Annual Goals 2014-2015
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UTS Strategic Plan (number,letter)
Status UpdatesProject Status
Provide a high-performance, robust, and pervasive communications network.1
Complete support for new building projects: Engineering Center, Elliott Tower, Oak View Hall Residence Hall, P32 Parking Structure, Upper Fields Building, Golf Banquet Center, Sports Bubble, SEB and DHE renovations.1cOak View Hall Residence Hall brought online on schedule for start of August 2014.
Golf Banquet Center completed summer 2014.
Completed installing and programming network infrastructure for the Engineering Center, Elliott Tower, and P32 Parking Deck in August 2014.
Upper Fields Building and Sports Bubble basic networking complete.
SEB and DHE renovations complete.
Support renovation network projects: NFH demarcation, HIL/VWH re-wiring, Old Facilities Management building, Dodge Hall, Sheep Barn.1cCompleted wiring and installation of new network gear in Hill and VanWagoner residence halls.Complete
Complete campus network cyclical electronics refresh projects: Hannah Hall closet, Elliott Hall.1aHannah Hall and Elliott Hall were completed with updated electroncis before 3rd Q 2014.Complete
Plan, order, and install cyclical replacement for access switches in Dodge Hall and Science and Engineering Building.1aPrioritized SEB and completed in December 2015 (outsourced). Dodge critical areas completed in June 2015.Complete
Upgrade 3750X to latest 15.x code to support stack power.1aCompleted in spring 2015.Complete
Enable stack power on existing 3750X/3850 switch stacks.1aPartially complete, targeting buildings with issues. Carry forward
Upgrade distribution switches to 4500-Xs.1aHave equipment on site. Outsourced; starting with OC and NFH. Complete
Data center Upgrades: Data center Access 5K/2Ks Rows 2/3. Move uplinks to 5596s/2232s during campus power outage.1aData center upgrades completed in conjunction with power outage, removing end-of-life electronics and expanded capacity, speed, resiliency.Complete
Data center Upgrades: Data center Access 5K/2Ks Rows 4/5. Contingent on moving VMware/Netapp 10G to Row 2/3 5Ks.1aData center upgrades completed in conjunction with power outage, removing end-of-life electronics and expanded capacity, speed, resiliency.Complete
Data center Upgrades: Data center Core Consolidation. Stand up 6504E's and new Sup2T as active, with 720-10G as standby.1aData center upgrades completed in conjunction with power outage, removing end-of-life electronics and expanded capacity, speed, resiliency.Complete
Data center Upgrades: Data center OOB Management Network. Consolidate/standup 100M/1G OOB switches for VLAN 51, 100M interfaces and other OOB access.1aData center upgrades completed in conjunction with power outage, removing end-of-life electronics and expanded capacity, speed, resiliency.Complete
Data center Upgrades: Nexus 9300 Implementation: Stand up N9Ks, uplink 5Ks and campus cores, transition 6Ks to service chassis model.1aDeveloped plan to outsource this work. Equipment on site in December. Complete
Border Upgrades: Add new net 35.50/17. Implement in coordination with Merit a new /17 to be used for Aruba Wireless.1aSuccessfully changed IP addressing scheme to support the wireless access.Complete
Border Upgrades: Implement 10G connection from Merit to BR1 for primary Internet connection.1dInvestigating; may need to coordinate timing with firewall. Firewall purchase in process.Planning.
Border Upgrades: Remove final single-homed device from border. This is the last step in making the network border fully redundant.1bRe-thinking project priority. Canceled
Border Upgrades: Border FW 2x1G/10G Upgrade. Implement either 2x1G LAG or 10G uplink to/from primary Checkpoint firewall (options are funding dependent).1dReviewing 10G transition and funding options.Carry forward
Complete wireless AP density analysis.1g, 1hDiscussing staging this to be done one building after a time, after that building has settled on Aruba Canceled
Continue transition to new Aruba wireless technical platform.1g, 1hResidence Halls and Kresge Library completed summer 2014. This provided improved performance on 802.11ac standard in time for fall semester.
Upgraded Pawley Hall and North Foundation Hall in August 2014. Wilson and Graham complete in Dec. 2014.
Carry forward
Complete project to install wireless access points in a high-density and high-capacity design in South Foundation Hall.1g, 1hCompleted summer 2014; improved performance for fall semester.Complete
Continue to perform wireless interference analysis and mitigation, identifying sources of wireless issues.1hUsing new tools to perform analysis. Wireless problem resolution is improving. This is now baseline operation.Complete
