Global Stratification Visual Creations: Categorical Voting
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Alagar3Can We Be HeroesWhat Makes the World Go Round?Is the World Really RoundDifferences Around The WorldMcWorldThey Don't Bite The Hand that Feeds themIt compared the relation of first and third world countries in a literal metaphor that displayed how much power the 1st world countries have
Anderson3Global Reality CheckI chose this project because she looks like she put a lot of time into it and it doesn't look like her project is just pictures from the interment. What Makes the World Go RoundI chose the globe 3-d project because I thought it was a very creative way to show the "three worlds" concept. I also thought that it was very nicely put together. Kaleidoscope I chose this poem because it was creative and it reflects maybe a home in a third-world country. World PeaceI liked how this person incorporated countries that live and thrive in peace due to the factors of poorer countries. I also enjoyed her drawing skills :)NEOCORPORALISM This person had a good concept and it looks like they really tried to make their drawing very neat. The World We ShareI chose this because although at a first glance the drawing doesn't make sense, it was a creative way to express global stratification. And the artistic skills really shine in this project too. Good job!
Baldwin3Do diamonds really shine?I liked how explained how diamonds are so nice but at the same time they cause warsFirst world and the diamonds in the roughIt was really creative and made me think a lot about global stratificationIs the world really roundIt told a lot and rhymed They don't bite the hand that feeds themIt was a really good sewing and has creative ideasMoney judgement and povertyCannot draw well but had a good conceptWorld peaceIt showed so many different things that made you think
Barnes 3Do diamonds really shineI chose this one because it did a great job of showing how we see diamonds and not what it takes and what people have to go through for us to get theses beautiful things.First world and the diamonds in the rough I chose this one because this person put in alot of effort and did a good job showing what they thought about the diamonds in Africa Kaleidoscope dreams I chose this one because this person really thought about what they were writing and made it very nice and it was very well written The world we shareI chose this one because it did a nice job of showing what this person viewed as global stratification We have the world at our finger tips I chose this one because it showed that this person tried there best on there project They don't bite the hand that feeds themI chose this one because it was Nicely done but I had to really think hard to understand it
Barzangi 3The world as it is The reason I picked this on was because it really show you about the earth and all the different things that are in it First world and the diamonds in the rouge I like this one because it really shows you all the different people in the world and how other places are different for other places Income inequality This one show you about the money in America and how other we spend are moneyIs the world really round I like tho one because it shows all different people together Walmart they control more then prices I picked this one because I like the message he has in it Around the world This drawing really makes you think and what they are trying to tell you through it
Bean3Do Diamonds Really ShineWell put together and creativeFirst World and Diamonds in the RoughObviously put a lot of time and effort into the project Is the World Really RoundThe lyrics were very interesting and rhymed wellThe World We ShareVery colorful and creativeMoney, Judgement, PovertyThe art was minimal but the creativity was really goodThe World As It IsThe picture made me think about who really controls which countries.
bender4the world as it isI felt like it was very well out together and very easy to understand what they meantgood vs. evilI really like how she used the leaves and the vines to connect all of it the world really round?I really liked the poem and how it flowed with the picture that she drew..very easy to understand they don't bite the hands that feed themit was drawn really well and the explanation made it very easy to comprehend what she was doingwealth around the world in black, white and greenit was very simple and I really liked how she ones black and what with one dominant color. it really brought out the idea and tied all of it togetherfirst works and the diamonds in the roughshe used a lot of pictures and it was very clear to understand, and reading the summary made me think deeper and comprehend more of what she was trying to display
Cole4Do diamonds really shine?The picture was interesting and I really understood the point he was getting across. It's message was clear and easily understood. It made me want to stay an look at it longer. First world and the diamonds in the roughI chose is because the explanation made me think and I really liked the idea. It was cool how she incorporated so many magazine pictures to make one big picture. Is the world really round?I chose it because the poem really made me think. I loved how the picture tied in with the poem and it was very well done. The world we shareI chose this because at first glance you don't really understand what the picture is about, but the more you look you start to form an opinion and it made me think. But then you read the explanation and it all makes sense. McworldI chose it because although it wasn't the best picture the idea was there and it was good. World peaceI chose this because the picture is really good and made me wonder about how different these countries are. The explanation was good too because it made me really think of all the things I take for granted. I couldn't even imagine living in a third world country. And this picture really made me wonder and put myself in their shoes.
Collado 3The world as it is It was very creative and interesting and seems like a lot of time was put into it First world and the diamonds in the rain It was really creative and explained social stratification very well.Welcome to my world view I thought the poem was very well put together The world we sharei thought it was really creative on how they put a bunch of diffrent thinking together representing the world Hidden ingredients is child laborIt had good meaning and good facts but not so much creativity Around the worldit had a lot of good things just had to look closely into it to figure out what it all ment
Connors3The world as it isI liked how he used all the flags in the world. Showing how we all together and the difference between all of us.First world and the diamonds in the roughIt looked like she took a lot of time doing it and I could tell what she was trying to get across in her picture.Welcome to my world viewIt looked like she put a lot of thought into it and I like how she showed her views.The world we share I liked all the colors and when you looked at it, it caught your eye and how she incorporated everything into one pictureOlga Villota I could tell that she put effort in but needed some helpThe apple doesn't fall far from the treewent really deep with what they were trying to get across. The thought process of there's was very intense and completely different from what I would think.
