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TimestampEmail AddressWhat is your first and last name?When is your birthday (month & date only...no year necessary!)?What is your favorite type of cake?What is your favorite candy?What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?What is your favorite dessert?What is your favorite hot drink?What is your favorite cold drink?What is your favorite "healthy" food?What is your favorite "junk" food?What is your favorite fruit?What is your favorite veggie?What is your favorite restaurant?What is your favorite color?What is your favorite flower?What is your favorite plant?What is your favorite genre of books?Who is your favorite author?What do you like to do for fun?What is your favorite genre of music?Which movie theater do you prefer?What is your favorite gift card to receive?What are some items you want/need for your classroom/office/work space?What is an interesting fact that people may not know about you?
11/25/2016 12:31:51aenglish@dcsdk12.orgAly EnglishMarch 23Don't like cake :(chocolate covered raisins or hershey's milk chocolateCan't eat ice creamChocolate Chip Cookies (no nuts!)English Breakfast tea with milk and sugarsweetened iced teaSmoothieBoulder Canyon Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt ChipsOrangeCarrotsP.F. Chang's, Panera, SubwayBlueSunflowerSucculent Fantasy/Mythology, but literally ALL books!J.K. Rowling, RIck Riordan, etc.Read!Top 25, CountryAMCBarnes & Noble, Target, AmazonPost-Its, Sharpies, Dry Erase MarkersI won a gold medal at the Jr. Olympics in the black belt division for fighting in karate.
8/8/2016 17:25:39amvaldez@dcsdk12.orgAdriann ValdezMarch 12thCheese cake!Gummy BearsVanillaIce creamCoffeeRed bullSaladCheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles StarwberriesCucumbersTexas Road HousePink and tealTulipsOrchid AnyAnyRunning, working out, spending time with family, playing with my dogCountryAMCStarbucks or TargetLegos storage bench/binsI am learning to play the ukulele
8/7/2016 10:48:47asduelm@dcsdk12.orgAmy Duelm3/13chocolate or carrot Twix, Reeses orange sherbet any:)mochadiet dp, Carmel Frappuccinofruit of any kindDoritospeachescarrotsOutback, Red LobsterpurpletuplisIvymysteryToo manyBe outside Classic Rock Castle Rock AMCAmazon, Target, Starbucks, ANY!Standing desks, high-interest boy booksMoths and frogs freak me out!
7/9/2016 10:37:32barushing@dcsdk12.orgBrittany Rushing07-21German Chocolate Dark Chocolate AlmondsChocolate ChipBrowniesVanilla LatteLemonade Snap PeasNachosGrapefruitCucumbers Mod PizzaPurpleLove them all!Anything greenNicholas Sparks Camp, hike, wildlife photography, hang with my boys90's Castle RockStarbucksI have been to 24 National Parks and hope to see all 59 of them.
11/29/16 5:30 PMbcblackburn@dcsdk12.orgBarb BlackburnDecember 24cheesecake/vanilla/red velvetReecesvanillaPumpkin cheesecakegreen tea lattewater/iced tea/lemonadefruits & veggies trayspizzaMost anything. Probably strawberriesbroccoliJuz Sushi in Parkerorangesunflowers?? Something that is easy to tendcrime thrillers/mysteryNot sure....Stephen King, Linwood Barclay, Clive Barker....weight lifting, snowboarding, hiking, reading, travelingclassic rock, 90s, acoustic folk I guess you'd call it.Don't go to the moviesAmazon/Starbucks/Costco/SproutsN/AI was a vocal major in college and have sang at all my family weddings and have written two songs.
11/18/2016 20:48:37blzellmer@dcsdk12.orgBrittany ZellmerMay 27Red VeletSeasalt chocolate with carmel centerscoffeecookie cake with frostingskinny vanilla latteiced skinny vanilla latte or iced coffee with skim milkapple with peanut butterwhite cheddar popcornraspberriesbaby carrotsMod PizzaBlue or PurpleTulipssucculants Mystery or Education Related Any - New Your Best Seller ListRunning, Hiking, Shopping, Spaacoustic musicAnyNordstrom or AthletaLegos! :)My picture was on the front page of the paper and I was wearing a ninja turtle shirt and neon leggings.
