95-100=Potential HOF - 80-95=Perennial All-Star - 75-80=Long ML Career, some ASG's - 67-75=ML Regular - 60-67=Potential ML Regular - 50-59=Super UTIL/4th OF/Platoon Role - 40-49=25th/26th man - 30-39=Org Depth - 0-29=Unlikely Major Leaguer
Julio RodriguezSEAOFAA21202296.711What else is there to say that hasn't been said? He's damn near the perfect prospect. The only category that he didn't max was ISOHighlight Video9/17/21
Bobby Witt JrKCRSSAAA22202294.922I see a lot of 1a/1b for JRod & Witt, which is legit. They're neck & neck. For me, JRod is #1 due to the hit tool difference.Wheel Showcase9/17/21
Spencer TorkelsonDET3BAAA22202286.343From A+ to AA to AAA in his 1st year in pro ball, & he just keeps mashing. Slight slow down in AAA but I am 0% concerned about a 21 yo w/a 105 wRC+ at the highest level in the minors. HHR of 35% checks out as well. He's the real deal & takes over the #3 spot.Man on a Mission9/17/21
Riley GreeneDETOFAAA21202285.834The only part of the profile I don't love is the K rate > 30%, but then I look & see he's TWENTY in AAA. Hard hit rate near 35%. Power/speed. Gorgeous swing. The weird part of his profile is that he actually kicks it UP a notch when it's lefty/lefty.Gap Triple9/17/21
Josh JungTEX3BAAA24202283.9365Completely murdered AAA after a nice showing in AA. He has nothing left to prove. HHR above 30%, massive power, K rate closer to 20% than 30%, fair share of BB's. No platoon splits. There's really not much else to say. He's a star & hopefully up w/Texas early in '22 as their 3B of the future.Where'd It Go?10/3/21
Adley RutschmanBALCAAA24202183.156Adley just rakes. Really fun to watch. Has a great feel for the strike zone. HHR is only 25%, if we're trying to find a negative.MiLB Highlights9/17/21
Anthony VolpeNYYSSA+21202482.867Trying to poke holes in the profile & I got nothin'. 26 HR's, 32 SB's, 157 wRC+ in A+ at 20. Yankees SS of the future.Unbelievable9/17/21
Alek ThomasARIOFAAA22202280.9208Super safe profile, w/a balanced attack across the board. He'll get you 15-20 HR's & 10-15 SB's at peak, w/a chance for more. Should debut in '22 and not look back, as ARI doesn't have great options & they're not contending. Graceful Power9/22/21
MJ MelendezKCRCAAA23202279.21592nd best C prospect once Keibert graduates, & well deserved. Steady the entire season, hitting bombs, elite ISO & wOBA, as well as 28/29 BB/K in AAA. HHR is elite at 38.3%. There's really nothing left to say. He's ready. But where? He's logged 62 innings at 3B. Will he play 3B, C, DH and get 500 AB's? Go & Get It HR9/22/21
Miguel VargasLAD3BAA22202279.22410Just an incredible season for LAD's top prospect. Was young for each stop in '21, but that didn't stop him from slashing .319/.380/.526 w/23 HR's & 11 steals in 12 tries. The hit tool is elite, but the glove is not. The only other negative is a somewhat shocking 24.5% HHR. Regardless, stock still way way up.Matt KEMP!??!10/3/21
Triston CasasBOS1BAAA22202278.51111Some interesting things going on here for the 1st rounder. K rate dropped from 24% in '19 to 19% this year. BB rate is up to an elite 15%. wRC+ is 142. Now the not so good. Has some platoon splits, & his HHR is below avg at 24%. I think he's going to be a star, but might see early struggles upon call-up.HR off Cavalli9/22/21
Nick GonzalesPITSS/2B/OFA+23202377.93512Huge finish to the year for Nick G. Had a stellar debut season, slashing .302/.385/.565, w/18 HR's & 7/9 SB's. K's a bit high at 27.4%, but not outrageous. Average HHR at 27.7%. Should start '22 in AA & could be in AAA by the end of the year. Stock way up.Legged Out 3B10/3/21
Nick YorkeBOS2BA+20202577.710713Biggest mover up the list. 2 reasons: performed like a badass, & was one of the 1st names added & hasn't been updated. Hit tool, speed, unexpected pop (though w/a slightly below avg HHR). Kept the K's in check. 2B of the future for the Red Sox, up by '2024 ('25 if the Red Sox play the service time game)1st Greenville HR10/9/21
