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24/04/2009Big Cats Victoria: sightingsHi I am one of those who have had the experience of finding the remains of a kangaroo that was eaten by something other than a fox or a dog. October last year I discovered the half eaten remains. It had puncture marks in its neck and it appeared to have a broken spine ,what ever it was that had attacked it had very neatly eaten all the internal organs and cleaned the ribs of all flesh leaving it intact . The following day the kangaroos legs had been stripped bare but the bones were intact. Is this the work of a big cat? I am trying to send you some photos of the kangaroo but my computer is on the blink. Call me if you would like to check them out Regards Jude
08/05/2009Possible Sighting of a black catI believe that I might have seen something of interest today while walking along the Great Ocean Walk between Aire River and Castle Cove. Whilst I am not sure I would describe what I saw as a "panther", I am in no doubt that it was a black cat, so I thought I would pass the information on in case it is of any value to your research. I am visiting Apollo Bay for the week and have been on several walks. I can remember many years ago reading about sightings of "panther" like black cats in Victoria. I couldn't remember the areas, but after I saw what I saw today, I googled "Black cat Otways" and came up with your site. I was walking along the track from the Aire River camping ground to Castle Cove. Total distance is 5.5 km. The walk took me 70 minutes one way, and I estimate the sighting was about 15 - 20 minutes in to the trip, so I estimate approximately 1.5 to 2KM from the Aire River camping ground. The time would have been approximately 1:50 PM Friday 8th May. I turned a corner in the track and saw a black cat running away from me. It had obviously heard me coming and disappeared very quickly. I estimate that I only saw it for about 2 seconds before it disappeared from view in to the bushes. I did not see it's head as it was facing the other way, but I got a good look at it's rear torso, hind quarters and tail. I can't be sure exactly what size it was, as the sighting was so brief; but I can say my impression was that it was a bit bigger than a normal domestic cat. Domestic cats can vary in size of course so I would say it was the same size as a very large domestic cat. Not fat though. On the contrary it was very lean. It had short black hair and had quite a long tail, I estimate the tail was over 2 feet long. The tail was also short black hair. When I googled "black cat" when I got home, I saw one report which described a "bushy" tail. You certainly could not have described the trail I saw as "bushy". It was long and slender with short black hair. As I said it was a bit hard to estimate the size because I saw it only briefly and can't be certain exactly how far it was away, but if I had to put a figure on it I would say the top of it's back at the hind quarters was about 18 inches to 2 feet off the ground. I don't have any idea what length it was because I didn't see the front of it at all as it was running away from me. It could well be that I have just seen a large black cat turned feral; but I thought I would pass on the information in case it links in with other sightings in the area. I am happy to discuss, but think I've passed on all of the information I know above.
16/05/2009our big cat sightings Hi John/Simon, I wanted to share my sighting. I now live in Jan Juc, Australia not far from Anglesea where i believe there have been some sightings, however I am originally from Portland Victoria. About 10 years ago I saw a Tasmanian Tiger, yep that is right, no mistaking those markings, there were actually three of us who saw it. We were in Cape Bridgewater (beach side), second story of a house, the animal came up from the bushes in the cliff top, crossed the gravel driveway and stopped in the grassy area, looked up at us for what felt like a minute, then wandered off into the thick scrub. My dad still lives down at cape bridgewater, near the lakes (discovery bay side of bridgewater bay) he has twice seen what he described as a big black cat (panther like) at his property in Kennedy's road, Cape Bridgewater. If you don't know the area discovery bay borders the Mt Richmond national park so there is sufficient scrub and heavy trees to live in for them there, the location we saw the tassie tiger in was not too close to a large scrub area, but rather a smaller area, and would be an approximate 15-20 minute drive to the national park, so close, but not too close. My dad's location is very close to the national park.
27/05/2009Big Cats Victoria: black panther at Johannes BeachBeen tooling websites for days, since being stopped by the sight of an amazing sleek powerful animal with big yellow eyes on the Johannes beach lookout walk on Fri 22 May 09 at appro 4.15. I called a witness over as I wasn't expecting to see a 'panther' I walked the beach track and on the beach were large prints with a curved indentation like a narrow hook It did not fit a dog or cat print, and a bird print in my limited experience is more even. I have reported it to Rare Fauna site and emailed the cottage I was staying at as they have calves
08/06/2009Otways Panther Hello Simon, my name is Scott McDonald, this is a brief encounter of what we found on the queens birthday weekend. I was camping with a group of friends in the otway region around Forrest & we had been trailbike riding most of the weekend, a group of my friends discovered a dead cow on a diserted track down near a popular camp ground, but what was scary was the fact on how the rear hind of the animal had been torn apart & eaten, I don't know for sure on how it has been attacked or killed but something big has surely made a mess of this cow, I can take you down & show you the exact place & we have taken numerous photos of the dead animal, this is no joke & all of my friends are now petrified of camping alone in the otways.
16/06/2009Big Cats Victoria: panther sightinglast friday 12june while shooting on a friends farm at princetown my nephew came face to face with "The Panther" had a gun but ran from it in shock my nieces boyfriend also saw it 1 or 2 months earlier driving in the same area it was just on dusk (didnt need spotlight) when i saw it. Our family have been in the area for more than 40 years and other family members have seen or have had reports from others of seeing these cats in the local area
22/06/2009Big Cats Victoria: cat attack?? To who ever, Just a short note to say, while walking along the track from the George River to Allenvale (at Lorne). My sister came across a Stringy bark tree that looks as though it has been used as a scratch pole. we have photos. The gouges start about 6 feet up and end at the ground. around the base of the tree is a pile of bark, also some animal bones. There have been reports of strange animals seen around the south of Lorne, and we wondered if this has some bearing on the Panther sightings. Pam
06/07/2009puma sighting in south west victoria Hi, just wanted to inform you that on monday 6th of july on the Pettitis Road near Bessiebelle south west victoria my co-worker and i spotted a large black cat with a very long tail. would be interested if you know of any other sightings in that area and would like to know if you know anything about it.
14/07/2009Big Cats Victoria: cat attacks?? i am located at Lysterfield, Melbourne, Victoria. Over the last month I have noticed that some of my sheep have been missing. I am on a rather large property that is located next to national parkland, so the proerty is quite dense with trees and foliage making it difficult to check on the animals regularly. Recently I've been walking the property on a daily basis and finding my sheep dead. When I first discover the carcasses they are in the same condition that you describe- thorax open, lungs and heart missing. By the following day their limbs are usually scattered. I'm thinking its cats- a few months back I thought I'd seen one through the trees but thought nothing of it as we're near national parkland. If you're interested, I have some photos and I'm more than happy to forward them on. Thanks for your time.
24/07/2009Big Cats Victoria: big catHi, big black cat Seen twice on the same day and almost hit by car the cat was the size of a large wrottweiler. sighted at spring hill glenlyon vic 1998
23/08/2009Big Cats Victoria: Panther SitingI was out the front of my house in Olney Street Winchelsea on 17 of August at 10-45 09 when the dogs went mad i looket up and there was a large Puma down at the creek it went from there to rail way line i went for my camera and had a good look but no sine of the big cat. Geoff.
