Beavers, baseballToo many! peonies and tulips especiallygrateful for anySleeping in and watching movies with my family
Fast, Madae11/1Orange & Coral PinkCokePeppermint or VanillaAny Mexican Milk chocolate or milk chocolate combo (Caramel or MInt), cookiesBearsOSU BeaversPeonies, Tulips, Orchids Primo Espresso/Starbucks/DutchBaking, Reading, TravelingReading or Listening to podcastsn/a
Fast, Mason2/10OrangeRootbeerNonePacific BreezeChocolate, CookiesCats and dogsOSU BeaversN/APrimo EspressoComputers, AnimeVideo Games
Frazier, Julie1/6Any dark, non-bright colorLemonade/unsweetened black tea (Arnold Palmer)EucalyptusStarbuckscookies (chocolate chip), twixDogsArizona State Sun DevilsHeirloom Carnation or any reallyStarbucks or AmazonSpending time on a soccer sidelineWalking, hiking
Garrick, Lindsay8/23YellowDiet PepsiVanillaOlive Garden, Five Guys, Red Robin'sYorks, dark chocolate covered almondsDogBlazerstulipsTarget or AmazonBakingReality TV : )
Gering, Melia11/29BlueLemonade Spiced appleHunan PearlCherry pieElephantsOregon DucksRoseAmazonReadingReading or travel
Haag, Molly 2/26Green or RainbowUnsweetened black iced teaNot into smelly things 🤪Mexican FoodChocolate Chip CookiesFoxDucksDahliaCoffee! Or Amazon Reading Reading , walking
Holland, Chelsea8/18BlueCoffee/ tea"Fall scents" ... Citrus... Vanilla Anything Italian Anything chocolate Sea Turtle None... HA! :) Poppy, RosesStarbucks, Target, Dutch BrosGoing to the beach, being outside, hiking, playing with my daughter! :) Watching movies, being outsideNA
Hoyt, Rebecca3/22Black or GreyTeaVanillaPanda Express or sushiCandy canes or brownies Red panda or slothLacrosse Michigan TulipsAmazonGardening Reading
Johnson, Krystal1/13Teal/Hot PinkCinnamon Dolce Latte, GT Gingeraide kombuchalavender, cinnamon,lemonSawatdee Thai, Thai Basil, Olive Gardenanything lemon, Reese's peanut butter cupsChewy, Angelina's dog😊basketball Starbucks,walmartpickleball,ukelelebeach,mani/Pedi, yoga
Jolley, Raquel 9/26BlueVanilla LatteVanilla Chipotle/Hall Street PizzaLemon flavored baked goodsOtterNew York Yankees or Chicago CubsSunflower/all flowersStarbucks/PrimoDrawing/Art Pedicures
Kimberli HillisApril 28thPurple & TealChai or Green TeaLavenderGrab a Gyro
Dessert: Cheesecake (Candy) Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Nordstrom or Amazon
Hiking and TravelingReading or Walking
Kolb, Leslie3/22flavored sparking waterChipotle, Baja FreshPeanut m&ms, dark chocolateany :)Dutch, Amazon, Michaelsreading, craftingcamping
Lamb, Tamie1/9Orange & Yellowwater or unsweetened iced teafloral- daphne, roses, lilac, jasmine Starbucks or Baja FreshAny Ghiradellis or Dove chocolate as long as it's dark dogs or lambs = )Portland Trailblazers and Denver BroncosStargazer Lilies, roses, and daphneAmazon gardeningreading, gardening, taking the dogs for a walk
Landis, Kate11/1Aqua or Turquoise Sparkling WaterCitrus / MelonAvivWatermelon Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, SkittlesOtterBlazers probablyRosesAmazon / Target / Powells PhotographySpending time with my family
LaPlante, Susan2/10BluecoffeeLavenderFreshii, California Pizza KitchenChocolateDogTulipStarbucks, Amazon or TargetReadingReading, walking and listening to music.
