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Distro NameUS / International
Active DistributionInt'lUnited Kingdom
“Active Distribution has been around since the 1980s, as a DIY and voluntary project to support our scenes. Run by Jon for over thirty years, he's now stepped back to focus on Active Distribution Publishing, and a new crew based in Bristol have been running the distro side of things. Still keeping things priced as low as possible, distributing a wide range of 'all things anarchist' and maintaining a DIY and not for profit ethic.”
Antipode Int'lUnited Kingdom
"We are a UK-based partnership of zine enthusiasts. We founded Antipode to bring you a curated catalogue of self published and small press publications from creatives all over the world. Together we've scouted our favourite art, comics, poetry, and tabletop gaming zines and we are certain you will love them as much as we do."
Community Radio DistroInt'lCanada
"Jenna Rose and Jill met some time in 2018. Jill was the head of the ever rad Forest City Zine Fiends and Jenna Rose was neck deep in the rage that has fuelled her own zines. Coming together was a collision of awkwardness (both are wildly awkward) and mutual aspirations to read more zines and spread some zine love to their communities. Both are deeply committed to community building, social justice and having a cool time doing it."
GatosaurioInt'lMexico“Gatosaurio is a label & online shop from Mexico City created by Inechi in 2013 now run as a two woman business with assistance of valis since 2021. Everything is made by us and we also distro items by our Mexican friends, all produced in limited editions (sometimes by hand) so items may not restock after sold out.”
Heavy Mental Zine DistroInt'lGermany
“Heavy Mental specializes in distributing zines and comics, offering queer_feminist perspectives or challenging discrimination. If you know more zines, or if you make them yourself, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch!”
Look Mum! DistroInt'lCanada
“To make it simple I distro stuff I like, which includes, Per Zines, Zines about sex work, Art Zines, Queer Zines, Sex Zines, practical radical zines, anarchist zines.... the list goes on but have a look at our stacks for a better idea.”
Partizanka PressInt'lCanada
“Partizanka Press is a micropress and distro of zines, artist's books and multiples, based in Hamilton, Ontario.”
paper view booksInt'lPortugal
“paper view is an independent printer and bookstore from portugal. they release odd pages, centered in collage and concrete poetry, the smaller (in size) collection pluriversalis and collagen series. they act as a printlab, running experiments with outdated materials and crossing mediums. they also have a photo series called point of view and several illustration books.”
Pen FightInt'lUK
“We’re pen fight, a feminist and queer shop and small press based in Manchester, UK. Independently run since 2015, we sell zines, radical books, badges, and other DIY and small-run art and craft. / On our shelves you’ll find work on feminist and women’s rights, disability and mental health, food, veganism, gardening, politics, race, class, art, friendship, music, fanzines, and anything else with an ace DIY ethic. / We also operate a small press, printing zine titles by women, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ folks, we want to amplify the voices and creative work of the marginalised and new artists.”
Red Letter DistroInt'lNew Zealand
“An international ‘occasional distro’ of curated zines and independent arts publications from Aotearoa, New Zealand, founded by Kerry Ann Lee in 2001.”
Sticky InstituteInt'lAustrailia
“Ardent defenders of zine culture since 2001. We have a shop underneath Flinders Street & we run Festival Of The Photocopier!”
Vampire Hag DistroInt'lUK
“we like zines! our favourite kinds are perzines (all sorts; feminist, mental health, queer, the list goes on forever) food zines & some art zines but we’re open to everything, though we’re not super into poetry or music zines, but there are always some exceptions.. nothing racist, girl hatey, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, cissexist, hateful etc stuff though! those are a definite no-no.”
Zine Gang DistroInt'lAustralia
“We're a zine distro from Melbourne, Australia, bringing zines and comics from more than 20 zine makers together in one place.”
thankubodyInt'l Australia
“thankubody is a health and wellbeing site with empowering zines, tools, and articles to help you thrive online and offline.”
Small Zine VolcanoIntlAustralia
“Small Zine Volcano distributes free zines. You pay the postage, we send you the zines, wherever you are in the world.”
8-Ball PublishingUSNY
“8-Ball Publishing develops unique concepts for new publications and collaborates with artists to create works in a variety of formats, focusing on underrepresented content and emphasizing handmade printing and binding techniques. The publishing team also hosts educational workshops on bookmaking, self-publishing and the care of printed matter, often in collaboration with other organizations and museums. One of the main production for the Publishing team is also to reproduce various informative and radical zines from various collectives around the world, and sell them as "pay-what-you-want". For all info about our publications, email:”
Antiquated FutureUSWA
“​​Antiquated Future is an online store, zine distro, pop-up shop, and tape label that began in 2008 out of Olympia, Washington and currently operates out of Portland, Oregon. Over the past thirteen years, we've distributed several thousand different zines, books, tapes, records, and handmade odds and ends by independent artists. Though we've grown over the years—and even gone through a name change (originally we were the Ms. Valerie Park Distro)—we've been essentially the same since the beginning: we spread print and physical mediums through digital avenues, employing the future to preserve the past.”
Birdcage Bottom BooksUSNY
“We are both a publishing company and a distro representing over 100 self-publishing artists and small-presses. Our focus is on handmade comics, prints and apparel, often limited editions using customized printing techniques like risograph and screenprinting.”
Brown Recluse Zine DistroUSCA
“Brown Recluse Zine Distro was created to support + center zines written by queer and trans people of color; BRZD was born in the spirit of visibility + in the spirit of celebrating our cultures. Brown Recluse exists to strengthen our ties + highlight our intersectional, relatable experiences.” // "Collective members + volunteers read submissions, print zines, run social media, send out orders, write descriptions, table events around the country, answer emails, hustle money, and deal with all the day to day operations."
Bunny Ears DistroUSNM
“Bunny Ears Distro is an audio-zine distro, aimed at bringing zine readings directly into your home!”
Burn All BooksUSCA
“Burn All Books began in 2017 as a risograph micropress in the storage area of Verbatim Books. Today we are a riso studio and a curated selection of artist books, prints, zines, comics and gifts.”
The Concern. NewsstandUSNC
"The Concern Newsstand is an e-commerce bookstore based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Originally formed & named in 2017 for the concern of a changing town, in terms of the closing down of independent bookstores, commercialization and a lack of places to buy artist made books & zines, The Concern has pivoted with the times focusing on a range of concerns. The shop includes art books, zines, some used & rare books and magazines from the US/ UK/ Europe. It also has a publishing arm and serves as the host of a Reading Series of poets bi-monthly in Chapel Hill. It is a curated focus by artist, arts administrator & Chapel Hill native Orvokki Crosby and an experimental business model of sustainability, housed within Attic 506, an artist-run space. It is an evolving project."
“World's only goth zine distro!! Run by Midwestern zine vet julia eff & friends, dedicated to the cut & paste life with a Hot Topic soundtrack. Zines for outcasts, by outcasts. Scoring points for passion and persistence.”
Emerald Comics DistroUSWA
“Emerald Comics Distro is an independent comics distributor based in Seattle, WA. ECD works with independent cartoonists and small presses to bring innovative and diverse indie comics to your favorite local comic shop, or right to your door. Emerald is looking for comic books (floppies, trade paperbacks, or hardbacks) that have some kind of narrative to them. In general, Emerald values good storytelling, diversity of subjects and creators, and good quality production. Take a look at our online catalog to get a sense of what we distribute.”
Mend My Dress PressUSWA
“Mend My Dress Press is a small publisher and distributor based out of Tacoma, Washington. We are purveyors of anthologies of zines, small art books, investigative social pieces, and local authors. Mend My Dress Press was born out of grrrl love and the need for more small, independent publishing houses on the west coast that focus on preserving zines in the form of anthologies. We believe these forms of writing and art should be preserved as part of our collective cultural history and look forward to our active roll in this effort.”
Microcosm PublishingUSOR
“Portland (and Cleveland!)'s most colorful, authentic, and empowering publishing house and distributor, Microcosm Publishing & Distribution is a vertically integrated publishing house that equips readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them. Microcosm emphasizes skill-building, showing hidden histories, and fostering creativity through challenging conventional publishing wisdom with books and zines about DIY skills, food, bicycling, gender, self-care, and social justice. Microcosm was started by Joe Biel in his bedroom as a distro and record label in 1996 and is now among the oldest independent book publishing houses in Portland, OR. Microcosm focuses on relating the experiences of what it's like to be a marginalized person and strives to be recognized for spirit, creativity, and value. All books are printed in the U.S. on post-consumer papers, and the company doubles the industry average in number of women authors and prioritizes hiring of special needs employees. Microcosm constantly poses the question “How can we remove barriers to success for marginalized people in our industry?””
Neither/Nor Zine DistroUSMO
“Neither/nor is owned and operated by Kansas Citian, Jess Hogan (they/them). Jess is a biracial (latinx/white) genderfluid/nonbinary/queer person who loves making, reading, trading, and collecting zines. It’s that love that led Jess to connect with other local zinesters and work towards putting on KC Zine Con for the first 5 years of its existence! [...] The mission of Neither/nor Zine Distro is to be a source for novice and veteran zine makers/enthusiasts to sell their zines and support one another and to act as a zine destination/resource in KC year round. Zines can take many forms reflecting the individuals' vision. They are inherently empowering since the entire process (content creation, editing, layout, reproduction, distribution) is controlled by the artist. By distributing these unique creations uncapitalized voices are disseminated and elevated! Local (KC), personal, DIY, self-care, self-help, radical/political, identity politics (gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality,etc.) and feminist zines are the focus of this distro.”
"Nonmachinable, purveyors of zines and artist’s books, was founded in 2022 by the artists allison anne (they/them) and Jeremy P. Bushnell (he/him). Nonmachinable promotes and disseminates collage, asemic writing, visual poetry, and other optically interesting publications, with a focus on work made by trans people, queers, artists of color, and women."
Portland Button WorksUSOR
“Portland Button Works specializes in making custom buttons, magnets and other items for your project, school, band, non-profit, memorial, pub crawl or whatever reason you may need tiny pictures to pin to your clothes! Your order can be picked up and paid for at our shop or shipped around the world! We offer rush orders and design services for additional fees. / We also offer a large selection of our own button designs (get in touch for wholesale pricing if you are interested in reselling), as well as a growing zine, comic, and book distro. / We operate an online distro & brick and mortar shop (by appointment but not currently due to the pandemic) in Portland Oregon, and we normally vend at five or more zine events a year around the US (sometimes other countries) If we decide to carry your zines we request 20 or more copies and pay 50% of retail upfront (no consignments) or 60% in trade for anything from zines, buttons, or custom buttons and other items. We also have a few arrangements where we can print from flats or PDFs. We are interested in zines that are based in DIY and punk ethics in regards to politics, content, production, and pricing. In an effort to keep zines accessible we prefer zines that are $5.00 retail or less.”
Shoot Film CoUSCA
“Shoot Film Co. is excited to now feature zines, books, and other publications by artists and photographers using film as their medium of choice. We believe in the power of the printed image and zines are one of the most exciting ways to discover work from new artists in the best way to present an image - in print!” Stocks only zines featuring photography shot on film
Silver Sprocket Zine DistroUSCA
“a tiny San Francisco-based comics publisher that is also a bicycle club and an activist collective” – New York Times

“Silver Sprocket’s disingenuous insistence that they’re an ‘anti-professional… all-around raging dumpster fire’ gets a little more tiresome by the week, as they put out volume after volume of thought-provoking and/or entertaining comics.” – Broken Frontier
Spit and a HalfUSWI
"Hey, my name’s John Porcellino. Since 1989 I’ve drawn and self-published my own zine, King-Cat Comix and Stories. In 1992 I started a zine and comix distro called Spit and a Half. This was before the internet! It was all on paper. People sent me orders through the mail, and I sent comix to them through the mail! In 2000, due to health problems I was having, I quit doing the distro. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. 10 years later, I was feeling a lot better, and was more committed than ever to trying to keep the world of self-published comix and zines thriving. So I brought the distro back to life. I focus on small-press and self-published comics from around the world, ones that might fall through the cracks more easily, and are harder to find. This may sound obvious, but when you buy zines and comix from me, or from another distro/shop, or from the creator themselves, you’re really helping everyone involved to keep going. Money from the sales goes directly into the creators’ pockets, so they can eat, pay rent, and make more beautiful zines. Also, as a zine publisher myself, I can’t be anything but fair. I pay the creators a good price, and always pay what is owed."
Wasted Ink Zine DistroUSAZ
“Wasted Ink Zine Distro(WIZD) is a zine store and community space led by a passionate queer, neurodivergent, disabled zinester named Charissa Lucille. WIZD uplifts QTBIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled and chronically ill, neurodivergent, and Arizona creators by distributing their work locally and internationally, hosting the Phx Zine Fest, and by hosting community events, art shows, and workshops. WIZD was originally founded in 2015 and has grown and is now part of a community space called Nurture House which also includes Palabras Bilingual Bookstore, Por Vida Bakery, Wasted Ink Zine Distro, Pachanga Press and Abalone Mountain Press. WIZD distributes work from over 300 creators through our storefront and online store that ships internationally. We distribute zines at events each year.”
Bottles on the Sill DistroUS
“I am proud to carry many lesser known zines that deserve admiration, along with some handmade items and prints. Join me in spreading zine readership.”
Radiator ComicsUSFL
"Radiator Comics distributes, produces, and promotes hand-made, self-published and small-press comics that focus on self-expression and storytelling. At the core of our mission is a commitment to increasing the population of comic book readers, providing support to comic book makers to create the best work they possibly can, and to fairly compensate those creators for their work."
Wow Cool / Sparkplug BooksUSCA
"Wow Cool produces and sells comics, records, zines, books and more. We offer Comics, Books, Minicomics and more from a wide range of independent and local artists. We have the finest selection of graphic novels in Silicon Valley, including many hard-to-find European and Asian titles along with books from Image, Marvel, DC, Black Mask, Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly and many more."
Stay Kind!USMA
“Stay Kind! publishes and distributes creative works including zines and buttons. A portion of all sales are donated to initiatives supporting positive change in our communities. Stay Kind! is especially interested in supporting groups and organizations doing work around racial justice, gender and sexuality, youth voice, animal rights, violence intervention and prevention, and mental health.”
Sweet Candy DistroUSWA
“On our website, you will find over 200 zine titles, books, and a variety of DIY items. The zine writers we work with are from all over the US and around the globe. They write about a variety of topics, such as mental health, feminism, body image, parenting, food, travel, art, survival, fiction stories, and so much more! / In June 2013, Sweet Candy Distro took a giant leap into the world of publishing. Along with distributing hundreds of zines, we're working with writers to publish their work in book format. Our mission has always been to support creative people in their writing ventures, and we'll continue to help keep voices loud in the literary community.”
The Word DistributionUSNJ
“We here at The Word are into the finer things in life - sports, cats, sex, food and things like that. We like it light and airy and let the other distro's out there carry the heavy load. We are also all about other DIY related projects. Things like music, art, pins and patches. Submissions of all kinds of welcome just see the contact page for e-mail or snail mail addresses.”
“Zine-o-Matic is a monthly zine subscription service. A zine is a small, independently published art booklet. Zines typically contain illustrations, poetry, cartoons or short stories. Zines do not have any sort of corporate backing, they are very rugged, individualized, and much more charismatic than larger, more popular magazines whose content is often dictated by their advertisers. Sign up for an account and Zine-o-Matic will send you a curated bag-o-zines every month.”
Zines with SolUSCA
“Zines With Sol Distro carries zines by and for BIPOC, Queer, Trans, Non Binary parents and community raising liberated seeds of tomorrow. Focus is on body autonomy, liberation birth and parenting, and decolonial medicine.”
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