Checked it still exists
Developed or delivered by a UK Charity or with the UK Charity sector?
Specific to domestic or sexual abuse
Refuge, independent advocacy, community outreach and culturally specific services. Information on refuges, connection to helpline and information resources on tech abuse and staying safe onloneInformation WebsitexxxxfreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Domestic Violence UK information, support and raise awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse.WebsitexxFreeEnglish UK20/05/2020YesYes
Women's Aid information and support (including accomodation) for women and children who are experiencing abuse and raises awareness on issues of dv.WebsitexxxxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
The Mix Crisis Text Line
Do you need help now? Our crisis messenger text service provides free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK. If you’re aged 25 or under, and are experiencing any painful emotion or are in crisis, you can text THEMIX to 85258.SMSxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesNo
The Mix - Love Smart Mix’s relationship support site: a scientific and thoughtful approach to relationships for young people. Read articles on a range of topics, from increasing your self-confidence to managing a breakup – all written in partnership with Click.WebsitexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesNo
Hub of Hope / Chasing Stigma based listing of mental health services - searchable by postcode. Available as app or onlineWebsitexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesNo
We are with you chat services free, confidential information and advice from a trained advisors - Whether you need information for yourself or advice to support a friend or relative our webchat service is here for everyone.
Chayn Mental Health Guide toolkit for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, written and approved by a team of psychologistsOnline toolkitxxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Rape Crisis Live Chat
Rape Crisis Centers run helplines and some offer live chat facilities and access to councelling for any form of sexual abuseWebsitexxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Chaynchayn.coopen source platform (global, India, Pakistan, Italy). Has a chatbot that can provide resources related to topicsWebsitexxFreeEnglish, French Global20/05/2020NoYes
iMatter the warning signs, build resilience, to educateAppxxFreeEnglish Australia20/05/2020NoYes
One Love My Plan for college age women. Create action plan based on the results of the apps danger assement quiz. 24/7 support through chat function.AppxxxFreeEnglish US20/05/2020NoYes
Samaritans phonelineWebsite, Chat, HelplinexxxFreeEnglish UK20/05/2020YesNo
SafeNight who want to help those in need of safe shelter download the SafeNight app and set up a profile. They receive an alert when someone needs a safe place to stay and there is no available space in a shelter. The app lets them make an immediate donation to pay for a hotel room for the person in need.AppxxFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
Respect advice phone line and webchat for male victims of domestic violenceWebsitexxxxFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesYes
Respect Advice line dedicated to supporting people to stop hurting the ones they love (perpertrators of domestic violence) WebsitexxxxFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesYes
National Domestic Violence Helpline
Website for 24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline - information and advice for individual victims/survivorsm friends and family and professionals who support themWebsitexxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Women's Aid Survivors Forum Survivors’ Forum is a safe, anonymous, space for women (over 18) who have been affected by domestic abuse to share their experiences and support one another.Website xxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Everyone’s Business Employer’s Portal by Hestia - putting employers at the heart of tackling domestic abuse and providing them with the tools they need to recognise and prevent domestic abuse, be prepared to receive disclosures and actively respond and speedily support employees who are experiencing or perpetrating domestic abuse.Website xxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Hestia Bright Sky Sky is a free to download mobile app (android and iphone), launched in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation, providing support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know. The app is also designed to be used by specialist and non-specialist practitioners and other employers, and for anyone looking for information about issues around domestic abuse such as online safety, stalking and harassment and sexual consent.AppxxxxFree
available in 4 languages including English, Polish, Urdu and Punjabi
23 and advice (focused on professionals than individual victims/survivors)WebsitexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
StandTallwww.standtall.orgA UK directory of organisations based in the UK who provide FRONTLINE support and direct services to women or girls experiencing abuse or bullying. Looking to expand their tech offer to the sectorWebsitexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Womens Aid - The Hideout for children and young people to understand domestic abuse, and how to take positive action if it's happening to them.  Plus support for professionals.  Managed by Women's AidWebsitexxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Vodafone TecSOS Foundation funded programme to provide customised phones that enable high-risk survivors of domestic abuse to rapidly contact police.Personal Alarm DevicexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
The Mix - Is My Relationship Healthy Tool
UK tool - designed for young people u25 - A chatbot tool with 7 questions about your relationship to identify whether it is healthy or not and what to do nextChatbotxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
The Mix - Consent tool
Want to know if you’re legally allowed to have sex with someone? Our ‘Age of Consent tool’ will guide you through a series of questions designed to help you understand what you can and can’t do with whoever you’re planning on doing it with.ChatbotxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesNo
Chayn - Tool: How to build your domestic abuse case without a lawyer guide will help you collect and present evidence in such a way that even if you do not want to pursue a legal case, no matter where you are based or what kind of abuse you’re facing. It is also open under a creative commons licence for re-use by professionals.WebsitexxFree
