TimestampWhat is your First & Last Name?What district do you work for?What is your position?What is your email address?What is the best phone number to reach you at?Will your district be altering the school day / school year?Please share any details you can regarding the change to the school day or school calendar.Is your district planning to socially distance students on the bus? (12 students or less per route)Please share any details you can regarding student seating on the bus.What sanitation processes will be implemented on the school bus? Check all that apply.What sanitation supplies is your district using / planning to use?Please share any other details regarding PPE and School Bus SanitationHow are you planning to communicate to staff about implemented procedures and changes to the upcoming year?Is your district planning to have an in-service for transportation staff prior to the school year starting?Share any thoughts or plans around In-Service for staff when they return to prepare for the new school year.How are you planning to communicate to parents about implemented procedures and changes to the upcoming year?Is your district suspending Field Trip and Athletics Trips?Leave any information here about Field Trips and Athletics.Do you have any topics or questions you would like to have discussed at our next meeting?
6/5/2020 14:54:06John FlynnFountain Hills USD #98Director of Transportation & Facilitiesjflynn@fhusd.org4806445310NoNoPPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between AM/PM routesElectrostatic Sprayer & COVID rated disinfectantWe will use electrostatic disinfecting at the end of the AM & PM routesAnnual training meetingYesAs part of the districts overall response implementation communication protocolYesInitially no field tripsNo
6/5/2020 15:51:39Thelma WhitbeckLittleton School District #65Transportation Coordinatorwhitbeck.thelma@littletonaz.org623-764-8914MaybeMaybe grade levels, or short weeks NoNot possible with amount of equipment and staff.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesSaniguard performed by bus drivers collecting quotes for some sort of fogging machine. Waiting for instructions from governing board on students wearing face coverings.All Transportation staff will wear face coverings gloves waiting for DPS guidance of installing hand sanitizer.We had our first town hall meetings with the HR department and superintendent's office regarding what the school start might look like also have utilized email text and zoom meetings.YesWe will be handing out their PPE also performing our traditional start-up meetings and adding a new layer of training on what is expected from them during this pandemic IE; cleaning and sanitation and personal health.Superintendent's Town Hall meetings with community and parents ,social media Facebook, Twitter ,District website and auto dialer system.MaybeNot sure still waiting for guidance from our board members.Not at this time.
6/5/2020 17:00:01Kyle DiMatteoMadisonDirector, maintenance and transportationkdimatteo@madisoned.org602-664-7720NoNo adjustments planned at presentNoOur district has a high number of out of district students. We are considering requiring parents drop them off to reduce the number of students on the bus. No other steps have been taken yet, but we are also looking into distance education to further reduce demand.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between AM/PM routesProtexus electrostatic disinfectant sprayerMasks required of staff. Gloves optional (currently). Students aren't required to wear masks, but that is still under consideration.Town hall meeting scheduled for next week and future meetings as well, including protocol training before returning to work.YesDistrict has a communication plan, but I'm not certain what the steps are.YesAt this time, extracurricular activities including sports and field trips will not be offered in August. But things may change!I feel like we covered a lot of my questions in this call. I may have more, but nothing's on my mind just yet. Thanks for setting it up!
6/5/2020 19:43:30Henry MezaCreighton School Dist.Transportation Managerhmeza@creightonschools.org602 381-6055MaybeDiscussion are going on at this time with the administrators, nothing finalizedNoPPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesOur Director will be purchasing electro-static sprayers not sure what chemicalsStill being discussed at this timeDuring our in-service prior to the start of schoolYesNot sure untill we recieve more information from admin.on the openimg of schoolThe district will have our PR person handle the communicationMaybeNo descion has been determinedNot at this time, just learning alot from districts that are ahead of the situation so when District wants transportation input I will have the knowledge of the best practice being used at other sites.
