Date of receiptCategoryQuestionAgencyResponsesAnswered (Y)
05.12.2021Vaccine When will you open up Pfizer vaccines will open up? News reports are that it has been approved for 12-15.CDPHEWe are waiting for final guidlines - and when we have that information we will provide that.
05.12.2021FundingIs there any indication that the State will keep a portion of non-entitlement cities ARA funds? Will there be additional restrictions outside of currently released Treasury guidelines on how non entitlement cities can use ARA funds?DOLATo our knowledge there is no plan to do this. The details of allocations are still forthcoming and we expect to see that next week. States are prohibited in ARPA from withholding funds from local governments
05.12.2021FundingWhat is status of county redistricting given Governor's law to postpone to 2023?
DOLAWe do not have an answer for this - but we will get this for you and will provide you information and find out.
05.12.2021HousingCan you elaborate on ARP money for low income houseing?DOLAThe particulars are for emergency rental assistance - we make those dollars available - all of this is to insure we keep Coloradans housed and some of these dollars have already been allocated.
05.12.2021FundingCan you elaborate on ARPA funds for public health agencies?CDPHE
05.12.2021Vaccinea CDC report at the end of April indicated that CO had the 2nd highest case rate in the country. Has that been improving since then? Just a reminder that we are not past COVID spread yet.CDPHE
05.12.2021HousingIs employee housing eligible for any of the ARPA housing funds? For construction of new employee housing?DOLAARPA doesn't prohibit or promote using the funds for the construction of workforce housing. The legislature and Governor's Office are looking at the various eligible uses for ARPA stimulus funds, including housing construction. They have not yet determined the policy direction and funding amounts for different uses in Colorado.
04.28.2021Special districtsHas there been ANY indication of whether special districts will be included in the American Rescue Act distributions? Last we heard, I believe you said the state is trying to work that out with the feds.DOLAWe will look into and get you the answer. TBD
04.28.2021AssistanceShould we plan for an extension of the executive order providing relief to public utility customers?CDHSWe are not sure as of yet and will do some research and getyou this information shortly.NO
04.28.2021AssistanceIs there a link to information on the new water utility assistance?CDHSNo link for the new water utility assistance yet - we will share as soon as guidelines come out from the federal government. stay tuned!TBD
04.28.2021ARP DollarsDoes DOLA have a sense yet on what information non-entitlement entities will be asked to provide in order to get ARP dollars?DOLAYet to be answered - it is a conversation and when we have the answer we will provide the information.NO
04.28.2021NLC - FAQNational League of Cities FAQs can be found here -
04.28.2021Housing How will new housing funds be directed to help communities with the "missing middle" to develop workforce housing (60-120% AMI)? This is our need and there's no funding.DOLA / DOHWe are aware of this and great question. Related to the stimulus money that is earmarked for Housing. The federal money is not detailed for new construction. We hope that this will be more flexible from the federal government. Non - stimulus recovery side - general fund dollars that is projected to increase. This will be able to enhance our ability to do more projects throughout the state - especially in rural Colorado. Lets get you connected to a DOH represnetative in your state.Y
04.28.2021Websites and FAQWill there be a designated state web page or "one stop" location for us to see all of the ARPA funding available through the State? My County wants to ensure we are maximizing our own allocation and it's challenging to see what other opportunities are out there (broadband, transportation, econ development, etc). Where do we find all the info?DOLA / DLGWe are getting things set up with FAQ, Webinars, etc. We are waiting but when it is finalized we will share.Y
04.14.2021Unemployment I have reported two fraudulent unemployment claims but have received no follow up. Should I expect follow up? How do I know this has been addressed?Labor EmploymentIf you have questions about fraudulent employment claims please see this video from CDLE:
04.14.2021VarriancesPlease Address what the state is seeing in regards to varrianceCDPHEWe are watching the varriances very closely - they are out there and cases that we are following. We expect that it will be a race to vaccinateY
04.14.2021Covid DialWhen the COVID Dial goes away - When counties do not implement guidlines - will the state step in and implement guidance for the areaCDPHEWe are taking all of our guidance and streamlining this - for the general practices. We ask that folks follow these as closely as possible.Y
03.31.2021OEDITlinks for Climber Fund and OEDIT OEDITOEDIT - - CHFA website -,
03.31.2021State / Govenors tours & listening sessionsBuilding Back Better listening tours - can you join any sessions?DOLAYou can join any session - the registration links are for each session - please sign up for each one you are wanting to attend. Y
