Open Source Events Checklists
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Meetup Checklists
Setting up your meetup group
Find a speaker(s)Find a speaker who is a contributor to the project's community. Ask on the mailing lists.
Select a date/time for your meetup
Take a look at's calendar of meetups in your area. Make sure there are no conflicting meetups on the date/time that you are looking at. Try to avoid Mondays/Fridays (low attendance). Mondays are usually when people are catching up on emails/work and Fridays are happy hour days.
Find a VenueReach out to your contacts and ask if they could offer a space to host your meetup. Find out how many people could fit in the meeting room. Make a visit to the venue to check out the space. Test out the projector, microphones - especially if you are going to live stream.
Announce the MeetupAnnounce the meetup to your meetup group members. Remember to provide a map and parking information. A lot of times, companies are huge and people tend to get lost.
30-50% no-show rateIt is a free event so plan for a 30%-50% no-show rate. Instead of capping your attendee list at the maximum, add 50% more to that maximum number.
The day of your meetupArrive 45 minutes to 1 hour early. Setup the registration table, name badges, put up directional signage, make sure the beer & food arrives on time, ask your speakers to arrive early to prepare and test their laptops.
Get the Slides from the Speakers
Ask the speakers to send you their slides
Promoting your meetupDetailsCheck
Social media channels (the project’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)Twitter – Use hootsuite to schedule tweets about your meetup. Have them scheduled to tweet from the project's Twitter page. Create click-to-tweets and ask the community to tweet. Facebook – post statuses on the project's page and discussions on Open source Facebook pages. LinkedIn – post discussions in the Open Source Groups and the project's LinkedIn page.
Email blasts

Send out an email blast to contacts that you have in the area (contacts that you've collected by exhibiting at open souce conferences in booths).
Announce to your meetup group members and send remindersEmail members in your meetup group about the meetup. Send reminders 7, 2, 1, and 0 days before the meetup reminding attendees of the meetup. You also have the option to set automatic reminders.
Post your meetup on event websites and event calendars,,, Make sure to add topics to your meetup on
Tweet pictures during your meetupTake a lot of pictures and have fun. Tweet pictures during the meetup.
After the MeetupDetailsCheck
Collect the leftover name badges.Take a look at your attendee list and sort (no-shows vs. attended)
Click “good to see you” for those who showed up
In your meetup account, you will see a list of attendees on the right hand column. You can click on "good to see you" for all of the members who attended your meetup. This will automatically send an email that says "It was good to see you!" from your email address.
Upload Pictures on Meetup.comUpload the pictures that you took at the meetup.
Post videos and speakers' slides, pictures to the discussion forum

The day after your meetup, you are going to have at least 3 attendees asking about the speaker's slides. Post a link to the videos and speaker's slides in the discussion forum.
Write a blog post (recap)
Post on your personal or company blog website. Write a recap and include links to the videos, speakers' slides and pictures. Write a quick description of what the speakers talked about, any highlights, etc.
Tweet videos and slidesTweet links to video and slides via the project’s social media channels, ask others in the community to tweet (click-to-tweet)
Be consistent and poll!Be consistent and hold a meetup every 1.5 months. Or select a frequency that works best for you. Create a poll and ask what topics they would be interested in hearing next. Mention that the poll only takes 2 seconds. They're more likely to take the poll if they know it doesn't take up too much time.