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TimestampYour name: Committee Name: Campus Advisory Committee: Agenda: Meeting Date: Your report:Hot Topic 1Hot Topic 2Hot Topic 3
12/5/2016 11:47:00Gillian WaterstonAcademic & Student Affairs Council1. Research AR 2nd reading,2. AR rule Math Enrollment,3. Orientation for New Degrees 4. TSI Exempt list 5. Service Learning 6. Default text for late hires 7. Academic Standards Progress12/2/161. Research AR rule updated. 2. Lengthy discussion on the impact of requiring students to enroll in the college credit class the subsequent semester after completing developmental math. Discussion on the use of holds or incentives, whether to include summer. This is the second reading and no no employee groups reported any comments. It is unclear if the rule went out for comment. The rule was tabled until next meeting to allow for more response.3. The new list of courses that can be used for TSI exemption was approved. There was comment from some that the reading and writing list was too short. 4, Default text for late hires should be entered for any staff section. Approved to go out for employee group comments. 5. Math produced the new placement chart for higher level math using ALEKS for assessment. This was an information item. 6. AR on Academic standard presented with minor updates to include interventions by advisors and deans.Required enrollment in college level math the subsequent semester after completing developmental math Entering default text for staff sections
11/22/2016 11:34:54Marissa BurillCampus Advisory Committee (CAC), any campusRound Rock2:00 – 2:10 p.m. 1. Welcome
 Introduction of Members/Attendees
 Refreshments
Mr. Glen Colby, Round Rock CAC Chair

Discussion/Possible Action:
2:10 – 2:15 p.m. 2. Approval of April 11, 2016
Meeting Minutes
Mr. Glen Colby, Round Rock
CAC Chair
Ms. Suzanne Baker, Round Rock CAC
Vice Chair
2:15 – 2:30 p.m. 3. Election of Round Rock CAC Chair and ViceChair,
Review of CAC By-Laws, and Conflict
of Interest
Dr. Ben Ferrell, Executive Vice
President, Campus Planning &
2:30 – 3:00 p.m. 4. Update on ACC Bond Projects Mr. Bill Mullane, Vice President,
Facilities and Construction
3:00 – 3:30 p.m. 5. Update on Round Rock Campus – Phase II Ms. Jamie Hand, ACC Project Manager
3:30 – 4:00 p.m. 6. Discussion and Feedback Round Rock CAC Chair
Dr. Ben Ferrell, Executive Vice
President, Campus Planning &
4:00 p.m. 7. Campus Advisory Committee
Round Rock CAC Chair
11/17/2016Glen Colby and Suzanne Baker were re-elected to their respective positions of Chair and Vice Chair.
Bill Mulane provided updates on all the bond projects.

Hays will not have a swift water rescue facility at this time. It was discovered that the design another college is using would not work. The design that is needed is cost prohibitive at this time to implement. (Space is needed for boat rescues, maneuvers, etc.)

HLC renovations will include a Convocation Center. Also proposed are a pedestrian entry at the lower level to the other side of the building. The entry will also have restaurants run by our culinary program students combined with the addition of more windows and trees. It is proposed that the Metro Rail station be moved.

The Leander campus will mimic the design of HLC with windows, trees and a prominent pedestrian area. Projected opening is summer of 2018 with an expected enrollment of 2,500.

All campuses going forward have a goal of being LEED Silver certified. Land banking has resulted in the purchase of 124 acres near the triangle area of 973/130/71. The property is NOT in the flight path.

Round Rock campus will start work within 2 weeks on an additional 300 space parking lot to support the addition of a building 8000 behind building 2000. Food service remains an issue. It is now non-existent with the re-purposing of the Marketplace space into PE facilities for the ECHS. Judy reports that the Marketplace will return on the 2nd floor of building 2000. Questions were asked about why the food truck that serves the ECHS students turned away other potential customers and what was being done to perhaps bring in other food trucks instead. Staff suggested that perhaps our culinary program could look into the possibility of creating an opportunity for students in the program to run a food truck and thus also assist with food services to campuses. Round Rock City Council members reported that there will be Capital Metro service in the future. Routes and details are being worked out. Other areas of Williamson county (Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park) are currently in negotiations with Capital Metro. Reminders were brought up in reference to security cameras in the stairwells.
Food serviceTransportation - Cap Metro updatesProject updates other construction
11/21/2016 14:23:29Patsy PhillipsCurriculum and Programs CommitteeUpdates from Academic Areas regarding programs and course modifications. Reports from departments with revisions, deletions, modifications, and additions to respective programs effective as early as Spring 201711/1/16At this meeting of the Curriculum and Programs Committee, the following departments were heard from:
Business Administration (remove BUSI 1301 from the degree plan except as an elective; modified BUSG 1304-title change);
BGCT will be offering some new courses promoting sustainability, as well as revising 4 awards;
Psychology will be adding a topic to the Academic Cooperative-Peace and Conflict Studies: Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding Internship;
Electronics and Advanced Technology is continuing to update and re-align their degree and award plans to be more cohesive with other existing programs;
Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics has added a new award, Technical Art Advanced Technical Certificate-with new courses;
Mathematics department is revising the current MATD-0385 to a 4 hour course, MATD-0485. Also, the department will be enforcing the prerequisite for College Algebra-students must be TSI Complete in Math based on completion of MATD-0385 or 0485 will not be eligible to enroll in MATH 1314 or 1324, they must complete MATD 0390with a C or better or a satisfactory score on the ACC Mathematics Assessment Test.
Drama department has expired several courses.
ESOL (Academic) has revised its sequence to better align with CoBoard requirements. There will be 4 levels in all areas. These changes will affect LEH changes.
Philosophy department has deleted both History of Eastern and of Western Religion courses, as well as Modern Philosophy.
In the Health Sciences area, Allied Health has modified its prerequisite for HPRS 2300 to require BIOL-2304/2101.
Dental Hygiene is replacing Speech with Intro to Chemistry and modified several course prerequisites .
Radiology department has modified a few courses and added courses in Tomography as well as modified the contact hours in several lab courses which will increase the number of contact hours for students-allowing for more hands on practice for the students.
CE also is adding a new program-Medical Office Support Occupational Skills Award (188 contact hours); Revised the Pre Apprentice Electrician Occupational Skills Award from 230 contact hours to 278 hours. They also increased the number of contact hours for Phlebotomy from 190 to 210. A new program called Translating and Interpreting Institutional Award is planned. It will have 3 tracks: Medical Interpreting, Translation, and Legal Interpreting. These will all be translating from Spanish to English.
Finally, Tomi Welch, from Admissions and Records, spoke in regard to allowing Mid-year program changes since these changes can affect financial aid and a student's ability to graduate on time. The committee agreed that only exceptional changes should be allowed and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Tomi Welch, from Admissions and Records, spoke in regard to allowing Mid-year program changes since these changes can affect financial aid and a student's ability to graduate on time. The committee agreed that only exceptional changes should be allowed and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
11/18/2016Ginger BennettRVS1. Welcome 2. Approval of April 29, 2016 Meeting Minutes 3. Election of RVS CAC Chair & Vice Chair; Review of CAC By-Laws; Conflict of Interest 4. Update on ACC Bond Projects 5. Discussion and Feedback 6. CAC Adjournment10/28/2016We did not have a quorum of members to allow approval of minutes or electing officers. For now, Dr. Mariano Diaz-Miranda remains Chair and Campus Manager, Frank Taylor, remains co-chair. Updates on Bond Projects were shared by Bill Mulane, VP Facilities & Construction. A few questions were asked regarding specific programs projected for the new southwest campus: avionics is a strong possibility since this campus will be near the airport. COTA was mentioned and how we might be able to connect there as well.
11/14/2016 14:10:00Laura LucasAdministrative Services Council1. Approve minutes from last meeting
2. Review ARs following posting: 6.09.011Overtime for Non-Exempt Employees; 6.09.011 GP Overtime for Non-Exempt Employees Guidelines/Procedures
3. Discuss Proposed Drafts for Posting and Distribution (see minutes)
November 2, 2016Minutes from the meeting can be found here:
11/11/2016 9:52:51Latisha MarionStudent Rights and Responsibilities Committee11/10/16Meeting was cancelled
11/10/2016 15:45:39Gillian WaterstonAcademic & Student Affairs Council(1)Approval of Minutes (2) Student Standards of Conduct (3) Institutional Research (4)Required Mathematics Enrollment (5) Orientation for New Degree or Certificate for College Credit Students (6) TSI Exemption List (7) ESOL Placement Scores)11/4/16(1)Minutes Approved (2) Student Code of Conduct was tabled until the next ASAC meeting (3) First reading of proposed changes in AR 3.06.001 Institutional Research Review. Approved to send the proposed changes for comments (4) First reading of a proposed AR requiring developmental math students to enroll in the college level math class required for their ACC award in the subsequent semester. This has had lengthy discussion in the Admissions and Assessment Committee. Approved to distribute for comments, to include comments that have already be raised by advisors and counselors. (5) Ammend AR rule 1.04.005 to update language changing references to orientation with Area of Study. Approved. (6) Presentation of a course list that would make student TSI complete in a given area if the student has a C or higher in that course. Approved to send out the list for comments. (7) New ESOL placement scores were presented. This committee reviewed as an information item only. No action taken.Item 4Item 6
11/2/2016 10:52:51Patsy PhillipsAssessment and Advising Committee1. Approve September minutes
2. Holistic Advising
3. Update on Math Rule 1.04.013
4. Mandatory Load Limits for DEV Students-AR 4.04.012
5. ESOL and Advanced Math
10/28/16Old business was completed by approving the September minutes.
The first new item discussed was a 2 year grant awarded by the Rand Corporation and supported by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board which aims to accelerate student progress through developmental education. The Holistic Advising will first be directed to "bubble" students who are declared into non-STEM majors and have assessment scores placing them into developmental math. Students will be identified by an advisor as a potential candidate based on their TSI score and an overall assessment of the student situation. Then they will schedule an interview with a specific student services person at each campus. This interview will consist of questions about their finances, housing, transportation, work and time conflicts as well as their math background. The interviewer at each campus will be trained specifically to identify students best suited for success. The proposal follows the process that Capital Idea has used successfully. The point of the interview is to find the students who have the potential to be successful with this.
The student also has to complete an essay describing why they think they should be considered to move up a class. Then, if the student fulfills their responsibilities and 'passes' the interview, they will be referred to the math department. We will determine an intervention. One of the requirements that the student will know going into this is an attendance requirement.
AR 1.04.013-Math Rule. The new AR proposal requires students to take their college-level math immediately after completing developmental course sequence. This item was also discussed in the September meeting and was at that time referred to the Math department for recommendation. The Math department reported back that they voted to support this potential administrative rule. The committee voted on sending the proposed rule forward, 9 for-9 against.
The committee also discussed Mandatory Load Limits for Developmental Students, AR 4.04.012 which currently states that students required to take two or more developmental courses may not register for more than 10 credits in any combination of terms with the sixteen week semesters in the fall or spring or in any combination of terms within the 11-week summer semester. Discussion followed that the data says full-time students are statistically more successful than part-time students.
Holly DelaCroix-DeRouen gave an update on ESOL and advanced placement math. Testing material covered will be updated, but the score ranges at this time will remain as they are.
Potential AR 1.04.013
10/18/2016 8:49:48Michelle EscudierCollege Accessibility CommitteeAPTE Web accessibility, Deaf Program Co-location, Faculty training and resources, CAMI research project.October 14Accessibility on forefront. Websites being updated. PORTAL in progress. One sign in for all services. Content revision will occur.