30/08/2009Big Cats Victoria: black catHi ,just letting you know in late july about 6.45 p m coming home from Melbourne,on the Broadford road about 2kn from the golf course, I was heading to Broadford and, the other car was heading out of Broadford ,at that time I could see something on the side of the road ,but I could not make it out real good and I did not want to hit high beam as the other car was there but they hit high beam ,so I did to,and then came to a stop as this big black cat walk across the road in front of both the cars ,after a few second we both drove off ,I did not get out of my car and nor did the other person,what I heard about the black cats, that they were not that long but this one was as long as the front of my car vt holden so ,I know I seen a big black cat, I told some friends 1 had heard about it and a friend who live in the mountains said they seen it about 4 years ago ,I just could not believe how close to the town it was well thank
4/11/2009The big cat My husband and I were driving home one night and we saw it too, and then afew weeks later the guy nextdoor came over and said one of his sheep had been killed and eaten when I went over to see it it had been eaten alright ! And he was angry that a fox would do that, I didnt say anything to him about the panther because he is old and didnt want to make him worry more than he needs too. But yes we have seen it and it wasnt scared of the truck just slowly walked and jumped the fence not in any hurry, We were more sorta couldnt beleive it you know when you go nah couldnt be, But it was!!!!! I know of someone else that saw it too but along time ago and along way from here and I told them to stop drinkin before coming to work! But now that Ive seen it with my husband and we both asked each other what each other thought and we both thought the same Ah yeh its real But Ive only told one other person because I dont want people thinkin Im a nut case and It hasnt killed a human and it only kills for a feed so it would seem, Thanks
04/02/2010Big cat sighting otways I read the recent article about the sightings of big cats in the otways. Always been a sceptic about these kind of things but in January 2006 we too saw a big black cat. Myself and partner were driving on a dirt track out the back of Lavers Hill (otways) near my Aunties residence when we noticed a big black cat on the road in front of us. It took off up the embankment as we approached in the car. It was about the size of our 2 year old labrador. Anyway I'm happy to give you the exact locations if you keep a record of sightings. Regards
02/06/2010big cat sightings Gday fellas, I'm a 'believer'................ used to live in Warburton in the early and late 70's and drove the Melbourne to Warby route often (I was in the CMF/A.Res down in Williamstown) back then. Probably about 1976 (?) I was driving back home thru Woori Yallock in the old Ser.I Landy around 2-3 am when a large black 'cat' loped unhurriedly across the road in my headlights. Again, about the size of a small Labrador, long black thick tail (almost body length) small 'rounded' ears, 'pushed in' face.....totally un-dog like.............. but the most striking 'thing' I noticed was its gait, very 'un-dog' 'slunk' like a domestic cat on the prowl. 2nd incident around 1980 when I was working at the Powelltown Mill. I used to hunt through Powelltown/Warby/Noojee on the weekends and was deer hunting thru the Cumberland Junction area when I encountered another big cat almost within spitting distance on an old snig track about mid afternoon. again the size of a small Lab. It peered over its shoulder back at me, leapt up the embankment and vanished in the scrub 3rd incident, around 1990 (just before my 2nd son was born?) and returning from the Meville Caves just on dusk, headed towards Inglewood when we encountered a hysterical young woman on the side of the road outside a farmgate. We pulled over and asked if we could help? She pointed to the yards by the house and said '"somethings there.........its got the goats" I grabbed a torch and she reluctantly came back to the house with me to collect her handbag. I scanned the area with the Dolphin and saw a small mob of domestic goats staring past the shed. At the edge of the light beam I could just make out what appeared to be a large black cat tearing at the neck of a goat on the ground. The young woman didn't want to stay alone at the property and asked if we could take her into Inglewood where her friends were at the Pub.
16/06/2010Photos A friend and I were walking up in the bush of North East Victoria, we'd walked past this area about 20-40 minutes before hand and there was no carcass which means this was done in that amount of time or less, since as we were walking back that way we didn't see or hear anything that could have done it, also couldn't see any signs of a scuffle which you'd expect with dog kill, no tracks in that area either, there are known to be dogs up there, in fact we've seen one but we just weren't sure. Also not sure what type of deer fawn this was either as it's not really my strong point.
28/06/2010Big Cats Victoria: Beechworth sightingMy partner and I were driving down the bends from Beechworth towards the Great Alpine Rd at about 10pm 26/06/10 when we both saw a big dark cat-like animal bounding down a near vertical bank on the left of the road. It's head was not like a dog and it definitely was not a fox or kangaroo.
Big Cats Victoria: Black Panther in South West Western Australia-The Stirling Ranges.
On the 17th of May 2010 in the Stirling Ranges, me and my family were having lunch. It was my 14th birthday and I wanted to spend it in the great outdoors. Me and my little brothers wandered off along a bush track, ignoring my parents calling us back. Then I saw something moving in the corner of my eye, when I turned to look at it I saw a black animal with a long tail scurrying off into the bushes, I heard its footsteps which sounded big and heavy and I saw the bushes and shrubs rustling as it ran off. What I saw looked cat like, of course, I only saw the bottom half of it but it was huge, I'm guesing its whole body would have been about 2 metres long, the tail about a metre and it seemed to be about 80 centre metres off the ground. After freaking out and running back to my parents I told them what I saw. They could find no explanation. We went looking for it again but, it had disappeared completely.
11/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: Big Cat ?A few months ago in central Vic. I saw a black "cat" slowly crossing the country road about 30 meters in front of my car. I stopped to watch. It had a "slinking" or "gliding" movement, small erect ears, long thick tail descending strait to the ground before turning up a little way to end in a "tuft" on the tip. After it disappeared off the side of the road I drove to where I had seen it to look for same. The long grass on the verge of the road met with open shortly grassed paddocks, the nearest shelter a small clump of bushes some 70 meters into the paddock. Nothing to be seen. When I measured the probable size of the animal with reference to the white line to edge of bitumen I estimate the length of the animal to be about from the nose to the point of hip. 2/3 to 3/4 of a meter. We live about 1/2 k. from where the above occurred. Over the last year or so we have found 3 young Eastern Grey 'roos with identical signs of trauma on or near our property, the latest being today. Head missing, inside of chest cavity eaten out. Previous carcases were left where found, not further eaten nor removed by any animal. Photo' of last available. Any ideas or information welcome.
14/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: big catshelo john i know you must get lots of letters about big cats.i thought id tell you from mount gambier not going to say were i saw the puma ,for that is what it was because i dont want anybody looking for it and causing a nuisance eg dickheads with guns running around out in the pines at night. but i took my mum for a drive out near a large sinkhole last year on a cold windy day no rain much.we went for a walk on a trail and went to come home.on the way driving ,it was lunch time,a large browny black puma cougar whatever ran from some small pines on our left and lept the road .it ran to some larger pines then stopped for a second and took of into the pines.there was no doubht what it was. i usally like to bushwalk this area on winter days when theres no one around but now im not so sure.what are the chances of being attacked by one of these things? i do have some interesting photoes of a footprint and what looks like a cat looking out of a cave which i didnt see at the time till i got home and downloaded the pics to my computer. hope you take the time to answer back yours barry
16/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: Big Black Cat sightingHi, Today my husband and I were having lunch at the Kellybrook Estate in Wonga Park when my husband noticed a large black black cat walking on the other side of the vineyard. I didn't take much notice as I was feeding our infant at the time, but after his persistence I got up and looked. The cat was moving slowly across the hill about 60-70 metres away. It was larger and longer than a labrador with the thick black coat. It had a long curved tail the went down and up. The cat was moving with distinctive cat movements. My husband watched it for about 12 seconds while I saw it for about 5 seconds. It was about 2.30pm on a very day. The cat was walking through an area with a few trees and not a lot of scrub and was quite an open space. Emily-Kate Bateman
16/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: Cat SightingG'day, Just thought I would drop an email to let you know of two separate instances I have seen cats seperated by 2000 km. I work for the Defence Force and as a kid grew up in WA. My family saw a large cat for approximately 20 minutes in the south west of the state. As an adult I have seen a large cat again during a posting to Richmond, NSW. As these areas are outside your study area, I wont include too much detail, but happy to supply more if interested. Good Luck, Des
17/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: Animal SightingDuring the 1950s and 60s I grew up in the Edenhope district of western Victoria. I had often heard about sightings of large animals said to be Thylacines. During 1965 I was driving along a gravel road adjacent to a State forest. About 200 metres in front of me an animal appeared crossing the road from left to right. It paused briefly when it saw me approaching and then disappeared of the road into the forest. It was about the size of a dingo and was definitely not a fox or large cat. The unusual features were its large neck and hindquarters and a very thick tappering tail. It was grey in colour and its fur was smoorth and well kept. I did not notice any stripes. Years later I saw a photo of a Thylacine and would have to say it closely resembled it but am not suggesting it was. Hope this is of interest regards
18/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: Big cat near mt gambier, saAbout 2 months ago, was driving with a friend on the princes hwy heading to warnambool from mt gambier (front of saleyards), was approx 6am, saw a big greyish brown cat on side of road. As we passed it it jumped about 1.5 metres into a tree which was overhanging a fence. We stopped and went back and it was running extremely fast through the paddock, and was keeping low to ground. It was about the size of a large rottweiler, big yellow eyes and extremely nimble.
21/07/2010Big Cats Victoria: Sighting - Bemm RiverJune 2010 -Bemm River, Victoria, Pearl Point Road, 4 sightings within 2 days, between First Beach and Gunnai Beach turnoff. This cat stands as big as a mature german shepherd.
06/08/2010Big Cats Victoria: Dark brown PantherI live in Osbornes flat NE Vic on 8 acres. I have been told of numerous sightings between Yackandandah and Dederang since moving here in 2002. As a keen hunter I too have shot numerous feral cats and dogs. The largest cats I ever saw were around Birdsville in the 90s but were only as big as a whippet. Last thursday my next door neighbour called me atr work and said that he'd been having a smoke on his back verandah at 7 am. His dog - a staffy "went troppo" barking at our fenceline. Then he saw "2 pumas having a running fight" in my paddock. Later, another neighbour - an Albury detective - told me he'd seen the strangest fox ever on an adjoining property. He described it's behavior as like a she cat in heat. Monday night at around 7:15pm I heard a strange squealing so I drove around the paddock ( rolling with quite a bit of regrowth) with the spotlight but saw nothing. Tuesday on the way to work I saw a cat on the Osbornes flat road at 7:05am in broad daylight. It was DARK brown -like a new Dryazabone, 2ft at the shoulder,tail 2ft+ long and THICK - round in section. Overall about 5ft long with powrful hindquarters - not like a dog (strong in the front) In talking to other residents there have been many sightings around Yack/Mt Big Ben over the last month. I suspect that a good breed in 2008 (lots of roadkill and stock losses )and all the creeks flowing at last (no cover) is making it hard for them to find food. BTW, I only started to believe the stories about 10 years ago (I'm 48)and don't much care how they got here - I'm tipping acclimitization societies.
15/09/2010Big Cats Victoria: SightingHi. Just so it is recorded, whilst I was living near Furner in 1982-1984 I saw a large black cat on the top road of the property we were living on.We looked at each other for minutes(I had stopped the car to gaze at the movement near a tree thinking it was a roo about to bound out)I have NEVER waivered from what I saw. I had just moved there, was 21/22 years old and knew nothing of the area. I spoke to some locals in the town afterwards & they said it probably was one. I never went horse riding alone from that day. I am a Vet Nurse, still to this day. Thanks, Sue Lewis
15/09/2010i hope you like Taken 22/08/2010 in Wilsons Prom National Park, near Tidal river
6/10/2010Big Cats Victoria: Sighting at Lake Elizabeth, 2/10Dear Simon: Following, for your information, my account of a sighting at Lake Elizabeth, near Forrest. Date and Time: Saturday 2 October 2010, about 330-4pm, fairly fine afternoon, near 20C. Exact Location: In scrub, river side, near walking track, directly opposite the 'platypus pond' with the seat, which is to be found shortly before one arrives back at the picnic glen and picnic tables that are provided for the Lake Elizabeth carpark. Event: On arrival at this spot after walking to the lake, I looked right at the pond, to see if there was anything interesting there, and evidently flushed on the left quite a sizeable creature, which rustled noisily in the scrub, and then made off 'sinuously' through the rushes immediately beside the track, heading away from the pond, or back towards the lake. What Seen: As the creature made off, I saw between the rushes two 'swathes' of black and apparently short-haired body, but did not see the head, limbs or tail. I estimate roughly that each swathe was maybe 10cm off the ground, roughly maybe 20cm high by 10cm across. Each swathe was separated by about 10-15cm of rushes, possibly indicating a total body length maybe 50cm or more. Companions: My wife accompanied me on the walk, but was well back from me. I told her of the sighting, which of course she did not see herself. As background, I was more or less aware of 'Otway panther' stories purely from general knowledge, but had never visited the Otway before (I am 61), and certainly did not have such stories in mind as we wandered about for three days. As a keen lay student of evolution, and of the Australian flora and fauna, my first assumption would always be that it is inconceivable or preposterous that there could be any naturally evolved Felidae in the Australian fauna, leaving aside the ubiquitous introduced pussycat.
26/10/2010Big Cats Victoria: black cat sightingReturning from a drive along the border fence and on the main road back to pinnaroo when i caught a glimpse of a large animal making a dash for cover near the side of the road. At the time i dismissed the sighting as being a walloby. However after talking about it to my wife and others,we came to the opinion that there are no wallabys in this area. So what did i see?
10/01/2011Big Black Cat ? December 4th 2010 (just turned dark), My wife and I were walking along St Kilda Upper Esplanade and seen what appeared to be a huge black animal crossing the front entrance of a large block of flats. It was crossing from one garden to another and crossed the pathway that leads to the foyer entrance. We only seen the back half of the animal from side on but we did both see it. It was travelling extremely fast while staying in a crouched stance. It made no sound yet it was so fast and so large. Jet black in colour. The Esplanade was very busy at the time as it was a hot night. After confirming with my wife that she had seen what I had seen, seeing but still not believing, I very cautiously went into the garden where the animal had entered and could not see any sign of it. The only way out was over a fence and down 3 to 4 metres to the entrance to an underground car park. I phoned the Council and told friends etc. but gave away talking about it as people think we have imagined it. I suppose the thing that struck me was the size of the animal and the quiet speed it was able to travel at. We think the size was from middle of torso to the rear end of the body was about .5 m and the tail was about .5m to .7m in length. We had only a Latte Coffee each that night. Has anything like this been reported.
03/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: black panther sighting yrs agoHi. years ago I sighted a large cat hidden in a cave in the grampains. To this day I am positive it it was a black panther. Its face, size of the animal and its yellow eyes will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. With out a doubt it was a large wild cat. Not a wild domestic cat. This would have been back in the mid 70's.
11/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Big Catsapprox 1965 myself & 2 mates were spotlighting at Lake Bong Bong about 15ks east of Nelson vic,we saw what appeared to be a very large black cat,about the size of a smooth haired border collie dog,i have avery indelible picture of this animal in my mind,one thing vividly remember was the thicknes & length of its tail.