English, Urdu, Italian
The Keep App - Citrah Foundation app to record evidence of abuse safely.AppxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Haven: Belfast
Haven: Belfast is free to download and is for anyone experiencing domestic violence and sexual violence within an intimate partner relationship and professionals supporting them. The App provides information on domestic violence and sexual violence within an intimate partner relationship, information on how to recognise the warning signs of an abusive relationship and where to go for support.AppxxxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
None in Three
The game is a third person narrative exploration game aiming to change attitudes and behaviours and educate young people on healthy and abusive relationshipsGamexFreeEnglishUK
Still in development
DV Assist referral website to a charity helping victims get court order against perpetratorsWebsitexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Gender and IoT Resource List
List of organisations which produce guidelines and advice and highlights known methods of abuseWebsitexFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Fumble non-profit platform for content on sex, relationships, identity, health and pleasure. We aim to plug the hefty gap left by inadequate sex and relationships education (SRE) in the UK and beyond, giving young people amazing, relevant social content to read, view and share.WebsitexFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesNo
Circle of 6 and help text sent to 6 peopleAppxFreeEnglish US20/05/2020NoNo
Circle is the free, must-have safety app for Londoners. It’s the easiest way to stay safe and connected to your nearest and dearest in and around the city. Simply check-in with friends at the touch of a button, letting them know you’re okay or that you need a little help.AppxFreeEnglish UK20/05/2020YesNo
Easy Rescue
app is activated through shaking phone, sends texts to contacts and policeAppxxFreeEnglish TURKEY20/05/2020NoYes
Technology Safety that provides information, support and resources for women against violence & sexual assaultApp, websitexxFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
A news app with a help section that provides information for those experiencing domestic abuseAppXFreeEnglish US20/05/2020NoYes
Domestic Violence Centre victims of domestic abuse who need protection of an injunction order.WebsitexxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Hopeline by Verizon
#Hope feature, which allows any Verizon Wireless customer to connect to the National Domestic Violence Hotline simply by dialing #Hope on their mobile phone.OtherxxEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
Citizen COP is a potential technology designed & developed to break the barrier between law enforcement agencies and societyAppxFreeEnglishINDIA20/05/2020NoNo
Harassmap is a tool for anyone who has been harassed or assaulted and for witnesses to harassment and assault all over Egypt to anonymously share and report their experiences. We map the reports, and each report appears on the map as a red dot. When you click on the dot, the full text of the report is displayed. Looking at the map gives you an overview of where we have received reports of sexual harassment, and the individual reports really show the reality and scope of sexual harassment and assault in Egypt.WebsitexxFreeEnglish/ArabicEgypt20/05/2020NoNo
iEAA (Evidentary Abuse Affidavit) safe and reliable evidentary documentation about abuse used for prosecution of perpetratorsAppFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
Wickr messenger that enables private and easily erasable communications. If you've been cut off from family and friends by an overly dominant partner, Wickr puts you in control of who sees what, where and for how long. The messages are encrypted, can be sent anonymously and self-destruct after a preset period of time.AppFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoNo
National Online Resource Center On Violence Against Women find materials that support effective strategies to end domestic violence.WebsitexxFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
bSafe your friends when in trouble, send your location.AppxFreeEnglishGlobal20/05/2020NoNo
Designed to assist women to collect and store evidence to help them get an intervention order, or to prove a breach. You have to email to receive instructions on how to download it. AppxUnknown English
Australia [For Victoria Use only]
Kitestring tell Kitestring that you're in a dangerous place or situation, and give it a time frame of when to check in on you. If you don't reply back when it checks your status, it'll alert your emergency contacts with a custom message you set up.App/ SMSxFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoNo
Hey Vina that helps women find new friends.AppxFreeEnglishGlobal20/05/2020NoNo
EyeWatch the click of a button, Eyewatch informs your Call Guardians where you are and what is happening. Eyewatch is the only known app in the world which captures audio before activation, Records Video after, and calls your Call Guardians one after the other on Speakerphone automatically. Eyewatch uses both GPS and Network triangulation algorithms to determine your location with maximum accuracy and share it with your call Guardians.AppxFreeEnglishIndia20/05/2020NoNo
Not Your Baby
Not Your Baby is a mobile app to help people deal with sexual harassment at work, school, transit, home or in public spaces. It’s a “sexual harassment response generator”. Once installed, the app allows users to input where they are and who’s harassing them – such as a boss, coworker, family member or fellow student. A possible response is generated “in the moment”, based on the input of people who’ve shared what they’ve done to deal with similar instances of harassment. Not Your Baby includes resources, information about the law, definitions, tips and stories, and it allows users to submit their own stories.AppxxFreeEnglishGlobal20/05/2020NoYes
Sex Offender Tracker Offender Tracker gives citizens and residents of the U.S. access to The National Sex Offender Registry in a second. This informative app provides users with detailed knowledge of the offender, a bio, and keeps users up to date with email alerts of any additions to the registry.AppxPaidEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
The bMOREsafe app can help you to know what resources are available to you. The bMOREsafe app lets you know what to expect after you have been abused or assaulted, and gives you back the power of choice. Get medical help, police help, or call a crisis hotline all with the touch of a button. Choose what services are most important to you and get the help you need.AppxxFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoYes
R.I.S.E Social Media App is a social media app to help you prevent violence before it starts and support the people around you. Here's how it works: Intervene: You’re out and about on campus. You identify and witness an incident of sexual violence but you’re unsure of what to do! Depending on where you are you can click on different campus settings that will upload a database of possible situations and tips for interventions & support! Support: In just one click you have access to an extensive resource database and GPS locations of support and safety services near you! Community: What are your priorities? The community button allows users to share their voice and inputs on issues and questions that matter to them! Educate: Upload one of our hip post-card themes, add your message to end violence and share it in your networks! Better yet, take your own photo, create your own message and share widely to educate the world around you on how to rise against violence on campuses. It also includes tools, educational information, and resources for supporting your friends and loved ones who are dealing with incidents of gender-based violence.AppxxFree
English and French
Fort Refuge community for domestic violence survivorsWebsitexxFreeEnglishGlobalNoYes
After Silence community for domestic violence survivorsWebsitexFree
English and Spanish
Callisto platform for College Students to report abuse privately which will let them know if there are repeat offenders.WebsitexFreeEnglishUS20/05/2020NoNo
Hollie Guard Alarm App by PanicGuard Ltd with Hollie Gazzard FoundationAppxFreeEnglishUK20/05/2020YesYes
Fundacion Ana Bella APp app for the phone which runs a system for survivors by survivors that sort of operates like AA. If a woman joins and is still a victim, she is partnered with a mentor in her location so she can speak to her any time about the situation. All of the mentors are survivors who are trained and they essentially listen or provide support (sometimes to get to a shelter or access other services).AppxxFreeSpanishSpain20/05/2020NoYes
Safelet Silent Alarm Bracelet. Pretty obvious/big. Personal Alarm WearablexPaidEnglishGlobal26/05/2020NoNo
Revolar, Discreet Silent Alarm designed to be concealed beneath clothing. Appears to be backed beyond crowdsourcing.Personal Alarm WearablexPaidEnglishGlobal26/05/2020NoNo
Safetipin to lodge (and check) reports of specific locations which are or aren't safeAppxxFreeEnglishIndia, Colombia26/05/2020NoNo
On the Record
On Record is a mobile app designed to help you collect and save information of any sort relevant to your situation. This information is then securely provided, to permitted individuals or organisations, for review and analysis or to form the basis for written reports. Access to the uploaded information is controlled and secure.AppxFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesNo
UK Government
Advice Page on how to get help if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse.Website xxFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesYes
RAINN US helpline
the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline and live chatWebchatxxxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoYes
myPlan interactive safety decision aid, designed to assist intimiate partner violence victims in navigating identifying a safe path forward. User completes a danger assesment questionnaire and is presented with a number of step by step options to remain safeAppxxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoYes
The room beneath the rafters
A game app in which the user guides the character through an abusive relationship. Aims to educate young people on abusive relationshipsAppxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoYes
Digital Services toolkit
A toolkit for victim services considering or adopting online support servicesWebsitexFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoYes
Toolkit for Survivors toolkit for victims containing safety tips, information and privacy strategiesWebitexxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoYes
Spot the Spy
An anti spyware app which notifies the user if someone hacks into private accountsAppxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoNo
Privacy Pro SmartVPN
An anti spyware app which blocks tracking malwareAppxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoNo
An anti spyware appAppxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoNo
Life Continues After communal space for survivors of sexual trauma - featuring advice, articles and arts. We're here to show that life does continue after.
Website, Podcast, Instagram
Consent and a cup of tea video explaining informed consent using the analogy of a cup of tea Social MediaxFreeEnglishUS26/05/2020NoNo
Headspace self-help meditation and mindfullness AppAppFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesNo
CEOP someone who has been a victim of sexual online abuse or worried this is happening to someone they know, report it safely and securelyWebsitexxFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesYes
Crime Stoppers Crime reportingWebsitexFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020YesNo
rAinbow is a digital companion for the 1 in 3 women facing abuse at home. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, rAInbow provides a non-judgemental, unbiased and safe environment to prevent and detect early signs of abuse.ChatbotxFreeEnglishUK26/05/2020Yesyes
You Matter An interactive website which uses sensitive and co-created case studies to help women establish whether they are experiencing abuse and signpost them on to appropriate support. WebistexxxFree
English, Punjabi, Polish
Handi SOS is a small portable, battery powered bluetooth device and app that pairs with your smartphhone. When the Handi SOS button is pressed, it sends a text message and your Google Maps location to the people you wish to inform that you are in a tight spot; be it lost in the city, in an uncomfortable situation, had an accident on a mountain, badly injured yourself, on a first date that's gone sideways...Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the little button is paired with your phone that has the Handi SOS app downloaded. When pressed, it sends a signal (up to 30m) to your phone and the app sends out your SOS alert message to the selected contacts (including emergency service such as the Police if you so wish). These contacts will receive the SMS text message with your location based on the GPS location of your phone.
Personal Alarm WearablexxxPaidEnglishUK26/05/2020YesNo
Followit App simple & safe way to record incidents of stalking. Currently only available in Scotland.