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Year of MembershipNameSignificant others name?Names and ages of your children? Please note if boy/girl and birth date.emailHome addressCellWebsite or Online Contact (Facebook, Linkedin, etc)In a nutshell, what do you do professionally? If you're retired, how do you invest your time? Why did you join The Front Row Dads? What is it that you hope to experience, learn, share, etc?What do you love most about being a dad?What has been one of your most proud Dad moments?What has been one of your best family adventures?What is one of your dream trips, vacations or adventures you want to take with your family?What has been one of the most positive surprises you've experienced as a father?What are one or two invaluable lessons your children have taught you?
2017Aaron AmuchasteguiKaleenaGirls:10 Madelyn--6/20/07, 7 Charlotte--9/6/09, 6 Isabel--1/12/11 Boy: Brax 1-- 12/15/15aaron@amaconstruct.com6265 indian springs rd loomis ca 95650805-904-8369aaronamuchastegui.comReal Estate investments and operationsMeeting other dads and learning great ideas. I knew by surrounding myself with other dads, just by focusing on being dads my life would get even betterThe exciting moments I see on their face when they see meFinishing an Ironman with them at the finishHawaii Volcano adventures, biking, hiking to see the lavaWe will travel across EuropeAfter my first child I had so much love and did not think I could love the others as much once I had them, but it turned out I loved them all instantly as soon as I met themThey are happier when we live outside the norm. It's important to have innocent fun
2017Daniel ChiangMylinh NguyenAndrew, boy, 9, born October 5, 2008. Ethan, boy, 12, born September 5, 2005.dc@danielchiang.ca8 Lanbrooke Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2R help entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their business by automating their online marketing and social media presence.I just want to get to network with some really badass dads, to learn from them, to share with them, and to elevate each other's families together./ I joined FRD because I wanted to meet and connect with other like-minded badass fathers who, together, want to support and nourish a growth-minded, loving, compassionate, and flourishing next-generation.Sometimes I feel like I want to put them in a box and keep them as-they-are forever, however, giving them the freedom to choose what makes them happy and giving them an environment that they can thrive in, I love how they surprise me with all the new things they can do, each and every day.My older son, Ethan, used to struggle with attention and behavior in school a few years back, but when he noticed other kids were getting awards at the end of the year, and he wanted them too, it took him 3 years until finally he not only won the Speech Arts Award, but he also surprisingly took home the award for Media Arts as well! He has now set his sights on 5 other awards for the next school year!We did a road trip a few years ago where we drove from Toronto, to Chicago, to Indianapolis, to Kansas City, to Minneapolis, to Bismarck, to Saskatoon, to Edmonton, to Winnipeg, to Sudbury, and back to Toronto. All in all it was 91 hours of road-time and about 5000 miles, all done in 11.5 days. We thought the boys, being so young, would be bored out of their minds and yell/scream throughout most of it so we armed ourselves with a DVD player and about 30 movies. To our surprise, we barely played more than 2 hours of movies, and the rest of the time we all sang songs, watched the beautiful scenery around us, and played games (not me of course, as I was driving). We want to do it again, but this time...IN A RV!I want to drive my wife and kids in a RV around North America for 2-months going from city to city, visiting new places, visiting friends, and meeting new people.Just how amazing my little Men really are. They've got their own unique quirks, and they are really growing up to be very responsible, thoughtful, and generous young men. They are polite and courteous - I don't have to remind them, they just do it on their own. They are curious - they're comfortable with asking questions when they need clarity or don't understand something. They are supportive of others - their teachers are always mentioning to us how caring our boys are as they are always first to give help to their peers when needed. They are intelligent - they not only do well in school, but they have street-smarts and a keen understanding of how the world works.Patience and...patience.
2017Erle ThompsonKoreenFrancesca '5/12/14'
Esther '11/20/16'
Erle@ektFamily.com121 N 1st st #101 Montevideo, MN 56265253-740-2206Facebook/ErleThompsonReal estate, business consultingBuild a long term connection with other men that think and are in the same stage of life as myselft.Spending time with my kids
FRD retreat in Austin when Bergof did the 'walk through of your future life' thing, and seeing my oldest grow, get married, have her first kid, etc.
Just hanging out with them everyday
N/A. If we want to do something we typically go do it. Something we are working through right now is when (time of year) to go to France for a couple months.