13/02/2011BIG CAT Hi there, John and Simon, Firstly, congratulations on raising a topic that has interested me for many years. I grew up in Lilydale, and spent much of my spare time in the surrounding state forests, especially Toolangi. Many years ago I was driving in the Toolangi State Forest, when a 'puma' ran across our path. It was too big to be a domestic cat, and both my passenger Eric, and I, remain convinced that it was a puma! Many years later, a local ranger I was discussing this with admitted also having sighted "a big black cat" in the local area. I would love to know, have there been other sightings in the Toolangi/Healsville/Warburton area? best regards, Peter
13/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Big Cat at Drummond, VicMany sightings of a big cat have been observed in the country between Maryborough and Lancefield. My experience was on our property at Pattens Hill, Drummond North in 1985. I was working a fenceline at the foot of the northern side of the hill (a volcanic point of eruption) when looking up towards the crest I observed a large puma sized black cat digging away at the rabbit holes. It was definately not a domestic size cat. I was suitably surprised to call to my wife Helen to come out a see the creature which was about 100 yards or so distant. As soon as I attempted to get closer, the creature took off. Regards, John Griffiths
13/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: big cat at Wilsons PromSaw the article on your website in todays Age, so thought I would add our story from Wilsons Promontory in Jan 2009. My wife and I were walking the track to Sealers Cove, we were about half way there, about 90 minutes from the car park. We came around a corner and were shocked to see a sleek powerful large black cat. It was about 20 meters up the track from us, and the size of a bordie collie dog. Initially it didnt run, but just stood and looked at us, for maybe 5 seconds as we stood and looked at it. Then it went off into the bush, not in a particular hurry, it certainly wasnt scared of us. I have spent quite a bit of time in the bush and have seen feral cats before. This was not a feral cat. We were probably 50 kilometers from the nearest private home, and the Prom Rangers certainly dont have cats. We are 100% certain this was a big black cat. I hope it was killed in the bush fires, as I cant imagine how much local wild life it would kill. regards Brett
13/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Black PantherWhile vacationing near Apollo Bay, Vic. in 1998 I saw a huge black panther run across the road and thought I was crazy. It was in an area that is classified as tropical rain forest.
13/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Cat sightingWhilst camping at the Little Rive Junction camping area I saw what I believe to be a large black cat. this was on Thursday 27th January 2011 at around 7.30pm. The animal walked across a clearing on the opposite bank of the Snowy River. It was jet black and too large to be a domestic cat. My wife was with me but did not observe the animal.
13/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Paw printHi, in about September 2010, my daughter and i were walking near Mt. Arapiles, when we came across a large paw print aprox 10cm high. I have photo's of it and sent it to museums victoria as my little girl really wanted to know what kind of animal it came from (she suspected a panda!?). If you'd like to see it, let me know Regards Clare Jones
14/02/2011Big cats etc Hello Simon. I am not sure of the exact date but it was roughly about 2000-2001. If this is any guide to the date...the Australian rock band...The Whitlams, were playing at a club in Taree NSW (the RSL I think). My partner and I took my son and his wife from where we lived at Tuncurry and dropped them infront of the club to see the band around 6:30pm that night. My partner and I then drove down the highway and turned onto Failford Road. Just before the intersection of Failford Road and The Lakes Way, we saw eyes glowing in the headlights on the southern side of the road. We saw a big black cat just standing there looking at us. It was definitely a cat and NOT a dog or any other animal!! There is a house on a property opposite where we saw this cat. The cat was NOT a large domestic cat nor was it a feral cat it was too big for either. We were too scared to return to the spot and certainly would never walk that road even during the day now.
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: big black cati was living in Lancefield in Victoria about 3 years ago and we were on a large block of 4 acres. Right at the rear of our backyard was the forrest area. One morning, i heard my dog out the back going absolutely crazy at something. I thought something was suspicious so i walked outside and followed my dogs barking to find him. There was a massive black cat-like creature that resembled a panther, attempting to pounce on my dog about 300 metres from me. The creature had pointy ears, similar to a lemur. As soon as it spotted myself and my friend approaching it from afar it just backed off and walked slowly into the forrest area out the far back. My dog was unharmed.
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Black somethingHave to say I like the idea of there being an unknown out there. But in august 2009 I was walking in a Forrest area near the otway lighthouse, and saw something black to the side of the trail I was walking on. I did not get a solid look at it, but trying to make sense I thought it must have been a wombat but it was too black and big for that, it was more round than a wallaby. It moved so quickly up the wet hill that I don't believe it could have been anything other than a large cat like animal. There was nothing on the walking trail sign that suggested any fauna of that size existed there, not even suggestions of wombats or wallabys so didnt know what to make of it.
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Main -Ridge sightingBlack panther sighted on Baldrys road around 8pm going into greens bush national park.
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Puma SightingHi My wife and I are now in our middle 60's . We saw a "Big Cat" in the Wonthaggi area of Victoria at a range of 20 metres in the late afternoon in the early 1970's.
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Puma sightingMy sighting of a puma would have been about 25 years ago. At the time we were farming north of Coleraine. Our 3 children and I had left early in the morning, about 5am to drive to Melbourne. It was dark and as we approached Bells Lane, in the Vasey/Cavendish area, a very large animal leapt from one side of the road to the other, over the bonnet of the car, just missing the windscreen. We all saw this animal and there was a lot of discussion as to what it might have been. We all decided it was a cat of some sort but far too big to be a domestic cat. It was some time later that I realised it could only have been a puma. It was tan in color and very much cat like rather than dog. We have friends who farm in the Cavendish area and they always know if the puma is around due to the strange howling the dogs make. Apparently they are terrified. Regards, Rosalie
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: SightingIn 1992 my boyfriend came home from work and was excited about someting he had seen at work. We lived in Busselton(southwest WA), and he had been working out in the bush near the town. He was an apprentice bricklayer and was out at the house site by himself at dawn setting up for when the brickies arrived. He pulled up to the location and was about to get out of the car when he noticed an extremely large black cat up on the frame of the house about 50 metres away. It sat crouched up on the roof staring at him and he felt too frightened to exit the car. They watched each other for a few minutes and the the animal came down off the frame and went back into the bush. He felt like he couldnt beleive what he was seeing because his family owned a gun/hunting store and he had seen many large feral pigs, kangaroos and this cat was the size of a puma. I grew up in the area and heard many stories of these cat like animals being seen there, my parents also thought they saw one when I was a child in the 70,s cross the road in front of their car. I saw the morning show and it was talking about Big Cats and I thought I would report this incident.
14/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: sightings around melbourne airport?Hi Simon, I heard you on the radio this morning, so I guess you may have to deal with more mail than usual over the comming days. I have never heard of anyone reporting a black panther sighting around the woodlands historic park at the back of Melbourne airport, however perhaps about 10 years ago I found a mutalated ram in a field close to the park, I later also found mutilated kangaroos. Injuries inflicted on these animals were similar to what you described on the radio. Often in this area man is the biggest beast, and I innitialy thought these things had been done by people (perhaps a scarier thought than panthers running around). There was a abandoned folding chair not far from the ram, and the area was always full of rabbit shooters etc, there was once an incedent of a joey shot with a crossbow etc. Eventualy I witnessed a big black "cat" watching me silently from a high ridge as I walked around an abondoned quarry near the park. When I turned to face it is crept away quickly out of sight. It was perhaps 20 meters from me up on a ridge, and it was big enough (and strange enough) to make me feel threatened and leave quickly. I have not seen anything odd there in the last 5 years, although suburbia is fast moving in. They also now keep horses on one part of the park, it is also a bilby sanctuary. I have seen at two decent size foxes in the area during daylight hours. I am really interested to know if anyone else has given similar reports from this area? I am happy to supply you more details if I can remember them.
