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TeacherClass TitleDay, Time, & LocationClass DescriptionIs there an age limit?Is there a cost to participate?Should participants bring anything to your class?
Lady Annabelle RobertsAnyone Can Make Cheese - A beginner's guide to making fresh cheeseSaturday, 5:00 PM in the Feast HallA hands-on class teaching the process of making making fresh cheese. Using simple ingredients that are in almost any kitchen, you can make cheese suitable for spreading on bread or making a lasagna. We'll also discuss the history of cheesemaking and how it has changed through the centuries.No kids; teens welcome with adult supervisionNo costNo.
Lady Catiana de VannesBasic Handsewing Stitches - Make a Drawstring PouchSaturday, 2:00 PM in the Feast HallStudents will learn the basic stitches for handsewing to make a drawstring pouch. At the end of the class, the student should be able to handsew any project they wish.Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo costAll materials provided. If you have scissors or preferred needles, then bring them.
Ciar ingen Ui Meic ThireBasic Illumination for SCA ScrollsSaturday, 4:00 PM in the Feast Hall A beginner's class on learning how to draw and paint scrolls. Supplies will be made available for all students, however, please bring paint and brushes if you have it. The curriculum of this class is able to be scaled based on the experience and individual needs of the students.Adults and teens (12+) welcome; Kids 8+ are welcome with adult supervisionNo Cost - limit of 10 participantsPersonal Brushes and Paint (Suggested, but not required to participate. I will have supplies available for those who do not have their own.)
Giuliana del ChiaroBeginning Blackwork (followed by Intermediate Blackwork)Saturday, 1:00 PM in the Main HallAlways wanted to learn, but never had the time? In this class, you will learn the basics of Blackwork including a bit of history of the craft. You will also be hands on working a piece of embroidery. Previous knowledge of embroidery is welcomed but not necessary.Kids & teens welcome with adult supervisionNo, but donations welcome.No, kits available in class
Mistress Safiya bint SuleimanBeginning Interlaced Herringbone EmbroiderySaturday, 2:00 PM in the Feast HallAn introduction to Interlaced Herringbone embroidery used in Europe, Egypt and the Near East as early as the 11th century - also known as Kutchwork in India and Armenian Marash.No kids; teens welcome with adult supervision - Limit 6 participantsNo costll materials will be priveded in the handout packet
Baroness XenaBellydance: gentle movement and motionSaturday, 3:00 PM in the Bardic Pavilion
Simple and fun middle eastern dance movement
Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo Cost
HL Gwenhwyvar Thredegold
Color My World - Medieval Dyes and TechniquesSaturday, 3:00 PM in the Feast HallPresented at the 2016 International Congress on Medieval Studies, this paper and slide show discusses several dyes and techniques used in dyeing in the middle ages. No actual dyeing will be done, so pretty dresses welcome!Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo Cost
Guillermo de CervantesEnglish Country DanceSaturday, 5:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionLearn several simple and fun dances from Renaissance England.Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo CostParticipants should bring comfortable and safe shoes.
Mistress Aibinn ingen Artain & Lady Katarina Krista
Exchequers' Warranting Class
Sunday, 12:00 PM in the Main HallRequired class for obtaining and maintaining your warrant as an Official Trimarian ExchequerExchequersNo cost
HL Ambra MichelliFake the BodhranSaturday, 4:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionThe purpose of this class will be to get your foot in the drummer's door and able to join in the bardic circle as applicable. I will also supply excellent resources on next level steps and where to get your own.Kids & teens welcome with adult supervision. HL Ambra has 10 drums, but you can bring your own or share!No CostBring a bodhran if you have one.
HL Ciaran O'MuireagainHeraldry 101Sunday, 10:00 AM in the Main HallLearn the basics of how to design an SCA Device other wise called Armory.Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo costno
Lord David ArcherHeralds Warranting Part 1: How to be a Local HeraldSaturday, 1:00 PM in the Main HallThe basic information to be a local herald Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo costno
Lord David ArcherHeralds Warranting Part 2: Armory SubmissionsSaturday, 2:00 PM in the Main HallLearn how to handle Device and Badge Submissions. Knowledge, Rules, & Resources Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo costno
Baroness Milesenda de Bourges, OLHeralds Warranting Part 3: Names SubmissionsSaturday, 3:00 PM in the Main Hall Learn how to handle Name Submissions. Knowledge, Rules, & ResourcesKids, teens & adults welcomeNo costno
HL Augustin de LeonHistorical Executive Protection, or The Art of Arrow CatchingSunday, 3:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionNo cost
Baron James HighgateHospitallers' Warranting ClassSunday, 2:30 PM in the Main HallRequired class for obtaining and maintaining your warrant as an Official Trimarian HospitallerLocal & At-Large Hospitallers, other may attend if they are interestedNo cost
Giuliana del ChiaroIntermediate BlackworkSaturday, 2:00 PM in the Main HallThis class will cover the "offshoots" in Blackwork embroidery and how to decipher them inside the pattern. Previous blackwork experience is appreciated.Kids & teens welcome with adult supervisionNo, but donations welcomed. I will be providing kits along with handouts. If you have your own small hoops, embroidery scissors, needles, and floss, you may bring them.