Cooper3The other side visual creationI chose it because I thought it was really cool and it definitely caught my attentionMake the world go roundI like how it was set up and I really understood what she was trying to get acrossKaleidoscope dreamsI chose this one because I thought it was very cool and explainitory Can we be heros?I chose her creation because I liked how it was done and I thought it was really neat McworldI chose it because one it was funny and two because it caught my eye and I was really interested in it.Around the world It really was tricky; her drawling. But, I loved it I really got it and it was something very cool.
Cristini3The World as It IsI chose this one because it really explains Global Stratification really well. The picture looks really good and a lot of effort. 1st World,2nd World,3rd World Hierarchy of AmenitiesI chose this one because she really took her time and put a lot of details in itWelcome to my World ViewI chose this one because I thought it was a good poem that went with what were learning right now.Is the World Really RoundI chose this one because I really liked the art in it. All the details were really good and he really took her time. I also liked that he has a poem with her art tooA Blind Eye for Conflict of DiamondsI chose this one because you can tell her put effort into it but it was hard for him. Income Inequality and Its TeemrribleI chose this one because she put in a lot of time. She had a lot of stuff o her project that you could look at. I think she went above and beyond in this project.
D'Hondt4Do Diamonds Realy Shine?The Split dynamic of what we perceive diamonds as and what it is in Africa really represented global stratification very well. The images he chose were very sad but explain the truth. Don't Believe All That You SeeBurning the paper to show the truth behind what is going on was a good strategy to represent global stratificationBrain WashedThey don't bite the hand that feeds
Dewitt4The World As It IsI chose this because the picture was not only easy to relate to and understand, I can see the details and effort he put into this project. This picture was deep and explained the truth of the globe. First World and the Diamonds in the RoughI chose this because the large, eye catching presentation and the professional sense of this project made me like it. The 3D sense and the unique pictures from magazines made a beautiful collage. Kaleidoscope DreamsIt spoke deeper than the other poems, it wasn't straight to the point but artistically and poetically explained global stratification. In my opinion it was more artistic and heartfelt than the other poems due to the literature and diction. The World We ShareThough I couldn't really read this persons summary, this drawing caught my eye multiple times by walking around the room. It was a nice change from all the pictures in the room that looked the same and easy to understand. I like quirky drawings that differ from the others because it speaks to me more. Fair TradeThough the art was basic, she created a project that has multiple meanings an definitions that differ from the other projects. It does not only talk about chocolate and diamonds but it explains more about the worlds economy and why global stratification really exists. Is The World Really Round?This cute picture with a corresponding poem presented a great point on social ladders. The poor can never reach the top and continue to cling on the floor by toxic and trash while the rich will continue to climb higher and higher than the others and continue to climb over other countries.
Diamond3Do Diamond's Really Shine?I liked how big the picture was and the color of it. I got the message that he wast trying to get across right away.What Makes the World Go Round?It's really cool and very unique and different.
Diamond 3The global standards of livingI like the how they put information into their piece and it made me think and I learn because I was comparing the different lifestyles.Who are you stepping on?I like how they incorporated the name in the art and the design and color was good.Change the worldEven though they can't draw they still did good and executed the project well an I could see the message.Is the world really round?I like the creativeness and how they did a drawing with a poem and the drawing was cool how yet drew cute characters to represent different countries
Dietrich3Do diamonds really shineIt showed how other people benefit from the hard work of the Africans. They go through pain and suffering just so others can be happy.Bittersweet: the darker side of chocolateShe thought outside of the box, and exposed the secrets behind the one thing everybody loves, but knows little about. Kaleidescope dreams It shows how people imagine what their life would be like if they had money and the dreams everyone has, but can't achieve because they're too bust maintaining the lives that they currently have. They don't bite the hand that feeds themIt shows how the people are grateful for others helping them, and they wouldn't push it away when it's offered to them. An unfair worldShe showed how america benefits from other countries, and they get all of the imports , while no one else gets anything. The first world and diamonds in the rough They went above and beyond to cover all of the aspects of the world, showing something from every country, and proving that others have it better.