6/7/2020 13:42:32Darla JohnsonCasa Grande Elementary School District #4Director of Transporation darla.johnson@cgesd.org520-876-3270MaybeFinal decisions have not yet been madeMaybeAs of right now one per seat leaving the seat behind the driver emptyPPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runsForgets and Rejuvenate SprayPending Email and trainings scheduled for JulyYesPendingMaybeI would like to see what other districts are doing
6/8/2020 10:50:47Ernesto MezaDVUSD #97Transportation Directorernie.meza@dvusd.org602-467-5072MaybeActually do not have an answer for this question at this timeNoActually do not have an answer for this question at this timePPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between AM/PM routesActually do not have an answer for this question at this timeActually do not have an answer for this question at this timeCommunications DepartmentYesCovid-19 updatesCommunications DepartmentMaybeActually do not have an answer for this question at this timeNot at this time
6/8/2020 10:54:05Doug KingCave CreekDirector of Transportationdking@ccusd93.net6236408031MaybeNot sure yetNo1st choice would be 1 to a seat, Siblings sit together, but it looks as we will allow 2 to a seatPPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesSanitation Wipes between runs and Industrial Sanitation after AM/PM routes. Considering Transparent Partition for bus drivers if approved by DPS Back to School Meetings YesExplain Districts Decisions on PPE and Parent Responsibility for students on Buses. What steps district has taken to insure safety for all district employees. What each bus drivers responsibilities are daily. Social Media, Superintendent Email and Voicemail to all parents. Post on Transportation Website. MaybeTBDNO
6/8/2020 10:55:07Hilma GustafsonGlendale Union High School DistrictTransportation SupervisorHilma.Gustafson@guhsdaz.org6234356075MaybeDiscussion are going on at this time with the task force , nothing has been finalized at this timeMaybeStill being discussed at this timePPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runsStill being discussed at this timeStill being discussed at this timeDuring our in-service prior to the start of schoolYesStill being discussed at this timeMaybeStill being discussed at this timeNot at this time
6/8/2020 11:23:44Dr. Kerry DuskinRoosevelt School DistrictDirector of Transportationkerry.duskin@rsd66.org602-304-3120MaybeMaybeSanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesNot sure of the nameNo further infoDuring school start up meetings and zoom conference meetings.YesDistrict LevelYesNo
6/8/2020 11:31:27David JAcobsonScottsdale UnifiedOperations SupervisorDjacobson@susd.org480-484-8576MaybeNot sure. Sub committees are still meeting for a plan to take to the board.NoPPE required for driver and/or monitorWe have purchased electrostatic machines.Just want I mentioned above so far.All our changes will be addressed at our annual welcome back meeting.YesJust bring them up to date of where we been and going with this and all/any new procedures involved covid.We are hoping that once a definite decision is made by the board our communications department will get this out. They have been good in this entire process with weekly updates to the community.MaybeAgain still waiting on definite approvals from the board. none
6/8/2020 11:32:20Trace TolbyGilbert Public SchoolsDirector of TransportationTrace.Tolby@gilbertschools.net623-692-2017 (personal cell)NoNoSanitation between AM/PM routesElectrostatic mister with QT-3 chemicalsDrivers have the option to wear PPE, but not requiredEmail and inservice meetingsYesBig auditorium and every other seat.Email and phone callsNono
6/8/2020 16:25:39VazquezIsaac School District # 5manager of transportationmvasquez@isaacschools.org6024345347NoYesThe plans are seating one student per seat. District is transporting 28 students per ride. Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routes, Sanitation at the end of day ONLYWe are going to meet with Waxie Company and we are going to decide which products are the best ones.Disinfecting wipes, spray bottles filled with disinfecting solution, wash rags and Hand sanitizer.Virtual Meetings (Zoom and Google), memos.YesRobot calls. emailYesMaybeIf temperatures are check at the bus stops and a students has a fever. What kind of the protocol drivers need to follow if there is no parents at home?
