Session NameS#PreludeSynopsisDate (Erganes)Date (Earth)
The Withering of Magic Part 1
P1The City of Magic withers as the Barrier surrounds Galen.The party spoke to Zaburk, fought strange undead, discovered a buried artifact, and descended into the Azure Catacombs.
Avandras 26, 206 AK
April 2, 2020
The Withering of Magic Part 2
P2The Azure Catacombs crawl with a peculiar desecration.The party defeated an undead dire bear, discovered a sewer break-in, disabled multiple traps, and died in the ultimate battle with Varmin.
Avandras 26, 206 AK
April 9, 2020
Crizendomon Says0.1The indecipherable tome of a secretive rogue is read.Jason killed a gazer, met a mysterious halfling, acted on Travis's favor, and ascended Crizendomon's Sapphire Climb.
Avandras 28, 206 AK
April 16, 2020
The Latest Job0.2The job of a desperate paladin becomes complicated.Roy met with Blaze, observed a speech by a somber Zaburk, dueled minds with Eversince, and slaughtered a strange undead dire rat.
Avandras 28, 206 AK
April 23, 2020
Spurred to Action0.3The quiet life of a wizard on the run heats up.Luna escaped Kinit's wrath, spoke with reminiscent Zaburk, outwitted Mindhunter assassins, and survived a manifestation of nightmare.
Avandras 28, 206 AK
April 30, 2020
Dreams of Flame0.4The sleep of a reborn warlock is interrupted.Ignis explained his origins to Rea, overcame hired thugs, met with a contact, and endured a disaster at the Faded Ember Inn.
Avandras 28, 206 AK
May 7, 2020
In Plain Sight0.5The shop of a novice cleric is attacked.Flux defended the Blazing Glory from a rust monster, bartered with Xing, made a deal with Varmin, and kept the forge and shop running.
Avandras 28, 206 AK
May 14, 2020
Forbidden Manifestations0.6The dreams of strangers familiar and distant converge.
Jason, Luna, and Ignis met in a peculiar dream, ran from horrific aberrations, survived dangerous environs, and found an important individual.
Lagar 1, 206 AKMay 28, 2020
Welcome to Galen0.7The players manage expectations and help build Galen.The players built parts of Galen, created new monsters, and further fleshed out their characters.Lagar 1, 206 AKJune 4, 2020
Let the Guilty Rise1The lives of five souls converge at Coresaw's Tower.The individuals gathered at Coresaw Grounds, officially met, were led up by Rasdrak, met with the Coresaws, and experienced a tragedy.Lagar 1, 206 AKJune 11, 2020
Guided by Blood2The party descends the horrific Coresaw's Tower.The companions explored Coresaw's Tower, barely survived battling undead led by Glory, found Xing, and signaled to the gathered masses.Lagar 2, 206 AKJune 18, 2020
Deal or Death3The party attempts to escape Coresaw's Tower.
The companions hatched a plan to escape Coresaw's Tower, successfully scaled down the structure, and split, ready to meet when night fell.
Lagar 4, 206 AKJune 25, 2020
Beside Faded Embers4The party meets in the Faded Ember Inn.The companions discussed recent events, confronted Zaburk, publicly disposed of a gazer body, and each pursued various odds & ends.Lagar 4, 206 AKJuly 9, 2020
Sleeping Angel5The party moves to act against Zaburk & Varmin.
The companions found Jason outside the inn, rendezvoused with Rasdrak, snuck through Beggaton, and assaulted Sleeping Angel warehouse.
Lagar 5, 206 AKJuly 16, 2020
The Barricade6The party enters Sleeping Angel warehouse.The companions questioned Kinit, delved into Sleeping Angel warehouse, fought guards, deceived Ripandus Kritus, and became cornered.Lagar 6, 206 AKJuly 22, 2020
Two Ways Out7The party decides how to survive their predicament.The companions battled gazers and Ripandus, spoke to Blast, investigated the rest of the warehouse, met a celestial, and left for "home."Lagar 7, 206 AKJuly 29, 2020
Meet the Family8The party arrives at the Faded Ember Inn after a long night.The companions tricked the Eyes of Galen, prepared to meet with the Coresaws, met with the family, and outed one of them as a traitor.Lagar 7, 206 AKAugust 6, 2020
Triple Trouble9The party splits three ways across Vorici's Rest.
Jason discovered disaster at Jhaero Alley, Flux & Ignis met with powerful folk, Roy & Luna interviewed the Coresaws, and a key decision was made.
Lagar 7, 206 AKAugust 12, 2020
Knowledge Kills10A shadowy faction suffers a devastating blow.
Key servants of Varmin's Verdant Skull rendezvoused deep in the Jungle, rushed to Undren's Swirl, and slaughtered Trikaani Assembly agents.