Lawton, Tanya8/29GreenZevia cherry colaLeaves- candle bath and body works Chipotle Lilly’s dark chocolate chipsCowOregon DucksPeonySephora CraftingExercising
Maginnis, Trena3/12BlueCoffeeLavendarMexicanpopcornOtterBlazersany Amazonwatching cooking showsWatching movies
Mansfield, Kristin4/2Blue or GreenCoffeeLavendarMexican, Thai or SushipopcornDog, CatOregon DucksStargazer LillyAmazonGolf
Listening to music, watching sports/tv/movies, golf, playing games with my kids
Mari Fernandez11/30RedPepsiJasmine or satsumaPacific BreezeHaribo Gummy BearsCorgis :)Las Vegas RaidersCarnationTargetPhotographyPlaying video games
Marino, Liz9/18"Olive/Army" greenMate! Strawberry lemonade, ciders and wine.lavenderAny. I love foodChocolate cake/ strawberries with whipped creamLionBoca Jrs (soccer team from Argentina)Sun flowerTarget or Amazon ;)PaintingWarm baths. Music. Camping. Kayaking
Megowan, Bettina5/10anything earthy and pink :)Coffee and waterVanillaThai Basil or PizzicatoAnything chocolatecat/bunnyMany: running, biking, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, skiing, ice skating. No real team affiliationLilacthe one I use most - Starbucks, to shop Lululemonbaking and sewingbeing with my kids, baking, sewing, watching a movie, listening to good music.
Merchant, Jan 8/1GreenCoffeeLavender or spiced appleBaja FreshCookiesCatTimbersBlack eye susanPrimo EspressoPhotography and gardening Walk
Morrison, Brooke 6/18Green
Shaken iced tea-lemonade with 4 splenda
Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede
Bamboo Sushi or JefeIce Cream or butterfingers or Dots
my dog-Rosie Jo (Yorkshire Terrier)
The Ducks-FootballPeonyAmazonTole PaintingPedicureDon't have it set up yet
Munoz-Hernandez, Araceli BlueCoca~Cola RosesBuffalo Wild WingsIce Cream!
Horses (Appaloosas specifically)
:D don’t really have one yet :DDahliasAmazonDrawing (Pencil Only)
By listening to music or hanging out with Dahlia (my dog)
Murphy, Lisa11/5redsweet iced teaanything citrusMod PizzamacaroonsdogOregon DucksanyStarbucksBoatingWatch TV/Movies
Newman, Stacy7/1BreenLemon Cello La Croix or wineEucalyptusAll- Anytime I don't have to cookCookie, cakesPanda BearGolfLilyAllGolfGolfI don't have one
Olivas, Antoinette4/5Orangewatervanillalittle big burgerrolosdogsportland thornsgerbera daisytargetmaking cardsrunning
Ollerenshaw, Ava3/5GREEN!!Coke ZeroPeppermint and LemonSpaghetti FactoryJunior Mints and CheesecakeKoalaBasketball; Oregon DucksDaffodilsHuman Bean CoffeeI LOVE to read and travel.I read and explore new hikes around the NW.
Shaffer-Tainer, Pam 10/17Black, Blue, RedTonic Water, LatteJasmine, LilacMcCormicksCandy Corn, Chocolate Mini Bundt CakeHorsesGolf, SkiingLillies, LilacsStarbucks, Target, Fred'sTraveling, Road TripsLaying in the SunN/A
Perez, Rochelle 11/14RedCoffee :) (not black)Clean/relaxinganything mexicanchocolate!Dog :) TimbersSunflowerStarbucks/Marshalls Sports/outdoors Exercise, meditate, long walks with my dog
Perez, Selena5/20Pink, Canary YellowStrawberry Kiwi SnappleSweet/FruityThirsty LionCookies & Cream hershey bar, Baked goodsDog & TurtlesRoses and lilysStarbucks and SephoraCandles, Face masks and movies
Pratt, Nicole7/5BlueCoke or Izze Clementine Vanilla anywhere that I won’t have to cookChocolate Sea Salt Caramels, peanut butter M&M's DogPortland Timbers and ThornsPeonyAmazon, Target playing games, watching movies and sports spending time with my family, cuddling my dogs, reading and puzzles
Proudfoot, Ronnie12/6Black and GreenCoffee/Latte/Bubble TeaCitrusAny. I like all the foods.Gummy Bears/Ice CreamTurtle?Hockey/FootballGerber DaisyStarbucks/Amazon/REIHiking/Camping/Backpacking/Kayaking/SnowshoeingWalking/Reading/Meditation
Rice, Scott7/5BlueRootbeerCoconutKiller BurgerSnickersMonkeysDucks or Detroit Lions AmazonSports, particularly soccer and football.
