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Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood ForestLechner, JohnK - 3rd gradeAdventureWhile fleeing a pack of bullies, Sticky begins a dangerous adventure that brings new friendships and transforms him from an outsider into a hero.
The Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain, Mark (retold by M.C. Hall)2nd - 4th gradeClassic LiteratureNice retelling of the classic story of Tom Sawyer, though it does leave out a bit of crucial information. It is appropriate for the age level though.
Atlantis: The Mystery of the Lost CityDeMolay, Jack3rd - 5th gradeClassic LiteratureA fairly short graphic novel, but it introduces the topic very well. The graphics are pretty good and it's a good start off book for the subject area.
The Bermuda TriangleWest, David 4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteratureThis graphic novel looks at the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, going over the events that made it such a mystery. Part of a larger series called Graphic Mysteries.
Anna Sewell's Black Beauty: The graphic novelBrigman, June and Roy Richardson4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteratureGreat retelling of Black Beauty, more in depth for children in 4th - 6th grade. A longer book as well, nearly 150 pages all in graphic novel form.
Black BeautySewell, Anna (retold by L.L. Owens)1st - 3rd gradeClassic LiteratureNice retelling of the classic story of Black Beauty. Great pictures and dialogue. Really well suited for younger children.
Great HeroesReit, Seymour4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteratureThis graphic novel contains the Legend of King Arthur, Don Quixote, and Sherlock Holmes. Full of great graphics and stories, it is a part of Bank Street Graphic Novels.
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableHall, M.C.4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteratureWonderful retelling of the myth of King Arthur and his knights. The graphics aren't as great as some other books, but it's still fairly good.
Pandora's BoxSaunders, Nick4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteratureThis graphic novels travels back to the times of myths, exporing and retelling the famous myth of Pandora's box. Great illustrations and easy to read.
Science Fiction and FantasyShelley, Mary; Wells, H.G.; Verne, Jules4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteratureContains the stories of Frankenstein, War of the Worlds, and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Also a part of the Bank Street Graphic Novels. Great illustrations and stories.
Treasure IslandStevenson, Robert Louis (retold by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin)2nd - 4th gradeClassic LiteratureFun retelling of the original Treasure Island, also including great illustrations and has discussion questions and writing prompts in the back of the book.
The Trojan HorseCooper, Gilly Cameron4th - 6th gradeClassic LiteraturePart of a series called Graphic Greek Myths and Legends, The Trojan Horse graphic novel is very informative as well as entertaining.
AmuletKibuishi, Kazu 4th - 6th gradeFantasyFull of great graphics and a thrilling storyline, this graphic novel starts off the coming series with a big bang. A little harsh at times, but overall great.
Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things Naifeh, Ted8th grade and upFantasyFirst of the three books in the Courtney Crumrin series. Great illustrations and a gothy feel to it, reminds me a lot of Gloomcookie.
Courtney Crumrin & The Coven of Mystics Naifeh, Ted8th grade and upFantasySecond in the series about a girl who comes with her parents to move in with her warlock uncle. Soon she becomes a witch herself and deal with night beings.
Courtney Crumrin in the Twilight KingdomNaifeh, Ted8th grade and upFantasyLast book of the series, sadly. I loved the characters in this book and the plot line. A must read for those that like darker fantasy and graphic novels.
Double Trouble (Jimmy Sniffles)Nickel, Scott3rd - 5th gradeFantasyFunny book in a series about a boy who has a super nose and acts like a superhero around the school. An evil twin makes him look bad, but the hero wins.
Fearless DaveWilson, Bob2nd - 6th gradeFantasyCute book in graphic novel form about a boy that becomes a knight in a very untraditional way. All in all, he ends up with the princess though.
The Fortune Cookies of WeevilReynolds, Aaron2nd - 4th gradeFantasyOne of the books involving the superhero bug character Tiger Moth and his sidekick Kung Pow, this adventure leads them to discover secret messages in fortune cookies.
GloomCookieValentino, Serena8th grade and upFantasyOne of my favorite series, personally. Fairy tale-like with a gothic feel to it, it is a book meant for reading for fun and not educationally.
