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AuthorTitleWhere is it?What's it all about?Date
Holm, JenniferSuper AmoebaJ HOLA funny graphic novel about science and superheroes.2011YesFunny2303
Joyner, AndrewBoris on the moveJ SERIES BRANCHESA funny, illustrated story about Boris, who longs for adventures.2013YesFunny2301
Holm, JenniferSquish, Super AmoebaJ HOLA funny graphic novel about science and superheroes.2015YesFunny2303
Osborne, MaryDinosaurs before darkJ SERIES MAGIC TREEThe first in a classic series of historical and fantastical adventures.
Burk, JamesBird and squirrel on the runJ BURA funny graphic novel about two unlikely friends2012YesFunny2503
Eaton, Maxwell IIIEvil Penguin PlanJ EATA funny graphic novel about beavers and their exploits.2012YesFunny2603
Dillard, SarahExtraordinary WarrenJ DILA funny graphic novel about a chicken who belives he is extraordinary.2014Funny2602
Hale, NathanOne dead spyJ HALAmerican history in graphic form. This story is about Nathan Hale, Revolutionary War patriot and spy.2012YesNF/History2705
Chmakova, Svetlana
AwkwardThis story of middle school friendship, art, and fitting in is perfect for fans of Smile and Drama
Realistic Fiction
BannisterShadow DoorJ BANA spooky graphic novel about a fantastical world and the friends who travel there.2009YesFantasy3004
Kibuishi, KazuStonekeeperJ KIBA spooky, fantastical graphic novel about the adventures of two siblings in a world of elves, machines, and magic.2008YesFantasy3103
McCarty, PeterFirst SnowENATURE SEASONS MCCA picture book about seeing snow for the first time.2015Picture Book3101
Blume, Judy
One in the middle is the green kangaroo
J BLUA classic funny story about being a middle child.
Kibuishi, KazuStonekeeperA riveting graphic fantasy, set in a strange world with magical amulets and strange creatures.
Soo, KeanJellaby the lost monsterJ SOOA sweet graphic novel about a girl who finds a monster friend.2014YesFantasy3203
Kimmel, EricAnansi goes fishingETALES WORLD KIMA picture book folktale of Anansi, a trickster from West Africa.
YesFairy Tale3402
Pilkey, DavRicky Ricotta’s Mighty RobotJ PILA funny, illustrated story about a small mouse and his mighty robot.
Sherry, KevinMeet the BigfeetJ SHEBlizz Richards is a great guy, a caring boss, and a loyal friend. Oh, yeah...he's also a yeti!2014YesFunny3503
West, TraceyRise of the earth dragonJ WESIn the first book of the Dragon Masters series, Drake is summoned from the onion fields to be a Dragon Master. Drake meets his earth dragon and begins to settle into a new life at the castle. Will he be able to build a connection with his dragon?2014YesFantasy3604
Blume, JudyFreckle JuiceJ BLUAndrew wants freckles more than anything in the world. Is it worth fifty cents for the secret recipe for freckle juice?
Griffiths, AndyBig fat cow that goes kapowER GRIIn these ten easy-to-read stories there is a mixed-up cow that says "miaow, " a mole called Noel who plays rock 'n' roll in a hole, and a boy named Mike who rides a bike with a very big spike!2009Funny3801
Roy, RonJanuary JokerJ SERIES CALENDARBradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy make observations and gather clues that convince them that their older siblings, cousin, and animals have been captured by hungry space aliens.2009YesMystery3804
Park, Barbara
Junie B. Jones and the stupid smelly bus
J SERIES JUNIEA silly story about starting kindergarten and having to ride a smelly bus!
Hale, NathanAlamo All-StarsLearn the real history behind the Alamo in this comic book.Yes
Historical Fiction
Pilkey, DavDog ManGeorge and Harold, recreate their first thrilling adventure series, Dog Man. Watch our canine hero battle Petey the cat and get on the police chief's nerves.YesFunny3904
Chantler, ScottTower of treasureJ CHAFourteen-year-old orphan Dessa works as an acrobat in a traveling circus, trying to make a living and searching for her lost twin brother. When Topper, the circus juggler, gets Dessa and the strongman Fisk caught up in his plan to be the world's greatest thief, they end up in big trouble-and face-to-face with the villain who took Dessa's brother away.2010YesFantasy4003
Hale, ShannonPrincess in blackJ HALHiding her secret identity as a monster-fighting superhero, Princess Magnolia interrupts her fancy tea with the unsuspecting Duchess Wigtower to stop a big blue monster from endangering her kingdom's goats.2014YesFantasy4003
Kibuishi, KazuLast councilThe story of the Amulet continues, as Emily realizes there are traitors in the magical world - and she's accidentally helped them.