Richner, Tara10/3Bluecoffeevanilla or pumpkindark chocolatedogsDahliah Amazon, coffee, Happy Her ( lifting, running, rock climbing, hikingface masks, candles, reading, yoga
Roberts, Heather 6/7Kelly GreenWhite Chocolate Mochas or Diet PepsiFall spice scents - apple, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.Jam on Hawthorne; Non La; McMenaminsOrganic Gummy Bears, Sour Patch Kids, Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel BarUnicornsRose City Rollers (Roller Derby) or Portland ThornsSunflowers or rosesPowellsReading, CookingReading; Listening to The Indigo Girls or Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald, ; watching movies with my kids; brunch; puzzles
Roberts, Gryffin9/9PurplerootbeerSushi trainTwixDragonplaying games
Shields, Stacey5/12BluecoffeecitrusMazatlan (Sherwood)100 Grand Bars or DoritosdogsbasketballdaisiesTargetreadingReading in the sun!
Silverman, Marc1/7GreenCaramel latte?Sushi or pizzaCoffee cakeDogBlazersDahliasAmazon or coffeeMusic, skiing, CrossFit, bikingWatch a movie or do something outside
Smith, Kimberly5/27Navy BlueCoffee/ Diet Dr. PepperCitrus/ Vanilla/ SeasonalOSF/ La Provence/ Din Thai FungChocolate/ Caramel/ MintChiweenies/ Black CatsBlazers/ Seahawks/ OSURoses/ Gerbers/ TulipsBath & Body Works/ Craft Stores/ Home GoodsCreating/ Reading/ Hiking/ BakingNapping/ Reading/ Listening to Podcasts
Southards, Anna2/27Orangesparkling watervanillaAny! Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, or anything chocolatebeaverOSU Beavers-any sportI like all
Spires, Lorena1/13Blue Coke, unsweetened teaLavender Spaghetti Factory, Baja Fresh
Any kind of cheese cake,butterfinger, trailmix
Dodgers Mix flowers Regal Crafting Hanging out with friends
Sullivan, Jenn 10/28Redflavored ice teafruit and spiceOlive Garden, Mazatlan, Mod Pizza, Chipotlemaple bars, snickerdoodles, cake, doritoes, Pepper Jack Cheeze its, BBQ Corn nutsDogs and black bearsI'm NOT an athlete!Gerber daisyAmazonshopping at Goodwill!sleeping and reading
Tan, Carrol6/24blue sparkling waterNoneDave's Hot Chickendark chocloatenonebiking, hiking, tennisroseTargetHiking in the woodsAnything outdoorN/A
Toppel, Katie 6/26Bluecoffeevanilla/baked goodsPor qué no?chocolate polar bearn/adaffodilsamazonbakingreading
Viamonte-Lyons, Melanie 5/8CoralStarbucks Venti Americano with cream & steviaMelon/cucumberThirsty LionCreme brulée/almond roca/La Panzanella Artisan CrackersDogSeahawksVerbeniaGardener's ChoiceGardeningSit and look at nature
Viamonte-Lyons, Melanie 5/8purpleAmericanocitrus or cucumber/melonThirsty Lionalmond rocadog
soccer/Argentina's National Football team, "La Albiceleste"
verbena or roseStarbucksgardeningwatching the birds in my gardendon't have one
Weedin, Stephany 4/26Pink/tealCoca Cola, CoffeeLemon anythingOlive GardenChocolate chip cookie, snickers KoalaUniversity of Florida GatorsHydrangea, orchid StarbucksAnything outdoorsWith a good book and cozy socks/blanketsNA
Wheelock, Caleb10/16BlackCoca Cola, CoffeeFood cooking in the kitchenLe Pigeon ,OxHaribo Gummy BearsFlying SquirrelI don't really have oneAmaryllis,Ecuador Roses Amazon or REIfishing, snowboarding, hiking and most out door thingscampingI don't have one
Wolfe, Emily 7/2BlueDiet CokeRoseCha Cha Chadark chocolateSealI don't like sports....Any kind of lilyAmazonJigsaw Puzzles- 1,000 piece and overReading and Jigsaw Puzzles
Maher, Samantha 2/20gold/blueDiet Coke/non fat lattelemon /lilacla Provence/Jefe Cheesecake/brownies DucksThe MarinersRoses/lily/daffodils AmazonReading/bike riding with my family.reading/watching bravo
Hartman, Dianna12/5
Arnott, Bridget12/23GreenWaterCoffee/bacon cookingStickman CheesecakeDogsBlazersPeonyStarbucksReading, gardening, gymTaking a bath/readingN/A
Cordes, Carrie7/6greensparkling water, coffeecitrusChipotleReese'sgiraffebasketball - GonzagadahliasStarbucksquiltingquilting, gardening, or taking a nap