Noelvi MarteSEASSA+20202477.51014While not having the huge breakout season some were hoping for, he's right on schedule in his development. Hitting the ball hard while improving his BB rate, & even reduced his errors in the field, helping his chance to stick at SS. 2022 will be an important year.Thought it was HR9/17/21
Nick PrattoKCR1BAAA23202277.41415Has cooled off considerably in August/September, though the OBP remains solid. Hitting under .200 over the last 30 days, so he's a much better play in OBP leagues, where his elite BB rates continue to provide value. Go Ahead GS9/22/21
CJ AbramsSDPSSAA21202377.21716While ISO & wOBA don't love him, we must add the word 'yet'. Has a 70 grade hit tool, which you don't see every day, paired w/80 grade speed. Wow. No platoon splits. Had a worrisome 15% HHR, but being 4 years young for AA leads to forgiveness & understanding. Just need him back on the field already!!! Spring Salami9/22/21
Gabriel MorenoTORCAAA22202276.62117Dominated the hitter friendly AA east, but even adjusting for league environment, he was incredible. A late bump to AAA is what you want to see for the 21 yo catcher of the future of the Jays. Should be up very soon.Off a Building10/3/21
Jarren DuranBOSOFAAA25debuted76.21918He's been out most of September due to COVID, & prior wasn't doing all that well. Could be a great buying window to nab him at a discount. I still have faith in this profile, speed w/added pop, a solid approach & hit tool. The alt site reports weren't a mirage, he's produced a HHR>30% in '21.Inside The Park?9/22/21
Vidal BrujanTBR2B/OFAAA24debuted75.91319OPS is under .600 for the last month. I'm starting to worry. The track record, hit tool, & speed will carry him but he really needs to get things going. MLB Firsts9/22/21
Marco LucianoSFGSSA+20202375.73420Are we calling an overall line of .258/.344/.471, w/19 HR's a disappointment? Sure seems that way. He struggled mightily in A+, but was very young for the level. The skills are all there, but I will admit, there is an element of doubt. For transparency, I mainly used his A- line to PARS him.Spring Training10/3/21
Oneil CruzPITSS/3BMLB23debuted74.92321Well above avg HHR (34%) to go w/12 HR's & 18 SB's in 62 GP. Missed some time in August due to forearm tightness. K rates have come down slowly each year, now at 23.4%. Doesn't BB a ton, which slightly limits the profile. Just waiting on that 80 Raw power to start showing up in games for the 6'7" SSRoller Coaster HR9/22/21
Mark VientosNYM3BAAA22202274.82522Late season promotion to AAA didn't halt the incredible '21 Vientos has had. An elite 35% HHR w/a sick .300 ISO. That'll do it. Negatives, would be... hard time vs lefties in a SSS, & a near 30% K rate. Very much excited for his debut in Queens, ending the black hole they have at 3B. Big Oppo Power10/3/21
Brennen DavisCHCOFAAA22202274.7923Extremely hyped prospect, w/big time power, but there are a few warning signs. His stats vs LHP's aren't good (.176/.278/.294 in 79 PA's) & his K rate in AA was >30%. His hard hit rate of 32%, BB rate of 11.4%, & 136 wRC+ in AA should ease any concerns.Futures x 2 HR9/17/21
Jose MirandaMIN2B/3B/SSAAA24202174.6924Continues to mash all year. If we're looking for skepticism, it's lack of a track record of being THIS good, and a HHR of 'only' 28.8%, which is good not great. Easy Oppo Power9/22/21
Vinnie PasquantinoKCR1BAA24202374.64325My boy Vinnie can hit! Promoted to AA & essentially mirrored his line from A+. He struck out as much as he walked (literally, 64/64), slashed .300/.394/.563, w/24 HR's & 6/6 SB's. Hit lefties as good as righties, decent HHR at 28.1%. Breakout season in the books for big Vinnie.Pull Pull Pull10/3/21
Luis CampusanoSDPCAAA23debuted74.51826Love the profile. Low K's, can take a walk, has power & a solid hit tool. Skipped AA completely, now mashing in AAA almost 5 years young for the level. TNext Yadi?10/3/21
Bryson StottPHI2B/3B/SSAA24202374.46827A HUGE run to end the season, coupled w/a few formula updates that weren't applied, & Stott shot up the list. He's got all the makings of a star. 1st rd pedigree, excellent hit tool, speed, power... but also opportunity. W/Didi told he won't be the SS next year, is it possible Stott is inserted at some point soon?1st AAA HR10/7/21