15/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: big cat sightingThis morning of the 15/2/2011 at 9:30 am myself and the director of the company I work for (glass options PTY LTD)were travelling between Marysville and the lake mountain ski resort. Approximately 5km past Marysville we seen a big black panther looking animal 5 meters infront of us jump up an embankment to our left. I turned to Gary and asked did he also see this and he did. we beleive it would have been close to the size of a german shephard dog with a fairly thick tail . we both agreed this was by no means a domestic cat.
15/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: big cats in south west victoriaMy father was born in 1905 and lived in the vicinity of what is now known as the Mount Eccles National Park. I was born in 1945. As a child my father and his brothers who farmed the land in the area often spoke of "the animal". Apparently my uncle was returning from a days work in the paddock when an animal spooked his horses. The horses took flight and bolted. Several brief glimpses of "the animal" were reported, but as the area was heavily timbered and mainly of stony rises, persuit was out of the question. Descriptions varied from that of a big black cat to being the height of a greyhound with a striped rear quarter. Not sighted for many years. Mystery?
16/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: big black catdear big cats victoria, i have sightings of big black cat. it has taken 3 calves and eaten out the shoulders and briskets. i plan to shoot the animal on sight and i plan to set traps on the farm... it was spotted approximately 11pm last night... (16/02/2011)we live at the foot of the warby rangers in northeast vic. kind regards viv.
16/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Sighting 2006-Walwa-NE VicTraveling North on Shelley Road approx 23kms south of Walwa. At the point where the road becomes dirt. Just on dusk in winter,large black cat leapt over a log to my right and disappeared into the bush. The length of the torso and tail was much larger than a ferral cat. There is no way this was a black pig or a black kangaroo. Having owned three domestic black cats in the past this thing moved in exactly the same way. A few weeks later I mentioned this sighting to a local and he advised me that there had been a number of sightings around this region.
17/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Cat sightingA few years ago I witnessed a large feline like animal run accross the road about 1am near ararat- I turned the ute around adn drove back- it was standing at the side of the road- where it looked at me over th ebonnet of the car- i went to get out but decided not to as the size of the animal. I have a science background and take a bit interest in animal behaviour- I know what I saw- but it is not possible for a few animlas to be realeased and for them to flourish right accross victoria. I think that it is more likely that there is a seperate epecies of large feline within australia- arrived pre european- maybe from malaysia- Please research Aboriginal and cats- there is a cat dreaming, and they have a proper name and also a food source in NT. If this is so then maybe we are looking for another seperate species. It cannot be a leopard or puma- the numbers would be critically endangeed before their poulation got started.
19/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: sightingive seen one was driving in the bigriver area near eildon went through the pines caravan park and was heading to the wier was driving through the logging tracks in a ute with myself driving and two mates in the front.first we saw a giant roo then as we came around the next bend ther it was in the middle of the road we all yelled panther at the same time.i put the foot down and headed straight for it it was as long as the road from tip of tail to tip of head got to about ten feet from it and it shot up an enbankment we jumped out of the car and tried to follow it or get another look the embankment was where they cut the road out of the bush and was nearly verticle and went up at least one hundred meters almost vertical i couldnt even climb up eight feet i was trying to grab the roots of the trees it was no dog or ferel cat seen them at the zoo and know what i saw this thing just took of and scaled that wall like it was nothing .didnt think to look for tracks as i know know we were in shock and couldnt believe what we had seen .
20/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Black Cat sightingHi. After hearing of the investigations lately i thought i might report a sighting i had a few years ago, although it may be useless to you now. In early december 2006 a mate of mine and myself were attempting to pull off a year 12 prank of climbing to the top of braemar tower and switching the australian flag for a scull and cross bones flag. As part of the mission we had to climb accross the entire braemar house, doing so just after midnight. When we got to the tower only my mate could get up and i was stuck standing on the roof looking out over the school. During the 10-15 minutes my friend was up there a black cat approximately 2/3 the hight of the hand rails walked the entire length of the DMC walkway and then dissapeared into the shaddows. I tried taking a photo of it but we were at quite a distance from it and being dark it was impossible to see anything on my phones screen. In retrospect I should have told the school the next day as the DMC building was new and i am sure there would have been cameras there which may have recoreded it, however i was more worried about getting in trouble at the time. I am unsure as to weather this was an 'exotic' cat of somesort however this was definatly not the size of any reuglar cat, much taller and slicker. I strongly believe that these animals do exist throughout the state and a good spot for you to start may be somewhere in the bush near braemar college on mt macedon. Good luck, I am looking foward to some evidence being presented to back up my sighting and the sightings of others.
21/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: cat sightingI always read with interest,the sightings of big cats.I live in colac,which as you know is in the otways.A few years ago I was driving home from Camperdown at night ,with a friend,as we came out of the stony rises,a large animal crossed the road approx 15-20 metres in front of us. We both instantly said,'what was that?' We had a very clear view of the animal. The best way to describe it was ,the shape of a ferret or weasel.Long tapered nose and head, curled tail, similar to a greyhound's tail.the body was about the length of a puma ,maybe not quite as tall.tan in colour.The thing that I remember most is the way it moved.Not like the gait of any dog or cat.A very unusual way of moving.We both agreed that it was not a dog,fox or cat. I do a lot of horse riding in the Barongarook area.A few years ago there was a reported sighting of a black panther,for a few weeks after that I came across several wallabies that had been killed and gutted in a way that a dog would not do.I saw a large dead kangaroo on the side of a track deep in the bush,two days later there was not even a bone left.I was too large for a dog or fox to move.I hope that one day someone can come up with an answer to this mystery. regards Lorraine Black.
21/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Puma and panther Glenwood 4570Black male Panther and marmalade female puma having been living in glenwood QLD 4570 area for years, I saw both about 2 yrs ago, and saw a pure black shape on neighbours ppty 2 weekends ago (brush turk has disappeared). A ppty owner of 20 yrs who I know said they lived on his ppty on Varley rd when he used to live there. He said that USA military bought them as mascots but i didn't believe him , likely he bought them up from victoria 20 years ago, maybe someone eccentric like him was breeding and releasing them. Someone can contact me if they are serious about trapping them, it would be a good idea.
21/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: sighting of large cat in QldHeard you on Bush telegraph. About two or three months ago I saw what looked like a dog sized cat with (cat-like movement) sort of brown with patches like spots , flash past. Looking down, I found a very large water dragon head , fresh, everything had been neatly removed and eaten, leaving the head . I assumed I had disturbed the animal which I identified as acat but much bigger than any domestic animal. This was on a cliff above the Mary river on the edge of my property
21/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: sightingHi My wife and I saw one last year on our way home from Apollo Bay near Tanybryn. It ran across the road about 100m in front of us in clear daylight at about 10 am. It ran next to a white road post and was approx 2/3 to 3/4 of the post height and only took a couple of bounds to cross the road. It was black, long tail and what struck me was its solid head.
22/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Sighting at JamiesonThis is old now, about four years ago. About fifteen K"s out of Jamieson on the Heyfield there is a Camping reserve by the creek. As we were driving into there, my wife saw a big black cat going straight up the hill from the creek. She said the tail was as long as the body. We are country people, we know what a wallaby or cat or kangaroo looks like. Also as I was walking along the Jamieson-Mansfield road close to Howqua House boats park I came across a dead kangaroo with a huge hole in its side. scoccer ball size straight through the rib cage. These were big rib bones, Are Eagles powerful enough to do this. All the soft organs were gone. Big feed for an Eagle.