Lagar 8, 206 AKAugust 18, 2020
Plunging Below11The party dives into the sewers in search of the Jungle.
Concrete plans melted as the party carried out a midnight mission to halt the funeral of High Priest Lithimiris, set to take place the next morning.
Lagar 8, 206 AKAugust 25, 2020
Crisis Averted12Everyone converges on the Azure Graveyard, in darkness.Luna encountered an aberration; Jason and Ignis stopped warforged of the Verdant Skull; Roy met a kalashtar; Flux turned in Lazir.Lagar 8, 206 AKSeptember 1, 2020
Fight at the Faded Ember13Varmin might not retaliate immediately, but someone might.
In an attack on the Faded Ember Inn, Jason, Ignis, Roy, and Luna fought the Rusty Corkscrews, drove them away, and met with Zaburk in private.
Lagar 10, 206 AKSeptember 8, 2020
The Sewers Await14With Flux taken, the party is forced into the sewers.
A brief excursion into the sewers saw the companions battle skriven, save Flux, meet a blue goblin, execute Verdant Skulls, and draw Ixigana close.
Lagar 11, 206 AKSeptember 16, 2020
Consume15Ixigana races toward the party as they make a key decision.
Alongside Preston, the companions battled Ixigana in the sewers, lost the heroic Roy of Riverside, and killed the expurgat of the Verdant Skull.
Lagar 11, 206 AKSeptember 30, 2020
A Call to Arms16The death of Mastiff Coresaw thrusts Vorici's Rest into action.
Agents of the Mindhunter Society assaulted the Faded Ember Inn, a major revelation occurred, and the powers of Galen mobilized to face Varmin.
Lagar 11, 206 AKOctober 6, 2020
Prepare and Execute17Commander Solana Carris converses with the companions.
In the Faded Ember inn, allied parties concocted a plan to kill Varmin, then the companions said farewell to Flux and investigated the Coresaw portals.
Lagar 11, 206 AKOctober 13, 2020
Slimy Happenings18The party skips the sewers and enters the Jungle of Pipes.An aberration conversed with Ignis and Jason, the party discovered the leftovers of a battle, and attempted to deceive the Verdant Skull.Lagar 12, 206 AKOctober 20, 2020
Ruthless19A deadly combat rages on a broken lightning rail in the Jungle.
The companions slew T750, met up with an Eldritch Knight and a kobold, debated on the battlefield, and crawled through tunnels to a safe junction.
Lagar 12, 206 AKNovember 11, 2020
To Tairox Landing20
Twisting kobold tunnels await as the party crawls toward Tairox Landing.
The companions delved into kobold tunnels, discovered a dragonborn crypt, conversed with Vess, entered Dal Quor briefly, and found new allies.
Lagar 13, 206 AKNovember 17, 2020
The Submerged Path21Dragon-worshiping kuo-toa lead the party toward the City of Steam.The companions reunited with Argus, battled a spider roper, socialized with the kuo-toa, and discovered the site of dark elf cannibalization.Lagar 14, 206 AKNovember 23, 2020
Foe to Friend22
A secret dwarven door leads to more secrets and many more answers.
The companions solved a dark fire puzzle, fought umber hulks, conferred with an unlikely ally, and planned for an assault on Tairox Landing or Varmin.
Lagar 18, 206 AKDecember 1, 2020
Steamy Subterfuge23
As the Eldritch Knights move to Tairox Landing, the party readies to act.
The companions journeyed across the Subterrane and forged two alliances, realized a truth about Tairox Landing, and rendezvoused in Haadgadza.
Lagar 19, 206 AKDecember 8, 2020
In Dreams24
A glimpse of the future may be found in Dal Quor by those who seek it.
Jason, Ghost, Luna, and Ignis entered Dal Quor, found a flumph friend named Brioche, witnessed the Wailing, fought slaadi, and saw Varmin's rise.
Lagar 20, 206 AKDecember 15, 2020
The Truth, Unveiled25
Everyone makes final preparations as the assault on Tairox Landing looms.
At last, Varmin was killed, the Barrier broken, Calastis defeated, the Entropic Enclave discovered, and the truth, unveiled.Lagar 22, 206 AKDecember 19, 2020
Exodus26Citizens flood from Galen as the party takes a moment to breathe.Back in Galen, the party split across Vorici's Rest and the Den District to pursue various odds and ends.Lagar 24, 206 AKDecember 22, 2020
Through the Flood27Jason investigates Amal's residence and discovers vital information.Jason broke into Amal's house, had a deep conversation with a gazer, and journeyed to and back from Giolla via griffon chariot.Lagar 27, 206 AKDecember 23, 2020
Iced Over28Ghost visits the Shambling Square Bank and a familiar place.
Ghost opened an account with House Vibius, discovered the slaughter of the Hidhuntre Clan, and reforged his estranged father in ice and blood.
