The purpose of distribution research is to get valuable insights about how your competitors distribute their product, and to get ideas on how to drive your own growth. As you'll be collecting a huge amount of data, we created this template to help you capture it all.

Distrubution research is done by reaching and analysing competitors' different traffic sources. How it's done is explained under each sheet. The purpose of the template is not to fill out every single cell in the sheet. You should see it as a guide on what to look at and a way to get inspiration on which activities to run. It should help you get started thinking about the data/insights you are inputting and how you can use these insights. Remember to only fill in what is relevant to your business.

Most of the metrics in the template is based on data from Feel free to change to other metrics or categories as you see fit.

If you are not friends with Google Sheets don’t hesitate to just download the template as excel sheets.


P.s. This is the very first version of our distribution research template. All questions and feedback are more than welcome, just send them to:

You can read the playbook on how to get started here: