Lear & Lear 2018 Legislative Tracking Sheet
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Lear & Lear Education Law
Legislative Tracking Sheet
Bill #SponsorTitleDescription of BillEffective DateSpecial Relevance ToAction Required by LEAMoney Appropriated
H.B. 1, Sub. 1Rep. McKay, D.Public Education Base Budget Amendments, 1st SubstituteProvides appropriations for the use and support of school districts, charter schools, and state education agencies, sets the value of the WPU initially at $3,331 for fiscal year 2019; sets the estimated minimum basic tax rate at .001498 to generate an estimated $408,037,800 in local property tax revenue to support teh Basic School Program for FY 2019; provides appropriations for other purpsoes as described. July 1, except appropriations for FY2018 takes effect the day the governor signsAll LEAsNoneAppropriates $350,000 in operating and capital budgets for fiscal year 2018, all of which is from the Education Fund. This bill appropriates $4,883,192,800 in operating and capital budgets for fiscal year 2019, including: $5,959,700 from the General Fund; $27,500,000 from the Uniform School Fund; $3,248,847,200 from the Education Fund; and $1,600,885,900 from various sources as detailed in this bill.
H.B. 10Rep. Peterson, V.Public Education Recodification --State SystemReorganizes and renumbers provisions of the public education code related to the State systemJan. 24All LEAsAmend all policies, procedures, forms, etc. to comply with new education codeNone
H.B. 11Rep. Peterson, V.Public Education Recodification--FundingReorganizes and renumbers provisions of the public education code related to fundingJan. 24All LEAsAmend all policies, procedures, forms, etc. to comply with new education codeNone
H.B. 16Rep. Arent, P.Candidate Replacement AmendmentsProvides for the certification of a replacement candidate to fill a vacancy in the candidacy for certain elected offices in political subdivisions; in a nonpartisan election, the candidate with the next-higher number of votes is certified to fill the slot of a candidate that withdraws; a candidate may be certified for county offices before August 31 and for all other offices, at least 65 days before the general election. May. 7School board candidatesNoneNone
H.B. 20, Sub. 1Rep. Peterson, J.Political Activities and Elections, 1st Sub.Provides that if a school board candidate fails to file an interim report, the Lt. Gov. may notify candidate and "party" with which candidate is affiliated that candidate has 24 hours to file the required report. If the candidate does not file the report, the candidate is disqualified and the party may not replace the candidate on the ballot. The Lt. Gov, for state offices, and the filing officer (new definition), for local offices, shall make the financial disclosure forms public and shall place them on a public website; other technical changes. If a vacancy occurs on the State Board of Education, the governor shall fill the vacancy by either (a) appointing a person who meets the qualifications for office from 3 persons nominated by the state central committee of the same political party as the prior officeholder, if the individual who is being replaced was elected at a partisan State Board of Education election and is a member of a political party; OR by appointment with the consent of the Senate an individual who meets the qualifications and residency requirements for filling the vacancy if the individual being replaced was elected at a nonpartisan State Board of Education election or was elected at a partisan State Board of Education election, but is not a member of a political party. Mar. 1 (upon signature of governor)USBE NoneNone
H.B. 21, Sub. 3Rep. McKay, D.Changes to Property Tax, 3d Sub.Modifies the calculation of the certified property tax rate by adjusting eligible new growth to account for collection rates over the previous five years; amends the time period in which a taxpayer or a county may apply to the State Tax Commission to appeal the valuation of property assessed by the commission; requires the commission to disclose, upon request, certain information regarding appeals to a nonprofit organization that represents counties; prohibits the nonprofit organization from sharing the appeal information with exceptions; and makes technical and conforming changes.May 7Business AdministratorsNoneNone
H.B. 30, Sub 1Rep. Dunnigan, J.Utah Antidiscrimination and the Administartive Procedures Act, 1st Sub.Provides that after an investigator concludes his investigation, a determination and order shall be issued and the determination must include notice of the right to request an evidentiary hearing and that failure to request an evidentiary hearing will result in the determination becoming final (for either party--the aggreived or the respondent); amends the scope and applicability of the Utah Administrative Procedures Act; other provisions from H.B. 30 remain the sameMay 7Risk Management and attorneys working for school districtsNoneNone
