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TimestampWhat gender do you identify with?How do you usually commute to work/school Do you like winter?How does this effect your opinion on the winter season?Do you participate in any winter sports/activitiesDoes this change your overall opinion on the winter season?Where do you spend most of your time?Does winter have an emotional effect on you?How does winter effect you emotionally and physically on a day to day basis?On average how much time do you spend outside per week during the winter?How do you usually commute to work/school in the winter?What products do you use in the winter that you typically do not use during other conditions?Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?Any additional comments about winter, winter products, etc. can be left below.Do you have a job that requires you to be outside during the winter?explain if you wish
1/5/2015 14:41:15femaleCaryesLove my snowblower yesyessuburbiayesI miss daylight. And sunlight. It's the gray that gets me. Sunny, blue sky, and cold, I can handle2 -5 hourscarsnowblower, boots, gloves, hats, lip smacker, skiis, snowmobile, snow shoes, snow shovel, yesno
1/5/2015 14:41:42femaleCaryesI believe these products are efficient.yesyessuburbianoI tend to want to stay inside more often during the winter to avoid the cold.30 minutes- 2 hourscarCar scraper, boots, scarves, hats, gloves, driveway salt, snow blower, snow shovel, sleds, skis.nono
1/5/2015 14:42:06femaleCarnoI don't like winter and having to wear all the clothing makes me frustrated,nonosuburbiayesI have a harder time getting movinghowever long it takes to get to my carcarcoat, snow boots, scarf, gloves, winter hartnonoDue to our age and my husband's health, we are inside most of the time during the cold winter months. We go out to do our errands, go to church and get together with friends.
1/5/2015 14:48:52malePublic transportation, CaryesI got a neat extending car scraper, so that makes clearing off snow a bit less obnoxious.nonourban areas, suburbianoIt doesn't really seem to effect me any more than any other season30 minutes- 2 hoursPublic transportationcar scraper, winter jacketnono
1/5/2015 14:51:04femaleCaryesI love winter weather, especially snow. nonosuburbianoI go to sleep earlier since it gets darker earlier. I also become much more of a homebody30 minutes- 2 hourscarWinter Boots
Hat, scarf, gloves/mittens
Car Scraper
Ice Melt
More moisturizer
1/5/2015 14:51:20femaleCarnonope, winter still sucks and i miss being outside and not miserable nonourban areasyeslonger commute, freezing my ass off in my car which sucks in the cold, laziness, lack of motivation, my bills are higher because i need heat which is frustrating, i literally wanna be a burrito all the time and eat my weight in pizza30 minutes- 2 hourscarwearing lots of layers, scarves and gloves, car scraper, space heatersyesno
1/5/2015 14:51:21maleBikeyesWould feel the same. nonourban areasyesI try and minimize my time outsidehowever long it takes to get to my carwalkBoots. Gloves. Scrapper. Room heater. nono
1/5/2015 14:53:45femaleWalkyesThey are must needs to survive yesnourban areasyesIt takes longer to get anywhere, I'm always cold, all I want to do is sleep, it's always grey outside 30 minutes- 2 hoursPublic transportationSnow boots, puffy coat, gloves, hat, snowboard, socksyesno
1/5/2015 14:55:52femaleCarnoit doesn't really. Bundling up can be a pain but it's whatever. nonourban areasyesI tend to sleep in significantly longer, spend more time inside and less out doing things, and my commute can be significantly longer. I have also noticed that I tend to be late to school or work no matter what I do to get there on time. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, car scraper, hats, gloves, scarves, hot drinks and thermos (thermoses?), lotion/cocoa butter, Chapstick, hair drier, space heater, fuzzy blanketsyesno
1/5/2015 14:55:55femaleCarnoMakes is more bearableyesnosuburbianoSpend more time indoors, watch more TV and movies5+ hourscarTennis shoes made for ice, hockey skatesnono
1/5/2015 14:57:27femalePublic transportation, WalkyesHassle and yes efficiency would be greatnonosuburbianoSleep longer, reluctant to travel2 -5 hoursPublic transportationCar scraper, gloves, heavy coatnono
1/5/2015 15:00:09femaleCaryesnot at allyesnosuburbianohappier when the sun is shinning there are a lot of grey winter days. cold and snow don't bother me.30 minutes- 2 hourscarmore moisturizers, humidifier, warm drinks, car scraper, skis, boots,nono
1/5/2015 15:02:35femaleCarnostill don't like winter nonosuburbiayeslongwr commutes and missing the sunshine!however long it takes to get to my carcarHat gloves scarf scraper more window washing fluid noI hate being cold!!! Can't stand scraping off the car at the parking lot at work!!! no
1/5/2015 15:05:03maleCaryesapartment heating should be free because it is expensive that would make winter perfectyesyesurban areasnomakes me cranky getting out from warm covers2 -5 hourscarsnowboard equipment, coats, smartwool socks, car scraper, air heater, apartment heatingnonosnowboarding makes me love winter and snow
1/5/2015 15:13:35femalePublic transportationyesYes I love winteryesnourban areasnoLess outdoor activities. Less motivation. 5+ hoursPublic transportationSkis, mittens, scraper,
Boots, down coats, wool socks, snow shoes, hats, snow tires, scarf
noI wish shoes were easier to waterproofno
1/5/2015 15:17:40femaleCarnoMakes me like it a little more. More tolerable. nonosuburbiayesI don't like to be cold. I dress warmly and stay indoors.however long it takes to get to my carRetired, I don't go anywhere on a regular basis. Generally drive when I leave home.I do more baking, so I use products and ingredients involved with that activity.
