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Product NameRecommended in Hard WaterRecommended in Soft WaterPlant Based?Enzymes?Liquid or PowderHot WashWarm WashCommentsAdmin Review
Ariel OriginalYYNYPYesYes Premium detergent. Contains added wash boosters (sodium percarbonate).Fantastic detergent. Definitely THE BEST tested so far. Leaves my nappies stain free and beautifully clean. Incredibly reliable in soft water, the “65 wash” box recommends 10ml extra. (NF)
Ariel Original Liquid YY (with exceptions) NYLYesYes Premium detergent contains phosphates Gives an excellent clean on par with powder. It's very sudsy in soft water so I had to reduce by 25mL in my main wash but worked fine! (NF)
Ariel PurcleanYYY (70%)YLYesNoPlant based Ariel Liquid, less frangrant than Original Liquid.Success is possible with this partially plant based liquid. Needs hot (60C) prewash and mainwash plus 1.5x Dose with 1 scoop vanish booster. Stain removal was poor, items need pretreating (DN)
Asda Non-BioNNNNPToo sudsy as very high in zeolites, got smells quickly. Not recommended (DN)
Asda TropicalYYNYPYesYes Asda tropical fine at 40c, nice smell, no need for boosting.
Bio-D Concentrated Laundry Liquid YNLMain ingredients are vegetable soap and water.
Bio-D Washing Powder YYYNP YesNoContains very little surfactants. Would need to use a large amount for a good clean, making it a very expensive option.
Bold 2 in 1 YYNYPYesYesContains clay based softener which is safe for nappies. Really good clean and smells great (NF)
DazYYNYPYesYesBudget detergent by proctor and gamble. Does not contain as much sodium percarbonate as Ariel does A decent budget detergent. Comes up regularly on special. Works great in both hard water (DN) and soft water (NF). Not as good as Ariel but this is reflected by the price.
Ecover Non Bio Concentrated Liquid NNYNLVery suddy and not enough surfactants. Not recommended This left my nappies pretty smelly. It was very suddy that increasing dosage meant I had suds overload.
Fairy non-bio YyNNPYesNoHot water wash only. Contains perfumes so not a "sensitive safe" detergent. Phosphate free (P&G brand) A good non-bio option. Do not use at less than 60 degrees. I did a trial of this at 40 and was left with a horrible barn smell in my nappies. (NF)
Fairy non-bio liquid YNNNLYesNoGets very suddy in soft water.This gets super sudsy in soft water. I tried reducing the dosage but found it did not clean as properly. Would work fine in hard - moderate water but best sticking to powder for soft water (NF)
Formil Bio (Lidl) NNNYPNoNoMain ingredient is zeolites (water softener). Would need to reduce amount of detergent significantly to avoid over sudsing. Not recommended My water is very hard, I do not see suds like this with any mainstream powders but have found all of Lidl brand powders and Aldi too foam like this. After reviewing the ingredients, an admin has pointed out that the main ingredient is zeolite - a water softener that is only found in small amounts in high quality detergents. To get the suds under control would require a drastic reduction of powder used which would compromise the clean. I would not recommend these powder detergents based on that. (DN)
Persil bio YYNYPYesYesPremium detergent. Effective clean without added wash boosters (sodium percarbonate) Persil Bio is the “UK Cousin” of Omo in Australia. Very strong smell out of the box!! Washed nappies beautifully at both warm and hot temperatures for me. Is really expensive at £11 for 45 washes so best to buy this when it’s on special. (NF)
Persil non-bio YNNNPYesNoWeaker formulation than Persil Bio. Not to be used in warm water. Contains perfumes so not "sensitive safe" Not recommended to be used to wash nappies. Really disappointed with this detergent given how good Persil bio is! This did not wash ebf stains out at 60 degrees. (NF)
Rockin Green PowderNNYNPToo weak to clean heavily soiled laundry unless you use a very large amount, which makes it extremely expensive. Use Rockin Green Platinum instead.Ammonia, not matter what I did (SU)
Surf YYNYPYesYesWeaker formulation than Ariel. Add approximately 30-40ml more than recommended on dose instructions. Phosphate free (P&G brand) Loading is really important with Surf! I also found I had to add 40ml more than recommended to ensure my nappies got clean. (NF)
Tesco Bio YYNYPYesNoBudget laundry detergent from In summary this won't replace Ariel or Persil Bio in terms of effective clean.. My findings werethat it was Ok at 40 dgerees, but best at 60 degrees. I found I had to add an additional 20ml to ensure effective clean. This meant 195ml for my main wash in SOFT water. It will be considerably more for hard water. Correct loading is essential. Due to additional detergent over sudsing is a risk so you need to be spot on with 2/3 wet and running! Overall - a good budget detergent however Daz also comes in at £4 on special
Tesco EcoNNYN?Plants based deteregnt Did not work at 60 degrees and over suds with Vanish in soft water so not recommended.
Tots bots Potion NNNNPVery little surfactants. Would need a large amount of product to get a good clean. Not recommended. I ended up having to QUADRUPLE the dosage to get a near enough decent clean. This meant that a tiny bag was finished up within a pre-wash and main wash.
Violet's Laundry Liquid NNNNLNot recommended.
Violet's Natural Laundry Powder NNNNPNo surfactants. Not recommended.
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