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07.20.2022Alberto noted 21 com test sites open across the state through July; should we expect that additional sites will be closed after July 31? If so, when will the information on those site closures be shared - thank you!Alberto noted 21 com test sites open across the state through July; should we expect that additional sites will be closed after July 31? If so, when will the information on those site closures be shared - thank you!
07.20.2022Can you provide the link to the workforce innovation funding again? Thank you! , I think that it is also important to provide information for the Local Workforce Areas, who will be or have awarded Workforce Innovation Grant Funds:
07.20.2022Can you please paste the 2 websites in the from the prior slide.These will be delivered during the Local Government Coordination Call each month and recordings will be available on the Colorado Resiliency Office website:

Coordination with the Local Government Funding Guide:
07.20.2022Can you share the linlk to the soft launch IIJA website? Thanks!
07.20.2022Is the "Active Federal Funding Opportunities" spreadsheet searchable?
06.15.2022Summit - IAJAIs there information on registering for the Infrastructure Summit available?OEDITThe IIJA Summit will take place on July 11th in Glenwood Springs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will ask that you register to gives us an understanding of who plans to attends and we'll share the registration information with you this week.Y
06.15.2022ARP MeetingWill we need to re-register for these calls once they expand to include the ARP group?DOLAYou will continue to use your current Zoom registration link for this meeting - it will not change.Y
06.15.2022CDPHE - Press ReleasePost link to CDPHE press release on testing site changes?CDPHE
05.18.2022ARPAWill there eventually be a central location of BIL and ARPA funding programs and availability?DOLADOLA plans to keep this guide updated with ARPA and IIJA funding: DOLA Local Government Funding Guide -
05.18.2022GRANTS...with timing of when grants are open for application?DOLADOLA will work to include information about timing.Y
05.18.2022ARPAHas anyone addressed the question of legal presence and whether the use of ARPA funds requires confirmation that recipients of services confirm legal presence?We will follow-up and will get a response back to you.
05.18.2022ARPA$0 of the state's ARPA money was made available to support one of the main ARPA eligibility areas - water & wastewater infrastructure. Huge unforced error. Will CDPHE be prioritizing any BIL money for it, especially for economically disadvantaged municipalities, districts, and public not-for-profit systems?
05.18.2022Would it be possible to include local govt associations in the water/wastewater discussion?Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Intended Use Plan hearing by the CDPHE Water Quality Control Commission on funds for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater projects is June 13 at 9 am - clink link to register.
04.20.2022ARPA & BILWould it be possible to get a table with all ARPA & BIL legislation on one spreadsheet?OEDIT Recovery OfficeDOLA plans to keep the Local Government Funding Guide updates with Federal and State funding.Y
04.20.2022ARPAHas there been any progress on pushing ARPA funds our to Special Districts directly?OEDIT Recovery OfficeAt this time, we are unaware of a direct allocation of ARPA funds for special districtsY
03.16.2022Vaccine Sitesthe link the list of COVID test site anticipated closures coming soonCDPHE
01.19.2022MASKWill municipalities receive masks to distribute to their communities?CDPHE
01.19.2022MASKHow can additional municipal recreation centers become a distribution site for the masks through the state?CDPHE
01.19.2022MASKHas the mask distribution site list been updated?CDPHE
01.19.2022ARPAHow can I register for the ARPA Working Group meeting on Wed, Feb 2, 10am?DOLAThese American Rescue Plan Working Group meetings are the 1st Wed. of each month. You can send Anne Miller an email to be added to the calendar invite at You can also find meeting agendas and past meeting recordings on the DOLA website: (agenda's include the google meeting information at the bottom). Y
01.19.2022OEDITAfter the task forces release their recommendations, then what?OEDIT, Economic RecoveryI don't want to get out ahead of the legislative process but at a high level since the interim committees do not have bill writing authority, the reports will help navigate the decision process of carrying and writing bills as normal throughout the legislative session.Y
01.19.2022IIJAWhen will counties and municipalities begin to receive funds from the IIJA?Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Actit depends on what funds and if they are applying for them but any time between now and 2026 funds will continue to become available.Y