Although I used skin and hair moisturizing products all year, I use more in the Winter.
Warm clothing and bedding.
1/5/2015 15:20:06femaleCarnoI hate it.
nonosuburbiayesI'm sleepier,and less motivated to exercise
however long it takes to get to my carcarboots, car scraper, salt for driveway,shovelnoyes
1/5/2015 15:25:25femaleCarnotakes longer to get to work cause I have to scrape my car sometimes.nonourban areasyesI want to sleep more and I miss the sun. I have anxiety induced depression so the winter months are always the worst.30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, gloves, hat, scarf, coat, ice scrapernoI walk from my car to work which is about a 10 minute walk.
1/5/2015 15:27:23femaleCarnoThey all make life easier!nonorural areasyesI have a lot of animals I care for, including horses, chickens and a cow, and all this takes a lot more effort in the winter (de-icing buckets, hauling more hay, more feed, etc....) Emotionally I can get very depressed with all the darkness and the frigid temps. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarSnowshoes, bucket heaters for barn and heat lamps for chickens, heat tape so barn water doesn't freeze, ice scrapers for car, ice cleats for when it's really slippery out. yesI am in Northern NY where we got about 19 FEET of snow last winter. THANKFULLY it is not that bad so far this winter! no
1/5/2015 15:27:38malePublic transportationyesIt might make the winter easier to deal with.yesyesurban areasyesLonger nights mess with my sleep schedule making me sleep longer and more often2 -5 hoursPublic transportationE brake, gloves, and ice scrapernoI might just move to Florida again for the winters. I miss the sun.noSnowboarding is awesome.
1/5/2015 15:40:11femaleCarnoNononosuburbiayesTired all the timehowever long it takes to get to my carcarBoots winter coats yesno
1/5/2015 15:41:04maleWalkyes+yesyesrural areasnoI get to ride more and have an excuse to drink more whiskey....winning5+ hourswalksnowboardnoyes"Smoke"
1/5/2015 15:43:57femaleCaryesyesnonosuburbiayesThe days are long during the very dark part of the winter. Like to sleep or stay in and read a book. Eat more. Drink more.30 minutes- 2 hourscarscrapers, shovel, snow blower, gloves, hats, coats, ice grips on shoes, boots, lip balm, lotion, hand moisturizers, yesno
1/5/2015 15:46:15femalePublic transportation, Walk, Bikeno The crunchy sound my jacket makes is kind of annoying. noyesurban areasyesI tend to be lazy in the winter months. Just want to eat and sleep. 30 minutes- 2 hoursPublic transportationThe heaviest down jacket that manufacturers can provide. noI wish I had better gloves that kept my hands warmer while texting. no
1/5/2015 15:46:34femaleCarnoPerhaps. nonosuburbiayesLess motivated. More time to start up car, clean off car, etc. expenses- new tires, windshield wipers all the good stuff. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarGloves, scarf, double socks, double pants, hats, car car scraper, boots, shovel, heat, extra blankets. nono
1/5/2015 15:54:04femaleWalkyeshaven't thought about it to be honestnonosuburbiayessleep longer30 minutes- 2 hourswork from homeboots, scrapers, whole house humidifier, winter jackets/hats/gloves/long underwear, snow shovel, ice melternono
1/5/2015 15:56:59femaleBikeyesmake me less likely to go out which isa stupidnoyeson lineyesI sleep longer, drink more and am thankful it is not summer here in Arizonahowever long it takes to get to my carcarRoyal CrownnoI miss the snownoI need to get out more in the winter. It's really not bad here
1/5/2015 16:00:44femaleCaryesThey definitely make the season more tolerable.yesyessuburbiayesAs a mammal, hibernation definitely sets in. The gray skies do not help either.2 -5 hourscarYou name it, I have it!nonoAlthough it's cold outside, I walk my dog several times a day, cross country and downhill ski.