McDonald, MeganJessica Finch in pig troubleJ MCD FRIENDS 1With her birthday coming up, Jessica hopes for a real-live potbellied pig. But Judy Moody is acting like a pig-head and to make matters worse, Jessica has snooped around the house and has found zero sign of a pig present. Could her birthday be any more of a disaster?2014YesFunny4103
Kibuishi, KazuFirelightIn the 7th book in the Amulet series, the Voice in Emily's Amulet is leading Emily down a path she may not be able to leave.
Pilkey, DavAdventures of Ook and GlukOok and Gluk are two best-friend cavemen who travel to the future and learn Kung-Fu to stop the evil Goppernoppers from using their time machine to steal all of Earth's resources from the past.Funny4204
Coven, WandaHeidi Heckelbeck has a secretJ COVIn the first book from the Heidi Heckelbeck series, eight-year-old Heidi experiences her first day of a brick-and-mortar school after being homeschooled, and she isn't happy about it. Perhaps a little magic can make things better!2012YesFunny4304
Maihack, MikeTarget practiceJ MAIWhen a young Cleopatra (yes, THAT Cleopatra) finds a mysterious tablet that zaps her to the far, REALLY far future, she learns of an ancient prophecy that says she is destined to save the galaxy from the tyrannical rule of the evil Xaius Octavian. An exciting graphic novel adventure.2014YesScience Fiction4303
Bowler, TimBuried thunderYA BOWFourteen-year-old Maya is compelled to understand what is happening in the forest around the hotel her parents recently purchased after she discovers three dead bodies.2015Horror44014
Cummings, TroyDay of the night crawlersJ CUM NOTEBOOK 2Alexander and his new friend, Rip, try to learn more about the monster-filled notebook. They follow clues left by strange worms called night crawlers.2013YesFantasy4601/3
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate blasts offNate gives up his crush on Jenny for a new girl and finds a friend in the most unlikely place.YesFunny4606
Lewis, MontgomeryCase of the stinky socksJ SERIES MILODetectives-in-training Milo and Jazz join forces to tackle their first big case--finding out who stole the lucky socks from the high school baseball team's star pitcher.2009YesMystery4704
Cronin, Doreen
Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure
J CROWhen the squirrel Tail comes barreling into the chicken coop ranting about a round, shiny, green, big, scary thing in the yard, Dirt, Sweetie, Poppy, and Sugar investigate this strange object.2014YesFunny4704
Blume, JudyTales of a fourth grade nothingJ BLUPeter Hatcher feels like his little brother, Fudge, receives all the attention. Fudge is a two-year-old who gets away with everything and makes Peter feel like a "fourth grade nothing." What can Peter do to make his parents to pay attention to him for a change?