01.19.2022IIJASmall local governments don't really have the staff capacity to do the process and provide the information you are requesting regarding potential infrastructure funds.... how are you going to include communities with small staffs to benefit?Infrastructure Investment & Jobs ActIm not sure we have a complete answer to this question, but if im understanding it correctly, I think we'd like there to be a no wrong door approach to seeking input from local governments. Small governments may not have capacity to identify which funds can help, but I think there is a role the state can play either on a program level or in a greater space to help convene and coordinate going after IIJA fundsY
01.19.2022IIJAAny technical assistance available for grant writing and preparation?Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Actthis will depend on the program.Y
01.19.2022IIJAHas there been any thought given to working with regional COGs/EDDs to provide some of the support for smaller communities? Any such assistance would have to have admin dollars attached for those COGs/EDDsInfrastructure Investment & Jobs ActYeah, I love this idea and think that the feds are considering it as well.Y
01.19.2022IIJAWould love to tap in and make some great strides but capacity issues may limit it. Can funds be used for staff to coordinate for us little jurisdictions?Infrastructure Investment & Jobs ActWe'll have to take a look at the new guidebook that was released today but I'm hopeful. Again, this is more of a program-specific package than it is a "lump sum with admin funds formula"Y
01.19.2022IIJALillian - are you talking about hiring staff to create capacity?Infrastructure Investment & Jobs ActI think it will be a tall order to hire up staff capacity in many small municipalities, especially if it is only temporary. Will be looking to collaboration with the state.Y
12.15.2021COVIDAre the extra hospital beds in Pueblo the ones already in place with the FEMA team, or are these new hospital beds in addition?DPSBoth. We have federal teams at Parkview and we are adding state contracted staff to St. Mary Corwin.Y
12.15.2021CARES ACTDid anyone reference the new CARES guidance that came out today?DOLAGuidance related to CARES that I linked… gist is that “Treasury is now revising the guidance to provide that a cost associated with a necessary expenditure incurred due to the public health emergency shall be considered to have been incurred by December 31, 2021, if the recipient has incurred an obligation with respect to such cost by December 31, 2021.”
12.15.2021BroadbandHow do we find out more information about the work happening with the COVID Capital Projects Fund? Is there a website? How are requests accepted?Broadband OfficePlease contact Colorado Broadband Office and participate in the listening session and stakeholder groups. Please feel free to reach out directly as well-
12.15.2021Whatever capital funding as available for public librariesBroadband OfficeYes, some for Libraries - not construction of new buildings - but providing broadband to the current structure.Y
11.17.2021CDPHEWIth the COVID case numbers being so high, is the state looking at broader measures?CDPHEFrom our policy group, we are really trying to keep these decisions at the local level. We are not there yet with a more directed rule. We are engaged in setting up ways to help with local public health.Y
11.17.2021COVIDIs the 500 bed goal for ICU or general care beds?CDPHEThe goal is for accute care beds. We are looking at a variety of ways to do that - by opening wings, or other areas to add the beds. We do have staffing waivers to help with this. We are also looking at ways to get those out of the hospital - so they have a place to go, and get other places staffed to help with this option.Y
11.17.2021COVIDI tried to get a booster at King Soopers, and they wouldn't give it to me.CDPHEThe FDA is catching up to the State and making the boosters avaialbe to 18 and over, But, yes, some companies are following the rule of not giving the booster outside the CDC regulations. We are working with these places to get the boosters available to the larger demographic.Y
10.13.2021Local Government CallDid you decide that we can also shift these meetings to be interactive? Would be good to announce, if so. (And I sure hope they will be)DOLAWe are going to start experimenting with the Raise Hand feature in zoom, and we will unmute you if you'd like to make a comment. We will try that first as we try to manage many different objectives and balance everyone's time as well.Y
10.13.2021COVIDDo we know what % of cases are breakthrough and what % of cases are among unvaccinated?CDPHEAs of 10/12, 78% of those currently hospitalized are unvaccinated.Y
