In June 2020, I created and made public this list of anti-racism works that I have either consumed or intend to consume soon. I did this not because there is a lack of lists like this – there isn't, and there is no lack of resources – but because I know that it can be easier to trust advice and commentary from a friend than from strangers or from a list of search results. This list is NOT an excuse not to heed the advice and suggestions of BIPOC over and above mine – that is not by ANY stretch what I mean by the words friend and stranger. I just know that it's nice to know you'll have someone to discuss and process things with. I'll update and add to this list as I continue my own work. Checkmarks indicate that I have watched/read/listened.

This document is view-only for everyone except me, so play with the order you're viewing things in all you want (A-Z by format, genre, length, etc.) – it won't mess it up for anyone else. If you want to discuss any of this content with me, or if there's something you think should be added to this list, please email me at rachel@rachelmarie.com.