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Flow Yoga Center - Shift Checklist
bring out sandwich boardTake out the sandwich board, and place it a few feet (2-3 ft) from the door.
check/clean all classroomsCheck all classrooms to make sure they're set for classes. You should only need to swiffer, tidy and count/organize props in classrooms that will be occupied after 9am -- because the previous day's closing manager should have completed this for classrooms occupied at 9am or ealier.
turn ON wall HVAC units in Dharma & RasaPress "Start", listen for the beep and the green light to turn on. Set mode to "heat" in the winter and "cool" in the summer, set the fan to "auto" and set the temperature to between 74-76 degrees.
wet-swiffer all studio floorsSwiffer all studio floor using hardwood floor cleaner.
clean mats & teacupsPlease clean any used mats and teacups left over from the night before.
manage basic plant carePlease check plants daily to ensure they're not overly wet or dry, and water/prune as needed. For all plants (except our succulents, which are cared for separately) if the soil is not damp a half-inch below the surface, please add water. For all plants, gently dust living leaves and prune away dead leaves. Don't forget our tree outside on P. St!!
heat water for evening teaToward the end of your shift, please fill the electric tea urn and completely heat the water. A full urn takes about 30-40 min to boil. Before you leave, turn off and unplug the urn and leave the lid closed. This hot water can be used by evening shifts to quickly brew new tea. Follow the directions in our "How to Make Tea @ Flow" Gdoc (http://tinyurl.com/flow-maketea)
set the studio atmospherePlay yoga-studio-appropriate music, light incense and/or candles throughout the studio -- esp behind the desk (try to do this before each new check-in), turn fans on/off and open/close windows as necessary to create a comfortable environment in our common areas.
tidy the check-in deskBecause it's so prominent, we want to keep the check-in desk and the shelves behind the it "zen-tidy". Please file all Flow paperwork and put away office and studio supplies. Dust and reoganize the alter. Please place personal belongings on guest shelves or below the desk. Please don't eat at the desk -- except for finger-food snacks served for all Flow guests. (If you're hungry, please ask your supervisor for a break between check-ins and eat in the lounge.)
review daily room scheduleAt the start of your shift, please review the room schedule for the day in MBO so that you know what classes AND workshops AND special events are scheduled during your shift. (NOTE: If/when there's any "downtime", please also review up-coming workshops, so that know what upcoming events guests might inquire about.)
check for new Flow announcementsPlease check the start page on any web browser for any new Flow announcements.
monitor tea & snack stationKeep an eye on our tea and snack station -- esp. after a busy check-in. Re-stock tea and snacks as necessary. Clean up spills and crumbs. Clean teacups. Wipe down water cooler and empty the drain at least once per shift.
audit all classes for accuracySupervisors should check to make sure that the sign-in sheet, computer, and headcount #s all match. Then, initial the totals and file the sign-in sheet.
enter/file new student formsIt's important to keep up on this -- especially to get online logins to our guests soon after they first sign-up. (IMPORTANT: Don't forget to 1) assign logins and send welcome emails from the login-assignment screen, and 2) process referrals by a) creating a relationship between the new guest and the referring guest, AND b) adding a free "tell-a-friend" class pass to the referring guest's account.)
check/restock schedule cardsSchedule cards go quickly, so please check and restock them in all locations.
check & process phone voicemailAfter check-ins, please check Flow's voicemail, and respond directly to ALL messages that you can address -- esp. phone cancellations. For any issues that you don't know how to address, please transcribe the message to flowyogacenter@gmail.com -- so that a manager can follow up -- then delete the message.
ID & address "Unpaids"run the "Unpaids" report in MBO: Reports > Guests & Accounts > Unpaids. ID any Unpaids that occurred on your shift or earlier in the day. Process any unpaids that you know how to manage (e.g. perhaps you forgot to ring up a teacher or a guest who paid in cash). For any that you *can't* process, please email the name of the guest and the time/date of the class to flowyogacenter@gmail.com so that a manager can follow up.
submit "Shift Supervisor Report"All Supervisors should submit the "Shift Supervisor Report" Gdoc (http://tinyurl.com/flow-shiftsupervisorreport) at the end of their shift to let management know how their shift went and anything that needs to be addressed.
