CONfabulation 2017 Programming Submissions
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PanelCritical RoleYou Can Certainly TryA discussion about the characters, players, Dungeon Master, and story of the Twitch live stream Critical Role, as well as broader aspects of Dungeons and Dragons and how they apply (or don't!) to the show. Bring all your plot theories, your headcanons, and roll for initiative!
RoundtableYuri!!! on IceYuri!!! on Ice (unless I think of something clever I guess)Nothing complicated, just all things Yuri on Ice. Come share your thoughts and feelings about Yuuri, Victor, Yurio, and the rest of the gang. Makkachin is better than everyone. Probably someone will cry at some point (that person will be me).
RoundtableHarry StylesHarry Styles: Past, Present, and FutureAre you, like so many of us, languishing in the absence of a Harry Styles solo album? Did you cry the first time (or the first twenty times) you saw the Dunkirk trailer? Do you have a top five list of songs you wish he'd cover someday? If so, this roundtable is for you! Come chat about the life and times of our favorite flower child, and what his future might have in store.
Roundtable...books?Something like "book recs for folks who are sick of straight white guys"You love reading! You're always looking for new books to read! But you don't want to read another book about a straight white guy, possibly also written by a straight white guy. This roundtable is here to help: we'll be discussing our favorite books by and about women, POCs, queer folks, disabled folks, and more. Come prepared to talk about (at least) one fave of your own, and leave with a rec list of excellent works!
RoundtableAllCards Against HumanityJust a couple hours of cards against humanity. Select group of panelists to write on the spot white cards based on fandom prompts
Workshopmulti-fandomPlushie WorkshopWe're back and better than ever! Learn how to sew yourself a cute plushie to cuddle! All supplies are free!
Roundtablemulti-fandomMagical Realism and Soulmate AUs - the good, the bad, and the wince-worthy.Whether it's seeing colors for the first time, soulmate tattoos, tasting emotions in food, prophetic dreams, or magical powers, these AUs add a touch of whimsy to canon. We'll talk about some common and less common tropes, and discuss the pros and cons to Soulmate AUs and the idea of Fate.
Panelmulti-fandomFanfic Gives You Wiiiiiings!Join us as we talk about Wing!fic: why wings are awesome, different types of wings, things you can do with wings, and why we love the idea of giving wings to our characters!
Panelmulti-fandomSmashing the seashell : how to find your character's voicesDo all your characters tend to sound pretty much the same? Do you have trouble writing dialogue that sounds in-character? Discuss tips and tricks for finding your character's voices, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.
Roundtable80s cartoons80s Cartoon FandomStill love MLP, She-Ra, He-Man, GI Joe, and all the fantastic, corny toons of the 80s? Come hang out with us to indulge that love!
WorkshopMultiBaby's First VidWe will teach you how to make a simple vid so you can make all of the vids your heart desires. Mac and PC.
RoundtableRooster TeethA Study of Drunk Gamers in TexasIn the past couple of years, Rooster Teeth has grown from a media production company to having a feature length film, a Let's Play family, every podcast under the sun, A JONES FAMILY BABY, and like a billion animators hanging around in the background. How? Why? Who gave these (mostly) drunk idiots a platform? When will On The Spot finally be cancelled? We'll endeavor to find out.
PanelPodfic. (All of the fandoms. ALL OF THEM.)Life After The ArchiveAs podfic fandom attempts to pick itself up and dust itself off from the lost backups of the Audiofic Archive, where do we currently stand? What should we be focusing on and doing? How grateful are we that some of us are giant data hoarders? Also as always: what are you working on/excited about?!
RoundtableTeen Wolf Teen Wolf: Remembering Stiles Last season discussion and our favorite memories from the series.
RoundtableSweet/Vicious Sweet/Vicious: Recovery and RevengeDiscussion of feminism, rape themes, and how far is too far. Trigger warnings for rape, assault, and ptsd.
RoundtableHockey fandomSlapshots and Stick Saves and Things Like ChemistryNow with more expansion draft tears!
RoundtableOne Directionwhatmakesyouhaha.mp3This "hiatus" thing has been hilarious, but it's time to come back now, guys. Alternatively: a support group for suffering One Direction fans
RoundtableThe MagiciansWhat if We're Comic Relief?I'd love to discuss the SyFy show and book series The Magicians with other fans! We could discuss the referential nature of the text (it deliberately borrows tropes from lots of popular fantasy and then screws with them), how the show is handling sexual assault (and deviating from the books in doing so), the perfection and tragedy of Eliot Waugh, and the awesomeness of magical tutting.
