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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
10/23/2021 10:06:14Georgetown UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaEnvironmental Science12/10/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/23/21 10:07geospatial and data analytic skills, including Geographic Information Science and remote sensing, to an understanding of environmental challenges...interest are broad and include, but are not limited to, global and/or regional environmental change and its differential human impacts; ecosystem resilience, structure and function; conservation and biodiversity; urban environmental science; urban agriculture; food, energy, and water; socio-ecological systems modeling, and landscape ecology.
10/22/2021 18:09:00Baldwin Wallace UniversityOhioMicrobiology 12/1/2021
Rank OpenTenure Track
10/22/2021 17:27:57University of North Carolina WilmingtonNorth CarolinaWetlands Ecology & Management12/6/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/22/2021 15:36:56Colorado State UniversityColoradoWildlife Disease Ecology12/10/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/22/2021 11:47:51Colby CollegeMaineMolecular Biology10/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/22/21 11:48Has anyone heard back for letters or interviews?2
10/22/2021 10:48:57University of ConnecticutConnecticutQuantitative Ecology11/20/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/23/21 11:30No letters due upfront! Just names and contact info of references. I'm not on the SC but I am faculty in the EEB department and can answer any questions that you have about the position.
10/22/2021 9:59:08University of CincinnatiOhioDiscipline-Based Educational Research11/9/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/22/21 10:033 positions "in any of the following: Biological Sciences, ... Each position will reside in the department of its respective discipline." We'd love to see some applicants with Biological Sciences interests!
10/22/2021 9:34:36Carleton UniversityCanadaConservation Science12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/23/21 18:32They ran this search last this another position? Because it seemed in the comments like someone had been hired. 2) I applied and they said the job is filled, needs removed. AP) Plenty of people at Carleton are tweeting about this position in the last 24 hours, so it seems open. 2) I was just emailed less than an hour ago "You most likely discovered this post through a 3 party website. Unfortunately that position has been filled. Please keep an eye on our “Employment Opportunities” page for up to date job postings in the future." 4) Strange. I saw the posting because it was shared by a Carleton biology professor. The job ad comes from the University. 2) @4 yeah, super weird. Their employment opprotunity page shows no jobs, the job shows a recent date and the email I got in return makes me wonder where this communication breakdown is occuring. Update: I emailed back the person who told me the job is filled with the link to the post so it can be removed if it was uploaded in error. 5) Looks real to me? 6) Canadian post-doc here, I have seen several Carleton profs post this to their twitters, I have a hard time believing it to be a mistake. Plus, it says specifically in the add that this is part of a 'multi-year cluster hire', so it's likely not just a 'reapeat' of the search last year
10/21/2021 17:40:23University of WashingtonWashingtonClimate Adaptation12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/21/21 17:42Hiring three. Cluster of three positions (!) in one or more of the following (listed alphabetically): chemical engineering, data science & discovery, ecological restoration & management, ecosystem science & management, environmental governance, environmental social science
10/21/2021 17:28:51West Virginia UniversityWest VirginiaWildlife and Fisheries Resources11/12/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/21/2021 17:27:35Montana State UniversityMontanaWildlife Ecology - Large Mammal Wildlife Ecologist11/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/22/21 13:57I did my PhD in this department, great program and school. The position is a replacement for a recently retired faculty. The last few searches have had a lot of applicants, partially because of location. Very expensive housing market.
10/21/2021 14:27:03University of PotsdamGermanyEvolutionary Genomics10/25/2021
Asst ProfFixed Term10/21/21 14:29Also in postdocs, but perhaps this belongs here? 3-6 year independent research position, with a small amount of teaching responsibility. Opportunity to build own research group.
10/21/2021 12:55:25WRA IncorporatedCaliforniaEnvironmental Consulting
Biologist / Project ManagerPermanent Non-Academic
10/21/2021 11:58:11Oregon StateOregonEcology and Evolution of Infectious Plant Diseases12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/21/2021 11:27:36University of Maryland Department of EntomologyMarylandRisk Assessment & Environmental Protection12/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/22/21 21:22Position is advertised VERY broadly (eco, evo, pollution, pests, agriculture, conservation, climate change...)
