PUHSD 2018-19 Scholarship Bulletin
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tp 2/7/19Max Herlehy Memorial Scholarship$500.00Any Placer High Senior Selected student should exemplify a passion for life and be someone who brings joy to their classmates.3/21/19Max Herlehy Memorial Scholarship
tp 2/7/19Pay it Forward: Furlong Memorial Scholarship$500.00Any Placer High Senior The chosen senior should have a strong desire and financial need to attend college.3/21/19Pay it Forward: Furlong Memorial Scholarship
bf 02/07/19Officer Matt Redding Memorial Scholarship$1,000.00Del Oro SeniorsOpen to graduating Del Oro seniors who will study and plans a career in the medical, criminal justice or fire science fields, or who will continue his/her education at a Military Academy or ROTC program as well as a two or four year college. Must show potential to carry on the legacy of Matt Redding in the community. An application, unofficial copy of transcripts and two letters of recommendation required. 3/21/19Officer Matt Redding Scholarship Application
tp 2/5/19Auburn Kiwanis7 x $1000Placer, Foresthill and Colfax Graduating SeniorList of Auburn Kiwanis Scholarship Criteria3/22/19Auburn Kiwanis Scholarship Application
kc 1/5/19Leidigh Family Scholarship $1,000.00Placer High Senior OnlyAre you studying engineering at a CSU or UC? If so, apply for this scholarship supporting future engineers.3/22/19Leidigh Family Scholarship--engineer
kc 1/7/19Soroptomist Ruth Johnston Memorial Scholarship$500.00Placer High Senior Female OnlyThis is for one Placer Female senior who has demonstrated strengths in academics and service and is continuing her education beyond high school.3/22/19Soroptomist Ruth Johnston Award
bf 10/31/2018Tackle For The Cure Scholarship$500 - $1000Del Oro SeniorGraduating seniors planning on attending any accredited 2-4 year college. 2.5 min GPA. Includes an essay on how breast cancer has impacted your life.3/22/19Tackle For The Cure Scholarship Application
tp 2/2/19PSR Sacramento Chapter Essay Contest$15000 total awarded to 12 winnersAny SeniorHigh school seniors (or students who entered high school on track to graduate in 2019 but who graduated early) attending school in Sacramento County or in one of the following surrounding counties: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, San Joaquin, Solano, Sutter, Yolo, or Yuba.3/23/19PSR Sacramento Chapter Essay Contest
kr 2/19/19ARP Foundation Scholarship$1,000.00 x 2Colfax High SeniorScholar/Athlete - Must have participated in at least one varsity sport at CHS. Special consideration will be given to those students attending UC Davis. Community College students may also apply. $1,000.00 will be awarded to one male and one female CHS student.3/25/19ARP Foundation Scholarship
bf 2/14/19Michael "Tako"Takayama Memorial Scholarship2 x $5000Del Oro Female AthleteOpen to graduating Del Oro female senior athlete who has faced adversity and is planning to attend any accredited 2 or 4 year college or university. Must have at least a 2.0 GPA or higher. Application required.3/28/19Mike Takayama Scholarship
kr 2/22/19Quinn Family Memorial Scholarship$500Colfax High Senior onlyOpen to students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field or a human services related field. Minimum GPA 3.0 +3/27/19Quinn Family Memorial Scholarship
kr 2/22/19Saterlee Foundation Scholarship2 x $1,000.00Cofax High Senior onlyMust be in pursuit of a secondary education and have an immediate family member (grandparent, aunt, uncle, parent) that is a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, or have enrolled in an ROTC program. Or know a veteran that has made an impact on you.3/29/19Saterlee Foundation Scholarship
bf 1/16/19Del Oro Parent's Club Scholarship15 x $1000 ScholarshipsDel Oro Seniors OnlyOpen to graduating Del Oro seniors with a 2.0 GPA or higher who will be attending a two or four year college or trade school in the fall. Students must be well-rounded and been involved in activities in and out of school. Application, unofficial transcripts and letter of recommendation required.3/29/19Del Oro Parent's Club Scholarship
bf 1/16/19Mike and Ida Granata Memorial Scholarship (Newcastle Community Association)$1000 for each schoolDel Oro and Placer students who attended Newcastle Elemenary SchoolOpen to graduating Del Oro and Placer seniors who attended Newcastle Elementary School for at least two years. Must be active in school and community activites and have a 3.0 GPA or higher and plan to enroll full time at any institution of higher learning. Two letters of recommendation, unofficial high school transcripts and application required3/29/19Mike and Ida Granata Memorial Application
bf 1/18/19Shelley Wilhelm Memorial Scholarship$1,000Del Oro Senior Girl OnlySenior gril who, in heart, body and soul, strives to achieve academically and as a member of the Del Oro community. Minimum GPA of 3.5. Application, essay and transcript required.3/29/19Shelley Wilhelm Memorial Application
bf 1/31/19Mid -Placer Democratic Club Scholarship$500Del Oro Seniors OnlySenior planning to attend a technical school or community college upon graduation. Does not need to be a registered Democrat to be considered.3/29/19Mid-Placer Democratic Club Scholarship
tp 2/2/19Placer Holy Ghost Association Scholarship4 x $500Any StudentPriority will be given to students with a 3.0 grade point average or better, however all
applications will be considered. Priority is given to first time applicants who are graduating high school seniors, then to
enrolled college students. Must be a participating member of the A.P.D.E.S.