H.B. 46, Sub. 1Rep. Peterson, V.Educator Licensing ModificationsAuthorizes the State Board of Education to implement new licensing standards by Board Rule in new public education section of the Code, repeals the requirement that a district superintendent hold a license; modifies provisions related to youth suicide prevention training for employees; repeals the Compact for Interstate Qualification of Educational Personnel . Sets the implementation date to July 1 2020 if technology and funds are available; defines "educator" as someone who has a license issued by USBE and deletes DOPL as licensing body for educators.May 7; to be fully implemented July 1, 2020HR, USBECompliance with USBE licensing rule(s), when and as writtenNone
H.B. 48Rep. Snow, L.Parenting Plan AmendmentsProvides that the elements of a child's education plan be part of a parenting plan, including parents' rights to have access to children in school, check children out of school and make education decisions for children.May 7School administrators, student servicesMake policies consistent with lawNone
H.B. 72, Sub. 2Rep. Fawson, J.Communications of Governmental Entity Employees and Officers, 2d Sub.Provides that an email sent in violation of 20A-11-1205 (which prohibits a person from sending an email using the email of a public entity for a political purpose, to advocate for or against a campaign ballot or to solicit campaign donations) is a record under GRAMAMay 7GRAMA officers or those responsible for GRAMA requestsLikely, noneNone
H.B. 123, Sub. 1Rep. Kwan, K.Childcare Licensing AmendmentsDeletes certain background/fingerprint exemptions for persons seeking child care residential or license renewal certificates (includes LEAs with childcare at schools); allows the Health Dept. director greater discretion in allowing employment or volunteering in child care facilities by individuals with certain types of offenses. Provides that the Department will set and collect child care licensing and other related feesMay 7School day care facilitiesAwareness of changesNone
H.B. 132, Sub. 4Rep. Snow, L.Juvenile Justice Modifications, 4th Sub.Provides that this law applies to a minor on school property where the student is enrolled during the school day or at a school-related event; includes activities that an SRO CAN do when working with students who commit lesser offenses on school property; changes the term "school-based offenses" to "alternate evidence-based interventions"; allows referral to juvenile court for class C and truancies IF the minor refuses to participate in alternate evidence-based intervention if the school designates a "school representative" to continue to engage with the minor throughout the ocurt process and provide the court information about the student's attendance, the alternative intervention attempted, and the name of the school rep who will work with the minor throughout the court process; provisions allowing referral if the minor refuses to participate in alternative interventions sunset in 2020; provides that a minor may not be placed in secure detention when referred for truancy or class C misdemeanor; adds provisions addrsesing the adjudication of jurisdiction by a juvenile court, including addressing suspended custody orders July 1Student Services, SRO
H.B. 133, Sub. 1Rep. Hall, C.Employment Amendments, 1st SubstituteAmends nepotism law to include "household member" in addition to other relationshipsMay 7HRAmend any nepotism policy, if any
H.B. 168, Sub. 3Rep. Webb, R.Political Subdivision Lien Authority, 3d SubstituteClarifies certain existing grants of political subdivision lien authority to ensure that each grant provides an identifiable effective date, notice mechanism, and enforcement mechanism; imposes limits on political subdivision liens; provides that certain political subdivision liens are invalid against a subsequent bona fide purchaser if the lien is not recorded or if certain notice is not provided before the purchase; prohibits a county treasurer from including an item on the property tax notice unless the item's inclusion is expressly authorized in statute; amends the items that a county treasurer is required to include on a property tax notice; addresses the priority status of a political subdivision lien listed on the property tax notice; allows a tax sale for delinquencies of any item that is statutorily authorized to be included on the property tax notice; amends Title 59, Chapter 2, Part 13, Collection of Taxes, to address items listed on the property tax notice; and makes technical and conforming changes.May 7Business Administrators; facilities directors; others involved in liensNoneNone
H.B. 178, Sub. 1Rep. Stratton, K.Power of Attorney Amendments, 1st Sub.Allows a parent who moves from Utah to designate a responsible adult by power of attorney to make decisions for their child, including allowing the child to be a resident of the district where the responsible adult/guardian resides, provided the child's health will best be served by being a resident, the child is prepared toa bide by the rules and policies, and the child's attendance will not be detrimental to the school.May 7Student servicesAmend policies that require legal guardianship if parents move and leave children to attend a Utah school.