1/5/2015 16:03:25femaleCarnoYesnonorural areasyesNo ambition or motivation. More so lack of sunlight that effects me. If it was sunny I could deal with the cold. however long it takes to get to my carcarCar scraper
Chap Stick
Lotion (more)
Snow shovel
yesOnly thing I like about winter is I don't have to shave my legs for 6 months!no
1/5/2015 16:05:20femaleCarnoprobablynonosuburbiayesThere are many days I dread going outside30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, knee socks, hats, scarves, gloves, long down coat, car scrapersnono
1/5/2015 16:10:00femaleCarnoIt's a pain in my butt having to prepare myself before stepping outside where as summer I don't even have to wear shoes.yesnosuburbiayesI feel limited and almost claustrophobic because there isn't much to do outside, forcing me to stay in the house a lot more than if it was warm out. Winter stress's me out and I feel like I do the same thing every weekend because of how cold it is outside.however long it takes to get to my carcarSpecial shampoo because my hair is so dry. I wear snow boots, a heavy coat, and gloves so my fingers don't freeze off. nono
1/5/2015 16:11:13femaleCarnoyes.nonourban areasyeslong commute times, stressed out more, and eat more.however long it takes to get to my carcarboots, car scrapers, snow shovel, salt, gloves, heat, etc.yesit sucksno
1/5/2015 16:19:50femaleCaryesThey allow me to get outside and walk, which helps my attitude about winter.nonosuburbiayesMore tired, less energy in the winter. I am retired so can stay off the roads if bad, but have an 18 month old golden retriever who requires daily walks so I do get outside. 2 -5 hourscarboots, silk underwear, hats, mittens and bootsyesno
1/5/2015 16:25:31femaleCarnonononosuburbiayesI hate being cold.however long it takes to get to my carcarearmuffs, boots, car scraper, scarf, gloves, had, winter coat
hand lotion, chapstick
1/5/2015 16:26:14femalePublic transportationnoProbably so.nonosuburbiayesThe darker days affect me...glum, etc. I like the snow well enough, as long as it gets shoveled enough that I can break free in my car. I don't "dislike" it but it is not my favorite.however long it takes to get to my carPublic transportationwarmer footwear, gloves, ice scraper, shovel. Flannel pjs, blankets, sweaters over shirts, etc.yesnoNever have done "outside" winter sports. Broke a wrist at an indoor rink years ago so haven't done any skating in that venue either.
1/5/2015 16:33:25femaleCarnoYesnonosuburbiayesI can't get up enough of anything to get outside. It's so depressing.however long it takes to get to my carcarShovel, scraper, salt that kills all my plants. Ugh.yesno
1/5/2015 16:38:53maleCaryesCheaper than a/c in the summer.yesyessuburbianoI live in Phoenix. Winter is awesome. If I want snow I drive 2 hours to flagstaff and ski or sled.5+ hourscarheat in the house and car. nonoyes, love winter sports.
1/5/2015 16:41:41maleWalknomore waste, booo!!!yesyesrural areasnomakes me want to sleep more and be less active2 -5 hourswalkjacket, boots, heat in the house, more hot water for showersnono
1/5/2015 16:48:03femaleCarnoThis doesn't effect my opinion, just adds extra time to doing things. nonosuburbianoLimits my shopping time, visiting time, etc. due to bad driving conditions and early darknesshowever long it takes to get to my carcarBoots. Snow scraper, winter windshield washer, hand creamnono
1/5/2015 16:52:50femaleCaryesNo effect!yesyessuburbianoTry to accept every day as a gift from God! Sometimes it is nicer to have sunshine, comfortable temperature! Plan inside projects when weather is not warm enough to be out and abouthowever long it takes to get to my carPublic transportationTry to dress warm, lotion on body! Can not think of others at present!noWinter has its own beauty! Have bird feeder and enjoy watching them, many varieties! Blessing from our Lord and Creator!noIt helps to try to be active , no matter what the weather !
1/5/2015 16:54:56femaleCarnoeven if the products I use were more efficient, I would still have the same opinion about winteryesnosuburbiayesless active physically
longer commute
sleep longer
watch more tv
2 -5 hourscarboots
snow brush
heavy coat
nonoI do what I need to do to be outside.