Juan YepezSTL1B/3B/OFAAA24202274.31928PARS HAS IDENTIFIED A SLEEPER!! Calling him a legit ML'er. In the minors since 2015, been a slow grind toward being a legit 1B with power, a good approach, plate discipline, and low K's. He's the complete package minus the steals. Hopefully more Rizzo than Hosmer but I'm in.Double Dong10/3/21
Steven KwanCLEOFAAA24202274.12929Didn't show signs of slowing down in AAA after smashing thru AA. The power displayed in AAE, a notorious hitter's environment, were carried over to AAA w/5 HR's & a .194 ISO in 120 PA's. His HHR is below avg at 24.1, however. Walked 36 times against 31 K's in 341 PA's. Sick. My kind of player.Leadoff HR10/3/21
Kyren ParisLAA2B/SSA+20202474.04230An enormous season for the speedy Paris. While it was shortened due to injury, we did get a glimpse into the player we have here. A .419 wOBA, .217 ISO, w/a 147 wRC+ at A- (he did wrap up the year in A+). Most surprising thing, for me, is a HHR above 30% at 31.1%. Stock way way up.Single, SB10/3/21
Francisco ÁlvarezNYMCA+20202373.33331There's really nothing bad to say here. He had an amazing season in A+ as a 19 yo. HHR is 31.5%, BB/K rates are good, elite ISO, even swiped 8 bags in 13 tries (though don't expect more outside of A ball). Let's just hope the Mets further his development, b/c he's a star in the making.Swagged Jack10/3/21
Everson PereiraNYYOFA+21202373.25332Went on an absolute burner to close out '21 in A+. In just 221 PA's, hit an INCREDIBLE 20 HR's. Also stole 9/12 bases. Ended w/a slash of .303/.398/.686 across 3 levels. Just 20 years old. Finished w/the 2nd highest hard hit rate among qualified batters at 47.5%. Insert head exploding emoji.HR Tear10/6/21
Orelvis MartinezTORSSA+20202373.13033While he struggled in A+, & had a subpar 24.2% HHR, the future is bright for Orelvis. The power is real, as evidenced by a .277 ISO in A+ & .293 in A-. K rate improved at the higher level, so that's of note. Overall, stock still up on Orelvis. Looking for a huge '22.109 MPH HR10/3/21
Zac VeenCOLOFA-20202372.52234It's amazing that they've left him in low-A all year. He's clearly not being challenged, w/15 HR's, 36 SB's, slash of .301/.399/.501, 135 wRC+. Would love to get some statcast info on him. Only negative I can see is that his power is basically gone against lefties. Moonshot10/3/21
Josh LoweTBR3B/OFMLB24debuted72.42635Had a brief cameo w/the Rays, going 1 for 1 w/a SB. He should be up in '22, & will be a fantasy impact player soon enough. The 26/26 SB's is mighty impressive, esp when paired with 22 HR's. Great BB rate, manageable K rate... everything looks good except slight platoon splits against lefties.Gorgeous Swing10/3/21
Tyler SoderstromOAKCA-20202472.22536It's a shame a back injury ended his season in July, as Soderstrom was putting together a monster debut year. A .416 wOBA, .261 ISO & 145 wRC+ all suggest he was due for a promotion to A+. The hit tool is elite, the power is huge. Oakland's clear number 1 prospect is only just getting started.12 Pitch AB10/3/21
Nolan GormanSTL3B/2BAAA22202272.13637Finished off his 1st full season at 2B by keeping his K rate under 20% in AAA (328 PA's). You'd like to see a biiiit more walks (6.1%). Across 2 levels, final slash of .279/.333/.481 w/25 HR's & 7/7 SB's bodes well for the 21 yo's future. Besides the BB's, struggled against lefties in 129 PA's, something to monitor. Big Time Power10/4/21
Luis MatosSFGOFA-20202471.94438Phenomenal year for Matos after his breakthrough '19. Slashed .313/.358/.494, w/15 HR's, 21/26 SB's in low-A. Just a 5.7% BB rate, but w/a 12.4% K rate, you'll take it. He's elite.2 Homer Night10/3/21
Dustin HarrisTEX1BA+23202371.811039The A's have made some terrible 1st rd picks (Kyler Murray, Austin Beck, Kevin Merrell, Richie Martin), so it's even more frustrating, as an A's fan, when they flip an amazing 11th rd find for a Mike Minor rental. Sheesh. Great K rate, power, speed, hit tool. Someone console me please. 2 Long Homers10/9/21