Working with OUPD, support alarm and safety systems network transition, based on the Siemens SiPass solution. Plan and support emergency communications.1a, 1e, 1fSiPass system is highest priority. Installation completed for Residence Halls and new buildings (7/14). SiPass Door Controller added to Wilson and O'Dowd Hall (7/14). Oakland Center and Kresge in progress. Carry forward
Update Code Blue phone platforms to IP or AVGs, depending on project timing and funding.1a, 1e, 1fAdding Code Blue phones to Cisco Call Manager environment as requested. Human Health Building, Engineering Center, P32, and Oak View Hall area set-up as of August 2014. All existing Code Blue phones were migrated to AVGs by early 2015. OUPD is working on an RFP to upgrade them to IP/SIP-based phones.Complete
Complete Hannah Hall cabling improvement for VOIP prep.1a, 1eCabling project complete.Complete
Identify, initiate, and implement VOIP building transitions. 1a, 1eCompleted migration of Elliott Hall July 2014.
Migrated SECS telephone to the new Engineering Center and on to the VoIP system August 2014.
Migrated Pauley Hall to VoIP August 2014.
Working on small departments in North Foundation Hall to complete NFH.
Working on Dodge, Science & Engineering Building, and Hannah.
Over 2000 phones were migrated. East campus will be handled as a separate project in BY16.
Complete migration to UCCX and discontinue ACD.1a, 1eDepartmental call centers (two locations) are on the latest technology, which supports call analysis and monitoring as of July 2014.Complete
Install AVGs at entrance facilities (where feasible) to service analog devices in a given building.1eCompleted first quarter 2015.Complete
Migrate Call Handlers from HICOM to CUCM.1eCompleted first quarter 2015.Complete
Migrate analog credit card readers to new platform.1eIdentified options and reviewing direction, with security and compliance goals tied in. New platform was approved for purchase in October, and is moving forward in November. Completed first quarter 2015.Complete
Migrate elevator phones to AVGs.1eCompleted first quarter 2015.Complete
Enable passive DNS on RESNET.1aCarry forward
Enable DNSSEC - sign, 5aCarry forward
Turn on DNSSEC Validation; require authenticated data for all recursive queries in RESNET.1a, 5aCompleted work.Complete
Perform NTP replacement for NTP1/NTP2.1aEvaluate budget. New solution has been researched; waiting for purchase timing.Carry forward
Complete project to determine cable and technology readiness for VoIP transition on East Campus.1eCarry forward
Improve network analytics and monitoring.1iSeeking funding for Statseeker. Partnering with Residence Halls, we plan on buying a server late in this fiscal year and software after 7/1/15.Carry forward
Infrastructure Hardening: Enable SSH and TACACS on RESNET switches.1a, 5aProject reassigned and is underway.Carry forward
Enable SNMPv3 on all switches and routers, with migration to Intermapper v3.1iTemplates are updated. This will be complete with all SNMPv3 enabled devices are operating. 80% complete.Carry forward
Perform network engineering study for Varner Hall riser system.1a, 1iDiscussed plan with Capital Planning and Design group. Proposed changes have been reviewed and accepted by University Senate Committees. Waiting for engineering firm.Complete
Perform network engineering study for North Foundation network closet.1a, 1iReceived study results, including plan and project budget (10/14). Waiting for funding.Complete
Plan for Internet connectivity growth. 1a, 1eReviewing bottlenecks. Received firewall replacement quotes (11/14). Waiting for funding.Carry forward
Support robust learning and advising communities and environments by selecting, implementing, and maintaining educational infrastructure components.2
Architect and implement improvements in the Moodle and eSpace e-learning technical environments.2a, 2b, 2dReviewed student and faculty survey feedback with ELIS staff for priority considerations. E-Portfolio virtualization project completed in December. Actively working on software update for Moodle database servers. Analyzed and added additional storage to databases.Complete
Complete implementation of the Student Success Collaborative.2l, 3d, 3g, 7lData file transfers installed early in 2014. Developed links for MySAIL environment. Moved to production in March 2015.Complete