ALL (Cleaning)Details
clean mats & teacupsKeep an eye on teacups -- esp. after a busy check-in shift, and keep up on cleaning. For mat cleaning, mats get 2-3 sprays of cleaner per side, should be wiped down on both sides with a big sponge. Hang for at least 15 minutes to dry. Roll up dried mats and place neatly in the clean mat basket.
tidy bathroomsEspecially after a busy check-in... Check and restock soap and TP, flush toilets, wipe down toilet seats and toilets, clean and dry sinks, dry floors, remove dust-bunnies and debris. (NOTE: the downstairs sink often needs to be wiped down with Simple Green cleaner and a dry towel.)
reset classrooms between classesAs soon as a class ends, a WS should check the classroom and clean/tidy as necessary. The most important thing to do is ***swiffer the floors***. Swiffer all floor debris into a single pile that you can sweep up with a dustpan and brush and dispose of in the trash. ***Empty trash cans*** if they're full. ***Restock key supplies*** including mat spray, paper towels and Jivamukti China gel. ***Organize altars*** and make sure they're clean and clear of paper, studio supplies, etc. Make sure ***props are reasonably tidy*** and organized. ***Misc tidying*** Remove used teacups, put away CDs, put away remote controllers, transfer left-behind guest belongings to lost-and-found, etc.
tidy the lounge (up and downstairs)Reorganize pillows & magazines, remove used tea-cups, dust couch cushions with a towel, sweep debris from the floor.
tidy changing room & guest shelvesMove items that have fallen on the floor onto shelves, remove noticable debris from the floors, sweep, and empty full trash cans.
sweep stairsIf no classes are in session, use the dust buster. If classes are in session, use the dust pan and brush.
straighten retailFront and organize all products, neatly fold or hang clothes, and dust shelves. Let mgmt. know if anything's running low.
straighten mat closetHelp tidy the mat closet between check-ins. As much as possible, move mats from the floor to shelves, and push mats fully onto the shelves so they're not sticking out too far.
empty/reline/dispose trash & recyclingPlease make a habit of checking all trash and recycling cans at the start and end of your shifts, and after check-ins. Trash cans are placed throughout common areas, in bathrooms and classrooms. Empty filled cans, reline with clean bags, and dispose of the contents. Move full bags to the cans behind the desk. When cans behind the desk are full, take them out the fire escape and dispose of them in our out-door trash and recycling bins.
brew tea for morningToward the end of your shift, please brew two new airpots of tea so that they're ready for the morning shift. If necessary, please reheat the water in the electric urn until it's boiling. Follow the directions in our "How to Make Tea @ Flow" Gdoc: http://tinyurl.com/flow-maketea
clean all tea equipmentAfter the last class checks in, dump any partially-filled airpots, clean all tea equipment, and leave it out to dry. For details, see our "How to Make Tea @ Flow" Gdoc: http://tinyurl.com/flow-maketea
put away cookies and snacksTo keep our snacks fresh and avoid attracting mice and other critters, please remove all snacks from the lounge, place them in a sealed container and store above the sink.
complete Cash Drawer CloseoutSupervisors should 1) complete “Cash Closeout Report”: http://tinyurl.com/flow-
cashcloseoutreport, 2) prepare “Daily Cash Drop” envelope (include the day's cash -- less $30 -- and use a wet-erase marker to write Today’s Date & Your Name on the envelope, 3) drop the “Daily Cash Drop” envelope in the Flow "safe", 4) file paperwork in the “Daily Cash Processing” file box, including cash receipts & cash vouchers, checks, and Flow Free Class passes.
leave 10 clean mats & teacupsAim to clean all dirty cups and rental mats. But, if you're pressed for time on a closing shift, you don't have to clean ALL of the cups and mats. Please just make sure there are at least 10 of each cleaned for the morning.
finalize classroom cleanupFor ALL classrooms, please ensure that trash is emptied, lights and fans are turned off, extraneous items are removed (e.g. tea cups, clothes, mats, etc.), and windows/doors are closed and locked. Aim to clean and tidy all class rooms. However, you only need to swiffer, tidy and count/organize props in classrooms that will be occupied at 9am or earlier the following day. (NOTE: Please consult the MBO room schedule to confirm all classrooms that will have events at 9am or earlier the following day).
turn OFF wall HVAC units in Dharma & RasaPress "Stop" on the remote control, listen for the beep and the green light to turn off.
extinguish all incense and candlesIf you find any items that were left burning in classrooms, please be sure to let management know immediately which class was last in the room and what was left burning.
check & lock ALL doors & close windowsMake sure the top and bottom sashes are closed for all windows. Check to make sure both fire escape doors are closed and locked. As you leave, lock both locks on green door at entrance, and lock the deadbolt on the glass door.
check/clean/tidy all common areasBefore you lock up, please double-check to ensure that all cleaning tasks above are done. (Also, please move any items left on shelves, cubbies or in common areas into our Lost and Found bins.)
turn off ALL lights & lounge power stripDon't forget to turn off all classroom lights (including track lights), bathroom lights, common area lights and the power strip in the lounge. Computers and monitors can be left on.
put away sandwich boardBefore you lock up, please bring the sandwich board back into the entryway vestibule, and turn out the entryway light.
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