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Nothing right grows on the island anymore, but things still live there.
xyHEX #TerrainFeatureDescriptionThemes
000000.00SeaA ghostly pirate ship floats abandoned on the shallow seas in this area. Beneath the water line the entire ship is rotted away and is actually adhered to the back of a giant ghostly shark.Sharks; Pirate Ghosts
000100.01SeaFloating on a raft made of white trees (some with their branches still attached) is a man with a long grey beard and a head of unkempt white hair that stretches to his waist. He wears a pointy hat with stars and moons but is otherwise naked. He is not a wizard, but thinks he is and will blabber incessantly about strange rituals and experiments he has performed or witnessed. He insists you call him Harold. His real name is Crazy Kugal. He has a brother named Crazy Rugal somewhere on the island. They do not get along.Crazy Guy on Raft
000200.02SeaA very angry crab stares at you from the shore. It seems dangerous, especially since it seems to be about 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. However you also realize that it would taste very good with butter but unfortunately you do not have any.Large Crab
000300.03SeaLurking beneath the waters is an enormous saltwater trout. You can try and fish for it like a normal person, or you can jump into the water and wrestle it into your boat like a crazy person. If you are successful in catching the trout, you can take to Mrs. Miggins to ask her to turn into a pie.Fish
000400.04SeaThis is a spot in the ocean, it has no purpose, doesn't do anything of value, not even some cool monster to fight, it's just kind of there you know? However, there appears to be one fish swimming in this little part of the ocean....It' didn't gain anything but feel slightly happy for seeing such a cute little fish.A Whole Lotta Nothing and a Fish
000500.05SeaA narwal battles a gossip of mermaids armed with tridents and swordfish swords. If the player aids the mermaids, the mermaids will provide sustenance and a swordfish sword +4 against sea creatures. If the player aids the narwhal, the narwhal will reward the player with a merman's skull and a giant abalone shield.Narwal, Mermaids
000600.06SeaThis is a sea. There are ordinary fish. And also sharks that are very friendly. If you go up to the sharks you can gain a group of shark followers for ocean travel if not then you know you can be friends with them later.sharks
000700.07SeaYou see a squid floating here. It will answer one question about another hex; it swims away never to be seen againall knowing squid
000800.08SeaReefsYou find the next area surprisingly closer to the last, this time however it's underwater in the dreaded reefs. You swim your way down, down, and down until you see a glimmering chest. Surely the piece must be in there! And obviously it must be a trap. Once you begin opening the chest the coral starts dissolving into a thick red liquid, blood. That's definitely not good. The blood then starts to form into Drakul, the demon with the tail of a mermaid and the head of a dragon! You're so overtaken with fear that you grab the chest and swim back to the surface for your life. Drakul gives chase but gets distracted by a shark, about to kill it to show how easily he'll kill you. Thanks to his showboating though you were able to make it back to shore and claim Abzoo's chest armor. (Final at 09.05)Item, Demon, Shark
000900.09SeaZombie fish swim beneath the surface. They don't move into the reefs out of fear of the zombie kraken.Zombies
010001.00SeaIn this little fishing spot you can spot several little fish swimming around merrily and not to far off are some fishermen, however they seem to have a dazed look to them and you don't bother to ask questions and get friendly. While rowing in your little row boat you see a big shadow swim under your boat and sink one the other boats next to you. You quickly paddle away as the other fishermen don't seem to particularly care that they are being eaten.Creature
010101.01Wooded HillsHere is the spot where the buried treasure of Pirate Private Tim the Grey, which you would had you gotten the map (on Tile 9.09), otherwise you walk right over it without knowing it's there ain't life unfair?Treasure
010201.02Wooded HillsThere is a bandit camp on top of one of the hills overlooking the sea. The bandits will be hostile if the player approaches. The bandit leader carries with him a unique sword that the player can equip.Bandits, Weapon
010301.03Wooded HillsYou see an elf painting a picture on the pulled skin of the last person who interrupted his painting. Lingering here could allow you the pleasure of being displayed in his private galleryElf
010401.04Wooded HillsYou find a hermit who is traveling to the sea to wash baskets of pants. He hopes to barter enough clean pants to some gnomes to retire a wealthy hermit. Hermits; Pants
010501.05Wooded HillsYou find a little house in the hills and in front lawn of the house is a clothesline with hundreds of pants on it. On the door of the house is a sign that reads "Out washing pants, be back soon." and below that sign is another sign that reads "Will clean pants for money!" You jot the location down in your notebook as your pants could use a good washing later.Hermits; Pants
010601.06Wooded HillsFollowing the next trail leads you to a hill of grass. Upon reaching it you find many spots on the ground marked with an X, a shovel, and a mystic digger rune. Surprisingly they've laid there untouched for what may have been centuries. If have the know-how on magic you very easily use the rune to find the true spot and use the shovel to dig up Abzoo's grieves. You then see the spot are your map for the next in the set. (Hex 00.08)Item, Digging, Magic, Really easy
010701.07Wooded MountainsOn the edge of Hex1.07 (adjacent to Hex0.08), you find a man with 14 barrels of fish. You approach the man and notice he has a fishing pole with the words "My Lucky Fishing Pole" etched into the side. Sitting next to him was a stack of 20 shiny baubles. He see's you and offers you a cracked fishing pole. He tells you that he's writing a book and wants to name it "My Guide to Extreme Anglin'". After 15 tries with your cracked pole, you finally catch a Raw Brilliant SunFish. You call it a day and walk away. Before you go the man flips you a "Lucky Coin" and wishes you the best.Pagle
010801.08SeaReefsThese reefs have claimed many unwary passing ships that come too close. There are chests full of gold and barrels airtight and full to the brim with aged rum., as well as some sharks who are less than happy to give up such primed hunting/nesting grounds.Sharks and Treasure
010901.09SeaReefsA group of sirens take up residence here. They take turns in going out into the sea and singing their deadly songs throughout the day. They pretty much stick to their usual MO (wrecking ships & luring fools). When they are not singing, they're usually plotting ways to get to the gold in the reefs near them (01.08). They rarely carry these plans out because who wants to deal with sharks.sirens
020002.00SeaA shark party is going on underwater. Do not disturb. They will eat any party crashers.sharks
020102.01Wooded HillsA centaur party is happening here, many of the centaurs are smoking some sort of herb, the centaurs are dancing very poorly but appear to be having a good time. You think you see several of them involved in some sexual activities, best stay away from that centaurs get pretty grosscentaurs, party, "herb"
020202.02WoodlandThere is a small pie shop nestled amongst the trees. There you can have pie. The owner of the pie shop, Mrs. Miggins, isn't quite bright but does have some useful information. However, she does have a tendency to forget very important details. Once a year, to celebrate the anniversary of opening her pie shop, Mrs. Miggins will bake a commemorative pie in the shape of an enormous pie. Mrs. Miggins lives in the upstairs portion; there is a spare bedroom that (if you find the pie recipe in 07.00) you can stay in.Pie Shop, Mrs. Miggins, spare bedroom
020302.03WoodlandThese woodlands are devoid of living creatures. It is just a bunch of dead trees. Some of the trees have an X marked in the dirt in front of them but you have no idea what these marks mean so you ignore them and move on with your journey.trees
020402.04WoodlandThis specific part of the woodland is the home of very intelligent rabbits. They will offer help and wisdom to anyone that can tell them something they did not know. Unfortunately they know almost everything there is to know.