Mobile: Incorporate the new development for the portal, MySAIL and MySAIL Mobile Apps.2lAdvising Suite Portal was launched in June 2014. The MySAIL portal was modified to add residency credits and course descriptions in the Progress to Degree, Course Schedule, and Advising Suite portlets, and new split screen view for iPads was introduced for usability of the MySAIL portal in 10/14. Over the last year, both Apple and Android apps for OU MySAIL were completely rewritten and released to keep current with mobile standards and to be able to support the variety of new devices. variety. Features such as saving passwords were standardized. Applications were reconstructed to significantly improve performance. Our student developer program is extremely important to our service success.
Mobile: Implement Student Holds portlet to provide portal view of holds.2a, 2g, 2l, 3aCompleted testing and launched 7/14.Complete
Mobile: Rewrite Financial Aid Portlet to current standards for usability.2a, 2g, 3a, 3cCompleted testing and launched 7/14.Complete
Mobile: Develop Advisor Student Holds portlet and add to Advisor Suite.2a, 2g, 2l, 3aCompleted testing and launched 8/14.Complete
Mobile: Add functionality in MySAIL and other to enhance emergency notifications through the Rave campus solution.2e, 2i, 5fThe emergency notification system RAVE was better integrated into the MySAIL portal, such that OUPD can now activate and deactivate a large alert pop-up in MySAIL. Completed and launched 11/14.Complete
Mobile: Add log-out reminder to portal.2aChange developed and launched 7/14.Complete
Mobile: Improve analytics framework.2a, 7lImproved access logging in uPortal and added Google Analytics to uPortal Mobile Templates.Complete
Mobile: Improve announcements portlet.2a, 2eImproved announcements portlet was launched in 9/14.Complete
Mobile: Re-architect TransLoc code in BearBus portlet.2a, 2ePortlet was changed and installed, used in fall semester. Also added to Visix digital signage.
Mobile: Add graduation info to MyDetails portlets for students and advisers. Plan application to degree portlet.2a, 2lSpecifications complete, and development in progress 2nd quarter 2015.Progressing
Mobile: Develop advisor portlet with notes access to Banner Communications Manager.2a, 2lHolding
Mobile: Design Graduation mobile app.2a, 2e, 3aMeeting held to gather high level requirements. Waiting for documentation from Registrar's lean task force. Integrated with Registrar's changes.Complete
Review and develop plan for virtual student lab.2d, 2h, 6b, 6hReviewing installation and licensing issues. Decided to focus on academic software. Obtained technical architecture design. Obtained first software license quotes. Developed budget. Feedback from the Educause Faculty Technology Survey indicates strong support for this direction, particularly starting with SPSS. Senate Academic Computing Committee is developing a report with recommendations; to address the entire campus, 5 critical licenses were identified.Carry forward
Support implementation of Percussion Content Management system and the migration of the university web site.2e, 6h, 7c, 7lOngoing meetings, discussion, diagramming, upgrades and implementations through vendor, Communications and Marketing personnel and University systems engineers. We continue to support production upgrades and trouble-shooting issues.Progressing
In conjunction with Art and Art History (AAH) expand the capability and storage capacity of the MDID image storage program.2d, 2fHardware engineered and ordered to meet requested expanded departmental requirements. System set up and prepared. The department isworking through Project completion. Additional work from UTS will be needed after AAH work is done; planning to be complete by end of June. Planning discussions have started for a Mac video server replacement.Complete
Add additional storage capacity within the redundant node of Moodle for necessary replication and fault tolerance of the primary production node.2b, 7i, 7jOne time funding request for redundant node in 2013/2014 not accommodated, project held for 2014.2015. Additional drives need to be ordered and set up to accommodate the growth in the production node. Quotes for drives have arrived and are being ordered.Complete
Enable access to selected Google consumer apps from the Oakland domain.2d, 2eFeedback from the Educause ECAR Faculty Technology Survey supported this direction. We've completed legal review. Design development for information items on the CAS login was completed 10/14. Reviewing Vault implementation. Launched informed sign-on in February. First consumer apps enabled in May / June.Complete
Improve portal by completing prioritized projects.2a, 2lDevelopment Priorities
#1 Deploying Apps with uMobile Global Config (allows apps to move from uPortal 4.0 to 4.1 better)
#2 Stable uPortal 4.1 Environment with OU System Configurations
#3 Redesign Portal Theme and Layouts
#4 Courses Portlet - UW-Madison Upgrade
#5 Responsive Design Rewrites in Portlets