1/5/2015 17:07:32femaleCaryesI hate ice on my windshield...hate hate hate it.
nonourban areasyesWhen I lived in Ohio, I would get seasonal depression during the winter. Physically I also tend to get sick in the wintertime - there were winters when I would be sick with cold/flu for 6-12 weeks in a 6 month period of time. I have lived in North Carolina (where it was sunny but cold through winter) and just recently moved to Florida. While I was in NC, I got sick but did not get depressed. Now that I'm in FL (moved in April) I am happy, have not been depressed and haven't been sick yet this winter. Fingers crossed, knocking on wood that I won't either!2 -5 hourscarboots, under armor / long underwear, car scrapers yesI like snow. I would be happy seeing snow 1x per year at Christmas and then not having to deal with itnomany of the things I like to do are summertime activities
1/5/2015 17:22:06femaleCaryesI'm fine with everything. I might wish for a neighbor teenager who would shovel snow! And take out garbage bins on particularly bad weather days. Of course, I would pay her/him.nonosuburbiayesI am a person who loves inclement weather of any type. For example, I prefer a cloudy day to a sunny day. I'm not that social, so I love bad (not destructive) weather. Also, I am an artist, and I find it easier to lose myself in that process if it is NOT sunny outside.30 minutes- 2 hourscargloves, hat, popcorn, butter, noodles, snow shovel, the pet-safe granules that melt icenoi would love grocery delivery!!! I think that would be a great little business for enterprising local young people. I am 67, caring for my 89 year old mother, if that gives you a clue!noI really don't understand this part, and the above question.
1/5/2015 17:22:16femaleCaryesI'm fine with everything. I might wish for a neighbor teenager who would shovel snow! And take out garbage bins on particularly bad weather days. Of course, I would pay her/him.nonosuburbiayesI am a person who loves inclement weather of any type. For example, I prefer a cloudy day to a sunny day. I'm not that social, so I love bad (not destructive) weather. Also, I am an artist, and I find it easier to lose myself in that process if it is NOT sunny outside.30 minutes- 2 hourscargloves, hat, popcorn, butter, noodles, snow shovel, the pet-safe granules that melt icenoi would love grocery delivery!!! I think that would be a great little business for enterprising local young people. I am 67, caring for my 89 year old mother, if that gives you a clue!noI really don't understand this part, and the above question.
1/5/2015 17:33:01male, femaleCaryesIt makes me like winter more, I love boots and warm coatsnonosuburbianoI stay inside and sit around morehowever long it takes to get to my carcarWinter coats, bootsnono
1/5/2015 17:38:33femaleCaryesIt doesn't just goes with the territory.nonosuburbiayesOuts me in a good mood when I can stay home and enjoy a beautiful snowfall and in a bad mad mood when I have to go out in it!
however long it takes to get to my carcarHats, mittens, gloves, scarfs,boots, snow boots, snow shovel, car scrapper, winter coats, (dress, casual) lotions,hot cocoa, hot toddies, cold,flu medicine,slippers, robes just to name a few!nono
1/5/2015 17:42:31femaleWalknoits a painnonosuburbianoFeels late when it gets dark...days seem shorter
Not excited to go outside
Can't run outside
30 minutes- 2 hourswalkBoots, coat, gloves/mittens, hat, mushers secret for dog, car scrapernono
1/5/2015 17:50:07femalePublic transportationyesNoneyesnosuburbianoNot at all30 minutes- 2 hoursPublic transportationWinter running gear; car scraper; skis some wintersnoNoneno
1/5/2015 17:55:33femaleCarnoI think I would. I just hate the cold, dark and bleakness.yesnosuburbiayesDread, exhaustion, sadness. I hate looking at bare trees.30 minutes- 2 hourscarSalt for walk
Heavy coat
Car scraper
Snow shovel
1/5/2015 18:00:17maleWalk, BikeyesSome of the things I use during winter are enjoyable (snowboard) while others (car scraper) are annoying. The more convenient and effieient the product, the more likely I am to buy it.yesyesurban areasyesIt's harder to get outside and travel and it's difficult to get some sun. It's harder to use my phone while walking.2 -5 hourswalkCar scraper, snowboard, gloves, hat, other winter clothes.nonoWinter sports make the winter bearable.
