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Person of Interest10LoveAbsolutely amazing. Not just a procedural. Really gotta watch its (mid)season finales. John Reese is so fucking hot with his badassery. Music is good. Fights are good. Bear is good. Many, many feels.
House10LoveHouse is funny. Based on Sherlock Holmes. Philosophical show. Made me fall in love with medicine. Hated the patients but there’s enough interaction between House and the other characters to fulfill my needs.
Elementary10LoveSherlock is flawless, but Elementary is better in ways. I love Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes. And Lucy Liu as Joan Watson… I used to hate her, but I have to love her because she’s so wonderful. And there’s something about her wardrobe that I love. I don’t understand fashion, but what she wears is beautiful. And the twist in this show… holy fuck.
The Big Bang Theory10LoveIt’s a show to be watched all at once. Sheldon Cooper is my idol. One of the shows with a laugh track that I can watch. Might be the only one.
Suits10LoveShow about lawyers but most of it isn’t in a court room. So badass. WWHD. You just got LITT UP. First 2 season were amazing. Season 3 with the British invasion wasn’t great.
White Collar10LoveNeal Caffrey - con artist, forger, very hot sculptor. HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Damn good procedural + the storylines on the side are so good.
The Office10LoveA lot of people say it’s dry, but it’s fucking hilarious. Steve Carell plays the most lovable idiot. Season 1 is a bit dry, but it gets so much better. Skip to season 2 if you’re not liking season 1 so much. The only reason this show didn’t last for more than 9 seasons is because Steve Carell left.
Parks and Recreation10LoveBy the people of The Office. Basically the same show except LESLIE KNOPE. I LOVE HER. A smaller cast, but amazing. It’s a lot less dry than The Office. There is every reason to watch this.
The Listener9LikeBy far the best Canadian drama. Toby is cute plus he reads minds. One of the first adult shows I’ve watched and it is still good in my opinion after watching so many shows. And there’s a sense of pride when they mention Bathurst or some other street or city near here.
The Secret Circle7OkayWas getting good when the teenage drama shit was over and the adults came in. But by then, it was too late for it to get a second season. I still liked each episode for the witchy thrill though.
Pretty Little Liars4HateCrappy show. How does A always win? Because they make these girls idiots. Spencer is the smartest of the bunch yet she’s such an idiot. She’s spying on someone but her entire body is sticking out from a bush. Telling the fucking police>being tormented. Only watched this to laugh and criticize.
Up All Night6LikeI actually liked this. Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. And Maya Rudolph! It’s funny, but I guess no one really gave it a chance. Probably would’ve hated it if it were multicam with a laugh track (which is what they wanted to do before they decided to cancel it.)
Once Upon a Time8LikeThis is a really good show. They have their own timeline where every single thing connects but you have no idea until they tell you. It goes from this world to fairy tail land flashbacks. Sometimes it’s boring with the flashbacks, but they really tell the story. This show does wonderfully with the makeup in making everyone look beautiful, but the CGI is awful. I saw the greenscreen behind trees too. Lana Parilla is an amazing actress. She plays the Evil Queen, but I smile when she smiles evilly.
Alcatraz9LikeEach episode, an intense thriller to catch a guy who was in the most secure prison way back then. The whole time travelling shit was held back until the season finale which was way too late because by then, no one tuned in to watch and it got cancelled. Amazing season though.
Community10LoveThere is so much to fangirl about this. Every little detail, every little dimension. It’s too AWESOME. Abed is amazing. The way it is is like no other show. There are timelines, dammit! People said it sucked in Season 4 because of the lack of Dan Harmon. I still found it funny though.
Whitney4OkayPretty crappy comedy. Really unnatural because it’s taped in front of a live audience. It was still funny no matter how much it sucked. And it introduced me to Chris D’elia.
30 Rock10LoveTina Fey is amazing. I loved Jenna even though she was the dumb blonde. THE RURAL JUROR. My faith is Lizbeanism because there ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party don’t stop. I didn’t really pay attention to the earlier seasons which was a mistake because this show is hilarious.
The Neighbors10LoveOne of my favourites. Even before I watched it, I knew I’d love it. Critics said it would suck, but it doesn’t. People say the beginning of season 1 was crappy, but it cracked me up. They also say it improved a lot and that’s good news for me! They poke fun at humanity with aliens. It’s just really funny. And Dick Butkus is the cutest kid ever.
Sherlock10LoveThis show is perfection. It is flawless. Each episode is like a movie. THE MYSTERY! But it lacks so much because it’s only 3 eppys per series. See Elementary.