All deaf programs will move to RGC. Interpreter Services will remain at RVS.

Reviewed Accessibility and Usability course for online instruction - Listed major categories of disabilities, and how to make online courses accessible. Will have test available for faculty foraccessibility, CEU credits.

Center for Materials Innovation (CAMI) Doing survey study on students with accessibility or access to course material issues. All variables that affect students, including timely delivery of accessible materials. Study has never been done. No data exists yet. Students get a stipend for participating in the study.

RRC accessible parking issue. Problem was accessible parking spots were removed for construction purposes. As of time of CAC meeting the spots had been restored. ACC only required to have x number of spots. Need sometimes exceeds that number. The RRC has resolved blocked accessible parking issues, but there are still not enough accessible parking spaces.
Website accessibility progress - review recommendationChanges in the website & administrative software Move of deaf programs to RGC
10/18/2016 8:02:02Michelle EscudierDistance Learning CommitteeUpdates of testing, dl position, dl faculty evaluation, dl course designations, SARA, discussion of Distance Learning Week, Distance Learning Faculty Development Opportunities in Blackboard and OER, nomination of chair.10-07-16Carol Townsend was nominated to be co-chair of the Dl committee. There was a review of Committee charge and functions and it was emphasized that the committee would make decisions based on data.
• Over 200 students participated in Distance Testing this summer.
• The spring and summer pilot program for Proctor U was successful.
• There will be a workshop with the Proctor U representative during DL week.
b. DL position posting
• The Dean of Distance Learning position should be filled by the end of the month.
• Part of the job description will be to incorporate competency based education and credit for prior learning.
• The quality of the courses will also be one of the responsibilities.
c. DL Faculty Evaluation Instrument
• Evaluations with the DLC recommendations will be used in the spring semester.
• The committee will review annually.
d. DL Course Designations
• There are only two designations, ONL and HYD.
• Courses that require students to come to campus will be considered HYD. This will be fully implemented for spring.
• Clark received the new regulations and requirements & will review to see what is needed to be in compliance.
f. Section Notes
• Students can no longer access course notes when registering in the new student planning tool.
• Susan will investigate the issue.
Course Notes not accessible to studentsCarol Townsend was nominated co-chair of the DL committeeDean of Distance learning position should be filled by end of October
10/13/2016 13:14:08Latisha MarionStudent Rights and Responsibilities Committee1. Introductions
2. Minutes
3. Committee Functions
a. Establish a clear set of student expectations regarding scholastic integrity.
(Academic appeals process)
b. Review and simplify procedures related to student complaints, grievances,
and appeals, ensuring due process rights, (Pave)
c. Develop clear, concise definitions of what constitutes a complaint and a
d. Establish a simple checklist of steps a student should follow when filing a
complaint or grievance.
e. Outline alternative options available to a student other than filing a
complaint or grievance.
f. Outline parameters that will allow for complaints and grievances which are
related, to be combined into one review process.
4. Student Standards of Conduct - revising appeals process (JRP)
5. JRP training
10/13/2016-The minutes from the last meeting were not discussed as they were not available.
-PAVE program was discussed in detail. PAVE is an electronic system which will be used in order for students to submit complaints and grievances in relation to interaction with instructors or staff. This program will allow for the student to be ensured that issues that are reported are actively being acknowledged and resolved and also to allow ACC to be in compliance with SACS policies.
PAVE used to keep track of:
1. Student discipline
2. Student conduct
3. Cares program
4. Student complaints
-No current ETA on when PAVE will be implemented due to the current reorganization that has taken place within student services.
-Complaints that are submitted on PAVE will placed into a queue for the designated Dean/assistant dean/executive dean for the campus in which was indicated on the complaint. The person that receives the complaint will then contact the appropriate party for resolution, for instructor issues the department chair will be contacted, staff issues the department director.
-Designated party will then come up with a resolution and discuss with the party associated with the complaint and then notify the student that the issue has been rectified.
- A mediation process is in the works possibly to deescalate possible complaints, which would include possibly training staff to be mediators and also possibly some SGA members.
-ACC Academic appeals process is not known to many students ideas for allowing students privy to their rights to appeal were discussed ideas such as
1. including in the syllabus
2. information in learning labs or provided in tutoring facilities
-Due to the new organization structure of student services the appeals section of the student handbook will need to be reviewed and possibly changed to include the new titles of assistant dean and executive deans along with the processes for completion due to these changes. Selected active committee members will be chosen to work on the updates of this policy in the coming weeks.
-Judicial Review Panel training will be completed so that the standards of the appeal processes are being met on each campus at the time of review for these appeals. Which require that the panel is composed of seven members which will be an instructional dean, a student services dean, four faculty members, and one student government association member.
-SGA members to be trained on the process of the Judicial Review Process appeals committee in order to participate.
Academic Appeal ProcessPAVE
10/13/2016 8:26:49Gillian WaterstonCampus Advisory Committee (CAC), any campusPinnacle!. Welcome, introductions. 2. Approval of Minutes. 3.Election of Chair and Vice Chair. 4. Update of ACC Bond Projects 5. Discussion and Feedback10/12/16Dr Mary Faria, Chief Operating Office Seton Southwest, was elected Chair. David Tucker Pin Campus Manager was elected Vice Chair. Bill Mullane presented an update on the bond projects including; HLC phase 2 (Culinary, Hospitality, Performing Arts, Digital Media), SGC, RGC, RRC, ELG, HYS and land banking. Discussion of Pin upgrades including a new AC, window improvements and new signage. Discussion on Pin enrollment which is -3% decline slowing down. Introduction ofALEKS helps MATD enrollment, potential block scheduling for Business Studies may also help. Change in Cap Metro bus routes may impact Pin students.
10/6/2016 13:05:48Laura LucasPathways Implementation TeamStatus updates on various technology tools that support guided pathways implementation: CRM Recruit, Campus2Careers, Degree Map, Self Service, Intranet and Portal9/28/16- CRM Recruit is being implemented to manage student outreach and recruiting, from initial contact with potential students through registration. ACC application will be moved into CRM Recruit. Launch date: 10/31/16.
- Developing a more systematic way to connect ACC students with mentors. Student Life will be responsible for the mentoring program. Instructional Development has created training for potential mentors. Campus2Careers can automate matching students to mentors based on criteria (career/major, desired frequency of meetings, demographics, etc.). This function needs to be negotiated into our contract, which is currently up for renewal.
- Students and advisors can use Degree Map to monitor progress toward completion of selected award and toward other awards to estimate time and cost to completion.
- Self Service launched June 21. Students use it for registration, schedule planning, and managing financial aid info. Includes ability to monitor progress toward award completion, though not as robust for advising/self-monitoring as Degree Map. Includes a searchable course schedule, though this is not a direct replacement of our official course schedule at this time, and the old course schedule will remain online for use.
- MyACC Portal is in development: system that will present users with targeted content upon login based on their role. Initial focus on student portal experience. IT owns development of the portal itself, but needs input from other areas on branding, design, and selection of content, applications, and what users can/cannot edit on the portal page - recommend a committee be created for this purpose. Intranet will be a way to pull internal ACC information and communication from top-level web pages. Recommendation for ACC to hire an Information Architect to manage the process of sorting content to the internet vs. intranet and moving that division of content forward in an orderly and meaningful way.
CRM RecruitSelf ServicePortal/Intranet
10/4/2016 13:30:49Peg RaifordCampus Advisory Committee (CAC), any campusSouth AustinAGENDA
South Austin Campus Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Room 1130
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

1. Welcome • Introduction of Members/Attendees - Mr. Mario Cantu, South Austin CAC Chair
2. Approval of April 27, 2016 Meeting Minutes - Ms. Maria Solis, South Austin CAC Vice Chair
3. Election of South Austin CAC Chair and Vice Chair, Review of CAC By-Laws, and Conflict of Interest
4. Update on ACC Bond Projects - Dr. Ben Ferrell, E~ecutive Vice President, Campus Planning & Operations
5. Discussion and Feedback
6. Campus Advisory Committee Adjournment - South Austin CAC Chair
October 4, 20161. Re-elected Current Chair and Vice Chair
2. Dr. Ben Ferrell gave a presentation about how the bond funds are being spent.
3. The Educational Academy did not have enough participants to begin this year at SAC but expects to start next Fall, 2017
4. Brief presentation about pathways program. Reported the lowest withdrawal rate ever.
5. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Cruz visited SAC to promote the early College program between ACC and Crockett HS.
6. Extended discussion about the election for the 4 trustee positions.
Bond funds are being used to develop simulation centers for first responders and swift water rescue.Student Services reported the lowest student withdrawal rate ever for SAC. Concluded changes in Student Services are working..The Early College Program will be expanded at Crockett HS.
10/3/2016 13:35:29Caroline HernandezAdmissions & Registration Task Force09/27/20162017-2018 academic calendar out for review. Accepting commnets-send to Mike Midgely.

Block scheduling starting Fall 2016.

Career & Exploration Day at HLC - November 5th, 10am-1pm

CRM tentatively available date October 31st.

Registration begins October 17th - no late registration
PPY2017-2018 calendarCRM
9/26/2016 11:42:27Marissa BurillAdministrative Services CouncilAGENDA

I Committee Reports / Other
A. Welcome new members
B. Chair's opening remarks
C. Minutes of the previous meeting and updates - August 3, 2016

II Review following posting / approval to forward to President

B. 3.04.001 and 3.04.001 G/P Internal Employee Organizations
Administrative Rule and Guidelines/Procedures

The Council will vote to approve final amendments to be sent to the President for signature.

III Proposed Drafts for Posting and Distribution

A. 6.09.011 Overtime (Non-Exempt Employees)
B. 6.09.011 G/P Overtime (Non-Exempt Employees) Guidelines/Procedures

This AR and related G/P were tabled at the meeting on 7/6/16.
C. 6.10.012 Compensatory Time (Professional-Technical Employees)
D. 6.10.012 G/P Recording of Compensatory Time for Exempt Employees Guidelines/Procedures

This AR and G/P were previously reviewed by the Council but a final version was not presented for approval to send to the President.
9/14/2016The meeting started with introductions from all in attendance. Neil welcomed everyone and identified the purpose of the council identifying that we will be working primarily with the rules compared to the Academic Services council that has various committees reporting to it. Committee members were reminded of the google site and asked to become familiar with the AR's. A motion to have the minutes from the prior meeting was initiated and seconded. All were in favor. The rest of the meeting time was spent reviewing AR 3.04.001 and 3.04.001 G/P. Recommendations from those in attendance addressed reorganizing the order of the wording and order in which items were listed. Neil noted that Associations look at bylaws to decide who can run for office in response to the discussion of why administrators are part of the associations (related to administrators also holding employment as adjunct members and people questioning why the administrator is on a list-serve) In reference to AR 6.09.011 for Overtime (OT) it was noted that the new maximum salary is $47,000. It now places some exempt and non-exempt staff in the eligible for OT category and causes a mixture of classified and prof-tech employees in these categories. The hours for a work-week are being re-reviewed by legal counsel. Supervisor's are encouraged to allow employees to flex schedule, etc. Changes were made as recommended and approved for posting for review. Comp time tabled until the next meeting. Neil let the committee know that ACC Board has chosen to adopt the TASB policy manual. There are several other peer institutions that have gone this route. Ex's: Tarrant, Alamo, DCCD. It is to help us have a standarized policies that can be customized. There will be 10 major policies adopted and this will have a ripple effect on our AR's and policies. In reference to Leave and Benefits rules, Steve also let us know that the subcommittee working on updating and consolidating leave policies. The recommendation that three policies regarding leave be merged. This would be the leave, unauthorized leave and leave for grant employees. The committee asked Steve to not look at Sabbatical leave. These proposed changes will be presented at a future date with a recommendation from Neal that an executive summary be included explaining the changes from which the Council can work. The meeting was concluded. OT for Non-exempt employeesAdoption of TASB Policy Services and how it will affect current AR's
9/22/2016 11:38:58Jose ResendezFaculty Development & Evaluation CommitteeThe agenda for this meeting was highly focused on determining the functions of this newly formed committee. This included presentations from IDS, Faculty Evaluation, and Faculty Development. 9/16/16The first meeting of the new Faculty Development & Evaluation Committee was largely focused on developing the functions of this committee. In order to attain a better understanding of what these functions are going to be, we had three presentations from different offices. Raja Farris, from the Faculty Evaluation Office, spoke about fixing the wording/context in the evaluation manual, and looking into whether or not the evaluation questions reflect the goals of ACC. His final item was in regards to the way in which Distance Learning students evaluate faculty. Currently, they are asked the same questions as in-classroom students; some of these questions are not applicable to DL students, and therefore are skewing statistics. Our next speaker was Courtney Grams, from The Office of Faculty Development. She spoke about creating subcommittees for the purpose of researching faculty development at other institutions. Our final speaker was Susan Thomason from Instructional Development Services. She spoke about tying faculty evaluations to faculty training, and ways to make faculty not like it is a burden to participate in development exercises. Her final topic was OER, and how we should explore tools to be able to integrate these methods of instruction. The remainder of our time was focused on finalizing our committee functions, which, after some debate about the wording, a finalized list of committee functions was produced.OER, Pros and ConsSpring/Fall Series for Fac. Dev.Is it a good idea to move to solely online faculty evaluations?
9/16/2016 16:12:31Patsy PhillipsCurriculum and Programs CommitteeReports from departments with revisions, deletions, modifications, and additions to respective programs effective as early as Spring 20179/16/16At today's CPC meeting the following departments were heard from: Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics; Business, Government, and Technical Communications; Culinary Arts; Hospitality, Meeting and Event Planning, Tourism; Marketing; Management; Manufacturing Technology; Biology; and Mathematics. Marketing and Management presented the addition of a new award, Retail Management Level 1 Certificate consisting of 24 credit hours of coursework. This program is industry designed and is currently offered at 3 other community colleges across the state, ACC will make number 4. Most remarkable in today's discussion was the creation of the Manufacturing Technology Program, which had been previously presented. This program is tentatively going to begin with Medical Device manufacturing and expand from there. Most of this launch will be grant funded and the plan is to begin offering opportunities in the Fall of 2017. Courses will begin being offered at HLC and later at RGC. Marketing and Management presented the addition of a new award, Retail Management Level 1 Certificate consisting of 24 credit hours of coursework. This program is industry designed and is currently offered at 3 other community colleges across the state, ACC will make number 4.
1/27/2017 16:00:54Todd Moon
Web Advisory Committee
ACC Top level website redesign1/27/2017
Edward Terry called a unofficial WAC meeting to discuss the new web redesign.
PCIM is working with a web advisory team to redesign the college website.
The web advisory team is made up of Administrators, Deans, SME's and stakeholders. Proposed beta testing in March 2017. The anticipated launch date of the redesign is 7/3/17.
Key goals of redesign:
1. Homepage - marketing towards prospective students
2. Students Page - My ACC
3. Faculty and Staff portal / Intranet
4. Business and Community
PCIM will be releasing a new style guide.
PCIM will begin to create a "Stock photos" gallery for college wide usage.

web redesign 2017new style guidestock photo gallery
2/6/2017 8:10:09Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
Approval of Minutes (ii) Required Mathematics Enrollment (iii)Service learning Courses (iv)Default Textbooks (v) Academic Standard of Progress (vi) Academic Calendars
February 3rd 2017
Items (iii) and (iv) Service Learning and default text were tabled until the next meeting as additional information is still being gathered. Item (ii) Requires students to register for their math course the following long semester after completing their developmental math class.Statistics were provided that should that students college level math success rates drops the longer the student delays taking their class. After discussion on how to handle students that did not require a math class and nursing students, the motion was passed. Iten (v) Academic Standards was added advisors to personnel that speak with students that are on academic warning. Item passed. Item (vi) Academic Calendars. Discussion on whether to increase the Thanksgiving break to include the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. If this is done, the day will need to be made up somewhere, options are adding at the beginning of the semester, at the end of the semester or adding time to the class. It was agreed that it was too late to do anything for this year, especially fro the Health Sciences who have practicum placements. The 2018-19 calendar is going to be reviewed to see how this might be handled in future years. The motion to leave 2017-18 as is was passed. The motion to have a committee review 2018-2019 was passed.
Math Requirement
Academic Calendars and extending the Thanksgiving holiday
2/13/2017 8:32:45Latisha Marion
Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee
1. Conduct Training - Train Faculty
2. Pave Training - a. Complaint b. Public Portal
3. Complaint Survey, draft
4. Student Discipline Checklist
5. Association for Student Conduct Administration Conference
6. Clery Audit
7. Conduct Policy Update
Conduct training to soon begin for faculty
Pave Training will be provided for student services staff to allow staff members to have a clear understanding of complaint and grievances process for students. In addition to training on the Pave public portal system.
Complaint survey will be sent to approximately 500 students to see if they have a clear understanding of the compliant process or if they are even aware that there is a process to file complaints.
A new student discipline checklist will be created and will be used at each campus to provide consistency amount all campuses.
A summary was provided about the ASCA conference and advised that all campus deans attended and received training on student conduct.
Information about our Clery Audits and what is needed to stay within the requirements.
Changes to the conduct policy to begin, a Task Force will be created to take on the process of making changes. This Task Force will include current committee members and other staff and faculty from across the district. It may take a few years to get all changes completed and implemented.
Conduct Training for Faculty
Pave Training for student services staff
Conduct Policy Update
3/3/2017 12:54:43Marissa Burill
Administrative Services Council
March 1, 2017

I Committee Reports / Other
A. Minutes of the previous meeting and updates - February 1, 2017

II Review following posting

A. 6.09.007 Leave
B. 6.10.004 Leave Without Pay
C. 6.10.004 G/P Leave Without Pay Guidelines and Procedures

III Proposed Drafts for Posting and Distribution

A. 7.03.003 Business Expense Reimbursements (second review)

7.03.003 G/P Business Expense Reimbursements Guidelines and Procedures
B. 6.09.001
6.09.001 G/P Family and Medical Leave
Family and Medical Leave Guidelines/Procedures
There are no additional changes to the draft rule. Here is a link to the document that was reviewed following posting at the previous meeting: 6.09.001 AR
The Guidelines and Procedures have been edited following discussion and recommendations made at the last meeting.

C. 6.09.009 Accrued Leave: third review
6.09.009 G/P Accrued Leave Guidelines/Procedures: first review
D. 6.09.005 Non-Accrued Paid Leave: first review

6.09.005 G/P Non Accrued Paid Leave Guidelines and Procedures: first review
E. 6.09.010 Sick Leave Pool: first review

6.09.010 G/P Sick Leave Pool Guidelines and Procedures: first review
We had a lot of discussion and review of the leave without pay. Recommendations were made to change the waiting period for use of vacation from 90 days to 180 days. The committee voted the recommendation down and currently the time period will remain at 90 days. The meeting ran long and we tabled discussion of the other agenda items for the next meeting.
Length of waiting period for use of vacation for new employees
3/3/2017 13:00:51Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1.Minute approval from February 2.Proposal to restructure Admissions & Registration committee 3. Proposal to modify adjunct staffing rule 4. Modification to Student Standard of Conduct
1.February minutes were approved.2. Admissions adn Registration committee needs to be modified to reflect the new student services rolls that are now in place for Guided Pathways. The proposal was accepted with the addition of an Analytics person and a dept chair/dean from instruction. The proposal with the amendments was approved to go go to the Shared Governance committee. 3. Adjunct faculty representative put forward a motion that adjunct faculty may not be "bumped from distance learning classes after the kill session. It was stated that an adjunct member put a lot of effort into preparing for a class and had student start work early only to be bumped the Friday before classes started. There was discussions that this was also the case with inclass sections and while it is unfortunate to bump any adjunct off any class it is sometimes necessary. The proposal to was not approved to move forward. 4. Dorado Kinney proposed some changes in the student conduct code. This was the 4th reading and the minor changes were approved.
3/31/2017 12:47:08Patsy Phillips
Assessment and Advising Committee
1. House Bill 2223 and 417 Allison Sutton
2. TSI Requirements for Institutional Certificates Kathy James
a. Can they be waived similar to Level I certificates?
Example: Phlebotomy Technician Institutional Cert.
3. AR 1.04.005 AoS Information Session Kathy James
a. Exceptions
i. ESL/ESOL students
b. Dual Credit
Exempt until graduation?
c. How do we communicate this in the rule?
4. Guidelines for Mandatory Enrollment in Kathy James and Annisha Morgan
Developmental Education Classes
1. Agenda item: House Bill 2223 and 417 Presenter: Allison Sutton
Discussion: Both House Bills are currently in the TX legislature. Allison shared the affects both bills could have on developmental education.
House Bill 2223 – Limits the number of developmental credits a student can take, down to 18 credits. Math department will be attending a conference where they will learn more about the bill.
House Bill 417 – The purpose is the get more students college ready in high school by requiring partnerships between institutions and high schools.
Action: None
2. Agenda item: TSI Requirement for Institutional Certificates Presenter: Kathy James
Discussion: Concern is that institutional certificates, like Phlebotomy Technician, requires TSI completion.
Question was, could institutional certificates be waived like Level 1 certificates?
The answer was no as institutional certificates are not recognized by the state.
Committee members suggested moving these certificates under Continuing Education, similar to Marketable Skills Awards. Further clarification is needed to determine if the requirements can be changed or removed.
Action: Annisha will ask Linda Kluck to send an email that can be shared with the committee explaining/clarifying why the certificate cannot be changed and how to undo it.
3. Agenda item: AR 1.04.005 AoS Information Session Presenter: Kathy James
Discussion: Kathy wants to develop a list of clear guidelines to attach to rule 1.04.005. Link embedded in the rule does not list exceptions. Below is sample list of exceptions.

Exceptions to AoS participation:
-Student with 12 or more college credit hours (not includingdevelopmental course credit)
-Students who have completed an associate degree or higher
-Students seeking ESOL courses
-Current Dual Credit/Early College Start (ECS) students
Action: Kathy James – Draft a list of exceptions and acceptable work and send to committee for review/approval before posting on the web.
4. Agenda item: Guidelines for Mandatory Enrollment Presenter: Kathy James and In Developmental Education Classes Annisha Morgan
Discussion: Committee agreed the guidelines need to be amended. The new C15 hold needs to be added. Committee also agreed that the guidelines must be easily access when needed by students and staff.
Action: Annisha and Kathy will work together to update the guidelines and find a place within the ACC webpage.
House Bill 2223 and 417 --Waiting on Tx Legislature decision. Math department is attempting to make preparations to address these issues.
4/3/2017 9:20:04Patsy Phillips
Curriculum and Programs Committee
1. Mathematics (Gillian Waterston)
2. Music Business, Performance and Technology (Geoffrey Schulman);
Revise Award: Music Business, Performance and Technology AAS – adding new courses
3. Music (David Jones)-Modify Courses
4. Professional Photography (Bill Woodhull)--Expire Courses
5. Biology (Rick Fofi)--Modify Course
6. Biotechnology (Linnea Fletcher)--Revise Awards
7. Creative Writing (Brian Yansky, Matthew Daude)--Revise Award and Expire a Course
8. Dance (Catherine Solaas)-Expired a Course
9. Drama (Marcus McQuirter)--Revise Award and Expire a Course
10. English as a Second Language (Academic) (Shannon Bailey)--Expire several Courses
11. Business, Government, and Technical Communications (David McMurrey)--Add Course
12. Marketing (Ina Midkiff)-Modify Awards
13. Health Information Technology (Norma Mercado)-Modify Courses
14. Medical Laboratory Technology (Keri Brophy-Martinez)-Modify Courses
15. Veterinary Technology (Kerry Coombs)--Add, Modify and Expire a Course
16. Architectural and Engineering CAD (Erlene Clark)-Modify Course
17. CE
18. Core Change Request for 2017-2018
Each agenda item involved updating courses, expiring courses no longer in use, or adding new courses to the related programs. Each change is in direct alignment with new program requirements, WECM mandates, and or local need. It was moved and approved to move SPCH 1315 to the core curriculum under the Communication area and removing BIOL lab courses from the Component area (Option Code 90).
Moving Spch 1315 to Core Curriculum under Communications
4/3/2017 9:24:37Patsy Phillips
Curriculum and Programs Committee
Addition, Revision and or Expiration of courses from the following departments:
Welding Technology, Automotive Technology and Outdoor Power Equipment, Sonography, Nursing, Veterinary Technology, Dance, Accounting, Business Government, and Technical Communications, and Office Administration
All changes align with new Program Maps, WECM requirements, and Local Needs. Some courses updated and corrected prerequisite requirements and/or permission codes.
4/24/2017 11:28:54Latisha Marion
Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee
1.Approve March Minutes
2.Introduction of Charlene Buckley, Student Title IX/Title VI/ADA compliance Manager
3.Review Portland Community College Conduct and Compliance Process
4.Review Conduct Process
5.Review Compliant Process
Charlene provided an overview of her job duties and student issues that would possibly need to be forwarded to her office (ex. title IX issues).
Discussion of bystander intervention training conducted by student life and what students are trained to do when witnessing peer harassment concerns.
Discussion of legislature bills to be passed in regards to student complaints having the possibility of being anonymous.
Complaint processes POSSIBLY to be filtered to campus deans based on where the occurrence may have taken place.
Results of student survey which was sent to 700 students over a span of two months to identify if students understood the complaint process or the lack thereof. 28 students responded and only 5 students were aware that there was an actual complaint process.
Revision of the student complaint process is being completed at this time.
New compliance manager
Complaint process revision from Faculty to Student Services
Student survey results
5/5/2017 13:28:44Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1.Faculty Advising 2. Course Materials Ordering 3. Change in Staffing of Adjuncts 4. Max Loads for Developmental Students. 5. Reading/Writing Placement. 6. Mathematics Placements
1. Faculty advising was table until next meeting as no comments were received. This was perceived to be a major rule, so employee associations will be contacted again to ensure that the information is getting out. 2. The new admin rule will require all faculty and staff to use Enlighten to order text. Rule going out for comments 3. New proposed rule to allow faculty to be assigned dual credit courses held at the high school to be assigned for the whole academic year. Dual credit courses would be assigned prior to all other adjunct sections. Purpose is to develop continuity, consistent text, and better communication and relationships with the high schools.Proposed rule going out for comment. 4. Proposed rule to allow students that are deemed developmental in two areas to have their max load increased from 10-12 hours. This is due to the increasing number of co-req courses that are being encouraged, but have larger course loads. There was discussion about whether these students should have any limit and that the rule be rescinded. The propose rule was passed fr comment. A proposal to have the rule returned for consideration of deletion was not passed by a vote of 10-6. 5. Reading and writing presented their new placement chart. 6. Mathematics presented their new placement chart and holistic advising chart.
Adjunct faculty teaching dual credit courses
6/2/2017 11:36:13Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1. Faculty advising 2nd reading. 2. Staffing of adjunct faculty in high schools 2nd reading. 3. Load limits for developmental students 2nd reading
June 2nd 2017
1. Few comments were received regarding the proposed new admin rule on faculty advising. Verbal reports to department chairs seemed positive. The rule as written was approved. Further work will be done to evaluate financial impact and to set up a process/procedure. 2. This rule would allow adjunct faculty to be staffed for a school year in a high school setting. This would allow for more stability for adjunct and better school relations. The rule was approved. It was requested that this be presented to the AFA when forming process/procedure. 3. The rule was approved to limit students that are TSI incomplete in two or more areas to 12 hours. This increase will allow students to be part of the expanding co-requisite offerings that are being scheduled. A suggested rewording which did not change the outcome of the rule, but did clarify was adopted.
7/5/2017 16:27:38FC Caranikas
Administrative Services Council
I Committee Reports / Other
A. Minutes of the previous meeting and updates - June 7, 2017
II Review following posting
A. 6.09.005 Non-Accrued Paid Leave
B. 6.09.005 G/P Non-Accrued Paid Leave Guidelines/Procedures
III Proposed Drafts for Posting and Distribution
A. 6.09.010 Sick Leave Pool
B. 6.09.010 G/P Sick Leave Pool Guidelines and Procedures
C. 6.09.003 Retirement - This AR has been re-named "Employee Benefits" and edited to include all benefits, including retirement. This AR does not have accompanying guidelines/procedures.
(1) 6.09.005 Non Accrued Paid Leave - revision will be posted for comment. Revision excludes specific examples for use of personal leave. (2) 6.09.010 Sick Leave pool - revision will be posted for comment. (3) 6.09.003 Retirement - Based on Board Policy F-9, college needs a general benefits rule. Therefore the retirement rule is being revised to encompass all the benefits (TRS, ERS, and ACC benefit programs). HR Office will continue working on the draft and bring it back to the Council for review.
7/5/2017 17:17:07Marissa Burill
Administrative Services Council
July 5, 2017

I Committee Reports / Other
A. Minutes of the previous meeting and updates - June 7, 2017

II Review following posting

A. 6.09.005 Non-Accrued Paid Leave
B. 6.09.005 G/P Non-Accrued Paid Leave Guidelines/Procedures

III Proposed Drafts for Posting and Distribution

A. 6.09.010 Sick Leave Pool
B. 6.09.010 G/P Sick Leave Pool Guidelines and Procedures
C. 6.09.003 Retirement
This AR has been re-named "Employee Benefits" and edited to include all benefits, including retirement. This AR does not have accompanying guidelines/procedures.
6.09.005 G/P Non-Accrued Paid Leave reviewed 1 comment from posting - approved and forwarded to President's office for review.
6.09.010 Sick Leave Pool and 6.09.010 G/P - some revisions to add qualifications, added back wording that was removed in prior revision. Also had a lot of discussion regarding the sick leave pool qualifications being broader than Sick Leave/FMLA.
6.09.003 - Retirement - needs some wordsmithing - will post for comments after wordsmithing is done. Do we need a rule to create Money Purchase Plan as an option
Neil mentioned that with the adoption of TASB guidelines and procedures - we will more than likely see some more changes to our AR's and G/P's.
Sick Leave pool G/P's being broader than Sick Leave/FMLA
Adoption of TASB G/P creating need for future changes
9/20/2017 11:22:40
Marissa Burill on behalf of Latisha Marion
Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee Meeting
Friday, September 15, 2017
HLC Room 2218
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m
Agenda Item Presenter: Time:
1. Member Introductions (attached) All 1:30 p.m. – 1:35 p.m.
a. Name
b. Occupation
c. Representing
2. Committee Functions (attached) Dorado Kinney 1:35 p.m. – 1:40 p.m.
3. Review Student Complaint Process Dorado Kinney 1:40 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
a. Review and approve changes applied to complaint process
4. Student Advocate Workshop Dorado Kinney 2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
5. SRRC AoS Slide-FYI Dorado Kinney 2:15 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.
6. Open Discussion All 2:20 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Next meeting date:
Meetings FY18: Meetings are held on the 2nd Friday each month. Highland Campus room 2216 (unless
indicated otherwise) from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm on the following days:
September 15 (1:30pm-3:30pm HLC 2218)
October 13 (HLC 2212)
November 10
February 9
March 9
April 13
June 8
July 13
The meeting started with introductions and answering with what we thought was the purpose of the committee. Motion was made to add the Title IX/Title VI/ADA Compliance Manager - this motion would be forwarded as a recommendation to the Shared Governance Council for them to send back to the committee. A motion was made to change Kristine Elderkin's title to reflect her job change.
We were informed that the current complaint process is very rigid. The college is looking at purchasing new software to make reporting and data gathering easier. The College is also looking at developing a portal where complaints can be made anonymously. There is a need to creating a sanctioning matrix. The College either needs to find one that is already being used or create one, but regardless will need to ensure that it is followed. The process also needs to take into account the need of distance learning students. Cheryl from Student Life recommended that it may be beneficial to have students develop the flowchart for the process/sanctions. Everyone is to review the current process and bring suggestions to the next meeting. A recommendation was made to develop a training book/session where students (i.e. Campus Ambassadors/RB Ambassadors) could be present at the hearings to provide moral support. It was noted that the Ambassador could not speak to the hearing board directly, but could guide the student with the complaint on how to best proceed during the hearing.
Informing students about their Rights and Responsibilities is something that could perhaps be accomplished by creating an informative piece on where to find that information. Suggestions were made to see if the committee could look at requesting that it be added as part of the EDUC courses and to the Financial Aid workshops.
Assisting students with a process that may favor heavily the faculty /staff member involved in the complaint process
10/4/2017 14:03:52Tomi Welch
Curriculum and Programs Committee
Covered updates to courses, new courses, program name change and award revisions
September 15, 2017
The Committee approved the following course changes: Modify RNSG-1517-removed prerequisite, HRGY-1471- removed prerequisite, Modify HUMA-1301- new topic Prehistory to Renaissance: Great Questions Seminar, Revised DANC-2289 course description, Revised BIOL-1322 description to aligned with ACGM, Added developmental Math courses and non-courses. The Committee approved the following program changes: Hospitality, Meeting & Event Planning, Tourism- modify footnotes and changed restricted electives. Personal Fitness Trainer- name change to Exercise Science in 2019 catalog, CE updated two programs- Floral Design and Interior Design
prolonged discussion over experation of BIOL-1323
Dev Math Non_Courses will never be stand alone courses but rather paired with MATH-1332 or another college level math. This is an interesting solution to increasing student retention and TSI completion
10/6/2017 15:08:51Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1.Approval of minutes 2.Faculty Evaluation Procedures 3. Full time faculty workload 4. INRW and Math placement charts 5. Additional members of Student Rights and Responsibility Committee
1. Members were introduces and Mike Midgley detailed the role of the committee. Previous minutes were approved. 2. Susan Thomason and Raja Faris presented an update evaluation manual. No substantive changes were included but the manual had not been updated since 2009 and language needed to be edited. Various comments regarding additional changes and clarifications were suggested. Committee agreed that the manual was not yet ready for distribution to the employee groups for comment. 3. Proposed change in the full time faculty workload. Currently full time faculty can only bank less than 3 hours over to the next semester. HR are reporting difficulties with computations of 2.99, faculty report some areas are already banking 3 hours. The proposal to change the rule to allow full time faculty to bank 3 hours or less was approved to be sent out for discussion by the employee groups. 4. Both INRW and MATH have new placement charts, this was in response to Coordinating Board and legislative changes. This was an informational item as the charts have been approved by appropriate committees. 5. Request was made to add Charlene Buckley, Student Title IX, Title VI ADA Compliance Mangager, and Kristine Elderkin, Clery Compliance Officer, to be added to the Student Rights and Responsibility Committee was approved. It was suggested that the committee also include and Instructional Dean and Dual Credit representative.
Evaluation ManualFull Time Faculty Workload
10/13/2017 11:48:16Talisia McHugh
College Accessibility Committee
Accessibility Tech update, Parking Lot Q&A w/ chief Dixon, Sidewalk Access to HBC
+ Accessibility Technicians are working on a 3 part training workshop with the SAS office. After the initial workshops, they hope to building it out and possibly develop a recorded version for all faculty & staff.
+ There is a big ditch by Clayton that prevents sidewalk access by HBC. The improvement for access was included in the HLC bond. The City of Austin identifies the ditch as a water retention area so it cannot be fixed unless another retention area is build. Current plan includes a water retention pond to be build as part of Phase 1. Once this is built, the ditch can be filled and a sidewalk can be built. The developers for the apartments between HBC & HLC plan to extend Clayton street through to Airport with sidewalks.
+ Question was brought up about who needs parking permits in the Accessibility Parking spots. All ACC employees and students needs both ACC permits and Accessibility. Campus police cannot enforce cars that have valid accessibility plates/hang tag but no ACC permit. Police will always enforce and ticket a car in an accessibility parking spot with no accessibility plates or hang tag. Motion was passed to request signage be added to the parking lot signs for visitors to go by campus police or contact dispatch. Chief Dixon is on board with have dispatch officers call the necessary campus on visitor's behalf with License Plate info. This will save visitors the trip to the Campus Police office. This would be available to all visitors regardless of accessibility needs.
10/17/2017 18:14:01Todd Moon
College-wide Technology & Capital Outlay Committee
October 13, 2017
HBC 214 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
FY18 Budget: http://irt.austincc.edu/cwtcoc/techplan.php
1. Everyone introduce themselves
2. Committee functions
3. Elect Co-chair
4. FY18 Budget overview
5. Voting Items. Replacement/emergency requests received between
meetings can be voted on by email.
• Orbital tube welding power source $ 15,904.00
• Paper cutter for duplication $ 8972.11
• Vehicle Diagnostics Scanner $ 14000.00
6. TPI # 26 software new process for contract changes.
Link to Project Initiation Request form:
7. FY18 Initiatives:
• Expand Virtual Desktop Integration
• Windows 10 Spring 2018
8. Future meetings: February 9, 2018 and May 18, 2018 1:30 - 3:00 pm HBC 301
10/13/2017All voting items were approved.
10/23/2017 14:27:17Tomi V. Welch
Curriculum and Programs Committee
10:00am Communication Studies (Theresa Glenn)
Revise Award
Communication Studies AA – modify restricted elective

Add New Course
SPCH 2389 Academic Cooperative-Communication Studies (3-1-8) – implement 218S000

10:05am American Sign Language (Fallon Brizendine)
Modify Course
SLNG 2334 American Sign Language V (4-2-3) – remove department approval requirement

10:10am Criminal Justice (G.W. Hildebrand)
Modify Courses
Reassign course ownership from Criminal Justice to Fire Protection Technology:
HMSY 1337 Introduction to Homeland Security
HMSY 1340 Homeland Security Intelligence Operation
HMSY 1391 Special Topics in Homeland Security

10:15am Visual Communication (Gail Bayeta)
Revise Awards – remove expired courses; add new courses
User Experience Design AAS
User Experience Design Level 2 Certificate

Add New Courses
ARTC 1392 Special Topics in Design and Visual Communications (3-2-4) – with topic Design Process Workshop; implement 218S000

Local Needs:
UXUI 1370 Survey of User Experience Design (3-2-4)
UXUI 1372 User Interface Design I (3-2-4)
UXUI 1373 Responsive Design I (3-2-4)
UXUI 1374 Introduction to UX Tools (3-2-4)
UXUI 1375 Design Ideation (3-2-4)
UXUI 1376 User Experience Design I (3-2-4)
UXUI 2372 User Interface Design 2 (3-2-4)
UXUI 2373 Responsive Design 2 (3-2-4)
UXUI 2374 Portfolio Design (3-2-4)
UXUI 2375 Introduction to App Design & Coding (3-2-4)
UXUI 2376 Design Research (3-2-4)
UXUI 2377 Interaction Design (3-2-4)
UXUI 2378 Product Design (3-2-4)
UXUI 2379 Applied UX Lab (3-2-4)

Modify Courses
UXUI 1371 Visual Design (3-2-4) – revise prerequisites, update course description, and student outcomes/objectives to align with degree plan updates

Expire Courses
UXUI 1271 Survey of User Experience Design (2-1-2)
UXUI 1471 Prototyping I (4-3-3)
UXUI 1472 User Interface Design I (4-3-3)
UXUI 1473 Responsive Design I (4-3-3)
UXUI 2279 Portfolio Development (2-1-2)
UXUI 2472 User Interface Design II (4-3-3)
UXUI 2473 Responsive Design II (4-3-3)
UXUI 2474 User Interface Design I (4-3-3)
UXUI 2475 User Interface Design II (4-3-3)

10:25am Health Information Technology (Norma Mercado)
Revise Award
Health Information Technology AAS – update course title

Modify Courses
HITT 1213 Coding and Insurance (2-1-2) – update course description to match WECM, change title from Insurance Coding
HITT 1253 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information (2-2-0) – update course description to match WECM
HITT 1301 Health Data Content and Structure (3-2-2) – update course description to match WECM
HITT 1341 Coding and Classification Systems (3-2-2) – update course description to match WECM
HITT 1345 Health Care Delivery Systems (3-3-0) – update course description to match WECM
HITT 1353 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information – update course description to match WECM
HITT 2231 Medical Terminology-Advanced (2-2-0) – update course description to match WECM
HITT 2335 Coding and Reimbursement Methodologies (3-2-2) – update course description to match WECM
HITT 2343 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (3-3-0) – update course description to match WECM

10:30am Office Administration (Jane Billingsley)
Modify Courses
ITSW 1310 Introduction to Presentation Graphics Software – PowerPoint (3-2-2) – remove keyboarding prerequisite
POFI 1349 Spreadsheets – Excel (3-2-3) – remove keyboarding prerequisite
POFI 2350 Databases: Access (3-2-2) – remove keyboarding prerequisite

10:35am Computer Science/Computer Information Technology (Mary Kohls)
Revise Awards
Computer Programming AAS – add COSC 1436 and COSC 1437 to footnotes
Computer Programming – Game and Visualization Programming Specialization AAS – add COSC 1436 and COSC 1437 to footnotes
Computer Programming – Software Testing Specialization AAS – add COSC 1436 and COSC 1437 to footnotes
Computer Programming – Web Programming Specialization AAS – add COSC 1437 to footnote

Add Courses
COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I-Swift I (4-4-0) – implement spring 2018
COSC 1437 Programming Fundamentals I-Swift II (4-4-0) – implement spring 2018

10:40am Engineering (James Heath)
Revise Award
AS Engineering – add EDUC 1100, ENGL 2311, Engineering Elective I, Engineering Elective II to award plan; revise footnotes 6, 12, and 13

10:45am Committee Business
Should ACC adopt ACGM course descriptions/outcomes? (Ron Johns)
Minutes – September 15, 2017
October 20, 2017
The Curriculum & Programs Committee (CPC) approved the changes to the Communication Studies, American Sign Language, Visual Communications, Health Information Technology, Office Administration, Computer Science and Engineering programs. The changes to Criminal Justice were tabled because it was deemed unnecessary to move the new HMSY courses to the Fire Protection department at this time. The Art department will present at a later meeting.
Under Committee Business: Ron Johns presented a question: Should ACC incorporate all ACGM course descriptions and learning outcomes. The bigger issue posed by Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott was, to define the role of the CPC. Should the group’s role include submitting mandates to the Executive Committee or other groups within the College. The members of the CPC, who hold Department Chair positions, were tasked with discussing the ACGM course descriptions and course outcomes. The CPC will continue the discussion on roles and duties.
The role of the CPC
The creation of new to ACC COSC courses
The long overdue pdating the Engineering degree plan
11/3/2017 12:51:47Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1. Approval of minutes. 2. Review of Full time faculty workload, allowing 3 hr bank.3. Proposal to require full time faculty to teach a gateway dual credit course every 3 years.4. Request to add members to Student Rights & Responsibility Committee. 5. Request to add a voting member to the Assessment and Advising Committee
1. Minutes Approved. 2.ASAC approved the proposal to allow full time faculty to bank 3 hors or fewer, previously 2.99.2. Lengthy discussion about the problems adjunct faculty were having in dual credit courses and how involving full time faculty in the teaching of these courses would relieve these issues and provide vigor to the courses. The committee did not send out the proposal for comments. A committee will be formed to look into the issues an discuss solutions. 4. Request to add an instructional dean and High School Director to the Student Rights and Responsibilities was approved. 5. Request to add the Executive Director of Adult Education to the Admissions and Assessment Committee.
Full time faculty requirement to teach Dual Credit
11/7/2017 14:51:26Clark Shaffer
Distance Learning Committee
Review and amend Distance Learning Faculty Handbook11/03/2017
Reviewed the handbook and discussed elements which needed clarification and/or additional verbiage and procedural implementation to address all forms of current distance learning modes. Assigned committees and committee leaders relative to a variety of Distance Learning components including Student Advising and Assessment along with 4 other areas to be addressed. Next meeting scheduled for January 2018.
Handbook review
Creation of Committees to address changes
Discuss definitive actions/recommendations
11/20/2017 13:04:59Clark ShafferWellness CommitteeDevelop ideas, events and outreach for campus staff
November 17th 2017
We offered to help develop an ACC group as well as promote overall wellness through small campus groups focused on singular issues such as Cancer Awareness, Homelessness, Feeding the Hungry. We discussed putting on one event per month tied to whatever the cause is each month. Goal is to help promote conversations and connection through fitness and goal attainment.
What are some specifc sports/activities we can develop
Determine best method(s) to engage staff.
Engage more outside sponsors to help motivate and encourage participation
11/20/2017 13:09:14Clark Shaffer
Distance Learning Committee
Review and revise Distance Learning policy handbook11/03/2017
Reviewed the handbook through all sections and determined areas needed clarification and/or additional guideline.
Reviewed handbook relative to changes
Assigned changes to those who brought them up, to develop verbiage that can be included and submitted.
Assigned teams to review each element of the DL dynamice throug Curriculum Development through Student Advising and Screening
12/1/2017 10:42:52Clark Shaffer
Diversity and Inclusion Comm
Review of activities and events both this past semester and those coming up next semester
Discussed existing strategies to reach out across a variety of racial, gender, and religious diversities to attract participants and inform them of the program. Discussed the Georgia State University program "Students of Color" and aspects of that program that might be considered and/or implemented here at ACC. Discussed ways to individually connect with students and how to be proactive in the classroom in addressing and acknowledging any of these areas of cultural connection and understanding.
Discussion of existing strategies to promote the program
Ways in which to be respectful of cultural differences
Acknowledging how many students do not know about this program and how to develop/sustain consistent outreach.
12/18/2017 9:24:02Clark Shaffer
Assessment and Advising Committee
Review accomplishments and directions from the past semester and review/discuss implementations and progress to be made next semester.
As the last meeting of this semester we had a chance to discuss the detail of many of the implementations, ideas, and suggestions focusing on refining and engaging students in more specific advising sessions and streamlining the advising processes.
TSI Assessment - evaluation of the current process and developing alternative outreach methods
Providing Distance TSI assessment. This is oriented to students who live in one city and are relocating to Austin. Taking the Distance assessment allows easier access to scores/outcomes.
Improve accessibility through Distance implementation process and how the mode of TSI testing is promoted and engaged.
1/11/2018 18:36:07Clark Shaffer
Assessment and Advising Committee
Assessment updates, Advising updates, Math Placement Chart, Presenters: Kathy James, Holly Delacroix-DeRouen, Anne Vance
Reports specific to improvement and adjustments to the advising process as well as tools and personnel being utilized to enhance/improve advising. Kathy James spoke regarding providing Distance TSI Assessments which was a common thread relative to all presenters. Advising updates specific to adjustments and improvements within the advising process.
Providing Distance TSI Assessment
INRW coming on board with holistic advising.
Online advising using WebEx mandatory for those who cannot come in for f2f advising.
2/2/2018 14:59:54Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1.Approval of agenda and minutes. 2. Academic Calendar. 3. Replacement Admin Rule: Distance Learning Best Practices. 4. Revision of Student Rights & Responsibilities. 5. Student Standards f Conduct: Informational Item.
1. Calendar:It was recently noticed that ACC's spring break 2019 is not inline with any of the ISDs, UT or Texas State, it is scheduled a week earlier. To align it we had the options of moving the semester start and end dates to a week later, or have eight week classes finish/start a week before spring break. Input from the instructional member of the committee felt that having off set 8 week classes was a bad idea. Moving the start/finish dates a week would give Admissions/Records a difficult time processing final grades for transfer/high school graduations. After lengthy discussion the committee approved moving the start/end dates with the stipulation that grades be due two days after the end of the semester rather than 3. The committee also discussed three draft proposals for the 2019-20 calendar. There was discussion on whether classes should be held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, if they are not, then that lost day needs to be added somewhere else. Midgley pointed out that we were only discussing not having classes that Wednesday, the college would still be open for staff. The committee decided to send the drafts to the Calendar Committee and ask that they make a recommendation for approval. The committee also wanted the Calendar Committee to look at potentially using the THECB standard start dates and find out how other institutions handle "pinch times". The Caolendar Committee should also include representation from the business and facilities area. 2: Distance Learning Best Practices: A replacement rule was presented for Distance Learning Best Practices. There was some discussion on who "owned" the course, departments or DL. Midgley said that both needed to work in partnerships with the structure of the course being led by DL and the content and faculty evaluation by the department. Schools are now being audited on their DL classes, and it is not a question of if we will get audited but rather when. Committee approved the replacement rule to go out to the employee groups. 3. Student Conduct/Complaints: ACC recently had an audit of student complaints. During this audit it was noted that ACC do not clearly distinguish between a complaint and a grievance. Grievances will be removed from the functions of the Students Rights and Responsibilities Committee. Student complaints procedure needs to be linked to an admin rule
Calendar discussion
2/21/2018 9:44:54Tomi Welch
Curriculum and Programs Committee
February 16, 2018
OST revised award to include POST-1171; BTC modified ETWR-2377 by moving ownership to ACCT; GDAM added new 3-hour courses and expired 4-hour courses; BIOL expired BIOL-1323; MATH revised award footnotes, changed pre-requisites for courses, expired MATH-1425 and created MATH-1325, change pre-requisites for MATH-1314, 1324, 1332 and 1342; HIST revised award; AUTO added a new award Honda PACT Spec AAS and CT1; EMS modifies EMSP-2266; HITT expired courses; new HUMA-1301 special topic- Great Questions; COMM-2300 added to 2019 Core pending approval from Co-Board; Competency Based Education discussion continued- courses must be coded as Q to indicate CBE instructional platform for Co-Board reports. So far ACC offers the dev math courses at HLC in this type of platform. Academic departments are exploring offering CBE courses to help students earn credit. Semester system and Colleague make the new platform very difficult to build.
CBE- Look for more discussions on this new teaching platform
New Auto degree Honda PACT will be offered only in block registration
3/2/2018 11:28:20Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
1. Approval of Minutes 2. Admin Rule Distance Learning Best Practices 3. Revision to the Student Right and Responsibilities Committee Functions
March 2nd 2018
1. Minutes approved. 2. This agenda item was sent out for comment after the last ASAC meeting. Feedback indicates that this is moving too quickly and Faculty Senate requested that it be tabled so that they have an opportunity for more robust discussion, forums etc. Faculty Senate will also be given additional data. There was a short discussion on whether the DL handbook be distributed with the revised rule as the rule references it. The handbook is currently being edited and is in draft form. Comment from the DL Committee will be requested before it is distributed. 3. This was the second reading on the revision of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee Functions. The revision removes "grievances" from the wording of the rule. This is in response to a request that the SRRC differentiate between "grievance" and "complaint. The revision went out to employee groups last month and no negative comments were received. The ASAC voted approval.
Review time and shared governance re proposed revised DL rule.
4/3/2018 16:50:34Latisha Marion
Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Approve February Meeting Minutes
Testing Center Policy
Reflection from ASCA Conference
- Mervin Jones
--Autism and Student Conduct Process
--Support begins with understanding
-Dorado Kinney
--Return from Interim Suspension
---Structured Interview process
- Mike Acosta
--Assessing student understanding of conduct policy
--Tips for working with students on the spectrum
TASB Complaints
Maxient Demo
March 9, 2018
A review of the testing center policy was discussed to include the possibility of suspension from the testing center due to violations committed by students such as bringing in items such as calculators or cell phones when not permitted.
A structured interview process to be implemented to bring suspended students back onto the campuses to ensure that violations that were committed do not continue to happen and that the students are indeed ready for their return and will be successful in their attempt.
Finding ways to ensure that students are aware of the student conduct policies through marketing efforts, advertisements and messages.
The discussion of drafting an administrative rule for student complaints.
Student compliant process
Structured interviews for students returning from suspension
Testing center violations
4/13/2018 12:42:59Talisia McHugh
College Accessibility Committee