10/21/2021 10:08:44Virginia TechVirginiaUrban Entomology12/1/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/23/21 2:17"Joseph R. and Mary W. Wilson Endowed Urban Entomology Professorship." focus on urban pests.
10/20/2021 23:32:42University of Texas at TylerTexasPedagogy of Biology1/10/2022
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/20/2021 18:15:26University of OregonOregonData Science12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/21/21 10:05"we are broadly interested in recruiting candidates who develop mathematical, statistical or computational methodology related to the analysis of data from complex biological systems, with particular interest in predictive modeling of cellular systems related to biomedical problems"
10/20/2021 13:46:15HarnhamCaliforniaBioinformatics
Principal Bioinformatics ScientistPermanent Non-Academic
10/20/2021 13:44:12Foresite Labs, Inc.RemoteBioinformatics
Bioinformatics EngineerPermanent Non-Academic10/21/21 13:19[I started an entry in General Discussion if you want to weigh in on whether we should include bioinformatics jobs on this site -AP]
10/20/2021 13:37:33University of British ColumbiaCanadaHuman Dimensions of Biodiversity Conservation12/31/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/21/21 20:51Re-running search for fifth position in Interdisciplinary Biodiversity Solutions cluster, with emphasis on quantitative social science:
10/20/2021 11:36:31North Dakota State UniversityNorth DakotaClimate Smart Agriculture11/19/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/20/2021 11:35:32North Dakota State UniversityNorth DakotaApplied Ecology11/19/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/19/2021 21:24:05Concordia UniversityCanadaSustainability of Ecological Systems12/15/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/19/21 22:32Tier II Canada Research Chair1
10/19/2021 19:18:25Florida Museum of Natural HistoryFloridaOrnithology Curator12/1/2021
Assistant CuratorTenure Track
10/19/2021 16:38:57University of GeorgiaGeorgiaQuantitative Disease Ecology11/15/2021
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track10/20/21 14:31Important to keep in back of mind -; 2) Essentially, The USG is attempting to get rid of tenure track systems
10/19/2021 14:56:42Western Michigan UniversityMichiganGenetics12/1/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track1
10/19/2021 9:51:40Embark Veterinary, IncNew YorkCanine Genetics
Research ScientistPermanent Non-Academic10/20/21 8:24[Moved to two separate entries on General Discussion. I was expecting some dog puns here... -AP]
10/19/2021 9:48:48University of California - DavisCaliforniaQuantitative Fisheries Science12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/19/21 9:50"Particular, but not exclusive, consideration will be given to those with expertise in ecosystem-based fisheries management, broadly defined."
10/19/2021 9:13:38College of CharlestonSouth CarolinaPlant Biology12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/18/2021 23:24:39Boston UniversityMassachusettsComputational Biology11/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/18/2021 21:07:30Georgia TechGeorgiaQuantitative Genomics & Neuroscience11/1/2021
Rank OpenTenure Track10/20/21 13:18Via faculty at Tech: Apply even if you do just genomics or if you do just neuro. 1) They request "Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, a statement of research interests, a description of teaching interests as well as their advising/mentoring philosophy, and the names and contact information for at least three reference". During the application process, you have to upload letter, CV, research and teaching statement plus "one additional document". Does it mean that teaching interests and mentoring philosophy are two separate documents? 2) Confused as well. Does it want me to reattach the CV as one of the 7 documents? Or upload papers? How do I get to 7 documents? ---- 2 again. Email from search committee suggests they allow up to 7 docs to let us upload papers. The (new) jobs system interprets that as 7 documents mandatory. 3) 1 again. thanks for asking and letting us know!1
10/18/2021 14:37:14Michigan State UniversityMichiganWildlife Policy, Governance & Conservation Leadership11/1/2021
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track10/19/21 9:57Boone and Crockett Endowed Professor.
