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6/15/2014 21:11:43spikedluvGoverness/Librarian/TeacherKris Allen signs up for Theater 101 because it’s the only open course that fits his schedule. It’s not long before the professor learns what Kris has always known: he sucks at acting. Kris is handed over to the not so tender mercies of TA, Adam Lambert, who teaches Kris about acting, and a whole lot more.
6/15/2014 21:12:40spikedluvParanormalVampire Prince Kristopher Allen must bond with his mate or forfeit succession to the throne. When Kris meets Adam Lambert he knows immediately that he’s found his mate, but there’s just one problem: Adam’s still human. Will Kris give up Adam, or the throne?
6/15/2014 21:14:55spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveKris Allen’s band won a contest to open for famous singer Adam Lambert when his tour stopped in Little Rock. Problem was, Kris didn’t remember entering the contest, nor did he want to see Adam again.

Adam Lambert hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Kris since the day he left for LA to make it big. He’s decided that he wants Kris back, and he’s not above doing something underhanded if that means he gets to have Kris in his life again.
6/15/2014 21:16:28spikedluvWedding BellsAdam Lambert’s days of tabloid notoriety are behind him if he wants to keep his record contract. To complete his newly reformed image, his management wants him to settle down and get married. Adam refuses to even consider the idea until he meets his prospective husband, Kris Allen.
6/15/2014 21:17:29spikedluvReluctant HeirKris Allen is the heir to the Allen fortune. He is expected to finish college with a degree in business and go to work for the family, learning the business from the ground up and eventually taking it over from his father. Kris is prepared to give up his dream of becoming a musician and settle down with the perfect wife until he meets Adam Lambert and discovers a passion he’d only before found in his music. Will Kris accept the life everyone expects of him, or choose the life that makes him happy?
6/15/2014 21:18:20spikedluvDisguised Adam Lambert’s a little tipsy when he mistakes Kris Allen for a fan and takes him home for the night [or blows him off, author choice]. Things are a bit awkward when Adam realizes that the Kris he met the night before is the same Kris Allen his band is supposed to be opening for on their upcoming tour. Can Adam convince Kris that he’s not quite the player [or jerk] he appears to be, and show him that they’re perfect for each other?
6/15/2014 21:18:54spikedluvIn Sickness and in HealthKris Allen wakes up in the hospital having lost his memories of the last six months of his life. The one thing he remembers is Adam Lambert, and the love they share. Adam takes Kris home from the hospital to the home they share, but things feel strange to Kris. What happens when he remembers the truth, that Adam left him for another man and has just been playing a role to help Kris get his memory back? Can Adam convince Kris that he truly loves him? Can Kris trust him?
6/16/2014 6:54:46spikedluvWedding BellsKris Allen is the son of a wealthy businessman who must marry by his 25th birthday or lose the inheritance he plans to use to fund his own charity. He sees Adam Lambert, a struggling musician, perform one night and is smitten; Kris makes Adam an offer he can’t refuse.
6/16/2014 6:55:47spikedluvGoverness/Librarian/TeacherSingle dad Kris Allen finally bows to the inevitable and hires a nanny to help him take care of his daughter/son. Picturing the staid nanny types who suck all the fun out of life, he tells the service that he wants someone who is imaginative and artistic. When Adam Lambert first appears on his doorstep, Kris isn’t sure he’s the right man for the job, but Adam soon convinces him otherwise.
6/16/2014 6:58:06spikedluvBad Boys, Rakes and RoguesWhen photographs of Kris Allen kissing another man are posted on-line he refuses to deny that he is gay. His record company claims breach of contract, but they give Kris a choice: either he will be banned from performing publicly for the remainder of his contract and sued for damages, or he can agree to allow them to sell his contract to Adam Lambert, a man who has made no secret of his desire for Kris.
6/16/2014 6:59:05spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveKris Allen had not one, but two one-night stands with Adam Lambert, which have left him feeling disillusioned and leery. When Kris and Adam meet again, with it be three strikes and you’re out, or will the third time be the charm?
6/16/2014 6:59:53spikedluvParanormalKris Allen is a werefox, which is really unfair, because everyone else in his family is a werewolf. No one treats him differently, but Kris feels like he doesn’t fit in. Until he meets Adam Lambert, the new Alpha for the Arkansas region.

Adam’s all sleek black and sparkly and gorgeous, so Kris should totally feel out of place, and yet he feels like he’s known Adam all his life. Kris has never gotten along with anyone so well, and he’s feeling comfortable in their friendship until Adam informs Kris that he plans on making Kris his mate, despite Kris’ objections that a werefox and a werewolf can’t be a mated pair.

Can Adam prove to Kris that the ways they’re similar matter more than the ways in which they’re different, and make him believe that love really does conquer all?
6/16/2014 7:01:02spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveKris Allen and Adam Lambert were once the best of friends, brought together by a common experience. Kris even thought he was in love with Adam, but time and distance have separated them. It’s been several years since Kris has even seen Adam, until someone starts killing the American Idol winners.

Adam freaks out and kidnaps Kris because he doesn’t believe that Kris will take the proper precautions on his own. Kris can call no one for help, mainly because Adam left Kris’ phone at his house so no one could trace him, but also because his family was complicit in said kidnapping.

Kris is determined to remain irritated with Adam for kidnapping him, but being with Adam 24/7 reminds Kris how much he likes Adam and enjoys hanging out with him. And just why he fell in love with him in the first place. Kris finds himself less concerned with the madman killing Idols, and more worried that he won’t be able to hide his growing feelings from Adam.
6/16/2014 7:01:40spikedluvBad Boys, Rakes and RoguesKris Allen has realized that he made a mistake when he left his music career behind. Now he’s mounting a comeback, and opening for Adam Lambert during his summer concert tour would be a coup, but there’s a catch: Adam wants Kris as more than his opening act.
6/16/2014 7:02:07spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveKris Allen was blissfully in love and looking forward to his happily ever after . . . until he found out that it was all a lie. Now, years later, Adam Lambert has come looking for Kris, and he’ll use whatever means necessary (blackmail, bribery, other method of author’s choice) to get Kris back. Is Kris doomed to a loveless marriage, or will he be able to forgive Adam and forge the future he’d once dreamt of?
6/16/2014 7:05:40spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveWhen Adam Lambert left college early to hone his craft ‘on the job’, the classroom wasn’t the only thing he left behind. Over the years Kris Allen tried to forget the young man who’d stolen his heart and then left him without a word, but he’s never quite managed.

Years later, when Adam hasn’t yet made it big, and Kris is on the verge of giving up his dream of playing music and going back to school, they both try out for American Idol. Sparks fly when they are finally reunited during Hollywood Week, but Kris is afraid that Adam will break his heart once more. Can Adam convince Kris that he’ll never leave him again?
6/16/2014 7:06:29spikedluvBad Boys, Rakes and RoguesAfter bad investments [or reason of author’s choice] leave the Allen family broke, Kris Allen turns to the one person he knows will be willing to loan his father the money . . . for a price. Adam Lambert is a scoundrel, but he’s never lied about one thing – his desire for Kris. Will Kris be able to hide his own attraction for the other man long enough to complete their business arrangement and get out in one piece?
6/16/2014 7:06:58spikedluvBoss/SecretaryUnable to make it on his music alone, Kris Allen takes a job as a personal assistant to the flamboyant, charismatic and infuriating glamrocker Adam Lambert. Working for Adam becomes a challenge in more ways than one when Kris finds himself attracted to the other man.
6/16/2014 7:07:48spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveAdam Lambert and Kris Allen had been in love once, but that was years ago. When they meet up again Kris is determined to maintain a distance between them; Adam is equally determined to win Kris back.
6/16/2014 7:08:28spikedluvWedding BellsKris Allen and Adam Lambert were once friends. Now they’re being forced into an arranged marriage so that Adam’s family doesn’t lose their home and standing. Kris had been in love with Adam when they were growing up, but Adam only had eyes for Bradley Bell. Kris believes that Adam is pining for his ex and only marrying Kris to help out his family. He agrees to the marriage only if they never have to share the same bed. Can Adam convince Kris that ~he is the one Adam loves?
6/16/2014 7:11:15spikedluvSecond Chance at LoveAdam Lambert left town for the bright lights of Hollywood to pursue his dreams, but now he’s home for a visit after his most recent break up [or reason of author’s choice]. Kris Allen had managed to bury his feelings for Adam when he left, but they return with a vengeance when he sees Adam again. Kris’ attempt to keep his feelings hidden fails, but to his surprise, Adam is interested in him, too. What will they do when it’s time for Adam to return to LA? (Shelter-esque)
6/16/2014 7:14:34spikedluvWedding BellsAdam Lambert has been invited to his ex’s wedding. Because he refuses to let the cheating bastard think he cares, Adam replies as plus one. The only problem is that he isn’t currently seeing anyone, and there’s no way he’s showing up without a date. Kris Allen appears to be the answer to Adam’s temporary problem, except when the time comes for their fake relationship to end, will Adam be able to let him go?
6/25/2014 22:11:15kterpBoss/SecretaryKris Allen, divorced pop star, can't keep a PA. They all fall in love with him and when the feelings aren't returned, they leave in tears. Kris has tried to be meaner, but he dosn't have it in him. His management is getting fed up. Now he is scheduled to leave on a world tour and he once again has no PA. He is assigned Adam Lambert, someone reserved for only the most diffcult of clients. After meeting Adam, Kris soon realizes that this time, he is likely the one that will end up in tears. jeweledvixen (fanfic)
6/25/2014 22:26:06kterpSecond Chance at LoveFame goes to Kris' head, after a couple years of men and women throwing themselves at him. So one night after too many drinks he makes a very inappopriate pass at a guy in the bar. He gets turned down flat which is something new for him and then he gets mad and acts even worse. Unfortunately, the gorgeous guy that refused him turns up as his opening act on tour. How can Kris convince Adam that he really isn't "that guy"?
7/2/2014 23:47:18kterpOpposites AttractKris Allen, just arriving in LA to try his hand at the music business, was happy when he landed a job as a production assistant for an unpcoming musical. There he met Josh, who was a long time LA boy and knew his way around. Josh tells Krs and anyone else who will listen that the star of the show is an arrogant diva, who is a player who likes to love and leave 'em. Kris dislikes Adam Lambert before they ever meet. What Kris doesn't know is that Josh is a jealous person whose attention Adam has turned down. When Kris has to work with Adam will he change his mind and see the truth or will he let his preconcived belief get in the way of romance?
7/2/2014 23:57:56kterpSecond Chance at LoveKris' brother is getting married and he has to go home to Arkansas for a week of festivities ending in the wedding. The problem is that his future sister-in-law's brohter was Kris' first love, a guy who dumped him saying he was too much of a loser. Now Kris has a record contract with a small indie label but he still feels like a loser because he is single. A friend convinces him to hire out-of-work actor Adam Lambert to be his boyfriend and date for the wedding. Kris is worried he can't pull it off, but Adam is a good actor... Maybe too good. Can Adam convince Kris that's it's not all an act??
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