1/5/2015 18:02:10femaleCaryesWinter is an opportunity to change things up. As long as I can stay warm I am happy. nonosuburbiayesI love the beauty of the snow, even ice. Every year I feel like a child filled with wonder and awe at how breathtaking a fresh snowfall can be. That being said, my body hates the cold. I have Fibro and the cold can trigger any number of reactions. Emotionally I am okay until things are grey and sloppy. I just feel more sleepy and less motivated. I also suffer from narcolepsy so a lack of sunlight during the never helps. I work at a school in the front office. My view is 50% windows. however long it takes to get to my carcarBoots, many styles. I am a girly girl in the winter so boots are a must. I collect scarves and usually stick with one good pair of gloves. I need more moisturizer for my skin and lip conditioners. nono
1/5/2015 18:14:18maleCarnoyes winter sucks besides my birthday nonourban areasyesI go to work come home and eat and then sleep. Repeat. however long it takes to get to my carcarCar scraper, sled, boots, coat, scarves, hat, gloves, long johns, socks, hand warmers, portable heaters, yesyes
1/5/2015 18:17:33femaleCaryesthey all help
yesnosuburbiayeslove it, i sleep in2 -5 hourscara lot of lotion...snowboots, car scrapers;;;;mittens and winter coats.

nolove the winteryesi do love the winter
1/5/2015 18:21:41femaleCaryesIt does not. nonosuburbianoNap, clean house
2 -5 hoursretiredShovels, snow blower, automotive window scraper/brush.noI love Winter, with the exception of the bitter cold days with blowing winds. no
1/5/2015 18:30:41femaleCaryesI like to purchase bright colors and fun supplies that will make me ole on the winternonourban areasyesWithout sun, I get the "drearies"....if its wintry cold but sunny, life is great .5+ hourscarBoots, gloves, hats, scarves, moisturizer , noSee aboveno
1/5/2015 18:31:18maleCaryesIf they kept me warmer I would enjoy the winter season more.yesyesrural areasnoLonger commutes. Dangerous weather conditions.30 minutes- 2 hourscarboots, goggles, scarf, thermal underwear, long-johns, space heater, finger warmers, gloves.noWinter products are also very heavy, which at the cost of being more is more than worth it. But it can be cumbersome. noSnowboarding makes up for how terrible the cold is.
1/5/2015 18:37:24maleCaryesbetternonourban areas, suburbia, rural areasnochilly longer5+ hourscarsnowblowernoyes
1/5/2015 18:48:05femaleCarnoYes, because they work well but are a hassle!nonosuburbiayesI am lazier, possibly because so much darkness makes it seem like nighttime?

I used to be more emotionally affected, but I think my anti depressant used for anxiety helps!
30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, heavy coat, gloves, yesI like the look of cold snowy days from indoors!no
1/5/2015 18:52:34femaleCaryesI enjoy winter and the cooler temps nonosuburbianoI always seem to eat more and be hungrier2 -5 hourscarHats .. Gloves .. nono
1/5/2015 18:54:46femaleCaryesNothing - it's expected to use these as you would use different products for any season.nonosuburbiayesWinter affects me differently than other seasons with clearing off the snow on my car, longer commute, spend less time outside because of the cold, dryer skin and flyaway hair. Positive side is less stress because usually there is a little less going on January - March and it's nice to hibernate a little and catch up on movies and books.2 -5 hourscarCar scraper, snow shovel/tractor (OK, my husband uses those!), boots, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets, sweaters, warm socks, slippers, lots of lotion for dry skin, more hair conditioner for drynessnono
1/5/2015 19:05:01femaleCarnoYesnonosuburbiayesSleep longer and more of a home body.30 minutes- 2 hourscarSnow clothes - boots, scarf, gloves et al.
Rock salt
Space heaters
1/5/2015 19:08:13femaleCarnotakes a lot longer to get ready to go anywhere. maybe I'd feel better about it if it didn't take so longnoyessuburbiayeslonger commute. less motivation with shorter, colder days. takes longer to do everything.2 -5 hourscarboots, coats, ice scraper, ice melt, snow blower, shovel, wool socks, long underwear, heated mattress cover, humidifier, hand/foot warmers, gloves, ear muffs, scarvesnonoIf I participated in winter sports I'd probably appreciate the season more
1/5/2015 19:12:40maleCaryesit doesn'tyesyessuburbiayesMostly in a positive way. There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing options. For me if it is going to be cold then there better be snow.
5+ hourscarthe obvious ones.nosee above. weather is not bad or good. it is pleasurable or not. some people are miserable in the rain or heat or spring allergies. noif you learn to enjoy an activity that involves the existing eliments of the season then you look forward to the coming season whatever it is. summer fall, winter or spring.