10/18/2021 12:21:29Utah Valley University UtahPlant Breeding / Horticulture11/15/2021
Rank OpenTenure Track10/18/21 12:221) Those interested in the production side of restoration ecology would be a good fit for this position
10/18/2021 12:16:54University of Nebraska OmahaNebraskaHuman Health & the Environment11/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/18/21 12:23Separate search from the general ecology search below. TT position
10/18/2021 0:32:17USGS Coop Unit - VTVermontUnit Leader - Fish Biologist11/15/2021
Unit Leader/GS-13Permanent Non-Academic10/18/21 0:33No option for applications from general public, restricted to current federal employees.
10/17/2021 19:45:54Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaPlant, Environmental and Soil Sciences1/1/2022
Full ProfTenure Track
10/17/2021 19:42:09University of HoustonTexasClimate Modeling, Ecological / Societal Effects11/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/17/2021 19:40:10Stockton UniversityNew JerseyMarine Science12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/18/21 19:531) what is the teaching load? 2) Ad says: "Teaching load is 12 hours each semester, and could consist of lecture and lab sections as well as course offerings in the University’s General Studies “commons”.
10/17/2021 14:59:00Georgia TechGeorgiaEcology & Conservation
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track10/21/21 23:18Elizabeth Smithgall Watts Endowed Chair in Ecology, 1) Sigh, this would be my dream job, but I think I'm too junior.1
10/17/2021 10:53:33NYU-ShanghaiChinaEcology12/10/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfFixed Term
10/15/2021 12:55:26Northern Kentucky UniversityKentuckyEnvironmental Science11/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/21/21 9:541) Does anyone know what the teaching load is like in this department? 2.) Member of the search committee here - our teaching load is usually 12 contact hours per semester, but there are opportunties for reassigned time for faculty for research.
10/15/2021 12:41:30Syracuse UniversityNew YorkEcosystem Ecologist11/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/19/21 12:471) 10/15: Very short open period and I recall a similar posting maybe 2 years ago. Anyone know if this is an inside hire? 2) @1 Not an inside hire, just redoing a failed search from 2 years ago 3) gonna be interesing! applied two years ago. now again! 4) Good place to work? Any inside info? 4) don't know a ton about the Bio Dept at SU (there are a few ecology types in it though), but potentially good collaborations with other departments at SU and at SUNY ESF (which is essentially on the same campus and has cross-listed courses) 5) Heads up - I applied to this department's last posting and the system automatically contacted my letter writers upon submission (with no prior indication that would happen). Not sure if that will happen on this one.6) @4 yes, its definitely a good place to work. The ecology folks here are basically one big collaborative lab and ESF is right next door (there is a collaborative global change ecology group).1
10/15/2021 10:04:39Valdosta State UniversityGeorgiaPopulation Genetics11/19/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/15/2021 3:39:22NIVANorwayMarine Biogeochemical / Ecosystem / Physical Modelling11/7/2021
ResearcherPermanent Non-Academic10/15/21 3:42One of the best places to live on Earth (for families, in terms of salary) and NIVA is a great Independent Research institute. Looking forward to have you as colleague ! :) "Strong programming skills (Python, Fortran, and/or R) (...) Familiarity with marine (...) models (e.g., ERSEM, ROMS, NEMO, FVCOM, Ecopath, Ecosim)"
10/13/2021 21:55:45Purdue UniveristyIndianaEvolutionary Biology11/1/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/17/21 0:11all areas with relevance to the Origins of Life, research programs on 'how life continues to evolve' will be given equal consideration and are encouraged to apply; 4-5 page research statement (2) I was already not planning to apply for this one but a 4-5 page research statement!? And only recently posted? Good luck to anyone who wants it.2
10/13/2021 16:48:28Mount Saint Mary's UniversityMarylandBiology / Bioinformatics
Asst ProfTenure Track10/14/21 3:22"Mount St. Mary’s seeks faculty members eager to engage and support our Catholic identity." What does that mean? 1) It means this is a Catholic colleage and they might want someone who follows that faith. Faith colleagues are still present in the USA and can have very strict on campus 'code of conducts'
10/13/2021 15:21:51Northeastern UniversityMassachusettsBroad; cross-disciplinary
Asst ProfTenure Track10/21/21 20:00Multiple positions available though the College of Science. Candidates who are completing their PhD or at an early stage of their postdoctoral training are encouraged to apply. 2) Again? They had similar search last year. 3) Can anyone offer insight on the department/college, with respect to how likely they are to hire someone who is in an E&EB subfield and doesn't work on marine systems? It seems like the Biology Department is very micro & human health oriented, and then the Marine & Environmental Sciences department offers for instance a BS in E&EB, but it seems super geared towards marine systems. x1 4) Would working across multiple EEB subfields be considered "cross-disciplinary" here? The 'prompts' are pretty specific, so wondering if it's worth spending the time revising all of my statements. 5) Any insights into the Review Date or timeline? 6) @4 I did not revise my statements - they are pretty close to their promts, but not exactly. I am guessing they will toss me on account of not being early career enough (despite never having had a permanent Asst Prof position) anyway, so wasn't going to invest a huge amount of time in revision 7) Does anyone know if reference letters are requested automatically when you apply? 8) I don't think mine were auto-requested when I submitted (I usually hear right away from one of my recommenders if something unforewarned shows up)5