Hatter MBeddor, Frank6th grade and upFantasyBased on a character in Frank Beddor's Looking Glass War series, this graphic novel explores the life of Alyss's protector, Hatter M.
Kin (The Good Neighbors)Black, Holly8th grade and upFantasySet in a world where fairies exist, one teenage fairy must find out where her mother has disappeared to and if her father is responsible.
The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck CompanionRosa, Don4th - 6th gradeFantasyGreat tales of Scrooge McDuck, one of the most favorite of Disney characters. Definitely something that can be read for fun for younger kids.
Lions, Tigers and Bears: Fear and PrideBullock, Mike4th and upFantasyGreat tale of imagination and adventure. Involves a young boy who is sought after by monsters and four stuffed tigers from his grandmother protect him.
Midsummer KnightRogers, GregoryK - 4th gradeFantasyWordless, comic book like picture book that goes through an adventure involving a bear, a faerie and a bumblebee who has taken over the kingdom.
Owly: Just a Little BlueRunton, Andy3rd - 5th gradeFantasyA wordless book about a kind, yet lonely little owl named Owly. His friend Wormy (the worm) and he decide to try and help out a bird family.
Pantheon HighBenjamin, Paul8th grade and upFantasyImagine a group of kids with powers that are related to mythological gods. Put them in a high school together and you've got an interesting series.
Polo: The Runaway BookFaller, RegisK - 2nd gradeFantasyCute, wordless book about a dog named Polo who chases after a smiley face stick figure who has stolen a book from him. Great illustrations.
Rapunzel's RevengeHale, Shannon6th grade and upFantasyShannon Hale creates her first graphic novel using a familiar fairy tale, and giving our main character a kick-butt attitude that keeps you turning the page.
Redwall: The Graphic NovelJacques, Brian4th - 6th gradeFantasyBased on the best-selling series by Jacques, this graphic novel tells the story in the first book, bringing to color much beloved characters and plot.
SandmanGaiman, Neil8th grade and upFantasyA favorite series of mine that extends beyond the original 10 book series. It involves all sorts of mythical creatures and being and is just fantastic.
Tommysaurus RexTenNapel, Doug6th grade and upFantasyEly loses his dog Tommy, but gains a Tommysaurus Rex who can do tricks and save others. Also, the book discusses bullying and has a great ending.
TitleAuthorAge GroupGenreSummary
The ArrivalTan, Shaun6th grade and upHistorical FictionTan shows an interesting aspect of immigration in his worldess, graphic novel, which shows an immigrant's view of a new world.
Blackbeard's Sword: The Pirate King of the CarolinasO'Donnell, Liam4th - 6th gradeHistorical FictionInteresting telling of the capture and death of Blackbeard the pirate from a young boy's point of view.
Fire and Snow: A Tale of the Alaskan Gold RushGunderson, J.K - 3rd gradeHistorical FictionPart chapter book, part graphic novel, this book tells a story about the Alaskan gold rush. Discusses the price of greed and how it ruins friendships as well.
First Among LosersLawrie, Chris and RobinK - 3rd gradeHistorical FictionOne of the lone bikers, whose dad owns a bike shop, suddenly decides that he needs friends in order to become a better bike. Will the boys let him in?
Hot Iron: The Adventures of a Civil War Powder BoyBurgan, MichaelK - 3rd gradeHistorical FictionA half story/graphic novel book that tells about the life of a young 'powder monkey' on the sea during the civil war. Great book.
LaikaAbadzis, Nick8th grade and upHistorical FictionTells the story of the dog Laika, who was sent to space and there was no plan for a return mission for the dog.
The Last Rider: The Final Days of the Pony ExpressGunderson, J.K - 3rd gradeHistorical FictionHalf chapter book/graphic novel that tells the tale of a Pony Express rider at the end of its time. Full of adventure and has some great information.
Death, Jr.Whitta, Gary6th grade and upHorrorWeird book about the son of the Grim Reaper and his strange ways of somehow acting sweet and sincere. Not for younger age groups.
Beauty PopArau, Kiyoko6th grade and upMangaInteresting series of manga about a group of guys in high school who can do nails, make up and great haircuts and a girl who can match their skill.
