Chief of Schools, Secondary Education COMP 2017-18
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Purpose and Work Streams 2017-18
Chief of Schools, Secondary Education
The Chief of Schools, Secondary Education Office includes the Chief of Schools for SEcondary Education, the Deputy Chief of School for Middle School Support, the Secondary School Improvement Partners, the District Athletic Director and the Executive Assistant. This Central Office team, in concert with the Chief of Schools of Operations, provides direct supports to secondary schools to ensure that every school has what they need to be a thriving school that is preparing every student, with a special focus on African American students and Students with Disabilities, to be college, career, and community ready. We help school maximize their SIP strategies while minimizing distractions and barriers that get in the way of schools achieving their equity vision, their school performance goals. Department Manager
Alex Fralin
Data Point Person
Alex Fralin
Major Work Streams
Increase the number of schools achieving priority goals
School Improvement Partners plan and facilitate goal-oriented school support visits and deep dives with principals and SBLTs to develop, implement, and monitor the progress of their SIP.

Chief and Deputy Chief provide Individual principal coaching aligned to SIP goals, their PPG, and SLO, while the Chief of Schools evaluates all secondary principals.

Performance Metrics:
-5%/10% increase for All/African American students achieving MAP proficiency and growth targets
-5%/10% decreae in course failures for All/African American students
-1%/5% increase in Graduation Rates for All/African American students
-2%/5% Increase in attendance for All/African American students
-5%/10% Increase in Culture and Cimate for All/African American stuents
Alex Fralin
Increase and improve collaborative learning opportunities for school leaders to learn from each other Facility bi-monthly professional learning communities for high school principals and middle school principals that provide school leaders with a safe and innvovative space to engage in collective problem solving and engage in common learning and analysis of best practice related specifically to each level.
HS Foci: EOS Implementation, 90T, Pathways.
MS Foci: Teacher Team Instructional Planning and Feedback, and Scheduling and Data Use

Performance Metrics:
Calendar of visits, Plus/Delta’s for Collaborative School Visits and PLC Evaluation Surveys
Alex Fralin
Improve each school's schoolwide Instructional practices Support school's design, implement, monitor and evaluate their professional development plans that reflect clear learning outcomes, specifially around equity, for staff that is observed through deep dives, walkthroughs, learning labs, PCT, Teacher Teams and PD Days

Performance Metrics:
Inst. Pract. Tool Data BOY and EOY, specifically (Classroom Culture and Routines (F4) Guided Instruction (G1-4) and Rigorou Tasks (C1& I1)
Alex Fralin
Increase Principal Satisfaction Our Theory of Actions states:
If we provide strategic high quality support to schools that is flexible, tiered, and differentiated, targeted, regularly monitored and used to coach and hold both schools and central office accountable, specificlally through goal/data driven support visits, then our principals and their teams will have greater trust and confidence in our team and our related supports to better equip them to develop, implement, monitor and adjust their SIP to achieve their annual goals.

Performance Metrics:

Metric: Annual Principal satisfaction rating as measured by the average effectivness rating of COS Secondary School Support from 86% to 90%
-- High Quality Service from 77% to 87% (very and somewhat effective)
--Customer Service from 77% to 87% (Meets and Exceeds)
Alex Fralin
Other School Support Workstreams--Facilitate AP and Prinipals Meetings
--Participate in cross functional teams focused on secondary priorites (EOS,90T, AVID, Secondary Grading Practices, MS Adolescent Learning Project and Pathways)
--Community events such as High School Reform Collaboratives and Pathways MS/HS Collaborative Information and Reruitment Meetings
Alex Fralin
Co-Own Secondary Innovation and Improvement Strategies--Co-leadof Early College STEM Academy with Madison College
--Co-lead Accelerated Strategies for 9th Grade Leadership Development and Student Led Conferencing
Alex Fralin
District Wide AthleticsAthletic Department Vision Statement:

Our vision is that MMSD athletics provides equitable programming opportunities that support the District’s vision to prepare all students for college, career, and community. Athletics play an integral role in community building and identity of Madison schools and support the development of honesty, integrity, commitment, reliability, accountability, and perseverance in each of our student athletes. Through participation in co-curricular athletics programs, students strive to become better students, athletes, leaders, and citizens.

Four Prioirty Goals:

1. Explore middle school programming options as it relates to the middle school redesign process.
2. Improve and expand professional development for all athletic staff to improve student and parent engageement.
3. Improve conditions for athletics to thrive by increasing operating budget with graduated increases to include additional staffing, professional development, and other services
4. In concert with the Business office and Chief of School Operations, develop long range athletic facilities strategic plan
Jeremy Schlitz, District Athletic Director (.5)

Alex Fralin
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