6/9/2020 7:37:06Brendan WagnerScottsdale Unified School DistrictDirector of Pupil Transportationbwagner@susd.org5866349769MaybeAt this point no decision has been made relative to a school day schedule/calendar at this point.MaybeIt is not my recommendation. Cabinet will be making a decision very soon.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation at the end of day ONLYSpray disinfectant/wipes of touchpoints between runs. Electrostatic spray each day.We have yet to receive our equipment. We will ask drivers to wear masks while loading and unloading. We may consider shields.We will prepare a statement including protocol and begin working on developing the training.YesWe have an in-service each year...this year will probably be mainly about our protocols for Covid.We will provide a statement describing our expectations and protocols and have our Community Relations folks include it in their communication. I plan to borrow the waiver idea and use that as well.MaybeStill not determined at this point.I believe it will be important to re-visit this survey on a regular basis as each District's leadership are probably at differing points in their decision-making...this is an evolving issue...
6/9/2020 7:55:06Shannon WeberKyrene School DistrictSupervisorsweber@kyrene.org520-423-7874Yesproposed shortened school day and additional attendance days in Q1NoPPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between AM/PM routes, Sanitation at the end of day ONLYunder discussion Possible masks for students, undecided and hand sanitizer at bus entrymultiple platforms when decisions are madeYesThe details, safety assurances, the need to be adaptable with fluid changes - Kids are our work - welcome them with positive energy they have been away 22 weeks!District communication teamYesclimate of drivers if they have been informed
6/9/2020 13:04:16Sam GonzalesTempe Union 345-3735MaybeThe district is still gathering feedback from the community with a goal to reduce student numbers in the classroom. Online and blended learning approaches are being considered. MaybeA decision has not been determined on seating capacity and may be impacted on the number of cases in the region and where the trend is going. PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation at the end of day ONLYProtexus electrostatic sprayer with PureTab chlorine based solution for daily disinfecting. hdqC2 for weekly cleaning. Oxivir Tb wipes for high touch cleaning between routes. Hand sanitizer proposed for each bus, unknown if district will provide PPE for students. Initial e-mails supported by in-service training. YesReview of routes, policies, sanitizing protocols and Covid-19 specific procedures along with skills training, as many drivers have not been in a bus seat for 90-days.E-mail newsletter and telephone calls.MaybeHas not been determined.What considerations are being given to HVAC systems?
6/9/2020 16:17:46Richard MooreDysart Unified School District #89Director of Transportationrichard.moore@dysart.org6238767995NoMaybePPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesSpray disinfectant applied at end of AM and PM routes; other disinfectant applied to high contact areas between runs.Supplying face masks or face shields and latex gloves to bus aides and bus drivers.Guidelines and training to be provided during back-to-school staff in-service. Transportation administration to determine whether training may need to be provided online (Google Meet or Zoom) rather than in person due to physical (social) distancing guidelines and avaiable meeting space. YesPlanning is in progress not fully defined as of now. Training topics may include universal precautions, use of PPE, and District directives for managing CDC guidelines. Many "what ifs" to be worked through.District Communications and Public Relations manages this. However, Transportation Administration will make recommendations about content and be involved in preparation of materials and media used to communicate precautions and procedures being used.MaybeAs of now, ongoing uncertainty about AIA and non-league athletic events and transportation needs. DUSD relies heavily on charter bus companies for such transportation and has been advised by most carriers that social distancing will be practiced limiting number of students that can be carried to 14. Awaiting District administration direction about physical distancing and PPE guidelines whenever DUSD school buses are used.Strategies for disinfecting school bus interiors: recommended practices and products, ways of managing this around school start-end time schedules, etc.
