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June Graduation
AbdiAbukar201610M1, M2, M3, BIO, ANAT, GLOB, ENG 10, ENG 11, HEALTH, PE2, ART, TECH, REQD ELECT, US 10, WS9ALLYYNO SHOW 9/24DO 7/20155
AbdikadirAbdikadir201612164.68CHAMBERLAIN, ORLINSAC 7/28 - emailed Briggs about his US 10, ENG 10, BIO final grades prior to expulsion so we can get them posted to transcript AC 11/30 credit issue resolved 2/9 AW and Chamberlain met with Abdi to discuss tardies to class, college and career planning (scholarship applications etc) also personal/social issues. AC 2/18 met with mom and he signed agreement, see folder or cum AC 2/26 expulsion hearing 2/29 AC 3/17 has not followed up with Abraxis, called me to tell him that he might get removed from IPASS. 3/18 got kicked out of IpassAC 2/5 Set up with Buscemi for addiction issuesDECEASED 3/20166100
AbdikadirHalimo201611S, SS135AQRJONESAW 2/6 Halimo requested a schedule change so that she could take Science OGT Prep. Changed was made.took air test for math4175YM, SS OGT
AdamsAdrianna201612ENG 11164-student meeting necessaryMartz-1/19 Sent work with Q Gibson so Adrianna (hopefully) can keep up in Photography while she is out. Martz- Called home 3/8- Left message about failing grade.Doubled up in English1175YY
AhmedHassan201612130-currently office helperHelping him straighten out his Math grade (missing transcript from another school). Kelliher AW-have submitted district grade change for Math 2 on two separate occassions, it has not been changed as 2/2/16.1140YY
AldridgeBrandon201611PS9*Brandon will have a B this quarterAE Student complted Phy. Sci. on 5/3 with a 63%120-student meeting necessaryGOVEDDINGSAE spoke with mom in regard to his pace in VCAP on 1/15/16 AC 2/26 providing cota passes for after school vcap 3/21 met eith dad and Brandon. He is on track but does need to focus on his PS9 VCAP. As llong as hecompletes and passes it as well as those classes on his schedule he will graduate. AE is almost done with Phy. Sci.4/28 Called mom and left message. Brandon is currently failing Eng. 9, but is not in danger of failing for the year. I spoke with him and made mom aware that his declining attendance is an issue. (SLT)VCAP1175YY
AllenJaquan201612139-has work hrs and guidance helperAPENVIROEBRIGHT1175YY
AlloziHazem201611R,W, Sc, SS120-student meeting necessary (Recycling Participant)GOVYSUVARAW 9/20 Met with Hazem to discuss transcript. Having it reviewed by CE counselor to verify correct credits internationally. 11/10 - Suvar - Talked with Hazem about needing internship hours to graduate. 12/1 - 12/18 - Suvar -daily chats with Hazem about effort, doing best, etc.; 12/15 - Suvar - email home regarding progress and effort; 1/14 - Suvar - Talekd with Ms. Diawara regarding Hazem and internship hours Torka - 11/16/2015 - Called (614)641-8105. Hazem has some missing work for Anatomy that needs to be turned in. The missing assignments have brought his grade down. AC discussed summer testing options.[DPatrick--home contacts 10/9(ph), 3/1(e.m.), 4/27(e.m.) to discuss lack of academic progress, poor attitude, failure to complete work & participate in class. Mother said she will work on her end to get Hazem in line. He may be discouraged by state exams. Has expressed hopelessness to me in class.] 5/9 AW and AC spoke with Hazem regarding his OGT results, at this time he will not graduate in June due to OGTs. Gave Hazem necessary application for the June OGT administration. Also called and spoke with Hazem's mother to relay the information regarding OGTS.ESL, VCAP, doubled up in ESL english, took air test for english and math4175?R,W,Sc,SS OGT
AminSafiya201612ALL230-student working at internshipYPATRICK5/9 AW and AC met with Safiya to discuss OGT results. Safiya will need to test again in June, she was given paperwork to complete to register.Doubled up in English, Science OGT Prep Course, took air test for english4175?All OGT's
AndersonRajsia201312140 Office Helper/has jobCHAMBERLAINAC 1/28 started and transcript received. 1/29 AW reviewed transcript with student adjusted schedule. Reviewed Internship, Scholarship, and Senior info.1175YY
AndrewsRodeisha201610M1, M2, M3, BIO, PS9, CHEM/ANAT, ENG 10, ENG 11, GLOB, TECH, ART, REQD ELECT, HEALTH, PE2ALL, NEEDS TO MEET TESTING REQY9/22 still a no show,9/23 per Hostetler, in CaliforniaDO 7/20155
AnselJayla201612ECOT 8/20156
ArnoldMarvin201611PE 2, ANAT, M2, ART, REQD ELEC, M3ALL, NEEDS TO MEET TESTING REQYNO SHOW 9/24AC 8/20 spoke to mom about his missing math credits and electives, advised her he was missing a testing attempt which he needs to be exempt. She said she'd be at the meeting on 8/24; 9/18 WDDO 9/20155
AurandDiamond-Cierra201612199JONESJ. Jones - Met family at Open House (9/10) AC 12/17 SPOKE TO JONES ABOUTHER ATTENDANCE AND MISSING WORK AC 1/4 spoke to her about switching Eng 12 teachers, referred her to Mrs. White 1/20 - Spoke with mom about attendance and grade. Said her attendance is poor because of her "appointments at the heart dr., the weight dr. and her Thursday internship." BH 1/19- spoke with Ms. Buscemi about Diamond. Poor class attendance. Failure to make up work and tests.Internship program, Referred to district mentoring office1175YY
BaileyRobert201611ENG 9, ENG, 10, ENG 11, M2, M3, HEALTH, ARTS, REQD ELEC, BIO, CHEM/ANAT, US10, GLOBFULL TIMEALL?FT VCAP; NO SHOW 9/24Science OGT Prep CourseDO 7/20155