03.31.2021Funding Of all the funding options that were listed, where does Broadband fall in this?DOLAState stimulus dollars that are earmarked for Broadband specifically - and k-12 / within the state. This bill is making its way through by the way of legislation. There will be quite a bit of resources for Broadband coming.Y
03.31.2021Special DistrictsIs there any news on federal stimulus funding for Special Districts?DOLAWe are not aware of any additional information at this time on this. - Pending Y
03.17.2021VaccineWhen will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be available? Gov. OfficeJ&J becoming available at the end of March and beginning of April - with more shots available.Y
03.17.2021Special DistrictsSince special districts won't be recieving direct funds from the Fed's American Rescue Plan can we apply for funds from the State and how will that work?DOLAWe just got the letter from special districts yesterday. The guidance from Treasury has not yet come out. We are pleased with the partnership with special districts and will continue working and having conversations. We can not give any updates as of yet. Y
03.17.2021Special DistrictsSpecial districts are not population basedDOLAWe do not have the answers as of yet.Y
03.17.2021State DemographyIf population threshold is changing - how is it possible the Colorado municipalties won't be changedDOLAWe will get you the answer from our state demographer.Y
03.17.2021Funding / AMRIs the list of allocations to Colorado under American Rescue Act just mentioned available somewhere, like on a website or link?DOLAPlease note these are preliminary estimates, and a high level overview of some of the top funding sources coming to Colorado.
- 6.74b direct payments to taxpayers
- 6b state and local aid
- 2.6b in unemployment (300/week through Sept)
- 2b in Child Tax Credit (CTC) expansion
- 1.12b to K-12 (direct)
- 700m for restaurants and venues
- 480m to higher ed
- 470 million in housing/rental/utility assistance
- 500m in child care
03.03.2021UnemploymentWith the new UI site is there a process to have the fraud claims?CDLEWe do have ways to stop fraud claims from acutally being paid, and we are working on the portions on them actually going through.Y
03.03.2021UnemploymentReceiving unemployemnt claims through CDIS and paper form - if they are not receiving our faxes what do we do.CDLEDo not worry about the turn around - especiialy the fraud ones - if you have submitted the fraud form. Legimit claims are being processed same day received. we will be instituting emergency rules and we will get that information out to you soon.Y
03.03.2021Vaccines / Mask Mandate Is the Gov's office and CDPHE going to end the statewide mask order?CDPHEWe are continuing to watch and keeping a close eye on the the numbers - we do not know an exact date as to when this will happen. But hopefull it will be soon. The state wide mask mandate is an executive order from the Govenors office. Y
03.03.2021Vaccine Where do Local Library employees for for getting the vaccineCDPHEThey fall in the continuty of local governmentY
03.03.2021UnemploymentHold time is over 3 hours and call back regarding claims is in late march - can you please address the response to this.CDLEThis is not acceptable for us either. We are working on another way to reform our call center. Expanding our staff and more. - If that is regarding fraud - please do this online throught the fraud form - you do not need to call to do this. Y
03.03.2021VaccineCan CDPHE go into more detail in defining phase 1b4 who would be included and category in continunity in local governement.CDPHEFurther details will come out in the next week or so. We hope this will rollout march 19-March 23Y
03.03.2021VaccineIf/when will our front line workers (snowplow operators, sewer plant, etc.) be eligible for the 1b3 vaccine as essential workers? or are you still waiting on the dose numbers allocated to CO?CDPHEThose fall under the continuity of local government, that is where those workers would lie.Y
2/3/2021TranslationOur city staff and partners have noticed that some of the Spanish translated materials from the state seem to have been machine-translated rather than professionally translated, resulting in materials that are mostly gibberish (in Spanish). Can you share how the Gov’s office and CDPHE are ensuring that Spanish-language materials reflect high-quality translation?
CDPHEWe utilize translation individuals but if there are concerns we will make sure we are doing a good job on that.
2/3/2021VaccinesThe town of Ignacio applied for the Vaccine equity CBO program and understand we didn’t get selected. Question is why all the selected communities are in the immediate Denver area and why the tribes were selected when they are getting direct federal COVID assistance? The Town is not part of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and could use this program to get shots in arms?
CDPHEWe are working with the federal partners in the Southern Ute Tribe, but we will follow up on that question. There are 500 doses going to each Tribe
2/3/2021VaccinesWhat is the timing for the rollout of the 2.0 program?
CDPHEInformation will be coming out at the end of the week.