Faeries LandingHyun, You8th grade and upMangaThis fantastical series is about a faerie who is overjoyed to be forced to stay on earth and a young man who has to face future romances gone wrong.
Mail Order NinjaElder, Joshua and Erich Owen4th - 6th gradeMangaA boy finds and orders his own mail-order ninja, but will that solve all of his problems?
Miki FallsCrilley, Mark6th grade and upMangaA curious high school girl finds herself falling in love with a classmate who seems uninterested, but for all the wrong reasons.
Ultra ManiacYoshizumi, Wataru4th - 6th gradeMangaCute series about a witch from another world and a girl who befriends her. A little bit of romance involved and a lot of funny mess ups on spells.
Vampire GameJudal8th grade and upMangaA legendary vampire has been reincarnated into a cute little lion creature and becomes close to a princess who may be the reincarnation of his rival.
What's Michael?Kobayashi, Makoto5th - 8th gradeMangaCute manga series about a cat who causes all sorts of mischief but is still loved by his owners. Reads in the American style of manga from front to back.
Kampung BoyLat4th grade and upMulticulturalThis book is about the life of a young Muslim boy, following him through the traditions of growing up in his small village otherwise known as "kampung".
The First Escape (The Dopple Ganger Chronicles)Taylor, G.P.6th grade and upMysteryPart chapter book, part graphic novel, this graphic novel follows three children who soon become wrapped up in a mystery that they must solve.
Abraham Lincoln: The life of America's Sixteenth PresidentJeffrey, Gary and Kate Petty4th - 6th gradeNonfictionFollows the life of Lincoln and is mainly a graphic novel, with some information pages included. Part of the series Graphic Nonfiction.
African MythsJeffrey, Gary4th - 6th gradeNonfictionTalks about the origins of African mythology as well as showing three myths in graphic novel form. A really great resource.
Alexander the GreatShone, Rob 4th - 6th gradeNonfictionPart of the Graphic Nonfiction series, this book has great introductary material on Alexander the great, including highlights of his life in graphic novel form.
The Battle of the AlamoDoeden, Matt4th - 6th gradeNonfictionGreat retelling of the historical battle of the Alamo, fully in graphic novel form and also including extra information at the end of the book.
The Battle of ShilohHama, Larry4th - 6th gradeNonfictionPart of a large series called Graphic Battles of the Civil War. Goes through the battle of Shiloh and gives a nice personal twist to it.
The Challenger ExplosionAdamson, Heather4th - 6th gradeNonfictionOne of the many in the Graphic Library series, this book covers quite a tragic topic, but does it well. Great graphic novel as well as resources.
Chinese MythsShone, Rob4th - 6th gradeNonfictionAnother great book on mythology, also displaying three actual myths in graphic novel form. Full of great information and is a great resource.
Cleopatra: The Life of an Egyptian QueenJeffrey, Gary and Ganeri, Anita4th - 6th gradeNonfictionPart of series called Graphic Nonfiction, the book is mainly graphic novel with a few pages in regular book format. Provides great information.
The Creation of the U.S. ConstitutionBurgan, Michael 4th - 6th gradeNonfictionGreat book about the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Also part of the Graphic Library series and has some good resources in the back of the book.
The Donner PartyWelvaert, Scott4th - 6th gradeNonfictionGreat graphic novel retelling of the Donner Party's long journey to California. Full of great information and resources as well as overall wonderful.
The First Moon LandingAdamson, Thomas K.4th - 6th gradeNonfictionAnother book in the Graphic Library series, covering the first Moon Landing. Love the additional resources in the back as well as the book.
Florence Nightigale: Lady with the LampRobbins, Trina4th - 6th gradeNonfictionPart of the Graphic Library series, and one of many graphic biographies done. Hits on the important parts of her life and gives extra information.
George Washington: The Life of an American PatriotWest, David and Jackie Gaff4th-6th gradeNonfictionAnother graphic novel that includes additional pages of information before and after the graphic novel story. Part of the Graphic Nonfiction series.
Lessons in Science Safety with Max AxiomLemke, Donald4th - 6th gradeNonfictionGreat graphic novel that discusses safety issues in a science lab in a fun way.