Heliot RamosSFGOFAAA22202271.525740Seeing Ramos jump from 49.5 to 64.7, while having an on-the-surface down year, might be confusing, but for me, it shows me that my formula updates WORKED. The age-to-level factor on his stats gives him a huge boost (21 in AA/AAA), while his hard hit data & EV's are excellent to elite. I'm back in.2 Scorched 2B's10/16/21
Evan CarterTEXOFA-19202471.44041Exceptional debut season cut short by injury. Prior to that, we saw Carter's advanced approach, w/34 BB's to just 28 K's across 146 PA's. Power not there, but at 6'4" 190 lbs, it's not hard to envision him stepping into 12-15 HR seasons. Was 12/16 in steals. Hopefully he can continue his breakout in '22 at A+HR at 0:30 Mark10/3/21
Khalil LeeNYMOFAAA24debuted70.95242Very strange season for Lee in '21. Ignoring his ML time, we see him shifting to more of a power hitter than a speedster. He was a terrible 8/18 in SB's, while socking 20 2B's & 14 HR's over 292 AB's (w/an excellent 34% HHR). Walked an elite 18.3%. Best season of his career so far. Color me intrigued.1st ML hit10/6/21
Brayan RocchioCLE2B/3B/SSAA21202370.43843Moved thru the minors quickly, up to AA at just 20 yo. Enjoyed a 135 wRC+ across 203 PA's in AA, though it did come in a notorious hitter's environment. K's are at ~21%, a career worst for him (though still excellent). A 23.6% HHR & a big drop in production when hitting RH give me some concern.11 Game Streak10/4/21
Michael BuschLAD2B/1BAA24202370.31644Power to go w/an elite BB rate at the keystone will play. 33.5% HHR have led to 20 HR's in 107 games at AA. He's got major platoon splits, so we will need to keep an eye on that going forward with a larger sample size. Takes a bit of a hit since that was incorporated into the PARS formula.448 FT HR9/22/21
Nick PlummerSTLOFAAA26202270.15145Previously, I approached Plummer w/hesitation due to 3 years of mediocrity in A ball. But, it seems the former 1st rd pick has put it all together. After a promotion to AAA, had an extremely impressive 102 PA's (20/18 BB/K, .267/.455/.440, 4/5 SB's). I think he forces his way into STL's OF in '22.3 HR Game10/6/21
Jonathan ArandaTBR1B/2B/3BAA24202270.03246With TB since '16, he's essentially been who he is since then. Added some power in '21 w/14 HR's. K rates below 20% each year (closer to 10% a few times). Plays all over the dirt, & could play a Joey Wendle-type role pretty soon. W/no platoon splits, could end up an everyday player (& a very good one)Rifled HR10/3/21
Jhonkensy NoelCLE1BA+21202369.84247Smashed 19 HR's in 265 AB's across 3 levels, w/a 33.3 HHR. This guy can rake. At 19 yo, it's not out of the question he still adds some mass. While he didn't walk much, he did double his BB rate in A+ (8.1%). The K's also spiked, however (17->28%). Excited for a fully healthy '22 for Noel.2 HR Game10/4/21
Oswald PerazaNYYSSAAA22202369.73948Peraza righted the ship in the 2nd half, ending the season on a burner, & earning a promotion to AAA. For the year, he slashed .297/.356/.477 w/18 HR's & 38/48 SB's. Only warts are a low BB rate & a below avg HHR at 23.1%. He's still just 21 though & the numbers are fantastic.16th Home Run10/4/21
Jordan WalkerSTL3BA+20202469.66149Walker completely annihilated low-A as a 19 year old w/a laughable 205 wRC+. Moved up high-A, he fared well, just not to video game levels. Slashed .292/.344/.487 w/8 HR's & 13/15 SB's in 55 games. A 28.4% HHR is good but not great, but this should only climb as he gets more acclimated.111.1 MPH HR10/6/21
Andy PagesLADOFA+21202368.94350Pronounced "Paw-hess", he's got some enticing power numbers in high-A as a 20 yo. 31 HR's, .274 ISO, 152 wRC+. Nice. Kind of shocked his HHR was 'only' 26.6% for '21. From '19, the K rate is down 4%, BB's are up 5%. He's becoming a more balanced hitter, & the hit tool might be better than projected. Batter's Eye Bye10/4/21