2/3/2021Five Star Grant ProgramIs the Five Star Grant program still available to municipalities and counties?
2/3/2021VaccinesIf Denver gets 10,000 doses to run a clinic at Coors, and Adams got 800 last week. despite Adams having equal residents to Denver. Will that equalize going forward?
CDPHEYes, but there are allocations of mass vaccination clinics and equity work, so they will be much more closely aligned with allocations moving forward. Once we have certainty from Fed gov’t we can plan things out more. There might still be some weeks of difference.
We are working with FEMA on some mass vaccination clinics, saying they’ll bring vaccines that don’t come from the State allocation but there will be some large mass vaccine clinics we’ll be doing in the 10k+ range. Still waiting for final determination on it.
We are not looking at residency at the clinics, resulting in residents from different counties coming in for vaccination. We will try to make sure there is equitable distribution based on what gets out into arms.
2/3/2021VaccinesIs an updated list of eligible job classifications available for the new phases?CDPHEYou can view the latest here:
2/3/2021CVRF FundingsDo you anticipate any supplemental CVRF funds, or were all of the reserve funds allocated in the past two cycles?DOLAAll CVRF dollars are currently allocated. Deobligated dollars have been put in the reserve fund and been placed with applicants we weren’t able to fully fund in the first round.Y
2/3/2021EvictionsHas Polis indicated that he intends to extend the state eviction moratorium? My understanding is that the state version offers better protections to renters by intervening earlier in the process.DOLADOH doesn't have any knowledge about whether the Governor will extend a state eviction moratorium.Y
1/20/2021Unemployment ClaimsIf you filed a fraud claim for staff before the system conversion, should you file again?CDLEIf the claim was flagged through the online fraud form you don't need to flag it again. It's important to keep in mind that with our legacy system is was a manual effort to get a hold on to each claim so we started to fall behind. With the new system is automatic and anything we didn't get to in the legacy system also has a hold on it. Y
1/20/2021Unemployment ClaimsCan CDLE add a code to the answer Reason of the Termination that says Fraud?CDLEYes, but we are worried that there are employers that may misuse that. The quickest way to reach us is through the online form on our fraud page:
1/20/2021Unemployment ClaimsCan you provide the link to the new CDLE UI Site?CDLE
1/20/2021Unemployment ClaimsI have had several calls regarding unemployment wanting a phone number to call for help with denied claims since the conversion.CDLEA denied claim following the conversion likely means that the system has flagged that claim as potentially fraudulent. They need to call the PUA call center to get on the list for identify verification: 303-536-5615Y
1/20/2021Unemployment ClaimsShould local governments still respond to unemployment claims through E-sides through My View EyeCDLEYou should respond through E-Sides to get fact-finding documents for any fraudulent claim filed. Indicate that it's a fraudulent claim and send in it. This does not supercede the fraud form online. We need that filled out as a first step to get to the team the quickest and will set an automatic payment hold on the claim. Y
1/20/2021VaccinesAre foster care families part of human services under category 1B for vaccinationCDHSStill working with CDPHE and gov's office on guidelines around this. As of now it will be until March until supplies are available for 1B below the line category. As of now it is just workers, but that incldes family visitation workers to do in-person visits. Y
1/20/2021UtilitiesIs utility assistance available for small businesses?CDHSThis wouldn't be under our low-income individuals and families program. CVRF can be used for economic support to individuals to include utility. PPP can also be used to pay utilities as an eligible expense. Y
1/20/2021Low-income water assitance programCan folks apply for the low-income water assistance program now? And is it through the State website?CDHSIt is a new program and not open yet. Waiting on guidelines from the federal government, but we are working with our partners to get that information quickly and that folks will be receiving that benefit as soon as possible. Y
1/20/2021VaccinesWe have had delivery drivers ask if they are part of the 1B category, restaurant delivery drivers. Can you share fi they are part of 1B?Gov's OfficeThey are not part of the 1B categoryY
1/20/2021Relief FundsFor 25% revenue loss in any quarter, are businesses being asked to include the relief money as revenue?OEDITFrom the SBA who runs the program "The SBA PPP forgiven loan does not count as Gross Income/Gross Receipts for purposes of qualifying for the second draw of PPP, however SBA HQ just recently stated that other CARES Act fed/state/local most likely does. So it sounds like non- PPP relief packages like the state funds or the energize Colorado gap fund (funded by the CARES Act) will count but the SBA needs to issue final regs before this is fully clear.