10.13.2021Special DistrictsCan special districts use the funds? Fire Districts will need it too.Attorney GeneralSpecial districts can reach out to their region, and as those regions are being put together, they can certainly requests funds from the 60% pot of money or the 20% that is going directly to local governments. You should get in touch with county commissioners now, as they are taking the lead, but then cities and municipalities will also be working on this.Y
10.13.2021OpioidAre regional committees typically created specifically for implementation of Opioid Settlement funds, or are they typically existing committees that also take this on?Attorney GeneralThey are created specifically for implementation of opioid settlement funds.Y
10.13.2021OpioidWill you please post link to website Heidi mentioned?Attorney GeneralHere is the presentation:
09.29.2021C-PACEDoes the C-PACE program fit into this for energy efficiency on commercial and government buildings?CEOActually C-PACE funding can be used for both commercial and government buildings. Generally our EPC program is a better option for publicly owned buildings.Y
09.29.2021C-PACEStill concerned about the lack of rural local government representation on the Energy Performance Standards Taskforce. Have you completed the one-pager you said was coming?CEOWe are working on it! Thanks for checking in.Y
09.29.2021Hybrid / Electric TransWhich program is best of Hybrid/EV fleet vehicles?CEOHere is a good resource for fleet transition:
09.29.2021Non EntitlementWhen did the email go out to non-entitlement governments?DLGIt went out mid September. Here is the link for the information -
09.15.2021COVIDIn our community (Fort Collins/Greeley), ICUs have been at or exceeding capacity for 2-3 weeks now. In a call just before this, a key challenge is that hospitals can't discharge those who need a lower level of care because there are no openings (for a variety of reasons). We really need the state to assist with mitigation plans for finding ways to expand those lower levels of care in order to decompress our hospitals. Another key concern is the time that it is taking to get testing results back.CDPHEThe north star of our response has always been to protect our hospitals from being overwhelmed. Currently, the Combined Hospital Transfer Center is activated and matching patients with beds. We are monitoring this system and can move to a higher level, moving patients longer distances as needed, if appropriate. Our team is also meeting with leaders of post-acute facilities, such as skilled nursing facilities, today, to discuss barriers to admitting patients from hospitals. We will then work with the entire system to break down these barriers, understanding that patient flow out of the hospitals is a critical component to our success. As for testing, we would need specific info on where testing times are getting longer, but our team is monitoring capacity at all state supported sites and adding capacity to prepare for further surges.Y
09.15.2021FundingAre elected officials eligible for premium pay through American Rescue Funds?DOLAPremium pay for essential works can be found in the US Treasury FAQ starting on page 26-27: also in the Interim Final Rule starting on page 12:
This information is available to help determine who is an essential worker.
09.01.2021HousingOur City is interested in exploring options other Colorado local governments have developed for dedicated funding to be put toward housing initiatives i.e. linkage fees, real estate transfer taxes etc - is there a contact in DOH we could discuss this with?DOH
08.18.2021RecoveryI understand that a legislator recently told a group that the Executive Committee of the Legislature would not be creating an Economic Recovery Committee working group that would include local governments (as had previously been announced). Can that be confirmed? How will municipalities, counties and special districts have access to the process to identify partnership opportunities?DOLAWe have certainly not heard that. There is an Economic Recovery Committee that is being organized, it just hasn't been solidified just yet. Starting today, our Chief Recovery Officer, Pat Meyers, will be joining the Governor and OSPB Director to start rolling out the economic information relative to the recovery to key stakeholders around the state. Pat Meyers it the main point of contact in relation to the creation of the committee.Y