3/30/19APDES Scholarship
tp 2/2/19Auburn Hook and Ladder Company #1$1,000Placer Seniors Only3.0 GPA and applying to a regional fire academy.4/1/19Auburn Hook and Ladder Company #1
bf 2/7/19Eureka Masonic Lodge #16 Ralph Hoeper Memorial Engineering Scholarship$3,000Seniors from Placer and Del Oro High Schools OnlyOpen to Placer and Del Oro graduating seniors who will enroll full-time at a four year university in the U.S. and select a major field of study in one of the diciplines listed in the Eligible Majors section of the scholarship document. An application, 2 letters of recommendation and 2 short essays are required.Corrected due date 4/1/192019 Ralph Hoeper Memorial Scholarship Information and Application
bf 2/7/19Eureka Masonic Lodge #16 Scholarship6 x $500Seniors from Placer and Del Oro High Schools OnlyOpen to Placer and Del Oro graduating seniors who are active contributors to the betterment of the communities where they live. Must have between a 2.0 and 3.5 GPA and must be a full-time student in a 2 or 4 year college or vocational/technical school. An application, list of community service hours, and two letters of recommendation are required. 4/1/192019 Eureka Masonic Lodge #16 Scholarship Application and Informatiom
bf 12/20/18Placer Community Theater Theatrical Arts Scholarship$750Seniors in Placer or Nevada CountyGraduating seniors from a school in Placer or Nevada County who will pursue a major or minor in performaing arts or technical theater at an accredited institution of higher learning in the fall of 2019.4/1/19Placer Community Theater Theatrical Arts Scholarship
bf 2/14/19Patrick Coughran Memorial ScholarshipvariesSeniorsApplicants must have exhibited livestock or agriculture mechanics projects for 2 years specifically at the Gold Country Fair and be enrolled in a local agricultural youth organization for at least 2 years. See application for further details4/2/19Patrick Coughran Memorial Scholarship Application
bf 2/13/19Del Oro Junior Golden Eagles Football and Cheer Scholarship/ Leadership Award2 x $500: 1 Football recipient & 1 Cheer recipientDel Oro Seniors OnlySeniors from Del Oro High School with a 3.0 GPA and exemplary citizenship, who participated in Del Oro Junior Golden Eagles Football or Cheer for at least 3 seasons and played football or cheered at Del Oro all 4 years.4/3/19Del Oro Junior Golden Eagles Football and Cheer App Link
kr 3/7/2019Auburn Rotary - Virgil Traynor, DVM Animal Science Academic Award$1500-4000Placer, Colfax and Foresthill HighThis scholarship will be awarded to a top academic student who has challenged themselves in high level classes (AP/Honors) and has designated an academic tract of Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Majors may include Animal Science (preferred), Biological Science or Life Science. The student recipient shall exemplify leadership, community service in their selected field. An interview with the Auburn Rotary will also be part of the selection process. Can only apply to ONE of the five Auburn Rotary Scholarships--choose most fitting.4/4/19 - Bring completed application to the Counseling DepartmentAuburn Rotary - Traynor, DVM Academic Award
kr 3/7/2019Auburn Rotary - Steve and Rose Brown Professional Educator Award$1500-4000Placer, Colfax and Foresthill HighThis Scholarship will be awarded to a strong academic student who has shown great personal growth. The student must also be pursuing an educational degree related to a career working with children such as teaching or social sciences. An interview with the Auburn Rotary will also be part of the selection process. Can only apply to ONE of the five Auburn Rotary Scholarships--choose most fitting.4/4/19 - Bring completed application to the Counseling DepartmentAuburn Rotary - Educator Award