1/6/2021Epi CallsCan you share the link to the 2X a week overview of epidemiology data?Gov's Office
1/6/20215 StarThe new PHO on the dial only talks about 5 Star for counties. Can we see some guidance for how municipalities or groups of municipalities can apply and meet all the criteria? And will the PHO be updated to specifically authorize it?CDPHEWhen 5 Star was rolled out, we made a framework available for counties and municipalities. PHO doesn’t prohibit municipalities from standing up the 5 Star program. We will talk with our team about guidance.Y
1/6/2021VaccinesOn the issue of who qualifies for vaccines - do you anticipate that the state will have a way to ask questions about where different “classes” fall that aren’t clear in the overall Phase chart? As just one example, we are getting a lot of questions about where mental health providers fall?CDPHEWill have a public health line for providers and for individuals who have questions on where to get vaccines.Y
1/6/2021Unemployment ClaimsWe have had half a dozen or more of the false unemployment claims. Did you state the employer should be making a formal notification to the website listed in the chat? Want to make sure we are doing all we are supposed to be doing.CDLEIt should be the employer that reports it.Y
1/6/2021VaccinesIt feels like local government staff have been deprioritized in the most recent faccine distribution plan. Can you help us understand why state government functions. Can you help us ujnderstand why state government functions are taking priority over frontline local government functions for vaccines.CDPHEWithin prioritization we’re focused on continuing operations of government. We want all government function to be able continue, so hoping that all local governments have their coop plans and prioritize vaccines for continuity of their coop.Y
1/6/2021Rental Assistance ProgramsThe Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program will only offer direct disbursements to local governments with 200,000 residents or more. Can you provide any insight on how the state plans to make funds available to local communities below the 200K threshhold? Is there any assurance that these funds will trickle down to local governments, or will they be disbursed through a state-administered program?DOLAThere are a handful of bigger jurisdictions that will get their own allocations. State will operate rental assistance programs for the rest for the rest of the state through POP program or contracts with local agencies. Programs will continue on with federal funds with improvements for capacity and tech. People will apply directly through the state or agency partners.Y
12/16/20205 Star ProgramFor Kacey (or Mara) - Question from several CML members... When will the 5 Star Program be officially annouced and are there any anticipated changes to the draft that was previously circulated?Gov OfficeAnswer 12/16/20: Program will be released todayY
12/16/20205 Star ProgramFor the 5-star certification program, cities are able to apply without the County? Gov OfficeAnswer 12/16/20: Yes. Cities are able to apply. Will need support from LPHA but do not need the County. Y
12/16/2020Housing FundingAre these funds available to people that had to be relocated due to a forced relocation for code violationsDOLAAnswer 12/16/20: The funds are for rental assistance for households financially impacted by COVID-19. The rental assistance is for tenants where they are currently residing, with the goal of keeping people housed during the pandemic. So, for example, we could not pay back rent owed at an apartment that someone had already moved out of. We could also not pay moving expenses to help someone move to a new apartment. However, if a person was forced to move and they get behind on rent in their new apartment due to financial hardship due to COVID-19 (for example, they are having hard time finding work in their new location), they could apply for rental assistance Y
12/16/2020CVRFIf the CARES Act is extended and flexibility for revenue replacement is allowed, will DOLA allow local governments to revise their requests if they not yet been reimbursed?DOLAAnswer 12/16/20: DOLA will maintain flexibility in accordance with guidance from Congress. DOLA will honor expectations of the extension within the new guidance provided by Congress. Y
12/16/2020VaccineFor vaccine distribution, is CDPHE using the same definition of essential workers as in the Public Health Order?CDPHEAnswer 12/16/20: Yes.Y
12/16/2020CVRFIs this correct, a report for CVRF is due January 1?DOLAAnswer 12/16/20: Jan 1 is the date DOLA has to provide information to State Controller. DOLA will be asking local governments to proivde information by Dec 31. Y
12/16/2020VaccineIf someone is in quarantine, should they receive a vaccine or wait until after they are out of quarantine? Same question for someone that currently has COVID-19CDPHEAnswer 12/16/20: Answer will be followed up on. Guidance specifically says that folks who have already had COVID-19 should still get vaccinated. Y
12/16/2020CVRFEDDs and COGs are also avail as part of the business relief funding if a County is unable/unwilling to administer the program.DOLAAnswer 12/16/20: This is a Comment. Y
12/16/20205 Star ProgramWhat is expected CDPHE approval timeline if a county is ready to submit a 5-star application?CDPHEAnswer 12/16/20: 3-10 business days.Y
$44,181.00Housing AssistanceCould you remind me of the URL for the housing / virtual assistance link? DOLAAnswer 12/16/20: has information about the landlord program and the tenant program. Links to the online applications are provided for both programs. Y