10/13/2021 13:17:23Cal Poly - San Luis ObispoCaliforniaConservation Genetics / Genomics11/8/2021
Rank OpenTenure Track10/14/21 12:221) Faculty positions w/in CSU are (nearly) always 100% teaching, but teaching loads in the department are reduced through service (20% time), research with undergrads/master's students (up to 20% time) and opportunities for buy out. Research is expected, but within reason given the contract. New faculty are also given reduced teaching load in first two years.
10/13/2021 12:45:53William & MaryVirginiaMultiple positions - Geology & Biochemistry
Asst ProfTenure Track1
10/13/2021 10:58:44Warren Wilson CollegeNorth CarolinaAnimal Science11/28/2021
Rank OpenTenure Track10/13/21 11:52Note WW does not have tenure. Should be permanent, non-tenure. 2) Correct: WWC does not have a tenure system. Instead, it has an extended contract system which is more similar to tenure than it is to "fixed term". At WWC, you are on annual contracts for the first three years, then you get a 3 year contract after a successful 3 year review, followed by 7 year contracts after that. This position is a full-time, junior-level position in that extended contract system.
10/13/2021 9:51:29University of New HampshireNew HampshireAcoustic Ecology
Visiting Assistant ProfessorFixed Term10/20/21 14:311) 3 year position. Rolling review. 2) what a strangely specific subject area for a visiting position (x2) 3) Not any more specific than a conservation geneticist, just not as mainstream (yet) 4) As an "acoustic ecologist", thank you 3 for even implying that my niche subfield will ever enjoy the moment conservation genomics is having. 5) @4 you're more than welcome. It has to start somewhere! 6) References requested.1
10/13/2021 9:31:13Columbia UniversityNew YorkEcology, Evolution & Conservation Biology11/15/2021
LecturerFixed Term10/15/21 11:19not tenure track? 2) Definitely not tenure track. CU lecturer positions are reviewed and renewable on a multi-year basis. 3) Lecturers start on an initial 1-year contract, and move to 3-5 year terms after that. From the ad "Lectureships at Columbia University are faculty appointments with a primary focus on instruction; as noted above, however, the Department of E3B expects its lecturers to be research-active as well. Lectureships at Columbia University are faculty appointments with a primary focus on instruction; as noted above, however, the Department of E3B expects its lecturers to be research-active as well. Initial appoint is for one year with renewal pending successful performance reviews."1
10/13/2021 9:24:17University of ChicagoIllinoisBiological Sciences11/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/13/21 9:24BSD includes the EEB department; separate from the UChicago search below2
10/12/2021 23:48:39Warren Wilson CollegeNorth CarolinaForestry11/19/2021
Rank OpenTenure Track10/17/21 9:08This is a full-time, junior-level position in an extended contract system 2) Watch out for culture problems and ask lots of questions about financial stability. Have heard of multiple bad experiences. 3) Many new faculty and administrators means that those stories of bad experiences are a thing of the past. Faculty pay is above average for small, liberal arts colleges. I've heard great things among recently hired faculty. 4) At least one very negative experience is recent. 5) any idea about starting pay range for folks with substantial teaching experience? Can folks elaborate a bit on negative experiences? 6) Rule 2 - flagging mod 7) @6, not sure what you would count as 'support' without asking someone to share details that would make it obvious who they were. This kind of comment is pretty common and you can find plenty of similar examples for other postings. I would just take it as a recommendation to be sure to ask questions carefully about the department/school. 8) Fair point, my apologies (re #5). Thanks so much. AP) @6 this is a close one, but since we've got the other side represented by 3, I suppose we can leave this discussion if it doesn't get toxic. 7's final sentence is a great perspective for any department.1
10/12/2021 16:15:26University of Minnesota, Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science ReserveMinnesotaEcology11/2/2021
Associate DirectorPermanent Non-Academic10/17/21 9:09That link didn't work for me. This one did: AP) Funny, the original works for me but this one doesn't. I'll just leave both. 3) any review date info?2
10/12/2021 13:36:22Elon UniversityNorth CarolinaEnvironmental Science11/30/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/15/21 15:58Any idea what the teaching load is in this department?1
10/11/2021 18:57:19St. Norbert CollegeWisconsinPhysiology11/8/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/11/21 21:01Ignore the posted date, it should update soon. I'll try to monitor these ads to answer questions!
