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Which Infant Seat Did You Choose?Number of people Satisfaction and ExplanationsMy Thoughts
Chicco Keyfit 3011great safety reviews and easy to maneuver in and out of the carfits in car well when graco snuggleride did notholds up to 30lbs, hospital said it was the safest, is compatible with many strollersfits into Bob Stroller nicely and fairly lightweighteasy to use and carry, fits into Phil and Teds, great safety ratings.nice weight, baby fits in it wellbest safety reviews for the priceeasy to get in and out of the car and has great snap and go strollerliked the seat but didn't use it with the travel system oftenI agree that safety ratings are great. I have no qualms with price or quality of carseats, but I don't love their travel system as a whole. Will not buy this brand.
Graco 9fastened securely in my vehiclelikes the accessories, likes that it also fits in swingeasy to use buckle, fits in stroller wellsoft and easy to cleanbuckles were great, carried babies up to a higher weight than otherslightest onedoes not like graco, would buy evenflo in the future. Overall I feel that Graco makes safe, quality products but their technology is lacking. I'm not crazy about their materials and extra features. Will not buy.
Britax 3 (two people would consider Britax but did not choose)Heavy but seems comfortable, my family only uses Britaxside impact tested, fits well in strollerseemed to have too much headroom at first, but like it overallI love Britax products. They receive excellent safety ratings and I like the quality of materials used. I also really like their strollers as well. Britax products are well-priced for their features and ratings. One possible downside depending on space you have available is that their carseats have a bigger footprint (as in space they take up) than other carseats in their class. Britax products are being seriously considered for the Bloodworths.
Peg Perego1great canopy featureI haven't extensively researched Peg Perego's products but I like what I have seen. Their products are made in Italy which is a huge plus for those who want to avoid products produced in China. We'll be researching Peg products more before making our final carseat decision.
Maxi-Cosi1( 1 considering)one of the safest and lightest on the market, made in Europe, very easy to install I haven't been able to find one of these carseats to actually touch but I love their sleek design- they seem easy to carry. Not something that should matter but I love the color choices. This carseat gets great safety reviews. Definitely in the running for the Bloodworths.
Aprica1safe and easy to operateIts difficult to find much information about this carseat/travel system. I haven't read anything bad about this Japanese company, but it hasn't been one of my favorites. I don't think we'll buy this brand.
Which Carseat/Convertible Seat Did You Choose?Number of PeopleSatisfaction and ExplanationsMy Thoughts
Evenflo Symphony5Great trigger system to release from car, easy to move seat, child enjoys seatSoft, great padding on bottom and backstraps are difficult to adjust, will purchase britax for next childGreat convertible seat from infant through boosterSimilarly to Graco, I have confidence that Evenflo products are safe; however, I'm not crazy about their technology and durability.
Graco3read reviews of Graco in previous section
Britax Marathon 702highest review from hospital, very easy to installAs said before, I really like Britax products. They have so many great options, we'll continue to research this brand as we look into this type of carseat for further down the road.
Eddie Bauer2reclining featurewill buy chicco for next childHaven't seen much on this brand, will not purchase.
Diono RXT2narrow profile, taller and smaller children may not reach headrestnarrow profile, great for dog sitting in back beside seatI really like the look of this carseat and it has great technology and safety reviews as well. It actually claims it can be used from infancy through toddlerhood! Reviews are excellent. I haven't seen this carseat in person, but I'm interested in learning more!
Britax Boulevard CS2safest according to reviewsI like this seat better than the Marathon, again I really like Britax products.
Britax Advocate2high side impact ratingstoo bulkyAnd I like this Britax seat the best. It's really big though!
Safety First from Sams2great priceboth children use Safety FirstI don't know much about this product, it looks great on the spec sheet for the price, but I have a feeling that like Evenflo and Graco, I won't be impressed with their materials and tehcnology.
Britax Roundabout1switched to Advocate because of side impact ratingsAgain, love Britax although this design isn't my favorite.
