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Who to contact to learn NSDA Staff <> Video on how to set up a Hopin Event
How it WorksAll links are buttons on a password-protected website, people enter the website with the password and click on the room they want to joinStudents and judges log-in to tabroom and have a direct link to each round immediately available, plus links to other tournament and team roomsTournaments can be created using a Stage for announcements to participants. You can create as many rooms as needed and choose recording feature for people who enter a room. creates pairings with room number included...participants and judges find that room in the Sessions portion of the tournament.
Ideal Size of EventsGood for all sizes, best option for big tournaments (100+ teams with multiple events and/or divisions)Good for all sizesAny size tournament…Hopin has had experience hosting very large events.
Cost$25 per room for one day, $40 per room for multiple days up to 4 for the first 200 rooms for the TFA members, after 200 rooms reserved it will move to $45 per room. Tech support included with price.$6 per competition room per day, no additional fees (team rooms and tournament utility rooms are free) No tech supportThere is a $99/month plan which is best. It provides 100 fee admissions per month. 50 cents per attendee charged after the tournament.
Approximate Cost for 100 students, one day$840 (25 competition rooms, team rooms would need to be separate, 3 tournament utility rooms)$150 (25 competition rooms)After paying $99/month…cost is 50 cents per attendee so cost per 100 one day would be $50.00.
Admin AccessFull, admin dashboard and can enter rooms from admin panel; can join as host to take control of the room. Admins can enable/disable any Zoom Enterprise featuresLimited, Tournament Staff have some control, most features can't be changedDashboard gives to access to Stage for announcements and for allowing large groups to watch a round like Finals. Tournament officials can enter all rooms as needed. Private Meeting Rooms can be created to hold conversations regarding any disputes during a tournament.
Tournament Tech Staff RequiredSome tab support to answer tech problems related to the platform and zoom, some Classrooms.Cloud staff needed, instant tech support availableSome - Some tech support, some tab support, mostly focused on helping users access tabroom accountsNo tech support with $99/month plan.
Ease of UseEasy, just follow a link, enter a password, and pick a room. Slack is integrated into site.Moderate, requires familiarity with tabroom accountEasy, locate your room number on pairings and then locate that room on Hopin (kind of like brick and mortar…find the number on the posting on the wall, find your room).
Ease of Set-upEasy, and only done one timeEasy, just purchase video rooms and adjust settings in advance on tabroomPretty intuitive.
Tabroom IntegrationNot needed; can choose to require students to use log onsTabroom Accounts required for students, judges, and tournament and Hopin are separate and not integrated.
Observer AccessEasy, just need site password or and still must follow TFA vIQT mandates for observersNo observers - only competitors, judges, and tournament staff can enter rooms and stillmust follow TFA vIQT mandataes for observersPeople can enter competition rooms…should enter with cameras and microphones off and follow TFA vIQT mandates.
Security / Safety FeaturesAll Zoom features (password, host controls). IP Contract Tracing, close to 20 million minutes with no security issues, allows admins to record so they can be aware of any security issue that does come up. Tournament hosts can be named as additional insured.Only those with tabroom accounts who have been assigned to rooms by tournament staff can enter roomsHopin has a history of hosting many events…no security issues known. Rooms are recorded when someone enters. Video can be reviewed after recording stops and video has processed. Video can be kept by tournament host as long as Hopin account is active.
Customization & FeaturesFully customizable to your tournament and/or branding. All Zoom Enterprise features can be enabled/disabled. Can customize site with tournament instructionsRaise Hand, Chat, Timer, Email Support StaffLots of places to put tournament logo. Create rooms for all tournament needs including rooms for each school so kids and coaches can meet between rounds. Has Expo feature if you want to sell merchandise during your tournament.
Other NotesHas hosted major tournaments (TOC, NSDA Nats), debate camps (HUDL, NYCUDL, NDF). Used as platform for classrooms for a school, and CC has been given exemptions in some districts with Zoom bans because of its security features. Extemp draw software can be integratedHosted Massachusetts State Tournament.Does not have automated extemp draw software.