020502.05WoodlandThis specific part of the woodland is the home of very intelligent rabbits. They will offer help and wisdom to anyone that can tell them something they did not know. Unfortunately they know almost everything there is to know.Rabbits
020602.06WoodlandA small hovel is situated here in the woods. When you knock on the door you are greeted by a naked lumberjack who is smiling oddly. He invites you in for cheese and wine. He never says a word. At nightfall he turns into a wererat and hunts you down. Lumberjack; wererat
020702.07Wooded MountainsA small cave entrance can be seen at the top of the mountains. Inside the cave is a cult of necromancers who appear to be building an army of undead zombies and don't like it when people snoop in on their dark rituals. The cult also appears to be worshipping a large white chicken (easily 4x bigger than usual). As the cult chants their dark prayers the chicken squawks every now and again, randomly. The cultists interpret these squawks as being the words of god and promptly record them in a large tome.Cult, Zombies, Chicken
020802.08Deep SeaAt the bottom of the gulf is a zombie kraken. If/when awoken, the kraken will climb out of the gulf and start roaming the island.Zombies
020902.09Wooded MountainsA group of naked gnomes live in caves dotted along the mountain side. They will trade gold and ores for pants; which they burn immediately. The following night they sneak back to steal their gold and ore.Gnomes
030003.00Wooded MountainsIn the side of the mountain is a goblin stronghold. The stronghold is inhabited by goblin zombies.Zombies
030103.01Wooded MarshThe marsh is filled with the excrement of a dragon whose diet has been nothing but adventures who are bad at chess.Dragon Poo
030203.02GrasslandWizard TowerA dragon who is also a wizard. Will challenge any who approach to a game of chess. Winners will be allowed to apprentice under him to learn wizardry. Losers will be eaten. If challenged to combat instead he will use his magic and dragon fire to kill you.Dragons, Wizards,
030303.03WoodlandDave the nephew of the Dragon Wizard lives here. probably the only vegetarian dragon in existence, is a pretty chill bro will invite you to go to a centaur party with him.Dragons, party, vegetarians
030403.04WoodlandA team of Centaur fire fighters is running west towards a forest fire. They don't have much time to talk. You could probably help them if you wanted.Centaurs, fire
030503.05WoodlandThousands of trees seem to surround you, while looking around you notice some centaurs mating, you really don't know how to feel about this and stare for longer than you really should and walk away forever scarred.Centaurs
030603.06WoodlandThere is a small clearing with a lone willow tree sitting in the center of the clearing. Beneath the willow tree are two zombies dancing terribly with one another. Their movements are uncoordinated and are constantly stepping on each others feet. The zombies don't react to your presence and continue 'dancing' until attacked.Zombies, Dancing
030703.07MarshlandA sign reads "BEWARE OF MARSH MONSTERS! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!"sign
030803.08Wooded MountainsA large wooded mountain lies in front of you. As you begin to climb this mountain you notice that the birds hiding in the trees are all watching you but if you look at them they turn away and begin to make bird noises. Not singing bird noises like you might hear in a friendly neighborhood but more like crows cawing angrily. Turns out these birds are crows. Crows and ravens. You look ahead and ignore the watchful glares of the birds until one of them lets out a horrifying caw that summons all the birds into the sky above your head. They begin to dive bomb you and you must find cover under the trees.Crows, Ravens
030903.09SeaA giant talking whale hangs out here, his advice is to stay away from the island as "they got crazy ass centaurs and cultists and dragons and shit" The whale will offer to take you to a much safer nearby islandWhales
040004.00SeaThere is a yacht out there blasting Reggae music over its loudspeaker. It's a pretty chill jam. The people on board appear to be having a good time. They wave at anyone on shore including the zombies, they seem blissfully unaware of any weirdness on the islandParty,
040104.01Wooded MountainsAn opening in the side of the mountain leads to a dwarven fortress. The fortress has been abandoned long ago and the dwarves have turned into zombies.Zombies
040204.02Wooded MarshYou meet an elf who is willing to sell you centaur herb for some coin. The herb is extremely potent and turns any who smoke it into zombies except for centaurs; it just makes them randyherb
040304.03WoodlandA centaur is having a picnic in these woods. He appears to be smoking some sort of herb. He offers you some, you spend an afternoon chilling with the centaur smoking this herb you feel pretty damn good. the centaur is a pretty good guy, wants to be a wizard some day.centaurs, picnics, "herb"
040404.04WoodlandFollowing the nearest trail on the map leads you to a giant tree. Like many other things in the forest it appears dead. As you go closer to it the ground begins to shake and the tree erupts from its place, showing that it is in fact very much alive. The hulking tree creature attacks you but if you can outsmart it and overcome this trial you will find that it was guarding Abzoo's grieves. You will then begin your search for the second piece. (Hex 01.06)Item, Monster