kr 3/7/2019Auburn Rotary - Career Technology Education Award$1500-4000Placer, Colfax and Foresthill HighThis scholarship will be awarded to a student who plans to attend a college, vocational, trade school or equivalent. It is for someone to be recognized for their personal growth. This is not based only on grades or tests, but instead also considers the students strong focus on a specific career/trade: for example, automotive, computer tech, emergency services (EMT, Fire Service, Police, etc.), health care tech, construction, welding, dental hygiene, cosmetology, etc. An interview with the Auburn Rotary will also be part of the selection process.Can only apply to ONE of the five Auburn Rotary Scholarships--choose most fitting.4/4/19 - Bring completed application to the Counseling DepartmentAuburn Rotary - Career Technology Award
kr 3/7/2019Auburn Rotary - Steve Snyder Academic Award$1500-4000Placer, Colfax and Foresthill HighThis Scholarship will be awawrded to a top student who has challenged themselves in high level classes (AP/Honors) and learned what it takes to overcome obstacles to persevere. The student recipient will be able to document how their personal groth and focus on future endeavors of attending a four-year college are essential to success. An interview with the Auburn Rotary will also be part of the selection process.4/4/19 - Bring completed application to the Counseling DepartmentAuburn Rotary -Steve Snyder Academic Award
kr 3/7/2019Auburn Rotary -Presidential Award$1500-4000Placer, Colfax and Foresthill HighThis scholarship will be awarded to an individual who has excelled in life despite personal hardships and truly needs the financial help to achieve
his/her goals. This student should reveal how they has grown as an individual and learned to persevere to obtain what they set his/her their mind to achieving despite this hardship. An interview with the Auburn Rotary will also be part of the selection process. Can only apply to ONE of the five Auburn Rotary Scholarships--choose most fitting.
4/4/19 - Bring completed application to the Counseling DepartmentAuburn Rotary - Presidential Award
kr 2/22/19The Lew and Jean Bonser Memorial$1,000Colfax High SeniorColfax High senior attending one of these schools -any CSU, Oregon State, Oregon Institute, Eastern, Western, Southern Oregon University, Arizonia State, Northern Arizonia University and UNR. Majoring in Science Technology, Engineering, or Education. Have a 3.25 or better GPA. See Application for full list of requirements.4/4/19The Lew and Jean Bonser Memorial
tp 2/14/19Chris Reams Honorary Scholarship1 x $2500Any SeniorEnrolled as a senior in Placer Union High School District with plans to graduate in Spring 2019. Possess a strong commitment to your vision including career goals. Must be planning to attend 4 year, community or vocational school with a minimum of 9 units (or the equivalent) registered in the fall of 2019.4/4/19Chris Reams Honorary Scholarship
kr/3/6/2019McNally-Vereyken Public Service Scholarship$400.00Colfax Senior Colfax High Senior enrolling in a 2 year college with the goal of working in education, healthcare, or another field dedicated to serving the needs of the public.4/5/19McNally-Vereyken Public Service Scholarship
KC 1/3/19Friebus Family Scholarship$500Placer High Senior Only4/5/19Freibus Family Scholarship
kc 1/7/19Hillmen Foundation and Covich Johnson Founders ScholarshipsHillmen--$1000 x 2 (1 boy/1girl) and Covich Johnson $2000--1 onlyPlacer High Senior OnlyThese will be awarded to Placer graduates who have worked toward excellence in 3 areas of: academics, athletics and student activities. These scholarships are to be used at a college, university, career technical college, or trade school.4/5/19Hillmen & Covich Johnson Scholarships