Targeting 1-3 in for March completion; bulk of the work is done. Testing and working through bugs. Target for working test environment early July 2015. Targeting a go live in late July/early August 2015.
Testing Tomcat 8.

The primary focus in this stage is to release uPortal 4.1 and apply responsive design to everything possible.

uPortal enhancements completed since January 2015:
Employee Leave Balance
Java 8 Support
Password Portlet - responsive design
Bookmark Portlet - UI rewrite
Google Analytics Portlet
Identified and documented new build process
Emergency Alerts
Financial Aid Portlet - responsive design and caching
Student Holds Porlet - responsive design and caching
Redesign "Oakland Services" portlets
Create and integrate enterprise solutions that support efficient enterprise communications, transactions, data access, storage, transmission, and exchange.3
Banner: Complete Banner upgrades and patches, maintaining technical currency. Banner 8 maintenance (based on currently known product calendar entries).

! = OU DBA is scheduled to complete in October

@ = Priority, outsourced

- = not yet prioritized
3b, 3c, 3h
In Progress:


@ Relationship Manager - Upgrade to 1.7 with WebLogic install in Test -
Scheduled for the week of 10/20 with completion in Test for 10/24/2014,
Prod 12/15/2014

@ Relationship Manager - Upgrade to 1.7 Scheduled for 12/10/2014 for Prod
Prod 12/15/2014

@ General 8.7 (8/2014) Test Nov / Prod Dec
@ General 8.7.1 (9/2014) Test Nov / Prod Dec
@ Web Tailor 8.7 (8/2014) Test Nov / Prod Dec
@ Web General 8.7 (8/2014) Test Nov / Prod Dec
@ Web General 8.7.1 (9/2014) Test Nov / Prod Dec

@ Oracle PSU October Release

@ Flexible Registration 8.6 / 8.6.1 Test 10/6
@ Accounts Receivable 8.5 (9/2014) Test 10/6
@ Finance 8.10 (8/2014) Test 10/6
@ Finance Self-Service 8.7 Test 10/6

! Human Resources 8.11
! Position Control 8.11
! Employee Self-Service 8.11

! Human Resources 8.11 (7/2014)
! Position Control 8.11 (7/2014)
! Employee Self-Service 8.11 (7/2014)
- Human Resources 8.11.2 (12/2014)

- Student 8.7 (8/2014)
- Student Self-Service 8.7 (8/2014)
- Faculty Self-Service 8.7 (8/2014)