Dlouhy4Do diamonds really shine It took a lot I thought. I like the half colored black and white face 1st world and the diamond in the rough So much thought the title was really clever and I think she nailed the purpose behind global stratification Brain washed So much meaning behind the words it was easy for me to connect personally with it Dominate the competition Really interesting and made me think more of the message behind the picture it was great ! Really liked itHidden ingredients is a child laborIt was not pretty at all . Although I can see the meanings behind her pictures .Global domination in art and music Really good it made me think more and more about what the message was
Dominguez 3The world as it isI chose this one because it focused on how in reality everyone is similar and shouldn't be treated better or worse than one another just based on where you live or how much money or property you have and I feel like it is the only one that focused on that pointBittersweet: the darker side of chocolateI chose this one because it shows the reality that most people need to be aware of and they did it in a very creative way. Kaleidoscope dreamsI chose this one because they took a very creative approach by writing it as someone viewing how life would be in the third world and shows what things we take advantage of that a lot of other people only dream about. Is the world really round?I chose this because it creatively shows how much people have to struggle just to have the basic needs to live while most people in the first world countries can live comfortably at the top. A blind eye for conflict diamondsI chose this because although the picture was simple the person's explanation really showed that they understood global stratification and had thought about it a lot. Is the world really round?I chose this one because the picture and explanation really makes you think about how classified the world is and how much we ignore the fact that other people have to work all day everyday for a month just to get a fraction what we make in an 8 hour day.
Finnerty4The world as it isIt seemed like they put a lot of time and effort into it and it represents our world as a whole to really show global stratification 1st world 2nd world 3rd world hierarchy of amenities I liked the neatness and creativity of the idea of a hierarchy displayed because it really lays out in front of you the way the world works in its amenities. It was very clear in explanation of global stratification Is the world really round?I liked the drawing because it really caught my attention but the poem that went with it really caused me to think deeper about it Global domination in art and musicIt showed a lot of creativity because it represents our materials and the drawing was something I never would have thought of so it must of caused a lot of thinkingAn unfair worldThe drawing really wasn't that great but the idea and explanation of how first world countries taking everything from the other countriesDon't bite the hand that feeds themThe drawing made me feel really curious like I really had to look at it so i think she put a lot of critical thinking in it if I really had to think about it
Frankos4The world as it isThe creation showed a creative understanding of global stratification with a lot of effortChange the worldThe creation was put together well.I seeThe poem had a real understanding of how the world really is.The world we shareThe most in depth detailed drawing.McRibThe creation showed effort however lacked any artistic capability what so ever!The apple doesn't fall far from the treeThere was a lot of critical thinking shown on the creation
Gambardella4Do diamonds really shine? I liked the why he showed the difference between fantasy and reality. He has a very good concept of what global stratification is about Don't believe all that you seeThis piece also had a good understanding of how people are blind by ignorance and refuse to see the reality of what they really are. Is the world really round? Beautifully written and nice understanding of topic World peaceShows complete understanding of topic and the drawing reallyakrs you stop and look at every detail. Mc world Was funny and even though it wasn't the most creative art but it was a fun piece to read and look at Money, judgement, povertyI liked how she looked beyond the surfaced of the topic and brought out more to think about
Gelyana4The world as it isAlthough it was basic the detail within the world and how there were flags incorporated together represents a good explanation and meaning of global stratification. First world and the diamonds in the roughThere was lots of detail included and the structure was built large and clearly. I liked how there was diamond shaped and the USA shaped displays with all the different things the represent Global stratification Is the world really round? The words to the poem were meaningful and they weren't off topic. They were specifically related to global stratification and it rhymed perfectly. They don't bite the hand that feeds themThe drawing is a clear visual that I think well represents Global stratification. Just by looking at it, I could tell what the story behind it was or at least get an idea. The art is amazing but most importantly the representation of it is well put. They don't but the hand that feeds themThere wasn't much color or drawing to it, but they tried to put something together as a representation Dominate the competition global stratification visual creationIf someone were to take a look at the visual, they probably wouldn't Completly understand what's going on, but after reading about it, it shows how each part and detail relates and connects and gets u to think about how and why they made It the way it is
Ghannam3Do diamonds really shine?It's a great mix of different pictures and demonstrates the truth about diamonds. 1st world, 2nd world, third world hierarchy of AmericansIt was really creative and cleanly made. It was neat and organized which made it more attractive to my eyes.Global domination in art and musicShe combined many lyrics relating to global stratification making really really unique.First world and the diamonds in the roughIt was a really really cool project, probably my favorite. It was creative and well put together. It demonstrated many factors of global stratification.Main powersI really liked this project because it was so basic and plain but the idea behind it was so true and really creative. Do diamonds really shineThis project was really cool. It really got me to think and realize the reality behind diamonds. It displays images from Africa and images from the U.S.
Hilgeman 4Hope for the American DreamGets her point across and also makes you think. Creative. 1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world Hierarchy of Amenities It was simple and got the point across with a good illustration and was creative. Brain Washed The poem was well written as well as it was full of information. Possessions in Grand ScaleIt was well illustrated and was also creative. It is very informational and makes you think.

An Unfair World It gets her point across that all other countries struggle to give America things. First World and the Diamonds in the RoughWas creative and made you think. Was easy to grasp her idea though.