bf 11/29/18Golden Eagle Pony Baseball Scholarship/ Leadership Award2 x $500Del Oro Seniors OnlySeniors from Del Oro High School with a 3.0 GPA and exemplary citizenship, who played in the Golden Eagle Baseball League for at least 4 seasons and played baseball at Del Oro all 4 years.4/5/19Golden Eagle Pony Scholarship App Link
bf 2/26/19Del Oro Women's Athletic Club ScholarshipVariesDel Oro WAC senior club membersOpen to graduating Del Oro WAC club members who have been a council member for a minimum of 2 years. 4/5/19WAC Application
bf 3/1/19Robert K. Bonner Memorial Scholarship$1,500Del Oro SeniorOpen to Del Oro graduation seniors who have attended D.O for at least 2 years, participated in high school athletics or cheerleading with a 3.0 GPA.4/5/19Robert K. Bonner Memorial Application
kr 3/6/2019Beverely Gilmore Women in Leadership Scholarship2 x $1,000.00Colfax High Female SeniorThis scholarship is available to all female CHS seniors with an overall GPA of 3.0 or above who have d emonstrated leadership ability and determination and are interested in pursuing leadership roles within their future careers of choice.4/8/19Beverly Gilmore Women in Leadership Scholarship
bf 10/25/18Foothill Quilters Guild Scholarship1 or 2 up to $1000Local high school seniors or college studentsThis is a textile based project award that could be a quilt, a garment, an art project or something else that fits the criteria. See application for details.4/10/19Foothill Quilters Guild Scholarship Application
kr 3/13/2019Lorene Lobner Keena Scholarship$1,000.00Del Oro, Placer, Foresthill, Maudi seniorsScholarship is open to students who are attending a 4 year college/university.4/11/2019Lorene Lobner Keena Scholarship
kr 3/22/2019Hydros Engineering -Science/Engineering/Trades Career Scholarship$1,000Colfax High SeniorScholarship is available to seniors who plan on attending a 2 year, 4 year or technical trade school. Minimum GPA of 2.5, students plans to pursue a career in science/engineering or technical trade. See application for full Criteria4/11/19Hydros Engineering Scholarship
tp 03/05/19Placer's Athletic Hall of Fame Award$500Placer Athlete OnlyThrough his/her athletic participation, the applicant must have demonstrated the values of integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, character and served as a role model for his/her peers. Applicant must be planning to attend a two or four year college and participate in sports while enrolled.4/11/19PHS AHOF
bf 3/1/19Placer County Chapter Japanese American Citizens League$1,000Any SeniorScholarship applicants must be members of Placer County JACL or be a dependent of members. Applicants must be planing to arttend a trade school, business school, college or university or any institutution of higher learning next Fall.4/13/19JACL Application
tp 2/2/19AAGV Essay Contest$15000 awarded to 12 winnersAny Senior500 word essay on the attached topic, written by any graduating 2019 senior.11:59pm on 4/14/19AAGV Essay Contest
tp 2/2/19Lions Placer High School "We Serve" Scholarship$1,000Placer High SeniorPlacer High Seniors should draw upon their own high school experience and their participation in community service activities to support their interpretation of the Lions motto, "We Serve".
4/15/19Lions "We Serve" Scholarship
tp 2/19/19Literacy Support Council of Placer County$1,000Placer High Graduating Senior enrolled in ELL.This scholarship is awarded to any student currently or formerly enrolled in ELL. Because academic achievement can be difficult for ELL students, we want to reward those students and help them achieve their future goals.4/16/19LSC Scholarship
kr 3/22/2019Amalia Helen Fleming Scholarship$5,000Colfax High Senior Alpplicant may apply if accepted and have committed to attending one of these great California schools: Caltech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis or UCLA.