040504.05WoodlandYou cross paths with a giant man in a green metal suit who looks to be talking to himself and carrying a weird gun with purple shards in it. His eyes meet yours and he asks you in a rough and gritty voice if you've seen the cartographer. Before you could answer he started talking to himself again about a "Halo", you just assume he's a religious nut.Chief
040604.06WoodlandRotting limbs rise out of the ground like plants. They grab at anything that gets too close.Zombies
040704.07WoodlandAn angry japanese man with a bow and dragon tattoos appears to be shooting at centaurs with a bow. He will probably try to shoot at you if you get near, though if you team up with the centaurs you could probably bum rush him and take him down, his bow would be nice to have. bows, centaurs, angry dudes
040804.08Wood MarshThis place is where a mighty mountain once stood but is now mostly marsh lands. An insane, powerfully magical man lives in a small wooden shack here, he is the reason the mountain here disappeared, he hates visitors and will never leave his shack. The man's name is Crazy Rugal. If you try to enter his shack, he will grab you and turn the screen black. All you will hear is the sounds of your screams before being greeted with a GAME OVER screen. Wizard / Game Over
040904.09SeaA great fishing spot so long as Crazy Rugal is not disturbed by you being within a mile of himFish, Wizard
050005.00SeaYou walk along the coast of the sea and notice a sign planted in the sand you go up and read the sign "Lost and Found, Lost Cargo Straight Ahead."Sign, Items
050105.01Shallow SeaScattered in the shallows are various pieces of cargo from wrecked ships that have washed in with the tide. Most of the wooden crates carried food, which has spoiled long ago or has be eaten by various wildlife. Most crates are in pieces, some are intact. One of them contains an old rapier. The rapier, despite its aged look, is still strong and battle ready. It just needs a good polish. Another crate is relatively new. It contains sausages. Items
050205.02Wooded MarshYou find a half sunken marble statue of a woman. 16 daggers are inserted into the back of the statute. Removing them causes the statue to bleed profusely. When the last one is removed the statue sinks to the bottom of the marsh.Creepy statue
050305.03WoodlandAs you approach the wooded area, you're greeted to the sound of a chainsaw and the smell of sawdust. You notice a wide, stocky man with what appears to be a gun with a chainsaw attachment. He notices you and starts to charge at you in a very crouched position. "Seems like a bad way to get around" you think. Before he reaches you he stops, "Oh you're not a Locust" he says with a sigh of relief. This man must be deadly afraid of bugs. He then proceeds to spill out his life story and how he was let go from some special unit for being too aggressive, and the only work he could find was as a lumberjack. You feel sorry for him and walk away. Phoenix
050405.04WoodlandAs you wander through the dead forest you come across a map detailing the locations of pieces from the armor of the legendary warrior Abzoo. One of them doesn't seem too far off. (Head to Hex 04.04)Item
050505.05WoodlandDragon Mages are taking battle(...looks more like a dance battle to me...) against a group of Ghost Pirates! Help the Mages and learn a new spell(makes the Ghost Pirates dance for a short amount of time), help the Pirates and get a map that leads to some treasure(actually leads to a trap on hex 6.09)Ghost Pirate, Mage, Dragon
050605.06WoodlandThis part of the forest has the remains of forty skeletons hung upsidedown from the branches of the trees. The wind makes the bones knock against each other.Skeletons
050705.07Wooded HillsThese hills are black with scorch marks, there is no green and nothing growing, it looks like most of the scorch marks are making circular patterns. There is a trap door hidden with some dirt on it. When inside it looks to be a small underground maze. A skinny man dressed in white and blue clothes carrying a basket full of black, round bombs, lives here. He doesn't seem to be in a calm state of mind. Find a treasure chest containing a secret spell that lets the player create a bomb out of little to no materials.Bombs
050805.08Wooded MarshA clear pathway from Hex 05.07 leads here and leads right up to the line between the marsh and the sea (Hex 05.09). Right where the marsh meets the sealine, the remains of three rowboats are rotting beneath the water. Digging three feet beneath the rowboats are two treasure chests. One of the chests has a lock trapped with needles tipped with magic-encrusted poison; the chest is full of coin-sized lead slugs, some still coated with gold paint that has been etched away by the seawater. The other chest contains an earthenware pot with a waterproof seal. Inside the pot is the mummified heart of Pirate Gus the Black.Pirate
050905.09SeaThe entire surface of this area is covered with the bloated and rotting corpses of thousands upon thousands of fish of all kinds. Seagulls fill the air and feast on the decaying fish. The seagulls are dead, too. They will attack if provoked.Fish; Flock of Seagulls
