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A Day At The Beach
White sand castles lace the shoreline, black eyed Susan daisies scatter gingerly among thin blades of dune grass, hints of expensive warmed tanning oil with lashings of creamy coconut milk flow through gentle breezes and the indulgent aroma of smooth Madagascar vanilla beans complete this absolutely perfect day at the beach.
white sand castles lace the shoreline, black eyed susan daisies scatter gingerly among thin blades of dune grass, hints of expensive warmed tanning oil with lashings of creamy coconut milk flow through gentle breezes and the indulgent aroma of smooth madagascar vanilla beans complete this absolutely perfect day at the beach.
A Little Piece Of Heaven
Ceylon black tea accented with gentle notes of clean sun dried cotton, white rose petals, breezy transparent musk paired with dewy blades of summer grass.
Spring / Summer 2017Aegean Sea
Soft citrus fruits, delicate lily of the valley blooms, pink hyacinth, cyclamen, the scent of waves crashing onto the stern of an old ship, aquatic musk.
Spring / Summer 2018Afternoon Tea
Earl grey tea steeped with a drop of golden honey, served with fresh green apple slices and dainty cucumber sandwiches.
Agave Lime Stiletto
Pink lemonade, green herbal agave lime, cotton candy, candy floss, bubblegum, and sour limes make this a sweet & sour yet enticingly different fragrance.
soft and sensual southern florals of lavender, rose petals and honeysuckle mingle with a hint of vanilla. It is as it name suggests, alluring to say the least.
Amber White
The rare, seductive aroma of pure warmed white amber. (a very light scent- not well suited for conditioners with heavy base scent)
American Cream
(Lush Type) Vanilla cream enhanced by cassis, clary sage, and a hint of lavender.
Spring / Summer 2017Anchor
Ripe plum, sugared lemons, bergamot, and bourbon vanilla infused Tonka surrounded by whispers of crisp ocean air, driftwood, warm leather, musk and Artemisia.
YesAncient Woods
Dried birch, crisp autumn breezes, Cockleshell climbing Ivy, lavender and cypress tied together amongst fresh, wild mint leaf.
Angel Food Cake
the aroma of a freshly baked angel food cake.
YesFall / Halloween 2018Angel of Mumbai Sky Tower
A heartbroken angel finds a new life on the stage: Green and black teas sweetened with creamy coconut milk and warm amber; notes of incense come to life with myrrh and nag champa, then darken with smoky oud.
is an urban maiden, surrounded by hot asphalt and broken down cars leaking oil. She walks the streets armed with a .357 magnum and a heavy axe to seek out the living dead. Gun powder, cement, motor oil and vanilla musk
YesApple Pie Donut *
Sugar sprinkled donuts filled with apple pie filling tinged with hints of spiced cider.
YesGeneral CatalogueApricot Eyelet
Juicy golden apricots swirled with our heavenly Frosted Eyelet (buttercream, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream). A bestseller from our black Friday sale!
Spring / Summer 2017Aquamarine
Clear blue water, seafoam, coconut milk and pink hibiscus touched with lush Irish moss warmed with sun kissed beach sand accord.
Spring / Summer 2018Asian Garden
Invigorating scent of walking through an Asian garden with notes of spicy ginger, juicy pear, climbing ivy vines and fresh mint leaves.
Atlantic Conch
Driftwood, frosted sea glass in every shade of blue and green, fresh pink grapefruit, peaches and mangos, warmed with exotic passionflower petals.
YesAutumn Hay Ride
The brisk autumn air whips through your locks while bright crimson, orange and yellow leaves dance through the wind amidst the perfect aroma of sweet pumpkin flesh, white peaches, and golden hay bales glowing in the afternoon sun with just a pinch of clary sage.
