Political Systems Project- Block 2
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CandidateParty Name
Where On Political Spectrum
Most Important Issue to YouDeath PenaltyHealthcareTaxesServices for Poor/ElderlyGun RightsImmigrationOther BIG Issues
MasonThe Green ConfederationMiddle-Left (With some very Right Views)Gun RightsWe are pro death penalty. Any degree of murder warrants the death penalty, and is up to the discretion of the court and judge. Rape warrants the death penalty, and executions are only done by firing squads. Sufficient evidence must be present before capital punishment is used.Free, universal healthcare. Those who are injured/disabled receive extra benefits, such as an extension of sick days at work/school.High taxes, especially on the rich, so the healthcare can be paid for.They get free healthcare. Housing for the poor/elderly will also be provided by the federal government (Nursing Homes, etc.)Every gun is legal, but strict background checks are required for every purchase, and the gun show loop-hole is closed. Online purchases are made tougher as well.Open borders, with minimal security/background checks. Passports are required and documention of entering the country is kept in federal records.Environmental Policy: Large federal investments in renewable energy sources and research. Large taxes on non-"Green" ventures by companies. Tax breaks for companies that invest in eco-friendly technology and business.Marijuana Policy: Marijuana is legal in all 50 states, and will be sold at drug stores, prescription not needed. There will be federal taxes on the industry for revenue.
KarringtonLike it's 1999Middle-leftGun rights We do not agree with death penalty. It wastes so much money and the number of executions was higher in 1999 since the death penatly was reinstated in 1976We think universal heath care should be implimented. Although, we beleive that there should be stricter regulations, such as drug testing, to be able to qualify for it. We beleive that rich people should pay more taxes, leaving poorer people paying less taxes. The money poor people arent putting towards taxes could go towards food, house payments, and transportation so they dont have to rely on the government so much. We support social security but we believe that there should be stricter regulations for the government to get invoved in poor and elderly services. They should increase background checks on those applying for welfare, and increase welfare for the disabled. There should be stricter regulations, but the right shoud NOT be taken away. More background checks should be implimented and it should be made harder for just anyone to purchase a gun. The immigtation process should remian the same, but illegal immigrants should be better regulated. This could be done by forcing the government to check on the status of green card holders more often and the national guard should patrol the border. Environment: We believe that government cooperations should be required to put eco-friendly technology into their businesses. Tax breaks could go to those small businesses that also impliment eco-friendly technology into their bisinesses. Marijuanna Policy: We think marijuanna should be legalized because in 1999 the markers of spongebob created a master piece, that they were odviously high for.
MichaelHouse PartyIn the middle. Our most important issue regards Gun rights.We are for the death penalty in the cases of worst offense. Offenses such as murder shall be penalized through death. If you can take somebody else's life, you should be willing to give yours.We are for affordable health care. It's important for the rich to support those in need. The health of the people is one of the most important planks for us.We want to decrease taxes through decreasing military spending. By decreasing taxes it helps the home life because in many instances people need there tax money more than the government needs it for some of their services.We support providing government servics to the poor/elderly in order to keep them healthy and happy. Once again, health is extremely important to the house party and it is important to take care of the elderly.We support gun rights and on everyone American born citizens 18th birthday they will be given a government certified assault rifle after a thorough background check; including no felony records.We believe in a heavy vetting process for incoming immigrants but give Natural born citizens priorty. Having a heavy vetting process will slow the number of immigrants coming into the country so that we will have time to prepare for an influx of immigrants. It will also make sure that only the best certified immigrants with the cleanest records will be allowed in the United States.Environment: we want stricter regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and will increase taxes on businesses that go above the regualations or emit the most greenhouse gases. By incorporating consequences for going above the regulations it will help decrease the greenhouse gas emmisions over time. Space Program: We want to divert more funds to NASA to expand research done in deep space in a search for life. The expansion of scientific knowledge is an important aspect to Americanism.
Kait G.Amazonian PartyModerate LiberalGun control.Yes - With more limited use. Mass shooters, serial killers, and serial rapists. Pro-Univeral healthcare. Return "Obama care" plan. Progresive tax. Higher taxes on the rich. Larger tax brackets in order to account for those making more than a million dollars. 10, 12, 18, 27, 33, 38, and 42 percent tax brackets. We want drug testing on the poor attempting to apply for welfare, Medicaid and disability. We want to raise the minimum age to receive social security to 70 years old because of the rising life expectancy. Those with early onset and disabilities associated with old age will still be able to receive disability checks and other forms of aid. We want to raise the maximum pay in order to qualify for welfare in order to ensure valid attempts for employment are being made by the receiver. Lastly, we want to place a seven year limit on welfare; these programs are meant to help people get back to their feet, not permanently support them.Tighter restrictions and more in depth background checks. 72 hour waiting period between applying for weapon purchase and receaving; this prevents "spur of the moment" murders and mass shootings. Close Loopholes.Grant citizenship to those who have been living in the US for 5+ years; must provide proof of residency (house payments, receipts, car payments/titles, testimony from current US citizens). Make legal path to citizenship easier; no more 27 year waiting periods. Vaccines: we are for enforcing vaccines for certain illnesses. ex) Polio, measles, mumps, whooping cough. This is for public health. Abortion: Pro-Choice. Our goal is to reduce the number of abortions by providing more clear and in depth sexual education in all states, increasing accessablity to contraceptives and banning "abstinence only" teaching.