H.B. 179Rep. Ivory, K.State Training and Certification RequirementsRequires USBE (along with other public entities) to ensure that any training or certification that an employee of the public education system is required to complete under this title or by rule is presented or available in an online web-based format, which may include a live webinar, unless: the training or certification includes a physical or interactive component that can only be completed in person; or no required attendee will travel more than 50 miles from the attendee's primary residence to attend the training.May 7USBENoneNone
H.B.196Rep. Fawson, J.Breastfeeding Protection ActProhibits discrimination based on pregnancy in places of public accommodation; permits a woman to breastfeed in any place of public accommodation (which, as it pertains to schools, likely includes school events, parent-teacher conferences, but not the school building while school is in session); and makes technical and conforming changes; House amendment to delete final line of the bill: "irrespective of whether the woman's breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding".May 7AdministratorsNone--awareness of changeNone
H.B. 227Rep. Pulsipher, S.Minimum School Program Reporting ModificationsRepeals previous approval and reporting requirements for schools to receive class size reduction funds; sets standards, including a growth component, for schools to receive class size reduction money and provides a waiver process to the State Board of Education if class sizes do not meeet minimum numbers; repeals an annual K-3 reading report from the State Board of Education to the Legislature and makes other technical changes.May 7LEAs, especially employees responsible for class size reduction planning and reportingNoneNone
H.B. 228Rep. Romero, A.Sexual Abuse Training MaterialsContinues the requirement for LEAs to provide child sexual abuse instruction and training, and states the training must be provided every other year, and requires LEAs to evidence of compliance to USBE upon request May 7Student services directors and others responsible for employee child sexual abuse trainingProvide ANNUAL sexual abuse instruction and training and required documentation to prepare for State Board reportingNone
H.B. 230Rep. Fawson, J.Related to Basic School Program ReviewRequires the Legislative Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee to review each related to basic school program prior to Nov.30, 2018 and establish a review schedule for the futureMay 7LEAs generallyNoneNone
H.B. 231Rep. Last, B.Charter School Funding AmendmentsRequires a charter school to include in its charter agreement the maximum number of students it will serve; provides a formula for appropriation of funds to charter schools if legislative appropriations are insufficient for all charter school students that will limit funding for students enrolled over the charter school maximum student count; and makes technical corrections. Amended in House Committee to make "maximum number" subject to USBE approval.May 7Charter schools particularly and all BAsCharters must comply with requirements of law in writing charter agreementsNone
H.B. 233, Sub. 5Rep. Potter, V.Teacher Salary Supplement Revisions, 5th SubstituteProvides a salary supplement for a teacher who has a degree in special education and is assigned to teach special education; makes technical changes to the eligibility for other teachersMay 7Sped teachers and other eligible teachers; HRAdjust salary supplement accordinglyNone
H.B. 234Rep. Moss, J.Compulsory Education RevisionsAmends the definition of "valid excuse" in compulsory education section to mean specifically, "physical or mental illness." May 7LEAS--teachers and student servicesChange truancy policies if it includes a definition of "valid excuse" to comply with new lawNone
H.B. 236Rep. Moss, J.Public Education Reference Check AmendmentsDeletes the phrase "use best efforts" from the requirement for LEAs to both request reference check information from former employers before hiring and to provide employment information upon the request of other LEAs.May 7HR and Administration involved in hiringHR Directors must request reference information prior to hiring and must provide information in response to reference requests within 20 days of receiving requestNone
H.B. 237, Sub. 1Rep. Winder, M. Concurrent Enrollment EnhancementsRequires the State Board of Regents to establish a policy describing required qualifications for an individual to be an eligible instructor for a concurrent enrollment course; repeals requirements to be an eligible instructor; requires that individuals meet requirements established by the State Board of Regents in order to be eligible instructors; and makes technical and conforming changes; includes a coordinating clause to ensure coordination with H.B. 46 if it passesMay 7Concurrent Enrollment personnel; LEA HRAwareness of change; mostly applies to Board of RegentsNone
H.B. 245Rep. Fawson, J.Charter School Proximity AmendmentModifies language regarding the distance within which a student must live for a charter school to give enrollment preferences: from "a student who resides within a two-mile radius" to "a student who lives within UP TO a two-mile radius"May 7Charter schools Charters may need to amend enrollment policiesNone
H.B. 253, Sub. 1Rep. Snow, V.L.Trust Lands AmendmentsProvides that SITLA is exempt from rulemaking provisions that currently require an agency to consider the business impact of a rule (and complete related form prior to rule effective date)); allows the SITLA director to make decisions regarding the potential designation of plant species as endangered or protected.Feb. 21 (upon signature of governor)LEAs generallyNoneNone
