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Lost & Found FB Group
Want to keep your stuff? WRITE NAME & CONTACT INFO on it, CUSTOMIZE all your shit, and find our LOST & FOUND.
RollerCon PassIf we mailed it to you, don't forget to pack it! It costs money to reprint it if you don't.
Photo IDYou're going to need your government-issued photo ID at RC Pass Registration and to get into convention only areas.
Insurance StuffFind out what we require & accept, and pre-purchase event and/or banked track coverage before you get to RC Pass Registration and you'll save yourself loads of time waiting in line when you'd rather be doing anything else.
Allergy medsAllergy pills and - last year a girl needed an Epi-pen and didn't have one. Our EMTs don't have any drugs (including over the counter) to give you, so carry what you need.
Athletic TapeAthletic tape or KT Tape can come in really handy in prank situations, as well, but we didn't tell you that.
Lip BalmYou may want a few; one for each bag plus bedside, but don't leave anything but the potted kind in your bag in the sun. You don't want that mess.
LotionSuper rich body & face lotion helps combat dry recycled air in the casino and blisteringly arid desert air outside
Sun CareIf you plan on any time in the pool, you'll need sunblock and maybe sunburn relief lotion, as well
Eye DropsLubricating eye drops are crucial - the gel type, not the bleach type for weed smokers.
Contacts / GlassesThe hot, dry, recycled air is irritating to everyone, but can be especially brutal for contact wearers. Bring your glasses.
Saline Nasal SprayOr risk nosebleeds
Muscle RubSore muscles are inevitable with this much fun, so bring aches & pains relievers like Tiger Balm, arnica, muscle rub, etc.
Odor Killing Sprays & RemediesWhether you're sharing a room or just playing roller derby with people who have noses, please be kind and air out your pads & skates. Lysol, Notorious RED, Febreeze, Vodka / rubbing alcohol, dryer sheets, essential oils - whatever. Just don't expose the rest of us to your stinking bacterial science experiment, please.Anti-Stink Ideas on RC fb group
Pain KillersIbuprofin, aspirin, freezer bags for icing sore parts... whatever helps you through tourneys, you're going to want it. A lot of people bring cough drops or throat lozenges, too; about 65% of attendees lose their voice from exertion and just general screaming (at bouts, across rooms at friends, etc)
Skate Tools You probably want to make sure they're obviously yours; chain tools to your bag or customize your tools with stickers, sharpie names, or if you have a dremel, just grind your name on there and maybe you will increase your chances of coming home with 'em. Or you'll at least make the person who ends up with them aware of where they started.
Vitamins Its a good idea to bring something like Emergen-C or AirBorne, but either hide it in your room or bring enough for everyone, because they'll all want it, too.
Wet WipesHandy for stinky elbows and a poor but better than nothing shower substitution.
Comfy shoesFlip flops and slippers are crucial when you've skated all day and danced all night. Some of us even bring a pair of one-size-larger-than-usual trainers / running shoes for swelled overused RollerCon feet, as well.
HatNot just for helmet hair; the Nevada sun is blazing; our daily weather reports how fast you can sunburned in single-digit minutes at noon. Please wear a hat outside.
Pads, helmets, mouthguards, armbandsDon't forget those and hey - if you want to wash them first, we'll all appreciate that. If you have spares, bring those, too, especially elbow guards (which stink) and mouthguards (which get lost or fall in gross places). Write your name in your pads and on everything else, just like a kid headed to summer camp. Everyone's gear looks exactly the same in the get-ready area.
Roller skatesWell, duh. And thus opens the eternal question: What wheels should you bring? Our tracks are all sport and skate court, with its unique slow but sometimes slippery anyway surface. Whatever you wear on tiles normally is probably fine. You're on your own for skating outside the convention (ie outdoors), but we will admit that our planners go to the skate park all the time in the same wheels they use on our tracks.
Shirts to WEARRollerCon is a great place to bring extra league / team shirts to trade! You'll probably have lots of memorable bonding experiences where you end up trading shirts with your names on them, too. We try not to wear actual uniforms, though, because it's hard to explain that kind of thing to your captains when you get home.
Shirts for CLASSESAlways have B&W shirts with a legible name & number on them for classes. How can you get feedback if the coach doesn't know what to call you? They also come in handy for Open Scrimmage.
Shirts for GAMESWe hear that blank colored shirts can be quickly customized with wide barrel markers to fill in for no-shows on your favorite challenges, but our Officials tell us they'd would rather have you play under your own number heat pressed on the rigth color shirt. Don't forget to pack boutfits for the challenges you're already in!
Socks & undiesIf you take breaks between skating events, you could very easily use 3 pairs of socks and chonies per day or more.
Sweatshirt or HoodieThe hotel convention area boasts ARCTIC air conditioning. Bring a hoodie or buy one when you get there; you will almost certainly want one.
Party GearThere are themed, outfit-worthy social events every night. Are you ready? http://rollercon.com/events/
SwimsuitOr fuck it, you can swim in shorts and a workout bra. But then again, there is the Wed International Pool Party. Please do wear SOME FORM of attire in the pool when it's open to civilians (ie all the time except the BNB).
Themed apparelEvery day has a theme and while you are certainly welcome to wear black stretchy pants and a league shirt at any time, if you're the more flamboyant type, you may need to plan ahead.
Please notePants are not on this list. You are welcome to wear them, but they're not mandatory at RollerCon. In case you wondered.