The First Years True Fit Convertible Carseat1works fine, was a giftThis seat gets good reviews and is well-priced. I haven't done much research on this brand!
Which Every Day Stroller Did You Choose?Number of PeopleSatisfaction and ExplanationsMy Thoughts
Graco8travel system, easy to useloved it, worked well with infant seatnot as durable as some strollers, but I don't use a stroller muchgreat for first 9 monthsgreat storage, easy to foldliked ittakes up a lot of room in the car, didn't hate it, didn't love itlasted through 2 kidsThere are a million Graco strollers! Russell and I test drove a few and found them to be a bit cumbersome. I would agree that they don't seem to be the most durable. The Bloodworths will not be purchasing Graco.
Chicco Snap and Go6easy to use with Chicco carseathated itwould have bought the B ready if I had thought ahead to 2 kids, liked the stroller for one child thoughcame with carseat and matched. liked it, but wouldn't choose a travel system if she had to do it over againliked it especially at first because of the snap and go feature. It is a little heavy thoughI've used this stroller before and I know it's a very popular option. I don't love it and won't buy it.
BOB Revolution5highly recommendhated itlove it, only carseat we use, got infant seat adapter and its easy to use, on larger side but folds easilygreat for kids over 9 months, doesn't recommend infant seat adapter because stroller is too heavy, get a snap n go system for thatLOVES this stroller and uses it for every day use, uses infant seat converterWe test drove the Bob Revolution and LOVE it. Great features, durable materials and an outstanding shocks system, and wonderful steering. I liked the storage space and the canopy size as well. Overall a bit heavy but not unmanageable. It's a bit large even when it's folded and I'm hesitant to choose this stroller as my every day stroller because of the length of it. I envision bumping lots of strangers with it and having to ask for extra space in crowds.
CitiMini GT2airfilled wheels are good for off-roading and folds easily to fit in the carNot great for city use due to weight but maneuvers and folds easily. Baby did not like facing away from mom in the beginning. If I had it over again, I'd get the City Select because of the adjustable seat and converts to a doubleWe test drove the CitiMini GT as well. We love how easy it collapses and it doesn't take up much space when folded. It's also lightweight. It says it can be used as a jogger as well. A big negative that we found on this stroller is the bar that runs across the back wheels gets in the way of your feet. Very well priced and great materials.
Uppababy Vista2liked that baby could face mom, not great for suburb living because its difficult to get in and out of the carHolds up to 3 kids, works as snap and go, sit and stand and tandem, great basket, good for long legs. I love the Uppababy Vista but it's a bit pricey. Its an outstanding stroller for urban dwellers who don't have to load the seat into the car often. It does have a larger footprint when folded. I love the versatility of this seat and we would buy this one if we were going to use our stroller from front door to city often (but that's not the plan).
Britax B Ready1use this one and BOB frequently, likes abilty to use B Ready as doublethis would be my second choice after city selectWe are strongly considering the B Ready. We love its versatility and 3 wheeled design. It's a bit on the longer side but not as long as the BOB and can be used as a jogger as well. It has a tandem option that stacks and will be great when the 2nd child comes around. I like the stacking design because it keeps its profile narrow. Britax infant seats snap right into this stroller and it is capable of holding heavier kids (your 5 year old could probably safely and comfortably ride in it). It is a bit heavy but colapses down well and is easy to maneuver!
Britax B Agile2weighs 17lbs, easy to fold, fits carseat well, maneuvers like the BOB but is MUCH lighterloved it, colapses easily, looks high endWe also really like the B Agile. It doesn’t have the tandem option but it's another 3 wheel design that is easy to maneuver and it only weights 16lbs! Very easy to lift! Britax infant seats snap right in which makes it even easier to use. Great price!
Peg Perego SI1lightweight travel system, infant seat fits well, great sunshade, I haven't seen this stroller in person but the features seem great, it folds up like an umbrella stroller and doesn't take up a lot of space. It easily fits the Peg Perego car seats. Would love to test drive this stroller.