YesAutumn In Vermont*
Gorgeous red maple leaves, freshly harvested orchard apples, light hints of bakery cinnamon, golden amber tempered by hints of sweet agar-wood and Indian sandalwood. (*contains spice notes)
YesAutumn Splendor
The gorgeous fragrance of bright red autumn leaves swirling around sweet white birch trees, whispers of golden sage, warm amber, rosewood and a drop of honey.
(type) Lemongrass, citrus, cinnamon, vanilla & musk
B Scent (Bnever Type)
Grapefruit and orange lead to a classic blend of jasmine, ylang, petit grain, and rose for a sensual appeal as a blend of warm spices adds intrigue. Soft undertones of moss and musk are sweetened with vanilla to create lingering appeal.
Baby Bee Buttermilk
(Burt Bee's Type) blend of vanilla, peach, violet and sugar.
Baby Rose
A fresh, light and gentler single note rose.
YesWinter 2018Baby, it’s Cold Outside
A cozy holiday evening at home by the fire: the scent of oven-fresh blackberry-caramel streusel mingles with the subtle aroma of smoke from the fireplace and your favorite vanilla perfume.
Banana Coconut Cloud Pie
Harajuku Bananas, Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Sugar, Vanilla Pudding, and crushed Vanilla Wafers for the crust.
Barefoot In The Garden
Candy floss and soft white rose petals barely kissed with freshly cut dewy green grass and just a whisper of upturned spring soil.
Bavarian Coconut Cake
Rich creamy custard cake sprinkled with toasted coconut. Delish!
(Bobbi Brown type) - warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin.
Beach Bum
Relax on the beach while sipping smooth waves of blood orange juice, golden pineapple, pomegranate essence, sunburst tangerines and raspberries with refreshing splashes of pink grapefruit nectar.
Bear Claws*
Layers of sweet flaky pastry made irresistible with mouthwatering hints of chocolate, honey, almonds, raisins, cinnamon and confectioner’s sugar!
Beautiful Daydream
Pink grapefruit essential oil infused with juicy Kaffir lime accented with the unadulterated gentle fragrance of clean cotton laundry dried only by the summer wind and sun under cerulean blue skies.
Berry Iced Tea
A frosted glass filled to the top with refreshing instant iced tea infused with ripe raspberry juice and golden peach syrup on the rocks. Summer in a glass!
two types of rich amber resins and a little something more - this is that delish sexy note in our "black" blends.
YesBlack Apple Noel
CP Black, juicy Golden Delicious apples smothered in a mouthwatering sticky sweet caramel coating and rounded out with ghostly ribbons of vanilla bean noel.
Black Berry Bliss
CP Black, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and Cranberries.
Black Cat in the Pumpkin Patch
Imagine the bestselling scent “Black Kittens” with a splash of sweet pumpkin! This is unexpected, original, and quite amazing!
Black Cherry Upside Down Cake
White cake and pound cake batter blended together baked to perfection then topped with mounds of marshmallow fluff frosting and finished off with juicy wild black cherries.
Winter 2018Black Chocolate
Dark complex Belgian chocolate laced with two types of rich amber resin. Our chocolate does not morph on the skin, but remains a lovely true scent.
YesBlack Chocolate Raspberries
Fresh, juicy raspberries coated in a layer of rich dark chocolate with a hint of seduction.
YesBlack Forest
The haunting fragrance of Scotch pine boughs, burning firewood and dried fall leaves married with CP's warm sensual amber note.
Black Kittens
Black, Boo Boo Lemon Noel, a drop of Egyptian Musk.
YesGeneral CatalogueBlack Marshmallow
You love sweet things like sugar cubes and white lace. But sometimes you need to be a little naughty. Try this new "foodie sexy" blend of sweet marshmallow fluff and rich ambers for a dessert you won't forget.
YesGeneral CatalogueBlack Noel
two types of rich amber resins and a little something more - this is that delish sexy note in our "black" blends with an added splash of Vanilla Bean Noel.