Jose RodriguezCHWSSA+21202368.810351So here's one who's shooting up the ranks b/c of the correction I made re: hit tool grades on Fangraphs. He's looking excellent so far, w/a low K rate & a good mix of speed and power up the middle. Got promoted to AA at the end, and played 5 innings in RF. Weird.Off the Wall 2B10/9/21
Coby MayoBAL3BA-20202468.77952Coby just raked & raked & didn't' let up, culminating in a .344/.425/.594 September in low-A. He's got big power & a potentially elite approach. K's were under 20% on the whole across 3 levels. Has the chops to stick at 3B, but at 6'5", his final destination might end up the cold corner or OF. Stock way up.Pull Side Power10/8/21
Gilberto CelestinoMINOFAAA23debuted68.622353Max EV of 111.4 (off Marco Gonzales in MLB) is a good sign that he has a more under the hood than we might be aware of. He's 6'0", only 170lbs & 22 years old, & already cracked the bigs. The hit tool is excellent, & I think the power is better than the 40 raw on FG. Also 60 grade speed but no SB's yet.Insane Catch10/14/21
Austin WellsNYYCA+23202368.54854I don't want to say he struggled in A+, b/c he had a 130 wRC+ & OPS'd .877. But, his walks were down ~6% & K's were up ~12% to 34.4%. He didn't 'punish' the baseball, with an ok 28% HHR. All in all, was a successful 1st pro season for the future not-catcher, finishing w/23 2B's, 5 3B's, 16 HR's.10th HR, 60 RBI10/6/21
Ronny MauricioNYMSSA+21202368.427155All the way to AA at 20 years old, Mauricio is as exciting as they come. Smashed 19 HR's in 100 games in Brooklyn, the 3rd best minors park at suppressing homers. Was inefficient on the bases (11/18), & it remains to be seen if this will be part of his game. Still, he's a solid, all-around player.That Flip Tho10/17/21
Ryan KreidlerDETSSAAA24202268.332356Right after I tabbed him 'not fantasy relevant', goes on a tear at AAA. Still not convinced he's DET's answer at the hot corner, but he has some traits that bode well: 35% HHR, burgeoning hit tool, some speed/power, & good D. The track record is small & the K rate is high, but now I'm cautiously in on Kreidler Infield Single SB10/19/21
Kyle IsbelKCROFMLB25debuted68.04457On fire to start '21 before getting demoted, lit it up in AAA w/15 HRs & 22 SBs before earning the call back up. Finished the year w/a strong .886 OPS in MLB in Sep/Oct. Does everything avg to VG. Only wart is his power is kinda zapped vs lefties. I like him as an everyday player for KC in '22 though.HR in 3 Straight10/5/21
Joey WiemerMILOFA+23202467.86058What can we say about Wiemer? Massive breakout in '21 across 2 levels. He was old for A-, but then was even better in A+ where he was ~1/2 year younger than the league. Finishes off w/27 HR's, 30/36 SB's, .295/.403/.556. Just an incredible story.25th Home Run10/6/21
Brett BatyNYM3B/OFAA22202367.812459An early add to the list who was never updated, Baty climbs a bunch of spots on the strength of his excellent '21. OPS'd .855 across 2 levels, ending in AA. Only 12 HR's, but more are coming. HHR is well above avg at 33.2%. Strong BB rate, passable K rate.. I'm buying where I can if the price is right.Oppo Juice10/10/21
Robert HassellSDPOFA+21202467.74160While he crushed A-, he struggled mightily in A+ in 87 PA's. He was nearly 3.5 years younger than the field, though. The real concern is his power. Finished w/11 HR's, which isn't great. Hopefully some of his gap power (33 2B's) turns into over the wall power as he developsLeadoff 3B10/4/21
Diego CartayaLADCA-20202467.64761Seems to be left off of a lot of top C prospect lists, with Adley being Adley, MJ trending, & Keibert traded. But Diego can absolutely go get it. Season ended early due to an undisclosed injury. Obviously, the nature of that injury could affect his prognosis, so keep your ears peeled.Walk of Granny10/6/21
Josh SmithTEXSSAA25202267.46662Josh Smith. Boring name. Solid player. Made 4 stops in '21 for 2 org's, slashing .309/.429/.535. He was old for all of his stops but his last in AA. He excelled there also, w/an 18/20 BB/K rate & an .857 OPS. Previously played 2B, SS, and 3B, but Texas seems to be grooming him for SS only. Solid buy.1st AA HR10/7/21
