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StateCaseSubjectMajor SupportersCourtLatest StatusLast UpdatedDaily Kos/Media Coverage
AlaskaAlaska Center Education Fund v. FenumiaiAbsentee ballot signature-curingVoting advocatesStateLower court ruled against plaintiffs, who have yet to indicate if they will appeal15-Oct
ArkansasLeague of Women Voters of Arkansas v. ThurstonAbsentee ballot signature-matchingLawyers' Committee, League of Women VotersFederalLower court ruled against plaintiffs, who have yet to indicate if they will appeal27-Oct
ArkansasWince v. ThurstonAbsentee ballot countingArkansas votersStatePending before lower court23-Oct
DelawareLeague of Women Voters of Del. v. Del. Dep’t of ElectionsAbsentee ballot receipt deadlineACLU, League of Women VotersStateLower court ruled against plaintiffs9-Oct
IndianaTully v. OkesonAbsentee voting excuse requirement (for November)Vote-by-mail advocatesFederalAppeals court rejected allowing no-excuse absentee voting7-Oct
IndianaCommon Cause Indiana v. LawsonAbsentee ballot postmarksCommon Cause, NAACPFederalAppeals court stayed lower court ruling that had ordered state to count postmarked ballots that are received within 10 days13-Oct
IndianaCommon Cause Indiana v. LawsonPolling place hoursCommon CauseFederalAppeals court reversed lower court ruling that gave voters standing to sue to seek extended Election Day polling hours in the event of voting problems, leaving only officials with the ability to sue23-Oct
IowaLeague of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa v. PateAbsentee ballot drop boxesLatino voter advocates and national DemocratsStateLower court upheld GOP's limit on drop boxes29-Oct
MichiganMichigan Alliance for Retired Americans v. BensonAbsentee ballot access (postage, postmark, community collection)National Democrats and civic orgnizationsStateAppeals court overturned lower court ruling that had allowed ballots to count if postmarked by the day before Election Day and received up to two weeks afterward16-Oct
MichiganElection Integrity Fund v. BensonOnline absentee ballot applicationsThomas More SocietyStateLower court rejected GOP activists' lawsuit26-Oct
MichiganJohnson v. BensonAbsentee ballot receipt deadlineState RepublicansFederalPending before lower court29-Sep
MichiganRNC v. BensonAbsentee ballot community collectionNational and state RepublicansStatePending before Court of Claims24-Sep
MinnesotaCarson v. SimonAbsentee ballot receipt deadlineState RepublicansFederalLower court rejected GOP's motion for preliminary injunction; GOP is appealing and appeals court held arguments on Oct. 2712-Oct
MinnesotaDonald Trump for President, Inc. v. SimonAbsentee ballot postmarks (keeping ballots separated)Trump campaign and national RepublicansStatePending before state Supreme Court28-Oct
MissouriOrganization for Black Struggle v. AshcroftAbsentee ballot in-person return banVoting advocatesFederalAppeals court stayed lower court ruling that had let voters return their mail ballots in-person instead of just by mail22-Oct
NevadaKraus v. CegavskeAbsentee ballot counting in Clark CountyTrump campaign and state RepublicansStateLower court rejected GOP's requests2-Nov
New JerseyMonmouth County Republican Committee v. WayAbsentee ballot receipt deadlineMonmouth County GOPStatePending before lower court24-Sep
North CarolinaDSCC v. North Carolina State Bd. of ElectionsAbsentee ballot cure periodNational and state DemocratsStatePending before lower court8-Sep
North CarolinaNorth Carolina NAACP v. North Carolina State Board of ElectionsElectronic voting machines and paper ballotsNAACP, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the LawStateLower court rejected requiring paper ballots; plaintiffs appealing to state Supreme Court20-Aug
North CarolinaDemocracy North Carolina v. North Carolina State Board of ElectionsAbsentee ballot witness/notary requirement, electronic absentee requests, voter registration deadline, early voting hoursLeague of Women VotersFederalLower court refused to waive the witness notary/requirement, allow electronic absentee requests, alter the registration deadline, or increase early voting hours, but it did require the state to let voters "cure" any issues with their absentee ballot signatures or witness information; federal court blocked settlement agreement letting voters sign affidavit for missing witness signature14-Oct
North CarolinaStringer v. North CarolinaAbsentee ballot access (postage, postmarks, signature-matching, witness requirement), early votingNational DemocratsStatePending before lower court8-Jul