4/22/19Amalia Helen Fleming Scholarship
kr 3/19/2019The Jordan Zapper Memorial Scholarship$15,000.00 x 2Colfax High SeniorsAdventurous Spirit, Athletic and Academic Excellence, Passion for Others. Open to seniors who plan on attending a 4 or 2 year college full time. Scholarship is awarded annually to one female and one male applicant. Proof of enrollment must be submitted to the Falcon Foudation as a precondition of scholarship payment.4/22/19Jordan Zapper Memorial Scholarship
tp 12/31/19PEO Chapter BF Scholarship$500Placer High Female Senior w/a 3.0 GPA or better.P.E.O. is a philanthropic organization where women CELEBRATE the advancement of women; EDUCATE women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans, and stewardship of Cottey College and MOTIVATE women to achieve their highest aspirations.4/22/19P.E.O. Chapter BF Scholarship
bf 11/28/18Highland Orchard Aguilar Family Scholarship$1,000Del Oro Senior Graduating senior with 2.0 minimum GPA applying to technical school, 2 year or 4 year university interested in an agricultural or agricultural related program of study. See link to the right for more information.4/23/19Highland Orchard Aguilar Family Scholarship Information
kc 3/19/19Mary Forsythe RN, Memorial Scholarship$3,000.00Placer High Senior onlyAre you solid in your choice to become a nurse? If so, and you have at least a 3.0 attending a 2 or 4 year college next year, than you can apply for this award. See Link for details.4/23/19Mary Forsythe RN Memorial Award
bf 11/14/18Loomis Lions Club Scholarship5 - $1500Del Oro SeniorGraduating senior with 2.0 minimum GPA involved in Del Oro activities and in "service" to the school and community. See application for more information.4/23/19Loomis Lions Club Scholarship Application
bf 11/14/18Hiroshi "Doc" Takemoto Memorial Scholarship$500Del Oro SeniorGraduationg Senior with 3.0 minimum GPA who demonstrates good citiizenship and is involved in activites. See application for more information.4/23/19Hiroshi "Doc" Takemoto Scholarship Application
kr 3/21/2019ARP Ranch Scholarship2 x $1,000.00Colfax High seniorScholar/Athlete -open to seniors applying to 4 year or 2 year college. Applicants must have participated on one varsity athletic team during their senior year. Preference will be given to cheer squad member and to one attending any UC campus. 4/24/19ARP Ranch Scholarship
kc 3/19/19Musso-Ackerman Scholarship$500PUHSD Senior who WAS a Bowman Charter Grad.To apply you must have graduated from Bowman Charter School4/24/19Musso Scholarship (Bowman)
kr 3/21/2019Colfax Lions Club - Robby Robinson Memorial Science$1,000Colfax High SeniorThe applicant must be entering a four-year university program in Engineering, Mathematics, Physical or Life Science. In order to apply for this scholarship the student’s transcript must show math and science in each grade level including advanced courses in each.4/29/19Colfax Lions club - Robby Robinson Science Scholarship
bf 11/29/18WASH (Watercolor Artists of Sacramento, Horizons, Inc) Scholarship for the Arts$1,000Any Senior Designed to help students starting a college education in art with an emphasis in watercolor media. See link for important details.5/1/19WASH Scholarship for the Arts 2019 Information
bf 11/16/18PONY Alumni Scholarship8 - $2000 But just one for the western regionAny SeniorFor PONY baseball or girl's softball player who participated in at least 2 years in a registered PONY program. See link for details.5/1/19Pony Alumni Scholarship Link
kr 8/8/2018GoTranscript Academic Scholarship$1,000.00Any SeniorWrite 500 to 1,000-word essay on the following topic: Share a story about how language has helped you express your voice.Applications Accepted year-roundGoTranscript Academic Scholarship Program
kr 10/22/2018B. Davis Scholarship$1,000Any Junior or SeniorWrite an essay of less than 1000 words on: Describe the three charactreristics of leadrship you value most. Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel that they are developed in an individual.5/24/19B. Davis Scholarship
Expired Scholarhsips are listed at bottom of page
EXPIRED Scholarships
kr 1/11/2019Placer County Association of Realtors Scholarship$1,000Any SeniorPlan on attending a accredited college or university, official transcript and a 300 word essay describing your career objectives and the benefits to be gained from this financial award. See application for more details.3/20/19PCAR Scholarship
bf 1/16/19PEO Sisterhood Chapter XF Scholarship$1000 for Community College $2500 for Four Year UniversityDel Oro female studentsOpen to Del Oro graduating senior females who plan to attend a two-year college or vocational school or a four-year university or college. Must have strong academic standing and needs financial assistance. An official transcript with SAT and or ACT scores, two letters of recommendation, copy of parent's most recently filed tax returns, a one page essay, application, and recent photo are required.3/19/19PEO Application 2019
kr 12/10/18PFLAG - 2019 Bob Wiseman Memorial$250.00 and upAny SeniorSelf-identified as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, other, or straight ally.