10/11/2021 18:54:07St. Norbert CollegeWisconsinPlant Biology11/8/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/11/21 19:02Ignore the posted date, it should update soon. I'll try to monitor these ads to answer questions!
10/11/2021 14:46:04Hendrix CollegeArkansasHealth Science10/25/2021
Asst ProfFixed Term
10/11/2021 14:14:50Coe CollegeIowaBiology12/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/13/21 4:11Teaching responsibilities will include lectures and associated labs in introductory biology courses, integrative human anatomy for majors (including use of Syndaver®), and an upper-level biology elective in the candidate’s area of expertise
10/11/2021 11:39:07Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesSwedenForest Pathology11/22/2021
Full ProfTenure Track
10/11/2021 11:38:03Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesSwedenMicrobial Ecology in Forest Ecosystems11/22/2021
Full ProfTenure Track
10/11/2021 11:36:18Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesSwedenPlant Pathology12/6/2021
Full ProfTenure Track
10/11/2021 8:51:13Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaLand Use10/30/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfFixed Term
10/11/2021 8:50:07Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaEnvironmental Toxins10/30/2021
Assoc / Full ProfFixed Term
10/11/2021 8:44:38Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaClimate Change10/30/2021
Asst ProfFixed Term10/11/21 10:071) Is this actually tenure track? Hard to tell 2) "Unlike most universities, we do not have a tenure system so faculty members work on multi-year contracts."1
10/11/2021 8:42:53Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaEnvironmental Science10/30/2021
InstructorFixed Term10/11/21 8:45"The Water School at FGCU ( is hiring 15 faculty for Fall 2022 across a range of disciplines related to water and the environment."
10/10/2021 17:15:45Marietta CollegeOhioBotany
Asst ProfTenure Track3
10/10/2021 15:57:16State University of New York - BrockportNew YorkTerrestrial Vertebrate Ecology10/25/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track2
10/10/2021 7:49:39Ramapo College of New JerseyNew JerseyEvolutionary Biology
Asst ProfTenure Track10/13/21 21:301) Any insight from the search commitee about when applications will be reviewed? Or is this truly a rolling review date? x2 2) Dean of the School of Theoretical and Applied Science confirmed to me there is no deadline2
10/9/2021 14:32:34York UniversityCanadaBiogeography11/30/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/19/21 14:09One of these two opportunities is open only to qualified individuals who specifically self-identify as Black peoples of African descent (e.g., Africans and African heritage people from the Caribbean, Americas, or Europe).
10/9/2021 14:31:37York UniversityCanadaPollination Ecology11/19/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/9/2021 11:41:16University of Texas at Austin Marine Science InstituteTexasMarine Science12/1/2021
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track10/14/21 1:43Interdisciplinary researchers who couple physical, biogeochemical, and/or biotic processes in estuarine and coastal environments are especially encouraged to apply. 2) Note that this position is located at the Marine Science department in Port Aransas, not on main campus in Austin, 3) what is Port Aransas like? 4) Port A is a small community on the Gulf Coast. It's 30 minutes from Corpus Christi. Professors/staff/postdocs/students can live in Port A, Nortth Padre Island, Flour Bluff, or Corpus. Great quality of life for folks that prefer island living to a big city.