H.B. 286, Sub. 1Rep. Eliason, S.Elementary School Counselor ProgramProvides for the Board to award grants to LEAs to provide targeted school-based mental health support through qualified personnel; the Board's first priority should be for school(s) that demonstrate risk factors for childhood trauma and second priority to school(s) with a high percentage of students experiencing intergenerational poverty; grantees must provide matching funds; the USBE shall write rules for applying for and using the grants and requiring annual reporting to the USBE. House passed an amendment prohibiting counselors from practicing medicine, providing diagnosis or treatment on students.May 7Student ServicesConsider applying for grants; matching funds requiredNone
H.B. 270Rep. Peterson, J.Teacher Employment AmendmentsRequires USBE to ensure that a public education database for teacher credentials contains educator credential information and LEA information and is used by the board to determine funding distribution; requires that USBE ensures that a technical limitation of the database does not prevent an educator from accepting employment at more than one LEAMay 7USBE Licensing Department; HRNoneNone
H.B. 286Rep. Fawson, J.Reproductive Education Amendments, 1st Sub.Changes the term "reproductive health" to "health and sex education"; modifies instruction in health to include the harmful effects of pornograph and instruction in "refusal skills"; requires that students receive health and sex education at least twice from 8th grade through 12th; an LEA must review its reproductive health instruction policy every 2 years and data from the county regarding teen pregnancy; child sex abuse; and sexually transmitted diseases as well as the number of pornography complaints reported; changes the definition of parentMay 7Curriculum personnel, health teachersModify human sexuality instruction and policiesNone
H.B. 239, Sub. 5Rep. Last, B.Education Funding Amendments, 5th Sub.Amends and enacts defined terms for the MSP; amends for a 5-year period the calculation of the minimum basic local amount and minimum basic tax rate; establishes the equity pupil tax rate; directs the USBE to deposit proceeds from the equity pupil tax rate into the Local Levy Growth Account; directs the Legisalture to annually appropriate money from the Local Levy Growth Account to guarantee local levy increments; directs the USBE to use the appropriation to increase the number of guaranteed local levy increments to 20, giving first priority to guaranteed voted local levy increments and 2nd priority to guaranteed board local levy increments and the guaranteed amount for each local levy increment per wpu after increasing the number of guaranteed local levy increments; and directs a local school board to use funds from the state local levy guarantee programs for public ed purposes; creates the Local Levy Growth Account; modifies the property tax rate cap for the school board local levy to subject all school districts to the same rate cap; repeals outdated levies and language; modifies definitions in the Property Tax Act; modifies provisions about notice requirements for a proposed tax increse by the state; and provides a repeal date. Provides for retrospective operation; creates study provisions and elminates the section that would modify provisions relating to individuals who are exempt from taxationRetroactive effective date for taxable year beginning Jan. 1, 2018; the other sections take effect for a taxable year beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2019LEAs generallyNone
H.B. 306Rep. Peterson, V.State Board of Education RevisionsProvides for the USBE to elect leadership every other year instead of annuallyMay 7USBENone
H.B. 308, Sub. 1Rep. Ivory, K.Telehealth Mental Health Pilot Program, 1st SubstituteRequires the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to create a grant program that allows a public school and a provider of telehealth mental health services to provide telehealth mental health services remotely to public school students, including the Utah State Hospital; provides requirements for persons seeking grants, including protecting the privacy of students and requires a report from grantees to the Health and Human Services Interim CommitteeMar. 8-draft of enrolled bill preparedSchools (primarily rural) that desire to participate in a grant program for providing telehealth mental health services to students remotelyConsider benefits of seeking a grant$590.000 from General Fund to Health and Human Services--not to exceed $310,000 in fy 2019 and balance in fy 2020
H.B. 313, Sub. 3Rep. McKay, D.Public School Revisions, 3rd Sub.Allows charter school authorizers (State Charter Board, local boards of education, higher education institutions) to authorize charter schools without final State Board of Ed approval; outlines charter school authorizer duties, including discretionary technical support, facilitating applications, assisting charter schools to understand and carry out responsibilities; USBE shall make rules establishing minimum standards for a charter school authorizer to apply when evaluating a charter school application or monitoring charter school compliance; USBE shall establish, by rule, "reasonable consequences" for authorizer that fails to comply with law or Board rules, a process for authorizer to review skill and expertise of a proposed charter's governing board and process for an authorizer to review financial viability of a proposed charter school, process for authorizer to evaluate a charter school compliance with the school's charter, process for authorizer to ensure that authorized charter schools comply with their charters and laws and rules, and minimum standards that the Board may use to assess whether authorizer requires schools to meet reasonable academic standards and whether authorizer has capacity to evaluate and monitor its authorized schools; other technical changes; also provides that if a board member has a relative apply for employment or has a financial interest in a contract or other transaction being considered by the board, the board member must leave the portion of the meeting where these things are discussed, rather than be absent from the entire meeting; under the Voluntary Improvement Process section, the definition of a "high performing charter school" deletes the provision that it must have students performing at or above the academic standard in the charter agreement and adds that the school must be in good standing with the charter's authorizer; finally, adds a section on charter school closures; requires consent of the Senate for appointment to the Charter School Board; eliminates the provision that USBE may remove a member of the State Charter Board at any time for official misconduct, habitual or willful neglect of duty or for other good and sufficient cause.May 7USBE, CHARTER School authorizersNone
