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10/15/2019 21:12:12A balance of being and doing is needed for system shifting work. Often, we see doing getting priority. Or just the planning and thinking around what that doing might be, and not even the doing itself. The being piece can take time to work its magic. How patient are we prepared to be during this moment of urgent emergency?!Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call10/15/2019Six people, late at night, tired, but appreciative, and very open to the potential value we are creating without needing to see it manifest specifically in the momentSimplify simplify simplify!Climate Change and Consciousness, Climate Change Conversations in Libraries (and Beyond), Network Weaving Cafe
10/17/2019 11:35:16The shift we are experiencing is best described as a Metamorphosis, and has organic and self organization Characteristics Mark S Hewittmark@telephony.net2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call10/17/2019
10/17/2019 9:02:25The multiplicity of possibilities and or the gems of wisdom or truth in each oneA lot of folk still recognise value only if monetarisedUnconscious old patterning remains in us allJoypeacevalleyau@gmail.com5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual AidGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call10/17/2019Folk interested in Gift or other alternative economiesI love the moment of stillness at the centre of the process of the Deep Dive
10/17/2019 9:34:36What is the new/ancient language we can use to replace "making a living" or "being paid," "return on investment," etc. that embodies the spirit of the gift?What would happen if we decided to act as if people here in Now What?! and beyond were trustworthy, even if we don't know them, have no contract or clear agreement with them? If we show up here and give our gifts fully, how much might we find that we are gifted in return many fold, both materially and spiritually?Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual AidGeneral Deep Dive Zoom callI was very please with the way the diversity of this group ended up knitting together in a coherent way.These General Deep Dive calls are challenging due to the multiple contexts people are showing up from. What do they want to be? What are they not, that we might be expecting of them and then setting ourselves up for disappointment? What is a metaphor for these spaces that can help make clear where their primary value might lie?The Consciousness of Money, GatherLab, TRCC: Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, WEAll: Wellbeing Economy Alliance
10/17/2019 15:34:30"I am more interested in the conversation that is having us than the one we are having" (from Uri Noy-Meir's teacher Hector Aristizabal)Philippe's notes/drawing: Stigmergic software is coming! A way to drop "breadcrumbs" that let us become a super-organism, like bees and ants, Being developed by Phalan Morelife: do we navigate all the information that is coming at us? How can our capacity for memory cope with this torrent? Can technology be a means for supplementing and accelerating collective understanding, like leaving Post-it Notes on a physical landscape to support collaborative permaculture design.Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual AidZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner10/17/2019Beautifully hosted by Naomi Joy Smith, and building on the energy of the learning journey that BeyondUs is been leading. call moved into a juicy overtime session. Perhaps we needed more time for the energy to coalesce. Perhaps having five people rather than ten made a big difference.BeyondUsCommonway Institute, New Stories
10/18/2019 3:27:37Being part in Now What!?! is a gift to myself. I exercise my thinking, my being a storyteller within the paradigme of the emerging new. It is a leisure activity beyond the "news of today". It feels like meaningful time within my new global tribe and extended family, as a gift to myself to be receiving stories of hope, joy, gratitude from people dedicated to a compassionate peace culture. I believe I also am gifting others with my presence. I am here to follow a dream I had long time ago. Its living an inner world of a desired global citizenship, a deep dive in a true longing to be in oneness as humans. The story of money as our collective asset. Peer-to-peer and emotional trading - are we creating an edutainment experience for all of us...and beyond us? Grounded in regenerative culture we also invest into local communities extending an harvest beyond our lifetime. How do we do ROI in investment for eternity? Fast money in a busy world - how do we extend skills and capacity in a digital world? Listening to yesterdays call, I know that we have a all the skills need to find solutions. An emerging new story: Normalizing the plasticity of being human a dance of extending beyond the local context, and then in a Decentralized ID , still having core values as a common bedrock of being .e.g. like the compassionate global culture. Inger-Mette Stensethim.stenseth@gmail.com5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual AidZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner10/17/2019I knew 4 people out of 12 quite well, so it was like meeting dedicated working friends. The others where friends of my friends. We were transcending from a Now What?!? to a What if??? a Now What?!? to a What if??? what if we did a follow up on the ideas and projects that we touched at the end of our call? BeyondUs360Hub Global
10/19/2019 22:16:01I loved connecting with people from so many points on the globe: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and the U.S.I was struck with our collective determination to evolve as humans.Madeleine Charney6. Reverence in Our Work and Our Daily LivesLaunch party10/14/2019It was fun looking at our profiles on the now what website and weaving strands of them together into a poem.Climate Change Conversations in Libraries (and Beyond), Regenerative Communities Network
10/19/2019 10:20:10I was sharing some music from the Being Fully Human playlist, chosen at random, as the Oct 18 Cafe call began. And Rick Feltington, the person who had suggested the piece that I was playing, was the first person to come onto the call. Here is the song: song consists of this chant, repeated many times: "I release control, and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me." Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com6. Reverence in Our Work and Our Daily Lives, SynchronicityNow What?! Cafe call10/17/2019Ben, Rick, Shulamith, Heidi, Helen, and RobThis was a delicious and deep call, where we also ended musically, watching this Kate Tempest video together (h/t Shulamith Strauss), which brought me to tears: used a "mini" Open Space process to create two rounds of conversation with two groups for each, and it worked very well.