10/9/2021 10:52:20Dauphin Island Sea LabAlabamaWetland Ecology12/1/2021
Senior ScientistPermanent Non-Academic10/12/21 11:36Faculty appointment at U. Alabama, no specifics about tenure 2) Faculty appt is at "an Alabama University". It could be University of Alabama, Auburn University, or University of South Alabama.
10/9/2021 10:33:45University of HoustonTexasEcology and Evolution11/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/17/21 22:38Applicants with research interests and a record of accomplishment in the ecological or evolutionary impacts of climate change are encouraged to apply. 1) No research statement? x3 2) Does it sound like they would prefer someone at the Associate level? "Ph.D. and significant relevant academic experience. Hiring at the Assistant Professor rank requires a record of exceptional scientific achievement and external funding." 3) This is an assistant professor search. The wording in the ad is unfortunate. I also think the exclusion of a research statment is an error. The department chair and search committee have been notified of these issues. 4) Ad is updated to say "Hiring at the Assistant Professor rank requires a record of exceptional scientific achievement" and include required "Research Statement" 5) I interviewed for this position in 2019 (same ad), wondering whether the search failed 6) I think the 2019 position was for a Assoc/Full Prof position. I'm thinking here that there is confusion about what goes in a job ad and copy pasted from various sources.
10/8/2021 18:07:59Boise State UniversityIdahoCell, Molecular, or Developmental Biology11/7/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/18/21 16:19is this biomed? 2) Search committee member here: biomedical is not required (the search is more broad) but we'd like candidates to describe in their application how they could collaborate with existing biomedical research at Boise State. (3) SC member (or anyone): does anyone know how a potential applicant can get in touch with the SC chair? I don't see any contact info listed on the ad. 4) Search committee chairs are Eric Hayden and Julia Oxford, and you can find their contact info on the website1
10/8/2021 18:07:09Boise State UniversityIdahoAvian Biology11/7/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/8/2021 13:48:35Randolph CollegeVirginiaZoology, Animal Behavior10/31/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/18/21 14:421) Only 600 students, was a women's college until 2007 and then went coed and endowment only $135 million with a course load of six classes and 90% acceptance rate makes it seem like they are struggling financially. Does anyone know more details? 2) they have been barely making it for about two decades now 3) Many colleges are in similar situations, many have endowments less than $135M, and many have higher course loads than three per semester. Seems unfair to target this institution.
10/8/2021 9:30:17University of HoustonTexasMathematical Biology12/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/12/21 10:38what is mathematical biology? Via the Journal of Mathematical Biology "work that uses mathematical approaches to gain biological understanding or explain biological phenomena" 2) This is a search in a Math department for someone who is interested in using Mathematics to solve biological problems, which could include ecological or evolutionary topics. They are looking to hire someone with training in math or a relevant applied math discipline.