6/10/2020 7:23:10David SuderTolleson ElementaryDirector of Operationsdsuder@tesd17.org623-980-6068MaybeCurrently looking at four options. Online 100%, AM/PM model, A/B Model and 100% return to classroom.MaybePPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between AM/PM routesProtexus Electrostatic sprayers (Handheld & Backpack), disinfectant wipes.Student PPE may be consideredPD day prior to school, district office/HR communicationYesSocial Media, email, robo calls, District websiteMaybeStaffing plan if a district COVID-19 outbreak was to occur
6/10/2020 12:09:14Luis GreerFlowing Wells Unified School District #8Directorsantos.greer@fwusd.org520-696-8871MaybeAs of now we are just looking at optionsYesDue to unanswered questions we are still waiting for the end of June to make concrete decisionsPPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runsWe are still decidingsupply hand sanitizer, masks, and have all disinfecting material in hand and ready for drivers to use. As of now we are in committees deciding most likely in email and hard copy lettersMaybeDistancing will be our main prioritymedia and hard copiesMaybeNone so farnone at this time
6/11/2020 10:56:28Tommy SimsLitchfield Elementary SD #79Director of at AA/BB days, with 1 day off a week. NoWill run with 1 student in each seat (sibling sitting together), using new seat back height as a barrier as recommended from CDC guidelines when you cannot socially distance. Sanitation between AM/PM routesBuckeye Cleaning Supply, E-23 Disinfectant will not require students / staff to wear face coverings but will encourage and recommend. Will use Clorox/Lysol wipes for handrail and dash area after each run. Email, Facebook, remind, Zoom MeetingsYesMay be a virtual welcome back, or will have to split up into 5 different groups. District Website- YesField trips will not be scheduled until we can do a Scenario 1 open, will implement guidelines for sports through AIA recommendations. N/A
6/11/2020 12:01:54DorisGESD #40Manager of Transportationdbean@gesd40.org6232376264MaybeWe will not know until the executive team and Board makes decisions.NoOne student per seat or siblings can sit together.Sanitation between runsLemon quat disinfectant cleaner #764 and #710 (sanitizer)Hand sanitizerInservice week.Yes10 employees per classroom, 6' apartSchool start up mailer to parents.MaybeWaiting for decisions from executive team and Board.What is everyone doing with special needs students who require harnesses, star seats, wheelchairs, etc.
6/11/2020 16:25:41Ivan LandryGrand Canyon Unified #4Director of Maintenance, Transportation, and Operationsilandry@grandcanyonschool.org928-890-7968MaybeAll options are being considered. It is unknown what the state will decide they are not paying for. The current laws were not written for COVID-19 and they are very clear that most adjustments for what we will be expected to do is not reimbursable. Lawmakers have not expressed intention to address the situation before Districts must submit their budgets and calendars for approval. This makes it difficult to make a clear decision at this point in time. YesOptions are being looked at, but supporting social distancing guidelines seems like the safest options for preventing litigation at this time. PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesOzone generator machines along with liquid disinfectants for each bus.PPE for routes identified with "Medically Fragile" students. Full disinfection after each bus usage. Small District with only a few Drivers. My Certified Trainer will be educated and there will be an in-service. All other school staff will receive training in their in-service held separately of the Transportation Dept. YesSchool Office will provide the communication.YesUnless mandated by the state, all trips other than routes to and from school are probably cancelled. This District is facing the potential for a large loss of students due to the 100% service based economy of the Grand Canyon. The reality out here is no job, no house in our District. What the state will and won't pay for? Will ADE or other regulating agency provide actual direction for keeping staff and students safe while realistically funding schools, or will they continue to provide only "guidelines"? Will the responsible parties take into consideration the complications and difficulties that rural Districts face with students not having access to technology, internet, and at times electricity. This is a reality that still exists where many/most in this day and age still do not know or recognize/acknowledge.