The Finder10LoveDespite what people say, I love this show. It’s sad that people didn’t tune in. Walter Sherman is HILARIOUS. He’s quirky and so funny. He also finds things. A good mystery every episode. Lots of laughs. One of my absolute favourites. Sad that FOX cancelled it and the petitions didn’t work. The cancellation is what killed Michael Clarke Duncan too.
New Girl9LoveThere was a Lord of the Rings reference in the pilot. That’s when I knew. This show is hilarious to the bone. But the Nick/Jess relationship is inevitable. See The Mindy Project.
The Mindy Project10LoveMindy Kaling is so amazingly funny. I group this with New Girl because they are somewhat similar but The Mindy Project is much better. It is just too funny. Makes my entire week watching this. Danny, Reid, Morgan, and Mindy. Amazing cast and characters. The marathon episode.
Awake8OkayThis show was really weird. It wasn’t too great but the mindfucks were really mindfuckky. I liked it. It took a lot to watch it though. But I love Lucius Malfoy so I watched it.
Modern Family10LoveHILARIOUS. The pilot episode is really holy WHAT. Then afterwards it’s just really amazing comedy. Phil Dunphy is my favourite. Love all of them except for Alex. It won a lot of awards and that just says it all.
SupernaturalLikeI saw a few eps in season 7 on TV. It was really good. So I decided to start this from the beginning, each episode makes me crap my pants which is why I’ve been watching like 1 episode per many months.
ChuckOkayMy baby Bryce Larkin. Chuck is okay. It hasn’t got me hooked yet though. It may be because I’ve watched so many shows that this just doesn’t stand out.
PsychLikeFrom what I’ve seen, this is good. It’s standard procedural but it’s hilarious!
Franklin & Bash6OkayIt’s sort of feels misogynistic. I think I really wanted to like it just because it’s from USA and USA makes the best pair dramadies.
HeroesLikeI remember watching this when I was younger. Really graphic stuff for my eyes back then. I know it’s good, just gotta watch it. Sylar is scary as fuck. Hiro is so cute and funny. YATTA!
Missing8OkayThis was intense. Ashley Judd just running after people. Really intense. Makes sense why people didn’t tune in. It’s about a mother. Didn’t know how it would last more than 1 season though.
Touch8LikeAww. Each episode is about people around the world and somehow they are all connected somehow. This show is about how the world is connected. It really touches you. I cry at the end of every episode. And Jake is so cute. It got really Jack Bauer intense because it was Kiefer Sutherland.
DexterDexter basically reads my minds. He makes me realize my inner sociopath, even though I’m like 45% sociopathic. Haven’t watched more of this because some guy on the bus spoiled the ENTIRE SEASON 1. And way too much blood. And a huge lack of blood. Waiting for the right moment to watch all of this.
Game of Thrones5OkayTo my surprise, I didn’t like this at all. 2 episodes made me desensitized to nudity. I think it’s too much drama. I need action in my shows and the only action in this show was sex and head chopping…
Vikings10LoveIt’s Game of Thronesy but with Vikings. First scripted show from the History Channel and it’s amazing. The pace of the show is really fast. Rollo is hot. Floki is funny. Their hair is SO DAMN COOL. Addicted to this show!! The only thing that made me uncomfortable was when they raided a town with Christians and slaughtered them all. And like two rape scenes.
South Park10LoveBeen watching this since I was a kid. It’s so inappropriate and funny. Hanky the Christmas Poo, Towelie… Cartman is the best. Shut up, I’m not a fatass! Yer a fatass! Also, Saddam Hussein is Satan’s lover. Yes, Satan is gay.
Avatar: The Last Airbender
10LoveThis is the best animated series ever. For all ages. It’s funny, it’s got action, an entire world… this is the cartoon to watch. It’s an adventure! And Zuko with hair<3
The Legend of Korra10LoveLike 70 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender. Made for all ages as well. A lot goes into each book (season). Very few episodes but they are so good!!! Mako<3
How I Met Your Mother10LoveThe cast is like Big Bang but the complete opposite. Cast of Big Bang can’t get girls, cast of HIMYM are hooking up with girls all the time. Hated Barney Stinson until I realized that Neil Patrick Harris was actually gay and not a womanizer in real life. What a great actor. Love Ted. Mosbius designs. ROBIN SHERBATSKY!!! When she yells at Patrice… The show is good because it’s Ted telling his kids how he met their mother. Here’s the catch: you have no idea who the mother is.
Raising Hope8LikeThis show is funny. Mawmaw and her bra. Hope is cute. Jimmy is still a kid. Burt and Virginia!! It’s just funny. A funny comedy about a family.
Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23
8LikeThis is dark. But funny. It’s not everyone’s type of comedy. Season 2 aired out of order which is probably why it got cancelled.
NYC 224BadIt was okay but there was really nothing special about it. I think 4 episodes aired and I watched 2.