Mesoamerican MythsWest, David 4th - 6th gradeNonfictionGreat book on different myths in cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayans. Has three graphically shown myths as well as valuable information.
Thomas Edison and the Light bulbWelvaert, Scott4th - 6th gradeNonfictionGreat graphic novel about Thomas Edison's invention. Part of a series called Graphic Library. Has some great additional pages after the story.
The World of Food ChainsO'Donnell, Liam4th - 6th gradeNonfictionSuper Scientist Max Axiom narrates the role of food chains and the different subjects entwined in this subject in a catchy, entertaining way.
Young Riders of the Pony ExpressGunderson, Jessica4th - 6th gradeNonfictionStarting with the idea of the pony express, this graphic novels goes through some of the trials of being a pony express rider and also the events leading to it's stop.
At the Amusement Park: Everyday ScienceYoon, Paul4th - 6th gradeRealistic FictionGreat book to use for science concepts, includes a "Storehouse of Knowledge" section in the back of the book. Generally, about a science competition.
Babymouse: Queen of the World (1)Holm, Jennifer and Matthew4th-6th gradeRealistic FictionFirst book in Babymouse series, a cute series about a little mouse who wants to be popular and finds that she already is happy with her life.
Babymouse: Our Hero (2)Holm, Jennifer and Matthew4th-6th gradeRealistic FictionIn this book, Babymouse faces the horror that is dodge ball, and must face her fears of the game to defeat the mean Felicia.
Babymouse: Beach Babe (3)Holm, Jennifer and Matthew4th-6th gradeRealistic FictionThis is the third book in the Babymouse series in which Babymouse takes a vacation to the beach and learns a lesson about the value of family.
The Baby-sitters Club: Kristy's Great IdeaMartin, Ann M. and Raina Telgemeier4th - 6th gradeRealistic FictionThe first of the Baby-sitters Club books, this one is fantastic in graphic novel form. It was great as a novel and fantastic as a graphic novel.
The Baby-sitters Club: The Truth about StaceyMartin, Ann M. and Raina Telgemeier5th - 7th gradeRealistic FictionAnother of the reformed Babysitters Club books, introducing the character of Stacey who soon joins their crew of babysitters.
The Many Adventures of Johnny MuttonProimos, JamesK - 3rd gradeRealistic FictionFunny book about a crazy character and his relationship with his mother and the other kids in his class at school. Made me laugh.
Math Game 2Jung, Tori4th - 6th gradeRealistic FictionAwesome book to use as a supplement about different mathematical concepts. It follows a group of kids through a math competetion game.
Paintball PanicLawrie, Chris and RobinK - 3rd gradeRealistic FictionThe hill the gang of kids in this book bike on may become a paintballing place. The boys go paintballing and run into a problem with sheep.
Polly and the PiratesNaifeh, Ted6th grade and upRealistic FictionSort of a silly story about a little girl named Polly, an orphan, who comes to find out she's the daughter of a pirate legend. Cute illustrations, less plot.
Radar RidersLawrie, Chris and RobinK - 3rd gradeRealistic FictionA new biking place is built for the bikers with crazy turns and twists. The boys figure out a way to help their friends out using sounds and videos.
Treetop TraumaLawrie, Chris and RobinK - 3rd gradeRealistic FictionThe kids in this book go on a tree house sit down and hunger strike to try and stop the construction of new houses. Endangered animals save them.
Alison Dare, Little Miss AdventuresTorres, J.6th grade and upSuperheroTells about a 12 year old girl, whose parents are adventures and superheroes. She can't sit still while they're helping save the planet and tags along.
Clockwork Thugs, YoWarren, Adam8th grade and upSuperheroA graphic novel about cyborg teenagers with superhuman powers that are not there to save the world, but to attack secret government projects.
The Dung Beetle BanditsReynolds, Aaron2nd - 4th gradeSuperheroA superhero tale about Tiger Moth and his trusty sidekick Kung Pow and their adventure in rescuing Tiger Moth's uncle's dung beetles.
Magic PickleMorse, Scott4th - 6th gradeSuperheroHilarious graphic novel about a pickle who is an undercover agent who needs to stop other bad vegetables from dastardly deeds.
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