6/11/2020 17:13:30Peggie OvertonQueen Creek UNified School DistrictDirector of Transportationpoverton@qcusd.org480-987-5982/ 323-356-5787NoWe will proceed with normal schedule.NoSeat directly behind the driver will remain empty.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between AM/PM routes, Sanitation at the end of day ONLYMisters, CDC approved disinfectants, hand sanitizers, clorox wipes, etc.Face masks/gloves; Disinfecting buses twice a day, after morning and afternoon routes.Staff will be emailed information and receive information, instructions and training during start up orientation.YesWe will discuss and provide training on PPE, cleaning procedures, emergency procedures, school shut downs/outbreaks, leave options, health and safety.District's PR department will disseminate information to parents/community. We will also use social media and our website.NoField trips and Athletics will resume as normal.Rolling school closures; social distancing options
6/12/2020 7:05:23Vanessa HernandezAlhambra Elementary School District Transportation Coordinatorvanessahernandez@alhambraesd.org602-336-2941YesAlhambra will move to a 4 day in-person school week, with remote learning every Wednesday. We are slated to start school on August 10th. We are also exploring additional time between bell schedules and staggered start/end times. NoWe are exploring reduced ridership; 2 students per seat on a yellow health day and 1 student per seat on a red health day. We are planning on loading from the back to the front with siblings sitting together. In the afternoon students who get off first would board last. This measure will help prevent students from walking past each other. PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between AM/PM routesTransportation is currently utilizing Zep Spirit II. This ready-to-use detergent disinfectant is a hospital grade, EPA registered, CDC List N product with a COVID-19 kill claim of 10 minutes. Bus Drivers, Bus Assistants and Students will wear face masks. Riders will use hand sanitizer when loading and unloading. We are slated to release our plans the first week in July using various types of communication medium. As of today, we are planning to bring staff back August 3rd for in-service and training. We are still exploring what in-service will look like (small in-person groups/virtual). YesWe are still exploring what in-service will look like. We may have small in-person groups or perhaps meet virtually. Employees who need to renew their CPR/FA cert will be provided with our vendor contact information to call and schedule their course at their convenience, but by their renew date. Our superintendent is currently conducting parent meetings. Our communications team is and will continue to disseminate information, plans, changes, procedures. YesField trips will not be available to schedule for 20-21 (cross contamination concerns)
Extended day (late runs) will continue.
Extracurricular activities (sports), a decision has not been made.
I would like to discuss bus evacuation. What considerations (if any) are being given to how bus evacuations will be conducted in 20-21? Does anyone have thoughts about a virtual bus evacuation drill?
6/15/2020 8:32:53Shawn TowHolbrook Unified School required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between AM/PM routesHillard qt3-- Safespace when availableEnd of routes, Masks and tempsback to school meetingMaybeSurveysMaybeyoutube videos are helpful thanks Jason
6/15/2020 12:35:57Eric KisselLaveen ElementaryDirector of Transportationekissel@laveeneld.org6022379100x3016MaybeAwaiting to hear if we are doing an AB type schedule with online between. Parents will most likely have an all online option.NoYes, we will have a reduced capacity. I think that will be 28 or 56, though (1 or 2 per seat vs. that every other seat).PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routes4 Protexus backpacks have been ordered for transportation. I have requested a handheld Protexus for every route.Face shields for driver and associate (when one on board). They may wear a mask with their shield. Students will have to wear a mask.Email. We will train in it during in-service, prior to the year.YesI believe most will be online vs. live.District communication officer has been making all of those contacts.YesDue to increased times between our three tiers and the additional exposure, I have requested that we suspend these services, as recommended by the CDC. No final decisions have been made around this.Are you or hoping to add staff for an anticipated increase in absences?
6/17/2020 17:38:00Karma ValentiDysartTransportation Administratorkarma.valenti@dysart.org623-876-7096NoNo changes to day or calendar planned at this point.NoIt is not possible to physically distance but we are considering several options. One would be seating two to a seat, 4 to a row.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesWe are still in the planning phase of this, but the Hillyard product, Sanifresh, is what we currently use. Drivers and aides will wear cloth masks and the district will supply these and gloves. Face shields can be worn but district has no plan to furnish these.Through district email, letters, and during the professional development scheduled the week before school starts.YesWe are still planning on how to provide social distancing in the rooms we will be using for the various sessions and gathering PPE to hand out to staff that the district is requiring be worn inside the building and presumably on the bus.The district is using social media, the district website, email, and letters sent home to inform parents. Parents are going to be required to sign a form that they have received and understood the procedures and directives.YesLet me think about this.
6/24/2020 9:24:11Sabrina LarimerPalominas Elem School Dist # 49Assistant Mang./Trainer/ Bus Driver`larimers@psd49.net5202550842MaybeFor the most part, normal as possible. On-line might not be an option. Still in the air.MaybeMost of our parents said by survey that they would be driving their students.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, Sanitation between runsWe haven't decided as of right now.We are requiring our transportation staff to use face shields. Masks optional. We will provide students with a mask should they show symptoms and the parent is not at the stop to take the child to school to be "cleared".Meeting, employee handbook, and email.YesSocial distancing and common hygiene. Facebook, email, signs on buses, and handbooks.YesAs of right now, Field Trips are canceled. Athletics are they are still working out plans and ideas to keep those going.None that I can think of at this time.