Black Pumpkin
Our amber blend made of a blend of real amber resin and two additional amber oils mixed with the most delish sweet pumpkin you can imagine. This is not loaded with spice notes but is a lovely sweet pumpkin scent.
Black Sugar Cake
Black, Cake on Mondays, Buttercream Frosting, American Cream.
YesGeneral CatalogueBlack Vanilla
CocoaPink's rich black amber blended with three different Vanillas.
Black Velvet
A new twist on Lavender essential oil sweetened with vanilla & spiced up with a splash of CocoaPink's amber blend.
Black Vetyver Café (Jo Malone Type)
deep, bitter essence of coffee bean with a unique earthiness to it with middle notes of vetiver, incense, and Sequoia.
YesBlack Voodoo
black, spiritueuse double vanilla, butterscotch, bourbon vanilla, hot butter rum & coconut crème.
YesGeneral CatalogueBlack Widow
Smoldering dragon blood resin, sweet aged white patchouli, a pinch of sugared black vanilla beans and wood smoke from a distant crackling fire.
Sweet juicy ripe blackberries. The best we could find.
Blackberry Cotton Candy Frosting
Cotton candy frosting, moist yellow cake sprinkled with juicy ripe blackberries.
Blackberry Lime Noel
because we just can’t seem to get enough of blackberry and lime blends here blended with Vanilla Bean Noel and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.
Blackberry Sugar
Blackberry, Sugar Whipped Cotton Candy, and a splash of Candy floss.
Blackberry Tea
Ceylon black tea spiked with sweet Italian lavender, aromatic German chamomile, soft whispers of blackberry juice all held together with a drop of Myrrh.
Blood Orange
100% real Blood Orange EO.
YesGeneral CatalogueBlood Orange Cotton Candy
100% real Blood Orange EO mixed with sweet sugar spun cotton candy.
Blue Cotton Candy
An airy sweet cotton candy fragrance with fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry, laced with caramel swirls and hints of nutty almond sweetened with vanilla.
Blue Raspberry Icee
Yum, just as the name suggests, a delicious blue raspberry icee.
Blue Sugar
(Aquolina type) A romantic floral bouquet at the heart of the fragrance intertwines with fresh green tones and rich patchouli. The vanilla signature at the base of the scent is balanced with soft musk and warmed by exotic woody tones for lingering sensuality.
Blueberry Muffin
Butter, brown sugar, and sweet wild blueberries. The best muffin you never ate!
Blueberry Salt Water Taffy
smells just like New Jersey Salt Water Taffy. Sweet Blueberries and creamy taffy.
Blueberry Skies
Warm blueberry muffins atop luscious billows of vanilla custard cream clouds topped with crunchy, raw sugar crystals.
Juicy yummy pomegranates blended with pineapple, passionfruit, red grapefruit, mango and a hint of fresh grass.
YesWinter 2018Blushing Snow Angels
A creamy pomegranate blend that couples red pomegranates and CP’s blush with creamy white chocolate, buttercream, spiritueuse double vanilla and just a splash of our black amber.
YesBobbing For Apples
Orchard peaches, Honey Crisp apples, glowing Jack O' lanterns, pumpkin flesh, and layers of creamy vanilla with just a touch of the warm patchouli fragrance of Witch's Brew.
Bonfire Celebration
White sand, cool salty sea air meet with the fragrances of sandalwood, sparkling, pink champagne and wisps of smoke from a crackling bonfire.
YesBonfire Pumpkins
This scent started out as an accident then turned into my personal all-time favorite scent. We accidentally mixed Pumpkin porridge with Marshmallow Fireside and created a sensational creamy bonfire scent with notes of maple oats drizzled with pure golden clover honey, a pinch of muscovado sugar all topped with a dollop of sugared pumpkin puree plus toasted vanilla marshmallows over a roaring fire.
YesGeneral CatalogueBoo Boo Lemon Noel
- Lemon Curd and Vanilla Bean Noel. It's a wonderful creamy lemon scent.