Holt4Do diamonds really shineI really liked the way the artist put the way we take diamonds for granted but how much terror it causes on the other side of the planet.First worldI chose this because I like the idea of first world being big, then gradually getting smaller down to third world.Can we be heroes I got a really good vibe reading this piece and just really liked it. Good job.Global stratification visual creationI chose this project because it made sense with the way our school is classified as a pyramid of different social class of kids, such as jocks, nerds, motor heads etc. and where they rate on the "food chain".Money, judgement, povertyI chose this because it had good effort, but didnt come out the best. Overall good job.Global stratification visual creation pyramidOnce again I chose this project because the author really thought about their surroundings here at school and classified all the different "clique" here at school and how they rate.
Huynh4The world as it isI liked the visual presentation of this project and the message he had behind his creation1st world 2nd world 3rd world hierarchy of amenities Very neat and organized. It was easy to understand and notice the different material things that are distinct between the three worlds. Kaleidoscope dreamsI liked how when you read the poem his words easily painted a picture in my head and how you were able to easily follow along to the story.Possession in grand scaleBittersweet darker side of chocolateShe had a very good idea of using the chocolate wrapper as a way to inform us of how the cocoa industry affects the world and the conditions the workers are put in. It may have not been the best visually but the idea was very creative1st world and diamonds in the rough
Huynh4Other formOther formOther formPosession in grand scaleI like how she added many details about some of the meterialistic things that "belonged" to the 1st world which showed just where our values lie and how much better off we are than the othersOther form1st world diamonds in the roughShe put in a lot of effort to make her project stand out and I really liked her take on the developing countries about how thy we're diamonds in ther rough. They have the potential but they just aren't there yet. She proved that she had a really good understanding of what global stratification is
ingraham4the world as it is I choose this one because it took a lot of thought. It brought my attention to it right away and is interesting with a good explanation .first world and the diamonds in the roughI choose this because it was very creative how they had the world with cutouts popping out with a picture collage. It gives you a good idea of global stratification and had detailed explanation is the world really roundIt was a poem that had a very creative perspective and did a good job of tying it all together. Had a good explanation on why she used the words she chose.the world we shareI choose this because it was very artistic and had a good picture of how the world is . Didnt know more because it didnt have an explanation.mcworld The art skills werent there but had the right idea. they dont bite the hand that feeds themBecause it was very artistic and creative. Had a really cool idea of putting the people below tje hand trying to climb up . It really caught my attention as well.
irwin4do diamonds really shine? by jonny preston
because it was visually creative and we'll as a good idea
first world and the diamonds in the roughby Brianna phillips
it popped out to me and the way it was set up
Is the world really round? by jesika scott
her drawing that went along with a story was really creative
the world we shareby selina suhr
it was a really good drawing and her qr code was messed up but I read her summary the other day when we were in the computer lab and it basically said that we are all connected in some way
bitter sweet:the darker side of chocolateit wasn't the best visually but it was a good idea it had facts about chocolate on the little chocolate barthe apple doesn't fall far from the treeMorgan gambardella
it said that the different apples could be good or bad and it made me think a little bit more
Isaacson3Do diamonds really shine I like this a lot because if shows the different ways people use diamonds and how much of an impact they have on some people life and how little they have on others What makes the world go roundI like this because you could clearly understand what it ment and it was very well organizedIs the world really roundI liked this because the person went in to depth and it was very complex and it had some hidden meaning behin the tilttleWorld peace Because it had many colors and many different meanings Money ,judgment , powerThe artist may not have been the best but you can tell they tried hard and it looked good in the end The global standards of living I like how they had the different house compared to one another in which the country thy lives in
Keener4Don't Believe all that you seeThey encapsulated how we view the 3rd world countries as all nice and beachy and exotic but showed how real it really is. First world and the diamonds in the roughShe did a really good job of encapsulating everything that is the basis of our country versus othersIs the world really round? She had a picture that was kind of confusing but once you read the poem it becomes very clear what she is seeing and makes it a topic of your mind. They Don't bite the hands that feed them. I like all the little details she threw into it and the symbolism, i think its really simple and to the point but I love it. McWorldHe showed how the wealth was at the top of the world through industrys and even though it was challenged it was good! World peaceShe has so much going on in the picture and i feel like i could just stare at it and keep finding meanings behind it. Its the best!
Ketchpaw4The World As It IsI thought it was nicely done and did a good job of showing global stratification.First world and the diamonds in the roughThe person took a lot of time doing it and looks good and shows how diamonds are brought to marketIs the world really round?I chose it because what she says is true and did a good drawing with itThe fruit doesn't fall far from the treeThe person took a lot of time doing it and went in a different direction than othersWe have the world at our fingertipsI chose it because you can tell that they did put a lot of effort into it but it wasn't the best lookingWorld peaceThe person who did this piece definitely thought about it and did a good job
Lancaster 3The world as it isAside from looking good, his idea of using flags to depict his point of view was really creative. What makes the world go roundThe summary was informative and the effort put into applying every color world dot was impressive. Kaleidoscope dreamVery catchy and it was informative and easy to understand. PowerfulIs the world really roundI like the design of how all countries are fighting for global domination. It was well drawn tooMcworldIt might not of been the best in design but it looked as though there was hard work put in and the summary was decent too. Is the world really roundAside from the lovely poem and beautiful drawing, her summary really got me thinking. It stated how all countries are fighting one another and bringing disaster where it follows. How war destroys great things. It was just something I had never truly thought of
Lewis3Do diamonds really shine I chose this one because the image was very inspirational Brianna Phillips I chose this one because it caught my eye, mostly because it was very large, but the more I look at it it really made sense and I loved how she made the displays shaped as the US and diamonds. Very creativeIs the world really round I like how the image and poem went together. Very inspirational.Selina shurI chose this one because the drawing was very confusing but made sense at the same time. Very creative, good job!Nancy colladoI picked this one because it really made me think.