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans v. North Carolina; Berger v. North Carolina State Board of ElectionsAbsentee ballot access (postage, postmarks, signature-matching, witness requirement)Several votersStateState Supreme Court rejected GOP's request to stay to the state's settlement on signature-cure claims; U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay extension of absentee postmark receipt deadline29-Oct
North CarolinaMoore v. Circosta and Wise v. North Carolina State Board of ElectionsAbsentee ballot access (postmarks, witness signature curing)State RepublicansFederalU.S. Supreme Court rejected staying lower court rulings that had rejected GOP's request to block settlement by the state that had extended absentee postmarks to Nov. 12 and let voters fix some witness signature problems; lower court did block settlement provision letting voters use affidavit instead if witness signature missing28-Oct
PennsylvaniaDonald Trump for President, Inc. v. BoockvarAbsentee ballot drop boxes, secrecy envelopes, poll watchersTrump campaign and Republican Congress membersFederalLower court rejected GOP's requests; GOP is appealing10-Oct
PennsylvaniaCramer v. BoockvarElectronic absentee ballot deliveryVoting advocatesStatePending before state Commonwealth Court1-Sep
PennsylvaniaCrossey v. Boockvar; Pennsylvania Democratic Party v. BoockvarAbsentee ballot postmarked by Election Day, prepaid postage, signature verification correction, third-party ballot collection; absentee ballot drop boxes, secrecy envelopes, poll watchersNational and State DemocratsStateU.S. Supreme Court refused to stay state Supreme Court rulings that postmarked ballots must count, counties may set up drop boxes, out-of-county poll watchers are disallowed. State Supreme Court rejected allowing third-party ballot collection and secrecy absentee envelopes are required; state agreed to prepay postage and not reject ballots based solely on signature matching; GOP is still appealing on merits19-Oct
PennsylvaniaIn re: November 3, 2020 General ElectionAbsentee ballot signature-matchingState DemocratsStateState Supreme Court ruled that counties can't reject ballots over signature-matching23-Oct
PennsylvaniaBognet v. BoockvarAbsentee ballot postmarksState RepublicansFederalLower court refused to disallow ballots to count if postmarked by Election Day; GOP is appealing28-Oct
South CarolinaLeague of Women Voters of South Carolina v. AndinoAbsentee ballot signature-matchingLeague of Women VotersStateLower court ruled that state can't reject ballots over signature-matching27-Oct
TennesseeA. Phillip Randolph Institute v. HargettAbsentee voting excuse requirement, signature verification correction, third-party absentee ballot application distributionNAACP, Campaign Legal CenterFederalAppeals court upheld lower court ruling that had refused to block law barring unsolicited distribution of absentee ballot applications & refused to allow cure period for ballots; plaintiffs appealing signature-matching ruling. Appeals court refused to block lower court ruling that blocked law requiring first-time registrants who want to vote by mail to show ID in-person19-Oct
TexasMi Familia Vota v. AbbottIn-person voting access, early voting, paper ballotsNAACP, Latino voter advocatesFederalAppeals court issued administrative stay of lower court ruling that blocked GOP's exemption of in-person voting from mask mandate while it decides whether to grant GOP's appeal28-Oct
TexasLewis v. HughsAbsentee ballot access (postage, postmarks, signature-matching, community collection)National Democrats, NAACPFederalLower court rejected GOP's motion to dismiss the case, letting it proceed. 5th Circuit rejected appeal seeking to overturn lower court's refusal to grant MTD4-Sep
TexasSemien v. HughsAbsentee voting access for blind votersBlind voter advocatesFederalPending before lower court; not resolved as of Oct. 3030-Oct
TexasTexas League of United Latin American Citizens v. Abbott, Straty v. AbbottAbsentee ballot drop boxesCampaign Legal Center, League of Women Voters, LULACFederalAppeals court stayed lower court ruling that blocked GOP's limit on mail ballot return locations; plaintiffs are appealing to Supreme Court13-Oct
TexasHotze v. HollinsDrive-thru voting in Harris CountyState RepublicansFederalLower court rejected plaintiffs' requests; plaintiffs are appealing to 5th Circuit2-Nov
VirginiaReed v. Virginia Department of ElectionsAbsentee ballot postmarksGOP voter fraud activistsStateLower court blocked the state's rule that said ballots lacking a postmark that were otherwise presumed to have been mailed by Election Day would count28-Oct