How brilliant they are
2017Jason VilhauerAmber VilhauerClay Vilhauer "Boy" 10/25/16jrvilhauer@gmail.com8525 Raspberry Dr Frederick CO or FB Jason VilhauerOk something I already learned from Jon and I love is First I am a Dad to my son Clay and a husband to my wife Amber. When I need to get paid I am a Firefighter in the Denver Metro area. When I am not doing everything else I try to run a custom metal and wood working business, that currently caters to the military, police and fire industry, those soon I will be converting to more art and furniture.Everyone is a product of those they surround themselves with. I want to be the best dad I can be, and I know everyone in this group hopes for the same./ It gives me a outlet to hear like minded information and ask questions I would not normally ask with my normal group of friends. There is a ton of wisdom to be heard in this group.It gives a real purpose to everything you do.With it still being so new, the proudest moments are going on adventures with just him. It took a long time to build the courage to try going places with him without momJust last week we flew out to San Diego, during that time I had more one on one time I have ever had with him. The biggest highlight was taking him to the beach for the first time, watching him try to eat sand and figure out why water keeps splashing him.Honestly anywhere. Getting out and experiencing something new will always present fun opportunities. Realizing a little bit more each day that I can do this. It has allowed my to grow as a person 10 fold.Patience, patience, patience. Routine is a king. Having a strong communication with your wife
2017Justin DonaldJenniferSavannah is 4Justinwdonald@gmail.com3001 Del Curto Rd Unit 32
Austin TX 78704
314-683-8800Co-Founder for IFM Restoration
2,017John RuhlinLindsay Ruhlin3 total
6G Reagan
4G Blakely
1G Saylor
3415 Crescent Ct.
Wood River, IL 62095
2017Jim SheilsJamie Sheils4 total
13B Alden, 11B Leland, 2G Maggie
0B Sammy
jim@boardmeetings.com208 17th Street St. Augustine, FL 30284(904) 874-9702
2017John IsraelMonica Israel2 total
2B Anderson Israel 6mos.B Rohn
cutcojohn@gmail.com4425 Odessa Dr
Plano, TX 75093
805-722-7251Chief Gratitude Officer @ Mr. Thank You
2017Mike McCarthyLindsay McCarthy2 total
4G Ember (12-19-12)
8B Tyler (1-5-09)
mikemccarthy@me.com1150 Meghan Ct.
West Chester PA 19382
(484) 319-1212Serial Entrepreneur
2017Nick HemmertMonica Hemmert2 total
3.5B Griffin (G)
6moG Isabel (Izzy or Iz)
nick@thecenterforawesomeness.com1530 S Monroe Street
Denver, CO 80210
2017Ryan SnowMary Lynn Snow3 total
8B Connor
6G Lillian
3B Harrison
227 Post Road
North Hampton, NH 03862
I am a coach and trainer for salespeople, mostly real estate and loan officers. I am the Team Leader for a KW office and travel as a speaker/trainer for Explosive Sales Growth and The Miracle Morning for Salespeople.I knew a ton of the people that were part of the beginning of Front Row Dads, so I knew whatever the outcome it would be great. What I have learned in the last couple years since joining is the importance of having a place to share and talk about our wins and our failures in an amazingly supportive group of guys dedicated to the same goals in raising amazing kids and becoming great Dads.When my kids smile and we can celebrate their victories together.

Being able to make my kids laugh and change their state when they are upset, so we can talk through it and move on. My kids are living proof that your are in control of your state. They are great reminders for me to change your state to change your life.
Anytime one of my kids tell me that they love me and that I am the greatest Dad because it means I am having a powerful impact on their life.

Specifically, seeing the progress my oldest son has made in coping with anxiety makes me extremely proud. Connor has struggled with social anxiety and has had some learning disabilities based in attention, and we have worked with him with counsellors, occupational therapists, meditation, and affirmations, and we have seen tremendous growth from him. He has graduated from counseling, shows improvement in writing and academic areas where he struggled, has found outlets for his intelligence outside of school, taken up karate, and made some great friendships. Watching him succeed makes me excited for the fact that I am not a complete screw up as a Dad even though for a while it felt like we were doing everything wrong.
Recently, my brother-in-law and I took my oldest son fishing for Striped Bass. It was his first saltwater fishing trip. When we started the trip, he was afraid to even touch the sea worms. By the end he had become so confident. He was kissing the mackerel that we had caught for live bait. Connor caught his first-ever Striped Bass. It was big enough to keep, so he learned to scale and filet the fish. Then we cooked it on the grille and ate it together. The whole experience was such a cool time to share, and Connor was so excited that he told everybody about his fish for the next few weeks.US Cross Country to show our kids some of the amazing places, cultures, and history just within our own country. That my kids love me even at my worst.You can fix almost anything with a sincere apology and a hug.

People need to feel accepted and loved in order to thrive. "I am proud of you," are some of the most powerful words from a parent.
2017Adam Stock
Melinda Prawer-Stock
4 total 10G Eliana Prawer-Stock
7G Mayah Prawer-Stock
4B Sammy Prawer-Stock
1B Max Prawer-Stock
adam.stock@tnlpg.com2340 Ewing Avenue Evanston, IL 60201773-617-0904I help solve a structural problem that exists in the financial services industry. Most people receive advice from different professionals with different perspectives at different times. This lack of coordination ends up causing lots of problems and costing lots of money. I solve this problem.I haven't had a super-positive experience with my dad for most of my life. I want to learn "best practices", particularly from entrepreneurs who have, in many ways, a greater "struggle to juggle" I wanted to be a part of a community of like-minded dads who value being a great dad and are trying to improve regularly.Loving and being loved. Watching my children grow and mature.
Birth of my children. Watching our kids express the values that we are working hard to instill in them.
Roadtrip to Disney, Summer 2015African SafariHow well I can relate to certain kids more than others.That you can have heroes younger than you.
2017Brad JohnsonSarah JohnsonBraun – age 7 Nash – age 6
Nellie – 1yr (20mos)
5133 NW Valencia Rd
Silver Lake, KS 66539
785-318-2037VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel, largest insurance brokerage company in US. We help independent financial advisors build their ideal business.Was invited by John Ruhlin to the first one and respected him and was passionate about being a better dad, so wanted to attend to get better at most important job I have.The constant challenge and rewards that come with it.Hearing my clients tell me how polite and well-mannered my children have been when attending events and interacting with them, it's been a lot of work to get them there and a lot of repetition, but love seeing it paying off.Sunrise hike down to the ocean next to Torrey Pines and seeing boys run in ocean and watch seals playing in the ocean.Spend a month living in wine country in France with the entire family.Each of the births of my children was a surprise and incredible experience. 2 of our three children we didn't know the sex, so the ultimate surprise!1. It's much easier to parent before you are one, there is no rule book. Have given me more respect and appreciation for my own parents and what they poured into me.
2. Modeling love and respect and being present with my wife and children is more important than any "lesson" I could ever teach or tell them about.
2017Tim NikolaevMelissaKingston - 8
Reine - 6
Kenji - 5
Marlowe - 7 months
tim@nikolaev.com340 S Lemon Ave Suite 7646 Walnut CA 91789816.217.7646Real estate investment enabled me to financially "retire", now I am transitioning to the 2nd part of my career.I wanted to support Jon and gain ideas to continue improvement as a father.The unconditional loveSeeing how older kids interact with Marlowe. Yes, they are close in age to each other, so there is conflict, but it's incredible to see the kindness and love they express for her.We leave Austin every summer for about 2 months. It's hard to pinpoint one, but those trips are hard work and wonderful.I want to continue combining relaxing and fun vacation spots with difficult and limit pushing experiences where we grow as a family.I was always told that other areas of your life sacrifice when you become a dad. I thought it's out of obligation, logistics etc. It was great to find out that it's just by choice. I would rather spend time with my kids than do many other things I've done before. It's actually the opposite, I need to take a long term view at work to not want to spend all of the time with them.1 - Children are an amazing personal development resource. If you are seeing a negative trait or an area for work in your child, you probably have that same issue times four. When I address that issue, is when we see progress with the kids. 2 - Key to having happy children is investing in your relationship with your partner. If the parents are ok, kids will be ok.
2017Lance SalazarBrandy Salazar2 total
9G Hooley Salazar
6G Natalie Salazar
pharmlance@gmail.com741 Grandview Drive
Folsom, CA 95630
9164259032I worked as a pharmacist for 20 years, but now stay at home with my wife and children full time. You could say I've been on sabbatical for 2017. We have a side project mentoring husbands and wives called Legendary Couples with Kids that is currently on 'pause' as we spend our time simplifying our life, shedding ourselves of unnecessary baggage, develop a program to unschool our daughters, and being "light"I joined FRD because I knew Jon Vroman had a passion to cultivate meaningful relationships with other fathers. I love the community of like-minded men who each have their own Dad Superpowers that can be shared with one another so that we can be the most intentional and present fathers possible. watching them grow and learn, trying new things, and exploring the world with curious hearts and mindsThe first thing that comes to mind is delivering our second daughter. That was a surreal experience for me.we love visiting Santa Cruz. There is a sense of calm that washes over our family every time we visit. It's our happy place and we try to replicate that feeling in our new home - minus the beach, of course.The adventure of staring a new family business with the kids excites me. We have a few ideas we are working on, but know that it will involve a component of farming. We plan to call it something like Artemis Family Farm, named after our 'accidental' Polish Bantam rooster, Artemis.I've always been an incredibly impatient individual; and I am marveled at how fatherhood has helped me - perhaps forced me - into becoming a more patient man; something I didn't think was possible for me.That proximity does not equal presence and that being vulnerable and saying sorry draws us closer together.
2017Steven BouchardKatie Bouchard2 total
3 B Leo Bouchard- 4/8/14
5 G Nora Bouchard- 9/30/11, stevenrbouchard@gmail.com7320 Quilbray Drive, Huntersville NC 28078203-240-3336 hustle)Full-time employed as VP Sales for Asia & Pacific (electrical Industry). Building a business "Cerno" to bring adventure-based team building to the office and help those who aspire to Keep Climbing.I am committed to personal development and this made so much sense as it is one of my most important duties. Learn and share with & from some amazing dads; build a strong network of committed dads, learn new skills & strategies, give back./ To meet, share with and learn from other great dads. I want to learn how I can be better at being a dad in all aspects (love, family, spouse, business, etc.) Watching my kids grow, develop and learn every day.
Enjoying consistent board meetings with my daughter Nora.A recent family camping trip where we all hiked, camped, cooked and played together - great fun, kids loved it and wanted to do it again!
Trip to CA this summer to visit parents & cousins AND someday a trip to tour several of our National Parks.
How amazingly smart, perceptive and observant kids can be; they're always listening, watching and learning... everything!
Keep it simple.
Don't wait, do it now.
2017Arjun Rayapudi
Shobha (Showbah)
12 year old son, Shakthi (shuckthi)5 year old canine daughter Maithri (Mythree)arjunr1@yahoo.com352 Main Street, PO Box 340 Burin NL, A0E1E0(709) 277-7354
2017Daniel BinghamHannah Bingham3 total
11B Derek Bingham
8B David Bingham 5G Elise Bingham
danielbingham@cypresscc.com6213 Wilson Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(630) 450-1312www.cypresscounselingcenter.comI am an entrepreneur psychologist. I do some clinical work, but spend considerable time growing my practice--attracting the right people and cultivating the kind of culture/environment that any therapist would want to work in. I also facilitate the arrangements (office space, infrastructure, etc) so that therapists can spend as much of their time at work as possible doing what they love -- seeing clients. To engage with a group of successful men around my age to share in joys and struggles.The amazing connection to my children. I love laughing with my children and delighting in their quirks and idiosyncracies. Seeing my older son (Derek) taking my younger son (David) aside and working with him on basketball and piano. The times when Derek is patient and encouraging, I feel like I've done something right as a Dad. Trip to Colorado a couple of months ago. Really loved the breathtaking views of the mountains and the whitewater rafting. The kids got to spend time with cousins and it was a special reunion.I don't know that I have a specific one off the top of my head. Spending time with my family, doing a lot of things that are mundane, whether it's yard work or wiffle ball, is very satisfying.
I don't think I expected my kids to be as bonded as they are. They like to pound on each other (!) for sure, but they really love each other.That I don't always need to teach them things; sometimes all that's needed is for me to be there.
2017Carl DrewHeather DrewKarakoram Drew (3)carldd@hotmail.com1406 Davidson Court, Auburn, IN 46706(260) 438-6463speaker, marketer, director of charityGain a deeper understanding of how to be an amazing father & husband, while balancing that with my own dreams and desires outside of family life. The men who make up front row dads seem to be operating at a level and place in life, that reflects where I am, and where I would like to be as I continue this journey. To help other fathers identify and follow their desire and dreams for adventure in their life and the lives of the their families. Experiencing a love that deepens over time for my daughter, and through that understanding what real love is. Experiencing life and the world "again", through the lens of my daughter and her wonder for the world. Watching my child develop and grow (emotionally, intellectually, socially). Experiencing a deeper level of connection with my wife, through the common experience of our daughter. Being able to let go/play/imagine/and be creative/enter a space of being in the moment, when playing with my child. When I identified and made the shift from trying to multitask when playing with my child, to being 100% in when playing with my child. It was a huge personal and experiential leap froward... that also spilled over into the philosophy of how I interact with others. 6 weeks in Cuba. During our 1st week of travels, we met Australian couple who had a 6 month old and spontaneously ended up extending our trip and traveling 1/2 the country with them. 12 months non-stop travel around the world before baby #2. I just love being DAD! I love teaching my daughter how to process life and introducing her to new experiences. The experience of being a father, surprisingly trumps so many of the experiences I once felt were important.Power of teaching lessons through play and stories. That I have more patience than I imagined I could ever have. The skill of processing the responses of others through where they are and where they are coming from.
2017Matt RzepkaAmber Rzepka2 total
11 G Elizabeth (Lizzy) Rzepka
9B Paul Rzepka
mattr@vofcpa.com3642 Woodcliff Drive Kalamazoo, MI 49008269-910-0495Specialized Tax & Financial ServicesAlways looking to grow professionally and personally; Wanting to be the best husband, father, and business owner, while balancing them all, that I can be
Everything; so far it has been an incredible journey; it has come with immense challenges, but i have grown as a person in ways I could have never imagined because of it
I am truly proud everyday; I feel so blessed to have children who at a young age are genuinely kind and seem to have a deep care for others
A two week RV trip through the upper peninsula of Michigan in 2016
A two week trip to Hawaii, that is dedicated to the family, with no work required
That our son, our youngest, would through his life's journey, teach me a whole new view and skill set about being a better father; i never dreamed i would learn about radical change in how to be a father from my son and his experiences
That we all see the world very differently, even when we come form the same bloodline; and taking the time to learn together from what and how we all see things; true unconditional love, how to receive it
2017Jon BerghoffMara Berghoff3 total
7 Ace
5 Sierra
3 Kaizen
info@lead2flourish.com6966 St. Ives Blvd. Hudson OH,44236-3278703-980-8639
2017Jon VromanTatyana Vroman7 Tiger (B), 2 Ocean (B)jon@frontrowglobal.com9235 Ridgewell Place, Austin TX 78749856-816-6331
2017Brad BerachaKristenCade (7) & Alex (5) brad@bcreativeconcepts.com16 Danfield Rd
St Louis, Mo 63124
Restaurant/Food and Beverage Consultant. If retired, I would donate more of my time to serve others. I am guided to be a great Dad to my boys and spending a couple days to work on being a better Father is of interest. I want to learn from others experiences as I feel like my weak points are not uncommon. Deeply connecting with my boys on a level that I never experienced with my Father.
Going on a hike in the Arizona desert and breaking off with my son Cade to do a final mile to the top of Pinnacle peak and beyond.
My car breaking down on the way back from my in-laws and had to be towed away. I turned a perceived "bad" situation into a "great" one by finding a hotel with a pool and having a staycation in a small town 100 miles from home. It was all about the attitude that day/night and it turned out Awesome. An African safari. I didn't expect Fatherhood to be such an enriching experience especially at my boys' young ages.

To be present, always.
2017Sean Wengerswenger@fathomdelivers.com4629 Oak Point Road
Lorain, OH 44053
2017Josh ZanderLisaB: Matthew (8) G: Livia (6)joshzander@zandergolf.com71 Cuvier St. SF, CA 94112I teach golf. I joined FRD to discuss challenges of being a Dad and learn best practices to improve as a Dad. After going to one retreat, I realize how valuable it is to learn from our community. I can share my experiences both as a Dad and coach to help the community. I love playing with my kids and watching their passions and how they see success through effort. Seeing my kids show compassion towards others. Going to NYC. We did that town!Grand Canyon or traveling around New Zealand in an RV
How my kids are at the point where they can teach me!
How to be an active listener and being present.
2017Josh ScwartzBoys: Henry (5) and Ollie (3) josh@pubvendo.com19800 Cornerstone Square, Apt 309, Ashburn, VA 20147
630-624-2739 Marketing, Advertising, and PublicityAs a divorced dad I find most of my time is spent either working or spending time with my children, the latter often just the three of us. Working so much means I'm often living functionally in the moment but I'm not often fully present in the moment, which sometimes infects my ability to be fully present when I'm with my boys. My experience pre-divorce and post-divorce is that I've gone from being entrenched in parenting culture (i.e. spending a lot of time around other parents) to more or less going it alone. While I think I kick ass at being a dad and have a lot to share with other dads, I'm hoping to share and receive encouragement, motivation, and examples of fatherhood from other dads to whom fatherhood is important.Watching them grow in knowledge, passion, personality, and love for othersWatching them practice, excel, and achieve things makes me proud, including golf, gymnastics, robot-dancing, and lightsaber fighting, among othersMost of our adventures entail making extremely elaborate pillow forts and booby traps in my apartment.I'd like to take them to New York. I travel there often for work and talk about it with them all the time; I'd like them to see that part of my life.From the moment I first became a father it completely redefined me in the best possible way, and I've been pleasantly surprised that it has never worn off.They hear and understand a lot. I can either influence them positively or negatively with my words and actions.
2017Dan Casetta Phoebe Zhan
Kianna (3) and Dominic (8 months)
dancasetta@gmail.com18113 Bancroft Avenue Monte Sereno, CA 95030Cutco Western Region ManagerInvited by John Kane, wanted to support Jon VromanFun moments, watching the progress that is happening.
Helping my daughter learn amazing new things at a very young age.
Yellowstone, Grand Teton
HawaiiHow fun it really is, just how much these little humans know and learn at such an early age.
2017Dave PowdersCathleen Woods2 Girls: (4) Violet Woods-Powders, (9 mo's) Maeve Minnadaveapow@gmail.com2901 Acton Street Berkeley, CA 94702(615) 545-9213I've been with Vector/Cutco for almost 19 years!To be around other like-minded people who want to grow not just as people, but as dads.
The smiles on my kids faces. Never gets old.Violet was given a pedal bike for her 4th birthday. Day 1 wanted to ride, but struggled with pedals. Day 2 could ride with assistance. By day 7 could ride without any help and would LAUGH with such joy while riding. So proud.Camping in OR for the eclipse this past August. Violet with eclipse glasses was priceless.Violet in 2015 went to Rome with Cathleen and me. We ate our way through the city and it was so much fun. It'll be more fun with Violet now older to remember it and Maeve joining the fray.Patience. I thought I had it before, but realized very quickly (or slowly, rather) that I didn't have the patience I wanted to have. Still working on it though!Being present. I don't want to hear, "Daddy put your phone down." I watch it with my kids and I watch it with others. Turn the damn thing off and be present.
2017John Kane Tracy Kane10B John
8B Matthew
5G Natalie
Johnkane6102@live.com2262 Bellevue Avenue
Atco, NJ 08004
(856) 723-2120Helping People Do Stuff
2017Hal ElrodUrsula
Boy: Halsten (6) & Girl: Sophie (8) 2121 Lohmans Crossing, Ste 504-527, Lakeway, TX 78734(916) 459-6788My work is centered around "elevating the consciousness of humanity" through books, keynote speaking, coaching, podcasting, and hosting live events. I believe that my #1 responsibility is to my children, to be the best father I can be. This includes consistently growing as a parent, to which I turn to Front Row Dads for guidance and support. The relationship (love & connection) that I have with my children. Nothing comes to mind. Today was the 1st day of school for the kids. On the way to drop my daughter off first, the traffic was so bad that we realized we would't be able to get my son to school in time. So, my wife dropped he and I off in an empty parking lot, and I called an Uber to take us to his preschool. Halstent's first Uber ride! :^) Italy, France, and Poland, which we are doing in October 2018. Expanding my capacity for unconditional love beyond what I knew was possible.That playing together is our #1 priority! :^)
2017Marc BreslowBeverly 7/2/74Boys: Oscar (9 almost 10) & Jax (7)marcbrez@aol.com2524 Hurd Ave
Evanston, IL 60201 United States
630-624-2739 It sounds like a special experience with some amazing men. I strive to be the best version of me that I can become, I'm hoping this weekend can continue to help me grow as a father and a man.Feeling the love I share between my boyz and ISeeing how outgoing and kind my boyz can be to people they just meetSkiing together out westRafting in the grand canyonHow frequently I get emotional with my sonsThat it's not about me. That it's really challenging not to repeat the mistakes my parents made with me.
2017Matt 813-3798
2017Dexter SickelsMollyElla, Riley, Katie & Elijahaworldmattress@gmail.com105 North Main Street, Fortville, IN 46040(317) 508-6664
2017Seth DaileyAlyceKarissa Dailey, 14
Lorra Daile, 12
Annika Dailey, 8
Brielle Dailey, 5
seth@thedaileygroup.com8911 Ricky Trevor Road
Perry Hall MD 21128
2017Jim ChalupskyJulieEllie (9) and Jason (6) 1073 Barfield Street, Daniel Island, SC 29492
843-312-2131I work in real estate, general brokerage and investing. That said, I recently started a new business selling on Amazon. Basically importing items from China, marketing them appropriately and selling on Amazon.I feel like I need to raise my game. I've hit a plateau. I feel like progress is hard to come by and I need help from like minded men.Watching my kids grow into being the awesome people that they are. Seeing the quirky personality of my son Jason. He makes me laugh so hard. Seeing my daughter Ellie compete in swimming. She handles the pressure with grace and has fun doing it.Renting an RV and driving thru Arizona, evacuating for two hurricanes (once to the mountains of North Carolina and once to Washington, D.C. Some sort of mission trip with our church. In my mind I see us traveling to India to help build a school. Something to make sure we have perspective and gratitude for all God has bestowed on us.Truly I didn't think I would be so scared and vulnerable. I want so badly to protect my children but I also know intellectually that they've got to stumble to learn their way.To savor your youth. Regardless of our age, we all have a inner child. We've got to remember the simple things in life. Laughter, time with friends, loving your soulmate, watching a sunrise and just being present in the moment.
2017Steve WeaverKateshaRegan (6 almost 7) & Sydney (5)steve@thecandlelab.com405 Longfellow Avenue
Worthington OH 43085
614.433.9900I own a business (with my wife) with 6 brick and mortar retail stores and a production/design facility and franchising program.I spent one dinner with Jon a year ago at MMT and have wanted to get more involved with whatever he is doing since then. Such great energy and so much enthusiasm, so this seems like the perfect way to get more Jon time while working on the most important job in the world - being a great dad.Watching my kids add skills, hobbies, and passions at a dizzying rate.When my girls signed up to train in BJJ with me.We travel all the time with our kids to lots of cool places, so each trip has been a blessing and an adventure. Probably our favorite was a trip with 12 other families to a remote island in the Bahamas.I want to take my family to travel abroad and expose my kids to the fact that people live very differently than our life experience in the U.S.How I'm able to align the business with my parenting to make it seem like one big thing instead of separate silos.There is joy in just being present and silly.
2017Matt StormLeeanneMakena (6) Morgan (5) Maddox (3) 2810 Padova Ct League City, TX 77573(713) 494-0348I own a woodworking company and officiate for USA Volleyball professionally. I have mutual friends in it and hope to become an amazing dad my kids need me to be.I love the unconditional love my kids have and watching them learn and grow up is the ultimate reward.Watching all the kids being born.Taking a road trip to Tennessee to spend a week with the Ruhlin family.Take them to Fiji or Australia and spend care free time together.Seeing how different each one of our kids are. It makes me smile to watch them play together and enjoy each other's company.Patience is king. They don't care what kind of day you are having. They still want your time and want to hang out with you.

They have also taught me that there are many ways to do things. Sometimes my way is always not the best. They remind me to keep growing and learning. Life is a process which is never really figured out. Once you think you got it there is always something that pops up and keeps you on your toes.
2017Vivek Sankaranamy
Kiren (5/09/07), Samir (4/21/09), Rohen (5/25/12)
6149 Wilson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
I'm a law professor at the University of Michigan Law School and direct our Child Advocacy Law Clinic, which represents children and parents affected by the foster care system.
I'd like to be surrounded by guys who are making intentional choices about how to be a better dad and a husband.
Hanging out with my kids, goofing around and trying to teach them life lessons.
When two of my three kids won awards at school (on the same day) for being the kindest kid in their classroom.
Recent trip to Colorado. It was totally awesome. We hiked, went whitewater rafting and hit some amusement parks. Good stuff.
safari in africa
Being a dad has gotten me to step back and realize that there are things far more important than my job.
To stay in the moment and to not rush through life; To appreciate those moments when you are in "flow"
2018Eric Beebe
2018Jason Schecknerjscheckner@gmail.com2037229462
2018Evan Kellerevan.keller.soco@gmail.com6193163533
2018Joe Mancini
Kelly, Levi 6 Jake 14
Civil engineering and land surveying, real estate
I hope to share, and vet against others, my ideas on parenting. I want to be an extraordinary dad, not just a good or great dad. I'm frankly not sure how to do that. I know I want my kids to be confident, optimistic, fully self expressed and comfortable with themselves, but I'm not sure how to help them create that experience... where to push them a little, and where to fall back.