Lewis3Do Diamonds Really ShineI like the looks how the first world use diamonds and the third world such as Africa suffers from diamonds.What makes the world go roundIt portray who are rich and poor. It's a good hand made model for global stratification.Brain WashedIt tell us the truth about the thing we thinks shows nothing what the poor have think while in poverty. The first world people have complain about technologies or lack of fun when the third world people come to worst condition Is the world really Round?I like the art style and how the comparison is affecting the environmental state and other nations.Kaleidoscope DreamsThis student can make a nice poem without the need of being an excellent painter.Brain WashedIt shows me the truth and how what we think about our life doesn't compare as the third world.
Lielasus3Do Diamonds Really ShineIt was a neat way of representing how the industry of diamond mining and how cut throat it can be. Bittersweet: The Darker Side of ChocolateIt was cool looking at how they made a chocolate bar that explained how much goes into the production of chocolate. Is The World RoundThe way everything was written was really interesting. Can We Be HerosLooked fun and interesting. It had good interpretations of who is the "hero" and "villains" are in global stratification.Walmart: They Control More Than PricesIt ha a good concept idea but didn't seem to be well represented. This person did a good job though.The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The TreeIt took thought to try and explain what the connections between all of the ideas on the tree and putting that with the concepts of global stratification.
Liska3Do diamonds really shineBecause it really caught my attention more than the othersFirst world and the diamonds in the roughIt made me think and looked very goodKaleidoscope dreamsThe poem had great writing and ryhmesKeep the west out of AfricaI really liked the drawings and clearness of descriptions
Maynard4Do diamonds really shineThis image was clearly showing the conflicts with diamonds! The picture of the cut neck was a great explanation of the problem with the diamonds.Don't believe all that you seeIt was interesting how she saw stratification through burning the papers! Many people in Jamaica are struggling to make ends meet and she burned the ends showing there is no hope for that dream!Is the world really roundThis was amazing!!! The lyrics with the image took a lot of time and thought! The ideas were very well developed and clearly developed! I loved this project and it was wonderful to read!The apple doesn't fall far from the treeThere were a lot of individual thoughts that went into this including the apple tree for good and evil! This was a very interesting idea and a great drawing! Main powersIt was a very simple drawing with a very developed idea! I loved the different flags as well! They don't bite the hand that feeds themThis was the best drawing and best idea! It was interesting how she saw global stratification and drew it as us pushing them down! Made me think about what is happening and how other people see it compared to my ideas!
Mccrystal 4Slavery isnt over I didn't just choose it because it caught my eye but I liked the explaination behind it. Everything or nothing education Because it showed the difference between the un fortunate and the fortunate.Is the world really roundBecause it questions the authority of each country trying to be the best.
Half of their world Because I interpret it as you don't know what goes on in other places in the world.Hidden ingredients is child laborBecause it explains how slavery still exists and how countries Benifit from it First world and the diamonds in the rough Because it was well put together and it fascinated me. Compared to the rest it stood out to me.
milano 4slavery isn't overIt was a very artistic take on the documentary we watched on chocolate what makes the world go round A nice phiysical representation of the basic explanation of global stratification. It would be a great way to explain it to someone who knew nothing of global stratication.Around the worldFull of symbolism of a plethora of different components that make up global strafification walmart: they control the pricesDespite rudimentary drawing jonny was very thorough on his explanation ape doesnt fall far from the treeMorgan went into great detail about the emotion attached to strafication and her drawing was full of details
ortiz4the other sideI liked the written portion and how he faded the pictures within one another.first world and the diamonds in the roughI enjoyed the collage of magazine cut outs, and i could tell there was a lot of effort and thought behind the world really round?The picture drew me in, the drawing of all the peoplefrom different countries trying to reach the top. It shows the struggles, and i think it grasped the concept really well, i also like the fac fact she had written something as well.they bite the hand that feeds themIt was beautifully drawn, and the title made me have to think and read moremcworldIt wasnt the prettiest artwork,but you can see the effort and know he had an understanding of what global stratificationthe world we shareit made me have to read it to actually understand the reason behind the drawing. It was unordinary, and had deoth
Parkinson4Is the world really washed? I chose this poem because I could tell she put a lot of thought into writing the poem and as a bonus she made the poem rhyme! World Peace I thought she did a very good job with her drawings and the visual depiction and the many different aspects in different parts of the world Bittersweet The project seemed to be put together without artistic creation but the idea behind the project was strong Don't believe all that you see The idea of how people don't understand the tragedies these popular hot spots are in was brought to life through this visual creation. I really liked how she depicted what people on the outside think the country is but underneath it showed how there is poverty and tragedies in Jamaica.