Has applied, or intends applying, to enter higher education (college,university, or a trade/technical school) by fall 2019.
3/15/192019 Bob Wiseman Memorial Scholarship
kc 11/2/19Carmen Wilson Scholarship$4000 x 2Placer High Senior Only1. Student must have attended Placer High School, located in Auburn, CA. 2. Student must have an exceptional ability and talent in the area of Art, Music or English. 3. Student must be pursuing further education and enrolling full time in a college or university. 4. Student must be entering first year of college or university. 5. There is no age restriction on applicants.3/15/19Carmen Wilson Application
bf 10/26/18Cabrillo Civic Club State Scholarship$500 (125 awarded in California)Any SeniorGraduating seniors of Portuguese descent with a minimum weighted 3.5 GPA and 3 extracurricular activities. Submit apploications between Jan. 1 - March 15, 2019. See application for details. 3/15/19Cabrillo Civic Club State Scholarship Application
bf 01/23/19Auburn Aviation Association Student Pilot Scholarship2 x $2500Students in Auburn and the surrounding areaRecipients of the award will receive monies for pilot training. To apply must be 16 by March 23, 2019 and if under 18 include parent permission, and application. Must show proof of a current FAA third class medical certficate prior to receiving funding.3/15/19Auburn Aviation Association Student Pilot Scholarship
tp 01/24/19Italian Catholic Federation$400Any SeniorStudents must achieve a total cumulative GPA (3½ years) of at least 3.2 and meet one of the following: 1) Are Roman Catholic and of Italian Descent and live within the Roman Catholic Dioceses of California, only where Branches of the Federation are established; or, 2) Are Roman Catholic but need not be of Italian Descent or live where Branches of the Federation are established if either Roman Catholic parent, guardian or grandparent is a member of the “Italian Catholic Federation.”3/15/19Italian Catholic Federation
bf 02/08/19Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Community Service Scholarship2 X $2500Any graduating senior of Japanese descentAny graduationg senior of Japanese American descent at an accredited high school with a 2.5 min GPA and actively involved in his or her local community.3/15/19Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Community Service Scholarship Info and Application
tp 02/13/19Caners Foundation Amount varies, dependent on each candidateAny senior entering college in a horticulture related field Fall 2019.CANERS Foundation 2019 scholarship applications are for the benefit of students who are interested
in pursuing an education and career in horticulture or agribusiness related to horticulture .
3/15/19Caners Foundation
kr 1/17/19Auburn Gold Country Rotary Club - George Douwsma Trade School ScholarshipAmount to be determinedAny SeniorAuburn Gold Country Rotary Club offers scholarship funds to local students who are enrolled, or will be enrolled in a trade school. The George Douwsma Scholarship is intended to help students achieve their career goals through vocational education. This scholarship is given in memory of our long time club member George Douwsma. Rotarians value ‘service above self’ and are interested in helping young adults to become vital members of society so they may better serve their families and their communities.3/14/19 by 5pmDouwsma Award
kr 1/17/19Auburn Gold Country Rotary Club - Community Service ApplicationAmount to be determinedAny SeniorAuburn Gold Country Rotary Club offers scholarship funds to graduating seniors to aid them in their pursuit of a college education. Rotarians value ‘Service above Self’ and are interested in helping young adults to become vital members of society so they may better serve their families and their communities.3/14/19 by 5pmAuburn Gold Country Rotary - Community Service Application
kr 1/17/19Rotary Speech Contest$1,000.00 for 1st place at district levelGrades 9-12The theme of this year’s speech contest is: With Rotary’s motto being “Service Above Self” and this year’s Rotary theme being “Be The
Inspiration,” how do you see yourself being inspirational? Prepare a 5 -7 minute speech to be delivered at the Rotary luncheon on Thursday April 4, 2019 at Awful Annies in Auburn. Could be selected to go on to the next level - in Reno Nevada. Entry forms must be sent in by March 14, 2019. Send to Gold Country Rotary P.O. Box 4959 Auburn, Ca 95603 or email to:Karen Williams at karen.williams @whainc.net