Lagar 27, 206 AKDecember 27, 2020
Meetings in the Dark29Ignis meets with Shishotile and Tillin Blackburrow.Ignis made up with Rea, rendezvoused with Tillin and Shishotile, witnessed Nala become a divine soul, and spent the night with his love.Lagar 27, 206 AKDecember 28, 2020
Heroes of Below30
As the party are hailed as heroes, citizens continue to pour from Galen.
The party related their experiences in the Faded Ember Inn, met with Lady Gwenine Coris, and spread across Galen in search of assistance.Lagar 28, 206 AKDecember 29, 2020
Poison is Coming31Two groups converge on the Faded Ember Inn as nightfall arrives.
Virtue and his crew struck a deal with the group, Lady Gwenine's secret was revealed, Avalanche hatched, and the party plotted their next steps.
Lagar 28, 206 AKJanuary 5, 2021
Goodbye, Galen32
The companions make final preparations as they ready to depart Galen.
The group bid farewell to their friends in Galen, negotiated a deal with Lady Coris, and finally said goodbye to Galen aboard the Bloody Mist.1 Ehan, 206 AKJanuary 12, 2021
Aetherhawks33Aboard their airship, the companions fly toward Iorgal's Vale.The party battled a vengeful minotaur and his crew, navigated a fierce storm, learned more about each other, and arrived in Iorgal's Vale.1 Ehan, 206 AKJanuary 19, 2021
Emerald and Gold34The party enters Iorgal's Vale.The party surprisingly allied with Scalanis, met a pleasant hill giant, and encountered an ancient soulforged druid.5 Ehan, 206 AKFebruary 2, 2021
Against a Dragon35The party gains insight into Iorgal and the Vale.The party convened with Lacai, spoke with the other druids, battled Tarnakan, and witnessed Iorgal's frozen descent from the sky.5 Ehan, 206 AKFebruary 9, 2021
A Chance at Victory36Iorgal disoriented and injured, the party have a chance at victory.The party slew Iorgal beside a host of allies and restored Shanxiong to the mortal world.6 Ehan, 206 AKFebruary 16, 2021
Saviours37The party readies to finally save Hermione and the other captives.The party faced a messenger of the Accursed Archive, rescued two typhons, entered Iorgal's lair, and battled an enormous demon.6 Ehan, 206 AKFebruary 23, 2021
Iorgal's Legacy38The party struggles against Iorgal's freed prisoners, with no allies.The party slaughtered Basgord, forged new allies, finally found Hermione, and fought deadly devils deep within Iorgal's lair.7 Ehan, 206 AKMarch 2, 2021
An Inferno of Lies39The party clashes with Scalanis and the rest of Iorgal's lair.The party finally executed Scalanis, accidentally created a manifestation of Orcus, and forged a plan to banish it from the Emerald Forest.7 Ehan, 206 AKMarch 9, 2021
The Unholy Avenger40The party attempts to right a wrong in the depths of Iorgal's lair.
The party delved into Iorgal's lair while Jason became a new man and altogether, they freed Shanxiong and witnessed the renewal of his realm.
7 Ehan, 206 AKMarch 23, 2021
Looting the Lair41The companions recover and regroup after Shanxiong's freeing.The party ransacked Iorgal's lair, Jason bargained with Shanxiong, said farewell to Ignis and Hermione, and reunited with the Bloody Mist.8 Ehan, 206 AKMarch 30, 2021
Along Eversummer42Aboard the Bloody Mist once more, the party races toward Ba-Livil.
The party and the Bloody Mist crash landed in Ysgard and entered a tournament of legends for their eternal freedom--and way out of the Hero Realm.
17 Ehan, 206 AKApril 6, 2021
A Tournament of Legends43
The companions participate in an Ysgardian tournament for their freedom.
The party decided their fates with a representative of Heirdheim and Milandra and Noah of Riverside suceeded against their opponents.17 Ehan, 206 AKApril 13, 2021
Front Row Seat44Luna, Jason, Preston, and the party continue to fight for their freedom.The party celebrated at both homesteads, plotted, Luna survived her combat, and the group discovered a plot against them.17 Ehan, 206 AKApril 27, 2021
Caught in Ysgard45The party coils themselves in the politics of Heirdheim and Ysgard.
The party struggled against Ysgard's customs, discovered a potential enemy, and Preston won his combat against Spagveid in a juiced up rage.
17 Ehan, 206 AKMay 4, 2021
The Final Rounds46The party finishes the tournament of legends in Heirdheim.17 Ehan, 206 AKMay 11, 2021
47May 14, 2021
48May 20, 2021
49May 27, 2021
50June 3, 2021
51June 10, 2021
52June 17, 2021
53June 24, 2021
54June 26, 2021