THL Brandwyn Alston of the RiftIntroduction to Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition
Sunday, 9:00 AM on the Equestrian Lyste Field
We will go over the current IKEQC rules and try out the games as set up to see if they meet those requirements. If we can, we will run the games for score to turn in to the IKEQC.Authorized EquestriansNo cost
Guillermo de CervantesItalian DanceSunday, 5:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionLearn one simple Italian dance for couples.Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo CostParticipants should bring comfortable and safe shoes.
Amenhotep sa Amenemhat mewetif Ta-AmenKhepesh - Ancient Egyptian WarfareSunday, 2:00 PM in the Feast HallA look at arms & armor, fortifications, military engineering, and combat tactics during the reign of the Pharaohs.Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo costNo
HL Melissent Jaquelinne la ChanteresseL’Acadamie de Demoiselles et Courtiers, sponsored by the Duchess Islay Elspeth of Glen MearaSunday, 1:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionA class in comportment for the ladies and lords of Trimaris who wish to hone their talents as the finest examples and the future of the Dream. Proper behavior will be outlined utilizing Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier and other contemporaneous sources. Participants will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of the material, such as proper addresses, flattery and the language of the fan. I present this class in persona as Headmistress of the Academie.Kids & teens welcome with adult supervision. This class is limited to folks who can and will follow safety instructions. Limited to about 12 participants.No costParticipants should bring a hand fan, if they have one. This class requires participation. Students recieve a Certificate of Graduation at the end of the class.
Lady Gisella CoeurMake a Portable Hnefatafl Game BoardSunday, 3:30 PM in the Main HallSince everyone knows that the average Scadian brings hundreds of pounds of "stuff" to an event, we'll be creating a super lightweight and portable gameboard for the Norse game "Hnefatafl". Participants will get everything they need to play the game, including a set of rules and a brief history of the game. If there is time before class ends, students will have a chance to play the game as well. This game is perfect for playing while waiting for feast or court to begin, after feast while enjoying a bardic circle, in the company of friends during a downpour and any time where you have downtime and want to do something challenging to the mind but easy on the body. **Please note** the materials we will use are NOT authentic to the times but the purpose of the class is to create lightweight solutions for playing, making a very portable gameboard, and introducing more people to this delightfully strategic period game. No kids; teens welcome with adult supervision$2 for handouts and all materials providedIf you have Norse designs you want to include on your game board, you might want to bring samples of those.
Valeria VictoriaMake a Viking HoodSunday, 4:00 PM in the Feast HallUsing basic sewing skills and embroidery stitches, we’ll be making a Viking hood based on a 1936 bog find near Skjoldehamn, Norway. Sewing experience needed to create a hood in class.No kids; teens welcome with adult supervision. Limit of 8 participants.No CostYou’ll need to bring about a yard (yard and a half) of fabric (cotton/linen for a thinner hood, flannel/wool for a thicker one) and thread.
Chiere wreic MareduddMounted HeraldrySunday, 10:00 AM in the Equestrian AreaCome give a try at crying Heraldry from Horseback! A short lesson is followed by sitting aboard a horse and calling a few oyeas. Kids & teens welcome with adult supervisionNo cost, but carrots appreciatedNo, tho a helmet will be provided for minors.
Baroness Chiere wreic MareduddMounted-to-Ground Combat ClassSunday, 1:30 PM on the Equestrian Lyste FieldTentative Pending Approval! An introduction to the latest experimental mounted combat activity that was introduced at Gulf Wars.Authorized EquestriansNo costTentative pending approval!
Jean Etienne Du NordevestMusic JamSunday, 4:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionNo costBring your favorite period or period-ish musical instrument.
Chiere wreic mareduddNeed Perfectly Period Tack? Check Your Tackroom!Sunday, 3:00 PM in the Equestrian AreaFind out how similar Period tack is to Modern tack, and what you can do to make your Period Presence more pleasing! Kids & teens welcome with adult supervisionno costno need, but if one wants, bring tack, fabric, skins, etc to discuss and experiment with!
Solveig in KyrraNewcomer to EquestrianSunday, 9:00 AM in the Equestrian AreaA basic introduction to horses, activities in the SCA, requirements for authorizing to ride, and opportunities to participate for those who do not own their own horses.Kids, teens & adults welcome, children under 12 must have adult presentnoneclose-toed shoes
Lady Gisella CoeurPlay On!Saturday, 5:00 PM in the Main HallLearn the basics of playing the game Alquerque. Includes a brief history lesson. Students will have time to play at least one game with an opponent. Kids & teens welcome with adult supervision$1 for handoutsIf participants own or have access to borrow an Alquerque board game, they should bring it with them. I will have paper versions of the games available but it is much more fun to play on something more authentic.
Gwlados Vachan wreic WymarkPutting on a Period FaceSunday, 5:00 PM in the Feast HallDemo of period cosmetic and hygiene products. Exploring male and female medieval beauty ideals in art and strategies for achieving a more medieval look for our reenacting.Kids & teens welcome with adult supervisionDonations accepted but not required.Nobody is required to try anything but products will be available to use if you like. Those with allergies, particularly nut allergies or beeswax allergies, will need to be aware of that and may not be able to try everything.
THL Brandwyn Alston of the RiftRider Responsibility ClassSaturday, 12:30 PM in the Equestrian Encampment near the ChapelAll equestrians participating in equestrian activities this weekend are required to attendEquestriansNo cost
Mistress Theadora Perplexa
SCA Combat ArcherySaturday, 1:00 PM at the Archery RangeThis class can be an introduction to combat archery or a hats-on demo. Come out and make it the class you need it to be!Kids & teens welcome with adult supervision, This class is limited to folks who can and will follow safety instructions. Limited to about 12 participants.No costIt's best if participants bring any combat archery gear they have. (In-progress arrows and bolts are encouraged.)
Baron James HighgateSCA Newcomers' ClassFriday, 9:30 PM in the Gym (immediately following a brief Royal Court)Are you new (or new-ish) to the SCA? Are you coming back to the SCA after being out for a while? Have you recently moved to Trimaris from another kingdom? Then this is the class for you! Our Newcomers' Class helps you find your way as you are getting started in the SCA! There's a lot of stuff going on, and lots of new jargon to learn, but Baron James makes it easy! Kids, teens & adults welcome. No cost
HL Melissent Jaquelinne la ChanteresseSpeaking Outdoors – Heralding without Hurting YourselfSunday, 2:00 PM in the Bardic PavilionA class designed to address the unusual aspect of speaking in an environment which is not conducive to being heard, with a focus on speaking at Court with proper breathing, diction, projection and pronunciation. Students should prepare a short poem or song.Kids, teens & adults welcome. Limit of about 10-14 participants.No costParticipants should prepare a short song, poem, or monologue so that they can practice the voice projection techniques. Students will be expected to participate.
Lady Gisella CoeurStrategy is EverythingSunday, 5:00 PM in the Main HallAs any warrior will tell you, strategy can win the war. The same goes when it comes to games. We will take a look at specific strategies for making your game playing more challenging and interesting. Specifically we will look at strategic moves for Nine Man Morris and Hnefatafl. Bring your own board if you have one. (Several boards will be available to help illustrate strategic moves.)No kids; teens welcome with adult supervisionNope. FREEIf participants have their own Nine Man Morris or Hnefatafl games, they should bring them along but don't go out an buy/make one just for class. Sharp minds ready to strategize (coffee optional).
Lady Catiana de VannesSuper Simple Tunic ConstructionSunday, 3:00 PM in the Feast HallThis is a lecture class. I will demonstrate how to layout, mark, and cut fabric for a basic tunic. We will use a sheet of paper to learn the process. Students will leave with a small pattern to make a tunic at home. For the beginning sewer or newcomer to get started making their own garb.Kids, teens & adults welcomeNo costNo. Fabric selection will be discussed during class.
Rurik Ulfhamar
Two Weapon Fighting Primer
Sunday, 1:00 PM near the Bardic PavilionThis is a class that looks at the historical use of fighting with two weapons, as well as some basic drills to increase agility.Kids & teens welcome with adult supervisionNo CostIdeally everyone will have pell sticks to practice the drills.