25/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Big cat storyHi Ya, Thought I should let you know my experience. It was years ago in Kyneton Victoria about 5 miles from town in Foxs Lane Blackhill. My mother, sister in law and myself were walking the lane down the hill towards my aunts home. A large black cat, that could only be described as a Panther crossed the road in front of us about 100 mts away. We saw it first as it started crossing, fluid movements, gliding silently, then it saw us, stopped, crouched, we were looking at its full length, the tail thick and hooped looked as long as the cat itself. It was motionless for approximately 5 secs as were we. The cat then decided to quickly continue in the direction it was headed, slinked through the farm fencing into loner grass and around the back of a dam. Just when we thought it safe to move back in the direction we had come from, for our safety and to report our sighting, the cat popped its head up from behind the dam, checking our movements. We walked quietly back to our home and reported the sighting to the then fisheries and wildlife. Their response to our sighting was to advise us to capture the creature if possible alive. Then give us a call. I have never again seen anything like this again despite bush walking and living in many rural and mountain areas in Victoria. But I'm always on the lookout and the lookup when out the bush. Cheers Hope they prove it in my lifetime. That would be cool. Tracee
25/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: big catHi , was at the otway fly on sat 19th feb 2011 and on the way back toward apollo bay about 5 mins travel we saw a big cat on side of road about 100m away. Drove of road toward it. I got out and walked toward it to within about 50m and took a photo with my mobile phone. It was on the run as I startled it. Unfortunitly phone is only low megapixel so not as clear as we would like but I will email photo. Regards clint
25/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Big cat??My family and I were travelling up Sandersons Rd just out of Springhurst, when we came across a track to a farm house. As we drove past the track we saw this big animal about the size of a great Dane ambling up the road. We stopped to try and get a better look at it but it was too far away to see properly. It had a whitish head and rump, but the body was a tan colour. As it walked it swayed gently from side to side like a cat does, it's tail was long with a kink at the end.
27/02/2011Big Cats Victoria: Panther sightingBack in about 1997 i was a Woodcutter working on the N.S.W.side of the Murray River near the Chowilla Game Reserve(Cal Lal)when my workmate and i spotted a large black cat leaping across the road on our way to work.We first thought it was a dog because of the size of it but then agreed it must be a cat because of the way it moved and it had a long black tail.We were staying up there and reported it to a neighbour who was a professional shooter.He told us that he doesn't shoot in that area but far away but also that other people have told him they have sighted this large cat that resembles a Panther. Also since then i have heard that the armed forces had Panthers for mascots and let them go after the war.Lake Victoria which is nearby was used for training in the war.
06/03/2011? Bigcat footprints in Southern Grampians Hi I'm not sure if this counts as a sighting or just further complicates things but my family and I came across these footprints today at the Base of Mount Abrupt in the Grampians. We had ridden our bikes along the Halls Gap road as it is currently closed to traffic, and we noted these footprints in the sand by the side of the road. There were two, I looked but was not able to find any more. We didn't have much else to put along side to give an indication of size, so the half eaten biscuit is my sons 'sakata' rice cracker, roughly 5cm diameter. As you can see its about 12cm across, we couldn't think of any native mammal that would make that kind of foot print, so presumed it was from the elusive Grampians Panther. Hope you find the information helpful/interesting.
07/03/2011Big Cats Victoria:Hi, while running along a track beside 'Wildcat Creek' just out of Hepburn Springs disturbed a 'very big' black cat eating a Wallaby carcass. The cat didn't have as solid or robust a body as a panther or puma but did have a very lonbg tail of 1 metre+. Spotted on track between Hepburn Springs and Argle Spring.
08/03/2011Big Cats Victoria: Panther sightingSaw panther today near Strathbogie as it broke out of dence understory. Had full view of it as in "bounded' across a log which straddled the creek. I know a panther when I see one. It appaer to be stalking a kangarooo as a roo went one way, the panther the other when disturbed. Log well used by animals as a throughfare. Would like to set up camera on this log. Any idea from were could I hire such camera?
16/03/2011Big Cats Victoria: Sighting - 1994Hi, I saw a large black cat some years ago. In 1994 when travelling home on Robbs Road (joins with Ballan Road, Anakie) at about 11 pm I saw some extremely bright eyes holding a steady gaze with my headlights from a distance. Having had numerous encounters with stock on the country roads and not wanting to collide, I slowed down to a walking pace in my car. As I approached, I saw a that the bright eyes belonged to a large black panther-like creature. It walked off to the side of the road. Amanda Bartlett
25/03/2011Big Cats Victoria: Sighted a Panther catOn monday 21st march 2011 I was walking my 2 dogs down Lagoon Lane in Boisdale Vic around 6am I was about 3/4 km from the township and approaching the canel bridge when I noticed a large figure cross from left to right of the labrador went crazy I told him to shut I thought it was a calf,I had two LED lights on my head as I got closer to the bridge the dark figure moved slowly onto the bridge and I walked onto the bridge and got a shock what I was looking at, it was alarge black cat about metre long and and about 3 feet in height my two dogs were going mad and I was stunned and the cat was just looking at me so I yelled very loudly Duck Off and it snarled at me and turned and ran towards boisdale back road.Im positive in what I saw and I was told my a local that I was very lucky to get that close a nd to talk about it
28/03/2011Big Cats Victoria: Black CatHi Guys Just letting you know that what i belive is a black cat, A mate and i seen Saturday night just gone 26/3/11 while Fox Hunting out backroads of Maldon/CairnCurran in Vic, We live close by and apon coming over a crest scanning the paddocks on the backroads with the spot light we found this Large cat just standing there in the paddock about 150Yrds from us, The Green/Yellow eyes just starring at us, he instanly started to walk off, When me mate put the scope on him he noticed the shear size of the the cat through the scope, this was about 200yrds away and didnt really have a chance with a 22riffle. We tried calling it in with several fox calls and injured rabbit calls, but no Chance at that. Just letting you guys know that we possible did see a large creature which im not sure wheather to state that it was a panther, and i wasnt going out to the paddock where the creature was. cheers
07/05/2011Big Cats Victoria: Sighting in Portarlington, Hood RdI am informing you of a large cat sighting off Hood Rd, Indented Head today (7-5-11) at 11am. The animal was in a paddock and had an unusually large tail and appeared black. The size was much larger than a regular cat. I would have dismissed it had I not recently received a similar report from an aquaintance who wrote: "I saw a panther at Portarlington once. Well, the cryptozoologists that I reported the sighting to called it a panther. It stood about 4 feet tall, black, with eyes that glowed like a cat's in the light of my torch. It was late at night and I was putting the rubbish out, and as I casually shone the light around I caught sight of its eyes in the paddock across the road. As I looked down the beam of light it let out the most amazing howl/screech I've ever heard- the three people I had staying at the house all ran out to see what had made the noise. They saw the shape and eyes of the creature as well, and it screeched again. All the dogs on our side of Portarlington woke and barked for 5 minutes afterward. The shape disappeared, then the eyes briefly reappeared on the other side of the paddock. Then it was gone"
08/05/2011Big Cats Victoria: blank panther sightingwent motorbike riding and a black panther jumped and ran in front of me at a distance about 10 foot.i sighted it in the ballan forest victoria on the 7th may 2011 at about 4pm.if anyone else has sighted a panther in this area or in victoria please emial me with info thanks regards carl.