1/5/2015 19:15:30femaleCaryesnoyesyessuburbianoLess sunshine sometimes makes me drowsy. 5+ hourscarsnow boots, parka, skis, ice skates, sleds, ice scraper, car ski rack, scarfs, hats, glovesnowould love to try ice fishing and snowmobiling!noBecause we like to sled, ski and ice skate, there is more appeal to winter for us!
1/5/2015 19:16:31femaleCarnoMaybeyesyessuburbiayesLess outside time for kids, extra clothes to put on, more work outside (hubby does yard work nights/weekends, but sometimes snow needs to be shoveled during the day) have to wipe dogs Paws more often...2 -5 hourscarParka, snow pants, snow boots, gloves, hat, scarf, helmet, skis, car scraper, shovel, salt, snowbloweryesHate all the extra effort winter requires, but it makes me appreciate summer more:)noWe ski and it helps to be active with the family and friends.
1/5/2015 19:17:42maleCaryesno effectnonosuburbianosleep in, plan ahead, get tired of it by end of Jan and travel a week or 2 in Feb or March30 minutes- 2 hoursretiredsnow shovel, snowblower, car scrapernosnow blow own walks
1/5/2015 19:19:50femaleCarnopossibly... Still don't like the cold and snow.nonosuburbiayesI feel tired, bored and less energy to do things.30 minutes- 2 hourscarSnow boots, snowblower, snow shovel, scraper, winter gloves and hat, sled.yesno
1/5/2015 19:21:16femaleWalkyesIt helps because it gives me something to look forward to despite the weather (for fashion purposes).
yesyessuburbia, rural areasnoI feel more tired and find overall I am more lethargic. I don't struggle with my emotions as much.30 minutes- 2 hourswalkSki jacket, boots, gloves and hat, car scraper, lotions especially for dry skin, carmexnoIt can be a hassle having to use extra products but I guess there are products necessary for each specific season so it doesn't really burden me too muchno
1/5/2015 19:27:40femaleCarnoNo effect.nonosuburbianoPhysically I get less exercise and I do feel lazier in general. Mentally, I get a bit stressed when I have to drive in bad weather. however long it takes to get to my carcarHats, gloves, heavy coats, snowblower/shovel, car scraper.nono
1/5/2015 19:28:10maleCarnoyesyesnosuburbiayesIt's not the cold that bothers me, it's the lack of sun!5+ hourscarBoots, gloves, hats, winter running shoes nonoI run all winter and i joy the cold weather for that reason, but I would still take the warmer temps.
1/5/2015 19:32:18femaleCarnoyes, it's the cold more than the inconveniencenoyessuburbiayesbecome more reclusivehowever long it takes to get to my carcarboots, heavy coats, ice scrapernono
1/5/2015 19:33:12femalePublic transportationyesI think better car scrapers and shovels would be great. But I still like winter, or at least snow. It's so pretty!nonosuburbiayesI tend to be depressed and cry more. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. 30 minutes- 2 hoursPublic transportationcar scraper, boots, little rubber booties for my dog, shovel, hats, gloves, scarves, heavier moisturizernono
1/5/2015 19:34:40femaleCaryesN/ayesyesurban areasyesWhen it's cold outside I love hot drinks and feeling cozy. I go to bed earlier and love warm clothes2 -5 hourscarBlankets on the couchnoSnow melt :( hate that nasty stuffnoSledding, snowman building etc
1/5/2015 19:37:37male, femaleCarnoNo opinionnonoSmall townnoLess energetic 30 minutes- 2 hourscarCar scrappernono
1/5/2015 19:42:31femaleWalknoProbably but don't think completely. Gray blah cold days are just that!noyessuburbiayesMore blah, depressed, sluggish--feel as gray as the day is outside :(2 -5 hourswalkSnow boots, hats, gloves, smart wool, heavy down coats, salt, car ice scraper, snowblower, snow shovel...yesnoIf I was a skier etc I would be excited to participate in winter. I try to hike in the Metroparks and always feel better!