RoundtableThe ExpanseHow Bout Them Donkey Balls? Let's talk about The Expanse! Both the book series and SyFy TV show. We could discuss whether Amos is a sociopath, which member of the Roci crew you'd most want to hug (or do other things to...), what the heck the protomolecule is, the authors' vision of a near future and how that jibes with our current reality, Alex's lasagna-making skills, and of course, donkey balls.
RoundtableThe Vampire DiariesWhy Does Anyone Still Live In Mystic Falls?As The Vampire Diaries comes to a close with its final season, we could discuss how we feel about the series as a whole - strongest seasons, best characters, best relationships (Stefan and Caroline anyone??), best tearjerker moments, and most WTF moments. Because let's face it - Mystic Falls is crazy. But it's a super fun crazy, and I'd love to send it off with a great discussion with other fans.
PanelMultifandomThe State of the FandomI want to open a discussion about the current state of online fandom and how people feel about that. We can discuss things like Tumblr as a platform for fannish discourse and its strengths and weaknesses, AO3 as a fanfic platform and the challenges that poses for receiving feedback, the role of Twitter, and how much we miss LiveJournal (*sniff*).
PanelMulti-fandom; Captain AmericaHistorically (In)Accurate: Fans, fics, and historyWe'll be talking about topics relating to history in fanfic and history of/in fandom. For example, I'll be talking about Captain America fanfic, historical knowledge, and writing/queering history. Any and all fandoms welcome!
RoundtableMultifandomClassic ShipsA roundtable to get nostalgic about the ships of yore. Have our tastes changed over time, or do our more current ships resemble those of yesteryear? We'll also take the opportunity to share recs!
RoundtableMultifandomThe Revolution Will be OrganizedLet's get together and talk about Googledocs, social bookmarking, AO3 tags, OneNote, and all the other ways fans keep our shit together. What are the things you keep organized, and what are your systems?
RoundtableMCUUntold Stories of the MCULet's talk about the stories and character arcs we want to see in upcoming movies or in fic! Mainly a brainstorming and meta session.
PanelMultifandomCrossover WorldbuildingHow does one combined 2 or more fandoms and create a new verse and still explain important information without annoying the audience.
WorkshopNail polish?Fancy FingersNail art is fast becoming one of the most fun ways to express your fannish love. This workshop will cover everyone from basic nail care information to keep your nails happy and healthy to nail art tips you can use to show off your skills. Polish and tools will be provided and one lucky participant will win a goody bag to take home! Everyone is welcome, from beginners to old hands (lol, hand joke), at this workshop.
RoundtableStranger ThingsAre there Stranger Things than 2017?Let's discuss Stranger Things! The characters, the Stephen King-esque weirdness-in-a-small-town vibe, the undertones of government conspiracy, the tons of 1980s pop-culture references, how great it is to see Winona Ryder again, how freaking adorable those kids are, and more! Everything you loved about season one and can't wait to find out in season two.
RoundtableMiss Fisher's Murder MysteriesMiss Fisher's Murder MysteriesBadass ladies in 1920s Melbourne solving murders and looking impeccable whilst doing so. Let's talk about how great this show is, how awesome all the women and female friendships are, and how much I need a S4. Fans of the books also welcome!
PanelMCUThe Marvel Cinematic Universe: The First (Almost) 10 YearsCan you believe it's been almost *ten years* since Iron Man? We'll talk about the first almost-decade of ridiculousness, from the good (everything Captain America) to the bad (why so much whitewashing, Doctor Strange?) to the surprisingly amazing (Civil War was fantastic?? and I'm actually looking forward to another Peter Parker-led Spider-Man?!!?!?). Also expect screaming and speculation over the new Infinity War featurette, as well as a countdown to Black Panther finally being in front of our faces (is it 2018 yet????).
RoundtableMultifandomReasons Why We Don't Write (And Why We Should Anyway)Every writer has Reasons for not writing That Story. Rare pair, unpopular trope, small fandom, too long, too short, too niche, too generic, too much. Here's were we hash out our reasons for not writing, and why we should do it anyway.
PanelANYFamily Affairs: Reading and Writing Incest in FandomIncest can be a polarizing topic in fandom, and this panel will be geared towards those who are interested in reading and writing about it. Come talk about popular incest ships and those you feel have been unjustly overlooked. Alert us to canon incest others should see/read. Discuss the attitudes towards incest in your current fandom. Fandoms big and small are always welcome.
