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CountrySpeaker Announce new or upscale existing international climate action commitment (mitigation, finance, adaptation, tech, post-2015)


Announce new or upscale domestic policies - (Coal financing, RE target, EE policy, sectoral initiatie, low carbon development plans)

Reinforce the New Climate Agreement in 2015 and commit to put forward INDC in 1Q (or 2nd Q) of 2015
Long Term Goal Referenced and HowAdditional VITAL Notes
EUHSReference to Paris Agreement and INDC by March 2015Reiterated the 80-95 % goal by 2050 Reiterated EU target 3 Billion Euro ( 15 Billion in Loans and Grants) - 14 Billion to partners over the next 7 years - 2 billion will be blended EU President Manuel Barroso; "We are committed to cutting emisssions by 80% - 95% by 2050"
Equatorial GuineaHSAspired to new development strategies we cannot fail to express concern over danger hanging over mankind. Respcts Kyoto. Need to establish responsibility for states that helped degrade the environment
EstoniaHSParis agreement should promote climate resilient and sustainable development, facilitate adaptation and needs to be "fair efficient and transparent". INDC follow timetable - all major economies and those ready to do so2C objectiveeconomic growth doesn't have to come at cost of environment: GDP doubled as emissions halved.Put 2% of GDP in climate action. WHO - Estonia has world's cleanest air. Energy security, human health"We have committed 3 million Euros to projects in low lying island states"
KoreaHS$100m to GCF (including $50m currently paying)2C by end of centuryTECH AND MARKET BASED SOLUTIONS - CCS, Zero energy buildings, Nationwide emissions trading scheme etc. Korea says that next year, it will become the first Asian county with a national carbon trading schemePledge $100mn to the GCF, including the $50mn currently being paid
FranceHSGuardian highlights $1bn commitment as new (needs fact check)
KenyaHSProcess of concluding climate change law - persue low carbon resilient pathwaylook forward to "an agreement" in Paris next year
Kenya continue to be guided by UNFCCC as primary forum for international negotiations for CC
Pledge voluntary national actions for mititgation and adaptation. CBDR Support CSA. Water. GCF capitalisation.
Dominican RepublicHSneed "global decisive agreement" to reduce GHGsEconomic model harms us all, especially the most vulnerable. GCF important.
FinlandHSWill contribute to fund, amount not clearneed global agreement in PAris
Phasing out coal in power plants by 2025, national strategies for clean tech biz - aim to double by 2020, (Tweet: #Finland pledges to phase out coal in power generation by 2025, contribute to GCF and 80% reduction by 2050. #Climate2014 PWC sustainability. Will contribute ot GCF, but won't announce how much today.
Coal phase-out promised first in 2012
GuyanaHSGlobal agreement on reduction of GHGWe are far from 2CIf we fail on 2C we reverse development, criticism of international financial system, REDD+ needed for 2C. Mainstreamed climate across decision making processes: has a low carbon development strategy and as a low lying country needs adaptation support
MalawiHSreduce global emissions ot zero by 2050Adaptation should take priority - grant not loans. CBDR. L&D. Climate finance central pillar. Will spend 20% on adaptation. GCF should spend at least 50% on adaptation
IndonesiaHSReiterate importance of Paris agreement - need "new legally binding agreement for post 2020" should uphold equity and cover mitigation, adaptation and the framework for implementation2CIndonesia has said it will cut emissions by 26% by 2020. With international help, will rise to 41%. Pledged $250,000 to GCF in early 2014, sent letter of acceptance for KP ratification
Hungary HS
Focus on climate impacts and how Europe is being impacted. Move from decade of irresponsbility to responsibility. EE and alternative energy - solar factory. Heeds warnings of Stern Report. example that you can achieve economic growth while alleviating emissions: 30% reductions,
Cyprus HS
Aims for a "single global legally binding agreement, preferably in the form of a protocol" contributions by first Q of 2015, cyprus working towards that end, EC 2030 EC package in proogress, 2030 EU framework coherent package2°CIf we don't tackle climate change, no future for humanity on earth. Challenge of military occupation. Repeats EU record on EE, low carbon technologies...By the end of the year, national adaptation strategy will be in place. Supports the "ambitious" EU package. Repeats EU goal to reduce emissions by 80-95% by 2050 "if everyone else makes comparable efforts". Repeats commitment to 2 degrees.
LatviaHSneed of legally binding agreement, applicable to all parties, responsibilities of governements....implementing green investment scheme, among to performers of the EU, climate change mitigation programme 2014-2020 and strategy for LC development - EE, investments, transition from fossil to REN. Decoupled GDP from emissions: -60% and is one of the top performers in the EU "integrating a green public procurement system throughout the country"
Egypt (On behalf of Arab Group) HSAdaptation is a top priority , Address finance, tech, capacity building and operationalize GCF invoked principles of justice, historical responsibility, CBDRRC; new agreement should not replace UNFCCC
GuineaHS"globally legally binding appropriate agreement"
IranHSCommitted to negotiations for new agreement - "comprehensive agreement" with economic mechanisms and common but differentiated measures. Will follow Warsaw timelineintroduced binding national targets: decreasing energy intensity, reducing energy subsidies, promoting EE, improving fuel quality, incresaing share of REN, diffusion of environmentally sound tech.