Kate P.KAMI PartySlighty RightTaxesNo death penalty, prison for life. It is cheaper to keep inmates in prison for life than it is to put them on death row. Sometimes, death is the easy way out for the inmates and keeping them in prison for life is more of punishment If qualified as poverty or under, health care costs are less. If you are above poverty line, you pay for your own healthcare, and you do that through private insurers, not through any government agenciesAll working class families should have equal taxes but millionaries who inherit thier money without working/putting in effort should have a 10% increase on taxes. People who work for their money should be taxed the same no matter their job, and those who don't work but inherit money most pay 10% more because they don't earn it themselves We support government services to the poor/elderly if they are a citizen so they can have social security and qualify for medicare/medicade. The government help those who cannot help themselves. We don't believe they should just get free money though, they should be helped with getting a job and getting back on their feet and soon off gov services.Should have regulations on background checks and they must be thorough. Concealed carry licenses should be much more thorough and harder to get The immigration procces should remain the same but in a more efficient way. All immigrants must go through a very thorough background check and must not have any criminal record.Abortion-- This should be illegal unless in cases of rape or incest. It is your fault for having the child, no matter if you can afford it or not, it is your choice to have sex, which leads to a child.Flag Burning-- This should be illegal because it is disrespectful and unloyal to your country. The 28th amendment should make burning the American flag illegal, it is complete disrespect you our country and our troops.
JaredThe Regression PartySlighty LeftNo Seperation of Church and StateNo Death penilty unless the body count is higher than three, You have to be tried three times and found unanamously guilty all three times. Free healthcare for everyone, Health is important to the economy Without good health there is no one to be in the workforce improving the US.Higher taxes in order to pay for healthcare and other government services to protect the country.The higher taxes allow improvements to be made to the country These people have spent so long helping the US and contributing to the US the least we can do is give back. Government programs such as social security allow for a sense of security for people who have provided security already. Our goal is to bring america to a place of no violence. When there is no violence there is no need for a weapon so a strict gun control policy will be put in place to ensure this. Immigration should go through the proper channels, the US will admit 500,000 people a year with open arms. People who enter in an illegal way will be removed. The process to become a citizen will also be changed and made quicker. The minimum wage in the US should be raised to $10.00. People cannot live off of the $7.75 wage that is currently in place. There should be no separation of church and state because a lot of Americans wish religion had a larger place in public life, they share a nagging sense that politics shouldn't be just about winning elections. It should be informed by values and spiritual ideals,
NickThe Common Sense PartyModerately left.Reforming the tax system.Only in cases of convicted first degree murder after extensive trials with the family of the victim's consent. Universal healthcare, but heavily reformed to best meet the needs of each individual.Eliminate the rampant plague of tax loopholes exploited by the wealthy, as well as eliminate any taxes on groceries or feminine products.Establish an effective Welfare Fraud Investigation Department and establish a 2-year cutoff period to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not being abused.Ensure that only responsible, law-abiding citizens are allowed to own firearms through the institution of thorough background checks and mental health evaluations, as well as closing any loopholes that circumvent these protections. We will also require a certification in firearm safety. Institute a 4-step program: 1. Secure our borders in the most cost effective way possible. 2. Deport the illegal citizens who commit violent crimes/traffic drugs. 3. Make a path to amnesty for the undocumented immigrants currently in our country. 4. Reform the immigration process to be much more expedient so people don't feel the need to come here illegally.Term limits- We will institute a 12-year limit on all members of Congress, meaning a 6 term limit for the House of Representatives and a 2 term limit on all Senators.Abortion- We have a very moderate position on abortion designed to create a compromise between both sides of the aisle. Abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy shall not be allowed, as the baby could safely be delivered at that point. There will be an exception in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother. No taxpayer money shall go towards directly funding abortions (Planned Parenthood would still be funded, just not the abortion part), and religious institutions shall not be required to commit what they believe to be murder unless there is danger to the mother.
MorganThe Anti-Overfishing PartySomewhere in between Liberalist and SocialistEnvironment, especially overfishingWe are pro death penalty. However, we will only use the death penalty for criminals who have committed environmental crimes. This applies especially to over-fishing criminals. Universal healthcare for the environmentally conscious, vegetarians, vegans, and non-pescetarians. Those who intentionally negatively impact the environment will be required to pay for their health insurance. This will encourage people to refrain from consuming fish, littering, polluting the earth, and using nonrenewable energy.We will not tax necessities like food and clothes, with the exception of fish. Products containing fish or non-sustainably sourced food will have a 150% tax increase. Fisheries will have to pay a higher tax rate than other companies. We will increase background checks on those applying for welfare, and increase welfare for the disabled. Food stamps will not apply to products containing fish. We will reform social security to begin at a later age, and the elderly who consume fish will receive less benefits. We will ban all types of firearms and guns, as they could potentially be used to harm animals and the environment. The phrase "It's like shooting fish in a barrel," is particularly worrying to our party. We see no use for the weapon anyways, because it only causes harm to both people and other living, breathing, feeling beings. We will increase quotas for immigrants of all countries, allow minors that are illegal immigrants to stay in the country, and shorten the process of citizenship. However, we do not condone immigration by sea, as the propellers of boats could potentially harm the creatures of the sea, such as manatees.Another big issue that we will address is energy use. We will propose the use of renewable energy over nonrenewable energy. In order to fully adopt this proposal, we will gradually switch all nonrenewable energy plants to renewable energy plants and close all nonrenewable energy plants by the year 2050. Also, we will shut down all fishing factories and manufacturers. Our last important issue is the Eastern Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is located in the sea in between Hawaii and California. We will clean up all of the trash from the garbage patch and recycle it to create products, like water bottles, cups, pens, etc. to ensure a safer and cleaner environment.