2019 Dragon Corps UIL Lesson Plan
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Dragon Corps
I'm Bound Away(A SECTION) mm. 3-10 Unison(B SECTION) mm. 11-14; pitches are the same as mm. 31-34, mm. 47-50 (key change)(B SECTION) mm. 15-18; pitches are the same as mm. 27-30, 35-38, 43-46 (new key), 51-54(A' SECTION) mm. 23-26 2-part(A' SECTION) mm. 27-30 3-part(B SECTION review) mm. 31-38 combine, same as mm. 11-18, 47-54(A" SECTION, key change) mm. 39-42(A" SECTION) mm. 43-46(B CODA) mm. 55-60, combine with 47-54, which is B section, just a new key.Combine Whole piece A mm. 3-10, B mm. 11-18, A' mm. 23-30, B mm. 31-38, (Key Change) A" mm. 39-46, B mm. 47-54, B' coda mm. 55-60ReviewReviewMemorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityClean
Tollite Hostias(A SECTION) mm. 1-4 both dynamics and text(A SECTION) mm. 5-8 dynamics and text combine with 1-4(B SECTION) mm. 9-12 dynamics and text(B SECTION) mm.13-16 clean text and breath marks, combine with mm. 9-12, Note that mm. 28-35 are the same, just different dynamics(C SECTION) mm. 17-23 bt. 1(C SECTION) mm. 23-27, dynamics, combine with mm. 17-23(C SECTION) mm. 17-35 Combine, paying special attention to dynamics, tone, clean unified breath marks and text.(A & B SECTION) mm. 1-16 Combine, paying special attention to dynamics, tone, clean unified breath marks and text.Combine whole piece A mm. 1-8, B mm. 9-16, C mm. 17-27, B mm. 28-35.Review Memorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityMemorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityCleanClean
Cover Me With The Night(A SECTION) mm. 6-13; pitches are the same as mm. 38-45.(A SECTION) mm. 14-21; pitches are the same as mm. 46-53. This is a short phrase repeated, mm. 14-17 (hold 3 beats), 18-21 (hold 1 beat) (B SECTION) mm. 22-25(B SECTION) mm. 26-29(B SECTION) mm. 30-32, combine mm. 22-32.(A & B SECTION) Combine mm. 6-32(C SECTION) mm. 53-67; T1 repeated pattern mm. 53-59 (repeat 3 times), pattern changes slightly mm. 59-65 (repeat 4 times). T2 repeated pattern mm. 56-57 (repeat 6 times), B repeated pattern mm. 59-63 (repeat 2 times). mm. 65-67 everyone repeats their pattern on mm. 67 they hold for 2 beats.(C CODA) mm. 67-71(C SECTION & C CODA) Combine mm. 53-71(A & B SECTION) mm. 6-32 review note that mm. 38-53 is the same as mm. 6-21Combine whole piece. A mm. 6-21, B mm. 22-32, A mm. 38-53, C mm. 54-67, Coda 67-71ReviewMemorizeClean
Sightreading Piece
Ye Mariners of EnglandSweetheart Good-byeOver the Sea to SkyeBoats Sail on the RiverSailor's LamentHow Merrily We LiveYou'll Never Find a Fellow Like MeMy Bonny Lass She SmilethI Love YouAll Glory and PraiseTiger TigerAll Through the NightThere is a LadyStars of the Summer Night
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