08.18.2021FundingIs there an update on the third round of CVRF funding?DOLAThere is not a planned third round of CVRF funding. But if the question is about the reserve fund, right now we have a waiting list for those funds in the reserve. We have 52 applications in the pipeline. In order to do that, we need to have local governments deobligate the funds they are not going to be using. So we do have critical needs and expenses that have been incurred by your partners in local governments who are waiting to be able to get those funds. So just a reminder, if you do think there are funds that you are not going to be able to spend, please let us know so that we can deploy those out the communities that are waiting. We are hearing from communities that because of the surge of the Delta variant, they are looking at how to spend those remaining dollars. We are at 95% spent, so we are very close. Let us know if you need any help. We're happy to help you think that through.Y
08.18.2021SurveyCan you share information about the results of the local government survey?DOLAWe just received the results and got a lot of great anecdotal information. It appears everyone is still in their planning phases and trying to decide what is the best strategy and course of action for their funding and how to leverage and waiting to see exactly what is in the infrastructure bill. It will take us this week to compile it, and we will be happy to share it out.Y
08.18.2021COVIDCould you post the link to the rent mortgage program?DOLAPeople still apply for rental assistance the same way. The link for rental assistance can be found here:
Regarding the new rental assistance payment processing, we are just changing the way checks are cut. DOH is using starting this week. Property owners who are approved for payment will receive a unique link that will ask them to sign up in
08.04.2021BusinessCould a business that wants to invest in employee housing for its staff use any of these funds for that purpose?OEDITWorkforce housing would only be included in the Access to Capital programs if it was part of a capital investment on the same building that the business is located in, not as a separate project or at a separate site. Best rule of thumb is to talk to the lenders to make sure that it could be included in a larger project. There aren't specific workforce housing programs within OEDIT that are accessible to an individual business, and I believe Rick and Chantal referred to some of the other DOH programs (which I didn't catch during the call). However, at the community level, workforce housing can be considered in a Community Revitalization Grant Proposal but also requires other conditions; moreover, a local government or nonprofit would need to apply for that grant.Y
08.04.2021BusinessAre these Small Biz Access to Capital, Grants and Technical Assistance programs ones that the municipalities will apply for for their small biz community or that the biz should apply for themselves?OEDITThese are for the businesses to apply for directly. This is so you are aware and can refer them back to OEDIT and these resources. Sign up for OEDIT’s newsletter for funding updates -

08.04.2021COVIDAs far as I can tell, CDPHE has not updated pandemic mitigation guidance for businesses since early June. Now that guidance for schools has been updated with the delta variant in mind, can we expect to see similar updates on guidance for businesses any time soon?CDPHEThank you for bringing this to our attention. We have undertaken a review of information on the webpage and are in the process of making updates where necessary. New guidance should be available within the week. We will notify DOLA when these updates are published.Y
08.04.2021BusinessIs there a map of jump start zones?OEDITRural Jump Start Zone map can be found here:
08.04.2021COVIDWhile you all are buried in recovery, much of the rest of us are starting to be buried in responding to the Delta variant, and the very significant changes that it is causing (we are back to response, not recovery). Can someone discuss whether the state is likely to come up with new guidance soon? We are acutely aware that many of our counties are now listed as "high" levels of transmission by the CDC. At the very least, it's important that people understand how much more concerning the Delta variant is, and the precautions that even those who are vaccinated need to take in order to try to prevent even more massive spread.CDPHECDPHE continues to closely analyze data related to infection and vaccine rates in the state, and may make adjustments to public health orders as needed to best protect the residents of Colorado. Efforts will be made to notify LPHAs in advance of any changes to state requirements. Science shows that vaccines are safe and still very effective against preventing infections, and even more importantly at preventing the worst outcomes for those who do get infected, even infection from the delta variant. Because of the vaccine effectiveness and because over 70% of adults in Colorado have been vaccinated, Colorado is in a much better place than the