Paul-Gerola4Do diamonds really shine?I chose this one because the message that they were trying to get out from their image really conveys what global stratification is.What makes the world go round I chose this one because it look like the person who did it took a lot of time planning and making it look great.Can we be Heros?I chose this one because I really liked the concept of the project it's self.World peaceI chose this one because the art work and drawings are really great. And look like they took a really long time making.He darker side of chocolate I picked this one because it looked like they took a really long time making it and they put in a lot of effort.First world and the diamonds in the roughI chose his one because in their summary they really displayed a great understanding of global stratification and their project displays their understanding just as well.
Peinado 3Do diamonds really shine?I really enjoy depth that the project went into. It's interesting when we think of diamonds now do we think glamour, or not? The project had a lot of information and was very well done What makes the world go roundI liked this project because it gave us more of a 3d view of all the things we learn about and hear in our textbooks. Kaleidoscope dreamsThe poem written really make you think, it speaks upon a boy living in poverty dreaming of getting out one day. Very well written!World peaceI really enjoyed the imagery within this project. The pictures inside the giant peace sign seemed to represent all the things the upper crust of the globe seem to ink see. On the outside are all the things that are happening in the third world countries, and the peace that is not there. A blind eyeThe project was very insightful and I liked the idea behind it Income inequality This project possessed a lot of information and was wry insightful. I admire all the work that went into it!
Peterson3Slavery Isn't OverThe creation really grasped the idea of the child labor in Africa. It had very good insight into what is going on there and why. It connected to global stratification and I feel it would have helped someone who do doesn't know anything about it understand what it is.Income Inequality & It's TribulationsThis creation grasped the idea of worldwide wealth extremely well and helped me to understand the money issues atriums the world. It popped to me because its big and a bright color and it was very informative and well thought out.Is The World Really Round?It was a big drawing that just caught my eye instantly and when I read the summary, I felt that this person really understood global stratification and sent the message out well.Global Perceptions I chose this one because it sent out a good image on what the world is like economically and what they do mainly in those countries. It was a very neat and colorful drawing that once again caught my eye and drew me towards it. I enjoyed it!Hidden Ingredients is Child LaborI chose this one because it wasn't the best drawn one but it still very effectively brought across the message of the turmoil of child labor.Is The World Really Round?I chose this one because the drawing made me look closely at it and see the great depth into which this person went into. They convinced me that they knew what they were talking about.
Phillips3The World as it isIt looks the best by far and also has meaning to it.World PeaceIt looked nice and showed great meaning as well.Is the world really round?Had nice rhythm and spoke well.The world as it isHad nice qualities and looked clean and pristine.McWorldDidn't look great but it got the point across.They don't bite the hand that feeds themI wasn't able to figure it out right away so it made me think critically.
Phillips4"Do diamonds really shine"I chose Johnny's visual computer generated creating for this category because after reading the well thought out essay I decided it was the best and most well put together of all the computer generated visuals "Don't believe all that you see"I chose Whitney's project because it was super creative with the burnt nice version of Jamaica on top of the actual Jamaica we don't see. It was really creative all and all and that's why I chose that visual"Kaleidoscope Dreams"I chose Nolan's composition because it was one of the few that was an actual composition, it was a beautiful poem with much thought and meaning behind it.They don't bite the hand that feeds themI chose Nancy's art visual because it displayed the most amount of creativity and artistic ability as well as creativeness and meaning all in one From fields to shoresNot saying at all that this artists was artistically challenged, the only reason I placed her visual in the category was because it was a visual with more writing then picture and even if it was artistically challenged, it was beautiful! And the story behind why she created it was great as well"Global domination in art and musicI chose this visual as one that was the biggest display of critical thinking because of every art piece hers was the only one with a different idea than anyone else
Pies3Global Reality CheckI chose this one because it displayed words that described how the world works, ideas, concepts, and stereotypes that I thought were interesting.What Makes the World Go RoundI liked that this one was 3D and it showed all the developed and developing countries because I could visually see which countries are the dominating ones and which ones are more of the "followers"Social HierarchyThis one was one of my favorites because it showed what the person thought of what popularity was based on in high school. It was interesting to see what this person thought and where they placed each status on the pyramid.