1/5/2015 19:46:40femaleCaryesthey are fine the way they arenonosuburbianoTakes me a little bit longer.30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, car scraper, snow shovel, snowblower, mittens, hats, sledsnono
1/5/2015 19:47:28femaleCaryesNo effect. I love the change of seasons and ability to change my wardrobe accordingly. yesnosuburbiayesThe falling snow or snow-covered trees/ground makes me feel happy. Seeing the brown, leafless trees and dead grass make me feel sad and depressed. So, my like/dislike of winter depends on the conditions.30 minutes- 2 hourscarSnowboots, scarves, gloves, skis, heavy coats, turtlenecks, long johns, snowpants, sleds, hatsnono
1/5/2015 19:58:12femaleCaryesfuck youyesyesfuck youyesfuck you5+ hoursfuck youfuck youyesfuck. you. fuck youfuck you
1/5/2015 20:00:21femaleCaryesMaybenonosuburbianoThe cold and wet really bother my joints and I can never get warm. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarCar scraper. Shovels. Gloves. Boots. Coats. Scarves. nono
1/5/2015 20:06:08femaleCaryesWhen I am dressed warm I really enjoy winternonosuburbianoLonger commute, fear driving, less active time30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, coats, hat, gloves, scarfnowinter is very pretty.noI used to ski but haven't for a while
1/5/2015 20:10:53femaleCarnoNothing will change the way I feel about winter. I simply detest it....think I made that pretty obvious.
nonosuburbiayesI hate driving in it, I hate the dark and cold.....let's just say I hate everything about it and it makes me very, very depressed.
however long it takes to get to my carcarBoots, hats, gloves, scarves, car scrapers obviously, ice scrapers, shovels, lots and lots of hand cream!
1/5/2015 20:13:05femaleCaryesI feel like I want to hibernate.nonosuburbiayesI don't. like the real cold days.however long it takes to get to my carcarScraper, boots.nono
1/5/2015 20:22:38femaleCarnoIt doesn't. nonosuburbianoIt doesn't. 5+ hourscarSnow brush, heavy duty moisturizer, more towels to dry off my dogs after walks (if it's snowing)nono
1/5/2015 20:23:33femalePublic transportationnoyes, I hate that it takes so long to get ready in the morning when I'm leaving the housenonourban areasyesmore tired, takes longer to get out the door (coats, scarves, boots, etc.), everything looks so bleak2 -5 hoursPublic transportationboots, shovels, hats, scarves, gloves, coatsyesno
1/5/2015 20:27:04femaleCaryesProducts have no influence on how I feel about winter. yesyesrural areasyesBecause it is cold outside it makes it difficult to get out of a warm bed! If weather inclement takes twice as long to get to work. Not so much the cold but the fact that it get dark so early that makes it hard to stay productive! 30 minutes- 2 hourscar more windshield wiper fluid, additional clothing, winter footwear, several coats for varying temperatures, hats, gloves etc. salt for ice. Snowblower.more moisturizer and lip balm due to dry air. noyesI love snow! I love to ski! I love to hike in the snow!

I just hate when the winter doesn't have snow and instead rains meaning the landscape is grey and depressing.
1/5/2015 20:30:43femaleCaryesIt doesn't nonosuburbiayesI sleep a lot more, lie in bed a lot more, and sometimes suffer from SAD. however long it takes to get to my carcarGloves, scarf, bootsyesno
1/5/2015 20:36:55femaleCarnothey really don't affect my opinion of winter. Higher efficiency would not change my feelings. yesyessuburbiayesI miss the outdoor physical activity I get in summer. I find the numerous cloudy days depressing. 2 -5 hourscarSnow shovels, gloves, headbands, car scraper, skis, hand warmers, heavy socks, base layers, hats, down jackets, bootsnonoI started
Skiing to give me something to look forward to in the winter. It definitely helps improve my emotional attitude about the season.
1/5/2015 20:40:29femalePublic transportationyesOverall no. But wouldn't hurt.nonosuburbiayesEat more exercise less
Less social interaction
Longer commutes
30 minutes- 2 hoursPublic transportationWarm weather gear.
Snow removal items
Static guard
yesMy problem with winter particularly in NEO, is the lack of sunlight. Gray days & early sunsets are the depressing. I also dislike the wind in winter. Other than that, I really don't mind
1/5/2015 20:42:52femaleCaryesi actually love the winter fashion more than summer fashion. If there were very little in the way of feeling good about how I present myself during this season I would most likely be even more depressed!!yesyessuburbiayesI seem to feel tired more often and have greater difficulty waking up in the morning. When it is gloomy outside like most Cleveland days I find it hard to stay motivated and on task. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarBoots, hats, gloves (all fashion forward of course)😉 scarves, and the heated seats in my car!!!yesnoI am an avid skier. I feel as if I had no winter outdoor activity my SAD would greatly effect my day to day living. Being a skier I am able to look forward to that activity during the season.