- Financial Aid 8.21.1 (10/2014) with SOW customizations
- Financial Aid 8.22 (1/2015) with SOW customizations
- Financial Aid 8.23 (4/2015) with SOW customizations
- Event Publisher 1.2.3 (10/2014)
- Banner Communications Management
All complete except Banner Communications Management (vendor has not released yet)
Banner: Install Connector upgraded in support of project dependency for TouchNet upgrade.Banner Connect Dependency ticket 23987
In order to complete the TouchNet upgrade on schedule, TouchNet Connect for Banner Connect Integration needs to be upgraded to version 2014.4.  This needs to be done in Test as soon as possible and by November 3 in PROD, which means immediate install. 
Banner: Upgrade Oracle Fusion Middleware for the Banner Relationship (Communications) Manager environment.3b, 3c, 3h@ Relationship Manager - Upgrade to 1.7 with WebLogic install in Test -
Scheduled for the week of 10/20 with completion in Test for 10/24/2014,
Prod 12/15/2014
Banner: Run Database Extension Utility (DBEU) in PROD.3b, 3c, 3hScheduled and run successfully on 10/8/14. Finalizing last details. Complete.
Banner: Deploy BannerXE Events 9.2. 3b, 3c, 3d, 3hOutsourced; pre-reqs are done. Some staging needed for test install. Need to download 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 packages. Working through issues on systems side. Repackaged and redeployed with Tomcat. Worked through issues 10/14; wrapping up details before announcing. Completed install in Test and released for user testing in 11/14. Expecting user approval for production for summer 2015.Complete in Test; holding for user approval for PROD.
Banner: Modify Banner views, jobs, functions, and procedures to enable installation of Oracle DBEU.3b, 3c, 3hReview completed and changes made during summer 2014.Complete
Banner: Complete project to upgrade the Banner Luminis / RHEL environment. Develop project to implement Banner Event Publisher to replace Banner Luminis Message Broker.2b, 3bEvent Publisher deployed in test. Banner Event Publisher 1.2.1 needed in production for Recruiter launch.Progressing
Banner: Deploy Banner Integration for eLearning, 3bWaiting for Banner ILP release; Ellucian delayed release.Hold
Banner: Complete plan for Oracle 12c database upgrade.3bCarry forward
Banner: Execute plans for confidential data mitigation.3e, 5a, 5hImplementing IdentityFinder as first step.Progressing
Banner: Support growth of the Student Retention Performance and Recruiting and Admissions Performance implementations, including builds of the Operational Data Store, Enterprise Data Warehouse,and Cognos reporting analytics environment.3e, 3g, 5i, 7lMaintenance releases:

- Operational Data Store 8.5 (9/2014)
- Enterprise Data Warehouse 8.4.4 (8/2014)
- Cognos 10.2.1 and Fix pack 3 (7/2014)
- Recruting and Admissions Performance 1.3.1 (12/2014)
Banner: Support functional implementation of Banner Document Management. 3b, 3c, 3f, 3g, 3h, 7kSupporting Grad Study implementation training completed 2014; launching with Banner Recruiter in summer 2015. Undergraduate Admissions training completed in August. Training for student files with Registrar and Advisers completed October 2014 and gradual implementation underway. University Human Resources and Academic Human Resources training completed in December and gradual implementation underway. University Relations training completed February 2015; conversion planning underway.Progressing
Banner: Implement Banner Advancement Connector.3bInstall component critical for the success of Alumni implementation of iModules. Implemented in Test; testing continued in summer 2014. Working through defect patches. Esclated testing support 10/14. Completed and implemented in February 2015.Complete
Banner: Develop, support, and provide assistance for Banner workflows.3e, 3f, 3h, 7kSupported workflow updates for Registrar during summer 2014.Progressing
Banner: Support implementation of Banner Recruiter, software-as-a-service.3b, 3c, 3e, 3g, 3hContract signed. Working through technical implementation plan. Kick-off technical meeting held July 2014. Functional kick-off held in September 2014. DBA technical review complete. Working through BRIM installation dependency in 10/14. Implementation process continues with production launch planned for summer 2015.Progressing
Blackboard Transact: Complete upgrades and projects for the Blackboard Transact ID Card environment.3hScheduled project to copy ID photos to Banner during 4th quarter 2014; waiting for Banner Faculty XE release. Reviewed status with Student Affairs; no other Blackboard upgrades planned for 14-15. Plans changed March 2015 with upgrade planned for May.Progressing
Forms: Complete a sample migration of some existing forms from to the new PerfectForms forms environment.3f, 3h, 7kTest environment 90% set up. We are working with vendor on outstanding issues. We have started converting about 6 existing forms. We are targeting to have a development environment and 15 existing forms migrated to production by June 2015. October 2014 - testing first prototype form. Developed Active Directory solution for forms that require login.Progressing
Forms: Complete analysis assessing potential of data conversion from the existing forms environment to PerfectForms.3f, 3h, 7kOn hold until 2015-16.Carry forward
Integration: Implement changes for the State of Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) processes.3d, 3e, 3f, 3g, 3h, 7lFinalized process in July 2014.Complete
Integration: Analyze and develop processes in compliance with the State of Michigan transfer credit initiative.3g, 3h, 5i, 7lFinalized process in October 2014.Complete
Integration: Complete process and data modifications required to support the university changing to a new banking relationship.3b, 3d, 3gProject scheduled to start 10/1. This is a large project involving changing data and several data exchange processes. Project starts in March 2015; SIG is developing the bank change script and OU will coordinate file transfers to new bank.Planning
CAS: Upgrade CAS to release 4.03a, 3g, 5kPostponed to wait for 4.1 and complete work after portal upgrade. Received OK on 4.1 and Shibboleth in November. Project will be initiated in December. Unicon is handling CAS 4.0 and Shibboleth development; project is underway. New servers installed and testing planned. Planning summer launch. CAS 4.0 launch 6/15, final testing on Shibboleth underwayProgressing
Custom: Implement "Pick Your NetID" environment for students, faculty, and staff.3c, 3f, 5a, 5b, 5kDevelopment in progress. Testing initial roll-out. Completed prototype roll-out for new staff hires in 8/2014. Student process went live 4/1/2015.Complete
Custom: Develop automated processes for Banner account requests.3f, 3g, 5kOn hold pending forms project.Holding
Develop, support, and provide assistance for job scheduling using Automic (UC4).3f, 3h, 7kThe Automic Banner Agent was installed and enabled on the production Banner job server. Training scheduled for October 2014.Progressing
Develop, support, and provide assistance for secure file transfers using GoAnywhere.3f, 3gGoAnywhere upgrade needed; holding until resources are available.Holding
Develop, support, and provde assistance for address quality.3f, 3gCompleted install of Clean Address system upgrades August 2014.Complete
Mobile: Release new version of MySAIL iOS and Android App, using new technology.3a, 3c, 3g, 3hiOS complete, Android complete. Launching Android v. 2 and iOS app upgrades in first quarter 2015. iOS required 64-bit processing and a more supportable Objective C. Android was updated to current standards, password processing, and device supportability.Complete
Mobile: Implement infrastructure changes for uPortal and uMobile.3a, 3c, 3g, 3h, 7jEvaluated uPortal 4.0.14 and 4.1 releases.  Going forward with releases between 4.1 and 4.2. Planned for July completion.Progressing
Mobile: Add course descriptions to Progress to Degree and Course Schedule portlets.3a, 3cLaunched changes prior to start of fall semester 2014.Complete
Mobile: Evaluate Maven Management Software with recommendations.3a, 3h, 7i, 7jInstallation complete Feb 2015Complete
Mobile: Improve Maps portlet user interface.3a, 7jDevelopment complete, launched for fall semester.Complete
Mobile: Create views for MySAIL iPAD app.3aCompleted July 2014Complete
Annual Goals