14/05/2011Big Cats Victoria: Cat sightingAt about 2.30 PM Saturday 14th May, my husband and I both saw a very large black cat enter our property today at Cape Schanck. Our property is about 1 kilometre from Greens Bush. We just happened to be looking in that direction, when this thing came through the fence line at the bottom of our property, into a paddock that we overlook from the house about 300m away. My husband saw it first and alerted me to it. He said "What the hell is that?" We both saw it and knew immediately this was unusual. It was very big, and looked like a cat even to the naked eye. We discussed whether or not it might be a long black dog, but its movements were definitely more like a cat; slow, deliberate and halting. It was very big. A body length of a metre or more, and a thick tail almost as long. We both looked at the animal,through the binoculars and a telescope that we use to look at roos that are regularly in that paddock. We both agreed it must be a cat, but a really big one. This was not a regular house cat, it was huge. The ears were small and rounded, and it had a shorter rounder head than a dog. It was all black. It crouched in the long grass for a few moments on entering the paddock- long enough for us to get our glasses and get a good look at it, then we lost it in the undulations of the hill as it moved off. We have on occasion found Roo legs cast off in the paddocks and wondered if a fox was able to kill such large animals. Now we are both wondering if this might not be the killer? We are both relieved that we each saw this animal at the same time, otherwise we might have doubted it could be real.
30/05/2011Big Cats Victoria: Sighting: Tolmie VictoriaWe were driving back to the family farm from Mansfield on Sat 23 April 2011 at around 8.45pm. We had just passed the Tolmie Tavern when a massive black cat walked from left to right, across the road, right in front of the car. It was pitch black outside but the cat was clearly visible in our headlights. It turned and looked at us mid stride as it scampered off into the bushes. I wouldn’t say it was as big as a panther (not that I'm an expert as I've only ever seen one before at Melbourne Zoo) but more the size of a large dog. But it definitely had feline features that's for sure. A big feral cat or a panther? No matter what, it was an awesome sight to behold, and kept us inside at night for the rest of the Easter break. Matt
30/08/2011Big Cats Victoria: Port Fairy SightingOnce a non believer NOW a full believer after the big cat crossed infront of my car.
05/09/2011Big Cats Victoria: I saw a large black catHi BCV, I am reporting a sighting that I witnessed a couple of weeks ago. I was in the Southern Grampians in a resort on a couple of hundred acres. We were there on a holiday and we had gone for a meal at night, we came back around 9:00pm (dark) and I saw a large black cat that was very tall and narrow. It was black with white hints but i guess that was the headlights. I said it and the person who owned the land said that there have been many reports of this. It is good that we have websites like these to acknowledge the danger these animals could pose. I just wanted to let someone know, I wasn't the only one! Let me know if you need more info, I didn't feel right hearing all sightings!
15/09/2011Big Cats Victoria: catsHi, saw what I think was a big black cat on the Barwon Heads Rd (near Marshall outside Geelong) this morning.
20/09/2011Big Cats Victoria: panther sighting-tooboracLast weekend, on sunday night 18th sep, me and some mates were staying on a property in tooborac hunting and motorbike riding. we went for a walk around the property that night shooting rabbits and me and one other mate saw some green eyes with the flashlight on a rocky hill 30m from us. we walked towards them and as we got closer it turned and ran off slowly and we could clearly see it was a big sized black cat like animal. we ran up where we saw it go behind a rock and it had dissapeard either in the rocks or up a tree but we could not find it. the funny thing was that earlier that day i had seen a small black cat(which i thought was a feral cat but now i think of it ,it looked like a kitten, but mature aged cat sized kitten) around that same hill only 20m from where we saw the panther. later that night when we were sitting by the fire which was a fair way away from the sighting area, we heard the flock of sheep which were near that hill that were not making a sound earlier in thenight before we saw the panther, start getting really noisey and sounded real distressed for about an hour or so. didnt see any sign of a carcass the next day but am sure that we saw a panther that night, that it would of been aggravating the sheep and that it may have been a panther kitten i saw earlier that day.
20/09/2011Big Cats Victoria: Pumas in the DandenongsHi, my father was a by-laws officer for the most part of my growing up. He worked for several councils and therefore we moved around country Victoria quite a lot. My first memory of a Puma was in Kallista, near Monbulk. At the bottom of the hill was a creek that dad was able to take a mould from a large cat. He still has it and I can email you an old photo scan of it. There was a local story of our neighbour loooking for his retriever, when he saw up close a big cat up a tree adjacent to him. When we moved to Pakenham, I saw and heard them frequently. Once there were at least two cubs and a larger big cat on our farm rail fence. My father was called out to animal disturbances regularly and there was one in Gembrook area that an old lady used to whack big cats underneath her house with a broom. Dad saw the aftermath of animals being scratched from behind and attacked on several occasions. I can not believe that we dont know more about the big cats in this day and age. No-one ever believes me when I tell them what I have written here. I am looking forward to trolling through your website.
29/09/2011Big Cats Victoria: Black catYesterday walking on the Great Ocean Walk between Cape Otway Lighthouse and Aire river, I saw a big black cat pause on the track ahead of me, say 30 metres away. The animal was definitely a cat but was at least twice the size of a large domestic cat. it paused, looked in my direction and then ran off.
7/10/2011Big Cats Victoria: Possible Panther SightingOn September 25 2011 we were driving along the Great Alpine Rd in Victoria, it was about 6:25pm and we had just passed the Beechworth turnoff going towards Bright when we saw a large cat like creature sitting on the side of the road. We are not sure what it was but it looked like a huge wild cat, we think this may be a panther.
6/12/2011Big Cats Victoria: big cat spottedA friend and i decided to go to the barrwon river in the geelong suburb of newtown. Planning on running a narrown very unknown track up a steep section of the hill. Parking up top we began the decent down the hill through the trees when i came out into a small clearing of tree's to see a large black animal laying down, i said to my friend "what the f*** is that" wich startled the animal. It stood up being around 3 foot tall, that's when i could clearly tell it was a "panther" then it leaped over a log and into thick long grass, that when we bailed up the hill and got out of there!!
9/12/2011Big Cats Victoria: Big cat—NSWHello, my mum and little sister have just got home from school and work and told me that this morning, on their way into town, my sister said to mum, "C*ap that's a big cat! I'm blind; I can't see normal cats from this distance!" It was walking to a small creek (that you cross over via a small white bridge) from a paddock off the road, she said. She told me that it was: sandy in colour, a bit bigger than a labrador, it's tail wasn't fluffy like a domesticated cat's, long slender body; she also said that she could see it's shoulder blades rise and fall in it's back as it walked (like a cheetah or other big cats she's seen on documentaries). The sighting occurred several minutes from Mount Wyagdon (near Wattle Flat), NSW, nearby a small white bridge.
14/12/2011Big Cats Victoria: Big CatA friend who lives in TANJIL BREN told me that there have been two close sightings this past week about 10 km's out of town
21/12/2011Big Cats Victoria: sighting of big cat kitten.On the 21/12/2011 my partner and i were driving from Lavers Hill to Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road in Western Victoria, in the vicinity of Princetown. Approximately 30 metres in front of our vehicle a big cat cub ran across the road in front of us and went into thick cover in the adjacent swamp. It was creamy fawn in colour with a bounding gait. I have been an avid fox and feral cat shooter in rural north eastern Victoria for 15 years, this cat was neither fox nor feral cat. The cub was approximately the size of a border collie but from what i have seen on the web it appeared to be not fully grown.