PanelMulti-fandomFound Families (Suggestions welcome...)Not all families are bound by blood. We'll be talking about our favorite found families across media, different tropes across found family origin stories, and what makes found families so compelling!
RoundtableMulti-fandomA/B/OMGI really like A/B/O, but I've never been able to figure out why everybody else does! Come talk about what you like about the trope, what your favorite fics are, the history of the genre, what you wish you could see more of, and anything else relating to this strange and wonderful world.
RoundtableThe Last of UsEndure and SurviveWith the announcement of The Last of Us Part II last December, I want to talk about what we loved so much about the original game (and Left Behind) and what kind of things we're hoping to see in the sequel. If you like post pandemic wastelands filled with well-drawn, fully realized characters whose relationships are the driving force of the game, this is the canon for you. Let's have a lot of feelings about it together.
RoundtableJurassic ParkMan creates dinosaurs, Dinosaurs eat man...Discussion of Jurassic Park, comparing the Michael Crichton novels to the movies, (discussion IF WE MUST of the blasphemy to the franchise that was Jurassic World :P), talking about how Crichton/the movies handled roles for women and/or PoC, general dino nerdery. Also, will be providing the full DVD trilogy for fan consumption if interested at a non-roundtable time. :D
PanelNo specific fandomPronouns Are Only The Beginning(?)How to write/discussion of experiences writing genderqueer/agender characters + agender/gq author experiences with regards to public consumption or acceptance of those works
PanelMulti-fandomOT3: A Love StoryWhen life gives you love triangles, you know what to do - make an OT3! Join us while we discuss our favorite three-sided relationships, why they’re so addicting, and what makes them so much better than yet another ship war. We’ll also discuss the many diverse ways three people can fit together and how OT3s can improve diversity in our fandoms.
PanelMultifandomScreening of Banner's PredicamentWe produced a fanfilm based on the 1970s television series The Incredible Hulk and we would like to screen our first episode! Please check out our trailer:
After the screening (40 min) we would follow up with a panel discussion to answer questions about making the film, and how our manifestation of this particular fandom relates to other renditions. The show incorporates real science facts such as quantum entanglement in the script, and we would include those insights in the ensuing discussion.
WorkshopMulti-fandomHow To Produce a FanFilm: The Story of Banner's PredicamentFrom conceptualizing the storyline to finding the best editing software, this workshop will go through valuable lessons in producing a fanfilm! This workshop also chronicles our past year throughout the production of Banner's Predicament, including what did and didn't work. Getting excellent talent, finding the right makeup, props, fundraising, post production and more, this workshop if anything teaches how to best use the individual quirks and talents of your team to deliver an unforgettable experience!
RoundtableIncredible HulkThe Science Within Banner's PredicamentThis roundtable discussion provides a more intimate setting to discuss the real science that is brought out in our fanfilm Banner's Predicament (check out the trailer here:
Some of the topics include quantum computing, quantum entanglement, acoustic engineering, and more!
PanelAnyInvisible Unicorns: The Trifecta of Magical Orientations Come discuss asexuality, bisexuality, and pansexuality in fandom. From experiencing fandom as one or more of the above to yelling about how nobody on television can say the B-word much less hint at the A-word to your favorite bi/ace/pan character headcanons, we'll cover it all. *Special note: all orientations will be visible for the duration of the panel. Please proceed with caution.
RoundtableBrooklyn Nine-NineMeep Morp. Zarp. (Jfc, Idfk, dear god please rename at your discretion sob)Discussing themes in B99, including interpersonal relationships, the intersections between characters and their motivations, presence of diversity within the cast and how PoC are portrayed in a police drama, (plus possible common or desired fic tropes for B99/brainstorming for B99 fic.)
WorkshopMakeupDress Like A Woman (With The Blood Of Your Enemies Gracing Your Lips)Come learn how to kill misogyny with the sharpest wings, use microbladed brows to bleed the gender binary, and apply the blood of your enemies to your lips to signal your intent to Persist. Also, mascara. Prepare your battle stations, it's gonna get beautiful.

(Makeup techniques, trends, and tutorials, with application , YouTube, and lots of reinforcing that there's no wrong way to do makeup, so long as you like how the end result looks. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions will be held.)