1/5/2015 20:58:45femaleCarnoI WISH WOOL WASN'T ITCHY! Wool blends aren't as warm. I would still feel the same way, that winter is gloomy and awful.nonourban areasyesHarder to get out of bed because it's dark and cold. I tend not to be as social because social interactions require leaving the house.30 minutes- 2 hoursbus on bad snow days, otherwise driveLots of lotion and wool socks/gloves/scarf/coat/blanket/etc.yesEar hats. They just cover the rim of your ear without messing up your hair or impeding your
1/5/2015 21:01:50femaleCaryesAffect... just saying.

Snowblowers are evil. So are winter wiper blades.
yesyessuburbiayesI HATE TO SHOVEL! My commute is short, but we live on a corner lot so shoveling is a big job!5+ hourscarboots, coats, gloves, skis, snowboards, winter wiper blades, snow shovels, snowblowers, nonoOur extended family has a home in Ellicottville NY and our whole family enjoys skiing and snowboarding. We are involved with ski racing, snowboarding, instructing and ski patrol.
1/5/2015 21:09:49femaleCarnoProbably.nonosuburbiayesI want to go to sleep earlier/sleep longer. I sometimes feel depressed/claustrophobic during winter months. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarSnow boots, huge, puffy coat, car scraper, ear muffs, scarf, mittens. yesI don't mind the cold and snow until Jan. 1st, then it is just all too gloomy. :(sometimes: recess/bus duty
1/5/2015 21:20:28femaleCaryesNo effectyesyessuburbianoPhysically I am always coldhowever long it takes to get to my carcarBoots
Driveway salt
Hand lotion
Nivea face cream
1/5/2015 21:32:09femaleCarnoI feel better with my warm coat and gloves on when it's really cold. nonosuburbiayesI miss the sun. Makes me more anxious. 30 minutes- 2 hourscarCar scraper, gloves, long coat, bootsyesI teach so we sometimes go out during the winter for recess.
1/5/2015 21:37:01femalePublic transportationyesThe most annoying part about winter is the difference between outdoor and indoor conditions. This involves taking a jacket indoors, getting salt and snow on your shoes and bringing it inside,and having uncomfortably warm feet all day or bringing a change of shoes.yesyesurban areasyesAfter getting a really good jacket and moving closer to my school I don't mind winter. My city has an amazing winter spirit so I like spending time outside, although I am unable to bike to school so my fitness level has gone down. 2 -5 hoursbikeSnow boots, thermal leggings, sweaters, cross country and downhill skis, ice skates, extra footwear for indoors, noI live in the 2nd coldest capital city in the world, it's -15 F right now, and there's a whole load of snow in the forecast. However, with the right clothes and preparation it's not hard to have fun in winter, although I really would like to be somewhere else right now.noAt the moment I actually want it to snow more and get colder so there's a good amount of snow and the canal freezes. This means I'll get to skate and cross country ski around the city. I believe that winter is only worthwhile if there's frozen water and thick snow, otherwise it's just inconvenient.
1/5/2015 21:41:17femaleCarnoI am not a fan. It is pretty and love watching the snow fall but hate actually venturing out into it unless I am going out to play with the kids and it is a snowy yet calm, sunny daynonosuburbiayesDon't want to go out and socialize. More time in van waiting for buses, driving kids places. More anxiety commuting on rural roads so limit heading to our house and stay In the city. Added expense of paying for snow removal. 2 -5 hourscarCold weather garments. Shovels ice melt scrapers space heaters. Firewood. Bird food. noyes
1/5/2015 22:28:51femaleCarnoi would still feel the same. These products are a necessary to get through winteryesyessuburbiayesLess time outside and less daylight so I seem to have less energy and less motivation to exercise. however long it takes to get to my carcarskis, more clothing, boots, shovel, more windshield wiper fluid, more money on car washes, slednonoSkiing provides an opportunity to enjoy the snow!
1/5/2015 22:43:04femaleCarnoI think the general cold and lack of sunlight has a greater effect on my opinion than the products. However if there were products that made being outdoor more tolerable (staying warmer) and fun I may spend more time outdoorsnoyesurban areas, suburbiayesSubstantially harder to get up in the morning. Both physically and emotionally. I become very nervous driving. I feel less motivated to complete much of anything.however long it takes to get to my carcarCoat, boots, gloves. Scraper, space heater, heated bean bag, ear warmers, scarves, previously snow pants, snowboard, snowboarding boots, snowblower, shovel, hand warmers, excessive blankets,yesnoWhen I did participate in winter activities (snowboarding) the emotional toll was less. However it was before the winter depression affected me to a noticeable amount.
1/6/2015 0:36:30femaleCaryesDoesn'tnonosuburbianoLonger commute
Work out more
however long it takes to get to my carcarElectric blanket
Space heater
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