060006.00Wooded MountainsAt the top of the mountain on the northernmost part of the map there is a cave that the player can explore. Deep inside the cave there is a ritual table with fresh blood. On the table is a ritual knife that the player can pick up.Cave, Ritual, Item
060106.01Wooded MountainsAs you pass by the mountain you hear the sound of a rooster come from somewhere high above you. Upon investigation you find a huge rooster (easily 6x larger than usual) standing near the edge of a cliff on the side of the mountain. The rooster is calling for his long lost chicken bride and doesn't like to be disturbed. (see hex 02.07)Rooster
060206.02Wooded MarshBugs. Lots and lots of bugs. They must've fled do to the G bugs in 6.02.Bugs
060306.03Wooded MarshUpon entering the marshes, a strong wind greets you. After struggling past it, you are greeted by small tornadoes that are dancing across the ground. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that it's a special type of beetle spinning so fast that it takes the appearance of a tornado! Some call these bugs, the G bugs, as they make the sound they make when they aren't spinning is similar to that of the letter G. Don't collect this, unless you want your inventory you spent hours upon organizing turned into a mess.Tornadoes?!?/Bugs
060406.04WoodlandThe skull of the giant dead dragon lays here. Inside the skull lies smaller skinner dragons that had been using it as shelter from larger predators. They have small knowledge on magic, and can inform you of the Great Dragon Mage whose corpse they take shelter in.Dead Giant Dragon Mage
060506.05WoodlandHere lies the ribcage of the giant dragon. A large amulet is wrapped around the top part of the cage, emitting a powerful aura. Perhaps it could grant great power as well. Now if only the amulet that the dragon wore wasn't so big! It's far too large to carry for now, but maybe some sort of spell could shrink it... (Head to hex 3.02 and talk to the dragon mage after becoming it's apprentice to get more information on the spell)Dead Giant Dragon Mage
060606.06WoodlandThe tail of the giant dragon that has an abnormal amount of flesh still left. It's wrapped around a pile of books of magic being danced around by a party of ghost pirates!Dead Giant Dragon Mage/Ghost Pirate
060706.07GrasslandRuinsA broken, burned ruin lays in burned grass. While going through the wreckage a few buried items can be s found. Some of these items include: a rusted sword, an empty chest, a dead crow... wait no it's not dead. So there is an injured crow that is stuck under some rubble. You move the rubble and now have an injured crow friend.crow
060806.08Wooded HillsOn the edge between the marshland (near the conjunction of this Hex, Hex 07.07 & Hex 07.08), a circle of brittle, decayed skeletons poke out of the ground. These were members of Pirate Gus the Black's crew who buried his treasure and were killed to keep it secret. If their bones are disturbed, they will rise from the earth and attack. If the bones are treated with respect and properly reburied with prayers, a pathway between this Hex and Hex 05.07 will be easily discovered.Pirates
060906.09Wooded MarshNice! A large treasure chest loaded with gold! Good thing you helped out those Pirates right? No, it wasn't. Picking up the treasure causes trees to fall down ontop of you. And by the way, the gold was painted on.Treasure, Trap
070007.00SeaAn underwater cave that is home to moray eels. If you can get past the eels, you can find an locked, air-tight chest that contains a new pie recipe for Mrs. Miggins. If you take it to her, she will reward you with some gold, a couple of free pies, and allow you to stay in the spare bedroom upstairs.Treasure (?)
070107.01Wooded HillsAs you enter the wooded hills, a strong scent of blood fills your nostrils. Through the trees you see a pale man with countless scars carved into him, duking it out with a gryphon. His fighting tactics look weird though, all he does is roll around, like a lot... Does he not get dizzy? After a series of rolls, the man seems to have found an opening, he lands one hit and the cycle starts over. You just sit there and watch. After hours of this charade, the man finally slays the beast, cuts its head off and mounts it to his horse. He notices you. "How? This man must be a master tracker" you think to yourself. He approaches you and begins questioning you about a woman that smelled of lilacs and gooseberries, and something about a fake unicorn but you might have not heard him right. You exclaim that you've not seen anyone that fits that description and he makes a sign in front of your face and says "Axii". You lose control of your tongue and repeat the same thing you had just said 2 minutes ago. The pale man then seems convinced and flees the scene.Man of Rivia
070207.02Wooded Hillsa bunch of centaurs are here warning travellers to stay away from the nearby obelisk as " a bunch of not chill cultists are killing people"Centaurs, cult
070307.03Wooded MarshThese waters are especially deep, but the water too murky to see into. As you cross a bridge between two chunks of solid ground, you plummet, casting you down into the chest high murky depths. At first, you start to sink into the mud, but your boots quickly meet solid ground. Wait... that's not solid ground, but a crate of some kind. With crate in hand, you swim back up onto the shore and open it. Inside is a zombie baby shark that lashes out at you. Oh, that and a gold chalice. Would be perfect if you had something to drink it with.Sharks & Treasure