23/12/2011Big Cats Victoria: so called pumai have followed and photo the animals killings scats and tracks,ive seen it once it has stalked me lost count how many times,come close to it on three occasions,there are more than people think. Late nov 2011 two sightings a local stopped car got out it slowly walked away from him he was approx 10mt from it,two days later a female and cub was seen crossing the road just out of town,they come into town early morn at times you can hear the fear in the dogs as they howl and bark,the sound the animal makes is like tazie devil type much louder.some of your photos are fox kills,i have a roo scull with tooth holes at rear of it. i have done extensive study over 12 month period almost every day can tell you the ins and out of the animal if you like to know more about it let me know reg roger
08/01/2012road killhere are two photos last of the three road kills this will be gone in the morning also after rain stops i will go look for remains of the other two should there still be meat left i will set the cameras on it Roger
19/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: Black Cat SightingLast evening - Wed 18th Jan. 2012 my husband and I chose to return home to Portland from Winnap via the Cobboboonee Forest, entering the forest on the Inkpot Road and stopping at the Inkpot waterhole to enjoy the reflexions and take photos (about 5.30pm). As I was doing this,Huon said come and look up the road; a black animal which he saw walking and then sitting looking towards us. i took a photo and then took a step which prompted it to move very quickly. With 3 or 4 bounds it was gone but with a glorious view of a big black cat moving smoothly about 150m away. I have a photo of it sitting and a photo of two of it's footprints in the dirt. Wow! Regards, Jeanette
19/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: Foot print trying to confirmHi guys, walking through inverleigh flora and fauna reserve today came across some tracks that caught my attention. Walking with our 70kg south African Boerboel the prints we found were about the same size as his and l don't believe they were dog prints, got pics on my phone if your interested. Could show you exact spot if picture gets your interest. Cheers, keep up the good work. And l do have a big interest and cats in Australian bush.
20/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: sightingHi My family and I were out in the Mount Richmond National Park near Portland last night, looking for a live echidna to show them, as they are city children. (I previously lived in Portland, and know Mount Richmond well) We were driving slowly along the track, just past the picnic area, when a large dark cat bounded across the track about 5 metres in front of us. It looked black in colour, and it was around 8.20 pm when we saw it. I had a look at other pictures, and it resembled the Casterton cat pic taken in 2007 (Bob McPherson), almost identically, although around a quarter larger, and heavier. It was stocky like in build, with a roundish head (not panther like IMO) with the same shaped ears like the McPherson cat. It had a short coat. It almost bounded quite gracefully and slowly. Not overly hurried, so we got a fair look at it.
23/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: big cat sightingScrubby Creek near Womboyn in Victoria, 21.01.12. Panther like large black cat with very long tail seen crossing Princes Hwy just after dawn. Not in any hurry and moving quite slowly. Back maybe about 1 mt high and perhaps 1 &1/2 m long. Any other sightings in this area? I can definitely say that it was not a dog, roo or feral cat.
25/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: BIG CATJust nearly cr@!>>ed myself today. Went to visit SA Outback with my family out past EUDUNDA (the home town of author Colin Thiele). I heard a really unusual animal call. Can't describe it really. Like a cry of some sort. I heard it quite a few times rather loudly yet distant, then within 5 minutes from I don't know where, a large leopard looking thing with disctingtively rounded ears, long tail - low hanging golden/ brown in colouring with big black spots running accross the 100+ acre land to a heavily treed area. It was very quick, At first I thought it was a hyena, but apon watching it for the whole 60 seconds, it appeared like something else. I thought a massive cat. It was larger than my dobermans, faster and covered more ground than my dobermans can in time and all my kids screamed. I then went to drive out of this property and spotted a kangaroo carcass (approx 2 days - 1 week old), all flesh missing, ribs exposed even the tail flesh was gone, but it had definately been mauled to some extent. All internal organs gone. I kept driving, really freaked out then saw another kangaroo - it too, flesh missing, but a whole lot more ravished than the previous, but the kill looked older (approx 1 wk - 2 weeds old) There was probably more, but you can guess what I did. I got out of there!!!! I have seen a lot in my life and in the country, but I have never....... witnessed that.
25/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: sighting of black pumaIn May 2001we were driving through the Wombat state forest near Daylesford looking for firewood and a large black cat with large looping tail was on the side of the road. My son Austin and I sighted the cat and it immediately took off through the scrub. it had shiny short black fur and was larger than a dog. We only saw the back end of the animal, that is the tail and hind legs. Austin and I said "Holy Shit" , looked at each other and agreed that it was definitely a large cat not a black wallaby. It was about 70 to 80 cm in height. It was too large for a domestic cat or dog.
27/01/2012Big Cats Victoria: Black cat sightingHi, at 1310hrs today (27.01.2012) I almost collided with a large black cat on Lundstroms road Foster North, Victoria. I was driving a honda CRV and the hind was level with head lights and tail extended over the bonnet of the vehical has it leapt over the edge of the embankment of the road and disappeared. A very exciting moment for me. I have seen sightings of large black cats previously but never this close!
01/02/2012loganthese photos were taken this morn the last of three is a few days old new location logan this cat is eating live stock roger
09/03/2012trackshope this loads up
28/05/2012big cat sightings on year 8 camp my friend and i were on the bus on the way to dandoes (otways) while we were driving around the bend to go into our campsite (on the left) a big cat was on the road and pounced into the bush. it was like a black lab with a big tail and with a cat face. hope this gives you bit more infomation on the big cats :) i am willing to email and go through questions.
06/06/2012What do you think this is? Found today near Bambra. Hi, I saw this footprint today while hunting near Bambra. What do you thin
20/06/2012big cat Smythesdale, vic On 29 April 2012 at 7.30am I found an 8 month old ram lamb dead. He had been OK at 5.30 the evening before. No pulled wool in the paddock, 15 other lambs in the paddock were OK and not distressed. The lamb probably weighed at least 40kg. His head, neck and forequarter were untouched. Ears and tongue still present. Eyes open, no fear. No discharge from nose or mouth. Neck, throat, forelegs and shoulders untouched. From the wither back there was only a spine with stubs of the ribs about 10cm long still attached to the spine. All the body between the withers and the hocks was eaten.The complete upper part of the hindquarters was gone, legs below the hocks attached to the spine only by wool. Contents of rumen and entrails on the ground. Heart,liver and lungs gone. One hind hoof was gone. Other hind leg below the hock unmarked. There was no sign of attack on the neck or shoulder area of the sheep. Both forelegs were untouched. There were no bones or flesh on the ground and only very little wool. Not much blood. The ground was not trampled and there were no foot prints. There was no sign of panic or trampled ground - which was soft after rain. If the sheep had panicked there would have been disturbed ground. His remains were in a corner near a gate. I regret I did not take a photo but I was in shock at the manner in which the lamb had died and disposed of the remains. I picked up what was left with one hand.A fox would not tackle a lamb this size and also it would have to be a family of foxes to eat that much. The neighbours say their dogs went beserk at about 5am. They are not normally noisy dogs and would be well used to foxes travelling though as they are outside dogs. If it was a rogue dog they usually just run and maul the sheep but do not eat them, Smythesdale is about 8 km across country from me with the Enfield State Forest between. I saw a big black cat in the 1980s or 90s at St Andrews in Victoria. I am a dog judge and was trying to work out what breed it was as it was a silhouette - and then it moved off and I saw what it was. It was probably at least 26 inches high and there is no doubt as to what it was. I do not want any publicity and ask that you please keep my details private. In the photo of the pawprint in the Ballarat Courier it appears that there are claw/nail imprints. Does this suggest a large dog rather than a large cat which has retractable claws? Regards Denise
31/07/2012Big Cats Victoria: Mt beckworth clunes vicMe and a mate were going spot lighting on the way out to a paddock we shoot we came around a sweeping bend reflectors on both sides of the road and up the road a little appeared to be a yellow/white reflector of to the side we soon noticed it was animal eyes as it moved a little we slowed down hoping it was a fox but as we got closer I seen it was black and shouted go slower it's a calf it must have got out, but all of a sudden it bolted across the rd infront of us, intantly we could tell it was a huge cat it ran and jumped a farm fence which it appeared to be not much shorter than, it cleared the fence and didn't stop was a 4 single wire fence which I could crawl under but yet this massive cat launched over?