$44,181.00VaccineWe understand that the vaccine is free, but is the adminstration free?CDPHEAnswer 12/16/20: As far as state is concerned, State will ensure that people will get the vaccine regardless of who pays. State is working with the Feeral government on the administration fee question. The important thing to remember is that no one will have to worry about paying for the vaccine at point of serviceY
12/16/2020CVRFAny update on municipalities being able to spend CARES act distributed funds past Jan. 1?DOLAAnswer 12/16/20: No update confirmed at this point. Extension is still being discussed but nothing to confirm as of 12/16. (Sen. Manchin trying to get the extension in the package according to CML) Y
12/16/20205 Star ProgramWhy doesn't the state just move each county that qualifies based on the five star program to a lower color rather than make a confusing complex expensive process?Gov OfficeAnswer 12/16/20: Not every business will qualify to be a 5-Star business. Going through the certification is a hefty process and has to be done carefully and thoughtfully to ensure we are keeping the spread of COVID-19 low. Y
12/16/2020VaccineWhat happens if we are seeing low numbers of recipients that dont meet herd immunity percentage requirementsCDPHEAnswer 12/16/20: A robust vaccination media campaign will happen and we want to make sure we do not let any vaccine go to waste. This will be a priority as we move into wider vaccine distributionY
12/16/2020Public Health OrdersWhat is the process for enforcement when a local business is operating under a County's health order which is in conflict with the State's health orderCDPHEAnswer 12/16/20: For LPHAs, in facilities that the licenses, the State licensure is the one that prevails. Requirements are determined by the state. Y
12/2/2020COVID OrdersPlease remember if penalizing counties that are non compliant with orders, it may also penalize other local governments within that county that want to comply. Gov OfficeAnswer 12/2/20: Comment read on call. Bill includes municiaplities so municipalities in compliance will be eligible to give assistance to businesses in their municipalityY
12/2/2020Restaurant WeatherizationRick, is there a link online to the restaurant winterization program? If yes, could it be pasted into the chat? DOLAAnswer 12/2/20:
12/2/2020VaccineAny estimate on how many health care workers and folks in long term care there are in CO?CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: There are about 300,000 health care workers in the state. Did not have the long term care number at the time of the call but will follow upY
12/2/2020VaccineSorry, I might have just missed this but is vaccine distribution going through local health departments? CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: Looking to certify LPHAs and make the vaccination process as seamless as possible. Ideally vaccination looks like any other vaccine in that it is done by pharmacists and local care providers rather than at mass vaccine centers staffed by the national guard.Y
12/2/2020Covid OrdersHow will compliance be determined?CDPHE / DOLAAnswer 12/2/20: By DOLA in consultation with CDPHE.Y
12/2/2020VaccineLaura said you expect 300,000 vaccines by the end of the year. With the vaccines requiring double doses, does that mean only 150,000 people would be vaccineated?CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: No. The understanding is that there will be 300,000 people vaccinated by the end of the year.Y
12/2/2020Covid OrdersWill Towns and Cities be notified if their County is out of compliance? There seems to be confusion on which Counties are out of compliance.CDPHE / DOLAAnswer 12/2/20: This is a fast moving piece of legislation. Changes and amendments may still be made. CDPHE and DOLA will be working to best figure out compliance and what the application process will look like for counties to apply for these dollars. Y
12/2/2020COVID DialOn the COVID-19 dial, some counties indicate that they are currently in mitigiation. How is that determined? For example, Adams County is not marked as under mitigation. CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: Counties in mitigation means the county is outside the metrics for where they sit on the current dial. E.g a county in Orange on the dial but has Red level metrics. This is usually due to that county being within a 2 week grace period where they are trying to get their numbers under control to remain in their current dial tier. Y
12/2/2020VaccineWould it be possible to include in your defintion of 'health care worker' working with COVID positive people, those people who are working in facilities for people experiencing homelessness who are either COVID positive or in quarantine?CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: CDPHE will follow up on this. N
12/2/2020VaccineWill teachers be included in the frontline workers for early vaccination?CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: Teachers are currently in phase one. Not the very first grouping because that first group is focused on health care workers on the immediate front lines in hospitals. Teachers are considered front line workers and will be included in phase one. Y
12/2/2020Vaccinewhat will the cost to public for the vaccine? both Modera and PfizerCDPHEAnswer 12/2/20: The vaccine will be free to the public. Y