3/14/19Rotary Speech Contest
tp 11/19/2018Larry D. Mitchell
$1,000Placer High
School Student-Athlete Only
1. Academic preparation sufficient for successful entry into a 4 year college course of
study, with a minimum 3.5 GPA. Possesses strong motivation to complete a college
degree.Completion of UC “a-g” course requirements
2. Minimum of two (2) varsity athletic letters awarded in different sports.
3. Examples of extracurricular activities/community based efforts.
3/14/19 by 3pmLarry Mitchell Memorial Scholarship 2019
tp 02/19/19CSU Sacramento Alumni Association Life Member ScholarshipVariesHigh school seniors only—must enroll full-time at 12+units/semester; 3.7 GPA or betterThe Alumni Association scholarship program helps students pursue their goals of higher education at Sacramento State. Initially funded by donations from life members of the Alumni Association, these scholarships are now broadly supported by those that value the education they received while attending Sacramento State. These awards range in size from $500 to $3,000 for the academic year. 03/15/2019Sac State Alumni Association Life Member Scholarship
tp 11/19/2018Al Saladana
Scholarship Fund
$2,000College bound Placer High School students who are active players on the boy's varsity basketball team.-Student must be a graduating senior at Placer High School, located in Auburn, CA.
-Student must be pursuing further education and enrolling full time in a college or university setting or trade school.
-Student must be an active player on the boy's varsity basketball team.
(by noon)
Al Saladana Scholarship Fund
tp 11/19/2018Ken and Janice
Forbes Geil
Scholarship Fund
$2,500Placer High
School Student
For students attending a vocational/trade school, community college or 4 year college
or university. Priority given to economically disadvantaged students and/or students
with special needs. May be recurring up to four years based upon the student’s
successful completion and continued enrollment in a post-secondary institution.
3/15/19 (by noon)Ken and Janice Forbes Geil Scholarship Fund
tp 11/19/2018Richard and Doris
Sayles Family
$1,000Any, as
long as
1. Must have attended Newcastle Elementary School (Newcastle, CA) for at least 5
years and have not been a past recipient of the Richard and Doris Sayles Family
2. High school graduate, enrollment in the equivalent of 12 semester units of college
credit, or full-time in one semester of vocational education program.
3. Minimum grade point average: “C” (2.0) verified by a certified copy of applicant’s
transcripts (high school, college, or vocational education, whichever is applicable).
(by noon)
Richard and Doris Sayles Family Scholarship
tp 1/24/19SAFE Credit Union10 x $1000Any Senior residing in Placer County.Eligible applicant must be a college-bound, graduating senior with a High School GPA of 3.0 or above from a high school in Placer County.3/11/19SAFE Scholarship Application
bf 12/10/2018Sacramento Region Community Foundation - Multiple ScholarshipsVariesAny Senior - Read Present School Requirement, as some listed are for college students onlyScroll down the page to Browse Scholarship Opportinities for the list. Scholarships for High School Seniors in our area: California Capital Airshow Scholarship, Erin Aaberg Givans Memorial Scholarship, Eugene and Thora Chin Scholarship Fund, The Diane Dawson Memorial Scholarship, The Kristi Karacozoff Memorial Scholarship, The Max and Nadine Dimick Scholarship, The Nadine Dimick Nursing Scholarship, The Outstanding Youth College Fund Scholarship, The Pacific Coast Building Products Scholarship The Philip M. Dowd Memorial Scholarship Click link to the right and scroll down to BEGIN GENERAL APPLICATION to apply 3/8/19Sacramento Region Community Foundation Scholarship Information and Application Link
KC 1/3/19Charles and Fannie Keena Endowment Fund$500-$1000 Renewable up to 4 years.Placer High Senior OnlyApplicant must be planning to enter, as full-time student, an accredited college by the fall term following the granting of the scholarship (Accredited colleges include community colleges, offering trade and vocational programs, other accredited trade or vocational schools, as well as four-year institutions).3/8/19Charles and Fannie Endowment Fund
KC 1/3/19Charles and Fannie Keena RENEWABLE ONLY$500-$1000PREVIOUS Placer Students Awarded original C&F Scholarship3/8/19Charles and Fannie Renewable Award
