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List of Educational Digital Resources that parents can use with their children at home
Lista de recursos educativos digitales que los padres pueden usar con sus hijos en casa
Grade LevelCompanyLinkDescriptionDescripciónService Offered Multilingual Use
Nivel de GradoEmpresaEnclaceServicio OfrecidoUso Multilingüe
K-8Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)
Age of Learning blends education best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to bring learning to life for children across the U.S. and around the world. Age of Learning combina las mejores prácticas educativas, tecnología innovadora y creatividad perspicaz para dar vida al aprendizaje de los niños en los Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo.Online and App version of Digital Games. Offered free for 30 days
K-6ABCYa is an app with a collection of educational games. There are six free games each week. The games are interactive and Educational. ABCya es una aplicación con una colección de juegos educativos. Hay seis juegos gratis cada semana. Los juegos son interactivos y educativos. Works best through the ABCYa App. Standard version free, premium has a fee
K-12 BrainPop animated movies covering various subjects and grade levels. Students learn by watching videos. Videos animados cortos que cubren varias materias y niveles de grado. Los estudiantes aprenden viendo videos. There is a small fee for the home version. Many schools have an account. Ask your child's teacher if they have a school account.
K-12 Breakout Edu puzzle based games that students can complete at home. Juegos digitales basados ​​en rompecabezas que los estudiantes pueden completar en casa.Following the link, students will be able to access digital versions "escape room style" games. These are free games offered at this time.
K-12 Code.Org made lessons that students can work through to work on computer science skills Lecciones listas para usar que los estudiantes pueden trabajar a través de para trabajar en habilidades informáticasStudents can work on skills on the iPad or on a computer
K-6Cool Math Gameswww.coolmathgames.comCool Math Games offers a huge library of digital games that practice problem solving and math skills. Cool Math Games ofrece una gran biblioteca de juegos digitales que practican la resolución de problemas y las habilidades matemáticas.
Students can choose from a vast library of games they can play online.
PreK -12 Common Sense Media
For 15 years parents and educators have turned to Common Sense to get media and tech recommendations for kids. Although we'd never anticipated a time like this, we're committed to providing you the best ratings, reviews, and advice so you can keep your kids safely entertained and learning at home.Durante 15 años, los padres y los educadores han recurrido a Common Sense para obtener recomendaciones de medios y tecnología para los niños. Aunque nunca habíamos anticipado un momento como este, estamos comprometidos a brindarle las mejores calificaciones, opiniones y consejos para que pueda mantener a sus hijos entretenidos y aprendiendo en casa de manera segura.Several links to sites, games and activites that are safe for children of all ages to use and access. Note: This site links to many different resources, some free and some paid.
K-12Duolingo app is a way to learn a new language! There are interactive lessons that allow the player to progress through different languages skills and make progress at the same time. ¡Esta aplicación es una forma de aprender un nuevo idioma! Hay lecciones interactivas que permiten al jugador progresar a través de diferentes habilidades de idiomas y progresar al mismo tiempo. This is primarily an App. Students can learn a language, or practice a language they are already learning in school. Making the platform a game is fun and exciting. The content is leveled.
Prek- 8Epic! can read digital grade-level books and log progress. Los estudiantes pueden leer libros digitales de nivel de grado y registrar el progreso.Students can log into the app and read books virtually, have the books read to them and help them with hard to read words. They are offering a free version for 30 days. Ask you school if your child has an account!
K-8 Freckle is a Math practice website for content. Freckle es un sitio web de práctica matemática para contenido.Students are able to practice math facts and math drills online. There is a free and paid version. Ask your child if your school has an account, and they will be able to play at home.
Prek- 8FunBrain collection of digital games that are based on reading or math. Una colección de juegos digitales que se basan en la lectura o las matemáticas. Students can play from a large variety of digital games online.
K-12Google Expedtions Expeditions is an immersive educational app that allows students to travel all around the world using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Students can swim with sharks, or visit outter space. Google Expeditions es una aplicación educativa inmersiva que permite a los estudiantes viajar por todo el mundo utilizando Realidad Virtual y Realidad Aumentada. Los estudiantes pueden nadar con tiburones o visitar el espacio exterior.This is an App that is usually used with a Virtual Reality Headset. If you do not have a VR headset or Google Cardboard, students still have access to the digital library of location sand augmented reality. Even if a child is stuck at home, they can travel all around the world!
K-12G-Suite Every APS student has a Gsuite account which allows for them to acces the Google toolsCada estudiante de APS tiene una cuenta de Gsuite que les permite acceder a las herramientas de Google Students can access Google Docs, Google Slide, Google Sheets, Google Classroom
K-8i-Ready should have iReady accounts for students. Las escuelas que compraron acceso completo a i-ready, los maestros podrán crear lecciones para los estudiantes.i-Ready creates interactive lessons that determine student areas of need. Ask your child if they know their i-Ready account logins.