070407.04Wooded HillsIn a small valley in the hills there is a clearing in the woods where there once was a farm. There is a windmill with ripped blades still spinning and a farm house with the door knocked down. When the player gets close enough to the farm, rabid screaming humans rush the player and begin to attack. Once the player has dealt with the enemies if they choose to go into the farmhouse there is blood everywhere and written all over the walls is EAT THE MEAT. In the windmill the player can find a spell book with pages torn out that is titled Old Curses. If brought to the Obelisk on tile 08.02 the book will magically fix itself and the book can be read to learn necromancy spells or sold to mages for gold.Farm, Curses, Spellbook
070507.05Wooded HillsIn the wooden hills you come across a strange site, a loan centaur knocked out on the floor with a bunch of torn up and burned herbs around him, judging by footprints in the ground he wasn't the only one, but is now. He makes some slight groaning and you realize the poor bastard is buzzed out of his mind. You take some of the herbs off the ground and carry on.Centaurs; Items
070607.06Wooded MarshWhile wandering into the newly discovered Marsh you find a skeleton that appears to be holding some kind of scroll, you take the scroll out of the skeletons hand and read it "For good times go to 8.02! It's definitely not a sacrifice to the one true god, I promise!" The message itself and why this dead guy has it concerns you, but you keep the location in the back of your mind just in case.Skeleton, The Cult
070707.07Wooded MarshScattered throughout the marshes are the old bones and rusted weapons (and some rusted armor) of those who have tried to reach the ruins.
070807.08Wooded MarshThere is a large X on the ground in the middle of this area, surrounded by decayed wooden signs pointing towards the X. All of the signs have some variation of "DIG HERE!", "PIRATE GOLD HERE!", "VAST RICHES, MY HEARTY!", etc. carved into them. Anyone digging on the X will instantly be teleported to a rowboat full of pirates in Hex 08.08; the only problem is that rowboat doesn't hold the living.Ghost Pirates
070907.09SeaAs you swim in the water you feel something scrape the bottom of your foot. You look down but see nothing, moments later you feel something scrape the bottom of your foot yet again. Still you see nothing, then suddenly you are pulled underwater. You look to see what has you and you see a large dinosaur like creature pulling you down deep into the black void of the ocean floor with its mouth. You are moments away from running out of breathe when you begin to feel like you're rising, and fast. You are thrown out of the water and high into the air. You land on the shore (Hex 08.09) next to a large and obvious sign that read "WARNING!!! Antisocial dinosaur spotted in these waters. Swim at your own risk".Sea Monster
080008.00Seathe wreckage of a soviet submarine is here. nothing really of value. looks cool though.Shipwreck
080108.01Wooded HillsOn the largest hill in this area, there is a tree that is larger than the others, as the player approaches they realize that this is no ordinary tree. The bark is pale white and the leaves are blood red. As the player approaches closer they can begin to make out a face carved into the trunk. Someone has cut slits underneath the eyes and blood red sap is dripping down. Once the player turns away from the tree they fall into a hole in the ground that turns out to be a small cave. Underneath the tree you can see the skeleton of a man intertwined in the roots. At the end of the tunnel you see a broken down door and the skeleton of a large man. If the player searches the body an emblem of a wolf can be found with H carved into the back. This can be traded for a good sum of gold.Ritual Tree, Item
080208.02Wooded MarshObeliskDeep in the marsh of the Dead Island, there is a tall obelisk statue which easily stands out amongst the trees of the marsh. Surrounding the obelisk are several sickly looking humans with robes that are brown and rugged with each having a stitching symbol on the back of their robes. They chant constantly in weird phrases you're not familiar with, surrounding them are all sorts of tools for sacrifices, the one you noticed most is the bloody knife by the one robed member who is standing up. Proceed with caution. If you are foolish enough to try and communicate with them, they will try to carve out your heart for their god and tear out your eyes, because they are just weird like that.The Cult
080308.03Wooded MarshIn the marsh you find several little hovels with religious artifacts strung around them, creepy candles are lit and dripping wax onto the marsh floor. In the center of the little "town" is a cross that has phrases like: "All Hail The Dark Ones", "Life is an Illusion", "Damn It Keith get your damn leaves off my burial ground", "Someone please kill those frat boys, I'm tired of seeing Centaur ass." and "YuBitch Will Rise Again!". Luckily the town seems to be empty right now and you move on your way.The Cult
080408.04Wooded MarshA halfling runs a small brewery here. He takes in whatever he can and tries to make beer out of it. Turns out it's mostly centaur urine and marsh water. It's surprisingly tastyBeer?