Springstubb, Tricia
Cody and the fountain of happiness
Cody just wants everyone to have the best summer ever, but with her teen brother suffering from unrequited love and her mom's job worries, will they ever be a happy family again?Yes
Realistic Fiction
McDonald, MeganStink: The incredible shrinking kidJ MCDThe shortest kid in the second grade, James Moody, also known as Stink, learns all about the shortest president of the United States, James Madison, when they celebrate Presidents' Day at school.2005YesFunny4804
Thorpe, KikiIn a blinkJ DISNEY NEVER 1When four friends are whisked out of their ordinary lives to Never Land, home to fairies and mermaids, Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell have to figure out a way for them to get home.2013YesFantasy4805
Barkley, CallieAmy and the missing puppyJ BARDuring Spring Break, mystery lover Amy looks for clues to the disappearance of wealthy Ms. Sullivan's Saint Bernard puppy.2013YesAnimal Fiction4904
Cummings, TroyRise of the balloon goonsJ CUMAlexander has just moved into Stermont, but the elementary school is being torn down, his new classroom is located in the hospital morgue, a notebook he finds is full of information about monsters--and everywhere he turns there are spooky balloon men determined to attack him.2013YesFunny4904
Keenan, SheilaDogs of warJ KEEThree fictional stories, told in graphic novel format, about soldiers in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War who were aided by combat dogs. Based on true stories.2013
Historical Fiction
Jones, NoahMoldylocks and the Three BearsJ SERIES BRANCHESAfter falling through the refrigerator into the Land of Fake Believe, Princess meets a girl named Moldylocks who takes her to the home of the Three Beards for chili--but when the Beards capture her friend, Princess must come up with a plan to save her.2014YesFunny4902
Marko, CyndiLet’s Get CrackingJ SERIES BRANCHESGordon Blue and his brother Benny, unlikely superheroes, must save Fowladelphia from Granny Goosebumps, who has filled the city with cookies that cause innocent chickens' feathers to fall off2014YesFunny4902
Peirce, Lincoln
Big Nate: Revenge of the cream puffs
Watch Nate meet the challenges of baseball, dating, class participation, dog training, detention, and even chess.YesFunny4905
Dicamillo, KateLeroy Ninker saddles upJ DICSaddle up for this first volume in a spin-off series starring favorite characters from DiCamillo's bestselling Mercy Watson books. Leroy Ninker has a hat, a lasso, and boots. What he doesn't have is a horse--until he meets Maybelline, and then it's love at first sight.2014YesFunny5004
Snyder, LaurelSeven stories upJ SNYWhile her mother sits in a Baltimore hotel at the deathbed of a grandmother twelve-year-old Annie never knew, Annie travels back fifty years and shares adventures with the lonely girl who will grow up to be her feisty grandmother.2014
Historical Fiction
Mlynowski, SarahUpside-Down MagicJ MLYTen-year-old Nory wants nothing more than to attend Sage Academy, but Nory's magic is wonky and she finds herself banished to a public school in another town where a special teacher helps her find the upside of her magic.2015YesFantasy5007
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate in a class by himselfJ PEINate's plan for success and popularity - get detention from every teacher in the same day! Funny series for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Anderson, LaurieFight for lifeJ ANDWith the help of her veterinarian grandmother and the other volunteers at the Wild at Heart Animal Clinic, eleven-year-old Maggie rescues sick puppies from an illegal puppy mill.2007YesAnimal Fiction5107
Barshaw, RuthEllie McDoodle: New kid in schoolJ BAREllie writes and doodles in a journal of her family's move to a new home and her struggle to make friends.2008Yes
Realistic Fiction
Adler, DavidTrianglesJ 516.15 ADLQuestions about different kinds of triangles are answered with clear text and cheerful illustrations starring two friendly kids and one savvy robot.2014NF/Science5101
Meadows, DaisyAlly the dolphin fairyJ SERIES RAINBOWRachel and Kirsty help Ally the Dolphin Fairy find a piece of a magic conch shell to help restore order to the ocean.2011YesFantasy5204
Pastis, StephenMistakes were madeJ PASTimmy Failure launches a detective business with a lazy polar bear partner named Total but finds their enterprise "Total Failure, Inc." challenged by a college-bound spy and a four-foot-tall girl whom Timmy refuses to acknowledge.2015YesFunny5206
Chantler, ScottDark islandIn the sixth graphic novel from the Three Thieves series, the story of Dessa and her friends continues.YesFantasy5205
Lubar, DavidPunished!J LUBLogan and his friend Benedict are playing tag in the library and Logan gets caught when he runs into a mysterious man. When Logan doesn't apologize sincerely, the mysterious gentleman punishes him by causing him to speak in puns.2006Funny5405
Lubar, DavidMy rotten lifeJ LUBTired of continually having his feelings hurt by popular students and bullies, fifth-grader Nathan agrees to try an experimental formula, Hurt-Be-Gone, and becomes a half-dead zombie, a condition which, he soon discovers, has some real advantages.2009YesFunny5408
Myracle, LaurenPenguin problemsJ MYRSeven-year-old Ty gets into mischief and big-hearted schemes while navigating second grade and becoming a big brother.2013YesFunny5406
Johnson, TerrySurvivor Diaries: Overboard!J JOHIn the first book from the Survivor Diaries series, eleven-year-old Travis and twelve-year-old Marina fight to survive after a rogue wave knocks them off a tour boat. Can they use their wits to keep them alive until help comes?2017Yes
Blume, JudyIggie's houseJ BLUWhen Winnie welcomes the Garber family into a previously all-white neighborhood, she learns the difference between good neighbor policies and friendship.
