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Project TitleFunding CategorySummary
Amount Funded
18S-FT-1 RTSA Career Preparation ProjectHardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology EventsThe Re-entry and Transfer Student Association is a student organization dedicated to improving the transfer experience by providing academic and professional resources. Given transfers limited amount of time (2.17years), funding the Career Preparation Project will help facilitate the professional development, provide vital information, guidance, and support as transfer students prepare for life after Cal. The funds will be used to acquire a high-quality DSLR, laptop and accessories to provide free photo headshots to transfer students.$4,319.73
18S-FT-2 Career Development for PhDs at BerkeleyHardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning ProjectsAn average of 15% of PhDs continue on to receive tenure track positions. Beyond Academia’s goal is to empower PhD students and postdocs with the knowledge of careers beyond research at universities. Each year, Beyond Academia organizes a two-day conference for up to 300 attendees as well as multiple workshops and seminars during the academic year. Funds will be used to pay for conference programming, such as maintaining our website, the conference schedule, attendee check ins, and our extensive email database.$2,560.00
18S-FT-3 EOP iClicker Free Rental ProgramTraining, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsThe Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves students who identify as first generation, low-income and/or historically underrepresented. The iClicker FREE Rental program will provide 120 more students who are in the Educational Opportunity Program a free iClicker for either the Fall/Spring/Summer term of their courses. With the growth of this project, we plan to decrease a part of the financial stress that comes with being low income student at UC Berkeley.$4,900.00
18S-FT-6 Third World Liberation Front Digital PortalCommercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology AcquisitionThe pivotal 1969 UC Berkeley student movement, Third World Liberation Front (twLF), helped establish Ethnic Studies as an interdisciplinary field in the U.S. Marking the upcoming 50th anniversary, the Center for Race & Gender, the Ethnic Studies Library, students, and other partners will publish an online multimedia digital portal documenting twLF’s critical role in shaping UC Berkeley’s identity and facilitating ongoing discourse on the intellectual and political visions of Ethnic Studies and African American Studies.$5,000.00
18S-FT-7 Technology Equity and Accessibility for TransfersCommercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events, Training, Support and Access to Technology Programs The Technology Equity and Accessibility for Transfers Fund (TEAT) will provide free printing and computer services for transfer students, accessible through the Transfer Student Center. Therefore, through this fund, it will provide transfer students resources that will help them succeed at Cal, while simultaneously allowing visibility of the Transfer Student Center to these students.$4,938.42
18S-FT-8 LAUNCH Startup Accelerator Expo and Demo DayApplications & Software DevelopmentLAUNCH is Berkeley’s only student-run accelerator. LAUNCH helps 20+ startups move past prototyping through an intensive curriculum. Funds will be spent on services and software for the startups to use throughout their time in the accelerator. Any UC student will be able to apply for the LAUNCH accelerator and participate during the Expo and Demo Day, where they will get the opportunity to meet founders and investors.$1,000.00
18S-FT-9 Architecture RoundtableHardware & Technology AcquisitionThe Architecture Roundtable is an informal venue to discuss conceptual, material, cultural, social, and historical dimensions of ‘architecture,’ defined in its broadest sense. It will be a first of its kind forum that will share and critically discuss ongoing scholarly work generated by students. The attempt is to create an intellectual community related to research on the built and natural environment. Funds are needed to buy a TV monitor which will be installed inside the room 470 in Wurster Hall - the research student conference room for conducting the presentations.$1,585.00
18S-FT-12 Accessible CNC Lathe and Mill for Disabled StudentsHardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsThis request is for STEM/makerspace equipment that disabled people can use. The Berkeley Disability Lab is our campus’ newest makerspace, designed by and for disabled persons. Lathes and mills are core technologies of makerspaces that are often inaccessible to disabled people as they are not designed to be used by people who use wheelchairs, who are blind or deaf or have autism or other disabilities. We will make these maker technologies more accessible.$5,000.00
18S-FT-13 Student-Produced How-To VideosApplications & Software DevelopmentThe LEAD Center, UC Berkeley’s hub for student leadership advising, has begun a project to create high quality videos designed to respond to questions and concerns commonly raised by students involved in student organizations. The Center wishes to continue to offer two students the paid opportunity to produce professional how-to videos under the guidance of our staff. These videos will continue to provide students immediate answers to commonly asked questions, thus expanding advisors’ impact.$5,000.00
18S-FT-14 Early Technological Intervention ProgramCommercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsUrban Scholars at Berkeley believes technology support is a key component of the Demystify Cal Initiative. Students need laptops to hone their PC skills outside of the campus curriculum. We observed student's falling behind in studies from the lack of computer knowledge, and the inability to efficiently utilize PC applications. In order to develop support, we need Laptops, Software, and a Tech-support specialist to assist students in their acclimation into the UCB student academic community$5,000.00
18S-FT-15 OOMPH+: Sustaining a community engagement technology platformCommercial Software LicensingThis proposal will renew the OOMPH+ software piloted in 2015-16 with a goal to fully integrate this community engagement platform into a sustainable component within the On-campus/Online Masters of Public Health (OOMPH) program. OOMPH+ is the only platform to engage student/alumni collaboration from the School of Public Health (SPH) community. We will build on our previous success by increasing enrollment, continue engagement activities, and investigate integration through campus-supported opportunities using existing SPH resources.$5,000.00