deadly Fall wave from last year. Despite all this progress, this is a novel virus and we are still learning new information every day about its ability to change. The greatest risk right now is to the unvaccinated. CDPHE encourages people who are unvaccinated to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to wear a mask until you are fully vaccinated. Data show the delta variant is much more contagious than others. The delta variant spreads more than twice as easily from one person to another, compared with earlier strains. People who are fully vaccinated are largely protected from delta variant. Breakthrough cases occur in only a small proportion of vaccinated people and the vast majority are avoiding serious illness, hospitalization, or death. That is why it is more important than ever that people get vaccinated.Y
07.21.2021HousingCan municipalities use their ARPA SLFRF local allocations for the match on the HB 1271 grant program? Or would that create duplication of benefit?DOLAUsing ARPA SLFRF as non-federal match is only prohibited in those cases where pre-existing limitations exist in other federal statutes or regulations. HB 1271 is partially funded through SLFRF, which has no pre-existing limitations, therefore the local government share could be used as match (See #4.4 of the CSLFRF FAQ). The ARPA is silent on Duplication of Benefit, but this would only occur if there were specific funding allocations that exceeded the unmet need (or cost) of a particular project. This is generally not an issue for public infrastructure where all of the funding sources are known prior to construction.Y
07.21.2021LGC PresentationWill you distribute or post the slide deck to today's presentation. This is great information. Would you share the link to access the slide deck?DOLAYes - This slide deck and recording will be shared on the CRO website here:
07.21.2021HousingDo you have a link to the statute (or other written material) that shares the menu of options under the Housing Development Incentives Grant?DOLAThis is the link to the signed bill HB21-1271 - see page 6 for the list of strategies : Final Bill:
07/21/2021FundingAre you seeing any delays in getting funds from ARPA and State agencies to getting these funds out and delivered to those in need in communities?OSPBMore context is needed to answer this. Is this question directed towards a specific program? There are a lot of ARPA funds that the state has not yet received.Y
07.21.2021HousingCan municipalities use their ARPA SLFRF local allocations for the match on the HB 1271 grant program? Or would that create duplication of benefit?
DOLAUsing ARPA SLFRF as non-federal match is only prohibited in those cases where pre-existing limitations exist in other federal statutes or regulations. HB 1271 is partially funded through SLFRF, which has no pre-existing limitations, therefore the local government share could be used as match (See #4.4 of the CSLFRF FAQ).
The ARPA is silent on Duplication of Benefit, but this would only occur if there were specific funding allocations that exceeded the unmet need (or cost) of a particular project. This is generally not an issue for public infrastructure where all of the funding sources are known prior to construction.
07.07.2021ARP MeetingWhat is the date and time again for the ARP public meeting?CDPHEThe ARP Working Group meeting is July 14 from 10-11am.Y
07.07.2021Jail Based ServicesIs the funding for the jail based services automatic or do we need to apply?CDHSIn reference to SB21-137 funds, the Office of Behavioral Health is currently taking inventory of the needs of jails that are impacted by HB 21-1211 (restrictive housing) and applying the $5M towards that. Jails who need to access these funds can contact
06.09.2021HousingDo you have a link you can share with information on the emergency rental assistance process?DOLADOLA Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance -
06.09.2021ARPWhat about the COGs, MPOs, AAAs and EDDs in the state?DOLAAs the ARP came down, there was no specific information about directing dollars to these entities. But that does not mean that those organizations can’t participate with their communities. There could be some additional support subsequently with discretionary dollars that the State is receiving. We will keep those organizations in mind, and many are already in line to receive support from existing DOLA programs and other State departments as well.Y
06.09.2021FundingAre the event assistance dollars only for counties?OEDITNo, they're just being allotted by counties. The dollars will actually go to event bookers themselves, not the local governments. The money will go from the Tourism Office to the actual event booker. We want to make sure that every county or community can take advantage of those dollars.