Realistic Fiction
Chew, RuthTrouble with magicJ CHEHarrison Peabody, a very pleasant wizard, demonstrates that a great deal of trouble often accompanies a little bit of magic.
Holm, JenniferFourteenth goldfishJ HOLEllie's scientist grandfather has discovered a way to reverse aging, and consequently has turned into a teenager--which makes for complicated relationships when he moves in with Ellie and her mother, his daughter.2014
Realistic Fiction
Hunt, LyndaFish in a treeSchool has always been a nightmare for Ally. She is too ashamed to be honest and admit she can't read, so she acts out.
Realistic Fiction
Griffiths, Andy13-story treehouseJ GRIWho wouldn't want to live in a treehouse? Life would be perfect for Andy and Terry if it wasn't for the fact that they have to write their next book, which is almost impossible because there are just so many distractions!2013YesFunny5605
Egan, KateVanishing coinJ EGAMike reluctantly bonds with good-girl neighbor Nora while learning fun skills at The White Rabbit magic shop, the owner of which believes Mike could become a great magician.2014YesMystery5605
Watson, JudeLoot: How to steal a fortuneJ WATWhen Alfie McQuinn, the notorious jewel thief, is killed on a job, his last words to his son, March, are to "find jewels" and this instruction leads the boy to Jules, the twin sister he never knew he had--and the perfect partner to carry on the family business.2014Yes
Marshall, JamesThree little pigsETALES NURSERY MARThis book presents a unique new twist to the children's story of the three little pigs.
Fairy Tale5602
Lubar, David
In the land of the lawn weenies and other warped and creepy tales
J LUBShort, creepy stories2003YesScary57012
Simon, CocoKatie and the cupcake cureJ SIMWho's afraid of middle school? Not Katie Brown. After her best friend ditches her for a new group of friends called the Popular Girls Club, Katie is left alone and starts to wonder if there's an Unpopular Girls Club she can join. Luckily, Katie finds her way with a great new group of friends and together they form their own club.2011Yes
Realistic Fiction
Holub, Joan
Zeus and the thunderbolt of doom
J HOLWhen ten-year-old Zeus is kidnapped, he discovers he can defend himself with a magical thunderbolt.2012YesFantasy5705
Winkler, HenryBookmarks are people tooJ WINHoping to land the lead in the class play, Hank freezes during his audition and is only able to buzz like a fly, inspiring his teacher to create a special role for him as a silent bookmark.2014YesFunny5705
Butler, DoriCase of the lost boyBuddy the dog wants to use his detective skills to find his old family - but what happens when his new owner goes missing too?YesMystery5705
Sparkes, AliSpider StampedeJ SPATwins Josh and Danny couldn’t be more different, especially in their love/hate relationship with bugs. But when their mad scientist neighbor turns them into spiders, they’ll have to get along to survive!2011YesScience Fiction5805
Lerangis, PeterColossus RisesJ LERTeens Jack, Marco, Aly, and Cass begin a quest to find seven pieces of Atlantis' power that were hidden long ago and that will, if returned to Atlantis, save them from certain death due to the genetic abnormality that also gives them superior abilities2013Yes
Mull, BrandonDeath weaversJ MULReaching the fourth of the five kingdoms that comprise the Outskirts, Cole and his friends work with dubious new allies and confront unexpected dangers in Necronum, the land of the dead2016YesFantasy5801/26
Miles, EllenGoldieJ SERIES PUPPYCharles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. They want a puppy of their own more than just about anything. Then, Goldie arrives. She is a sweet golden retriever who needs a home. She doesn't know how to be a good puppy yet. Will Charles and Lizzie be able to help her?2005YesAnimal Fiction5905
Riordan, RickBattle of the labyrinthJ RIO PERCY 4As an incoming freshman, Percy isn't expecting his high school orientation to be any fun. But when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears, followed by demon cheerleaders, things quickly move from bad to worse.2008YesFantasy5901/20
Tarshis, Lauren
I survived the sinking of the Titanic, 1912
J TARExcited to board the Titanic with his aunt and little sister, ten-year-old George begins to explore the ill-fated ship's first-class storage cabin when the ship is rocked by a collision with an iceberg and begins to sink.2010Yes