RoundtableThe MartianWatney Watch: Special EditionCome for a discussion of all things Martian! Do you prefer the book or movie canon? Which Ares III crew member is your favorite? What are your favorite headcanons? What happens once Mark finally returns home? We’ll also trade tips and tricks for writing realistic science, boners in space, and Mark Watney’s special brand of humor.
WorkshopMulti-fandomStitch 'n BitchBring your project bags and hang out while we talk about the growing world of nerdy crafts, share expertise and dish about our favorite CONfab programs! Showing off your latest creative effort is highly encouraged. Beginners are welcome, too! Spare needles and yarn will be available for newbies who want to learn to knit.
RoundtableSportsStart Your Engines!Memorial weekend means one thing (besides ConFab, of course), The Indy 500!
RoundtableWolf 359No Situation is Unsolvable if You Have Enough Dynamite.Come talk about our favorite space misfits and their very disfunctional talking spaceship.
RoundtableMultifandomFandom Speed DatingCome share a 1-minute advertisement for your favorite fandom. Or come to get ideas about what your new obsession should be. Big, small, driven by fanworks, driven by canon, books, movies, comics, celebrities, video games--everything is welcome! Just bring your enthusiasm and your curiosity for new, awesome things.
PanelAny/AllFandom as Genre OR Our Tropes, Ourselves There's something special about fandom. All genres have conventions, but fanworks are a little different. Sure, we have our own tropes (and let's definitely talk about A/B/O, coffee shop AUs, and more), but we also have community. And unlike most other media experiences, you just can't appreciate fanworks fully without getting to know the community. Yes, even you, lurkers! Let's talk about how that makes the fandom experience different from other stuff!
PanelAnime/Manga (all) Anime and MangaCome discuss all your favorite anime and manga! From A(ttack on Titan) to (Dragonball) Z and everything in between.
PanelMulti-fandomWho Run the World? (GIRLS) Let's talk female characters! Which fictional ladies are awesome and which are ... MORE awesome? Which characters have been hard done by a cruel, cold, misogynistic world? But mostly, AWESOME LADIES.
PanelMulti-fandomFemslash! (or something a little less on the nose idk)I know this may come as a shock, but sometimes fandom can be all about the (white) dudes. Let's take a break from that and talk about ladies loving ladies. Cartinelli! Korrasmi! Milasara! Xena/Gabrielle! Nomi/Amanita! And all the other faves you bring with you! It's a femstravaganza! (yes I'm already sorry about the pun thanks for asking)
RoundtableLiterary: Mercedes LackeyK'ValdemarFandom of Velgarth(Valdemar), by Mercedes Lackey
RoundtableLiterary: Anne McCaffreyPern and the FT&TFandom of arguable best known of McCaffrey's works: Dragonriders of Pern, and Tower and Hive
PanelSportsUntitledLike watching sports of an kind, play sports, want to talk about Pittsburgh's own Penguins winning the Stanley Cup last June, Chicago Cub's Historic World Series Season, Flail or Complain about New England's Superbowl LI, NHL's expansion, The upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea, discuss fanworks in your favorite sport- this is the place for you.
PanelHarry PotterHarry Potter Continuation: Everything Outside the 7 books and 8 films.Let's flail about all the extra or new parts of Harry Potter. From Cursed Child & Fantastic Beasts & Pottermore to the ebooks, Harry Potter Disney park and fanworks.
PanelBuffy the Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer: 20 Years Later.On March 10, 1997 a new teen drama aired on the WB. Let's look at the old fan favorite and discuss favorite bits and least favorite bits and perhaps even come up with a top 20 episode list.
RoundtableStar WarsStar Wars!Let's talk a galaxy far, far away! Are you excited for Episode VIII? Are you hoping Han and Lando make out in the young Han Solo movie? Are you more interested in metaphors about fascism than you used to be? Do you just have a lot of feelings about people who treat droids with kindness? This will be an open forum to discuss all things Star Wars. (Discussion about the EU/Legends is welcome, but your mod is not very familiar with that.)
RoundtableOnce Upon a TimePick a New Character for "Once Upon a Time"If you could pick a new character to incorporate into "Once Upon a Time," who would that be? Would they have a Storybrooke version? Who knows, maybe if we all agree on something we can start a petition to the show's producers and see our character next season! But even if not, we'll have fun discussing what else could happen in this fandom :) This informal roundtable could serve to discuss anything about "Once Upon a Time."
RoundtableHamiltonWho Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your StoryThere's a joke in American History departments. "If there's a feud and you can't remember one, the other is Hamilton."
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