10/22/2019 17:51:44We had a small group with a focus on discussions regarding money, and the new economy. There was a foundation in the Gift Economy, and technical discussion of the history and emergence of a new system of currency and accountabilityThe very idea that we are a cooperative and giving species must take place in the emergence of this new economyA deep insight into the spiritual nature of cooperative and common good that is systemic throughout all of humanityI was struck by the correlation of the most recent TED talk by Nick HanauerMark S Hewittmark@telephony.net5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual AidNow What?! Cafe call10/22/2019The history and future of money
10/23/2019 10:44:24Generosity is only truly kind if you can afford to give what you're givingIf your cup is empty and you give, you have to steal from somewhere else, or not survive (an unhealthy version of the masculine archetype).The unhealthy form of the feminine archetype is a naive belief in the seduction of things that are not what they seem-the false generosity of "free" things, things "on sale," etc.The children are feeling lost and confused here (in the UK). So many are on medication. Now XR is coming and giving them something to do, inspiring them without drugs.Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual Aid, 6. Reverence in Our Work and Our Daily LivesCall convened by Now What?! Collective Member10/23/2019Five people gathered for the Poetics of Generosity, led by Uri Noy-MeirThis was fun, and felt meaningfulLet's do more! I especially liked playing with the Network Map.BeyondUs, Commonway Institute, Sutra
10/23/2019 10:55:53We need a new competency: "evolutionary trouble making!"People are feeling pain, and are rebelling in anger (e.g. in Chile, Ecuador, Columbia). That may not be the best way to make change. How can we support conscious social evolution in response to a set of existential crises?We can be co-designers of a better future for humanity and all life on Earth. Aristotle talked about virtues and said a meaningful life requires a purpose and a plan, leading to action. And that conversation (versus "logos" i.e. reasoning) is one of our most powerful tools for making change, though this has been forgotten.The Agora: a place to come together as a community for deep conversations. In the Republic, Plato said that a good society requires philosophers to become kings, and kings to become philosophers. Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com1. Bioregional Organizing for Transformation and Regeneration, 2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting Networks, 5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual AidZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner10/23/2019A virtual group beamed into Christiana Gardikioti's home to connect with the retreat happening there for the institute for Evolutionary Leadership.This was great fun! Thank you Fyodor for organizing this. One criticism: gien the size of the group (~20) I thought there was too much time spent on introductions left no time for dialogue on a one hour call!Institute for Evolutionary Leadership
10/23/2019 15:52:06The global climate depends upon having the Amazon, 20% of which is already gone. another 5% loss could push the system over a tipping point leading to collapse.The vision: a great gathering in the Amazon next August is being planned, to be led by indigenous people. They will give forgiveness for the harms of oppression and colonization. From this healing, a great collaboration will emerge, with funding, and new work with a living wage so loggers and others can move from extractive to regenerative work. Is this too much on an old paradigm approach based on the money-driven economy? We need a new economic model for the Amazon. Can some new tech, e.g. a DAO for food sovereignty be used? Ceferino is working on this. Collective ownership and management. So a perfect solution up front isn't needed. A system like this can adapt continually based on feedback on the ground. Two purposes are being proposed for the gathering: healing and the generation of solutions. [I wonder if we can already move past "generating solutions" into acting on ones have already been articulated, having compiled those in advance of the gathering? And if part of the "solution" is a complex adaptive system for action, how much do the specific "answers" need to be worked out in advance?]Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com1. Bioregional Organizing for Transformation and Regeneration, 4. Just Transition & Green New Deal, 5. New Economies Grounded in Generosity and Mutual Aid, Rob de Laet & CCC's planing for amazon regenerationZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner10/23/2019A breakout group during a call with about 30 people. Six of us chose to focus on the Gathering, while four other groups met on other topics related to the larger regeneration project.This doc has a draft of the plan we reflected on: the World Open Space on Open Space that takes place this weekend I will look for Brazilians who might partner with this initiative.On a call with a group this large, I think having everyone introduce one another is not a good use of time. I can't take all that info in. A 10 minute breakout with four other people would be much better if we want to make real connections. Or some process of "seeing who is here" that doesn't have everyone speak in turn, perhaps using hand raising or a the survey built into ZoomClimate Change and ConsciousnessBeyondUs, Climate Change Conversations in Libraries (and Beyond), Films for the Planet, GatherLab, Regenerative Communities Network
10/23/2019 20:51:49Jonathan Fong is working with Berrett-Koehler Foundation to create cohorts of 6-8 social change agents (fellows) that work with one another, read some of the same books, and also connect with various BK authors, such as Craig Neal and Peggy Holman, to support their transformational work. It's an 8 mo. program with Zoom calls 2x/month. 4th iteration happening now. More about this Action Learning Coalition at Peggy Holman (author of Engaging Emergence) talks about the importance of the work of creating "weak ties" in networks. She calls this essential work "link leadership." She observes that people who play this role are often not valued, or even dismissed as distractions by those who are focused on work solely within their hubs. Inspired by this observation, Now What?! is designed as a playground for link leaders (aka "connectors"), and a space where their work is honored and valued.Inger-Mette worked with the European Youth Center in 1993 to build civil society and confront xenophobia and racism. Creative ways of connecting across difference, using arts and theater and journalism. Command and control rests on the false belief that control is even possible. A future with a world that works for all requires a different approach. And planning for a future requires knowing what future we want, and it needs to be something other than every man for himself, accumulating as much wealth as possible.Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksNow What?! Cafe call10/23/2019Heather, Ben, Jonathan, and Inger-Mette hanging out in the Now What?! CafeTRCC: Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory
10/24/2019 8:39:53Letting go of the "need to know" makes space for the magic to work. We are conduits. We receive and we pass on We have to stay empty, or nothing can flow through us. That's actually our task. Whoooo!If we use "war language," we have been infiltrated. When I see that, I step away. And yet, we can also use that language in a new/ancient, as in the song For Her Speak, by Ma Muse and Lyla June: holds the memory of everything that has ever happened, and it's in us. Water is life.Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call10/24/2019Rob, Joy, and BenSmall yet powerful! Intimate "mycelial" connections are the DNA of Now What?!360Hub Global, Climate Change and Consciousness, Deep Adaptation Task Group
10/25/2019 14:02:55In the spirit of the Greek Agora , and the Greek history of Oikos, Cosmos, Sophia - the houshold, the cosmology of life and, in love with wisdom, this conversation inspired people to talk about deep friendship. I need to back to a tree. It is ubunto. It is community, it is love. Under the Tree we find solutions together. I am willing to give 1 hour peer-to-peer talk with people in the village. I can. I can . I can also!!! Know thy self, as the Oracle of Delphi. Many of the answers are already inside you. We are all very similar, but also very different. We talk with people that we do not know, so it is easy to have assumptions. People, need to have someone to talk with. Inger-Mette Stensethim.stenseth@gmail.com1. Bioregional Organizing for Transformation and RegenerationGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call10/25/2019An online group in sync with group working in the village. The World Cafe online could have been splitt up in smaller groups. Then had the harvest at the end. This gathering is hosted by Christiana Gardikioti, the founder of the The ''Meraki'' people - a local bio-economy initiative leading to a zero-waste community - as part of her fellowship work at the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership and the series of #EvolutionaryOctober events that are now part of the NowWhat?! movement. 360Hub Global, Institute for Evolutionary Leadership
10/26/2019 23:46:26Visual harvest: healing can happen anywhere (even via zoom)Jenny Heglandjennyhegland72@gmail.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting Networks, 3. Adaptation to a Transforming WorldCombo deep dive + world open space session10/15/2019Combo deep dive +World Open Space session (in-person gathering) people were together in a shared space in one zoom window, and others were in separate spaces in their own zoom window. Deep intimacy and connection was still very possible and present.
10/31/2019 4:08:55With a small group- it felt more was extracted because we were able to be a bit more intimate with one another.I felt validated and supported by the fellow call members- which made it feel the conversation was worthwhile for others other than myself.2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner10/28/2019Online communitiesWEAll: Wellbeing Economy Alliance
11/4/2019 14:41:20How we touch/connect is often a surprise or gift which allows us to move beyond agreement or disagreement and find a way to move into action in small or big ways. I don't have to agree to see what another person's lived experience is. Awareness of grief and knowing where I am with it allows me to BE with myself and a situation or group in new and profound ways.Daily celebrate all that life is and daily grieve the losses that are occurring. 3. Adaptation to a Transforming WorldGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call11/4/2019Talked about conversations at WOSonOS 2019 in Maryland. The dance between avoiding conversations which go nowhere and naming what is 'true' at an individual level and what we know it think we know at a collective level. Fact and data...heartfelt connection. Climate Change and Consciousness, Regenerative Communities Network, Deep Adaptation Task Group
11/5/2019 2:57:37Our ability to carry the trauma of despair around climate change, social justice issues and more with our ability to experience gratitude and joy, alone and with others. We are learning to live and work with uncertainty by welcoming and working through grief as a way of facing death and rebirth. Facing what's real while holding on and having hope that birth continually comes after death.How people are choosing to cope by consciously limiting their intake of negative news while seeking to connect and make a difference, big or small, by deeply connecting and being with others. The huge value of the relationships built over time through Open Space gatherings, the latest World Open Space in Cherry Hill Park and the annual Peace and High Performance in New York city. How quickly we felt safe and willing to express deeply held and differing opinions, working through them because we care. Suzanne Daigles.daigle@nufocusgroup.com3. Adaptation to a Transforming WorldGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call11/4/20193. Adaptation to a Transforming WorldQuote from Leah - The solution is in the Connection. I felt that today.Love how we can meet from wherever we are through Zoom. Deep Adaptation Task Group
11/7/2019 10:39:44I learned yesterday that a friend is seriously ill. This morning, I am struck by two synchronicities related to that sad news. Synchronicity #1: at the end of this Deep Dive call, we listed to a live version of Nick Lowe performing his classic song "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding." I found myself weeping without knowing why. Later, I saw that Lowe had dedicated that performance to his late friend Ian McLagan.Synchronicity #2: after the call, I was looking through a stack of magazines my wife had put out to be recycled. I opened an old issue of the New Yorker and a piece on new cures for cancer caught my eye. It begins with a story from 1960 about twins, one of whom saved the life of the other with the first bone marrow transplant ever performed. The illness that was treated was not cancer, but aplastic anemia--the same condition that my friend is suffering from. Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.comOne-on-one conversation during a Deep Dive call: themes of friendship, trust, saying "no," and "selling"General Deep Dive Zoom call11/7/2019Ben and Thomas get to know one another, talk about their shared passion for Open Space Technology, the importance of saying "no," and other things. experienced a lovely reframing of my story about the fact that there were "only" two of us on this call. As they say in Open Space, whoever comes are the right people. Commonway Institute, Deep Adaptation Task Group
11/7/2019 12:58:18Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner11/7/2019The Network Weaving Virtual Cafe, hosted by a. Keala Young Weaving Cafe
11/18/2019 17:18:42Deeper understanding of indigenous connection to the land - that they are rooted in place vs being transplanted as many others have immigrated. It was mentioned that fostering indigenous pride in traditional cultures is important to restore self-esteem.

I knew the indigenous connection to the land (and trauma) was transferred via DNA but never realized how place based played such an important role.
The conversation identified story patterns with the Xukurus and other indigenous communities and touched on the need as well as the challenges in weaving micro and meta narratives around the value of traditional cultures.

We explored living economies in local places and the value of micro narratives such as a Water Harvesting System in Zimbabwe
mindfulness via heart and spirit connection, the collective value of small group gestures, ritual, ceremony and celebrations.