kr 10/11/2018California Association of Winegrape Growers$2,000 - $8,000Any SeniorBe graduating from high school and planning to attend a California four-year university/state college or a two-year community college in the fall; Have a parent or legal guardian who was employed by a California winegrape grower during the current or past growing season.3/8/19California Assoc. of Winegrape Growers
tp 1/25/19Sierra College ScholarshipsVariesIncoming Sierra College Students.Applicant must have a cumulative minimum grade point average of 3.0, including all subjects taken in grades 9, 10, 11, and first semester of 12 (including P.E.).3/4/19Sierra College Online Scholarship Application
bf 9/14/2018Newcastle Area Business Association Scholarship5 x $1000Any Senior living in Newcastle, Penryn or OphirSenior students with a 3.0 minimum GPA living in Newcastle, Penryn or Ophir. See application for details including interview dates. 3/2/19NABA Scholarship Application
tp 12/21/18PARC Scholarship5 x $500High School Seniors who are Placer, Nevada or El Dorado County Residents (but may attend school in another county) Students may enter the PARC 2019 Essay Scholarship Contest by submitting an original essay of 500 words or less describing their response to the following
question about the North and Middle Fork American River canyons located upstream of Folsom Reservoir, in the Auburn State Recreation Area: Why are the American River and its Canyons important to me and my community, and what can my generation do to protect the canyons’ natural habitat while improving recreational opportunities?
3/5/19PARC Scholarship
tp 2/4/19Scholarship Buddy CaliforniaMultiple AwardsVariesSeveral different scholarships with varying due dates for graduating seniors (as well as other grade levels).VariesScholarship Buddy California
kc 10/31/18Schwab Rosenhouse Memorial ScholarshipUp to $5000Any Senior in local CountiesStudents who are planning to enroll full-time at an accredited two or four year college, university or vocational/technical institution located within 100 miles of the Sacramento County Courthouse.2/28/19Schwab Rosenhouse Scholarship
kr 1/10/2019California Judges Foundation Essay Competition/ScholarshipUp to $5000Any seniorWrite a 500 to 1,000 word essay. See website for full details2/28/19California Judges Essay Scholarship
kr 12/18/18Dignity Health Scholarship2 x $3,000.00Any senior who resides in Nevada CountyMust have maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher, reside in Nevada County abnd committed to pursuing a career in health care.2/28/19Dignity Health - Sierra Nevada Memorial Scholarship
KR 2/15/2019Gibbs/Keena ScholarshipVarying amounts - see applicationColfax High Seniors onlyScholarship is open to Colfax High seniors planing on attending a 4 or 2 year college. 3/1/292019 Chester Gibbs/Keena Scholarshp
KC 1/3/19Joseph Johnson Memorial Scholarship$2000 per year --renewablePlacer High Senior OnlyThis award is based on academic, extra-curricular and financial need for any Placer senior planning to attend a CSU or UC in the fall of 2019.3/1/19Joseph Johnson Memorial Scholarship 2019
tp 2/2/19CSEAMultiple $1000 AwardsAny SeniorApplicant must be an IRS-dependent of a member in good standing of CSEA. Cumulative minimum grade point average of 3.0,3/1/19CSEA
tp 11/05/2018Soroptomist International of Auburn3 x $1000Female Placer High SeniorThis scholarship is awarded to a female Placer High School student who is graduating and moving on to higher education. Grade point average, extra-curricular activities and community service will all be considered, as well as financial need.3/1/19Marion Glover Placer High Award
tp 11/19/2018John G. and Lillian
M. Walsh Family
Up to $2,000,
depending on
how many
credits are
left until
graduation. Provides
support for
up to 4
Placer, Del
or Colfax
School Senior (minorities and women are encouraged to apply)
Students pursuing a degree or certificate in the following: Mechatronics, Drafting & Engineering Support, Engineering, Welding or Construction & Energy Technology. The intent is to help build a STEM-educated workforce in the region.3/2/19Walsh Scholarship Application
tp 2/2/19Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award$500 to Candidate, $500 to non-profit of their choice Female student btwn. the ages of 14-17Female student currently between the ages of 14 and 17 who has demonstrated initiative in both identifying a problem and trying to solve it
and had significant and noteworthy accomplishments as a volunteer.
2/15/19Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award
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