6/29/2020 14:20:54Dani MoehrAgua FriaDirectorddanielak@aguafria.org602.472.4484YesSo far we are opening virtuallyNoOn Gen Ed we will be seating 26, one per seat wearing a mask. Siblings can sit together. First eat each side behind driver, empty. ESS - hard to limit. Driver and Assistant will wear mask and face shield plus take students temp before allowing them to board the bus.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routes409, morning mist, clorox wipespurchasing Wagner electrostatic backpack sanitation sprayersgoogle meets, phone, limited in personMaybesome on buses disinfecting, some driving dry runs, some in service two break out sessions (10 or less) some by google meetsFacebook, callers, mailersYesIs anyone teaming up with Food services to bridge the gap in hours lost due to no filed trips?
7/1/2020 9:50:45Armando CuellarPhoenix ElementaryDirector of Plant Servicesarmando.cuellar@phxschools.org602-257-3800Yeswe will be offering online and hybrid classes on site. with mondays offMaybeWe are waiting to see how many students actual respond that they will be attending on sitePPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesVindicator and Neutro Quot still decidingZoomMaybepossible zoom or have small in person meetingsThey are receiving phone calls and emails about a survey from the districtYesnone at this timeno
7/1/2020 9:54:01Kathy RoadlanderEdkey IncDirector of Transportationkroadlander@edkey.org480-461-3200 x10909Maybewe are looking at changing bell times to utilize less personnel for more routes.MaybeWe are looking at loading back to front then reverse it in the afternoon so students do not have to walk by others. we are also enforcing seating charts allowing siblings from the same home to sit together. Nothing else is set in stone yet.PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runsOur maintenance department is ordering in the spray to be utilizedother than Masks, and spraying buses inbetween runs, students will be provided hand sanitizer on the buses.We have a meeting room large enough to meet with drivers then plan to do break out sessions to further get the information agross.Yesensuring proper distancing, providing boxed lunches so there are no shared handling of food.our schools are sending out literature and public messages with Power school.Nosports are on, they are already practicing. Field trips will be limited to available social distancing
7/1/2020 13:38:00SarahCartwright ElementaryDirector of Transportationsarah.hernandez@csd83.org6236914095YesWe will go to a 4-day/week for studentsYes1 student per seat for 27 or less per busPPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesProtexus handheld between runs and the backpack after AM/PM routesStudent masks, temp checks, sanitizer squirt as boarding. Staff masks and face shields, disposable arms for sped monitors and sped driversUpon return to duty we will have 2 weeks of training timeYesMailer, autodialer and social media postsYesPossible in-district athleticsFood delivery for August
7/6/2020 13:47:37Nancy GeeseyKingman Academy of LearningDirector of Transportationngeesey@kaolaz.org9286925603MaybeNoWe will start loading from the back, keeping families together and proper mask required upon entering the school bus. PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesProtexus electrostatic sprayer with puretabs or something similar PPE will be handed to those students who do not have it. We will sanitize after each run. We are a small district, we will either zoom or meet with 10 or less at a time.YesWe are notifying the parents via our website, a letter to those who register to ride the bus and in each handbook for the student. MaybeI do not have any at this time. Thank you.
7/7/2020 9:26:58Maria Villarreal Somerton Elementary Transportation Directormvillarreal@ssd11.org928-341-6060MaybeOur district will follow the same school calendarMaybeMask will be required, one student per seatPPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesQT--TB from Hillyard, hand sanitizerDrivers will wear mask and face shieldsTraining YesDiscuss and hands on cleaning procedures By media and text messagesYesThey have been cancel.Not at the moment, you all do a great job, keeping us well inform
7/15/2020 9:28:35Terri GriffinLiberty ElementaryTransportation Supervisortgriffin@liberty25.org623-474-6645NoNoone student per seat (siblings may sit together) mask will be required for all students unless there is a medical issuePPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routesstill exploring multiple products, sanitizing wipes offering the drivers and monitors the option of wearing face shields in addition to or instead of maskwill be calling and speaking with each individual in the departmentYesmeeting with small groups (two - three at a time) to go over all new procedures and to allow them the time they need to have all of their questions answereddistrict websiteYesHas anyone discussed what they will have transportation staff do should we not start on campus classes until after the first quarter?