H.B. 317Rep. Pulsipher, S.Special Education AmendmentsClarifies that the Board will provide special education services, including services for blind students who are eligible for special education services, to students ages three through 21, including providing services through the end of the school year for a student who turns 22 during the school year; other technical and conforming changes.May 7LEA special ed directors and staffProvide services consistent with the billNone
H.B. 331Rep. Kennedy, M.Air Pollution Mitigation Education Program Requires both the Drivers License Division and the USBE to create rules that include ways that drivers can improve air quality and the harmful effects of vehicle emissions; information must be data-based; and included in public education driver education program curriculum, provided to driver license applicants and included in commercial driver education materials; and technical changesMay 7Drivers Ed directors and teachersUpdate public education driver education curriculumNone
H.B. 360Rep. Moss, J.State Board of Education Finance AmendmentsDefines "education subgrant receipient" as a nonfederal entity that receives a subgrant from the USBE to carry out at least part of a federal or state grant program and does not include an individual who is a beneficiary of a state or federal grant program and exempts the USBE from certain budgetary requirements under certain circumstances.May 7USBENone
H.B. 370, Sub. 1Rep. Eliason, S.Suicide Prevention and Medical Examiner Provisions, 1st Sub.Amends provisions regarding medical examiner records; expands the scope of youth suicide prevention programs to secondary schools; adds discussion of underage drinking, strengthening family and strengthening young people's relationships with school and community;increases the funding available for the implementation of school-based suicide prevention programs and provides for the award of grants for higher education institutions to implement the School Safety and Crisis Line, for the development of 5 new mobile crisis outreach teams, and for communities to provide mental health crisis response training; creates the Statewide Suicide Prevention Coalition; allows a taxpayer to contribute to the Governor's Suicide Prevention Fund; deletes provisions related to workgroups. Also adds appropriationsMay 7School counselors, mental health professionals and substance abuse specialists in public schoolsFor FY 2019, to the Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health a one-time appropriation from the General Fund of $250,000None, but creates a Suicide Prevention Revenue Fund which can accept grants and donationsand the interest from the Fund, and use a percentage of the Fund to support prevention administration and efforts
H.B. 380, Sub. 2Rep. Last, B.Utah School Readiness Initiative Moves the School Readiness Board (board) from the Governor's Office of Management and Budget to the Department of Workforce Services; requires USBE to develop a school readiness program entry assessment; requires certain school readiness programs to administer school readiness program entry and exit assessments; modifies the membership of the board; requires the board to award a contract to a nonprofit entity to provide program support for results-based contracts; enacts a prioritization for funding school readiness programs; enacts and consolidates provisions related to requirements for recipients of funding through results-based contracts; permits the board to fund a high quality school readiness program directly, if the high quality school readiness program meets certain requirements; requires the board to select at least three independent evaluators; requires the operator of a high quality school readiness program that participates in a results-based contract to select an evaluator to evaluate the high quality school readiness program.Jul. 1, 2018Early childhood specialists in LEAsNoneTo Department of Workforce Services -- Operations and Policy as an ongoing appropriation from the General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, $2,935,700; to Department of Workforce Services -- Operations and Policy as a one-time appropriation: C from the General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, One-time, $10,276,900; to State Board of Education -- State Administrative Office as an ongoing appropriation: C from the General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, $64,300; to State Board of Education -- State Administrative Office as a one-time appropriation: from the General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, One-time, $70,800; to State Board of Education -- General System Support, as a one-time appropriation: from General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, $88,000; to Governor's Office -- Governor's Office of Management and Budget, as an ongoing appropriation: from the General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, ($200,000); and to Governor's Office -- School Readiness Initiative as an ongoing appropriation: from the General Fund Restricted -- School Readiness Account, ($2,800,000)