18S-FT-16 Raising Awareness of Restorative JusticeHardware & Technology AcquisitionThe RJ Center Student Leaders Team is in its third year, has grown significantly, and wants to get the word out about RJ Center offerings. Restorative Justice calls on us to innovate our responses to harm and conflict to support those involved and promote transformation. The best way to explain these innovations is through visual storytelling. The RJ student leaders have some tech needs as they plan videos and comix that present our compelling stories.$1,504.00
18S-FT-18 California Law Review’s Digital Expansion InitiativeHardware & Technology AcquisitionThe California Law Review (CLR) is an independent, student-run 501(c)(3) dedicated to publishing cutting-edge legal scholarship. As U.C. Berkeley, School of Law’s flagship journal, CLR has consistently led the way in promoting marginalized voices and has utilized its online platform to make legal scholarship more accessible to readers and scholars alike. CLR is requesting funding to acquire three iMac computers, allowing it to strengthen its existing digital content while adding new user-friendly material.$5,000.00
18S-FT-19 The Interstellar Microgravity Experiment 2 (TIME-2) - Suborbital IncubatorHardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning ProjectsTIME-2 is part of an annual launch of microgravity experiments, each enabling STAC to impact more Berkeley students. The TIME-2 project is a small-scale incubator with the capacity to autonomously keep cells alive for extended periods of time in space. Multiple research labs on campus with a variety of undergraduate/graduate students are interested in observing the effects of microgravity on cell systems, signifying the technological importance of a small-scale incubator for space research.$4,965.00
18S-FT-20 Blood Testing Training and ResearchHardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsThe Blood Testing project of ULAB is a project to form a program in which students will be able to receive appropriate trainings to work with and research human material. Funds will be able used to in order to finance wet lab experiments and to finance necessary trainings and certifications. The Blood Testing project will serve as a platform allowing undergraduate to engage in the field of research.$2,742.32
18S-FT-21 Genetic Engineering ResearchHardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsThe Genetic Engineering Project is a project run by UC Berkeley students to genetically modify yeast to break down common pesticides, like pirimiphos methyl, in the foods we eat. Funding is needed to purchase materials that are required to allow students the opportunity to create yeast that serves this beneficial purpose. The Genetic Engineering Project will use data from this project to find more ways that yeast can eliminate harmful pesticides in our diet.$1,779.69
18S-FT-22 Transfer Commuter ProjectHardware & Technology AcquisitionTransfer Commuter Project is asking for $3136.82 to acquire necessary technological equipment to adequately address the need of commuter students. Funds will be used to purchase a charging station locker, laptop charger loaners, noise canceling headphones loaners, and extra power outlets. Funding the Transfer Commuter Project will make it possible for commuter transfer students to have a place to rest, relax, and recharge. This project will benefit over 1000 + transfer student yearly.$3,136.82
18S-FT-23 Free Ventures Entrepreneurial Accessibility ProgramTechnology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsFree Ventures is Berkeley’s student-run, non-profit startup incubator. Over the past 5 years we’ve supported over 150 student entrepreneurs across academic backgrounds with course credits, mentorship, and monetary reimbursements so that they can build companies while staying in school. We seek funds to support our events that connect Berkeley students with the broader startup community of Silicon Valley as well as build out our programs that promote entrepreneurship amongst females and underrepresented minorities.$1,900.00
18S-FT-25 Berkeley Builds DesignathonTechnology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsBerkeley Builds is a designathon hosted by Project RISHI in partnership with other organizations on campus to foster a collaborative environment where students from all backgrounds can come together to develop technological solutions to pressing social issues. Funds are needed to support planning, marketing, and hosting our event so that we can attract a large student pool and make as big of a campus-wide impact as possible.$5,000.00
18S-FT-27 Invention Corps of BerkeleyHardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology ProgramsInvention Corps is a multidisciplinary student organization that uses the human-centered design approach to "Invent new ways to make a better world". We collaborate on existing projects with professors and working professionals to address problems that focus on poverty, society, health, and the environment. Funds are needed to support the purchase of materials that allow us to prototype for our projects and to provide maker passes for members’ access to facilities on campus.$2,975.00
18S-FT-29 Improve High-Performance Computing at OCFHardware & Technology AcquisitionWith the meteoric rise of fields such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Biology, the need and desire for h offer igh-performance computing has never been greater. The Open Computing Facility is well-placed to HPC services to the student body, especially undergraduates, and seeks this grant to add new hardware to increase our HPC capacity.$5,000.00
18S-FT-30 Muslim Mental Health InitiativeApplications & Software Development, Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology EventsThe Muslim Mental Health Initiative (MMHI) is a partnership between University Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and the Khalil Center (KC), a mental wellness center that specializes in serving the Muslim population. This initiative enables KC counselors to provide mental wellness services for all students that focus on the promotion and destigmatization of mental health. Funds are needed to support the purchase of electronic devices to facilitate drop-in consultations and upgrade the appointment booking system.$2,100.00
18S-FT-31 Pharmacy Dispensary MachinesHardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning ProjectsThe Pharmacy Dispensary Machines Project is the final product of a partnership between the ASUC and UHS to make Tang's offerings and medical services more accessible to students on campus. Funds are needed to support the puchasing of the actual machines--funds for upkeep and maintenance have already been secured through the ASUC and Student Affairs. These machines are designed to increase accesbility and anonymity for some of the most stigmatized products that UHS offers for students; this project will allow the purchase of Tang Clinic products on campus.$4,085.00
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