7/20/2020 7:39:58Mary EliasMurphy
Coordinator - Maintenance/Operations/Transportation
melias@msdaz.org602.353.5055YesTBDYesOne per seat
PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs, Sanitation between AM/PM routes
Sanitized wipes, sanitized fogger machine, gloves, masks, shields, sanitized solution
TBDEmails, vitual meetingsYes
Sanitize, directions on how to use the equipment, procedures on sanitizing, protection on staff/students, policy procedures on covid19
Emails, marquees, letters sent home, phone callsNoProtection of drivers
7/21/2020 10:26:07Shawn TowHolbrook Unified day week- split scheduleNo1 sudent per seat
PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs
Qt3 checking tempsin service meetingYesSuperintendent letter and school reachMaybeASH has sent me info on partitions, these are or are not DPS approved?
7/21/2020 11:40:29Brendan Wagner
Scottsdale Unified School District
Director of Pupil Transportation
bwagner@susd.org586 634-9769Yes
At this point we are moving the 1st day in the classroom to Sept 8 while starting online learning on August 10.
We are requiring drivers to wear masks while loading/unloading and students to wear masks in order to ride.
PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs
We are using a spray disinfectant/rags between runs and electrostatic cleaning each night.
See aboveWe have continued to communicate via email.YesWe are still working on this...some in-person and some remote.Using our Communications DepartmentMaybeSharing Waivers and other documentation.
7/28/2020 13:15:11Lori Jioras
Apache Junction Unified School District
Transportation DirectorLori.Jioras@goaj.org480-982-1110 x2203No
We started online only on July 21. Students are in session from 9am to 2pm.
1st row will be empty. Offering 3 options for students. 1) online only 2) hybrid 3) in person only We are hoping to be able to seat only 1-2 per seat but it will depend on parental choices.
PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs
Waxie 730 HP Disinfectant with sprayer odorless, colorless, 5 minute COVID kill time in between runs
Drivers will have masks and/or shields (Their choice). Students masked. Hand sanitizer. Disinfectant wipes.
Staff came back July 13 with food delivery and other projects throughout the district. I check on them regularly in their assigned areas. I also communicate through email.
I will bring my team back one week prior to in person learning for In-Service, dry runs, etc.
Social media, emails and mailers, Transportation webpageMaybeNo decisions on this yet.Nothing at this time.
9/15/2020 9:01:07Lisa Pauli-Lake
Sacaton Elementray School District #18
Transportation Directorlpaulilake@sacatonschools.org4803908147Yes
The Gila River Indian Reservation is still on a stay at home order
PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between AM/PM routes
Waxie 710Supply students with masks that don't have themDaily meetingsNoFlyers home, information on district web siteYesHand sanitizer on the bus, is it allowed and what strength?
10/19/2020 15:22:38Eric Kissel
Laveen Elementary School District
Director of Transportation
ekissel@laveeneld.org6022379100 X3016Yes
We started October 12. Parents may choose on-site or online education.
We opened with 1 student/seat. Ridership is growing. Concerned with potential capacity issues at that number.
PPE required for driver and/or monitor, PPE required for students, Sanitation between runs
Victory handheld electrostatic sprayers. Virex II 256 Disinfectant and Deodarant; Quat Based Disinfectant.
Buses to be disinfected every time we come empty. The driver does this after they do a student check.
Email, virtual meetings and live meetings in smaller groups when possible.
Our staff was assigned to schools. Our in-service was greatly minimized, simply due to the time we had with our staff.
Website and email were the primary communication tools.Yes
We are going to access this after this semester. County and state data will drive those decisions.
I would like to know which districts are currently utilizing bus passes/ID's. This is not necessarily a topic for the meeting.