Invite to participate in the January Oslo event via films with a climate and Amazon theme.
Natures Rights is in constitution EcuadorThea LaGroucynthlagrou@gmail.com1. Bioregional Organizing for Transformation and Regeneration, 6. Reverence in Our Work and Our Daily LivesZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner11/13/2019The group watched the Xukuru Story and immersive virtual journey to Pernambucu Brazil. Wonderful to meet and learn about one another’s work - from Oslo to Zambia and Brazil. We explored living economies in local places, the innate indigenous connection to the land, fostering indigenous pride in traditional cultures, micro and meta story patterns, conflicting religious world views and emerging cosmologies, mindfulness via heart and spirit connection, the collective value of small group gestures, ritual, and celebrations. Later discussions involved participating in the January Oslo event via films with a climate and Amazon theme.The original intent or purpose of the conversation:
· the protection of land and indigenous land rights in Brazil and the Amazon
· the role of film and story-weaving in raising awareness and financial support for these rights
· data harvesting and team / partner building with the intent to campaign build in 2020

The conversation identified story patterns with the Xukurus and other indigenous communities and touched on the need as well as the challenges in weaving micro and meta narratives around the value of traditional cultures.
Films for the Planet360Hub Global, BeyondUs, Climate Change and Consciousness, Films for the Planet, Regenerative Communities Network
11/18/2019 13:48:25How different is it to work with networks (and networks of networks) that are open versus networks, communities of practice, alliances, etc. where membership is well defined? The latter may provide more shared context for engagement, and it may be easier to get agreement on a specific set of tool and platforms. And yet, especially in terms of social "technology," many of the needs, challenges, and opportunities may be similar.We are still just taking baby steps (or as they say in Sweden, "wearing baby shoes") when it comes to using our new capacities for global connecting and collaborating as one human family caring for one another and Earth.There is a core need for supporting people in stepping up as weavers and conveners. For this to happen in an open network that supports transformation, a sense of shared ownership and accountability is also needed. So perhaps it is not surprising that we do not see more of this happening. Yet.Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksGeneral Deep Dive Zoom call11/18/2019Thomas, David, Ben, and BenNetwork Weaving Cafe, Sutra
11/19/2019 14:21:47Art is skill combined with awareness.We're acting as if we're siloed--what would it look like if we came together to weave in truly co-created gatherings?The Now What?! of this moment is about inviting people to co-create. Let's play the game of landing ourselves after many years "on the road." Co-creativity can become our go-to mode, and being in relationship allows us to fulfill much more than we can on our own (but not by merging into total Oneness). A lot of what we are busying ourselves with is an over-amped materialism that falls away when we become more fulfilled.Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting Networks, 6. Reverence in Our Work and Our Daily LivesCollective Member conversation11/19/2019Convened by Brianna Ruland and Frankie Lee Slater Frankie Lee Slater's website: listing on calendar: Now What?! meets Circles UnitingBeyondUs, Sutra
11/21/2019 17:13:58It's all about "who knows it and who don't!" (adapted from Wendell Berry)It's time to make new meaning from old meaning!Ben Robertsben@conversationcollaborative.comPoetics of GenerosityCollective Member Zoom call11/21/2019Poetics of Generosity 3.0, led by Uri Noy-meir and Jenny Hegland. See link to Jenny's wonderful visual synthesis, Climate Change and Consciousness, Commonway Institute, Context Institute
11/21/2019 17:30:26Vigorous Learning Circles - Joy - Creativity - it was an encounter of knowing: we can do this!!! we are artist - and art - we are ubuntu.Food is medicine food is sharing, food is making Inger-Mette Stensethim.stenseth@gmail.com2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner11/20/2019Small group , It is always a beginning - this was a start. Like a happy first encounter and gave the feeling: let us meet again. was a small tast on what we can do ! Love the feeling of joy, as a way to reflect on food security and climate change, and the emerging new reality of agri-tech in partnership with nature.The human nature in the group was joy - laughter united us. We hope to meet for dinner, not only the hast encounter at a cocktailparty. 360Hub Global
12/3/2019 11:00:15Adrian Röbkeadrian.roebke@nefkom.info2. Patterns, Processes, and Tools for System Shifting NetworksZoom call convened by a Now What?! Partner Weaving Cafe