Barreto-TorresJennifer201610M2, M3, TECH, BIO, PS9, TECH, PE1, PE2, HEALTHAE Student is behind pace in Math II with VCAP pacing guide 5% has stopped attendingW90 STUDENT IS GOING TO DELIVER RESUME AND CAREER ACTIVITIES FOR THE LAST 30 HOURSALLWARD, EDDINGS, MITCHELLIn TBT listed as a concern AC 1/7 spoke to her about her attendance and academic progress towards graduation. AE spoke with mom 1/15/16 in regard to her staying after school to get more assistance in VCAP on Math 2 Ward 1/20 called dad and left a voicemail, only number that worked in Infinite Campus. Martz Called home 3/8 about failing grade in photography. 4/25 AW attempted to call home to discuss Jennifer not being able to garduate due to lack of credits and OGT's but # not working AC 4/22 LM for family about grades SG Her attenance has improved--each time she's been present this quarter, we've discussed that she can pass a second quarter and earn her English credit, even if she is short on other graduation requirements. Parents # still does not work, there is no Emergencey Medical card on file. AE 4/28 Tried calling about summer school no answer. Ward tried calling 4/28 - no working numbers? AC 5/28 spoke to her about August graduation, she stated she is aware VCAP4NW-OGT, M2, M3, AQR, PS, BIO, PE1, PE2, Health, .5 Tech, Internship
BazeChristopher201610M1, BIO, PS9, ANTA/CHEM, GLOB, ENG 10, ENG 11, M2, HEALTH, ART, TECHAE Student does not attendALL1-xALLYEDDINGS, MITCHELLIn TBT listed as a concernMurray - talked to mom 10/14 about sleeping everyday and missing work, said he's finally coming to school and getting some credits but still a ways to go. Said she will let me know how conversation goes AC 10/21 discussed his lack of progress and unlikelihood of on time graduation AC 11/19 called home and lm on brothers phone about his lack of progress towards graduation. Told him to explore options AC 12/14 spoke to mom about his academic options, she expressed interest in him going to Bridgescape. Chris also spoke to JB about this issue. Schoenfeldt- I have called a couple of times and received no answer or voicemails. No messages were returned. BH- 1/20 Poor class attendance. Failure to make up work and tests.AC 2/24 4/25 AW left VM for mom asking her to contact to discuss Chris' future planning since he will not be able to graduate due to lack of credits and OGT's. AC 4/22 LM for family inq about his plansVCAP4N
BennettTimothy201611ENG 10, ENG 11, , M2, M3, ANAT/CHEM, BIO, PS9, GLOB, .50 TECH, PE2, HEALTHAE student has stopped comingSS0ALLAC 9/1 I SPOKE TO Tim and his mother about his behavior and his lack of motivation at school; had her talk to White and the Eddings AC 10/7 discussed vcap progress. 11/17 - JH and LC met with Tim regarding his desire to pursue his GED. Provided information about GED website and ABLE GED classes. Tim signed form to withdraw.Doubled up in EnglishDO 11/175
BenningtonAlexis201611ENG 11, PE1, PE2, ANAT/CHEM, ENG 10123-CDHS(I received 31hours on 5/18/16. i have sent an email request for the remaining hours to the Career Center.AC 5/20 spoke with Ms. Clark at CDHS about her VCAP and blended learning. She stated that she is good to go for graduation. referred by CDHS to the district mentoring program175YY
BernalMateo201612AE Student has complted Health 81% on 3/16124AQR, GOV, TECHWARD9/22 Late reporter for the school year, wasn't in the first two weeksAW 10/1 Spoke with step mom, Emailed information regarding VCAP AC 11/13 Talked to him about his grade in English and his lavk of working on VCAP AC 12/4 Spoke to mom anout his grades and GF issue Torka- 12/9/2015 Left message to schedule IEP meeting and add a BIP AC 1/11 Spoke with him about his graduation progress AE- Spoke with him on 1/14/16 in regards to completing VCAP by 1/12/2016 Paces-Called 1/19 and left a voicemail at 625-2412. Discussed quarter 2 grades Orlins and Torka - Called 1/21/16 to discuss behavior, grades, attendance, and graduation. AW 1/22 spoke with Mrs. B, scheduled to meet and discuss grades/graduation on 1/26.AC 1/27 mom and dad came in and we discussed his needing to focus on grades. Torka 1/26 Scheduled IEP meeting with mom. Discussed behavior in class Torka - 2/3/16 - Annual review of IEP and developed behavior plan to address work comletion and staying on task. Torka - 2/8/16 - Emailed Tara Bernal about missing homework assignment in AQR, and an additional assignment that is due tomorrow (2/9). Also reminded parent that Mateo's cover letter is due in English 12. AC 4/22 spoke to mom about tech work and his grades in M3 Ward called mom 4/28 - sent makeup work from vacation thru email 5/4 spoke with mom to discuss grade status. Mateo is in danger of failing PC APPS, requested that teacher contact mom to discuss what progress needs to be made. Did make mom aware that if Mateo does not pass, he will need to do summer school for an August graduation. 5/16 - ATorka - emailed mom to let her know about missing assignments for Math III. 5/18/16 - A. Torka - Emailed mom to ask if Mateo can stay for after school tutoring on Thursday, May 19 to complete a Math III quiz. Emailed her again later in the day because Mateo walked out of 7th period AQR due to refusing to work on IEP goals. 5/19/2016 - Wrote a 1-90. Mateo refused to work on a missing assignment during Math III and instead went to sit with a friend and chat and drink soda. He used profanity when I asked him to work on the assignment. Ms. Orlins also asked him to complete some work. Emailed parent for a conference.AC 2/10 I am going to English to help him daily 2nd period1175YY
BlackshearMarQuay201612123SEIMERSWCSTorka - 11/16/2015 - Called (614)774-5509. Left message for parent to return call to discuss Anatomy grade. AC 12/14 discussed interim grades. 1/29AW spoke with Marquay's mother, she was concerned with his DE and MUS grade, we discussed options for him such as a different class in place of MUS this semester and also improving his DE grade. Will follow up at beginning of next week.1175YY
BlankenshipTazsheena201612150CHEM, GOVEBRIGHT, WOODWood (11/19/15) Taz and her mom were evicted from their home and will be forced to move out by Friday 11/21. She is struggling to catch up in classes after being out for her knee, so she may need help catching up with her English essay due Friday and reaching her ALEKS milestone in math. AC 11/23 family in displaced housing. Taz reacherd her ALEKS goal and made it into CSCC Stats class (Math 4). Ebright 2/3 2/18 AW spoke with mom regarding Taz's absences, mom says she has been sick and has had physical therapy. Discussed the issues that her absences present with her CCP classes. She says Taz will return tomorrow(2/19) asked that Taz come see me when she returns. AC 2/18 I spoke to her brother about her attendance1175Y
BoganJanaya20169ALL BUT 2ALL0-xALLAC 11/16 had meeting with her and Mrs. White about her success plan and alternative options based on her needs of extensive credits and day care needs 11/17 talked to mom to recap the conversation we had on 11/16. 11/30 White J. came into Mrs. White's office upset, she no longer wishes to pursue alternative options and wants to stay at West even though she will not graduate this year. Explain that if she does not gradute and returns as a non grad she will be doing all her coursework on VCAP full-time.AC 11/30 Janaya came to my office requesting a scheduie change. We cannot change her schedule bc of the extensive amount of coursework she needs to catch up. She was advised that FT VCAP would be a better option for her to graduate and that we do not offer a 5th year program. She believes that we are "holding her down" like "they" have done for the last 3 years. AC 12/11 mom called and said she was taking her to BridgescapeVCAP4
BolanosPatricia201612148GOVJONESAC 1/11 spoke to her about her grades and progress towards graduationVCAP1155YY
BootheCindy201612W, SECOT 9/20156
BradleyKaylah201612AE Has completed Health 4/11 with 80%210-PLTW internship City of Columbus(120)SWCS1175YY
BraithwaiteJames201610ENG 10, GLOB, M1, ANAT/CHEM, M2, M3, ENG 11, PE1, PE2, HEALTH, BIO, PS9, TECH, ARTALL?In TBT listed as a concernScience OGT Prep Course, remedial coursesBRIDGESCAPE 9/20156
BrewerJeremy201612AE Completed Health credit 3/8/16 83%143.7AQRFABREGASWe had a conversation about his academic situation.I notifyed to him I was his sponsor. He understood that he can come to me or to any teacher if he needs any help at any time.Mr. Fabregas 9/21/15. Torka - Called 10/21/2015 to set up IEP meeting and discuss grades. Left message with adult male in home. Mr. Fabregas. 10/29/15 (I am continously asking him how is he doing in general. I offer my help and I do not let him sllep in classes) Torka - 11/11/2015 - Called again to set up an IEP meeting, and left a message with an adult in the home. I wasn't able to get a hold of mom, but Jeremy texted his mom to send her the date and time. She did not respond yet. Weekly meetings (during 2nd semester) with Jeremy for mentoring - Hostetler & AmiconShalom Zone Mentoring1175YY
BritoMilagros201612120 HRS 30-1/20 met with Mila, going to be an office helper to work toward hoursLeft message for De la Rosa, Alma R- just wanted to say how GREAT this student is in class!!! - Orenchuk 1175YY
BrownCassandra201612120-met with student , has hours from Heinzerling Foundation, needs document 1/15AWAQRGENTRYSG 10/27 Contacted mom with positve feedback report 1/20AW student brought in internship hours documentation.Was put in internship coordinator mailbox.1175?Y
BrownTreanna201612S120     0-BBasketballTECHWILLIAMSTorka - 11/16/2015 - Called (614)279-0201 and discussed Anatomy grade. She is getting low scores on assignments that are turned in and not complete. AC 4/15 discussed summer testing options 5/9 AW spoke with Treanna's mother regarding her OGT results. Treanna will need to sit for the June administration of the OGT. AC 5/28 spoke to mom to make sure she retierates the importance of teh June OGT4175YSc-OGT
BusseyLeslie201612AE Student has complted PE with a 71% on 4/20247-student meeting necessaryCATCompleted PE 1 in VCAP on 4/201175YY
CamperJordan201612147GOV, TECHYMCCOYAC 10/7 Arranged for him to have tutoring time during english1105YY
Cardona-PimientaMariana201611ENG 11AE Student completed Eng 10 on 5/31 with a 61%139-work hours documentation rec 5/18ALLEBRIGHT, WOODWood (11/19/15) called mom at 614-735-4773 at 12:45 PM and left a voicemail to return my call at school. Mariana has not been in class since 11/4 (2 weeks). AC 11/19 Called home about attendance. Lm on primary number. All other numbers disc. Referred Wood to Hotsteler for a home visit bc of lack of response. AC 11/30, per JH Home visit unsuccessful - they moved.But I found her via her brother. Family moved. I spoke with Mariana and she will be here Monday. Transportation seems like it may be a problem but I can help her get a COTA pass. She is going to come talk with me Monday morning. AC 12/9 12th grade team conferenced with her re; attendance. Mariana's grade has improved in AQR. Q2 she earned an A and is off to a good start in Q3. Ebright 2/3, 4/26 AW met with Mariana to discuss grades and status of graduation. Mariana continues to struggle with attendance due to her full work schedule. Discussed options, Mariana will try to make sure that she makes it to school and makes up work. SG 4/19 Provided Marinna with alternative, indepdendent study projects that she can complete. I stressed that she needs to turn them in and be present for final (she's passed one quarter.) Also, spoke to Aunt 4/27 AC 5/20 spoke to her about her VCAP, she is working on it and plans to be done early next week. Home visit3175NY
CarrollRonnie201611???FULL TIMEALLFT VCAPDO 9/20155
CastoJacob201611ENG 11, M2, M3, PE1, PE2, ENG 1, PS9,1ALLMARTZTI 10/27 Jacob Casto - left VM for mother and emergency contact. Jacob Casto - HV completed yesterday - furniture on front porch and mail in mailbox. Left CCS hang tag on door. Knocked on neighbors door (Duplex) - they were home but did not come to the door.Repeat courses, home visitDO 11/20155
ChivalaIsmail201612AEStudent completed Health 4/4/16 72%205-Career Center GoodwillGOVYYEDDINGSAC 12/4 12/2 discussed VCAP with him AW 1/21 Ish is working on his VCAP in guidance while Ms. Angel is on leave. AE He completed VCAP on 4/4/16Referred to district mentoring office1175 (Mrs. White)YY
ClementsFalecia201611M3 AC 12/22 Completed AQR 70% AE Eng. 10 COMPLETE 3/18--64% 120-student meeting necessaryEDDINGSAC 12/7 completed AQR on VCAP. 9/15 Made a plan to help her with Math OGT, but she decided in the end to work with Ms Williams.Kelliher 2/18 AW spoke with Falecia about VCAP progress and internship. AECompleted VCAP in both AQR and English 10Science OGT Prep Course, ND Mentoring1175 (Mrs. White)YY
CollinsMakayla201611US10, M1, TECH, Adv ScAE Student has complted Math I 60% on 4/22 Completed Phy Sci. with a 67% on May, 9S120EDDINGSLeft message for mom- Amy- IC cell phone number- also texted Makayla on 11/11- attendance very poor! Orenchuk Torka - 11/16/2015 - Called (614)354-1350 and left a message for Amy Williams to discuss Anatomy grade. AC 11/11 discussed issues at home and her plan AC 12/7 I left a message for her aunt about her attendance and grades Torka - 12/09/2015 - Number in IC is disconnected. Called Dora Royster (contact) and was unable to leave a message. Voicemail is not set up. AC 12/14 JH spoke to student about her attendance AE left message with mom on 1/15/16 AC 1/19 SPOKE TO JB ABOUT HER TRYING TO GET IN CONTACT WITH HER. WAS GOING TO CALL HER BOYFRIEND TO GET AHOLD OF HER. Palmer 1/19 - Left message on mom's phone about failing second nine weeks. 1/21 Left message at contact on IC, Ms. Hinz also texted and tried to contact thru drill team members (friends) no answer, maybe pregnant. 3/8 AW discussed options for graduation. Will re-evaluate at 4Q interim and make final decisions on pathway. Student will focus on attendance and make-up work. AC 3/8 talked to her about her educational options ac 3/22 WE ARE LOOKING AT AN AUGUST GRADUATION and Amy White is picking her up for schoolVCAP, Referred to district mentoring office4PROJECT CONNECTYM-OGT
CoonsHarley201612BRIDGESCAPE 6/20156
CosbyKelly201611ENG 9, M2, M3, PS9, TECHR, SMARIETTA 8/20156
CraceWilliam201612AE Completed Health 3/18 80% Completed Eng. 9 82% on 4/21124-turned in hours band and youth achievementAQRMURRAYAC 12/22 Transcript issue resovled with Lancaster City Schools via Amy White. 2/9 AW met with William, Mr. Cech and Chamberlain to discuss DE, will transfer out so that he can complete VCAP Eng 9 and Health. AC 3/17 disussed his VCAP progress AE Completed VCAP 4/21/161175YY
CrawfordBrandy201611ALL ATTEMPTS NEEDED0ALLCHAMBERLAINAC 10/21 mom came in about them being in a shelter; she's wants to drop out, we discussed the negative impact of that on her long term goals; I connected her to the SW Torka - Called 10/21, but no answer. Will try again 10/22 to schedule IEP meeting and discuss graduation. TI 10/27 Brandy Crawford - call to mother - student is not with mother but living with friend on the West Side. Mother will contact student to tell her to come to school tomorrow. Stressed that student needs to come in and speak with Joy or administrator to make decision on being at West or enrolling somewhere else. Torka - 11/11/2015 - Called 614-557-7678. The number is not accepting calls at this time. Also called 614-972-2694. This number is not in service.
Called 614-203-5926 and spoke with Christina Martin who is Brandy's aunt. She gave me a new number for Amanda Martin which is 614-404-1067. She also told me that Brandy is enrolled at ECOT.
Called 614-404-1067 and spoke with Amanda Martin. She verified that Brandy was enrolled at ECOT last Thursday. Torka - 11/17/2015 - Called 614-404-1067 and spoke with Amanda Martin. Brandy needs to log-in at ECOT in order to be officially enrolled.
Doubled up in MathECOT 11/20156
CrumptonDayJon201610AE Has stopped coming to VCAPNo data available from Whitehalldropped out -needs to un-enrollALLCAME LATE FROM WHITEHALLAC 11/16 talked him about his goals and plans for graduating on time. AC 1/8 spoke to him re: his attendance and graduation AE Spoke with him in regard to VCAP 1/14/16 1/20/16- Spoke with mom about attendance and grades, she encourages him to come to school but "he just won't come every day." - Jones AC 4/22 LM for mom about his educational options4NSc, SS-OGT, E10, E11, E12, WS, US, AmGov, AQR, PS, AdvSc, PE1, .5 Tech, .5 Elec, Academic Elec, Internship
CruzDario201610M1, M2, M3, ENG9, ENG10, ENG 11, PS9, BIO, ANAT/CHEM, GLOB, PE2, REQD ELEC0NO SHOW 9/24ECOT 10/20156
Cruz-AntonioAndres2016 M3, BIO, ENG9, ENG10, PS9AE Student is at 43% Eng. 9. has 2 essays left Will def need summer school 3/23S8-job, Chamberlain, MartzBIO, PS9CHAMBERLAINAC 8/18 graduation contract meeting with his mom, him and White; AC 9/24 spoke to him about his grades and lack of VCAP progress; AC 10/7 GF is pregnant and discussed tardies and vcap progress AC 12/7 discussed grades
Palmer - 1/19 Called and initially spoke to mother who passed phone to Andres - spoke with him while he translated to mother about failing quarter 2 and needing to improve grades for the third quarter. AC 2/18 lm for mom about attendance and graduation issues AC 3/22 LM for mom about his attendance and lack of progress 4/25 AW met with Andres to discuss progress and goals for an August graduation. AE Spoke with dad on 4/28 about summer school and possibility of him completd Eng, 9 and Eng. 10 in VCAP by end of the year.
remedial courses, VCAP, Referred to district mentoring office, Dads group with Williams, took air math test AE spoke with him and sister about attending after school VCAP for added suport in Eng. 9 says he will start 2/2/16Central HS 5/20165N
Cruz-BernardoAlvaro201612322EBRIGHT, WOODSWCS1175YY
CummingsSelina201612AE Student has completd Health 4/28 with a 71%163- work?ENG12SUTTONMurray- called both numbers on IC - both had no answer- f's in all classes and poor attendance - Murray 11/13 - sent message home, salina is doing great this quarter. Did not recieve response. 12/23 LC Cumbers not working reacherd out to Mr. Roberts to contact Adrian Hatcher to attempt to contact Selina.  AC 1/5 attempted to get her from class, but she never showed up. Wanted to discuss attendance, etc with her AC 1/11 changed her schedule per Cech. On 9/18/15 Hostetler spoke with mom regarding attendance. On 10/12/15, Hostetler sent Attendance conference letter home, scheduled for 10/20. On 9/18/15 Hostetler spoke with mom regarding attendance. On 10/12/15, Hostetler sent Attendance conference letter home, scheduled for 10/20. Parent did not show for conference. 12/17/15 - Hostetler conference with Cech. On 1/4/16, Hostetler had phone call with mom who provided Selina's cell #. Left message on cell phone asking student to meet with SSW. Martz-Spoke with Mom on 1/21 about failing Photography. AC 2/18 lm for her about her attendance. Martz- Called home 3/8 about failing grade and attendance, spoke with mom. 4/26 AW spoke with Selina and her mother on the phone. Both are aware that attendance is imperative is Selina wishes to walk with her class in June. Selina stated that she would be back at school on Wednesday. Palmer 4/27 & 4/28 - Called to discuss attendance and grades, no answer, no voicemail. AE 4/28 Student completed Health in VCAPIn TBT listed as a concern, modified schedule2175YY
CunninghamToni201612AE Student completed Health on 5/4 with a 70%84-student mtg neededALLYAC 9/18 Spoke to mom about graduation requirements and her progress AC 12/7 discussed her grades and attendance with her SG-LM for mother about class absences--has been in school, but had not attended 8th period two consecutive days.SG-LM for mother about class absences--has been in school, but had not attended 8th period two consecutive days. Hostetler made counseling referral on 10/23/15. Hostetler met with FCCS CW, Mrs. White and DFYF Clincian on 1/4/16. AC 5/20 spoke to her about her lack of progress and what her plan was for graduationIn TBT listed as a concern3175NY
DanielsKaden201612188-job, hrs from Cat and Mrs.D (RECYCLING)HAENSZEL1175YY
DavidsonMarcus4-student mtg needed104-student mtg neededALL0-xALLMITCHELLAC 10/7 was picked up on his warrant AC 1/7 spoke to him about his credit issues and his long term plan to eventually graduate AC 1/12 spoke to him about his graduation plans (to hustle in summer school and graduate in summer 2016). LM for mom about our convo.12/10/15 Marcus was sent out of class for refusal to get off his phone and participate. I called home. 1-12-16 Marcus was sent out again for refusal to get off his phone. He was rude and mouthy. He was sent to office with 190 and conferenced with Chamberlain. He aplogized to me personally. I called home and left a message for his mother; not only about his behavior, but about his failing grade. He received an F for the 2nd Quarter. I also contacted his basketball coach to make him aware of the situation. AC 2/18 LM for mom about whereabouts AC 3/22 LM for mom about what his academic plans are 4/26 AW left message for mom regarding whereabouts and status. He is not eiligible for graduation at this time. Palmer - 4/28 Called mom and left message about grades and attendance.remedial courses, VCAP, Referred to district mentoring office4NN
DavisFallen201612139-job, hrs from Cat and Mrs.D (RECYCLING)AH10, CERAMCATremedial courses, VCAP1175YY
DemingJasmine201612AE Student has completed Eng. 11 86% 4/4/16 Student has completed Eng. 10 on 4/20 73%145-student mtg necessaryAC 2/18 working on her schedule, she is now in vcap bc of charles school transcript issues AC 3/8 discussed her lack of progress on vcap AC 4/6 one English done and working on the other AE Completed both Eng. 10 and Eng. 11 in VCAP1175YY
DixonDana'E201610M1, ENG9, ENG11, M3, GLOB, CHEM/ANAT, TECH, ART, REQD ELECStudent is behind pace in AQR of VCAP pacing guideALL60GOV12YPACES, BUSCEMITorka - Called 10/21/15 to discuss attendance and grades. A male answered the phone Samantha Dixon was not available.doubled up EnglishECOT 11/20156
DjigoAminata201611M3, CHEM/ANAT, GLOB, ENG 11, HEALTH, ART, TECHR, W, S, SS135@Columbus GlobalReferred to district mentoring office440NR, W, Sc, SS-OGT
DonaldsonPablo201610.50 TECH, ENG9, ENG10, ENG11, PS9, BIO, CHEM/ANAT, ART, WS9, US10, GLOB, M1, M2, M3ALL9/22 still a no showCOURT ORDERED DO 10/20155
DumasRolanderick201612201MARTZ1/26 spoke via phone with Adam Viney at FHCC and Rolanderick. Spoke about progress and continuing his internship. 1/27 met with Rolanderick to discuss VCAP progress, AQR is where he is struggling, will be working on getting to West for tutoring with Ms. Ebright. Also worked on FAFSA information 2/8 AW met with Rolanderick, he is progressing with his AQR. still needs to turn in PE Waiver form. Has new address 336 Demorest Rd, Cols 43204 AC 4/22 discussed his VCAP progress1180 recvd shirtYY
DuncanAlyssa20161227-needs hours, spoke with student 1/15 AC&AW. 5/16/16 lvm--does not come to school. H.D.ALLORENCHUKMurray 1/19 left message about poor attendace and Quater 2 FAC 9/2015 spoke to student about attendance and chronic tardies AC 10/7 addressed her about her attendance10/9 BH spoke with dad about her attendance (truancy) in my class. Referred her to Ms. Buscemi AC 10/12 spoke to Haenzal about her tardies AC 10/27 Attendance meeting has been scheduled AC 11/20 truancy filed AC 11/24 had an outstanding warrant SG 9/30 Spoke with father about attendance. AC 1/5 called home and lm about attendance and grades. (1/21) Ray called home, left message, about Alyssa's failing the first semester of Theatre.BH-1/19 Spoke with Ms. Hostetler about Alyssa-Poor class attendance. Failure to make up work and tests. Martz- Spoke with Dad on 1/21 about failing Photography. 2/5 AW met with Alyssa and did ID paper for ACT. also adjusted schedule for .5 technology credit AC 2/8 lm for her mom re: hall roam ing and lack of VCAP progress AC 3/17 discussed her lack of progress and what was needed for her to graduate on time AC 4/6 lm for her dad about alternative education options AC 4/22 talked to dad about options, he said he'd talk to her AC 4/25 talked to Alyssa about her attendance and grades and options. 4/22 SG Supplied Alyssa with alternative assignments to make up for in-class work she's missed. VCAP4N
DuncanVincecceriaALLXTorka - 12/10/2015 - Spoke with brother, but he is currently at work and can't get in touch with her at the moment. He will have her call me back. AC 12/22 truant, no show as of yet4
FaughtCherokee201611M3, BIO, CHEM/ANAT, PE1, PE2, HEALTHBRIDGESCAPE 7/20156
FellsRakim201612120-ENG12CECH, WOODAC 1/8 spoke to mom about his NCAA registration and him needing to take the ACT AC 3/17 paid for him to retake the ACT1175YY
FeltsChandelle201611ENG11, ACADEMIC ELE, M2AE Student is behind pace in Math II of VCAP pacing guide 19% Poor Attendance 3/23sALLGENTRYLeft message with mom (email from IC) she passed 1st Q but struggling 2nd quarter already. She CAN pass- needs some motivation. Orenchuk 4/26 AW left voicemail for mom regarding Chandelle's current grades and being at risk for graduation. 4/26 Left message encouraging Chandelle be present for finals--she has passed two quarters with D+s--so can earn English credit, even if she doesn't meet all graduation requirements. Palmer - 4/28 Called mom and left message about grades and attendance.Pregnancy group AE student says she will attend ater school VCAP starting 2/2/164NE11, AQR, AmGov, AcadElec, Tech, Internship
FieldsTimothy201612S7ENG 12YHAENSZEL(9/22) -Spoke with stepmom about grades, electronic distractions, and lack of effort. (10/9) - Spoke with stepmom again during TIm's IEP meeting. I expressed my continued concern of Tim's lack of effort in English. Stepmom expressed that Tim is hesitant about writing because he has not been successful in this area in the past. (10/12) - Tim was eager to learn and involved in English. - J. Jones AC 10/21 at his IEP meeting I offered to help him w English bc he is struggling in it AC 12/9 spoke to stepmom about his quitting precalc and basketball2
FoutAustin201612142AQR, SPEECHYTORKA1175YY
Fregoso-ParraItalia201610ENG 10, ENG 11, M2, M3, PE1, PE2, BIO, PS9,ECOT 7/20156
FrysonMyriek201611AE Student completed Eng. 11 with a 73% on 5/31120-FHCCGOV, SOCAC 7/28 - mom called about him being in CC here since he was in Marion. I spoke with Amy White and lm for Fowler at FHCC to call me back about it. 8/2015 mom came in and I followed up 8/17 Myriek came in and I told him wehere we were at with CC acceptnce AE Student showed up out of nowhere telling me he needs Eng. 9 in VCAP on March 21, 2016!!!!! AC 3/22 signed his VCAP form AC 4/6 spoke with mom regarding Myriek's VCAP progress, she is aware of when VCAP afterschool is and knows that Myriek must complete it to graduate. Also met with Myriek and Ms. Eddings AE 4/28 Spoke with mom to inform her that his attendance in after school VCAP is sporadic and he is not making any progress in VCAP at all. Spoke with him in regard to navigating through PLATO smarter not harder and getting essays done! He is at 1% 5/3 AW sent letter home with grades and stated that Myriek needs to finish English 11 VCAP or he will not be able to graduate in June.3175NY
FugittKatelyn201612129-student mtg necessaryFABREGASI had a conversation with the student and with the mom as well about me being the sponsor for this school year. Mom understood that we could work together withher doughter at any time to asure that she does well during this scool year.Mr. Fabregas1175YY
FullerRyan201612109ALLWARD, BUSCEMIMurray 2/10- emailed mom, ryan has attended one class this quarter and has a 0%. Murray - 10/20 Emailed Mom, Ryan is not turing in work. Murray 10/28 Talked to mom, she doesnt know why he's not turing in work, said she'd talk to him. Ryan wont pass Q1. Buscemi - Met with Ryan 11/4 about not passing Q1 and what he plans to do after graduation (Marines). Followed up 11/9 and he is stating he's making an active effort to pass Q2 and go to all classes. Will follow up regularly. ac 12/16 SPOKE TO RYAN ABOUT HIS GRADES AND HIS LACK OF FOCUS AND HIS FUTURE PLANNING AC 1/5 spoke to Ryan about his failing grades and he was disrespectful. He refuses to go to class and blames us for his failure. LM for mom. 1/8 - Emailed mom, havent heard back. Havent seen Ryan since Early November. Told her he will fail quarter 2. AC 1/12 I spoke to him about the fact that he hasn't been in govt since before thanksgiving. In talking w him, he refuses to go bc he's failing and his plan is that he passes the last two quarters. He also refuses to serve any discipline after school or in school but states that we are to blame for suspending him. SG-Ryan was brought to class by safety and security after a hall sweep. He asked for missing assignments from earlier in the quarter. I provided them to him. AC 1/15 after a serious of behavioral issues, I called mom. We discussed his current academic status and how he is presently not on target to graduate bc of grades and attendance. AC 1/20 lm for mom re: oss, returned message from mom at 150. Ryan was counseled while be suspended to make better choices and attend school and follow his schedule. He chose to accost myself and SS about his lack of academic progress and then stated that his mom said to stop calling her bc he is 18. Ward 1/20 called mom, Ryan failed MatSci 2nd quarter, left voicemail. SG 1/20 contacted mother about Ryan's failing grade. AC 2/2 Ryan came to school on the last day of his suspenscion and refused to leave the main office. He became very aggressive and immediately called his mom in the main office and caused a scene. Instead of reporting to 8th period, he roamed the hallways and then left the building. I called his mothers number, and it was directed to vm and that said it was full. AC 3/21 called mom about behavior and she and I discussed him going to another program to get done on time so he can still ship out for the marines. Mom and student no showed for a meeting they requested on 3/22 AC 4/6 have been speaking to mom and his sergeant about his lack of progress and likelihood of not graduating. 4/7 AW spoke with Ryan and recruiter and they asked if there was anyway that Ryan could graduate, Explained what he needed to do to have that happen mathematically. Also stressed that he must be in every class, no excuse. 4/26 AW met with Ryan and gave him summer school papers to fill out. He continues to refuse to attend class and will not pass required credits. Ryan will be eligible for summer graduation if he completes summer school. AC 4/26 addressed Ryan about not going to class. Orlins - 5/3 Called mom and left message about grades and attendance.AC 5/3 droppped his English 12 and put him in VCAP 8th for English 12 to decrease the number of summer classes he needs to graduate in August.In TBT listed as a concern, have contacted his recruiting military liasion, Referred to district mentoring office4NAQR, AcadElec, AMGov
FultzChastiney201611ENG9, PS9/ANAT, PE2ALLBUSCEMIHLSD; No Show 9/24Science OGT PrepECOT 7/20156
GabbertMatthew201612AE Student completed Eng 10 60% 1/14/16120-guidance helper, drill team, student councilAC 12/11 spoke to him about his lack of progress in VCAP AE completed VCAP om 1/141175YY
GainesDemonty2016NDAE Student has stopped comingALLStudent is believed to have dropped out of school.H.D. 1-x P.O. hoursALLyCHAMBERLAINPaces- Left voicemail at 419-0013 concerning 2nd quarter AC 9/22 HAS SEVERAL PARTIAL CREDITS FROM JDC, SEVERLY BEHIND AC 10/27 Very little progress in VCAP AC 12/17 SPOKE TO HIM ABOUT HIS PLANS AND ALTERNATIVES TO GRADUATION AC 1/8 spoke to him about his attendance 12-10-15 Turchan called home and left message with mother about Demonty's grade and lack of effort. Mom was made aware of the possibility of him not gaining his credit/passing the class if he did not turn things around. Mom returned call, left a message. Turchan called answer. Elmley 1/21 - emailed Mom about getting him on time to school AE left message with mom 2/1/16 AC 2/8 student came in and dropped off books, stated never coming back. I attempted to talk to him about his plans and he made an excuse to leave 4/26 AW left message for mom asking about Demonty's whereabouts and status. He is currently credit defiient and not eligible to graduate. AC 4/15 talked to mom about educational optionsVCAP, Referred to district mentoring office4N
GascaCarlos201611ENG10, M3, HEALTHAE Student in Eng. 10 has a 31% has stopped reporting has all esays left!S30-SPOKE TO MOM- STUDENT IS SUBMITTING WORK HOURS BY 5/25/16 student mtg necessaryALLWILLIAMSSWCSAC 11/16 discussed lack of vcap progress AC 12/14 discussed VCAP progress AC 2/8 discussed vcap progress AC 4/22 reminded him he needs to work on his VCAP AE 4/28 Student has essays leftVCAP4175?Sc-OGT, E10, M3
GelleAbdulahi201611TECH, ENG 10AE Student completed Eng. 10 with a 60% on 5/12M, S140-office helper sophomore yearAA, HEALTHJ. Jones (10/19)- Spoke with mom - needs a translator, but his sister was home to do this for me. I expressed my concern for his grades in class. AC 11/13 talked to him about his lack of progress in courses AC 12/15 discussed his grades etc. BH- 1/20 Discussed grade with Abdulahi-Poor class attendance. Failure to make up work and tests. AC 4/22 talked to AW and him about his progressVCAP, Referred to district mentoring office, took air test in math4?NM, Sc-OGT
GibsonQuawan201612CHEM121-ROTCMSG BuschurSpoke with Quawan about his CS hours. We are setting up a work schedule for him to complete his CS hours by April.took air test in english1175?Y
GibsonQuinton201612S125CHAMBERLAINAC 1/7 spoke to him about NCAA clearinghouse registration and him needing to take the ACT. Marttz- Called home 3/8 about failing grade in Photography. AC 3/17 gave a pep talk about the OGT AC 4/6 talked to him about attendance 5/9 AW and AC met with Quinton regarding OGT score. Quinton will need to take the June administration of the test to try for August graduation. Also left message for mom.4175YSc-OGT
GivensAntonio201612127-WestmoorCHAVE-TURCHANBuscemi - met with Antonio 10/30. Discussed Q1, future plans. Will meet with regularly, as does Mr. Williams as part of the Teen Dad group. AC 1/7 spoke to him about NCAA clearinghouse registration and him needing to take the ACTdads group, Westmoor internship program1175YY
Gonzalez AyalaHarold201612HEALTH, ENG 11, PS9YYNo show 9/24MOVED TO PUERTO RICO 7/20156
Gonzalez WilliamsIlda201612156- work?--Spoke to student re: work hours. All she has to do is submit them. Several calls home and class checks attempted with no result.ALLMCEVOYMurray 1/19- Tried to call home about F grade and poor attendance, Mailbox is full on voicemail 4/18 AW met with Carino, she has been dealing with family issues as her mother has been sick and she is the primary caregiver. Gave emotional support and discussed plan to try to graduation on time, if not summer school and August graduation will be an option. AC 4/15 talked to her about her academic options and attendance. Hardy 4/28: Tried calling home with two different numbers (one does not accept incoming calls, the other I left a voicemail. The call was concerning her attendance this quarter which is resulting in her failing grade.4175NY
GradyBrittany201612S180.27PHOTOORLINSAC 1/5 spoke to her about the ROCT issues she is having in ROTC. Martz- Left message on 1/21 about failing Photography. Martz- Spoke with mom on 3/8 about failing grade in Photography 5/9 AW and AC spoke with mom regarding OGT scores. Brittany did come up and meet with both and reviewed OGT summer institute paperwork.4175YSc-OGT
GreenMarijane201611ENG 10, US10AEStudent completed in English 10 on 5/6 with a 72%128AH10, ENG12EDDINGS, BUSCEMI, PAYNEBuscemi- met with Mari regularly throughout Q1. She increased her grades and is doing better with attending all classes throughout the day. AC 11/19 talked to her about her vcap progress and not being in class AC 2/18 spoke to her about her lack of progress in VCAP AC 3/17 spoke to her again about her vcap progress 4/22 spoke to her about her VCAP progress AE 4/28 Studenrt is waiting on last essay to be graded!VCAP1175YY
GreenTodd201611Eng 11, HealthRegistered for VCAP on 1/12Needs last attempts0-xYTURCHANAC 1/11 spoke to student as a new student, he is in the ED RR as well as VCAP and gen ed English 11. He was given behavioral expectations of WHS. AC 1/21 talked to grandma about his outburts and that he needed to get it together to be able to graduate. Also, contacted Franklin Prep to get his IEP. AC 2/2 Todd refuses to follow his BIP and the ED classroom rules. He leaves the classroom and goes AWOL. He also leaves the building and returns with various narratives as to why. He asked Mr. Cech to sign him out of his IEP services today and he wishes to pursue a GED program. 2/8 AW Todd came to my office, stated that he would be returning to class tomorrow. He understands that his current schedule and placement will not be changed. He states that he is going to use his headphones as a calming mechanism while doing work. AC 3/8 no trespass orderDO 2/20165
HajiAli201611ENG 9,M3, TECHAE has 30% in Eng.9 still needs essays! Completed AQR on 5/27 with a 60%M, S120-student mtg necessaryCERAMYGENTRY2/8 Added VCAP to Haji's schedule, he will begin work on Eng 9 (had it assigned last year but did not finish)and AQR 4/21 AW met with Ali and gave paperwork to sign up for summer school and OGT summer Institute in case he needs either and target changes to August graduation. Also asked Ali to see if one of his parents could do a phone conference to go over the plans if he does not complete coursework and/ does not pass OGTs AE on 4/28 student claims he will complete both AQR and Eng. 9 in VCAP tried calling to inform parents no working number.took air test in math4175NM, Sc-OGT, E9
HallSierra201611BIO, M3, PE1, PE2179-follow up. Spoke to parent. Student does not attend school often because she is 18.ALLTURCHANTorka - 11/16/2015 - Spoke to Donna Gray at (614)619-6793 about Sierra's grade in Anatomy. She will talk to Sierra about her grades and missing assignments.3175?Y
HallenRobert201610ENG 9, ENG 10, ENG11, M1, M2, M3, BIO, ANAT/CHEM, WS9, US10, GLOB, HEALTH, ART, TECH, REQD ELECALL, NEEDS TO MEET TESTING REQSPYAC 9/18 conferenced with dad and White about his lack of motivation and chronic behavior issuesBRIDGESCAPE 9/20156
HassanHalimo201612140AC 8/19 spoke to her about needing her OGT and that she will not have classes here. Came from DE CGA1?Y
HenryAlan2016ND0 AC Called mom on first day bc he no showed to guidance for a schedule and left the building 9/24 spoke with Mom and she states he is attending Youthbuild, AWYOUTHBUILD 9/20156
HarvellGina201612123-FHCCCSCC MATH, ENG12, MUSEBRIGHTAC 4/22 talked to about her CSCC math1??Y
HensonTaylor20161230NEWARK 7/20156
HinkleKameron201611M3, GLOB, ANAT/CHEM, PS9, TECH, PE2, ENG 10, ENG 11M, WBRIDGESCAPE 9/20156
HolycrossAaron201611ENG 11, PS9, GLOB, M2, ENG 10, CHEM/ANAT, PE2, M3, ART, TECH, US 10Horrible Attendance 4% Eng 11S0-xTECH, AH10, THEAEDDINGS9/20 and 10/7 addressed him about attendance. LM at his house re same thing AC 10/20 addressed him about his attendance AC 10/27 LM at home about attendance 11/17 talked to him about his lack of attendance and his lack of progress with Mrs Hostetler AC 12/7 disucssed his attendance with him and his grades AC 1/5 LM for mom regarding behavior and lack of progress. Invited to conferences for discussion on his options for graduation AC 1/5 spoke to mom about his lack of progress. She was advised of his behavior and lack of academic progress. She stated that he plans to drop out when he turns 18. I suggested that he explore other educational options (ie FT Vcap)
Palmer - called and left mom a voicemail about failing quarter 2. AC 2/18 LM a message about educational options AC 4/22 talked to him about his educational options 5/5 AW discussed educational options for Aaron since he will not be getting his needed credits. Gave him info on different programs to explore. 5/9 AW and AC met with Aaron and gave OGT results. Aaron will need to continue to sit for the OGT's as well as complete credits.
VCAP, SW referral, Referred to district mentoring office4NSc-OGT, E10, E11, AmGov, M2, M3, AQR, PS, AdvSc, AcadElec, .5 Tech, Internship
HowardDonavan2016NDFRANKLINTON PREP 8/20156
HowardSir Darius201612.5 TECH,US10,AE Student has complted Phy. Sci 62% on 3/16 Completed Health 79%-120 added office helper to work toward hrs AWENG12, MAT SCIYEDDINGSFC - Spoke with mother 11/18, Sir Darius is doing well and is on pace to pass course for the year. Discussed his ability to stay focused thru the quarter though. Last quarter started with an A and ended up with a C.

Ward (1/20) Called mom and let her know failed 2nd quarter. Will be attending tutoring once it starts up (1st quarter grade was a C)
ND Mentoring125YY
HuffTeri201612SS53AQRMCEVOYECOT 10/20156
HuffordTimothy201612ANATAC ENG 10 completed on 1/12 AE 65%192-hrs with CatCATFC - spoke with student, just took ACT, feels good about it, preparing for college visits thru foorball program, wants to get into an education program, if he can't get his GPA up to college acceptance will attend Columbus State in the Fall, on track to graduate, needs to pass OGT in social studies, will be personally tutoring him.  SG - contacted mother about a class cut and refusal to take a quiz. 12/10. 1/20 spoke with Tim about his ACT score, if he can retake and receive a 18 or higher (currently 16) will schedule a visit to Muskingum College.1172YY
HughesJayla201612AE Eng 10 complted on 3/7 62%90 -truancy issues and 5/18 - finishing hours with I know I can on 5/19 H.D.GOV, OGT SCI, OGT SSEDDINGSAC 11/19 She needs AQR, RM 1/11 called home about attendance, various disco numbers, LM at Manpower for mom, will email JH. Schoenfeldt--I called the numbers listed for her also and received no working number. Her attendance certainly hurt her, because when she was here her work was at least passing. Martz- On 1/17 texted sister (Aliyah) about attendance as I am unable to contact mom. AC 4/22 LM for mom about grades and attendance. Martz- Texted on 4/27 about attendance, Jayla promised she would be in everyday the rest of year and was absent on 4/28VCAP?1175?Y
HuntCheyenne201612132-student mtg neededGOVHACKWORTH(1/21) Ray attempted contact with parent about Cheyenne's failing first semester of Theatre, Phone number did not work.1175YY
HutchinsonChantel201612SPRINGFIELD HS 8/20156
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