H.B. 404, Sub. 1Rep. Last, B.Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy ActCreates another Land Trusts Office (advocacy office) under the State Treasurer and another committee ("Advocacy Committee"--made up of an individual appointed by the State Treasurer, an indivdiual appointed by the State Board of Education and 3 others appointed by the SITLA Board of Trustees and by the SITFO Board of Trustees) that will now appoint the Director of the advocacy office (formerly the School Children's Trust Office) and provides requirements for charter school community councils; creates the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Account and amends provisions related to the School LAND Trust Program, including providing for the appointment of a Schol LAND Trust Program director; and provides a coordination clause with H.B. 230, S.B. 12, and S.B. 179, just technical amendmentsJul 1, 2018USBE, BAs, school trust lands specialistsChanges community council language, procedures; look to State Treasurer's Office for supportNone
H.B. 408Rep. Moss, J.Public Education AmendmentsAmends defined terms for the Utah Data Center (ULEAD) and profides for a research clearinghouse; provides for the selection of a Director within the USOE and identifies duties;creates a ULEAD steering committee and defines duties; and collaborate with higher ed institutions to find, develop and maintain a clearinghouse of best and innovative education practices.May 7LEAs, especially superintendents and curriculum directorsNone required, but creates an innovative clearinghouse for educators and LEAsNone in the bill
H.B. 437Rep.Grover, K.Career and Technical Education ScholarshipsProvides for a technical college to award a scholarship to a secondary student who is within 7 months of graduating, has been successful in a CTE pathway; students must be willing to enroll in high demand programs (as defined by bill) for targeted jobs (also defined in bill) and meet other criteria; rules will be made by Utah System of Technical Colleges Board of TrusteesMay 7Secondary counselors, CTE administratorsNoneNone in the bill
H.B. 491Rep. Edwards, R.Election Law ChangesEstablishes procedures for presenting a nonbinding opinion question to Utah voters; describes the duties of the lieutenant governor and county clerks in submitting the opinion question to the opinion question. See H.J.R. 20, belowMay 7All education policymakersNoneNone
H.R. 0001, Sub. 1Rep. Hollins, S.House Resolution Urging Restorative Justice in Utah's Education System, 1st Sub.This resolution encourages USBE and schoool districts to implement school-wide resotrative justice intiative practices in primary and secondary schoolsN/AStudent Services; LEAs generallyAwareness of direction legislature anticipates USBE and LEAs will take when it comes to student disciplineNone
H.R. 0003Rep. Winder, M.House Resolution Encouraging and Supporting International Education and Cultural ExchangesEncourages education institutions to develop international education programs, the presence of international students and instructors in education institutions, and student participation in study abroad opportunities.N/ALEAs generallyNone
H.C.R. 019Rep. Ivory, K.Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Impact of Federal Lands on the State Education SystemUrges POTUS, US Congress and Utah's congressional delegation to propose and secure the passage of legislation that requires PILT (payments in lieu of taxes) payments to be equivalent to the tax revenue the state, subdivisions, and school districts would otherwise be able to generate, but for the federal control of Utah lands; uges timely and faithful PILT payments; urges POTUS and Congress to refrain from holding PILT payments hostage to secure legislative votesN/ALEAsNoneNone
H.J.R. 20Rep. Edwards, R.Joint Resolution Submitting a Question to VotersDirects the Lieutenant Governor to present an opinion question to the voters to determine whether the voters support an increase in the motor and special fuel tax rates by an equivalent of 10 cents per gallon for public education and local roads; if the question is approved by voters, requests that the governor call the Legislature into special session to increase the motor and special fuel tax ratesN/AAll education policymakersNoneNone
S.B. 11Sen. Millner, A.Public Education Recodification--LocalReorganizes and renumbers provisions of the public education code related to local billsJan. 24--signed by GovernorUSBE, LEAs, school law attorneysAmend all policies, procedures, forms, etc. to comply with new education codeNone
S.B. 12Sen. Millner, A.Public Education Recodification--Cross Reference and RepealsRepeals outdated provisions of the education code; makes technical cross reference changes to provisions int he education code; makes technical and conforming changesJan. 22USBE, LEAs, school law attorneysAmend all policies, procedures, forms, etc. to comply with new education codeNone
S.B. 70, Sub. 1Sen. Mayne,K.Human Resource Requirements, Sub. 1Provides that all school districts and charters must have an employee OR other person responsible for human resources management responsibilities; also provides that the State Department of Human Resources Management provide advice and training recommendations to charter schools upon requestMay 7District and charter HR personnelEnsure that an employee OR other person has human resources management responsibilities and trainingNone
S.B. 87, Sub. 1Sen. Weiler, T.School Security Locks, 1st SubAmends the International Building Code and International Fire Code as they relate to "E Occupancy" buildings, which include schools and other education facilities; amends the hardware height on a door for purposes of (rather than the phrase "in") lockdown or a lockdown still and door operationg provisions for locks and bolt locks, and latching and unlatching for purposes of (rather than the phrase in) a lockdown drill.Changes the term "IN a lockdown or lockdown drill" to "FOR THE PURPOSES OF of a lockdown or lockdown drill". Specifically, permits classroom doors to have a second lock for purposes of a lockdown if (1) the application of the lock is approved by the code official; (2) the unlatching of the door or leaf requires no more than two operations; (3) the lock can be released from the opposite side of the door; (4) the lock is only applied during a lockdown or lockdown drill; and (5) the lock complies with all other state or federal regulations.May 7Construction/Facilities DirectorsNoneNone