06.09.2021ARP WGDo local governments have the opportunity to participate in the ARP working group?DOLAAbsolutely. Part of the impotence to start this conversation was largely suggested by the stakeholder groups (CCI, CDL, and others). The stakeholders are representing local interests. These are public meetings and can be attended, and there is a public comment period.Y
06.09.2021ARP WGWhere can we find the recordings for these meetings?DOLA - ARPWorking Group agendas and meeting recordings are on the ARP website for DOLA:
06.09.2021ARP WGIs there a link to the ARP working group to listen in?DOLA - ARP
06.09.2021HousingIt seems that there are a lot of dollars flowing to housing. Is there a fact sheet that provides all of the opportunities for new employee and workforce housing projects?DOLA - DOHTBD
05.26.2021MandatesHow far ahead do submissions for approval of indoor events over 500 need to be made. Is that going away?CDPHEThe requirement is that it needs to be submitted to local government and then to CDPHE. This is possibly going away as of June 1.Y
05.26.2021FundingCan you tell us how the funding for Special Districts will be handled? Will there be an ARPA funding set aside for Special Districts?DOLADirect funds from ARP to special districts was not in the bill but the US treasury allows and encourages funding to special districts. This week Aaron from OSPB said there will be a separate fund for special districts. When will the details be revealed? The Special Districts are concerned they will be left out of the ARP funds. SDA made a request to Gov. Polis for ARP funds back in March and have not heard back about the special district process.Y
05.26.2021FundingPlease provide a link to the Treasury Guidelines.DOLA
05.26.2021FundingThe US Treasury Guidelines allow for recoop of lost revenue for the past year, unlike the CARES Act, so how will special district be able to apply for these funds?DOLAAt this time, Special Districts are encouraged to work with their Counties and Municipalities, which is allowed. The Special District Association has been advocating for a separate allocation from the State's share of the ARP funding, so please contact them for more information. Y
05.26.2021FundingWill there be a set aside amount of funds under the ARP for Colorado Special Districts, similar to the CARES funds in terms of procedure and administration through DOLA?DOLADirect funds from ARP to special districts was not in the bill but the US treasury allows and encourages funding to special districts. This week Aaron from OSPB said there will be a separate fund for special districts. When will the details be revealed? The Special Districts are concerned they will be left out of the ARP funds. SDA made a request to Gov. Polis for ARP funds back in March and have not heard back about the special district process.Y
05.26.2021ARPWhat is the link to the governor's ARP strategy?DOLAWe are unclear what this question is pertaining to. The Colorado General Assembly and the Governor have laid out a strategy during this legislative session and for this summer to designate programs and allocations of ARP dollars. Please contact CML, CCI and SDA for up to date information. DOLA will have a local government resource guide so you will be able to find grants and programs to assist you in leveraging your funds within your region for strategic investments.Y
05.26.2021Peer ExchangeHow can we join the ARPA peer exchange?DLGPlease contact or We haven't launched it yet specifically but they can get you wrapped in.Y
05.26.2021Governor's OfficeColorado Comeback InformationGov. OfficeColorado Comeback Roadmap -
05.26.2021Funding(On behalf of West Metro Fire Protection District Chief Don Lombardi) We respectfully request that a set-aside fund be established from the ARP funds for special districts to provide revenue replacements and other allowable COVID expenses. This could be set up similar to the CARES funds in terms of procedure and administered by DOLA.DOLAThank you, this is under discussion. Please contact SDA for further information.Y
05.26.2021FundingWill there be funding available to add local jobs in local government?DLGFrom US Treasury Interim Final Rule, page 32: Rehiring State, Local, and Tribal Government Staff. State, local, and Tribal governments continue to see pandemic impacts in overall staffing levels: State, local, and Tribal government employment remains more than 1 million jobs lower in April 2021 than prior to the pandemic. Employment losses decrease a state or local government’s ability to effectively administer services. Thus, the interim final rule includes as an eligible use payroll, covered benefits, and other costs associated with rehiring public sector staff, up to the pre-pandemic staffing level of the government. COVID-19 public health emergency means the period beginning on January 27, 2020 and until the termination of the national emergency concerning the COVID-19 outbreak declared pursuant to the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.). ((page 116))Y
05.26.2021TreasuryI believe Treasury guidelines state that 2020 is the revenue loss baseline year, is the state using the same time frame for revenue losses or 2021?DOLAThe State will be following the Treasury Guidance.Y
05.26.2021FundingAs a park and recreation district, we were greatly impacted by COVID for revenue loss. We spent down 1/3 of our reserve fund to keep operations going and key staff employed. We would ask for designated funds for special districts directly.DOLAThank you, this is under discussion. Please contact SDA for further information.Y
05.26.2021FundingAny idea when the state is expected to distribute ARP funds to non entitlement cities?DOLAOnce the money and we have the numbers from treasury - this will happen. We have 30 days to get this completed. It is in motion and as soon as possible. State has requested the funds and we are waiting on them.Y
05.12.2021Vaccine When will you open up Pfizer vaccines for ages 12-15? News reports are that it has been approved for 12-15.CDPHEWe are waiting for final guidelines - and when we have that information we will provide that.TBD
05.12.2021FundingIs there any indication that the State will keep a portion of non-entitlement cities ARA funds? Will there be additional restrictions outside of currently released Treasury guidelines on how non entitlement cities can use ARA funds?DOLAAt this point, we are not aware of any plan to hold back or restrict the distribution of ARA funds. The details of allocations are still forthcoming and we expect to see that next week. States are prohibited in ARPA from withholding funds from local governments
05.12.2021FundingWhat is status of county redistricting given Governor's law to postpone to 2023?