Brazilian Tea
White tea infused with the beautiful essences of guava, exotic goji berry, sweet, wild strawberries, ripe, purple passion fruit and just a whisper of tequila lime juice.
Breakfast On The Beach
Aromatic stacks of vanilla waffles, warmed coconut macaroons and thick buttercream swirled with melted sea salt caramel over powder sugar dusted strawberry funnel cakes.
Briarwood Meadow
Ylang Ylang, jasmine sambac, white vanilla orchid, bergamot and white musk all resting on a bed of smooth vanilla cream.
YesBride Of Frankenstein
Velvety rose petals floating in sweet burgundy wine spiked with ripe plum, pomegranate, red currant, sexy red musk and exotic teak.
A haunting blend of dark musks tainted with smokey oud, black vanilla and deep, green notes.
Brown Sugar & Fig (type)
Caramelized brown sugar paired with ripened figs, smooth coconut and a touch of amber. Enticing, cozy and warm!
Spring / Summer 2017Bungalow Cove
Island Coconut and ripe fig blended with mandarin fruit, black currant and freesia on a sensual base of pink peppercorn, rosewood and musk.
YesButter Pecan Cake
Rich and buttery, this scent is sure to please the foody lovers. Realistic butter cake topped with an assortment of candied nuts.
Buttercream Frosting
Sweet, creamy and delicious buttercream.
YesButtercream Praline
Notes of creamy French vanilla buttercream frosting meets smashed sugared pralines and cream.
Buttercream Rose
Crushed white rose petals sprinkled delicately over a bowl of double whipped buttercream frosting.
Butterfly Forest
Warm sunbeams peek quietly through majestic, ancient oak trees entangled within lush English ivy setting the paper thin wings of Pipevine Swallowtails, Painted Ladies, and Monarchs aglow in a breathtaking display of color. Purple sandalwood, ancient wood, English Ivy, Firelight Peony petals, snow white musk and a single drop of Oud.
Butterscotch Bars
Goo describes these delicious so rich and buttery, so melt-in-your-mouth magnificent butterscotch bars.
Butterscotch Marshmallow Frosting
Thick waves of brown sugar and vanilla saturated butterscotch folded gently into a sugary marshmallow fluff frosting.
Cake Batter
Ooey gooey yummy cake batter.
YesCake Monster
Cousin to the Cookie Monster, Mr. Cake's favorite is a syrupy-sweet vanilla cake drizzled in a candied lemon glaze.
YesGeneral CatalogueCake on Mondays**
delicious sponge cake made with almond extract, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon, then slathered in cream cheese buttercream frosting. May cause irritation due to the spice notes especially in hair care products.
Camay SoapJust like original.
Candied Walnuts
Sweet, glazed nuts with notes of bourbon, sweet butter, roasted walnuts, brown sugar & maple, creamy vanilla and caramelized sugar.
YesCandy Corn Cake Pops
White cake pops slathered with decadent swirls of caramel apple infused buttercream frosting rolled in bowls of candy corn.
Candy Fluff/Snow Fairy (type)
A blend of juicy bubblegum, cotton candy, juicy apples and pears blended together with sugared candy lemon drops meshed with crushed Madagascar vanilla.
Spring / Summer 2018Candy Land
Red raspberry infused cotton candy frosting, white cake crumbles and sweet cake batter ice cream drizzled with vanilla bourbon.
It's more than just Pink Sugar, more than just Cotton Candy. A Twist of Pink makes it original, yet warmly familiar.
Slice by cool, juicy slice, you'll want to eat this fresh melon delight.
Rich and delicious cappuccino.
YesCaramel Popcorn Balls
Melted marshmallow buttery caramel popcorn balls, a delicious Halloween treat sure to evoke memories of childhood.
Caress (type)
Wonderfully clean fresh scent just like the soap.
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