Gabon HSReferenced Paris and need ofr Lima to lay foundations for saving the planet in Paris - Climate south initiative conferenced (march 2015 in Gabon)witness collective failure on climate, need to all share our part of responsibilities for common future. Will continue to shoulder the burden of our responsibilities, implementing forest mgt and conservation policy, deforestation rate low, process of finalising land use plan to optimise development of territory that is 88% covered by tropical forest, working to reduce emissions from power generation, gas flaring in oil industries, development of hydro electric facilities. AMbition to reduce emissions of gabonese people in half
Honduras HSlargest number of projects to reduce GHG in central America - especially in transport sector and forests. Limited cutting of highly vulnerable, honduras in ranking of 5 most vulnerable countries of the planet. have changed energy system, more EE, clean energy development, biggest number of mitigation projects in central am. degradation of forest has been improved
KiribatiHSReferenced Paris 2015Mentioned Artic Melting , second largest marine protected area (commitment to this), Coalition of Atoll Nations on climate change, working in partnerhsip with with other allies
Democratic Republic of the CongoHSPreserve our forest coverage, sustainable rural development, hydro development with help of private sectorCongo wants to be "at the forefront at developing a legally binding agreement in Paris" to protect forests35% of Africa's energy needs with hydro, only 2% exploited now but need heavy private sector investment - liberalising the energy sector to do so.
MadagascarHSfinancial support for coastal projects. CDM and voluntary carbon projectsReferenced Paris 2015 madagascar's economy dependent on agriculture, fisheries, tourism, very vulnerable to CC. amonsgt vulnerable countries, have made combatting it national priority: national climate change policy, national action plan to implement this policy currently being drafted. Adaptation: 3 projects - rice culture in coastal areas have had financial support, tied with CM, CDM, Voluntary compensation mechanisms. national entities for clean technologies. awaiting with interest WB campaign for introduction of carbon tax
IraqHSdoing its best to implement projects to avail ourselves from gas. reviewing destructive ecosystems (??) Looking for alternative and clean sources of energyneed 'protocol or legal agreement' to be completed by 2015. Needs ot be an inclusive, just agreementratified UNFCCC recently (2009). spoke of new protocol to be agreed in 2015. Iraq has a comprehensive energy plan adapted to nature and climate change and improving living standards by creating new jobs. Implementing projects that are environementally friendly and use gas
JapanHGNew Actions - part of Cool Earth (a) Assistence to 16 billion USD beginning 3 years ( have achieved it in an year and half), 14000 People in the area of CC (HD), will lauch adaptation initative, Need to address vulnearablites unique to island states (regional project for Carebian), DRR (host the conference) (b) tech innovation - on EE host 1st conference for cool earth forum in tokyo next month, Japan will estalish a global hub for EE, Joint Crediting Mechanism , Satellite for GHG emissions, japanse INDC as early as possible, GCF after mechanism is in place- will make a pledge only after. 2015 is essential for 'frameowrk applicable to all coutnries'"Cool Earth concept" | Abe announced that Japan met its three-year goal of committing $16 billion in assistance to developing countries in less than half that time. But Japan declined to make a concrete contribution to the Green Climate Fund. Today announced capaicity building for 14,000 people and placing i mportance on supporting island countries. Japan will host a DRR conference in March. Will host the first CoolEarth Forum next month for business, gvt and academics. Will establish a global hub for energyu efficiency in Tokyo. Will launch a satellite for globla GHG monitoring
IcelandHGTalks about geothermal (a collaboration with WB for Geothermal in Africa) , financial support for geothermal global planReference to Paris. Committed to a global agreement 'for sustainbility on earth' which will be a "turning point". 'effective and equitable' response neededCarbon Free Economy but no date aiming to become FF free economy. Support putting price on carbon, mentions artic protection leader on geothermal enegry, support SE4All.Invites world to join Iceland in a new global geothermal alliance initiative. Will help the IRENA Africa Clean Energy Corridor. PLedges increased support to WB? geothermal fund
DenmarkHG$70m for GCF, Danish Climate Investment fund for p-p for developing countries and growth markets annouced earlier this year - $1.5bn hoped forNeed ambitious agreementFossil free in 2050Highlight "Fossil Free 2050" target, EU leadership role is crucial, PPP Fund launched for climate finance, political leadership is crucial, economic development is possible while reducting emmissionsClimate finance key, LDCs and SIDs
$70mn to GCF on top of $350mn has
allocated since 2010

ItalyHGEverthing we can to reach global agreement. Needs to be 'binding for all' to show political will. Wants to introduce ethical and aesthetic principles to climate debate95% (?) by 2050Land made up of cities, introduce beauty into the debate, fighting climate for a new economy that fights against economic crisis. Reduce 40% for 2030
Ethiopia14Gby 2025, we will be climate resilient and net zero economy. Investing in clean and RE power. We hope to increase power capacity from xx to 10 000 MW of RE source by mid-2015. Soil conservation measures. major modal shift in progress. We have long abolished FFS and we have started to produce biofuels. by 2025 green resilient economy, working for double digit economic growth without GHG growth, increase power generation capacity from REN, EE regulations, soils and water conservation measures.have long abolished FFS. start biofuels production.