Pineda3The world as it isI chose this because this picture and summary explained global strat in my personal opinion and it made it really interesting to think aboutFirst world and the diamond in the roughI chose this because the creativity was not only phenomenal, but also the image that it put into my head and made me think more about the conflictKaleidoscope dreamsI chose this because it shows on a more personal view on global strat and it made me think deeper about the issueThe world we shareI chose this because it made me think about the visual aspect of others on the world and how we all look at it as an issue Half of their worldI chose this because even though the drawing wasn't the best, I was still able to understand what his main point wasWhhs social heirarchyThis made me think more about social strat more than anything because we are labeling people by what we recognize them as in these groups
Preston 3Christine Dominguez I chose this picture because it has many details to know about Africa. It has what we believe it is and looks like but he has the truth in it.Brianna Phillips I chose this because it has a lot of information by just having pictures. You can really get an understanding about what she is trying to get across. Jesika Scott I chose this because it really made sense and the picture was very creative.Cadence bean I liked this picture because he had a lot of info concerning the real part of Africa and how the west foes not care about their issueDevon conors I chose this picture because I liked how she drew the world on finger tipsAtourina geleyna This picture took some deep insight and thinking. And I liked how you actually had to look at the picture and see what it was about
Regassa4Do diamonds really shine?It had meanin and by looking at the visual helped me understand the difrence between two different countries Eat to live live to eat Because the craft behind it was very well put together and helped me understand global stratification Is the world really round What she wrote was very well written and her visuals was neat and had a lot of effort World peace Drawings put together real good and pretty had a lot of meaning McworldNot very artistic but got the point across and deserves an a McworldThought outside the box
Riley4hope for the American DreamI chose this one because I felt as if though it got the point across well.what makes the world go round?I chose this one because I love how colorful it is and how it uses different elements to show the artists point of view. The glitter makes it look cuter too.kaleidoscope DreamsI chose this one because I think it paints a picture with the words. That is what needs to be done in any helps visualize his point of view.can we be heroes?I like how she incorporated super heroes into it because it makes it stand out more and proves a valid point.An Unfair WorldI like the idea of showing the different classes.the point got across easily, but the visuals could have been a little better1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world hierarchy of amenitiesI like the idea of the pyramid showing the different levels of global stratification.
Rose4Do diamonds really shine?Because the way it was put together caught my eye immediately and it got the point acrossFirst world and the diamonds in the rough What more can I say this project stood out it was really creative and caught my attention and kept it Can we be hero's? The way she put the original super heros along with global strat made total sense to me she did a really good job of tying everything togetherGlobal strat. Visual creation The way high school is now isn't really ever looked at it talked about in the way she organized her project it was plain simple and to the point I loved it it was something that once I saw it really made me thinkMoney judgement povertyThe drawing caught my attention Global strat visual creation This one was my over all favorite as I walked around the room I kept coming back to look at this and it made me think more and more about it the way it was categorized was true yes that's how we view high school now days no one ever says anything about it or puts it in that point of view like I said this project was so simple it made it easy to understand, it got the message across loud and clear
russell4Slavery isn't overI liked the reality of the different pictures filling the continent. Diamonds are a girls bestfriend but are they Africa's?I loved the backstory part of the creation, it really grasped the concept of the three worlds.can we be heroesit was completely out of the box, and fun even though it still carried the seriousness peace all the different elements of this piece made sense to me and had true characteristics of global stratificationwhat's the cost of your happinessthough the art itself wasn't outstanding the idea as well as the summary was detailed and I liked that the title really made sense as wellaround the worldeach element of the drawing captured a different portion of global stratification which was outstanding to me. I loved it and the details in The summary
Scott3Do diamonds really shineI really liked it. It was thought through and really creative 1st world 2nd world 3rd world hierarchy of amenities I really like the neatness of itKalidescope dreams It was very well writtenGlobal domination in art and music It was a really good ideaCan we be Heros Although she didn't draw out the comic it was really well put together Around the world I'm not ganna lie I didn't get it at first but after reading I really appreciated it. It was very well put together
Smith3Do diamonds really shineI chose this because it displays both the beauty be the horror behind the diamondWorld peaceIt was very detailed me explained how the third world suffers as the developed countries live in leisureGlobal reality checkIt showed inequality and industrial problemsIs the world really round I like the drawing and it has a good explanationMacworldEven though its a piece of cardboard it explains its self wellMain powers I had to think about where countries stand in the world and if they were developed or not
Smith4Slavery Isn't OverThe information on this was great, they talked about the Three P's and issues befalling Africa today and how other countries have perpetuated itFirst World and the Diamonds in the RoughI chose this creation not only because it caught my eye and was well put together but also because a lot of thought went into it, the pictures associated with the countries fit perfectlyWelcome To My World ViewI liked the perspective of the writing and how it says when we all think about what goes on we realize the situationCan We Be Heroes?The person was able to use superheroes to portray global stratification which is a cool ideaGlobal Stratification Visual CreationThere is definitely some truth behind the high school pyramid chart and that is why I chose it
Stratton3The three worlds modelBecause it shows The three worlds at a glance and the needs and lives that the people in those countries have and experience. First world and diamondsI chose this one because it showed the lives of others by making a collage of magazine clippings in the shape of diamonds and the United States. Kaleidoscope dreamsBecause it shows the hope of a better life to someone struggling to put food on the table Is the world really round?It shows how much out country is based on wealth and power. An unfair world I likes the idea of all the products of the world being transported and used by America. Global stratification This creation made me think about the struggling and hardships of people in other countries, but also the hardships of those in our own country.