K-12Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. The site already has millions of games on a topic. Kahoot! es una plataforma de aprendizaje basada en juegos, utilizada como tecnología educativa en escuelas y otras instituciones educativas.This is an App or can be played online. Create a Kahoot quiz and have all the kids in the family compete with one another, or better yet have your child share their code with friends and they can play against each other on mobile devices
K-12Khan Academy have videos for all grade levels. This would be an excellent resource for High school students to prepare for ACT/ SAT Tienen videos para todos los niveles de grado. Este sería un excelente recurso para que los estudiantes de secundaria se preparen para ACT / SATFree SAT/ACT test prep. Students can watch descriptive and informative videos demonstrating or teaching a huge variety of topics. The ccategories are categorized by grade level and subject area.
K-12Lumosity Lumosity is an online program of games that help improve memory, mental speed and problem solving. Students can play three to four different games per day for free to help improve mental dexterity. More games are a fee.
K-12PBS Learning Media and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers like you.
NMPBS y PBS han seleccionado GRATIS, videos alineados a los estándares, interactivos, planes de lecciones y más para maestros
PBS Learning Media has a vast library of learning videos tied to lessons for students. These include Science, Social Studies, Math and more. Students can continue to review concepts they were learning in class or maybe learn something new.
K-8Prodigy is a free, Pokemon-style math game that has been proven to improve student scores and confidence! ¡Prodigy es un juego gratis de matemáticas al estilo de Pokémon que ha demostrado mejorar los puntajes y la confianza de los estudiantes!This is an App or online platform where students solve math problems to gain points and actions in order to fight enemies. Students love the game-play action, and the content is tailored specifically for each student. The App is free, students can pay to upgrade to a higher account. See if your child already has an account or sign up for a free parent account.
K-12Quizizz self paced quizzes to review, assess, and engage - in class and at home. Pruebas gratuitas gamificadas para cada materia para jugar en clase y en casa. Elija un cuestionario existente o cree el suyo propio para su revisión, evaluación formativa y más.This is an App or can be played online. Create an interactive quizziz and have all the kids in the family compete with one another, or better yet have your child share their code with friends and they can play against each other on mobile devices. You can pick from a large list of already created quizizzs.
K-12ScreenCastify is an ultra simple screen recorder. It is great for teachers to record their screen, save and link videos, or have students record their own screens and what they are doing. Screencastify es un grabador de pantalla muy simple. Es genial para que los maestros graben su pantalla, guardar y vincular videos.This is an add-on that can be added to Google Chrome to record a screen. This may not seem like a tool students would use right away, but they can record and practice digital presentations, or pretend to be the teacher and create their own lessons. There is a free versioin and a paid version, you do not need the paod version.
K-Steve Spangler Science Spangler became famous for science videos on YouTube with more than 225 million views and growing. The online science experiment library is one of the largest and most respected resources online today for parents and educators.Steve Spangler se hizo famoso por los videos de ciencia en YouTube con más de 225 millones de visitas y en crecimiento. La biblioteca de experimentos científicos en línea es uno de los recursos en línea más grandes y respetados en la actualidad para padres y educadores. Go online for a free list of a HUGE amount of science experiements students can do online. All the experiment directions and explanations are free. They do have kits available to order online as well as a monthly subscription for science experiments.
9-12TI Inspire
CCSS Traditional Pathway Algebra II and Pre-CalculusCCSS Trayectoria tradicional Álgebra II y Precálculo Algebra II and Pre-Calculus Activities
K-12Tour Builder Builder works with Google Maps to create an interactive tour around the globe. Tour Builder trabaja con Google Maps para crear un recorrido interactivo por todo el mundo. Students can create digital 3D tours of locations around the world. Has your child been interested in locations they read about in a book, or about locations from a recent movie/TV show? Have students build their own digital tour.
Prek-12 Tynker learn how to code by dropping in blocks of code to complete and create digital games. Los estudiantes aprenden a codificar colocando bloques de código para completar y crear juegos digitales.Students can log into the Tynker account and a gaming system for students to solve problems and beat levels, all while learning to code
6-12Vidcode is a computer science curriculum and coding platform. The courses teach computer science, object-oriented programming, web programming, design, & JavaScript. Learners can upload photos, illustrations, videos, and audio – and manipulate them with code right away! Please fill out the form to recieve access to this resource.Vidcode es un plan de estudios de informática y una plataforma de codificación. Los cursos enseñan informática, programación orientada a objetos, programación web, diseño y JavaScript. Los alumnos pueden subir fotos, ilustraciones, videos y audio, ¡y manipularlos con código inmediatamente! Por favor complete el formulario para recibir acceso a este recurso.
How to utilize: Fill out this form to gain access.
31 sites gives students targeted practice for learning their math facts. (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
Este sitio ofrece a los estudiantes prácticas específicas para aprender sus datos matemáticos. (suma, resta, multiplicación y división
This is a computer based system. Students take a pre test that determines their most frequently missed math facts. Students then go through targeted drills and practice. The computer version is free, The APP has a paid service.
K-12Yousician learn guitar, bass, piano or singing. Los estudiantes aprenden guitarra, bajo, piano o canto.If you have an instrument at home, but haven't been able to teach your child how to play it, the yousician app will help students learn how to play. The app gives instruction and pointers. The free version offers a 20 minute lesson per day.