DOLAA this time, we are not certain about that. The group is meeting and will be using some preliminary numbers to breakdown counties and cities. We will await the final August U.S. redistricting files. Y
05.12.2021HousingCan you elaborate on ARP money for low income housing?DOLAIt will be for emergency rental assistance. This will continue for individuals and landlords impacted by COVID. It also includes mortgage relief for individuals that need relief and are at risk of default. It is all to ensure we keep Coloradans housed as we work through the pandemic. Some dollars are already allocated directly to local communities and cities running their own rental assistance programs. Housing choice vouchers are another piece of the allocation that helps the very lowest income individuals. There are ESG grants (emergency solution grants) for those on the edge of experiencing homelessness. And, discretionary dollars are being considered by the Legislature now for constructing new affordable housing in Colorado.Y
05.12.2021FundingCan you elaborate on ARPA funds for public health agencies?CDPHETBD
05.12.2021VaccineA CDC report at the end of April indicated that CO had the 2nd highest case rate in the country. Has that been improving since then? Just a reminder that we are not past COVID spread yet.CDPHETBD
05.12.2021HousingIs employee housing eligible for any of the ARPA housing funds? For construction of new employee housing?DOLAARPA doesn't prohibit or promote using the funds for the construction of workforce housing. The legislature and Governor's Office are looking at the various eligible uses for ARPA stimulus funds, including housing construction. They have not yet determined the policy direction and funding amounts for different uses in Colorado.TBD
04.28.2021Special districtsHas there been ANY indication of whether special districts will be included in the American Rescue Act distributions? Last we heard, I believe you said the state is trying to work that out with the feds.DOLAThank you, this is under discussion. Please contact SDA for further information.TBD
04.28.2021AssistanceShould we plan for an extension of the executive order providing relief to public utility customers?CDHSWe are not sure as of yet and will do some research and get you this information shortly.NO
04.28.2021AssistanceIs there a link to information on the new water utility assistance?CDHSNo link for the new water utility assistance yet - we will share as soon as guidelines come out from the federal government. stay tuned!TBD
04.28.2021ARP DollarsDoes DOLA have a sense yet on what information non-entitlement entities will be asked to provide in order to get ARP dollars?DOLAYet to be answered - it is a conversation and when we have the answer we will provide the information.NO
04.28.2021NLC - FAQNational League of Cities FAQs can be found here -
04.28.2021Housing How will new housing funds be directed to help communities with the "missing middle" to develop workforce housing (60-120% AMI)? This is our need and there's no funding.DOLA / DOHWe are aware of this and great question. Related to the stimulus money that is earmarked for Housing. The federal money is not detailed for new construction. We hope that this will be more flexible from the federal government. Non - stimulus recovery side - general fund dollars that is projected to increase. This will be able to enhance our ability to do more projects throughout the state - especially in rural Colorado. Let's get you connected to a DOH representative in your state.Y
04.28.2021Websites and FAQWill there be a designated state web page or "one stop" location for us to see all of the ARPA funding available through the State? My County wants to ensure we are maximizing our own allocation and it's challenging to see what other opportunities are out there (broadband, transportation, econ development, etc). Where do we find all the info?DOLA / DLGWe are getting things set up with FAQ, Webinars, etc. We are waiting but when it is finalized we will share.Y
04.14.2021Unemployment I have reported two fraudulent unemployment claims but have received no follow up. Should I expect follow up? How do I know this has been addressed?Labor EmploymentIf you have questions about fraudulent employment claims please see this video from CDLE: