CategoryQuestion #Action ItemAnswer
Buildings1Will buildings be open?No, we will not be open until Shelby County Schools determines it is safe to reopen.
Technology2Chromebook distribution planDEVICE DISTRIBUTION: Each Saturday, we will hold device distribution appointments at our Millbranch location by appointment only for students in grades 3-12. We will pass out 150 devices each day. Click this link ( to schedule an appointment. You will come to 3750 Millbranch Road during your appointment time and pick up your device in front of the building.

Saturday, August 8 from 8am - 1pm at 3750 Millbranch Road Memphis, TN

Saturday August 15 from 12pm - 5pm at 3750 Millbranch Road Memphis, TN

Saturday, August 22 from 3pm - 8pm at 3750 Millbranch Road Memphis, TN

Saturday, August 29 from 7am - 12pm at 3750 Millbranch Road Memphis, TN

GRADES K-2: Saturday August 29 from 7am - 5pm at 3750 Millbranch Road Memphis, TN (parents who received a chromebook in March 2020 for K-2, please make sure to bring your device to exchange it for an iPad)

Go to to schedule.
Virtual Learning3How will virtual school days operate and what are our expectations?We are going to offer two times for direct instruction: Morning (8am - 1pm), and Afternoon (12pm - 5pm). We will have staff members teach these shifts and students who are virtual only may opt into these shifts. The students will complete asynchronous learning at other times to make a full 6.5 hour day.
Uniforms4Buying uniforms if they are in person? If not required virtually?<RECOMMENDED> Students may wear any FPA t-shirt, college t-shirt, or FPA polo any day.
Virtual Learning5What will virtual teaching look like?Teachers will lead synchronous learning throughout the day for three and a half hours. Students will have reading, math, science, and social studies instruciton during this time. Each class will last for approximately 50-60 minutes. Teachers will teach a traditional, synchonous lesson during this time covering new material for students. Students will have asynchronous work time to complete practice on this new material.
Student Culture6What are our culture rituals & how do they maintain their impact while changing their format?We will continue to hold ZOOM community meetings for the network staff, all network staff and students, and each campus. We invite each class to continue morning meetings and community circles on their own. Beyond this, we are relying on our schools and staff members creativity to continue to evolve our culture ritual practices in the virtual space.
Nutrition7Breakfast and Lunch procedures for distribution and pickupSCS nutrition drops off to designated staff member. Designated staff member wears PPE and delivers to quadrant entry/exit locations. Quadrant designee distributes to rooms. Students will NOT reach into the storage bags. Will be distributed. Trash can will be rotated around.
Nutrition8What changes will be required for food preparation locations to ensure health and safety?SCS handles our food preparation and they will prepare all food for the county in one single location this year to control for symptoms.
Athletics10Based upon the National Federation of State High School Associations’ guidance from the Sports Medical Council, how can we safely open athletics in fall 2020?We are waiting for three things to be true to commence contact and non-contact athletics at the high school:
- Shelby County infection positivity rate to drop below 5% and thus leave the "Red Zone" as defined by CDC and the White House
- Governor Lee to allow contact and non-contact sports to resume
- TSSAA & SCIAA allow contact and non-contact sports to resume
Athletics11What does socially-distanced contact sports (such as football, wrestling, boy’s lacrosse, competitive cheer) or dance look like?We are waiting for three things to be true to commence contact and non-contact athletics at the high school:
- Shelby County infection positivity rate to drop below 5% and thus leave the "Red Zone" as defined by CDC and the White House
- Governor Lee to allow contact and non-contact sports to resume
- TSSAA & SCIAA allow contact and non-contact sports to resume
Athletics12Will we have sports?We are waiting for three things to be true to commence contact and non-contact athletics at the high school:
- Shelby County infection positivity rate to drop below 5% and thus leave the "Red Zone" as defined by CDC and the White House
- Governor Lee to allow contact and non-contact sports to resume
- TSSAA & SCIAA allow contact and non-contact sports to resume
Athletics13What protocols will be required for athletic facilities to be maintained and cleaned due to the coronavirus (including surface areas, turf fields, sports equipment, etc.)?All fall sports will condition from 5pm - 7pm at the Millbranch campus (3750 Millbranch Road) Monday through Friday in socially distant, masked environments. Please contact Coach Cook for more information (
Budget14Will FPA still collect money for school supplies?Yes. We will collect this money when possible. We will also poll families between July 21 - August 7 to determine which supplies they need and then we will ship these supplies to them through our Amazon account.
Bus Transportations15Will we have transportation this yaer?There will be no busing since we will not have in-person classes or supervision this year.
Family Communication16How do we communicate with families ongoing?We will use Deans List for all faculty-family communication ongoing. Each campus will send out a virtual newsletter to their listserve. The network will send out a network-wide communication monthly. We will continue to update our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Grading17How are we grading now?K-5 will grade standards based in line with the state's expectations for Continous Learning Plans. In grades 6-12, we will maintain our grading policy from previous years (50 percent mastery based) with emphasis on the skills/standards students need to focus on in upcoming quarters during family-faculty conferences.
Grading18How will school districts assess, grade, and provide feedback to students during an extended closure?We will continue our grading practices in 6-12, move to standards based feedback and grading in K-5, maintain our STEP, NWEA MAP, interm assessment, and faculty-family conferences.
Curriculum & Instruction19What does intervention, guided reading, and small group math look like?All instruction will occur virtually. We will have break out rooms in our ZOOM for small group reading and math. Teachers will present their instructional materials for students to read along for encoding/decoding. Teachers will represent mathematical concepts with manipulatives on their camera.
Schedules20Do we revise our calendar and cancel Fall Break to ensure as much instructional time prior to another potential wave of infections and shut down?We are investigating having virtual instruction options during Fall and Winter break and potentially Saturdays to make up for learning loss.
Schedules21Will it be traditional cohorts divided into two groups to create the 18 person groups?All cohorts will be between 10-15 students virtually and 10 students in person.
Family Communication22How can we assist families with getting tested for COVID as needed?Yes - we will collect all testing sites in the Memphis metro area.
Social Work23What does the inclusion of SEL look like for our schools?Our Social Work department will be hosting virtual counseling sessions with students whether the student is in-person or at their home. The Social Work department will not be having one-on-one sessions in person, even if the LSW and student are in the same building.
Social Work24How will districts provide for mental health supports that may be needed for both students and staff that have experienced trauma due to the loss of family members, isolation, suicidal ideations, food insecurity, loss of income, loss of housing, etc.?Our Social Work department is large and beyond what is required from the state. They have been maintained for the 2020-21 school year and they will continue to manage their caseload. If we see a rise in required case loads, we will potentially expand the department.
Special Populations25How will we host IEP, 504, and language plan meetings with families?All meetings will take place via ZOOM this year. There will be no need for in person conference space during the 2020-21 school year. All required documents for signature will be collected via DOCUSIGN.
Special Populations26How will students in autism be supported in meeting some of the new and more extreme precautions in place?We will meet virtually with families to to determine what works best for any student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If the student is in person, we will do as much as possible to make the student comfortable within the guidelines of the APA, CDC, TDOH, and SCHD.
Special Populations27How does ELL/phonics learning happen when students cannot see mouth movement?Addressed in a previous section, all teachers will wear transparent face shields and will provide ELL/Guided Reading instruction via ZOOM. Students will be able to then see mouth movement.
Technology28Chromebook acceptable use policy distributed to families and collectedOur IT team has developed the Acceptable Use Policy for families and students to sign. We will set up filtering and we will require students to log into FPA devices with their email addresses so we can ensure they are meeting expectations.
Technology29CLEVER for Parents (SSO)We will offer CLEVER single sign on for families. Families will be able to access Deans List (behavior and communications), Conceirge for arrival/dismissal/visitation, ZOOM, etc. without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.
Virtual Learning30How do we hold our students and family accountable to online learning expectations?We will continue to grade this year, unlike in quarter four of the 2019-20 school year. All students will receive grades for completion in 6th-12th grade as well as mastery. Students in K-5th will receive mastery based grades. It will be difficult to obtain strong grades in mastery grading without completing the tasks and material.
College Planning31How will we meet the needs of our rising seniors with their postsecondary planning? How will the college application process change?Our college counseling team will stay abreast of all the latest college application processes. Since many classes may remain online, we will work to ensure all students can access TN Promise and have free two year community college for free online instead of paying to take the same classes virtually at a four year institution. Again, we will work to stay on top of all current news and regulations to inform seniors and their families.
Assessment32What do assessment and data cycles look like?We will still have our formal assessments (NWEA MAP, STEP, and EASYCBM). We will aim for students to have their work evaluated at least every other week by teachers to reflect on if their students and overall classes are on track with learning.
Assessment33How are we assessing students? (STEP, MAP, EasyCBM)We will administer NWEA MAP online to students attending in person and virtual. We are planning to administer STEP virtually and are working with the University of Chicago on the details for how this works.
Assessment34How will we assess which students need academic support and remediation?We will continue to use the state's RTI2-A guidance for monitoring student progress and providing additional suppor through tier-2 and tier-3 intervention. This includes small group, focused instruction in reading (encoding and decoding) as well as mathematics (conceptual and fluency).