6/12/2016 21:44:49bmbasner@dcsdk12.orgBrooke BasnerFebruary 7thChocolateLollipopsChocolateBrowniesHot ChocolateWaterSaladGarden Salsa Sun ChipsRaspberriesCarrots and HummusThe Cheesecake Factory/ChipotleLight BlueOrchidOrchidChildren'sTomie DepaolaSwimIndieAMCAmazonStools/Differentiated SeatingI love sharks.
6/15/2016 22:03:10camiller@dcsdk12.orgChristina Miller 10-03-90Carrot cakeKit katsCookie dough BrowniesHot cocoaStrawberry banana smoothie Cobb saladChocolate chip cookiesWatermelonBroccoli Olive Garden Turquoise DaisyBambooRomanceNicholas Sparks Art, hiking, running RockAmc 24StarbucksArt supplies---markers, glue sticks, crayonsI'm training for a half marathon!
2/20/17capeters@dcsdk12.orgClay PetersOctober 14CheesecakeReese'sOreoCheesecakeHot ChocolateMtn. DewSaladPizza, Cheez itsWatermelonCarrotsCheesecake FactoryorangeAllFictionNot SureSportsEverything but CountryAMCAmazonN/A
11/19/2016 10:28:57cesmart@dcsdk12.orgClaire Smart March 22
Gluten free chocolate cake
Sour patch kidsMint chipRaspberries Cheesecake Factory PurpleOrchidShoppingCountryAmcTargetGames for rainy days, bottles of glue, new bean bag chairs
11/20/2016 13:53:58cjmallory@dcsdk12.orgChelsey MalloryFeb. 13th
German Chocolate/Red Velvet
Any type of chocolate with caramel or peanut butter!
Butter PecanApple PieChai TeaIced Tea
Mixed nuts! (pecans, cashews, etc.)
BBQ chips
Rasberries, blackberries, or strawberries!
BrocoliNoodles & Company/Olive GardenBlueLilies!Bamboo/OrchidsHistorical FictionToo many to list!Paint and Hike!Pop/Anything "Happy"AMC
Olive Garden/Express/Target/Chic Fil A
Children's chapter and picture books. I can always use more felt pens too!I was born in Washington State and I spend most of my time outside of school painting and hiking because I have a deep rooted love for finding beauty in nature.
cmtrecek@dcsd.k12.orCathie Trecek9/24chocolatemilky way peanut butter cupsvanilla or cookies and creamchocolate silk pieherbal teabolthouse juicfruitchips without msgornages, peachesspinachMexican or ItalianBlueBearded Iris /rosesany mystery suspense Too many to listread, garden, cook,all but country, rap hip hopDon't go to movie theatersAmazon or visaflair tip pensWhen my husband turned 8 I was just 1 month old.
10/21/2016 9:09:25cwrychlick@dcsdk12.orgCindy RychlickAugust 15Red VelvetReece's cupVanilla cheesecakeHot chocolate Coke or Ginger AleRoasted salted almondsPizzaPineappleGreen beansMod Pizza, Old Stone Church, Texas Roadhouse MaroonTulip AnyRomanceAbbi GlinesSpend time w/ familyCountryAMC castle rockAmazonCool pensI am from South Carolina.
7/12/2016 10:39:45dimiller@dcsdk12.orgDawn Miller10/30yesbutterfingeralso yescheesecakecoffeelemonadeveggie chipscheetos--the puffy onesgrapescarrotsaugustine grilleyellowdailsyalive--Plants come to me to diehistorical fictionnot picky familyyescastle rocktargetmechanical pencils--it's an addictionI was a classroom teacher for 20 years before I became an interventionist.