S.B. 115, Sub. 1Sen. Adams, J. S.Upstart Program Amendments, 1st Sub.Permits the USBE to contract (through rfp) with a home-based educational technology provider for a 2-year pilot program of a home-based educational technology program; deletes new program name; provides standards for the proposed home-based educational technology program and contractor; provides that the contractor will solicit families to participate in the program; provides funding for a contract for a home-based educational technology program separate from an appropriation for an rfp; and directs the USBE to evaluate an rfp proposal based on specific criteria in the bill.May 7UPSTART personnelNoneNone
S.B. 117Sen. Stephenson, H.Language Immersion Program AmendmentsConverts the dual language immersion pilot program into an ongoing program; directs the USBE to make rules for the program; allows the USBE to offer grants to LEAs to start a program; describes requirements for LEAs to receive grants; requires USBE to provide assistance to LEAs receiving grants for language immersion programs; requires a USBE evaluation ofthe program and report the evaluation results to the Legislature; repeals dual language programs for specific languages and makes technical and conforming changesMay 7LEAs--curriculum directors and USBEMay receive grants for language immersion programs; greater accountability to USBE for the programsNone in the bill
S.B. 122Sen. Stephenson, H.Bond Election AmendmentsProhibits political subdivisions (including school districts) from receiving from the issuance of bonds a premium that is more than 2% of the maximum of the bond. Applies to bonds approved after May 8, 2018.Jan. 1, 2019Supers, BA.sNoneNone
S.B. 127, Sub. 1Sen. Stephenson, H.Reading Software Program Amendments, 1st Sub.Requres USBE to make rules regarding usage requirements and accountability measures for schools that receive certain reading software license; authorizes USBE to acquire analytical softward to facilitate adminsitering the reading software programMay 7LEAs generally, USBENoneNone
S.B. 132Sen. Stephenson, H.Competency Based Education AmendmentsRepeals a limit on the number of planning grants USBE may award for competency-based educationMay 7Student ServicesNoneNone
S.B. 137, Sub. 1Sen. Bramble, C.Amendments Related to Government Records, 1st Sub.Provides that in addition to recordings and minutes of a closed meeting, a transcript and report are also protected under GRAMA; clarifies that nothing in Open and Public Meetings lws prohibits a public body from reclassifying a record under GRAMA; changes the entities to whom the records committee can send written notice of noncompliance when a government entity is ordered to produce a record and does not to just the governorMay 7Boards of education; those responsible for compliance with the Open and Public Meetings Act and GRAMA officersRevise open meetings policies and GRAMA and training, as necessaryNone
S.B. 144Sen. Adams, J. S.Local Funding of Education TechnologyPermits local school boards to fund school district technology programs and projects using property tax revenue; repeals language limiting the amount of local tax revenue which can be used for general fund purposes.May 7BAs and local school boardsConsider another local funding source for technology programs and services
S.B. 145, Sub. 3Sen. Fillmore, L.School Funding Revisions, 3d Sub.Amends provisions related to the Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program by adding chronic absenteeism and homelessness as criteria in establishing a distribution formula and ensures that the distribution formula distributes money on a per student and per criterion basis and provides that the amount appropriated for the Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program will increase annually with growth in the at-risk student population and changes to the WPUMay 7Student servicesNoneNone
S.B. 148Sen. Hemmert, D.Public Education Enrollment AmendmentsAdds one line to the open enrollment section to allow local school boards to consider maintenance of comprehensive programs and efficient allocation of resources in considering enrollment requests for secondary schools. Amended in the Senate to read: "the capacity of a comprensive program."May 7Student services personnel and secondary school administrators who may receive enrollment requests under open enrollmentAwareness of change to open enrollment considerations for secondary school studentsNone
S.B. 153Sen. Zehnder, B.Carson Smith Scholarship AmendmentsAdds deafblindness to qualifying disability list; allows student who loses eligiblity for special ed to complete the school year; allows Carson Smith students to participate in Statewide Online Program; directs schools to contract with licensed certified CPA to conduct "agreed upon procedures" and requires schools to maintain documentation about teachers; requires additional elements in disclosure to parents; directs USBE to prorate funds if insufficient funds are available; prohibits schools from prohibiting students from transferring to other eligible schools during the year; directs USBE to pay eligible schools directly, rather than through parents and makes other changes.May 7Special ed personnel in schools and USBE for rulewriting and changes in paymentNoneNone
S.B. 173, Sub. 1Sen. Stephenson, H.State Charter School Board Amendments, 1st Sub.Amends State Charter School Board membership so that it consists of 1 (instead of 2) member who has expertise in finance or small business management and adds that 2 members must have expertise in personalized learning, including digital teaching and learning or deliberate practice and supports innovation in education. May 7Charter SchoolsNoneNone