Marshall IslandsWill table new climate legislation to put climate policy into action in January. Buildings will be made climate resilience. And will implement actions (already announced) to better implement climate finance.Push everyone into a 2015 global agreement in ParisWill make national adaptation legislation by January. Will focus on making the country able to use climate finance eg institutional structures. People already leaving the islands because of CC
IrelandHGCommitment to - Green freight, carbon pricing,climate smart agriculture Reference to Paris , early 2015 encourages others to do likewiseBelow 2CWatchword has to be sustianbility: won't get CC action without this. Need conviction, clarity, courage and consistency
LithuaniaHGagreement applicable to all by 2015 is the least we can do
link climate and energy policies. legally binding targets in lithuania: reduction by 56% compared to 1999 levels and will continue further. achieved 22% RES already and to increase and meet their EU target by 2015
GeorgiaHONew national forest policy, NAMA planned on EE with GermansUrge for new agreementThreat to our security - ecosystem and economy. Water in transboundary basins. 80% energy hydro - a hydro power giant. Preparing a low carbon development strategy with US support. Have a new forest policy as a NAMA, working with Germany on energy efficiency
GrenadaMinisterMOU with US as pilot for rational energy intiative of US, MOU with NZ for geothermal energy capacity with Greneda.Meaningful outcome for COP21, Grenada joins the call for a price on carbon100% RES can be introduced (without subsidies) - for island states.CC perhaps one of the greatest opportunities for wealth creation. RES industry worth $16 trillionFocus on climate risk, EE, RES. The pension companies are taking note because climate change is here to stay. Operationalise GCF with window for islands. Welcomes partnerships to implement 100% RE in small island states. Need to put a price on carbon. Need immediate solutions that give confidence and ambition. Support putting a price on carbon
AustriaHGNeed to stay below 2C, appropriate agreement for 21st century neededSDGs must include climate protection targets
ColombiaHGpledge to join a global initiative to restore degraded lands into productivity
Marshall Islandsnew commitments: next march, will stand with largest nations and announce their mitigation plans from 2020 into the future, contribution to move the world to decarbonisation, will also commit and push everyone into 2015 global agreement in paris. will establish a national climate fund.gvt will suppot land owners, stakeholders and communities to ensure buildings are climate-resilient. policy reforms to boost our own national readiness to utilise climate financeCommit to INDC by March 2015 , reference to a 2015 global agreementdespite our good will and yours, too many loose ends. Climate Committe and national Climate fund
MaltaProud to be part of EU action. Drafting a CC Act for all sectors and to set up institutional capaity to achieve and monitor emissions reductions. Offering education in low carbon/climate for developing coutrny candidates at uni of Malta. Be a gas supply hub. Will host CHOGM.
Philippinesadopting a comprehensive approach to disaster management: incl. timeline warnings to vulnerable communities; geo-mapping; anti-illegal logging campaign; "appropriate funds to the right places"; hope to be a model of resiliency to all; Mention 2008 RE act; development of low emission development strategy
GeorgiaCarbon Neutral by 2050
MalaysiaLots of positive ongoing policiesPromised a lot, done a lot but developed countries haven't helped, need more support - we've lost momentumn elsewhere. Break link between emissions and growth.
Holy Seesolidarity, full and responsible cooperation of all, according to capabilitiesrisks of inaction, express support of the Pope, need to change lifestyles; combat poverty and CC together
Republic GuineaMinister of EnvrionmentSupport global legally binding agreementThreates erradication of poverty and progress made by MDGs, agriculture challenges. Mitigate, adapt, transfer tech and finance in accorddance with UNFCCC. Struggle to erradicate poverty can only be won if we tackle climate change.
Tuvalu100% for electricity by 2020
saint luciaSD ministerreference to paris, 2015 must be the international year of SIDScommitment to 35% electricity from REN , on the way to more (80%), delay in mitigation causes increased cost in adaptation & L&D
Samoa20% carbon neutrality by 2030; RE, 100% RE by 2017
South AfricaSetting emission reduction targets for industrial sectors, and will submit national targets in time for Paris conference.
AOSISWe need bold INDCs by IC, calling for 15bn dollars into GCF, easier access to funds for SIDS.
WIM, enhancing WIM
ChinaDouble financial support on South-South cooperation on Climate Action, 6Mio USD to support UN SG to enhance South-South cooperation on combatting climate changeComitt to Paris Timelinepeaking of total fossil fuel emissions as soon as possible