Electronics, Art Supplies & other Important Shit
BatteriesConvention spaces suck the life from cell phone batteries, plus you have so many selfies to upload! Don't forget to tag and #RollerCon. Extra batteries & external battery pack chargers come in super handy.
Caribiner HooksIncredibly handy for making sure you have all your shit; clip it all to your bag or belt! RollerCon vets walk past you clinking like ancient travelers from all the shit clipped to their apparel and bags.
ChargersYou're going to need one for your phone, plus don't forget fitbits & apple watches, tablets and all the other shit you have to charge. You don't want to do all that walking & exercise with zero credit. Fitbit steps contests have been raging multiple years - hey, why isn't there a fb group for that yet?
HighlighterIf you're the type to obsess over schedules, or if you just want to make sense of it, you'll find a complete, small font, multipage, 500+ event, long-form schedule worthy of highlighting in the program magazine you receive at Registration. Also handy for your own notes.
Notebook & pensVery useful for anyone attending seminars or taking notes during on skates classes. Can be combined with markers for a record of your game heckles, as well. WRITE YOUR NAME & CONTACT INFO IN IT. We are forced to pitch notebooks full of exhaustively detailed notes from our Lost & Found every single year. If we find yours with contact info, we might be able to ship it to you.
Power StripWhy fight over outlets? Be everyone's hero with a 6-outlet power strip with bonus guarantee that no one ever unplugs your phone while you're sleeping.
White board & markers
Dry erase markers come in very handy for roommate notes on the mirror, and the combo provides fantastic game heckling opportunities. Even better if you can find a board with a loop that can be clipped to your skate bag
Wide Barrel MarkersPlease don't be that officials' irritant that tries to scribble a 6" number on your shirt with a pointy marker 12 seconds before the first jam. YOU NEED BIG BARREL MARKERS and maybe even wide barrel fabric pens if you want to put numbers on shirts. Also, being the one with a marker for arm numbers is a good way to make new friends during scrimmage.
Internal (Food +)
Electrolyte Supplements
The internet has lots of opinions and reviews, but we like Derbalife Hydrate, G2 powder, Clif Shot, Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration and Nuun. In a pinch, lots of water and salty fries can also rejuvinate, but the healthy supplements will do you better.
Food A lot of people ride share to food stores immediately upon arrival. Join our forums or facebook groups to find your ride and get lots of advice about healthy room temp food to keep on hand. Consider easy options like bread, crackers, tuna packs, fruit, nut butters... that said, the breakfast burritos at the food cart are not inedible. You can also bring leftover perishables to the track crew after the convention. We work hard and appreciate your cheeses and half loaves of bread.
Healthy SnacksHigh energy healthy snacks like protein bars & shakes, nuts, granola, trail mix can make a huge difference when you're running from one event to the next. It's easy to forget to eat and you will need calories for energy if you plan to skate! You can bring leftover unopened non-perishables to our Three Square food bank barrels in the RC Reg lobby after RollerCon.rollercon.com/about/charity/
Hangover CuresIf you're a drinker, bring hangover cures like Pepto, TUMS, Pedialyte, Gatorade, etc.
WaterYou're going to need to drink a lot of it. Please consider the renewable options in the next section, but if you're not into those, please drink water no matter what.
Appliances & Containers
Fanny packAlso, please make sure to say the word "fanny" to as many Europeans as you can as frequently as possible.
Backpack / Beach BagA bag big enough to haul lots of crap to and fro comes in really handy, especially for days when you leave the room with multiple jerseys and your lunch. A giant beach bag is especially good if you don't want to shut wet gear up to fester between games.
Water BottleMANDATORY. Customize it with your name or stickers or something so that you can say: can you pass me that purple one with the giant Prince sticker on the side? <-- but don't customize it exactly like that because then it will be mistaken for Ivanna's. Recommend 32oz or larger..
Iced Coffee JugA jug of pre-made ice coffee is a fast way to get your caffeine fix on the way out the door; plus the iced coffee at Westgate is weak, expensive and usually requires waiting in a long queue.
Hot CoffeeInstant coffee is better than you might think, but cheap plastic french presses and small drip coffee makers are also easy to find or bring if you're fancy. There's a Walgreens with coffee makers about a mile away at the strip. Do not count on coffee makers in the rooms no matter where you read it.
Electric Tea KettleNecessary to make hot coffee & tea, but also helpful for things like ramen, boiled eggs, etc.
Travel cup(s)Gotta put all those drinks you're making in something!
Water Filter PitcherSo much cheaper and less wasteful than buying plastic bottles.
HumidifierA $30 humidifier blasting cool mist at your face while you sleep can make your RollerCon experience inexpressibly better. You can pick them up at most drugstores in Vegas.
Hot Plate / Crockpot / Rice CookerGo on any of our facebook forums for too many ideas for how to cook healthy food in your room. Please do not burn the hotel down, thank you.RC Food Barter fb group
CutleryKind of mandatory if you plan to get serious about eating in your room. If you forget you can blow some money on room service and keep the cutlery, but its easier just to pack a knife, fork and spoon.
Cooler & ice packs(or just an insulated lunch bag): make lunch & snacks in the room and bring it with you to the tracks to skip the lines and more importantly avoid $9 chicken fingers. Some (but not all) of the room fridges have freezers; it's impossible to make sure you get one, but you can always sub from the hallway ice machine for the ice packs.