Baby Jogger City Select1great for 2 kidswould consider getting this with 2 kidsI really like the look of this stroller and hope to have the opportunity to test drive it. I love its shorter design that makes it seem easier to maneuver in crowds and tight spaces. It also has a great double conversion option that stacks instead of the bulky side by side design. This stroller is said to be easy to maneuver and collapse as well.
Phil and Teds Explorer1Great all around stroller and can be a jogging stroller, has an infant seat adapter, can convert to tandem strollerI've heard mixed reviews on Phil and Teds. I haven't don a lot of research on them and haven't had the opportunity to test drive one. It seems that they have some quality control issues but as I have said, I haven't done extensive research. I think I'd go with the City Select over the Phil and Teds.
Bugaboo Donkey1Love it, can convert to carrying 2 kids.I've test driven this stroller and it IS awesome. Like the UppaBaby, it's great for urban city dwellers who need a cadillac of a stroller to get around the city. If we were those people, we'd get this stroller but it's just not practical or necessary for suburban living.
Apricia1loved it, lots of storage capacityAs I've said before. Haven't learned much about this brand.
Maclaren1fine, but prefer BOBLike the reviewer said "it's a fine stroller, but…" I'd probably pick something else. I've used Maclaren brand strollers before and I like them fine but we probably won't choose this brand as our main stroller.
stroller frame only (unknown brand)1very lightweight, easy to use, would use again
Do you use an umbrella stroller? Which one?Number of PeopleSatisfaction and ExplanationsMy Thoughts
Do not use12break easily not necessarytoo open and close to the ground, germs, gross. don't turn well Overall, I'm not sure that we'll get an umbrella stroller for awhile and possibly never. From my experience nannying and babysitting, it really depends on your kid and lifestyle. Some children would rather walk than use a stroller when they get big enough for these.
have one but not sure of brand5like it for airports onlylike it for older children who hop in and out
McLaren4great for airportseasy to push because of handle heightbeginning to use it more as child gets older (child is 2)great for airportsI've used Maclaren umbrella strollers before and haven't had problems with them…once I figured out how to open and fold them! They're pretty sturdy too!
Bugaboo Chameleon1does not fold or take apart easilyThis stroller is VERY attractive, I haven't test driven one and I am hesitant to invest the money on this stroller if, like the reviewer says, it doesn't fold well.
Uppababy GLux111lbs, more room, bigger sunshade, great for city families, does not fold well.another popular stroller, it's very similar to the Maclaren…I'd probably go with the Maclaren.
Chicco Liteweight1reclines all the way back for naps, comes with a footmuff, I haven't used this stroller but I know a lot of people like it!
The First Years Jet1durable for an umbrella strollerThis stroller is a great price! I haven't gotten my hands on one, but it looks like it MIGHT be a little difficult to steer.
Do you use a jogging stroller? Do you like the one you have?Number of PeopleSatisfaction and ExplanationsMy Thoughts
Do not use9I job with my UppaBaby and it works well, considering a BOBI'm pretty sure I'll want a jogger…but I have a fear that I might not be as big of a runner once the baby comes…fingers crossed that we'll be an active family!
BOB Revolution8love it!love it!compact for its class, great suspension, front tire has lock option, also good for walking around town, storage basket a bit difficult to accesslike the front wheel lock optionlove it, get a cupholder attachment love it, it's a little bulky for traveling thoughuses for everythingThe BOB Revolution is my top choice for jogging stroller! We LOVE it for active use. Like I said above, this stroller is amazing. We're hoping to find a lightly used one so we don't feel like we have to use it for our every day stroller.
Phil and Teds Explorer1uses for everythingSee reviews above.
Britax B Ready1uses for everythingsee reviews above. Additionally, The suspension system in the Britax B Ready isn't as good as the BOB.
Iron Man Triathalon Jogger1very lightweight and easy to maneuverhaven't seen one of these in person but it does look amazing according to the reviews.
Graco1would not buy again, front wheel does not turnI agree with the reviewer. We test drove this stroller in the store and steering was not ideal.
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