Veep10LoveTHIS SHOW MAKES ME CUSS SO MUCH. At first, I didn’t like all the cussing. I didn’t find it that funny. But I warmed up to the show and now it’s so fucking hilarious I want to rewatch what’s been aired. It looks like a Mockumentary but it’s not. It’s got an Office feel but it’s HBO so it’s much more inappropriate. “I need that stuff that junkies use when it takes a cop like 15 bullets to put him down.”
Continuum9LikeReally good sci-fi show. It’s an amazing Canadian production. Rachel Nichols is hot. Haven’t caught up on it but I will…. soon…. maybe….
The PrisonerLikeIt’s a miniseries with Jim Caviezel.
Tron: UprisingOkayNot sure yet. The people look weird. Probably will not watch all of it.
The Newsroom6OkayThe first episode was intense, but like… way too intense. Nothing is interesting about intense newsrooms. No hot people.
MerlinFirst eppy was okay. It’s fantasy so I’m sure it’s awesome.
PerceptionOkayGood idea, but nothing special if you’ve watched many, many crime-solving procedurals. Funny character though.
Sinbad7OkayLots of suspense and adventure. Not too good of a plot.
Wilfred8LikeI hate drugs and stuff, but if it has to be in this show, then fine. Love Wilfred. Love Elijah Wood. Some stuff is really fucked up and confusing. But emotional.
Baby Daddy7OkayIt’s funny and Jean-Luc Bilodeau is hot. Pretty good for a multicam.
Sullivan & Son6OkayLaughed because I wanted to. Forced myself to a bit. It’s a bit funny. No reason to continue it.
Covert Affairs7LikePiper Perabo has the most annoying face. But Chris Gorham is so beautiful and HE’S BLIND. It’s a nice CIA show, but can get boring cause you’re just like, “Okay, fuck you Annie.”
Leverage9LoveThis is the show I always remember. It wasn’t the best because you can’t possibly make a heist movie every episode that’s 100% mind-blowing. Each episode was about 80-90% mind-blowing. You grow to love these characters and the way they interact with each other. It’s fun, funny, and badass. Pilot episode had me and I just kept watching till I was done.
Melissa & JoeyOkayPilot was promising. Glad to see Sabrina the teenage witch back with a bald hottie.
Grimm9LikeBest damn procedural. The cases are interesting because they’re all creatures. Totally original. They showed that Hitler was a blutbad! It’s got the perfect mix of plot and procedural. And Nick is so cute. And Monroe is so funny. And if you watch it live, at least one cast member is live-tweeting.
Go On9LikeMr. K. The show should’ve been renewed for more Mr. K. He is a mystery. This show was good. Watched the whole season all at once. Even though it’s cancelled, it’s got a lot of laughs in that one season.
Louie8LikeLouis C.K. is a genius. Some awkward sex scenes but he’s just hilarious. He’s so awkward and lonely.
The Inbetweeners (US)6OkayIt’s okay. UK version is probably better. I don’t know. I didn’t finish this.
Face Off8LikeOnly reality show worth watching. You can watch people create things from scratch. Movie magic!
The New Normal8LikeFunny show. Lots of tears. Nice to see a show about a gay couple.
True Blood8LikeHalf the show is sex, but the cliffhangers at the end of each episode make me come back for more…. Bill is hot. This also desensitized me to sex and nudity.
The Middle7OkayIt’s a good show about a family. It’s average. Nothing special. Brick is special. *whispers to self* specialllllll. It’s funny with good family values and stuff. But not at the top of a comedy list.
The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Loved this when I was a kid. Planning to rewatch it all some time.
Freaks and GeeksOkayI don’t find this as good as everyone says. Maybe I had to be there when it aired. It’s a typical teen show. Weird to see all these actors and actresses as kids.
Pushing DaisiesLikeThis is good. Lee Pace is cute. K. Chenowith is funny. The cases are good too. Original.
Revenge8LikeMy, my, my. This is procedural-like but then it turns into pure drama and revenge. So good I couldn’t stop. We have here a strong female lead that’s out for revenge but she acts like she’s just a rich lady.
The Mob Doctor5I really wanted to like this. But it just… there wasn’t enough.
666 Park Avenue7OkayHoly crap shit my pants. This is horror. It’s good. It’s creepy. But Jane REALLY needs to learn to not go into the basement. The plot was getting big, but it wasn’t soon enough.
Revolution6BadReally crappy first few episodes. People say it gets better. But it’s a really dumb premise. And the main girl… Charlie… worst actress in the world. Her face needs to stfu.
Last Resort7OkayWatched the pilot only. Pretty intense. It got cancelled so I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it.
Partners3BadIt was just… no. It felt like they tried to copy the Sheldon-Leonard dynamic but it just didn’t work.
Animal Practice8LikeDespite what people say, I liked this show. It’s funny and it’s got a monkey.
Ben and Kate9LikeThis should not have gotten cancelled. I cried so much of laughter AND emotion. The kid is cute. Echo Kellum is hilarious. Ben is so immature. Kate is a weirdo. And the British lady and Rob Corddry!
Guys with Kids2BadI watched the first episode? Horrible.
Beauty and the BeastBadThe guy is hot. Plot is not interesting.
Arrow7OkayFIrst like 9 eps? Way too scripted. Unrealistic. The sister was bad. Stephen Amell is hot. Diggle Jiggle.
Went back to it. The writing got better, but the actors still shit. They killed off a lot of characters though. Haha. Show definitely evolved once Felicity came in. Felicity is the only thing good about the show. Thea is okay in season 3. R’as al Ghul and Nissa is going to be cool. Crossover with The Flash = fawesome.
Adventure Time10LoveALGEBRAIC! Funny if you have a sense of humour. Cute as fk.
1600 Penn10LoveOne of the funniest shows of all time. EXCELLENT cast. Josh Gad is funny no matter what. Jenna Elfman is the queen of physical comedy. This show was good from the start. Should’ve gotten renewed. Nothing about this show was wrong. Just NBC.
Childrens Hospital9LoveThe most ridiculous show ever. It doesn’t even make sense sometimes. But it’s so funny. 10 minutes an ep is not enough.
The Following8LikePure thriller. Kevin Bacon is beautiful. Weird cult drama with creepy Edgar Alan Poe masks. Really creative and poetic. Fast-paced. Creepy. A screamer. It’s one of those shows where anyone can die. But someone died and I was like NO cause I was warming up to her. Kevin Bacon is beautiful. He’s probably why I watch.
Do No Harm5OkayI was looking forward to this but it was badly done.
2 Broke GirlsOkaySo far, funny. But the blonde chick’s hair. Is it even real? And I keep thinking some lesbo action is gonna occur but nope.
Sons of AnarchyOkayOnly watched pilot. It’s good but not my type of show.
Strike BackRICHARD ARMITAGEEEEEEE<333 Pretty good but the main reason I watch is for Richard Armitage cause he hot as fk.
Golden Boy6OkayTheo James is so hot. THe show is less about the cases, more about the golden boy growing to be a golden man. Quite boring nonetheless.
Red WidowUhm… no one wants to watch a tv show about some old lady.
HomelandLikeAt first, I was like “this isn’t good… why do people say it’s good?” Then a few episodes later OMG THIS IS SO GOOD. Carrie Matheson is so lol. Yeah, it’s good.
Grey’s Anatomy9LoveI resisted the urge to watch this because I felt like I would be betraying House if I watched this. But nope, this is way different. House is philosophical, focused on the mystery of a single case. Grey’s is more about the hospital and how it works. Several doctors in different ranks and it’s more about the surgical risks rather than diagnosing. Several cases per episode. The season finales…. omg. McDreamy<3 Addison Montgomery<3 Love all the characters<3 CALZONA.
Scandal10LoveBy the same lady as Grey’s Anatomy. This show is so good. It’s sometimes a procedural and sometimes not. It’s so intense and good. A strong, black, female lead. That’s breaking barriers, man. And everything is just so holy shit.
Sleepy HollowLikeIchabod Crane in the modern world… could watch that all day. Unfortunately it’s like 10 seconds total in each episode. But the plot is good. Just scary. I can’t handle too much of it or I’ll have a heart attack.
It’s quite good, but lacking characters? And risk.
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
8LikeIt refers to Marvel history. COULSON LIVES! FitzSimmons is the main reason one should watch this show. They’re the cutest, dorkiest scientists. It’s a pretty good production seeing as it’s a TV show. It’s movie material.
Episode 16 and onwards… HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD. IT’S BETTER THAN ALL THE MARVEL MOVIES COMBINED. I know because I basically watched them all in one weekend. It gets INSANE!!! And it fits the Marvel movie timeline. Season 2 is getting pretty good too. What they do with Fitzsimmons is so <3</3<3</3<3333
Brooklyn Nine-Nine9LikeBy the people of Parks and Rec comes a cop comedy. I’ve never watched a cop comedy and this is just hilarious. Before it aired, it was already a favourite. Just watch a trailer.
The Crazy Ones9LoveOne of my favourite new shows. Robin Williams is brilliant. Awesome cast except for Sarah Michelle Gellar. She doesn’t seem to be a comedy lady, and she really isn’t. But she has her good moments. But anyone else could probably replace her.