11/27/2016 19:15:28dlsprigg@dcsdk12.orgDenise SpriggMay 23Chocolatewatermelon and cherry jolly ranchersvanillaIce creamwhite chocolate mocha with raspberry syrup from Star Bucks SpriteSaladcheddar and sour cream RufflesPineapple CarrotsChipotle, Qdoba, Cheese Cake FactoryTealRoseOrchidfictionKevin Henkes and Mo WillemsProfessional sporting events, concerts, cooking, shoppingPop and R&B AMC Castle RockAmazon, Target, Chipotle, Sephora legosI have a twin sister.
11/29/2016 15:28:16dmurphy@dcsdk12.orgDrew MurphyFebruary 25chocolatesnickerschocolatebrowniescoffeemineral waterchickenpizzaeggplantThe Postgreen
science fiction or techno-thriller
running, reading, and drawing
AMC or Regalamazontall chairs, dry-erase markers, kleenex, speakers, and....I am good at drawing.
11/21/2016 8:28:10eheller@dcsdk12.orgEric Heller12/08Angel Fooddark chocolatestrawberrymoms apple piehot chocolateslurpeechopped saladpizzapineappletomatobluebird of paradisenon fictionbe outsideblues and rockLandmark theatersREI, Cabelas, VisaBalance and strength equipmentWas denied access back into the U.S.
11/19/2016 15:09:04ewthode@dcsdk12.orgBetsy Thode 12/11/1990chocolate reese's cups mint chocolate chip chocolate chip cookies latte with almond milk iced tea salad chips strawberries asparagus chili's teal tulips flowers fiction
go outside with my dogs
popAMCtarget books I was born in Philadelphia
gdionisio@dcsdk12.orgGerri DionisioMay 23cheesecakeheath barany, just NO nuts, yuck!creme bruleecoffeecherry cokeveggies, fruitpotato chipspineappleanything rawCafe RiogreenanylivingYA, or Psych Thrillernoneski, go to movieslight rockAMCTarget
11/21/2016 5:36:39hcabay@dcsdk12.orgHeather CabayJune 5thWhiteAnything chocolateChocolateIce creamCoffeeDiet CokeFruitCrunchy CheetosGrapesPea podsChili'sPurpleAlstromeriaPathosRomanceGary PaulsenKayakingPop (Top 20)AMCWalmartWhite board erasers, bean bag chairs, TV trays, lap trays, 11x17 construction paperI love a good adventure and trying new things.
6/10/2016 11:12:38jcradford@dcsdk12.orgJennifer RadfordMay 26Coconut AlmondAlmond JoyBen and Jerry's Cookie Butter CorePecan PieSkinny Vanilla LatteDiet CokeTrail MixDoritosBlueberries & RaspberriesCarrotsRed RobinPurpleCalla LilyAfrican VioletMemoirLaurie NotaroRead, travel, shop, attend plays, watch movies Everything except 70s Rock (especially the Eagles)AMC AmazonI'm pretty sure I will be receiving unicorn themed items, whether I want them or notI have bathed various farm animals.
6/10/2016 11:50:28jltalley@dcsdk12.orgJennifer TalleySeptember 26th, 1925Carrot/cheesecakeButterfingerButter PecanCheesecakeChai latte/coffeeDr. PepperAlmondsFritosstrawberries/bluberriesButter squashOutback, Cheesecake FactoryYellowLilies(Stargazer/casablancahydrangea/LilacromanceSparksHike, read, gardenCountry,classic rockAMCChic Fil A/PaneraRefills for my candy jar. The good stuff..no ribbon candy.While doing an Ad in a Dental magazine for dental floss, my gums started bleeding..not my finest moment.
6/10/2016 14:28:31jrbobinchak@dcsdk12.orgJenna BobinchakOctober, 1stRed VelvetStarburst and Swedish FishAnything chocolateFro YoSkinny Vanilla Latte Green Tea Frappe or Green TeaLara Bars or Cliff BarsCheese PopcornMangosAny :-)Anything Mexican!PinkDaisyOrchidRomanceNicholas SparksHiking, backpacking, painting, cookingAny AMCTarget, REIPillows, fun chairs to sit on.I was an exchange student in Germany for a summer.
8/26/2016 9:44:04kmckenzie@dcsdk12.orgKellie McKenzie01/05CheesecakeRed VinesMint Chocolate ChipSmoresCoffeeDiet Dr PepperSaladChips Strawberry or AppleCucumbersPF ChangsPinkDaisyFakeMystery or People MagazineHang with family, hike, watch movies, shopAllRegalKirklands or TargetPens!I don't know how to ride a real bike but I'm really good on a stationary bike at spin class:)
11/20/2016 13:06:48lfranco@dcsdk12.orgLisa Franco09/18any chocolatenon-dairyapple piegreen teadiet cokemediterraneanburgers and friesstrawberriesspinachany place I don't have to shop, cook, or cleanteal roses
anything I can't easily kill
historical fiction
hang out with friends and family, travel
depends on my moodregal cinemasamazoncool desk accessoriesI was a DJ in college
6/14/2016 9:24:37lkennedy@dcsdk12.orgLeslie KennedyDecember 27thAngle foodTwixVanillaCreme BruleeWhite Hot ChocolateCherry limeade slushyPistachiosTwixApplesBroccoliSushi CastleGreenCosmosAfrican Violetsmurder mysteriesJD Robbhiking, gardening, campingChristianAMC Castle RockAmazonSticky notesI am a record holder for the longest arm hang at my elementary school :O)
8/3/2016 12:40:59mbueker@dcsdk12.orgMegan BuekerApril 4Yellow / WhiteTwix / SkittlesCookie DoughCheesecakeWhite Chocolate Mocha from StarbucksCoca-ColaGrapesCandyGrapesSweet PeasHacienda ColoradoBlue / PinkOrchidSpider PlantMysteryHike, crochet, scrapbookCountryAMCStarbucksChildren's books, Clorox wipes, stickers, a plantI'm a black diamond skier.
6/13/2016 10:21:48mebrown@dcsdk12.orgMelissa Brown01/29VanillaTootsie RollsMint Chocolate ChipVanilla CupcakesChai Tea LatteWaterPeanut Butter Lara BarHarvest Snap Peas- CasearRaspberriesCarrotsPF ChangsBlue/GrayLilyBambooRomance Candis Terry and Susan MaciasMake thing with my Silhouette, make jewelry, hang with my family, hikeCountryAMC TJMaxx, Gap or TargetScrapbook paper, Felt Tip PensI have never been skiing but lived in CO for 20 years and I have drank out of the Stanley Cup!
11/21/2016 9:18:37
Mary Jones10-29cheese cakechocolatecoffeecandy applescoffeeice tea
cut up mix of different fruits or veggies
caramel cornany kindany raw kindmexicanbluesunflowersanything green
historical fiction or christian
hiking, reading, sightseeing
christiandon't go to the moviesMichael"s, Starbucksmy nickname is Betsy
mhansen2@dcsdk12.orgMakenzie Hansen4/6Fruit CobblerDark ChocolateCan't have ice cream :(OreosPeppermint Mocha w/ Almond MilkSweet TeaAvocadoHot WingsAnything but Cantaloupe & Honey DewEdemameAnything SushiPurpleDaisy and SunflowerCactusSports HistoryHarper LeeCoach Youth Sports, AlternativeSouthlandsNike or MauricesOrganization stuffI was in the Cherokee National Choir
8/26/2016 11:16:02mhurley@dcsdk12.orgMelissa Hurley01/28Ice Cream CakeChocolate or Hot TamalesChocolate or Cookie DoughSundaeCoffee-Caramel Macchiato Iced- Caramel Macchiato Honeycrisp ApplesChips, Popcorn, SweetsPineappleCelery and RanchNoodles & CoBlueTulipMysteryNetflixAll KindsAlamo Draft HouseVisaLamps, books, felt tip pens
6/10/2016 19:57:31mlmcclain@dcsdk12.orgMonica McClain01/16ChocolateKit KatCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeIced CoffeeApplePizzaStrawberriesCarrotsStagecoachBlueRoseRomanceanything with my kidsCountryParkerStarbucksSupplies(pencils, crayon, playdough,etc.)I grew up in a bilingual home.
11/21/2016 9:37:25
Marleigha Lossin 3/30ice cream
chocolate chip cookie dough
ice creamcoffeesmoothiespeanutspita chips/popcorn
rasberries and blackberries
peppersSilvis Kitchenturquoise roses
plants that are hard to kill
mystery I don't have one
ski/run/curl up to a good movie
Silvis Kitchen/Starbucks
Can always use dry erase markers/books/pages protectors/highlighters I'm a huge Chicago sports fan and my favorite animal is an elephant
8/13/2016 16:42:34rasteppuhn@dcsdk12.orgRachel SteppuhnMarch 7thCheesecakeSour Patch Kids, Salt Water Taffy, and Dark ChocolateMint Chocolate Chip or Peanut ButterCheesecakeWhite Peppermint Mocha or Pumpkin Spice LatteSonic Cherry Limeade or Iced White Peppermint MochaPita and veggies with hummusPopcornBerries, Mangos, and PineapplePeppersP.F. Chang's, Sushi Den, The Cheesecake Factory, and Red RobinPurpleOrchidBambooI like them all - I can't pick one!Again, I have so many...I like Jon Krakauer, Ransom Riggs, John Green, and Rick RiordanRun, hike, bike, ski, read, go to concerts, and be with my family and friends.I love rock, alternative, punk, '80s, basically anything except country and gospel.AMCAmazon, Target, Athleta, Starbucks, and restaurantsBooks and organizer tubs for tablesI was picked at Sea World to ride on a raft pulled by a dolphin when I was little!
11/20/2016 14:50:31rastraine@dcsdk12.orgReva StraineMarch 16ChocolateYork Peppermint PattyAnyDon't Have OneCoffeeWater no fufuFreah VeggiesNutsWatermelonAllAnyBlueCarnationDon't Have One
Inspirational/ Fact Based
Not SureCrochetChristianCastle RockWalmartDouble Back TapeThat I am a Grandma x3
6/10/2016 11:49:21rpeters@dcsdk12.orgRebeca (Becky) PetersSep 2Pineapple upside down SnickersRocky RoadFlanChai tea latte (Starbucks)Vanilla bean (Starbucks)SaladCheese PuffsStrawberriesTomato & avocadoAnyBlueAnyAnyMurder Mystery, RomanceDon't really have oneGo to concerts, read, theatreAnything but hard rockAMCDress Barn, Starbucks, target, Amazon, charming Charlie, noodles, Freddie's I came into the U.S illegally as a child
7/14/2016 12:28:08sefryhover@dcsdk12.orgStephanie FryhoverJanuary 28ChocolateHot tamalescarmel/vanillacookiestoffee nut latteice teaalmondschocolate/caramel anythingraspberriesorange bell pepperJohn HollysgreensunflowerSpyderdetective/mysterySteve Martiniride bikes, walk, ride motorcycles, camping, watch baseball games, popamc castler12Athletadurable bathroom passes, mouth protectors for performing cprThat I am a wanna be gardner!
2/14/17shenninger@dcsdk12.0orgSydney Henninger August 10Ice CreamSwidish Fish, ReecesCookie Dough Ice Cream Cookies TeaArnold palmerswatermelon Chips and salsa Strawberries, plums BroccoliSantiago's Mint Green Bell FlowersanyDon't have one Not sure Paint, drawCountryAMCAmazon/ TargetN/A
12/2/2016 13:00:41skcarson@dcsdk12.orgSheila CarsonJuly 25CheesecakeLicoriceALLFrozen YogurtWhite Choc/Rasp Latte with whip creamCoconut Water or LemonadeAlmondsSun ChipsBerries, PeachesSpinach (Uncooked)Mad Greens, Applebee's, Portifino's in ParkerPurpleALLMorning Glory, Sequoia Trees, SucculentsInformational: How To BooksKate DiCamillo, Roald Dahl, Dr.SuessGarden, Walk Dog, Scrapbook, Watch detective showsChristian Contmpy-Need to Breathe, The FreyAMC 20 MileSubway, Chick Fil-A, Kohl'sTall Bookshelves, Maker Space, Pencil Sharpener, pencilsIn elementary school I spent time in the learning center because I struggled with reading.