12/2/2020Covid OrdersWhat considerations do you anticipate for Towns like Erie and Longmont, which are adhering to orders, but straddle the county line between Weld and Boulder?CDPHE / DOLAAnswer 12/2/20:N
12/2/2020VaccineWe are hoping that Paramedics are among priority phase 1. They are stuck in a very small box with little ventilation for periods of 15-90 minutes. Rural paramedics infected could shut down an entire communities transport capabilities.CDPHEAnswer 12/2/20:N
11/18/2020Covid DialThe new dial shifts the maximum number allowed in an office to a percentage of building capacity vs. the number of employees. For buildings like CML, municipal or county facilities that have meeting space, the posted occupancy may be much higher and result in MORE employees being allowed in than under the previous dial metrics. Might there be additional guidance or explanation to suggest the intent is to encourage as much remote work as possible with only the bare minimum staff needed?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: In general capacity caps refer to occupancy rather than existing levels and number of people. The message is - No one should begoing into an office right now unless it affects their core job function. We want everyone who can perform their job function remotely to do so as this is one of our core strategiesY
11/18/2020Sharing Covid DataI think we requested this on the last call two weeks ago. This [the vizualization of COVID change] would be great to be able to show our communities. Where do we get it?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: DOLA will share after this call. Y
11/18/2020Covid DialIf I understand correctly, the State is categorizing Boulder County as the new level Red, but not taking the same action for Weld County, even though COVID metrics in Weld are much worse than Boulder County. Is that correct? If so, why is that?

If you do not follow your own metrics to categorize counties’ COVID danger, it makes a sham of the entire system. It also forces Erie to either adopt its own order to impose consistent public health orders throughout the Town, or allow businesses on the Weld side of Town to operate under less strict orders, even though Weld County metrics are much worse than Boulder County’s. This is untenable and already leading to questions and complaints that undermine public safety. Longmont is in the same situation as Erie, having portions of the city in different counties.

Please take immediate action to fix this inconsistency.

According to the State’s Covid dial dashboard, Boulder County has an incidence rate of 789.9, a positivity rate of 8.3%, and 11 days of declining or stable hospitalizations. In comparison, Weld County has an incidence rate of 1,025, a positivity rate double that of Bolder county at 16.6%, and only 8 days of declining or stable hospitalizations.
Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: Working with all counties and Governors Office is working with Weld County. Moving folks across the dial triggers discussions with County Administration in order to make the changes and it takes longer with some counties than others. I hear the frustration but this is happening in a rolling basis with counties. This is a balance between State and Local governments and we are trying to manage a statewide effort while continuing to work with our local governments.

I appreciate the concern about towns and cities than straddle county boundaries. We are absolutely working on this and we hear your frustration
11/18/2020Covid DialWhy is Weld County still yellow?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: See answer aboveY
11/18/2020Covid DialWe are seeing high spread in our community, but ours is not scheduled for change to red - not even orange. It seems to be taking a long time - wondering why?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: Moving folks across the dial triggers discussions with County Administration in order to make the changes and it takes longer with some counties than others. I hear the frustration but this is happening in a rolling basis with counties.Y
11/18/2020Sharing Covid DataCan we plese get a copy of this presentation to share with our electeds that who couldnt make the call?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: DOLA will share after this call. Y
11/18/2020Salons and studiosWill salons and small studio be allowed to remain open?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: No change between Red and Orange for personal servicesY
11/18/2020Indoor DiningIf indoor dining is closed, to what does the 8PM last call apply? Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: No changes to takeout or delivery. Outdoor dining on premise has to stop at 8pm. Y
11/18/2020Public Health OrdersDoes the amendment expire 30 days after October 30?Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: Public Health Orders are on a 30 day clock. They will be extended as neededY
11/18/2020Elective ProceduresShould health care and dental care start thinknig about reducing our elective contacts??Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: Yes. There is now a framework for thatY
11/18/2020Public Health OrdersThere is a error in the PHO that indicates that shows the expiration 30 days after Oct. 30.Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: Public Health Orders are on a 30 day clock. They will be extended as neededY
11/18/2020Public Health OrdersRead the First Amendment - I think someone failed to change it from the PHO for when it expires.Gov OfficeAnswer 11/18/20: Public Health Orders are on a 30 day clock. They will be extended as neededY