Edouard JulienMINIF/OFA+23202367.36563Laid waste to A-ball across 2 levels, w/a .266/.434/.480 line, 18 HR's & 34/39 SB's. Don't think the steals are a bankable skill for Julien. The BB rate is sky high, but K rate approached 30% in A+. Was old for low-A as well. Some warning signs that say this isn't real, so '22 in AA will help shed light on it.Socked Shot10/7/21
Ji-hwan BaePIT2B/OFAA23202367.110564Hit tool/speed are elite. If he starts to draw some BBs, could really be a weapon. There's no power, so this is an avg/steals play only at the moment. If hitting atop the next competitive Pirates team, the counting stats should be there (ceiling). Or he could be a #7/8 hitting platoon bat (floor).Ichiro-Like Gapper10/9/21
George ValeraCLEOFAA21202367.01265Was off to an amazing start in A+, but has come back to earth in AA. He's 4 years young for the level, but he was a 'tad' overrated by PARS before AA stats were counted. Also, an update that includes platoon splits dings him, as he isn't good against LHP. HHR of 22% leaves room for improvement as well.1st AA HR9/22/21
Heriberto HernandezTBROFA-22202466.910666I guessed he'd finish w/a 65-70 score, & it's 66.9. An injury I can't seem to locate ended his season, but he ended with a decent enough .252/.381/.453. Considering his cold start, I'll take it. The hit tool plus power should push him towards middle of the order bat. He's a strong buy-low for me.All Fields Power10/9/21
Peyton BurdickMIAOFAAA25202266.74267Hard hit rate near 30%, which is what we're expecting from the guy w/a 70 Raw Power. Had a great season at AA albeit w/some warts (~30% K rate, questionable hit tool). The BB rate jumped to 16.5%, which is huge. If I had to guess, he puts it all together at AAA in '22 breaks out in a big way.HR off Flaherty10/5/21
Shea LangeliersATLCAAA24202266.65768Finally earned a promotion to AAA after a monster season in AA. Defense/pop time should solidify his status as an every day C, but his offense looks good so far. Hoping for more of a Sal Perez than a Mike Zunino... the BB rate is ok, K rate closing in on 30%. HHR is up there. Let's see him in AAA in '22.1st Pro HR10/6/21
Michael StefanicLAA2B/3B/SSAAA26202266.624869I LOVE that Stefanic came out to a 59.8. He's on the brink of being an ML regular, but not quite yet. Forced his way to AAA as an extreme contact hitter, who stepped into some power this year w/16 HR's in 458 PA's. His positional flexibility should get him to the show next year (played everywhere but C, CF)Big Boy Homer10/15/21
Romy GonzalezCHWIF/OFAAA25debuted66.53770Had a breakout season in '21 which earned him 33 PA's in MLB. Ended w/ 23 HR's, 24/30 SB's, & a .282/.365/.525 slash across 2 levels. K's can be a concern, & his lack of a true defensive home might push him to more of a super utility role. Still, the stats & 36% HHR are hard to ignore.1st ML Hit10/3/21
Cooper HummelARIC/1B/OFAAA27202266.44971OFer who catches & plays 1B. BB/K ratio in AAA Nashville (pre-trade) was a crazy 41/26!!! That grabs my attention every time, esp at the highest level. He hits equally well from both sides of the plate. 38% HHR speaks to this being real. Will need a trade, NL DH, or injury to get some PT.Highlight Reel10/6/21
Canaan Smith-NjigbaPITOFAAA23202266.44672The power/HHR was way down this year, but the elite plate approach is still there 45/66 BB/K in 266 PA's. Struggled heavily in September, b/w his last games in Altoona & his promotion to AAA. Still, the plate discipline is there for him to eventually tap into some of that 60 raw power.Superstar Swing10/5/21
Brendon Davis LAA2B/3B/SSAAA25202266.425573After finally escaping A+ ('17, '18, '21), shown vast improvement in AA & AAA. While it's alarming it took so long to make the transition from A+ to AA, lowered his K rate as he's climbed. Hit tool is a question, but has big power, a bit of speed, & plays all over. Possible late career breakout candidate.Walk it Off10/16/21