Historical Fiction
Kelly, DavidFenway Foul-upJ SERIES BALLPARKCousins Mike and Kate are at Boston's Fenway Park when the Red Sox's star hitter discovers that his lucky baseball bat has been stolen.2011YesSports Fiction5905
Cheng, AndreaYear of the bookJ CHEFollows a young Chinese American girl, as she navigates relationships with family, friends, and her fourth-grade classroom, and finds a true best friend.2012Yes
Realistic Fiction
Scaletta, KurtisWinter of the robotsJ SCAWhen Jim and his friends discover something evil lurking in the junkyard they try to use their robot-building skills to defeat it.2013Science Fiction59013
Greenwald, TomMy dog is better than your dogJ GREIn the first book from the Crimebiters! series, eleven-year-old Jimmy Bishop is finally able to have a dog. When a strange babysitter starts watching him, Jimmy begins to see just how special his dog really is!2015YesMystery5908
Watson, JudeMission TitanicJ 39 DOUBLECROSS 1The Outcast recreates the conditions for the Titanic disaster and gives Dan and Amy Cahill just days to stop the shipwreck from taking place.2015Yes
Lee, StanBalance of powerJ LEEWhen a catastrophe threatens the lives of every Zodiac in the world, Steven Lee is forced to decide how far he will go to protect his fellow superpowered friends.2017YesFantasy5901/17
Blume, Judy
Otherwise known as Sheila the great
J BLUA summer in Tarrytown, N.Y., is a lot of fun for ten-year-old Sheila even though her friends make her face up to some self-truths she doesn't want to admit.
Realistic Fiction
Griffiths, Andy52-Story TreehouseJ GRI TREEHOUSE 4Andy and Terry are on the case when Mr. Big Nose is kidnapped. With their sidekick Jill and some help from Vegetable Patty, maybe everything will turn out fine!YesFunny5905
Kuklin, SusanBeyond magentaYA 306.76In this collection of six interviews with transgender and gender-neutral teens, the author uses her skills to thoughtfully and respectfully describe the journey each teen takes toward recognizing their true selves.2014Scary60012
Bow, ErinScorpion RulesYA BOWIn the future, children of world leaders are held hostage and killed if their parents start a war. When a new boy arrives, Greta's eyes are opened to the brutality of the rules and her power to change them.2015YesDystopia60021
Bruel, NickBad Kitty goes to the vetIn this hilarious entry in the Bad Kitty series, Bad Kitty has to go... to the vet!YesFunny6004
Winkler, HenryNiagara falls or does it?J WINFourth-graders Hank, Ashley, and Frankie are excitedly preparing for a magic show at the Rock 'N Bowl when Hank's creative alternative to an English essay lands him in detention and grounded the week of the show.2003YesFunny6106
Riordan, RickMaze of bonesJ 39What would happen if you discovered that your family was one of the most powerful in human history? What if you were told that the source of the family's power was hidden around the world, in the form of 39 clues? What if you were given a choice - take a million dollars and walk away ... or get the first clue?2008Yes
Heldring, ThatcherLeagueJ HELFourteen-year-old Wyatt, hoping to impress a girl and ward off a bully, decides to join his older brother's summer football league, "The League of Pain," against the advice of his parents, who think golf is the right sport for him.2013Sports Fiction61012
Watson, JudeNowhere to runJ 39 UNSTOPPABLE 1Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, are the latest guardians of the Clues--thirty-nine ingredients in a serum that transforms whoever takes it into the most powerful person on Earth. They think they've done everything right, but a tiny mistake leads to catastrophe.2013Yes
Mull, BrandonSky raidersJ MULWhisked through a portal to The Outskirts, an in-between world, sixth-grader Cole must rescue his friends and find his way back home--before his existence is forgotten.2014YesFantasy61019
Griffiths, Andy39-story treehouseJ GRI TREEHOUSE 3Having expanded their treehouse to an astonishing 39 stories, Andy and Terry describe the invention of their Once-Upon-a-Time machine, which they have designed to write and illustrate their stories for them.2015YesFunny6105
Johnson, TerryAvalanche!J JOHTwelve-year-old twins Ashley and Ryan have their grit tested to the extreme when faced with a powerful avalanche in this edge-of-your-seat survival story. You could have a better chance of surviving a real-life avalanche after reading this book!2018Yes