Every time I didn't yell about something that wasn't really important (e.g. something spilled, etc)
Not sure... trip to OBX maybe. We need more of these.Taking everyone to Italy for a long trip (2+ weeks)
It made me better in other areas of my life. (Maybe by teaching me patience and discipline).
You can eat hot dogs for breakfast. Fart/poop jokes never stop being funny. If you're excited about life, getting up early is really easy.
2018Kelly 9512128557
2018Peter Marston Jrpeter.marstonjr@gmail.com6035687291
2018Pat Petrinipatpetrini@gmail.com7757717803
2018Jason ShinpaughLindaJason Jr 5/7/07 Sara 7/23/
Po box 541518 Merritt Island Fl 32954
3212235095real estateTo surround myself with better men and families.
Watching my kids kindness and personalities show through to others.
We have had a bunch, but probably lost valley hike in ArkansasSpend a month or two in Hawaii
They cause me to strive to be a better man and role madel.
patience, grace
2018Jamie BaugherGisselle Baugher
Cooper 3-11-01 Aidan 9-1-05 Zander 5-25-07
209 Mill St, Bristol PA 19007
To get ideas that I can bring back to my home so that I can raise boys that will men that live happy and fulfilled lives. Lives that have meaning and purpose.
Those moments come when I observe them around their friends and other people.
San Fran, Redwoods Trip to California.Monthly long trip to New Zealand.
That each stage in their life opens the door to a deeper connection with them.
I still have a lot of room for growth in my life.
2018Jeff LathamRorielle2 girls- Stella, Ellie 5/29/11 1 BOY- Maverick 12/29/2017Jeff@lathamre.com425 345 4920
2018Ryan CaseyKC SandersKayla 10/24/
22618 7th Pl W Bothell WA 98021
Division Manager for Cutco and own 2 Orangetheory Fitnesses
Want to connect with a good network of guys that have the same values and interest as I do.
That's tough, I really love so much of it. I like to see my daughter learn things, especially as she tries and tries, then finally gets it. She's also hilarious too.
Costa Rica when she was 4 months old was pretty amazing.
Don't have one in particular, but would like to do a lot of traveling with the family.
Just instant, unwavering love, with endless forgiveness (so far at least).
It's ok to just laugh sometimes, everything will be ok (I usually try to make everything perfect). What I say isn't as important as what I do to set the example.
2018Dane EspegardBrookelynn
Izzi 6/2018 and Elin 9/2016 two girls
2018Jake HarrisKirstiHudson 3?, Maverick1?
2018Mike MerriamMelissa2 total
7B Declan Merriam
7B Ronan Merriam
Mike@mikemeriam.com4721 Coralberry Circle
Apex, NC 27539
2018Sylvain LapointeKarenMarissa Lapointe 16
Sienna Lapointe 10
Sylvain7@me.com905 Palmer Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596(925) 708-6857
2018Kamil Marasposadaholdings@gmail.com7187571504
2018Joe SanokChristinaLucia 5/28/11 Laken 9/5/14joe@practiceofthepractice.com2315909852
2018Chris Boudreaux JulieBrooke, 8 (2018)chris@chrisboudreaux.com7735808541
2018Matt Kingmelissaddslinger@hotmail.com8135464462
2018Paul MacintoshMary TruellFinnian 2pm@goretechs.com6037154405
2018Jordan Muelajordan@leadsimple.com5128871682
2018Mike ChuLea annMia 6/23/17Mjchu1@gmail.com9082683905
2018Jon BirdGinaJackson 7/7/09jonmichaelbird@gmail.com8136252619
2018Jason JeffreyCandace
Nova 7/6/17 + another on the way
2018Dan Rozzanodanrozzano@hotmail.com5103047947
2018Wes FrankLaurenSydney 4/26/17 Brennan 10/6/
14796 N 100th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 United States
2018Trey HarrisMeredithHudson 12/6/
106 Fairway Pointe Cir Orlando, FL 32828 United States
9212 Pennywood Rd Santee, CA 92071
2018David Vanerdpooldavidrockvanderpool@gmail.com924 East Rio Vista Ave Burlington, WA 982332069791973
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