I. Introductions and welcome new member - All

II. Additional items??/Approve agenda - All

III. Approve 2/9/18 minutes (attachments) – All

IV. Accessibility of faculty evaluations – Sean Loraas

V. HLC Capital Metro pick-up/drop off area – Melanie Parkinson

VI. Accessibility Technicians update – Courtney Mack/Sean Loraas
 Accessibility support
o New screen reader and screen enlargement software for district
o CAMI update

VII. Follow up regarding master syllabus - Steve

VIII. Announcements – All
 Moving forward on new software for SAS (AIM)
 Next meeting – Friday, June 8
 Other ??

April 13, 2018
I. Introductions and welcome new member - All

II. Additional items??/Approve agenda - All

III. Approve 2/9/18 minutes (attachments) – All

IV. Accessibility of faculty evaluations – Sean Loraas

Student evals are completely inaccessible for disabled students. Currently require a reader/scribe for visually impaired students. College is in process of new faculty eval product. Does CAC want to be involved? Every semester has faculty and students that are surprised the day of evals that visually impaired students cannot respond or participate. Sean sent each SAS office a braille and large print version. Can something be added to the directions about contacting SAS for a student with a disability? SAS can more proactive to contact students and faculty to let them know. Is the DIL version accessible? Can this be used in place of hardcopy for students? Lauren Sebel will follow up with Faculty Evaluations.

Motion: CAC recommends The College consider accessibility when reviewing and purchasing processes and products course Eval.. Motion seconded.

V. HLC Capital Metro pick-up/drop off area – Melanie Parkinson

Metro Access has been picking up at the West entrance. Metro gives them a an hour window so students may wait for an hour. The pick up has switched to East entrance where there are no benches for students to sit and wait. Thought it was a temporary location, but now be permanent. Campus Manager has been put in a request for benches, but nobody will pay for it.
Linda Haywood will Reach out to Andy Kim, who is in the process of procuring benches with charging stations.

VI. Accessibility Technicians update – Courtney Mack/Sean Loraas
 Accessibility support
o New screen reader and screen enlargement software for district
o CAMI update

No updates to report.

VII. Follow up regarding master syllabus – Steve
Follow up: everyone is supportive of the motion but no one knows who owns the Master Syllabus. It may need to go to the Curriculum and Programs committee to define ownership. The template for credit courses is not fully accessible. CE/Adult has no master syllabus.

VIII. Announcements – All
 Moving forward on new software for SAS (AIM)
o SAS to move forward with a new info management system. Still need develop AR and process. 60 day implementation process. Possible implementation for Spring 2019.
 Next meeting – Friday, June 8
 Other ??

Pearson Accessibility Update
Jennie Burger, Executive Marketing Manager Accessibility
-Pearson larger higher ed publisher. Accessible to students with disabilities in both digital and print. She out lined 3 goals: improve quality of info, train sales force on accessibility items, making sure that we consider and use the voice of disability specialist as customers. Customers have been traditionally been considered only faculty.
Pearson is the only publisher that works with the accessibility specialist. It is the college’s job to make it accessible, not the publisher.
Book to text format is primarily .pdf. Looking as other formats like ehub.
Over 900 Pearson titles being sold as ebooks in accessible formats in Vital Source. Goal to have 90% of titles in accessible ebooks.
Pearson is currently running a pilot with Kurzweil to see if it can be offered in this software in a copyrighted protected format.

Update from Kirk Kirkland in response to Pearson presentation:
ACC has a contract with B&N and cannot promote other sources for books. B&N has a great relationship with Pearson.
First day program, the digital version of the book is available on the first day of class as an ebook. Approved in the March 5th board meeting.
Fin Aid requires that students have to be able to opt in or out. No plan at this time on how to implement this.
Book fees are part of tuition.
Meeting on April 24th with upper level to discuss details.
Waived tuition fee-only for course but not for additional fees, ie books.
Not sure is ebook is accessible. It is often assumed that electronic formats are automatically accessible but that is not the case.

First Day program approved by the Board on March 5th
4/30/2018 13:59:07Latisha Marion
Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee
1. Approve March Meeting Minutes
Testing Center Policy- Being tabled
2. Advocate Outreach/Training
3. JRP Training
Before end of semester or next meeting
4. Maxient Live-
Review IRs
5. Compliant Process
Maxient IR - Routing/Future
6. Compliant AR - Discussion
Next meeting June 8, 2018
April 13, 2018
Testing center policy is on hold due to new committee developed that will be deal with other current testing issues/until these have been updated new policy will not be visited.
Advocate outreach training will be postponed until summer and members will be required to complete a series of videos for SR&R
Judicial Review Board training- all members will be trained to sit on a Judicial Review Panel and trained on conduct process which was implemented on April 6, 2018. All members will required to train at least once per year.
Maxient (Student discipline report) -incident report in process/testing center incident report is also tabeled, cares will have an incident report as well as a sexual misconduct report.
Student complaint form is still available but complaint A&R is still under review
Student compliant processMaxient Discipline reports
Judicial review panel training
6/1/2018 12:50:09Gillian Waterston
Academic & Student Affairs Council
Approval of Minutes. New administrative rule on general student complaints6/1/18
Minutes from May 4th were approved after clarification on the adoption of the new academic calendar for 2019-2020. The calendar was moved from draft to final. Interesting note that summer of 2020 will be 10 weeks with two 5 week short sessions. The new admin rule for general student complaints had been sent out for comments. Most comments were that it was too vague and not enough detail. It was noted that the details will come in with the guidelines and procedures which will partner the AR. There was some discussion on complaint experiences and the fact that we do not currently have an admin rule, a formalized procedure or a process holder. There was discussion on some of the wording which was adjusted without changing the content of the distributed rule. The exemptions to the rule will be ADA, and title 6 and 9 which already have an AR rule with guidelines and procedures. The proosed new AR was approved and a committee will continue to work on the G&Ps to support it.
General Student Complaint AR
7/17/2018 13:04:50Talisia McHugh
College Accessibility Committee
Additional Items/Approve Agenda
Approve 4/13/18 minutes
Follow Up Reports
College reorganization & CAC representation review
Paperwork in place for purchasing new SAS software: AIM. Lots of qualities to improve services for students.
Update:RGC auto door opener for bathrooms has been installed.
Sean Looras: new Blackboard plugin called Ally. Make courses more accessible. Training in Fall & Spring for implementation.
Sean Looras: Installation is complete for new screen reader & enlargement software: Zoomtext Fusion (to replace JAWS).
All students can request to have a version for free via SAS office (PC only). Sean will continue to run test and work out kinks.
CAMI: 2 year study in how minority students use electronic textbooks. Study is done and awaiting results. Goal is to get accessible materials quickly to blind/visually impaired students.
CE/Adult Ed Master Syllabus-Steve Christopher working on revising & building in an accessible piece that will be there for instructors.
College Re-org & CAC representation:need to get member list up to date on website & add Adult Ed rep.
New SAS softer AIM
Zoomtext Fusion (replacing JAWS)
8/13/2018 11:31:41Talisia McHugh
College Accessibility Committee
I. Introductions - All
II. Additional items??/Approve agenda - All
III. Approve 7/13/18 minutes (attachment) – All
IV. College reorganization & CAC representation follow up (attachment) - All
V. CAC meeting schedule – 2018-2019 - All
VI. Announcements – All
 Next meeting – TBD
 Other ??

IT Update: IT department hired an outside consultant to assess current applications, strategic mission and goals of the department. October will see UI 4 go away and replaced with UI 5. A new ticketing system will be coming soon.
ALLY Update: This is a tool for Blackobard to assess accessibility access for content. The tool with have a percentage of accessibility and options to correct any holes in the content by the instructor. Pilot for Fall and will launch in Spring.
Round table discussion on Committee membership and necessary department liasons versus those that can be called as needed. Stephen with present to the Shared Governance Committee for approval.
Committee agreed on 2018/19 meeting dates.
IT UpdateALLY Update
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