Syrian Prisoners of Conscience
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Syrian Prisoners of Conscience - Only a Sampling
Date 11/30/2011; last updated 2/6/2012
NameImageAgeFromOccupation/Institution/MajorLocation of DetentionDate of DetentionResponsible Party within RegimeRemarks Additional
AbdulRahman Aba
15Daraya, a suburb of Damascus.Child; studentDaraya18-Nov-2011Air Force Security
Manaf Abazeed
21DaraGerman literature major at Damascus UniversitySecurity checkpoint at entrance to town of Nu'aymeh,DaraNov. 30-2011This is his second detention during the revolution
Bashir Abdo
26Jisr ShughurStudentJisr al-Shughur countryside,near Hloz village10-Jun-2011Has 3 younger siblings. Plays Fairuz songs on guitar.
Deya al-Abdullah
38SuwaydaPoetSuwayda29-Jun-2011Poet whose work has been heavily censored in past years, for tackling sex, religion, and politics.RELEASED April 19, 2012
Dr Imad AbdulQader
30QamishloDoctorIbn al-Nafis Hospital in Damascus18-Sep-2011Taken from work while doing his job.RELEASED on bail Dec 8,2011.
Qusay Muhammad Abdulrahman
Approx. 18Displaced Persons Camp, DaraAbout to start school at Damascus UniversityTaken from his father's store on Basri Square, Dara5-Oct-2011Military Intelligence
Shadi AbuFakhr
32FilmmakerDamascusJuly, 2011Charged in court Oct 8 with "weakening national morale" & 5 other similar charges.Bail set in Nov. Not actually released until Jan 5, 2012
Dr. Muhammad AbuHilal
35DamascusDoctorDaraya26-Sep-2011No known participation in protests (implies taken for treating the wounded). RELEASED on bail Dec 5.
Muhammad Hasan AbuZayd
B. 1969, married with 5 childrenDarayaPlaster worker (works in construction)Annas bin Malik Mosque in Daraya11-Aug-2011Air Force IntelligenceRELEASED Dec 5, 2011
Alaa Akhras
Approx. 22DamascusFourth-Year Law StudentSarujeh market, Damascus5-Oct-2011Forcibly Disappeared with 2 friends (see below), Annas Sahen & Husam Uzayel. RELEASED Dec. 28,2011
Dr. Mouhammad Alammar
49Namar, DaraPhysician; nonviolence teacher; being a member of the National Coordinating Committee, an opposition group that accepts dialog with the regime, has not spared him 4 detentionsDara13-Dec-2011Fourth imprisonment during the revolution; third was Sept 17-Nov. 19. Son, Suhaib Ammar (last name spelled differently in English) also imprisoned (see below).
Muhammad Alian
18, b. March 15, 1993DarayaStudentShamiyat Street,Damascus, at night, with his father, who was released on Aug. 14.9-Aug-2011Air Force SecurityAs of Jan. 9, 2012, 17 members of the extended Alian family are prisoners of conscience detained during the revolution.
Annas Alian
In his late 20s; married with one child (daughter in photo).Daraya Owns a furniture store.Daraya11-Jun-2011Air Force SecurityAttended a regime-sponsored "dialogue" in May in Daraya.
Jihad Alian
DarayaProtest in Daraya8-Jul-2011Air Force SecurityJihad was captured in a trap at Musab bin Omair Mosque.
Suhaib Ammar
21, b. Nov. 25, 1989DaraEnglish lit student at Damascus UniversityCheckpoint in Daraya17-Nov-2011, 8pmAir Force SecurityHostage for nonviolent activist Osama Nassar,his bro-in-law. "We'll return him to you in a coffin unless your husband surrenders," agent told Suhaib's sister, Maimouna Alammar.RELEASED Jan.9, 2012
Yazan Ahmad Amro
12HamaSchoolchild.Hama10-Oct-2011Military SecurityChild with heart condition;his father was killed by regime forces Aug 1;child participated in a schoolchildren's protest.
Hani Imad Ajaty
15DarayaChild; studentDaraya5-Dec-2011Air Force Security
Saeed Ali
38QamishloOrthopedic surgeon & Chief of Medical Staff at Damascus City HospitalDamascus27-Oct-2011RELEASED ca Oct 2012
Ahmad Antar
LatakiaTaken in a home raid, Tabiyat, in Latakia7-Sep-2011, 10 amPolitical SecurityInitially imprisoned with his 2 brothers, Omar & Tareq, who have been released on bail.
Dr. Muhammad Bashir Arab
31AleppoPathology DoctorAleppo2-Nov-2011Subjected to repeated home raids in the past months; prior imprisonment in 2004 for political dissent.Jan 13: His health believed to be deteriorating significantly in detention. Update Dec 2012: Reported to be in Amiriyet al-Tayaran detention center in Umayyad Square, Damascus.
Muhammad Atfeh
20, b.1992HomsStudent; sophomore (2nd year student) in physics, Homs USalamiya13-Jan-2012
Yazan Awad
Student in the Department of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Damascus UniversityDamascus14-Nov-2011Branch: State Security
Ciwan Ayo
30Ras al-AynLawyer & Human Rights Activist with the Committees for the Defense of Democratic FreedomsRas al-Ayn4-Sep-2011Charged in court Nov. 21 or 22;released ON BAIL end of Nov.
Lama Aysami
approx 20SuwaydaStudent; junior majoring in architectureDamascus18-Dec-2011With approximately 15 young women, mostly students, imprisoned from a nonviolent demonstration. RELEASED Dec 20, 2011.
George Bahno
18QamishloStudent at Aleppo Tourism Institute Aleppo;while attempting to film a student documentary on fuel shortages in Syria, w friend Samawel Sawmi (below)30-Nov-2011Assyrian Human Rights Network issued statement on his behalf. Released on bail.
Riyad Bajbouj
15Daraya Child; studentDaraya17-Dec-2011Air Force Security
Muhammad Hamza al-Barghash
StudentBaramkeh area of Damascus-out of the Chem Building at DU campus. Taken by Student Union members. Student Union members are regime proxies on campus..20-Dec-2011Political Security
Maha Mahmud Bnayan
60School principalQusur area of Damascus15-Dec-2011Interior SecurityWas simply walking on the street,coming back from visiting friends. Taken as hostage for her daughter. Released Dec 21, 2011.
Anas Muhammad Bayyad
17DarayaStudent; minorDaraya11/18/2011; prior detention Aug 15-Sept 2, 2011Air Force SecurityReported to be under severe torture including electrocution;beaten while hung by ankles; beaten hung by wrists;bound in rubber tire & beaten with truncheons.
Tareq Saeed Belshe
31LatakiaLatakia19-Aug-2011Latakia Central PrisonForced to appear on Syrian state tv "confessing"
Maha Bitar
Jabla, LatakiaSchoolteacherJabla, Latakia2-Oct-2011
Wisam Bitar
Jabla, LatakiaJabla, Latakia2-Oct-2011
Alaa Burashi
DamascusEngineer; Qalamon University gradMazra'ah area, Damascus11-Nov-2011
Alaa Choueiti
HomsFormer Employee at petroleum companyHoms15-Oct-2011Air Force Security
Islam Dabbas
22DarayaStudentDaraya22-Jul-2011Air Force SecurityImprisoned in the act of giving roses & water bottles to soldiers sent to repress the nonviolent protest in which he was participating.
Mohammad Anwar Dabbas
b. 1978; 33DarayaDaraya1-Jan-2012Air Force SecurityWas taken from a hospital operation room while he was under anesthetic.
Riyad Hasan Dibs
B. 1950;m. Huda Jughami,3 grown,accomplished childrenQraya, SuwaydaMath teacher at Qraya high school for 35 yearsSuwayda19-Sep-2011Imprisoned while applying for travel documents in government office.
Aghiad Dil'een
14Daraya, a suburb of DamascusChild; 9th grade studentDaraya, a suburb of Damascus16-Nov-2011Air Force SecurityRELEASED March 5,2012
AbdulAziz Dorayd
22Qabun neighborhood,DamascusRed Crescent volunteer;engineering student, Damascus UDamascus International Airport5-Feb-2012Nephew of Mahmud & Samy;2nd detention during revolution; RELEASED April 11, 2012.
Mahmud AbdulAziz Dorayd
49; married; father of three; son, 20; daughter, 20; daughter,4DamascusSmall sandwich shop owner & short order chefTaken from in front of his home in Qadam area of, Damascus.Dec 20, 2011. Previously imprisond 3 times;most recently Aug 24, 2011 to Oct 25, 2011His brother Samy imprisoned on Dec 3, 2011; brother Rashed killed by regime Good Frida (April 2011); his elderly mother threatened by regime security agents who stormed her home searching for Mahmud on Dec 2, 2011RELEASED Jan. 2012. IMPRISONED AGAIN,Feb5,2012. RELEASED again, in March.
Samy Dorayd
40; married; father of two elementary school-aged boysDamascusSet designer for theater & tv productionHome raid, Qadam area of Damascus2-Dec-2011Taken as hostage for his brother, Mahmud (above), who was captured by regime security on Dec 20, 2011.Was previously imprisoned for protesting nonviolently on March 15 (2nd photo). Brother Rashed was killed during the revolution. His elderly mother threatened Dec 2. UPDATE:Samy released Jan 5, 2012.
Emad Nihad Druby
40HomsLawyerJustice Palace in Homs20-Sep-2011Imprisoned while doing his job: defending prisoner of conscience Najati Tayara. RELEASED Jan.17, 2012.
Husain Essou
59HasakehWriter, democracy advocate; Kurdish rights activist; promotes tolerance among ethnicities of SyriaHasakeh3-Sep-2011, 2 amAir Force Security
Feras Fayyad
27Dadeekh, a village in IdlibNewlywed (4months;see wedding photo last column); filmmaker; degree from École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation, FranceDamascus International Airport30-Nov-2011His short film, Run, won an award. RELEASED March 2, 2012.
Sakhr Fayyad
B. 1989SuwaydaThis is his senior year in college;computer technology major. Suwayda2-Nov-2011Released Jan 7, 2012.
Ammar Mamun Ghazali
Approx. 20Qerfa village, Dara provinceMed studentQerfa11-Nov-2011His father & brother were imprisoned in the same home raid
Razan Ghazzawi
DamascusBlogger & head of Media Center for Freedom of ExpressionAt Syria-Jordan border.She was headed to a media conference in Amman.5-Dec-2011Charged Dec 13 with "inciting to sectarian tension"Released ON BAIL Dec 18,2011. Imprisoned AGAIN (with entire staff of Syrian Media Ctr) Feb 14,2012. Awaiting court date.
Reem Ghazzi
38DamascusActor & producer with a degree in English literature, studied theater criticism; specializes in live theater.From Rukn ElDin area of Damascus26-Nov-2011Political SecurityReportedly being charged in court & bail being set.
Ehab Hadla
16, b. Dec. 30, 1994Student of Civil Engineering in DamascusDamascus30-Aug-2011
AbdulRahman al-Hajji
111,born 1900Jasem, DaraJasem, Dara7-Dec-2011Possibly world's oldest prisoner of conscience
Muhammad Hamawi
B. April 24, 1989DarayaCommunications degree, Damascus University, class of 2011Daraya23-Sep-2011Air Force SecurityHe was taken in a home raid; his father Muhammad Yaseen Hamawi, 65 years old, was taken too & remains imprisoned
Maher Hamoud
24, born Sept 8, 1987Qraya, SuwaydaInformation technology engineer at the Nursing School in Suwayda; Damascus U gradSuwayda9-Oct-2011Released mid-January, 2011, with intervention by Arab League mission; RE-IMPRISONED June 17, 2012
Dr. Nawras Haj Hasan
Born July 6, 1978AleppoDoctorAdra Prison in Damascus30-Jun-2011
Amer Hilmy
34. B. 1977; marriedDarayaHousepainterDaraya26-Aug-2011Air Force SecurityCommitted student of nonviolence
Nidal Hasan
38TartusFilmmakerDamascus3-Nov-2011Transferred on Dec 4,2011 (from security branch) to Adra Men's Prison,Damascus
Yaseen Mamun Homsy
22DamascusSenior in Business Administration at the Arab International Private UniversityKiswa checkpoint near Damascus1-Nov-2011Father, Mamun Homsy,is a former MP, former prisoner of conscience, exiled since 2006
Osama AbdulRauf Hariri
43; b. 1968DaraEngineer; married & father of five children ages 1-16; caretaker of his elderly mother; 2 other families besides his own (his brothers' families) are dependent on him.Taken in a raid on the Yarmuk Co. factory where he is head mechanical engineer; it is on the Dara-Damascus highway, in Dara.11-Jan-2012
Oday Hayek
20SalamiyaSecond-year student in tourism; drummer in a band (leftmost in Column J photo)Salamiya14-Dec-2011
Lotfi Hinnawi
56SuwaydaSuwayda, taken from a government office where he had gone to request a routine document.
Mukhtar Houriyah
16, b. 1995HomsChild; studentHoms; Qusoor area,taken from in front of Ghasan RestaurantJan 13, 2012 at 1pmAir Force SecurityRELEASED later in 2012; need date.
Farah Huwayja
30; born 1982SalamiyaEnvironmentalist,plus gets wheelchairs for impoverished children among her many charity worksDamascusApprox. May 4, 2012
Zaid Ismail
19LatakiaStudent at Baath College, HomsLatakia 4-Aug-2011
Raji Jawabra
22DaraPursuing MA at the Higher Institute for Energy Research From his home in Mazzeh, Damascus7-Oct-2011No known political activities; sister Dana participated in an attempted food relief caravan to aid the beseiged city of Dara in May.
Ahmad Jefsi
approx. 20Student at Damascus University, in electrical & mechanical engineering.1-Dec-2011
AbdulQader Jeghli
25IdlibBioscientist;engineer at International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry AreasTaken as soon as he landed at Aleppo Airport; trying to get home to Idlib
Montaser Jondy
21Student in mechanical engineering at Damascus UniversityBab Srijeh,Damascus18-Dec-2011
Mahmoud Abdulkader Ka’di
26HomsSyrian Boxing ChampionTaken from a gym in Homs where he was working outJune 2011Homs Central Prison
Ruwayda Yusef Kanan
36ZabadaniBarza,dragged from her home after a security knock at her door 2am5-Feb-2012brother Ali & her 2 sisters also taken. Mother's name is Houria.
Taysir Radwan Kareem
32QamishloPhysician. Field doctor to revolution wounded. Married (see second photo); wife is Turkish.Damascus.26-Dec-2011Released March 4, 2012
AbdulAziz Khayyir
Physician. Being a member of the National Coordination Committee, an opposition group that accepts dialogue with the regime, did not spare Dr Khayyri from being imprisoned.Nor did being Alawite.From Damascus Airport. Was traveling to Cairo to join a committee preparing an opposition conference.21-Dec-2011Released on or by Dec 26, 2011.
Muhammad Haj Khalaf21IdlibStudent; architecture majorTaken from Aleppo University campus14-Dec-2011Released on or by Dec 20, 2011.
Nada Fayad Khalaf
RaqqaRaqqa12-Jul-2011Transferred from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, then to Sednaya Prison.
Sara Khaled
22DamascusCommunications major, Damascus University; reporter for al-Watan blogsite.Damascus U campus7-Dec-20117 male & 2 female Student Union members (typically regime proxies) chased her down & Forcibly Disappeared her.
Abdullah Khalil
RaqqaLawyer & activist for Kurdish rights, human rights generallyFrom his home in Raqqa province15-Dec-2011
Husain Khatib
17Shahba, in Suwayda provinceStudent; minorShahba, Suwayda20-Dec-2011
Muhammad Ibrahim Khawenda
45, b. March 15, 1966LatakiaLatakia24-Jul-2011
Ibrahim Khoulani
25. B. 1986DarayaStudent of Arabic Literature at Baath UniversityDaraya - stopped while riding a car & taken in, with another person.8-Jul-2011Air Force SecurityWas detained a week after being shot in the shoulder by regime agents.
Mohamad Said Khoulani
38; married with 4 little girlsDarayaPart of Daraya's longtime nonviolence movementDaraya19-May-2011Air Force SecurityLongtime member of a nonviolence study group in Daraya
Hadeel Kouky
20Hasakeh; AssyrianStudent at Aleppo UniversityAleppoSept 10, 2011RELEASED on bail, by Oct.2011; this was her 3rd imprisonment during the revolution.
Amjad Anwar Lahham
17Daraya Student; minorDaraya18-Nov-2011Air Force Security
Yasir Khaled Lahham
16DarayaChild;studentDaraya18-Nov-2011Air Force Security
Amina Maghmoma
17HomsStudent;minor.In front of Khalidia co-op, HomsSept. 24, 2011, 11amForcibly DisappearedTaken with her older sister,Salma (see below)
Salma Maghmoma
19HomsMother of 2 In front of Khalidia co-op, HomsSept 24, 2011Forcibly DisappearedTaken with her younger sister Amina (see above)
Rebal Maghrebi
18Student & writerDamascus3-Nov-2011
Wa'd Mahfud
HarastaHarasta31-Dec-2012RELEASED Jan 2, 2012
Lobna Mansur
approx. 20MisyafStudent; junior majoring in architectureDamascus, BabSarijeh18-Dec-2011One of approximately 15 young women, most of them students, detained from a nonviolent demonstration.
Muhammad Islam Ibrahim Masalmeh
24DaraStudent Kiswa checkpoint,outskirts of Damascus20-Sep-2011
Shaker Masri
22; engaged to be married.DarayaComputer science major.Daraya23-Sep-2011Air Force SecurityAmong those committed to study of nonviolence in Daraya.
Mahmud Ma'tuq
18DamascusMechanical engineering major, Damascus UniversityFrom in front of Iman Mosque, Damascus11-Nov-2011
Ali Melhem
24Mkharram part of Abu Hikfeh town, Homs; Alawite backgroundMed school grad 2011;valedictorian.HomsOct 19,2011Air Force SecurityRegime agents set fire to his family home multiple times, in a pattern of harassment againsst him. RELEASED Jan 17,2012.
Feras Muhammad Mandeel
19Maarrat NomanMaarrat Noman23-Aug-2011Forced to appear on Syrian tv Sept 24 and confess to being a terrorist,along w 3 other prisoners.
Osama Matarmawie
Approx. 21.DarayaEngaged to be married; third year law student.Daraya25-Jun-2011Air Force SecurityParticipated in "dialogue" sponsored by the regime on May 18. Grave concerns about his health, Dec 14, 2011; he is reported as being under severe torture.
Mahmoud Naji MshallahAleppoStudent at the College of Business28-Aug-2011Air Force Security
Mais Mubarak
in her 20sDamascus, Baramka neighborhood, near DU campus entrance22-Apr-2012For participating in a protest themed "Stop the Killing, We Want to Build a Country for All Syrians," tossing flowers at passers-by. RELEASED May,2012
Huthayfa Mudawar
15DarayaChild; studentDaraya16-Nov-2011Air Force Security