10/8/2021 2:08:39Dickinson CollegePennsylvaniaIntegrative Organismal Biology / Neurobiology10/11/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/9/21 10:31"Tenure-track pending funding approval" 2) It sounds like the whole job is pending approval, rather than TT vs. non-TT being pending. 3) got an email inviting me to apply even though I don't work in this area. x23
10/8/2021 0:31:42University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinPest Ecology12/5/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track
10/7/2021 21:31:50Dickinson CollegePennsylvaniaEnvironmental Health10/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track1
10/7/2021 18:16:10Tulane UniversityLouisianaEvolutionary Biology11/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/8/21 11:42"Seeking an evolutionary biologist with expertise in ‘omics techniques and bioinformatics. Particular areas of interest include the origin and maintenance of biodiversity, global change biology, disease ecology and evolution, and population genetics/genomics."3
10/7/2021 10:24:23Lehigh UniversityPennsylvaniaProkaryotic Molecular Biology10/11/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/7/21 15:36Fundamental processes related to the molecular and cellular biology of bacteria or archaea, or their viruses, including but not restricted to host/viral interactions, microbial interactions, biofilms, toxin/antitoxin systems, mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, or microbial communities/ecosystems; 3 letters required with application1
10/7/2021 10:21:20University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinBacteriology / Microbiology10/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/22/21 13:233 letters due at time of submission 1) Welp, then not applying. x2 2) If I heard a postdoc say they weren't applying over that, I'd yell at them to pull up the cv and stand over them until they submitted. As annoying as it is, don't self sabotage. 3) As an Asst. Prof looking at moving, there is a subtle cost for every letter I request from a current colleague. So if I was on the fence, that actually would be enough to dissuade me from applying. Agree that as a postdoc, it probably shouldn't stop you ever. 4) Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I agree that asking for letters up front definitely stops me (a postdoc) from applying. Say a job gets 50 applicants and requires 3 letters each, thats 150 letters.. maybe ~10 get phone interviews and 3 get in-person interviews.. so as a hiring committee you've now wasted that time of 120-140ish people in your field. Multiply that by candidates applying for multiple positions.. that's not part of a system that I'm willing to contribute to2
10/6/2021 22:52:20University of MississippiMississippiBiology (Intro Bio / Microbio)
InstructorFixed Term10/6/21 22:53responsible for instruction of non-majors introductory biology and non-majors microbiology courses
10/6/2021 21:53:16University of Toronto - ScarboroughCanadaConservation & Biodiversity12/16/2021
Asst Prof, Teaching StreamTenure Track10/7/21 0:19stream conservation 2) I don't think this is stream conservation but a "teaching stream" position within conservation and biodiversity.
10/6/2021 21:50:54University of Toronto - ScarboroughCanadaEnvironmental Microbiology12/16/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track2
10/6/2021 20:42:59Cornell UniversityNew YorkScience-Based Solutions to Grand Challenges in Equity and Inclusion11/10/2021
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/6/21 22:02Five positions as a cluster hire in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.1
10/6/2021 15:05:02University of FloridaFloridaAI Biological Image Analysis
Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/6/21 15:05Describe AI, Machine Learning, or even stats in the application. Err on the side of applying if you think you can fit at all.
10/6/2021 10:36:46University of South FloridaFloridaEvolutionary Biology12/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/7/21 14:51Link broken? 2) works fine for me!1
10/6/2021 3:37:25Miami UniversityOhioBiology11/1/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/6/21 13:12Teaching: general biology and A&P. 1) anyone know what 'evidence of research quality' means? 2) The ideal candidate will be a cell or environmental physiologist interested in teaching physiology for biology majors and anatomy & physiology to nursing majors, while also teaching other courses within their area of expertise. 3) Note this is a branch campus, not the main campus in Oxford.1
10/5/2021 23:12:15Ball State UniversityIndianaBiology11/14/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/6/21 3:13Botany. The successful candidate will be able to teach students from diverse backgrounds in introductory botany, plant taxonomy, aquatic botany, and have an active role in managing the BSU herbarium.
10/5/2021 19:48:38Trinity UniversityTexasBiology
InstructorFixed Term10/5/21 19:50Review begins immediately. Instructor and coordinator for undergraduate core lab sequence. Oppurtunity to work with a small, dynamic department and develop the core curriculum.
10/5/2021 18:36:51San José State UniversityCaliforniaInsect Biology11/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/12/21 9:48Duties will also include serving as director of the Entomology Museum. Teaching is in the Ecology and Evolution program area. 2) Anyone know what the teaching load is like?1
10/5/2021 16:38:40University of Wisconsin – La CrosseWisconsinPlant Molecular Biology10/15/2021
Asst ProfTenure Track10/5/21 21:30"teach undergraduate Organismal Biology and/or Ecology courses and may also teach other Biology core courses, or electives such as Plant/Microbe Interactions, Evolution, Molecular Biology, Plant Growth & Development, Plant Physiology, and Genomics."
10/5/2021 11:26:44Michigan State University, Kellogg Biological StationMichiganAcademic Programs Coordinator & DEI Advocate10/18/2021
Academic SpecialistFixed Term10/5/21 11:28"50% to coordinate educational programs (including summer courses and research experiences for students) and 50% to enhance DEI at KBS. PhD preferred."1