Suhr4So diamonds really shineI liked how it compared the glamour of this stone and the dark side of it that noone really talks about What makes the world go round I liked the golden needs over Europe that indicated that it is a powerful part of the worldIs the world really roundI thought it was really great in explaining global stratificationFirst world and the diamonds in the roughI enjoyed how it showed global!! Stratification and summed it all up BittersweetI liked how she showed the true ingredients of chocolate I thought that was very creative and the title as well Main powersI liked how she sorted some countries out and showed what level they were some African countries which I have never heated of before
Tavolazzi4Diamonds are a girls best friend but are they Africa's I chose this one because i like the creation of the diamond cutt out & different detailed collage pictures! I like the title too ! Creative(:3 wordsI like all the different collages of pictures i feel like it tells a storry of the 3 worlds & i enjoyed it!Brain WashedIt explains how more people are brain washed about technology then payin attention to more important things like people in pvoerty around he world and how they can be helped! Thoughs are the ones who need to be more payed attention to!Who are you stepping on?This was really creative i liked the concept of the boot stoppin down withthe flags inside! Goood thinking!!Bittersweet: the Darker Side of ChocolateI feel like it was just written on there last minute & was the same title ad the movie we watched but it was a good effortIs the World really round?I liked how they took the time to write lyrics and display it as a song, and he drawlin also is really good & detailed!
Transue3Do diamonds really shine?I Like how his project shows both Sides of side shows the beauty of diamonds and the other side shows the struggle to get diamonds.The difference between the twoThe project really explains the difference between the first an third worlds.Kaleidoscope dreamsReally was deep and explained struggles.Diamonds are a girls best friend but are they?I liked how the diamond on the outside was the diamond of a first world country and in the inside it showed what it takes to make the diamond look the way it is.A blind eye for conflict diamondsThe project was creative even without all the artistic abilityIncome inequalityThe project showed all aspects of global stratification a lot of effort was given.
Umphres4Slavery isn't overThis project felt thought out and sincere and I felt like some of the other ones were copy/paste jobs.First world and diamonds in the rough Briana did a really good job of captivating her audience with her elements of 3d design and thoughtful detail. Her sight was informativeKaleidoscope dreams The poem was well written and formatted and really took me to a picture that displayed what the poem was about. World PeaceKanoa's picture was really good in regards to how she blended ideas and how the various states of the world blended together. She asked: "is this world peace?" And I reflected. Hierarchy of countries' needsSimple yet thoughtful and still got the point across!!Eat to live, live to eatThe piece and the charts/information that it contained really got me thinking about world hunger.
villota3where chocolate comes fromThats what i see too in this project the coco plantains is a world really roundShe made a cartoon drawling and it made sense to me, her whole project did. Kaleidoscope Dreams It made sense to me about a lot
can can we be herosIts amazing to me how she put that into this project mcworld Its not even clever, its just artistically challengedaround the worldIts an amazing project and it was really creative
Wilson4Do diamonds really shineVery creAtive and cool, liked the lookThe difference between the two3d was very cool, very good jobIs the world really roundAmazing drawingWorld peaceDrawing was great and very creativeMcworldGood drawing considering the skillsetThe apple doesn't fall far from the treeCreative, liked the message and drawing.
Zanetel4Do Diamonds Really Shine?I chose it because the main picture in the middle really showed how different countries people is betrayed in the diamond industry. Also, the pictures around explained more about the world perspectives on diamonds. 3 WorldsI chose it because it described how the different world sections have different senses of luxury and being poor and the words in the middle picture really describe the difficulties and privileges there are. Brain Washed I chose it because it really showed how people from the most industrialized countries don't think about how there luxury items are made and where they came from and how different items are just common things in wealthy nations but in third world countries are striving for that.Who are you stepping on? I chose this because it was drawn really well and it showed how the wealthy nations use and step on third world countries because they don't have enough to support themselves.Bittersweet the darker side of chocolateI chose it because it looked like it took no effort and was done last minute. The idea was there but not the effort.A Blind Eye For Conflict Diamonds I chose it because the picture really showed how one item can be wanted by many and the summary really described the whole idea behind the picture.
Zawalnicki3The World as it isThis one was very cool looking. I really liked how it was designed with all the flags on the world. What Makes the World Go AroundI chose this one because it was very well crafted. The person who did it obviously spent a long time creating a model of the earth. Kaleidoscope DreamsThis one was my favorite because the poem was written very well. The author knew a lot about global stratification and managed to see all sides of its effects on people. World PeaceThis one was very detailed and i say and looked at it for a long time. Every space was filled with intricate details on the subject. A Blind Eye For Conflict DiamondsThis one had a really good concept and I liked how they created it. However, the person lacked drawing and coloring skills. If they were more artistic, I would have voted for them in the drawing category. The idea behind it was very good though. Is The World Really That Round?I took a long time looking at this one. It was very well put together and had tons of details with a poem and a drawing. The drawing was funny and relatable to the topic of global stratification and the poem was insightful and well written.
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