Tyler DeardenBOSOFA+24202366.36874Power surge came out of nowhere. 2020 layoff has created some major opportunities in dynasty to grab guys before the consensus catches up. Career highs in HR, ISO, SLG, R, RBI. Lowest K% of his career. Making hard contact ~30% of the time. HR Compilation10/8/21
Eddys LeonardLAD2B/3B/SSA+21202366.210275Versatile MI with pop & solid numbers across the board. Strong BB rates, K rate not too high, 22 bombs across 2 A ball levels. Looking like a potential star in the making for the Dodgers. How is this fair? They have an embarrassment of riches.Thought Wrong9/20/21
Brice TurangMILSSAAA22202266.022176I wasn't aware how aggressive MIL was w/his placement. He's 21 in AAA. Held his own, w/a 99 wRC+ & 24% HHR. Approach is excellent, working counts & taking BB's. At 6'0 173 lb's, not out of the question that power develops as he grows & catches up to his competition in age. Firmly on the rise.Defense? Really?10/14/21
Jeremy PenaHOU2B/3B/SSAAA24202365.96377Made the most of his limited time in '21, w/a .287/.346/.598 slash in AAA. A noted hitter's paradise, Pena had a 29.3 HHR en route to 10 HR's in just 30 games. He was 5/6 on the bases. Only drew 6 BB's to 35 K's, so that is something to monitor. In A ball BB rates were 11-12%. Still, future is bright for Pena.HR off deGrom10/7/21
Pete Crow-ArmstrongCHCOFA-20202565.82778Flipped to the Cubs in a controversial trade for Javy Baez, PCA's season was all of 32 PA's. While he's elite in the field & on the bases, there are some questions about his power & overall offensive profile against advanced pitching. At this point, I think it's best to just put a 'TBD' on him & wait for '22.O-M-G!!!10/3/21
Curtis TerryTEX1BAAA25debuted65.47079FG/MLB Pipeline slapped a 50 on the hit tool, which is nice considering he's got good thump as well. HHR ~30% w/a decent K rate. Wish BB% would be higher, like in '18 at 11%, but trending down instead. Still, has the skills to be an everyday ML first baseman.Slap Yo Mama HR10/7/21
Endy Rodriguez PITC/1B/OFA-22202465.37180My favorite shiny new toy, pleased to meet you Endy. You had me at switch-hitting catcher. K rate < 20%, BB rate >11%, had 90 MPH avg EV at 19 yo in'19. Also plays 1B & OF. Has gotten rave reviews as a catcher. NYM gave him up for Joey Lucchesi are you freaking kidding me?!?!8G Hitting Streak9/24/21
Jose Ramos LADOFA-21202564.96181Finished the year strong to end up w/a PARS score of 64.9.1. He's being compared to Andy Pages, which is saying something. His stats are not eye popping by any means, but he's loaded up on talent and tools and plays for a wonderful org to get the most of himHeart Eyes Emoji10/7/21
Yohel PozoTEXCAAA25debuted64.810982If those 21 HR's in AAAW (PCL) can find a way to show their face in the show, Pozo can end up a 1st string C. His hit tool is elite, and the K/BB rates are on par w/La Tortuga or Arraez. For now, he's a backup.1 Pitch 1 Hit9/28/21
Seth BeerARI1B/OFMLB25debuted64.510783Had a successful, albeit short, stint in the bigs before season ended due to a shoulder injury. Previously in AAA, K rate was at 17.5%, lowest since 5 stops prior. HR's were way down, which is weird for playing in Reno. Elite HHR of nearly 40% speaks to the kind of power lurking. '22 could be a big Beer year.HR in 1st ML AB10/9/21
Hedbert PerezMILOFA-19202464.38884FYI, this is a bit of a cheat, as he missed the 80 AB cut off for A-ball, and should be on the DSL/CPX tab. Dynamic prospect w/speed & power. He's flying up the ranks & it seems legit. His 68 PA's in A- were terrible, but c'mon, we're not dinging him for that. Can't wait to see his '22 performance.429 Ft Blast10/9/21
Anthony GarciaNYY1B/OFA-21202364.16085Garcia is a massive human (6'5") who lives by the 3 true outcomes. 153 PA's, 14 HR's, 31 BB's, 50 K's. Combined slash (CPX & A-) is .306/.444/.678. The hit tool is a huge question. If he ever makes improvements there, that 70/80 raw power becomes a real weapon. Not a bad target but A+ will be revealing.80-Grade Boom10/7/21
Esteury RuizSDPOFAA23202364.132086Hs posted some elite EV's, though his HHR is poor (<20%). The hit tool is questionable, though he cut his K's to 20% this year. He doesn't BB much, which is a problem, but when he gets on base, he runs (36/43 SB's). Power is developing (6'0", 169 lbs) & could be plus. Near the top of my watch list for sure.Baby Soriano10/19/21