080508.05Wooded MarshIn the swamp surrounded by trees there lies an ancient ship that had been beached long ago. If the player goes inside the remains of the ship they will find skeletons that attack the player. In the cabin the player finds the captain, or what remains of him. He attacks and when the player defeats him he can find his journal. The journal describes how the ship was washed ashore during a storm hundreds of years ago. It then describes how the captain tried to use blood magic to get the ship back to sea. It ended up back firing and turned his crew and himself into the undead. The journal can be sold for gold.Shipwreck, skeletons
080608.06Wooded MarshA coven of witches reside on the edge of the marsh. They offer power in exchange for favors. If agreed to they will curse you with Lycanthropy after you fix a few leaking sections of a roof, a wagon axel, and carve out new broom handles. Witches
080708.07Wooded MarshA group of centuar cops are preparing for a raid on the nearby coven of witches, they are heavily armed and expecting violence. they will pay you well if you help out.Witches, Centuars, cops
080808.08SeaA ghostly rowboat of ghost pirates row towards shore, but never get close enough to land. They are doomed for an eternity to seek the fabled treasure of Pirate Gus the Black, the famed scourge of the eastern land who died over 500 years ago. The ghost pirates can only be freed from their curse by touching a doubloon from the pirate's treasure.Ghost Pirates
080908.09Wooded MarshAn old abandoned lighthouse rests out on the edge of the marsh, keeping a watchful, yet fruitless gaze over the waters. It is partially sunken into the soft earth and leans out towards the sea. Inside, you find the lightkeeper's abode. Everything is cast about as if he left in a hurry. In the basement, you see cargo salvaged from several shipwrecks, and salty marsh water at about waist height. You reach for the golden ring when something indescribable pops out of the water. A horrifically deformed half-man, half-shark pops out of the water. He snarls at you as you clobber him over the head. Grabbing the ring and fleeing, you find that the ring grants you the ability to become a shark yourself. But when you turn back, your body has changed, making you less human and more shark.SharkMan?
090009.00SeaIn this part of the sea there is a large floating fortress lazily made from driftwood, a sizable group of goblins live here who have storerooms filled with salted fish which they greedily guard. Goblins, Fish
090109.01SeaPants. Hundreds and hundreds of pairs of brightly colored gnome pants float on the surface here. Floating out here somewhere is a Pair of Pants of Panting, which grants the wearer the ability to breathe underwater, but only if they have been made an honorary member of the Gnome Weavers Guild. Also, sulking beneath all the pants is a very angry Giant Sting Ray.Pants, Gnomes, Sting Ray
090209.02SeaA group of drunk frat boys on a boat here are mooning the cultist at the obelisk on shoreFrat boys, cult
090309.03SeaA large sandbank stretches through half of this Hex; scattered across the surface are a variety of abandoned skiffs, rafts, rowboats, and other small craft; not a single one is seaworthy. However, there are several valuable items scattered among the ships, including 2 swordfish swords, 3 bottles of very good rum, 16 bottle of rum of questionable quality, 2 cutlasses, and a jaunty pirate hat (size 3).Sandbar
990409.04SeaUpon entering this not too shallow water you notice a lot of fish swimming in random directions frantically. You do not understand why the fish are acting this way until a group of great white sharks begin to circle around you and the frantic fish.Fish and Sharks
090509.05SeaAfter all the trials you've gone through this final one will surely test you to your limits. You swim your way out to sea and see a blue light. Once at the light you feela rumble and are lifted up with the water as a platform rises under your feet. Then on the other side you see him. The legend himself, Abzoo. He holds his blade firm, the final piece you need from him. You wear his armor proud and he looks at you ready to duel. This is it. A moment of true glory. It's time, he lunges at you, you're ready to counter with all your might! Then he slips. Literally he slips on some left over water, the pain in his back so agonizing that he perishes into dust. Well that's one way to end a fight. You take his blade and take a moment to admire the long journey it took to get this far. Was it worth it? You're not really sure. But at least you're a legend now right? Except not really because no one saw you do any of it.Item, Duel, Really easy, Legend
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