S.B. 176, Sub. 1Sen. Stephenson, H.Student Internship Liability, 1st Sub.Removes limitations on student interns being covered by Risk to broaden the class of student interns that the State Risk Fund coversMay 7Business Administrators and others involved in assessing district liability of high school internship programs.Review of internship programs for school liabilty. None
S.B. 179Sen. Millner, A.Education Code ModificationsMakes additional technical corrections to the public education codeNo Special Effective Date, but presumably these corrections have been made or will be made shortlyAll LEAsFamiliarize
S.B. 198Sen. Anderegg, J.Public School Disciplinary Action AmendmentsRequires the USBE to work with all LEAs and law enforcement to compile an annual report with information about specific and limited law enforcement actions related to minors, disciplinary actions related to students and statewide demographic information about minors/students involved in law enforcement and disciplinary actionsMay 7USBE, Student Services, SROsUnderstand definitions and report accordinglyNone
S.B. 201, Sub. 1Sen. Weiler, T.Private School Liability Protections, Sub. 1Limits judgments for negligence claims for private schools and requires insurance; also prohibits punitive or exemplary damagesMay 7Public education policy makersNoneNone
S.B. 202 Sen. Escamilla, L.After School Program AmendmentsCreates a grant program to provide funding for certain educational opportunities offered outside of the regualr school day; applicants must provide matching funds; USBE works with the Dept. of Workforce services to compile data and report on the effectiveness of grant funding.May 7USBE, LEA specialists who work on community ed and afterschool programsParticipate, if selected; must provide matching funds at LEA levelTo USBE from General Fund--$125,000, ongoing; to Dept. of Workforce Services from General Fund--$125,000, ongoing
S.B. 207, Sub. 2Sen. Anderegg, J.Student Data Protections Amendments, 2d Sub.Amends several definitions, including "metadata dictionary," changing the requirement from a list of data elements to defining and disclosing all personally identifiable student data collected and shared by the education entity, who receives the data, the purpose for sharing the data, and the justification for sharing the data; also amends the definition of "parent" to include " an individual who has written authorization from a student's parent or legal guardian to act as a parent or legal guardian on behalf of the student"; eliminates the term "data authorization" and adds "written consent"; defines "data breach"; provides that an education entity must provide students and parents with a "collection notice" instead of a "disclosure statement" that details the types of data that will be collected; deletes the provision that an education entity shall expunge a student's student data when requested; provides that an education entity may share personally identifiable student data in accordance with FERPA as opposed to allowing an education entity to share data only when REQUIRED by federal law and deletes many restrictions and allowances regarding sharing student data that are covered by FERPA; allows for a parent or adult student to waive any provision related to the student's student data in a third-party contract (in other words, waivers from all parents in a class using a particular app would allow the class to use the app without a third-party contract or certain provisions in the contract); provides that with written consent, an education entity may share “higher education outreach student data” with the Board of Regents; also provides that an education entity cannot refer a student to an alternative school-related intervention without written consent (unless referred for criminal activity; provides that an education entity shall share student data with the Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental DisabilitiesMar. 7--signed by President sent for enrollingStudent Data ManagersRevise policy, data governance plan (if already created)None
S.B. 232Sen. Hinkins, D.School Transportation AmendmentsProvides, subject to legislative appropriation, for the USBE to reimburse an LEA (includes charter schools) that meets specific criteria (previous transportation services, in a county of the 4th, 5th or 6th class and 50% of students qualify for lunch subsidy) for to/from student transportation; transportation must not be otherwise reimbursed; USBE to make rulesMay 7School transportation specialistsRevise transportation eligibilityNone
S.C.R. 012Sen. Mayne, K.Concurrent Resolution on Reducing Gang ActivityUrges state and local government agencies (including educational organizations and gang prevention specialists) to collaborate and use a broad spectrum of interventions to address the range of personal, cultural and community factors that contribute to juvenile delinguency and gang activityN/AStudent services directors and specialistsCollaborate and participate when approached
S.J.R. 1Sen. Iwamoto, J.Joint Resolution Recognizing Educators of the Deaf and American Sign Language InstructorsThis resolution highlights the history of American Sign Language in the United States; expresses support for the Deaf Community in the state; and recognizes the efforts of Utah's educators of the deaf and American Sign Language instructors in sharing American Sign Language with students and community members across the state.N/AASL students/teachersNoneNone
S.J.R. 2Sen. Hemmert, D.Joint Resolution to Amend Utah Constutitution--Property Tax ExemptionsProposes to amend the Utah Constitution to allow the legislature to enact a statute that would exempt from property tax real property that the state or local government is leasing from a private owner. If this passes, the proposed Constitutional amendment will be put to the voters at the next general election, and if the amendment passes by the voters, will become effective January 1, 2019. N/ABusiness Administrators; others involved in property leases; could benefit some schools, depending on definition of "local government entity."NoneNone
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