2/14/17smmassine@dcsdk12.orgSean MassineMay 8ChocolateKit-Kat or Reese's PiecesCookie Dough CheesecakeCoffeeSmoothieBrussel sproutsPizzaMangoJalepeno John Holly'sGreyAllHike, golf, skiCountryCastle RockAmazonn/a
11/19/2016 10:51:41tdjaimes@dcsdk12.orgTamara Jaimes5-27lemonHot Tamales
Peppermint Wonderland
flannoneiced lattepeachesquesomangoBrussels sproutsWhite Chocolate Grilllime greenfreesiasucculentsmiddle grade fantasytoo manyreadadult alternative
UA Meadows Stadium 12
bookstores-The Bookies, Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Single sided book display-https://www.amazon.com/Contender-Book-Display-Fully-Assembled/dp/B00DNX56S2I love dogs.
10/23/2016 18:31:13wlewis@dcsdk12.orgWendy LewisJune 1stGerman ChocolateChocolate Covered Cinnamon BearsLate Night DoughCheesecakeHot ChocolateDr PepperFruit PizzaCherries, grapesCucumber
Cheesecake Factory, Chick-fil-a
BlueLove them allanyRomance, mystery?
Hiking, sports, travel, shopping
90'sCastle Rock AMC
Anything for food or clothing
"play" items for free choice and task boxesI played college volleyball.
6/28/2016 17:51:21zdboulter@dcsdk12.orgZack Boulter October 11th Cheesecake Swedish fish Raspberry cheesecake Cherry cheesecake Coffee Cherry Dr Pepper Strawberries Taco Bell Strawberries Broccoli Mt Fuji Red Roses Strawberries Horror Clive Barker Xbox One games and watch scary movies 80'sCastle Rock AMCChipotle, Target, Taco Bell Stickers I was in the United States Navy.
Grace Gallo5/18Funfetti & white icingKit Kat or Recess StixNone - Lactose Intolerant :( .....or VanillaCake/CupcakesCoffee - Starbucks Grande Non-Fat Vanilla LatteWater...or Dr. Pepper (fountain drink only)Grilled ChickenNachos/PizzaPineappleZucchiniGood Mexican or Olive GardenBlueNoneNoneSeries: Harry Potter & Hunger GamesNonePlay music. Exercise. Band.Classical & PopAlamo Draft HouseExpress or AmazonVelcro/Magnets I know how to play all instruments except the guitar.....which most kids only want to know how to play the guitar -_-
Karen Jacobs3/13White with strawberries and whipped cream frostingHeathpeanut butterice creamsalted caramel mocha w/ no whipped creamHomemade lemonadesaladchips and french onion dipplums and peachesbrocollli or brussels sproutsanything that is not a chainorangegerbera daisy???too many to list?yoga, hike, binge on NetflixpopAMCStarbucks
Lynn Robnett11/08yummy cakeChocolate/Hot TamalesRocky Roadice cream sundaePumpkin Spice lattesweet teasaladchipsapples/cantaloupecucumbers and ranchQdoba and SushiTealkid stuff with my toddlersanything Alamo Draft HouseStarbucks, target, amazonpens and mechanical pencils
Mary Kate Vincent 4/17cookie Dark ChocolateCookies and Cream Oatmeal cookies Coffee water watermelon chocolate pretzels watermelon Carrotsmediterraneangreen sunflower Bamboo any any!Run, Ski, Hike bluegrass AMCAmazon binders My job a few years ago was swimming with wild dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.
Terry Willis4/26Spice cakeChocolateStrawberryCreme BruleeChai Tea LatteIced Chai Tea LatteBerrieschipsStrawberries/blueberriesCucumbersSushi CastleGreenRoseCactusmystery?Travelall but rapAlamo Draft HouseStarbucksPensI am a Denver native
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