Cade MarloweSEAOFAAA25202364.127687What to make of Marlowe? SEA had him repeat low-A, then left him in high-A rest of the year even though he was killing it & 24 yo. Skipped AA, & in only AAA game went 2-3 w/a 2B, BB, & SB. Currently in the AFL. What exactly is Seattle doing here? Solid spec add but dump quickly if he struggles in '22HR, 100 RBI10/17/21
Blaze JordanBOS3B/1BA-19202464.05588He realistically should be on the DSL/CPX tab, but he moved up to low A for 9 games where he slashed .734. He flashed some of his tools in rookie ball, w/a 1.075 OPS across 19 games. Sky is the limit with Blaze, but we just need to see more in full season ball.Piss Missiles10/6/21
Jake McCarthyARIOFMLB25debuted63.92089Virginia alum always displayed good approach and plus speed. Power displayed a bit in the AAA west environment might not be an owned skill. Hard hit rate of 33.6 might say otherwise. Dropping some ranks here due to adjusting for AAAW. Will fall off list early '22 if he stays in the bigs.1st ML Hit10/3/21
Drew EllisARI1B/2B/3BAAA26debuted63.84190Good all around hitter, 14% BB rate, 23% K rate. Had a career year in AAA at 25. Hard hit rate of nearly 40%. DBacks might view him as a UTIL profile but he could easily be a starting 3B. (Adjusted for AAAW environment)17th HR10/3/21
Brett WiselyTBR1B/2B/3BA+23202463.88591Huge win for the Rays development team, turning a 19th rd pick in '19 into a .301/.376/.503/19 HR/31 SB season in '21. Was slightly old for low-A when he put up a 123 wRC+, then moved to the more age appropriate high-A and posted a 164 wRC+. I think... maybe... he might be... legit.Long Drive to RF10/8/21
Stuart FairchildARIOFAAA26debuted63.77492Solid all around player, w/potential for a 20/20 season if he gets some run. A strong plate approach & ability to man all 3 OF positions give him a shot as an everyday regular. Could end up being quite valuable, IRL & fantasy1st ML Hit10/8/21
Felix ValerioMIL2BA+21202363.73193Acquired from NYM for Keon Broxton (lol), Valerio got off to a blazing start in low-A, then cooled down in A+. While the BB/K rates, wOBA, wRC+ all regressed, the ISO actually improved. Could be important for his profile (he's 5'7"). HHR of 20.4% is subpar, but 69/71 BB/K rate is not.Trout-ish swing10/3/21
Jeter DownsBOS2B/SSAAA24202263.726494Formula updates favor Downs, even in a season gone horribly wrong, on the strength of an elite hit tool, being very young for AAA, & his past years performance. One more season like '21, however, & he'll slide way down.Off the Scoreboard10/16/21
Eguy RosarioSDP2B/3B/SSAA22202263.613895Taking over for CJ Abrams, he's swiped 30 bags, but in 44 attempts. Hard hit rate is under 25%, though has some thump for a 5'9" MI. Best guess is he's super UTIL, getting 300-400 ABs per season in a Jurickson Profar sort of way. If he starts, could be fantasy relevant w/his speed/hit tool.Dead Center HR10/10/21
Brendan DonovanSTLIF/OFAAA25202263.579967th rd pick in '18, the versatile Donovan played everywhere except P, C, & CF. Made the jump from A+ to AAA on the strength of a very enticing 16% whiff rate. Slashline of .312/.405/.466 w/12 HR's & 19 SB's had me drooling until I saw the ~18% HHR. Still, color me interested.Seeing Eye 1B9/25/21
Luken BakerSTL1BAA25202263.48197Power hitting 1B w/a strong plate approach. Not a ton of defensive upside so the bat needs to be there for him to have a shot to start. Not sure where he fits since Juan Yepez will be the first baseman for the Cards until 2033.CRUSHED IT9/25/21
Elehuris MonteroCOL1B//3BAAA24202263.418498Cut the K's back in his 2nd AA stint, from 31% to 24%, then to 16.5% in AAA. Promising sign, along w/a ~30% HHR. Real key to his '21 is the BB rate over 10%, as his approach was pretty poor prior (6.7% in 2018-19). Split his time b/w 1B & 3B. Remains to be seen where he ends up, though 3B still possible.Monster Drive10/12/21